Anime slut toying her holes in public

Anime slut toying her holes in public
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We gathered up our scattered clothes and went into the house to get something to eat after our exertions. As I followed Esme I admired her long neck, the suppleness of her smoothly curving back, and the fullness of her buttocks.

She knew of course that I could not be behind her without admiring the view and gave me a couple of wiggles of her bum, flashing me a grin over her shoulder. I caught her up, and with my free hand, clapped my hand firmly on her cheek, squeezing gently as we walked. Before we reached the door, she stopped and turned towards me and I pulled her close as our lips met again. With her free hand she reached round and stroked my bottom, pulling my growing cock against her soft belly.

We stood for a few sensual massage leads to hot sex between two horny lesbians, savouring the kiss and the comfortable intimacy, before breaking off and going into the house. While I fixed up some food, she went off to freshen up, and as the food was ready, reappeared, still naked and glowing with all the freshness of youth. We sat at the kitchen table and ate, and when we finished I produced a couple of chocolate mousses. I had half an idea, but Esme was either a good thought reader or had as inventive a mind as I did.

She took her mousse and a spoon, and told me to lie back in my chair and spread my legs. She dropped a cushion on the floor in front of me, and kneeled down between my outspread thighs.

Then, looking up at me with a really wicked smile, she spooned the mousse out and spread it all over my cock and balls.

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I lay back and closed my eyes, letting nature take its course. My cock was again twitching to erection even before I felt her tongue start to lick the mousse. She started on my balls, the tip of her tongue licking off the mousse, and she mischievously twirled her tongue round her full lips before swallowing the chocolate.

Then the tip of her tongue again, taking surplus mousse off my other ball. My erection was now at full mast but she took her time. After taking the bulk of the mousse off my balls she applied her tongue more firmly to suck the remaining sticky chocolate off, taking each ball into her mouth to complete the task.

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Then she looked up at me as she started at oiled up webcam girl rides her dildo base of my cock and ever so slowly, using just the tip of her tongue again, worked up licking off the excess mousse. I was beginning to go crazy, but she would not be rushed.

This was exquisite agony! Once the excess was off my stem, she wrapped her lips around my cock head and licked the chocolate off the top. I knew that she must now be enjoying a mixture of chocolate and precum. But my whole cock still had chocolate mousse smeared over it, and she dropped her head so that my whole length was in her mouth and throat, and started to bob up and down as her lips and tongue sought both to clean the chocolate and bring me to yet another much needed orgasm.

I was trying to savour this pleasure and hold back, but she sensed this and I felt her long fingers tickling under my ball sac and the naughty minx knew what she was doing as I could not hold back any longer. After the day's exertions I could not have thought it possible but this climax started deep down and rose with such pressure that I could feel my balls contract again and again, the cum jetting up my cock in spurt after spurt, and she swallowed it all.

A veritable chocolate cocktail. As I subsided she licked gently all round and over my cock and balls again till I was squeaky clean, then settled back with a satisfied sigh, and a dreamy look of love in her eyes.

But her mousse stood untouched on granny wanks on the cock table. I stood and helped her up, lifted her mousse and spoon, and led her up to the bedroom.

I fetched a towel and laid it on the bed at crotch level to avoid getting chocolate all over the sheet, then got Esme to lie down, hands behind her head on the pillow, legs drawn up and wide apart. I then spooned some mousse out on to each of her breasts, and spread the rest over the area of her sex. She was already aroused and damp there, but I started on her breasts, using the tip of my tongue as she had, over the bulk of each breast before moving up to her full erect nipples.

From flicking my tongue gently and enjoying the mousse, I moved to more of a sucking motion, till I had cleaned each breast and was able to suck firmly on her nipples.

She was breathing deeply by now, and rolling her head, but I had yet to start down below.

I licked from her breasts down over her belly button to her chocolate smeared crotch. I concentrated first on her clit area, and licked that clean, making sure her clit got a lot of attention in passing. Then on down to lick around and in her sex lips, probing inside with my tongue furled and aware that I too was now getting a mixture of chocolate and sex juices.

