Fist time poran xxx story

Fist time poran xxx story
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Bev had fallen of a ladder at home whilst cleaning the ceiling fans and had fallen on her back and buttocks; she was in a great deal of pain and needed admitting for rest and observation but refused as she wanted me to take care of her. I got to the casualty and she was in a lot of pain but had refused painkillers until she saw me because my mate Pete and her nurse had told her that it would knock her out completely for several hours.

After Moist mother id like to fuck is obsessed with sex hardcore blowjob got there Bev explained what had happened and I told her off as it was too high for to do without me there, then I felt awful for telling her off as she was lying on the bed in pain.

Pete was going to give her the painkillers as an injection so which would start faster than tablets which she bitched about but allowed him to do it. As Pete pulled the covers back I saw what she was wearing.

Her shorts were almost non existent was well as her top. All I could say was, shit Bev what are you wearing, well I was at home by mandy amateur college blonde playing in washroom cleaning so I didn't even think about what I was wearing.

I looked at Pete who had gone bright red and beads of perspiration had formed on his forehead. You OK Pete, ER yea fine he replied staring at her fantastic breasts straining against MY t-shirt that she had on. Roll over Bev and let Pete prick you with the needle, are you sure it will be the needle he pricks me with smiling seductively looking us both.

Poor Pete, he didn't know were to look never mind what to say. I knew he fancied her as he had confided in me a couple of times when we've been drinking together in the past. Her ass cheeks were fully on view as she rolled over, her shorts had crept between her ass as she was lying on the bed so Pete didn't need to move them out of the way, he did seem to take a lot longer than was required to carry out the procedure.

It should start to take effect in a few minutes and then you will be sleepy, then you'll be out for the count and sleep like a baby, even a hurricane won't wake you. How am I going to get home Barry, fuck I hadn't even thought of that and as a nurse I should have. Mate I get off in less than 30 minutes I'll get an early knock of from the nurse in charge and help you home.

Cool, we'll put Bev in my car and you can sit in the back with her and I'll drive home. Even better we'll put the back seat down and she can lie down and you can sit next to her to make sure she is ok, sounds good Hot blonde alexa bold misused by dirty gyno doctor replied.

Bev was getting drowsy so we made a move to get her to the car; we put her in a wheelchair to the back door used for ambulances and Pete stood her up and waited while I brought car. I couldn't get the car round so walked back to tell me but when I turned the corner he was holding Bev against the wall to but his hands were around her ass and her arms over his shoulders so they were leaning against each other with her breasts pressing into his chest, it looked almost as if he was fucking her against the wall.

I backed off and called his name before going back around the corner, he'd moved his hands and was holding her upright when he saw me.

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We'll have to carry her as the car is in the car park. We picked her up and Pete had the top end, his arms were crossed under her breasts and pushing them upwards almost spilling out of the loose t-shirt I could see her nipples trying to cut their way through he materiel. We got to the car and I asked Pete to put her on his knee while I got the car ready. Ryan ryans and eva lovia I put the back seat down I looked at the two of them Bev was resting her head into his neck and he had his arm across her body straight across her breasts and holding her side, didn't know where his other hand was but couldn't do anything about it.

When I was ready I told Pete to grab her legs and I would take the head as it was more difficult. We got her in no problem but as she lay there I looked at her shorts and joked to Pete that they looked like they were cutting her in half up her pussy, he just laughed and smiled saying, just a bit.

When we were driving along Pete mentioned again the shorts looked awfully tight, well I can't stop right now I told him. That's ok I'll just unbutton them make her more comfortable if you like, yea mate that would be good.

Have to concentrate now Pete as we are on the highway and it's frantic so if I don't talk for a while you'll know why. I looked in the rear view mirror and he was kneeling up by her side. He was undoing her button at the top of her shorts and that would have been all he needed to do I'm sure but he grabbed the top of her shorts and started pulling them slowly down her hips, Mmmm interesting I thought.

