Busty juelz venture takes cock in butt

Busty juelz venture takes cock in butt
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First, some background. I'm 55, a business owner who has control of my schedule and am financially secure. I live in a seasonal resort town where the "local" or "year round" population is small enough that almost everyone knows or, at least, knows of, everyone else who owns a business or does community work.

After 5 years of resisting, I got worn down and agreed to get involved as a volunteer for a local civic cause. Having been self-employed all my career, I was not interested in being assigned silly chores or attending large mandatory meetings. I managed to maneuver myself onto a small [3 women, me, and another guy] subcommittee that was set up to work mainly independent of the large group.

It was in this small group that I got to really know Nedra. Nedra is in her mid 50's. She and her husband own a successful business and they both circulate prominently in local circles, so we were casually known to each other before working together on this project.

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Our group clicked and we became very efficient. Whoever missed a meeting could easily get briefed on and approve of the groups progress. There were also the impromtu phone calls and one on one coffwee and lunch meetings between any combination of us. It was in this innicent way that Nedra and I gradually got more relaxed in kidding with each other.

I was very attracted to her wit, energy, and can-do attitude.

She also has acute face and is deliciously round, petite actually, but in a round way. She refers to her "jelly ass", which I have gotten to love.

I also like her bronzed by the sun skin, lite highlights in her brown hair, and she smalls so damn good! Gradually, I began looking forward to being alone with her for an inpromtu coffee or lunch date/meeting. We talked much more than was necessary by phone, with both of us instigating superfluous calls. It became exciting. Our flirtations and kidding built gradually. We were "off limits" to each other, and both of us tried to safely navigate from being proper to seeing where it would lead, without being the one to step over the line.

Moving that line was actually what we were doing.

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One day THE line was crossed. At an inpromtu "meet for coffee, just you and me" tryst, I said to her, "Nedra, I bet that I could eat your twat ALMOST as well as those ladies that you hang out with to keep in touch with your lesbian side." She beamed a smile, held it in a way that made my cock twitch, and replied, "Darling, if you can eat me that well and also provide the missing ingredient, I might consider phasing back on the girls to make some room for you in my schedule." We seamlessly switched gears from dancing around the possibilities to plotting the how, when and where.

Eventually Nedra told me that, for the past few years, she took care of her husband's needs by giving him a 2 minute blowjob. Yes, she swallowed, mostly to spare the sheets, but also to give him an extra thrill. Her needs had actually been met by some special ladies who she said I know, but whose identities I would have to guess at. Yes, she was the proud owner od a collection of dildos which were not battery powered, but her favorite does have a name, which she refuses to reveal to me because of the "jealousy issue." Our first time was actually the same day we crossed the line, about 3 hours later.

She called me on my cell and said, "I have my office to myself in an hour, can you meet me here, please, please?" We did it much like horny teenagers, stripping in haste, then proceeding to fuck in as many positions as the large leather chair and oft throw rug on the floor would permit. It was probably 3 or 4 times later that we finally had plenty of time for doing each other artistically, rather than like animals in heat.

When that situation of us having "all the time in the world " to pleasure each other finally arrived, in order to show what I could do in terms of competing with her girls, I laid her on her back on a big sofa after we were naked. She climaxed while I licked her in a wet combination of tongue speeds and pressures from the rim of her asshole to well into her partially trimmed bush.

When she came, she immediately tried to maneuver around to "return the favor." I playfully restrained her and she protested, "It's your turn!" "No," I said, "I'm not done with your turn yet." I then alternated focused tongus pressure and mild suction on her clit knob. She exclaimed hollywood xxx fucking movies full sex stories more cums and gave me some bruises by pounding on my back and upper arm.

Then, while keeping up with the mouth service to her clit, I slid my right middle finger into her squishy wet cunt and probed until I found the bumpiness of her G-Spot. This set her off onto a thrashing full body spasm while she screamed something like, "Oh my God, you got me, oh that feels sooo good, Oh my God."She was rasping a breathiness that frightened me, it was so violent and came on so suddenly.

Eventually she began whimpering and when she said, in a normal tone, "Okay, I'm moving some of the ladies out of the way to make room for you in the schedule," we both chuckled and cuddled a bit, before moving on gentle fellatio and sexy fuck smalltits homemade my turn.

This all happened between New Year's and Spring. We are now non-exclusive fuck buddies. She threatens to tell her favorite girls about me and us. I'm not sure if she's putting me on or is testing for my reaction and permission.

Should I agree to meet her friends? I would be increasing mu risk because they are all longtime married ladies. She might be testing my affections for her and may not like me expressing my interest in doing her friends.

If only I knew how to handle this.

Any advice?