Once I felt I had licked up all traces of the mousse, I moved my lips and tongue between her upper thighs, her engorged sex lips, the moist love tunnel between, and her prominent clit. She now moved her hands from behind her head to her breasts and started feeling herself, pulling on her nipples, and rolling her head as she became more voluble, sighing, grunting, then as I worked harder with my lips and tongue, started screaming with great whoops of release.

I could tell from the movements of her lower body that she was near orgasm, and it took very little to take her over the top, her sex juices flowing copiously, creamy and sweet, as I kept up my ministrations to prolong her pleasure as long as I could.

She rocked through that climax for two or three minutes (or so it seemed) until she collapsed back onto her pillow exhausted. We lay together for a while, just cuddling and kissing, but well satisfied with a good meal! By now the day was drawing to a close, and Esme still had to see to her horse at the stable yard as she was on a do-it-yourself livery, whereas we were on full livery.

We therefore got up and got dressed, Esme getting her stable clothes out of her bag, and once again turning into the girl round the stable that I had first become infatuated with. We got into my car, and drove the 20 minutes to the stables. It was late enough in the evening that nobody was around, and the farmer was having his supper in the house.

From experience we could probably reckon on being on our own for an hour or so. Esme went off to muck out her horse, and I went to spend some quality time with my wife's horse (quality time for him consists of rubbing his itchy bits all over my special horse-proof jacket and eating my peppermints!).

After a while when I thought Esme was nearly finished mucking out and would need help carrying the water bucket, I went to see how she was getting on. We carried the water to the stable and that was her finished. Both still in the stall, she turned to me again, and came into my arms, and we kissed. I felt there was something special for Esme in this, doing it here in front of her beloved horse, who nothing daunted, joined in, nuzzling us both as we locked tongues.

We both fell about laughing, then Esme said "Come on, I know somewhere where even the horse can't find us." She had that look in her eye, and she kissed her horse goodnight, and after closing the stable door securely, strode purposefully off to the food room where all the different feeds for different horses were kept.

I was mystified, but she led me across to the corner where there was a slight passage I had never noticed, and a ladder leading up to a half loft at the upper level. She pushed me up, then followed me, and I found we were above the side of the feed room, able to look down on it, but the loft was deep enough we could keep out of sight from below. The floor was covered with straw. I momentarily wondered how Esme had discovered this, but let the moment pass.

We were here now, and Esme was already taking her boots and socks off, then her jacket, before coming into my arms. "Lets get naked" she whispered in my ear, as she undid my jacket, before kneeling to remove my shoes and socks. The feeling of the straw underfoot was not unpleasant. I quickly removed my jacket and shirt, and slipped of my chinos and briefs, as she slipped out of her clothes and was naked once more before me.

What she did then was fascinating. She dropped into the straw and rolled around in it. "I love the feeling of the straw on my naked body" she said, laughing. I dropped beside outdoor head in the mood to gobble a dick outdoors and tongue and together we rolled around, and I had to agree, there is something exciting about feeling the prickliness of the straw on your bare body. But needless to say, our separate exploration of the sensuality of straw did not last long as we rolled into one another's arms.

We lay side by side, and our renewed kissing, tongues jousting for position in one another's mouths, was accompanied by each caressing the other, Esme's hand firmly on my cock and balls, teasing and cajoling me to another erection, while I palmed her breasts, feeling her firm thimble like nipples grow into my hand, before transferring my hand down to between her legs, seeking out her moist opening again, two fingers spread on horny beautiful gal gtes her booty hole screwed open sex lips, and my thumb just gently vibrating her clit.

From this position I spied a square bale of straw in one corner, and I whispered to her to crawl over there. She gave me a quizzical look, but together we got ourselves over.

I knelt up, and guided her to kneel in front of the bale, and drape her body over stella son mari veut la voir se faire enculer par des blacks. I knew now her breasts were in close contact blonde beauty double fucked by black men the straw, and I eased her legs apart which she quickly helped me with, raising her belly and bottom and seemingly pressing her thighs apart to reveal to me her full buttocks, her puckered little arsehole which was almost winking at me, and the full fig of her vaginal lips, open and moist, sending almost a primeval invitation to mate.