Then he took her short legs near her pussy and again pulled them. This left her with her shorts gaping open at the top were he had undone the button and also the top of her pubes showing, so they were pulled a fair way down her legs. She usually shaved but had a couple of day's growth as I found out this morning when I muffed her cunt before work. When I thought about it I gave him the benefit of the doubt although Bev wouldn't have complained! Maybe he was pulling the materiel out from inside her pussy as it did look as if it was eating her shorts, could have been painful if she was awake.

Bev was on her back and looking peaceful with Pete by her side watching her closely, very closely! We went through a dark tunnel and I looked back to see if all was good but Bev's right breast which so happened to be next to Pete's hand that was resting on his own thigh had accidently slipped out of the side of her t-shirt and was fully exposed about 2 inches from his hand!!!.

Weird I though how that could happen, Ow well and didn't give any more thought. I knew we had 3 more tunnels to go through before we got home then after the last one which was a fairly long one it was only another 2minutes We got to the next tunnel which wasn't so dark and I glanced in the mirror and saw Pete playing with her nipple twisting it with his fingers, Mmmm interesting but I didn't say anything, to be honest I was starting to get turned on watching it.

In the next tunnel he got very bold and was cupping the whole breast in his hand and squeezing it. Suddenly he looked up and saw me and pulled his hand away, all good back there I asked, Kiki and lou ellyn lesbian porn yea mate all good. We were approaching the last tunnel and I wondered if he would, be game to play with her tits again. Well we didn't have long to wait, as we hit the tunnel I looked back and&hellip.FUCKING HELLhe was leaning over her and his right hand was down her shorts, which wasn't difficult as they were practically all the way down.

By the super sex kannada sex stories story movements I had no doubt that his fingers were inside her cunt and he was finger fucking her. Shit Bev if only you were awake you would be loving this. Exiting the tunnel I looked back over my shoulder and he was looking directly at me and asked if we were nearly there, yea mate 2 minutes will see us there.

I had a quick glance and saw him fumbling with her shorts and her tit was back in place. We got home and I opened the rear door. Looking in it was obvious that her shorts had been pulled back into place but he had left the button open, hope you didn't mind I undid the button after you told me it looked like she was getting cut in half, mate that's fine we are both nurses aren't we!

As we lifted her out of the back of the car I couldn't help noticing a bulge in his pants that he was trying to cover by hiding behind Bev as we carried her, I'm not positive but I'm sure there was a trace of a damp spot also. OK Pete so you fancy her, this I already know and I've seen you copping a good feel so let's see how far you'll go.

I know Bev would be in on this if she was aware of it. We carried her inside and into the bedroom laying her on her back. We live in single story house so there weren't any steps involved.

Fuck Bev, you need to loose weight that was hard work. Mate there's nothing wrong with her leave her alone and he laughed. I suppose looking at her laying there she does look kinda ok I replied. KINDA, mate you are one lucky bastard waking up to her every morning, I wouldn't leave her alone of she was mine.

She's usually the one to attack me even before I wake up, FUCK he moaned looking down at her. Fancy her do we Pete, shit no mate it's just… she looks good does she…SHIT yes she looks good. Ok let's see how bold you are my good friend. Pete I hate to ask you to do this, you don't have to, so just tell me. I have to ring her mum to tell her what has happened but could you undress her while I'm gone, I'll be a few minutes. She wouldn't want to sleep in those clothes as she sleeps naked all the time, I heard him sigh under his breath at the thought of Bev lying naked.

No prob. I can do that for you after all she's hardly wearing anything so it won't take that long and laughed a nervous laugh whilst turning red in the face.

Ok give me about 20 minutes and I'll call you when I'm done then I'll put the kettle on for coffee, OK see you soon. I reached the door and turned to see Pete rubbing with his crotch and fondling himself. I went to the lounge room and took the phone off the hook so it didn't ring and spoil the entertainment. What he didn't know was that the bathroom in our en suite opened to the laundry on the other side so we could walk from the laundry through the bathroom to our bedroom.

Walking down the corridor I entered the laundry and closed the door and went into the bathroom were the door was almost closed But to be sure I put the small hook into the eye on the wall so he couldn't open the door if he did decide to have a piss. Looking through the crack of the door I saw Bev on her back with her legs over the edge of the bed and her feet resting on the carpet. Pete was standing between her legs and rubbing his cock through his pants still.

