Married german couple making lovelin loveget

Married german couple making lovelin loveget
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Silken Ties That Bind by Sinturian I met Louise at a business seminar social function; one of those affairs where few people knew one another, and conversations just started with total strangers. She was an attractive blonde with a nice figure and seemed fairly intelligent. She told me she was 25 and never married and I revealed to her that I was 45 and twice divorced; it didn't seem to bother her.

As the evening wore on and things were becoming dull, I asked if she would like to join me for a drink and she agreed. We left and drove to a nearby hotel that had a wonderful restaurant and a bar with a view.

We had already eaten, so simply went to the bar and had our drinks. The conversation proceeded into normal personal issues and I learned she had had a boyfriend but had broken it off when he became too rough with her. I had been divorced for over five years and was not seeing anyone special. One thing led to another, and she invited me back to her place for a nightcap.

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We wound up in bed, and Louise had marvelous soft lips and an active tongue and our French kissing led to both of us becoming extremely aroused. I kissed my way down her neck to her lush breasts and began to suckle and lick her nipples.

She had large areolas and hard nipples the size of pencil erasers. My hand played between her legs, not entering, but just tickling around the lips and opening. She was wet and swollen and I let the tip of my finger begin to stroke her clit. Her hips moved in a rhythm and she began to moan; I kept the amateur mom drahuse solo with a dildo going until she bucked and started her first orgasm.

Then my finger penetrated as her contractions were going and I stroked her behind her clit to help milk it all out of her. As she completed this first climax, I began to kiss her and fondle her breasts again, and then worked my way down, past her breasts to her belly, and softly licked circles around her navel.

I went lower and found her Mons and parted her labia which was covered by a soft golden fur; not shaved, but trimmed short. My tongue found her clit again and I began to lick; first up and down, then in circles, every once in a while sticking my tongue into her opening, as she continued to moan and mutter softly. Her second orgasm began and her hips pushed up into my face and her hands held my head in place as she bucked against my lips.

Finally, when she was through, I moved up and placed my cock in front of her lips and told her to lick it off. She did, while her eyes looked up at me. When the pre-cum was gone, I moved back down and slowly entered her.

She was wet and ready, and I began a slow, steady rhythm, holding my body off her with my arms extended and staring down into her face.

She looked back at me the whole time but then her eyes went unfocused and she started another orgasm; this one so powerful that it forced my cock out of her. I waited until her spasms began to slow and then quickly entered her again and began to fuck her hard and as deeply as I could go.

I was ready to cum and wanted to wait no longer. My cum shot as hard as any that I had had in quite a while and I felt my cock hitting her cervix during my last strokes and I couldn't keep track of her for those last few seconds, but I became aware that her legs had wrapped around me and she was telling me to "fuck me…fuck me hard!" I did just that and had a glorious climax.

After, we lay side by side, catching our breath. She told me "That was fantastic! It was one of the best fucks I've ever had!" I agreed with her, and told her I would like to do it again sometime. She grinned and told me "Anytime".

Louise then seemed to get serious, and asked if she could tell me a secret. I told her, of course. "Well, I told you my last boyfriend got too rough with me, and I decided to break it off. Well, he talked me into letting him tie me up and then making love to me. The problem was that instead of trying to please me, he only pleased himself.

He pinched my nipples so hard they were bruised and he slapped me on my pussy and it hurt like hell, but he just laughed when I cried. Then he fucked me with a huge dildo that was too big for me, but wouldn't stop when I asked him too, even when it was hurting me.

He then fucked me…or I should say raped me, because I told him to stop, over and over, but he wouldn't. When It was over and he let me go, I was bleeding and hurt really bad. I made him leave, and even though he has called and apologized and promised it would never happen again, I told him Thick cock drills unfathomable in wet crack hardcore and blowjob never wanted to see him again.

That was over a year ago, and I haven't seen him since. You are the first man I've been with since then, and you were wonderful. Thank you." I was embarrassed at the complement, but pleased that I was able to satisfy her need. She was really a good lover, and despite our age difference, seemed to enjoy my mannerisms and quirks. "Can I tell you something else?" she asked in a quiet voice. "Of course…haven't you already told me your secret?" I asked her.

"Not quite all" and she looked a bit embarrassed. "I still have dreams of being tied up and being made love to. Just not that way…with the pain and all. In fact…" she leaned over the side of the bed and pulled up a silk scarf. There were two tied together and fastened to the corner of the bed frame. In fact, all four corners of the bed had a pair of silk scarves tied to them, apparently from the former use. "What do you dream about, when you think of them?" I asked her "I dream I am tied up…helpless…but that someone…a man, of course, plays with my body and gets me so turned on…I cum again and again…it's hard to explain.

On the one hand, it scares me to death, but on the other, it turns me on. Does that make sense?" "Yes, I think so. Do you masturbate thinking about it?" I asked her. I normally don't ask about such things, but her story had turned me on and I wanted to find out more. "Yes…all the time…sometimes two or three times." She blushed when she told me.

"Would you like to try it with me, sometime?" "Yes" was all she said. We made a date for the following weekend for dinner and perhaps a movie. I picked her up and we went to a little Italian place I knew and had a nice meal and a glass of wine but both of us knew the movie would have to wait. We had no more than gotten in the car than we were French kissing and my hands were all over her body and under her skirt.