I was fully erect and she was continuously moist so further foreplay seemed unnecessary and I held her waist just above her hips and manoeuvred myself into position before plunging my cock straight into her cunt and thrusting it home. She gasped, but almost immediately I felt her vaginal muscles start to grip me and she started to gyrate her hips to increase the contact. I took up a rhythm that met hers, and as I pistoned smoothly in and out, I stroked her back and let my hands move round the sides of her ribcage to touch the sensitive sides of her breasts.

After a few moments, I leant the upper part of my body forward more, and kissed her back, and let my hands move under her between her breasts and the straw to tweak her nipples. Our rhythm was now slower and deeper, and I felt the gorgeous sensation of impending orgasm start in the base of my balls. Esme too was getting breathless, and I slipped one hand off her breasts and underneath her leg to finger her clit.

That started her climax and I rode her through it and then let the sensation of her pulsing cunt around my cock build my approach to release, which again was a sensational experience. But I was not finished here. Before she could relax, I took my hand and gathered our mixed fluids from her leaking cunt and smeared them over her puckered arsehole. She gasped and I wondered if she would object, if I was taking her too far too fast, when she raised her head and said only two words.

"Yes please!" But just young married couple trying out a swinger party for the first time that point we both heard footsteps in the yard. She turned her head and grimaced at me, and we both silently laughed and lay quite still.

The footsteps passed by and disappeared.

We lay quiet in case they returned, and after a few minutes they did and passed right by the food room. "Just the farmer checking everything is OK" she reassured me.

"He won't be back tonight". We had lost a little momentum, but she resumed her position, raising her hips even more and stretching her legs apart, and I resumed my lubrication of her arsehole. I again got plenty fluid on my fingers and at first just rubbed the pucker, which judging by her reaction was quite sensitive. She wriggled with pleasure, and I started to insert one lubricate finger, which slid in up to its full length.

I moved it around inside and back and fro, and she moved her buttocks to match my rhythm. I then tried two fingers and that seemed to work OK too, so I withdrew and coated my cock with our shared fluids before introducing my cock head to her rosebud. She moved back against me, and I pushed gently forward, and my cock slipped in till the head reached her sphincter ring. We jointly moved back and forward just that inch or two till she got used to it, and on one push forward her sphincter relaxed and my cock moved past and my full length was inside her arse.

My stomach dude initiates excellent sex scene hardcore blowjob pressed into her full bottom cheeks, my hands were on her hips, and my balls were banging against the warm moistness of her cunt lips. The tightness of her arsehole round my cock was fantastic and I took my time and slowly moved out part way then in again, repeating it gradually increasing the tempo. Esme as ever took up the rhythm, and we were soon moving like a well oiled machine, which is I suppose what we were.

Peculiar lesbians fill up their huge butts with milk and squirt it out threesome creampies again leant forward and got both hands beneath her, a breast in each hand, and pulled and teased her nipples, which as I hoped seemed to drive her into even greater lustful frenzy.

I rapidly felt my climax rising with the close friction of her warm flesh around my cock, and luckily she seemed to be approaching her climax too. Once again we seemed to come together, me spurting into her arsehole, her juices flowing from her cunt and coating my balls as they slapped against her.

We kept this going as long as we could but quite quickly we both collapsed, exhausted after quite a day. With a gurgling of intermixed fluids and a fart from Esme we disengaged, and rolled back into the straw which we used to clean ourselves up before getting dressed. We crept out and back to the car, and I ran her to near her home, we shared a fairly chaste by comparison goodnight kiss, and I drove home.

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The phone was ringing when I got in, and it was Esme. "Thanks for a great day. I have never enjoyed a day like it. Sleep well and I will see you tomorrow" Tomorrow? What will tomorrow bring? I fell asleep the moment my head touched the pillow and dreamed I had the cock of a stallion and there was a never ending line of mares to be serviced.

But they all had Esme's face and enigmatic smile.