Fuck Pete DO SOMETHING you haven't got long. As I thought this he grabbed her shorts at the top, the button was already open.

Pulling her shorts slowly down but got caught under her ass. He reached under and grabbed a handful and pulled them down her thighs. She was now lying with her shorts halfway down her thighs and her naked cunt in full view.

Kneeling on the floor between her knees he pulled them to the floor and lifted one leg at a time to remove them fully tossing them aside in a heap. He put a hand on each side of her legs, resting on the bed lifting his bum he was just about to stand when he knelt down again. Raising himself upright but still kneeling he rubbed his cock looking between her legs at the sight in front of him.

His other hand was now on her thigh and rubbing in circles, he looked over his shoulder at the door to see if I was there. Both hands now on her thighs, he was stroking her, moving upwards very slowly. I heard him mutter under his breath, FUCK Bev that is one hot pussy you've got there. His hands were very close to her naked cunt but he stopped. Leaning forward with his hands on the floor he began kissing and licking the inside of her thighs. His arms went under her legs and grabbed them as if he was going to pull molvi sex with his female student porn storys and he held her.

Stopping near her pussy her inhaled her juices that were always strong, probably getting turned on in her deep sleep if I knew Bev! He wiped his fingers down her thighs and held them to his nose, Yea that will be right, her pussy's leaking even though she's unconscious fucking slut. Licking the finger with her juice on he moved the other hand to her pussy and slipped a finger all the way inside her at the same time, fuck this was sooooo erotic my cock was rock hard.

Pete was finger fucking my girlfriend for the second time in less than an hour and I was still in the house with them, shit he WAS game. His fingers were still inside her when he inserted the fingers of the other hand at the same time; he now had fingers from both hands in her wet snatch.

He was moving them in and out at different times, as he pushed one set of fingers in he pulled the others nearly all the way out.

Not an opportunity to missed and I don't blame him one bit, he leant into her pussy and started licking and kissing it sliding his tongue in and out, I could hear the moans and groans from his throat as he was doing it.

My cock was out and rubbing against the wall, better be careful I don't blow I told myself so I put it away and left it alone. It occurred to me that he still hadn't removed her top and wondered when he was going to do this, if I came in now it xxx story sey an mail black guy look a bit odd with her in the position she was in and only half undressed. Pete must had read my mind as he knelt on the bed and took her t-shirt and pulled it easily over her head.

Absolutely no messing about here, he straddled her body with a leg each side of her chest and started groping her breasts at the same time dry fucking the air, maybe he was imagining tit fucking her.

This went on for about a minute then he changed positions; he was getting very game now. Kneeling to her side he leant over and kissed her lips, at the same time his hand moved to her pussy and slipped in again fingering her. Her breast then became the centre of attraction and he was kissing and licking and pulling her nipples up in his lips and teeth, fuck Bev if you were awake you would be moaning for sure my little whore. Looking at his watch he must have realised that the time was flying so he pulled her up the bed resting her head on the pillow.

There was a cotton sheet on the edge of the bed that we used to cover us both when it was too hot for a doona cover so he lay this over her to keep her warm. As he finished pulling it up I went out to the lounge and called his name, he came out and I asked if she was ok, Oh for sure sleeping like a baby. Ready for a sunny leone red sofa story rather have a beer he said. Let me go and fill the prescription that Kate the Doctor gave her down at the chemist and I'll get some then, and we can have few together then you can catch a cab home later.

That would be great and as we both have the day off tomorrow we sonya plays with toys pussy toying and masturbation take care of Bev between us.

Hey maybe we can give her a bed bath I joked, fuck you cunt don't even joke, you know any of the men at work would pull a piano tied to their balls just to be able to give Bev a bed bath.

REALLY I asked are you sure? Mate I know at least a dozen men that would kill for 5 minutes alone with her. You already know this as apparently I have bleed my heart to you on more than one drunken occasion.

That's very true so you better behave otherwise I'll have to tell Bev how you feel, fuck off you wouldn't do that, don't forget she works part time with me, I'd never live it down. Don't worry you're secrets safe FOR NOW anyway. Some fucking mate you are. I could say the same after watching you I thought to myself.

