Foreskin alexander and tristan getting ass fucked

Foreskin alexander and tristan getting ass fucked
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. the college co-eds at "Nude Beach University" were all mesmerized by his penis. It was perfect in every way: girthy, smooth, veiny, and hung proudly as it jutted out from a nest of neatly trimmed wisps of hair. They especially had difficulty concentrating when he wrote notes on the board. His tight ass was just begging to be kneaded by wanting palms and fingers.

and the engorged head of his cock peaked ever so seductively past his giant sack and between his legs, swaying slowly from side to side, as he chalked feverishly on the board. Too, his cute butt shook ever so slightly and methodically to his writings. This was a sight not often seen at NBU, where most the professors are old, hairy, chubby, ugly, and rather on the small side, if you know what I mean.

However, this man, our esteemed professor--probably in his late thirties--was tall, dark, and handsome. His v-shaped torso was muscular, his arms and legs were hardened from the exercise routine he no doubt must have performed on a daily basis on the beaches that surrounded our campus. Indeed, it had been a long time since we had seen such a really hot-looking man on campus. Instead of attending to the content of his class, interesting as it was, the young lady sitting next to me in the front row couldn't help but begin to twist and twirl her amber-colored pubic curls around her fingers.

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I noticed that her lips were open both from her mouth and from her pussy. With her labia swollen and deep-red in color, a slow-flow of her juices were beginning to trickle down to her lovely bottom and onto the hardened seat that she was beginning to squirm in.

She obviously was already giving herself a head start.

The combined sights of our gorgrous, new professor with this beautiful young thing playing with her sex had turned me on immensely. I glanced around me and noticed that my front-row friend wasn't alone with her fantasies.

At least a half dozen other girls had similar devious thoughts: one was pincing her nipple with fingers of her left hand; another had crossed her legs tightly, rubbing her thighs together in rhythmic movements.

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I even caught one trying ever to be discreet--but not successful in doing so--by rubbing her vulva with the ribbed part of a water bottle (evidently, desperate to find something glamour babe liza del sierra assfucked tonguepiercing pussyrubbing, that bottle was the only thing she could dig out of her backpack).

The smell of sex thickened the air. As the Professor suddenly turned around from the chalk board, we all could hear his lovely wanker slap his thigh rather loudly. Most of us girls gasped with pleasure (and probably the guys with envy), but our preoccupied Professor kept on teaching his subject, never noticing that all the girls were lusting after his body.

In fact, if asked, I'm sure any girl in that class would've gladly been his "guinea-pig" with anything he so desired. If only he'd ask. Hell, if he told us: "I need a volunteer to lie down on this table, spread their legs, so that I can fuck her to exhausted oblivion," ALL the girls' would raise their hands as high as their shoulders would allow. But, of course, that was only fantasy. We were in class to absorb the content of which he taught, which, I'm sure, was all our Professor was thinking.

If so, boy was he wrong. Except for his black socks and wing-tip shoes on his otherwise naked body, he was perfect in every way. "What a clueless nerd," I thought to myself as I subconsciously slid back the hood of my clit with a wet finger, as the other girls were doing. Yes, but what an absolutely delightful nerd he was indeed! And we all--at least for the girls--were very happy that the Department's Dean at NBU had decided to hire last summer this brilliant, handsome (and well-endowed) man into our unique foray of higher learning.

However, how was it going to be possible for young horny co-eds ripened with sexuality and wanting ever so badly to be noticed by a man so bright and beautiful as he to concentrate on his teachings? Damn, I could already tell my near-perfect GPA was going to take a big hit this semester.

Who says that young men have a monopoly of sexual thought and fantasies? That's certainly not the case with the girls in THIS class.

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Perhaps, we women were the anomoly: We were so hot with desire that all we fantasized about was having Dr. "What-his-Name" pound our pussies with his giant manhood until our multiple climaxes pushed our bodies to the brink of exhaustion. By the looks of it, our prolific professor was slowly turning the girls in his class into crazed and obsessed sex maniacs!

No one else had a grip on us like our professor did. The boys at NBU were simply that; they were BOYS. Most of us were born and raised by the "flower children" of the 60s and 70s and, frankly, I (and I can speak on behalf of most of the girls on campus) was tired of hanging out--quite literally--with hippie boys whose liberal political doctrine was much more liberal than their use of manners, romance, and.

soap. This man who was instructing us is so different in so many ways. He's smart, funny, handsome, so.

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Mmmmmm. sooooo god damned fuckable! During his lectures, he would often walk between the aisles of desks, spouting off some theory of psychology that none of us cared about at that moment. It pleased me greatly to feel his smooth hip accidentally brush against my elbow as he walked past my desk. His dick continued to slap lightly against his thighs at each forward gait. God, his dick is so big and luscious!

My pussy juices continued to drip from its opening as I lusted after his tight body. "If only my elbow would've been so lucky as to have been bumped by his beautiful penis, that would have been so naughty, so tantalizing," I thought.

Although, it probably would have brought me to the brink of orgasm, which, being in the middle of college class, would NOT have been kosher, to say the least. Nonetheless, the fresh smell of citrus aftershave that drifted from his body further heightened our senses as he wove in and out of the rows of lusting students.

Suddenly I heard a faint moan next to me. "Ohhh." It was the thin, red-headed sophomore who had earlier fingered her strawberry-colored curls. Evidently, her fur wasn't the only thing she fondled; her sweet moan resulted from a mini-orgasm after having stroked her very erect mp4 porn mom storys 2050 crimson clit, that stood out proudly despite her thick bush.

Evidently she was less concerned about cumming smoking fetish sexy brunette smoking in your face tube porn the middle of class than I was. The slut! The young man a few rows back and to the right of her was stroking his cock while watching this red-headed girl finger her sopping pussy. The girl with the bottle had now impaled her cunt with it, streching her pussy to their limit, and had decided to stroke her clit with her free hand in unison with the plunges of her make-shift dildo.

A frenzy of self pleasuring had taken over the entire room; however, a couple students, including myself, had to hold back a chuckle while our heavily-concentrating Professor kept lecturing, completely unaware of the discreet sexual commotion he had created among his students.

How could he NOT smell the musty confessionfiles british babe fucks in confession booth air of raw pussy in this stuffy classroom? ". and with that, ladies and gentlemen, we will conclude our first class session. Be sure to read through Chapter 4 by our next class," said our lovely Professor. As others began to re-stuff their book bags and backpacks, I looked down onto my notebook, ashamed that all I had written in it was a few doodles of me and Dr.

"Whooz-it" in sexual positions that, days earlier, would've made me blush. I could tell that this was going to be a long semester academically, but by being taught by Dr. Gorgeous, I would have enough fantasy fodder to keep my masturbation sessions quite active for months--maybe years--to come. I certainly wasn't the only one not to get any work done in today's class, and I was starting to think that an all-nude university wasn't a good idea afterall. Maybe I should've attended the state college at my father's request.

At least ALL their professors had clothes on! As the class began to shuffle out, I heard the Professor call me out among others in the group: "Ms. Jenkins, I would like to speak with you for a moment if you have time right now." With a flirtatious smile, I replied, "Oh yes, Doctor.

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I have as much time as you need me." And with that, I noticed his perfect cock begin to inflate before my eyes. THE END (for now)