Her hand was stroking my cock through my trousers. I was able to finally start the car and we headed to her place, without having an accident. When we got there, our clothes hit the floor, and we were rolling in bed. Finally, I pushed her away, and reminded her we were going to "try something different".

An alarmed looked flashed across her face, but then she smiled, and said "Oh, right…I remember now. But will you promise massage rooms big and asses in row analmal training you won't hurt me?" "I promise you I won't hurt you in a bad way. Sometimes, a little pain heightens the pleasure, but in bondage play, there are certain rules." I told her.

"What rules?" she asked, puzzled. "I am a Dom and you are my Sub" I explained, and told her what this meant.

"You must do exactly as I say, but if I hurt you in any bad way, you only lovely babe gets fingered by lascivious masseuse to say the work 'yellow', and I will stop or change what I am doing. If you want to stop altogether, say the word 'red', and we quit completely. These are your safety words, but they must not be used carelessly. If you want me to play with you, then you must trust me.

Agreed?" "Yes…I think so" she replied, a bit hesitantly. I proceeded to have her lay spread-eagled on the bed and first tied her hands to the two upper corners of the bed. I then got a towel from the bathroom, and had her raise her hips and placed a pillow under her lower back, with the towel over it and below her buttocks.

Then I tied her legs spread apart. The bedside table had another dozen scarves in it and I used one to fashion a blindfold for her. Her nipples were already hard and swollen and I could see moisture between her vulva lips. I began to lightly stroke her chest, staying away from her nipples, but just very lightly stroking her skin, including down to just above her pubic hair. As I described, she had short, soft pubic hair, and yes, she was a natural blonde.

I talked to her softly, as I stroked her, and asked her about her masturbations fantasies, and again, how often she played with herself and what toys she used. I kept the talk soft, but sexual, and asked her if she had ever shaved her pussy.

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She told me she had not, but was willing to do so. I told her that I was going to white teen hairy pussy creampie first time disobeying daddy her, and told her to wait. I slipped on my pants and ran to my car and retrieved a bag I had brought for this specific purpose.

Back in her bedroom, Big ass wife cummed inside dropped my pants on the chair, and again began to kiss and caress her, before going to the bathroom and running hot water to soak a washcloth. I brought it back and began to wash her pubic area, making sure the pubic hair was nice and wet.

I re-wet the washcloth and folded it over her Mons and pubic area and let the hot washcloth soften the hair, meanwhile, kissing her and playing with her nipples. She kept muttering soft sounds of pleasure, until I was satisfied it was time.

I removed a small bottle of Pantene cr? rinse from my bag…hair conditioning cr? is the best shaving solution around because it works much better than shaving soap, and leaves the skin soft and moist. I poured a small amount of the cr? onto her pubic hair and began to work it in. This only served to heighten her arousal, and I asked if she would like to cum before I shaved her. "Yes…oh, God, yes…" So I let her…softly fingering her clit until she exploded into her horny thief tales ira entertains her horny orgasm of the night.

She even squirted a little onto the towel beneath her buttocks. Once the tremors had died down, I had her spread her knees as far as she could, and knelt over her and began to shave her pussy lips.

I started down low, near her buttocks, and worked my way up. Most people use a safety razor, and probably should, but I use a straight razor because I am experienced with one and know how without nicking someone. While I think a completely bare pussy is beautiful, I also like a little hair to decorate the scene, so to speak, so I fashioned an arrow pointing down to her opening.

The whole time I was working, Louise was moaning and becoming aroused again, particularly when the blade touched the inner part of her vulva lips. She was nice and pink and very wet when I was through shaving.

I returned to the bathroom for another hot washcloth and cleaned the cr? away. Her skin was nice and soft. I spread her lips with my fingers and blew softly on her clit and inner lips which caused her hips to buck with pleasure. I could see the little tube of her urethra leading down to the hooded tip of her clit…just like a tiny penis…and the heart shaped tip peeking out from under its hood.

It was hard not to climb on and fuck her, because I was hard as a rock, but it wasn't time, yet. I licked her clit with just the tip of my tongue, as softly as I could make contact, and within seconds, she began to climax again…hard and deep.

Her stomach muscles were conrtacting and once again, she squirted onto the towel beneath her. While she recovered, I opened her other bed side table and found a pack of condoms, two dildo vibrators; one small and one large and a "Cone" vibrator, designed to lay on and masturbate yourself. Interesting collection, I thought.

I took the small vibrator, and moved to a kneeling sixty-nine position over her and placed my cock against her lips, which opened to receive me, and then began to play with her pussy with the vibrator…sliding it up and down her slit, and every third or fourth stroke, letting it penetrate her.

As she got more and more excited, she sucked harder, and I thrust deeper into her throat, almost gagging her, but she didn't stop. I was nearing my own cum, because I had been hard the whole time and had leaked a lot of pre-cum juice. Finally, I could feel my cum about to start, and tried to hold off until she came again, and it worked…she started to buck and thrust into my hand, and I fucked her mouth until I exploded.

I heard her cough and gag, but she kept sucking and swallowing until I was through. God, what a climax! I rolled off of her, panting and she coughed again, and then started to giggle. "That was fantastic!" she cried, still giggling.

I had to agree. While I untied her, we talked about another date. She said it couldn't be soon enough, but I told her it would have to wait until the following weekend, which she agreed to. I also made her promise to not masturbate for three days before our next date. I think we are both looking forward to that.