Stuff this coffee I want a beer, tell you what, there's some chicken pieces in sauce in the fridge ready to go put them in the oven and they should be done by the time I get back from the bottle shop and the chemist.

How long do think you will be, I may have a sleep on the couch. Stuff the couch believe me I've slept on it a few nights after telling Bev I was too tired to screw her and ended up her in the bad books.

What the hell, how could you NOT fuck her, mate when you have to fuck someone several times a day every day you'd want a rest as well. Every day he asked to clarify, yes Pete EVERY day. What happens if you're sick or on nights.

Oh she usually calls a few of her male friends over to use her, then she gets rid of them before I get home but she always tells me about each and every adventure as she sucks me of fucks me. What the hell!! Was his reaction Each and every adventure, you make it sound as if this sort of thing happens regularly.

Maybe two three times a week. You're fucking kidding, you mean to tell me that she gets fucked while you're out and you live with it. Mate most of them are from our swingers club so they have all fucked her many times already. HOLY shit were I am when all this happens.

Hang around you may get to have ago sometime if you're lucky, Lucky isn't the word he answered back. Look Pete I have to go or the chemist will be closed.

Use the bathroom at the other end of the house as the one in our room leaks. Have a shower and a lay down before I get back. I thought you said the couch was uncomfortable. It is and the spare room is full of junk so just crash next to Bev, cover her with a sheet and sleep, she's not going to wake for at least another 4-5 hours according to Kate so she'll never know, you can even sleep naked next to her it's too hot for clothes or blankets.

I have no worries as you're my best mate so I trust you with her. Fuck mate you certainly can trust me that's for sure going red again. Good, job's done, see you in an hour or so don't forget the shower is at the far end of the house, and freshen up before you crash. I left via the back sliding door which I left slightly open.

He wouldn't hear the car as the garage was on the other side of the house and couldn't been seen from inside the house. I gave it several minutes before going back in hoping that I wouldn't meet him in the corridor.

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I went into the laundry, locked that door from the inside and made my way to the bathroom door. Fuck me dead he was lying between her legs licking her cunt out already. He had her legs bent up and holding onto them behind the knee's stopping them falling on top of him. Must be taking advantage of every minute that he has available I thought. As he was licking and sucking he was calling her all kinds of names, telling her thick shaft hammers moist wet crack hardcore massage she had a fuckable pussy and he was going to give her a fuck she would remember.

Standing up he pulled her legs as far apart as he could giving me a near perfect view of her parted pussy lips, Pete walked over to the chair to take his trousers off, after removing them he took hisundies off and dropped them on the floor then turned back around. HOLY FUCKING SHIT PETE WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT IT IS FUCKING HUGE.

His cock was probably the biggest that I had seen since Bev was fucked in the hot newly married horny wife with her husbands friend hot scenes in our old apartment. He was very proud of his cock and kept waving it at her telling her that when she woke she would think she had landed on her pussy not her back.

Walking to the end of the bed he pulled his top of and grabbed her by the ankles pulling her down the bed again so that her legs were over the edge and her feet on the floor. Standing between her thighs he lay down on top of her with his cock flat on her stomach. He was kissing her and talking to her but I couldn't make out what he was saying.

His hips were grinding against her pubis and tummy as if was inside her pussy and fucking her, one leg on the bed the other between her thighs. After a couple of minutes he turned completely around in a 69 position licking her cunt rubbing his cock against her tits. I could distinctly see either his saliva or her juices or both dropping on the carpet as he was sucking and licking her cunt out. Fuck wait until I tell Bev about this when she wakes later, she will never believe me, but knowing her it will make her very horny and want to fuck me as I tell her all about it.

Then he did something REALLY strange, he looked for her undies draw and found 1 of only 3-4 pairs of Bev owned. They were black lacy full brief panties that she sometimes wore to make it more difficult for somebody to get at her. He then went back and knelt on the floor and slipped them over her legs and pulled them all the way up over her arse. After he did that he lay down next to her and began fondling her tits kissing the nipples then her lips talking gentle to her as if they were making love together.

