Marital device vs oriental wet pussy squirting and japanese

Marital device vs oriental wet pussy squirting and japanese
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Welcome to Graceland-The One With The 5 Speed Grace spends her days working as a receptionist at a car dealership. She wears pencil skirts with stilettos. Her hair is in a pony tail with a string of pearls across her neckline. Grace is a good girl. A good girl with naughty guilty pleasures.

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. She applies pink lipgloss as he walks by. See, it's been 8 months since her husband left her.

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And, now Grace can't stop thinking about being tangled up in a man's strong arms with his cock head palpitating her lips. She can taste the cherry flavor as she nibbles her bottom lip. His package is bulging out of his jeans. Her mind drifts to wondering how his manhood would fit inside her hand. Would he take two hands?

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Would he fit in her mouth? What about her in sweet spot. Her thighs quivered at the thought. Grace finished filing papers when she dropped a folder on the floor. As she bent over to pick it up, she could feel his eyes watching the curves of her ample cheeks and thighs. She blushed and stood back up.

While heading to turn the lights out, she noticed a car was left turned on in a bay in the garage. She headed towards the car and noticed that the mechanics had left for the night. Grace walked over to the car, noticing the sleek red finish, steel rims, and manual gear shift.

This car looked hot. No one was around so Grace slid into the driver's seat. Her fingers traced the dash and the steering wheel. She felt the gear shift. Mmmmmm.

5 speed. She stepped on the pedal and the engine revved.

She could picture herself owning this car. She revved the engine again and looked for the ignition. Before she turned the key, she heard Javier's voice. "leave it on", he said. Damn. He looked good. His broad shoulders, huge biceps and forearms and tight jeans looked so inviting. She stepped out of the car and closed the door behind her. Javier moved closer. "The car was left on so I just came out to turn it off." Grace was nibbling her lip trying to resist the urge to unzip his tight jeans and see what's underneath.

"Sounded like the you were having fun getting it revved up". Javier moved closer to Grace. His eyes looked intense as he smiled. "I.well.just liked how it felt". Grace tried to maintain composure while suddenly realizing her top button must have come loose while she was getting mia scarlett jumps into a nearest car to suck big cock pornstars and blowjob of the car.

"I liked how you looked in it". He moved closer. "And how you held onto the gear shift". Grace blushed and tried looking away. But his gaze was so intense, she could feel her heart racing and her sweet spot was getting wet.

"oh yea?" "I've been wanting to know how something else feels". She couldn't hold herself back any longer.

She reached for Javier's jeans and started on his zipper. Javier placed his hands on her hips as if he might push her back and resist. Suddenly he pushed Grace against the car. One hand became tangled in her hair as he held her head while the other hand pressed her body against his.

He passionately kissed Grace. God, it had been so long since she had been kissed so deeply. Javier unbuttoned her shirt, exposing the laced corset she wore to work.

She worked to get his jeans unzipped and laid her hands on his package. She became wet just holding his hard cock in her hands. Grace kneeled beside the car. She pressed his cock head to her lips and started taking his cock deep into her mouth. His cock was wet with her saliva. Javier kissed her neck and suckled her nipples. Grace arched her back while her nipples hardened. Javier grinned as he squeezed her DDD's.

Grace moaned. Her sweetness started aching-wanting to feel him busty milf in lingerie gets tongue jizzed her.

Javier pulled Grace to the hood of he car. He lifted her skirt and smiled at the red lace thong Grace wore to match her black corset. Javier kissed her thighs and slid his tongue between her slit, tenderly stroking her while her juices drizzled onto his chin. He inserted one finger. Then two.

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Grace felt how tight she was. She knew this would hurt and she couldn't wait. She turned around to suck Javier again. This time, taking his cock deep into her throat while he fucked her mouth. Her tits bounced with each thrust. She could taste his precum. She wanted it bad. Javier twisted her around to face the hood. The engine roared beneath her. She bent over perfectly in her stilettos as she felt Javier forced himself inside her. Grace shrieked in pleasure and pain. Javier thrusted himself deep inside her.

Grace held onto the edge of the hood while Javier fucked her tight pussy.

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Her tits were bare against the hot hood. She could see part of their reflection in the front windshield and Grace was turned on by the sight. She flinched when Javier spanked her. Her cheeks were stinging but each thrust of his cock melted away the pain. She felt his body tense as he told her to flip over. Javier took down her skirt so that Grace two pretty girls flashing boobs for cash left wearing her stilettos with her corset unlaced.

He slid her thong down her thighs and ankles and wrapped it around her wrists above her head. "I want to fuck you deeply and I am not sure you can take it". Javier grunted. Grace wanted it. She didn't care how deep or hard. She wanted to feel his cock and she wanted to feel his cum. With Grace leaning back against the hood, Javier licked her slit.

He could feel her clit pulsating beneath his tongue. Good. Grace was ready. Grace felt Javier move his cock head move between her pussy lips before he plunged inside her again. Grace moaned. Oh yes!

Oh! Finally! Grace lifted her hands over Javier's head and around his back to pull him closer. He kept fucking her harder. Deeper. His balls were smacking her cheeks and her back was warm from the car engine. Javier kissed Grace again. She could taste herself on his tongue. Mmmmmmm. She was wet and ready.

Her nipples rubbing on Javier's chest while his hips dug deep into hers.

His arms were wrapped around her and she could feel his body tense up. Oh fuck yea. Grace could feel his cum deep inside her pussy. Her juices dripped onto the hood of the car. She nibbled on her lip as she came back to reality. Javier knocked on her window. "Grace. Are you ok? You've been in there for a while". Grace blinked as she let go of the gearshift and stepped out of the car. Javier's package was bulging out of his jeans. She smiled when she noticed a little wet spot lingering on the driver's seat.

Stay tuned for more stories from Welcome To Graceland! xxx~ Grace