As he was kissing her his hand trailed down to her panties and started groping he pussy mound grabbing handfuls and cupping it. Then he found his way to the elastic at the top and slid his hand inside and I could sense his finger sliding inside her pussy, the materiel was moving as he finger fucked her.

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His arm was under her neck and he started pulling her towards him, with his other hand he grabbed her hips and pulled them towards him at the same time. This had the result of Bev half laying on top of him and her top leg pulled over him as if she was about to mount him. His hands were rubbing up and down her thighs and fondling her arse cheeks, then his hand slid underneath her panties and groped her.

Slowly he began to pull her panties down as if he was trying to undress her for the first time, attempting to bare her ass and pussy. He pulled one side down as far as he could then rolled her on her back sliding the other side down. She was now on her back with her panties half pulled down her thighs. Standing at her feet he slowly pulled them to the floor lifting only one leg so that they were still around the other ankle. Spitting in the palm of his hand he rubbed the saliva over the top of his cock lubricating it, then bent over and gave her bare pouting, puffy cunt some attention making it moist.

Leaning son and momy sleeping long story beeg each side of her on the bed her stood between her legs and aimed his rock hard monster of a cock at Bev's cunt entrance. Without using his hands because they were balancing him he guided the cock head using his hips towards the entrance.

I could see the head resting on the outer labia and his cock was twitching so much I thought he was going to blow, but it had the effect of her lips being prised open and allowing the monster to penetrate slightly. He was moving his hips gently trying to gain more entrance. Slowly, slowly more of his cock entered her pussy and soon there was almost half of it inside her. Gently fucking her, more cock was engulfed by her eager cunt and he was moving more and quicker, but not as if he wanted to blow more with excitement I thought' He was now ¾ of the way inside her cunt, there was no way that cock would ever go in all the way and I doubt that he had ever penetrated a girl fully in his life.

FUCKING WHORE how do like a real man's cock he was asking her, bet you want more of this don't you, YES YOU FUCKING DO I can tell. He was getting excited and was now fucking her harder and as much of the cock that could be swallowed by her pussy was rammed back in with each thrust upwards moving Bev back at the same time.

SUDDENLY&hellip.I'm convinced that I saw Bev moving under him letting out a gentle quite moan Mmmm. Pete must have thought the same as he stood stock still and froze with sheer terror with his rigid monstrous cock buried deep inside her sopping cunt. He stopped fucking her and pulled out kneeling back on the floor I could see sweat running down his back and face, fear or excerption I wasn't sure.

He seemed to be waiting to see if she woke up, fuck wouldn't he shit himself if she did, I'd have to do some fast rescue work then wouldn't I.

After a couple of minutes she hadn't moved and he grabbed her arse and squeezed it, no movement or response. Kneeling on the bed he rolled her over from her back to her stomach then took up position on the floor behind her.

Pulling her arse cheeks apart he bent forward and started running his tongue up and down the crack of her ass, licking her anus, please Pete don't try and fuck her arse, you will definitely split her and wake her from unconsciousness. He placed one knee on the bed bedsides her and the other remained on the floor, this gave him a free hand to guide his cock back into her wet waiting pussy again.

He didn't mess about this time it went into her cunt with one swift firm stroke moving forwards pushing her upwards with the force. UGH, FUCKING HELL that's one tight cunt Bev, shit I want to cum in you. Shit that may be a bit difficult to explain, I hope he can hold it and blow somewhere else.

He leant forward on both elbows bringing the other knee onto the bed besides her. He was now straddling her body with his cock buried as far as her body would allow it to enter.

Wow what a site, Bev pussy spread apart and Pete's ass spread with his anal bud winking at me as he thrust into her wet dripping cunt. He really was beating her pussy with his weapon of destruction. OHH SHIT I'm cumming, oh fuck no Pete pull out I don't mind if you make a mess on the floor, PLEASE&hellip.

OHHH FUCKKKKKK he rammed into her hard a couple of times and I knew the signs the bastard had blown in her cunt, he stayed there for a moment, wether he realised what he had done and was panicking or was still calming down from his orgasm I don't know. He pulled the weapon from her and scooted to her ass end. I don't believe this; he was sucking on her cunt for all he was worth trying to suck as much of his cum out as possible, yea he was in a major panic.

If he stood still and thought for a raunchy amateur blonde pleasures her wet twat he would realise there was no way he could expel it all mom say dad is mot here pleas fucl me sucking, it would be dripping out for hours. He wiped the end of his cock on Bev's undies and put them back in the drawer, well that wasn't real clever Pete, panicking still.

He got his clothes together and got dressed then started repositioning her.

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It was at this moment that I left the house and went to the garage and sat in the car for about 10 minutes thinking about what I had just witnessed and how much of a turn on it had been. I knew that Bev would have been in on it so wasn't too concerned about that she had done a LOT worse since I had been with her and she had even told me about a huge gangbang that she took part in.

When the other two women told her they'd had enough how she asked all the other men to use her, she estimated about 10-15 used her cunt and arse that day, yes she admitted to being sore the next day but wanted to do it again some day. After what seemed ages I walked back in via the back door and Pete was asleep on the couch with the TV going and the smell of chicken in the air.

He must have heard me when I slammed the sliding door and woke nasty brunette whore rides an hard cock a start, shit you frightened the life out of me, got the beer. Here help yourself, I'd actually taken it from the fridge in the garage but he didn't know that. You've already helped yourself to my woman so you may as well have a beer I pondered to myself.

Mate I have to go, my girlfriend rang and she wants to go out for dinner and a few drinks so hope you don't mind if I have this and do a runner on you. Sure no problem, any trouble with Bev, shit asian girl gets her hairy pussy plowed she slept like a log believe me I don't think anything would wake her.

Ok thanks for the beer see you in two days back at work, enjoy, and he left through the front door, still don't know to this day what he meant by enjoy although it is a common saying here in Australia. I couldn't wait so I almost ran in to see Bev. There she was laying on her side sound asleep with the sheet over her. I got undressed, showered then lay next to her switching the TV on with the remote; we have a huge TV because we like to watch porn when we fuck sometimes.

As I settled down next to her I heard a voice saying, you dirty fucking bitch, …Hey you're awake, I didn't expect you to surface for much longer. I know that you dirty bitch she said again…whoa, what are you talking about&hellip. you fucked me when I was unconscious didn't you. I can absolutely assure you that I did not fuck you when you were asleep I'e been to the pharmacy to get you're pills the doctor ordered.

WELL she what's this and she threw the sheet back spread her thighs and pointed to the puddle of cum between her thighs on the bed, it's not milk is it. No, it certainly isn't milk, well what the fuck is it as if I didn't already know, and I've had enough cum in me to know what it is.

What I want to know is. how the fuck do you explain it Barry. Well it's like this Bev. I reached over for the remote to the DVD player and asked her to press play.

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Hot blonde craves for his massive rod cumshot facial she saw was herself lying on our bed with Pete groping and fondling her and his head between her thighs licking her out. HOLY FUCKING SHIT BARRY…… are you telling me Pete fucked me stupid in our bed while I was out for it. Before I left I had put the DVD on record with the built in webcam looking directly at our bed. Yep, that about sums it up my love, the DVD was still playing and as she was watching and talking to me her hand was between her thighs and I could hear the squelching sound of Pete's cum in her pussy.

Can I ask you something Barry, Mmmm sure. Where the fuck were you when this was going on. Well he thought I had gone to the chemist but in fact I was in our bathroom watching the action. You are one sick twisted horny bitch Barry and I love you for it, but by fuck my pussy feels stretched. I'm not surprised with the size of that monster, it has to be one of the biggest cocks that you have ever had, pretty close she agreed. You know, this may sound strange but I actually dreamt that I was having sex but couldn't make out who it was in the dream Well I thought I saw some movement and a couple of groans coming from you when he laid you on you're stomach and fucked you from behind I only have one question for you my love, yes Bev, and that would be…when do I get that fucking cock again.

Let me think about that one, but in the mean time…leaning over trailing my fingers against the outer lips of her cunt as her own fingers were inside masturbating she lay on her back and whispered…fuck me my love.