Lusty carmen has her tight pussy destroyed

Lusty carmen has her tight pussy destroyed
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This is my first story, so please be gentle. Also keep in mind that this is a story, and had a good bit of background to it.

This is meant to lead into the other chapters in the story, which I will publish depending on the response here, so be nice. Heidi's All Grown Up Peter the goatherd approached the old man's house. He had been tending the goats of his village for 10 years, since he was eight years old. Shortly after he had assumed his responsibility, Heidi, who was a year older than him, had moved in with the man of the mountain. Peter did not know the older man's name, but had simply always called him Sir.

"Heidi!" he called. "Are you coming with me today?" "I'll be right out, Peter! I just have to finish getting ready." Peter fetched the old man's goats while he waited for Heidi to appear.

When he rounded the house again, he saw her. She was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. Bright red hair crowned emerald green eyes. Her face was heart shaped and sweet, with a ready smile. This only served to draw the viewer to observe the rest of the lovely young lady. She stood at a petit 5'4", and boasted a beautifully shaped body that was the quiet envy of most of the ladies of the town at the foot of the mountains.

Peter did not know her measurements, but he knew that he could fit his hands around her waist without any corsets. Her breasts were large, but without a hint of sag. Slim but curvy hips led down japanese son fucking sleeping mom long, lithe legs, topped by a small, well shaped behind.

She was quite unusual in the village of plump, dark haired, brown eyed people. But the most prominent of Heidi's features were her cheerful disposition and caring heart, which unreservedly embraced all that she loved. When she saw Peter, she stood up from the goat she had been greeting, and gave Peter the smile she reserved for him alone.

He paused for a moment, amazed as always that this beautiful young woman should think of him as her friend. He desperately wanted to marry Heidi, but he was painfully shy, and did not know how to begin to approach the subject with Heidi, let alone her very intimidating grandfather. "Good morning Peter! I'm sorry I was late." she chirped. "That's alright, Heidi, it gave lovely ela bed toy at nubiles time to get Bossy and Softy, here." he replied.

"Oh, Peter, you're so patient with me." Heidi sighed, coming over to give Peter a hug. He savored the feeling of her warm, soft body against his, not sure what he was feeling, but enjoying it. Heidi had simply come over to give her best friend a hug, but something curious happened.

She felt warm and tingly when she touched Peter lately, as if he had rubbed his hand over her skin until it was sensitized. She felt her body melting into the hug, and wondered at her body's reaction. Just as she was beginning to enjoy the sensation, her grandfather came out of the cabin, and she released Peter, with the vague feeling that she shouldn't be touching him like that, even though they had hugged many times before. "Good morning, Sir" Peter said.

"I have come to get your goats for the day." "Thank you, Peter." Grandfather said. Turning to Heidi, he asked, "Are you going to go with Peter today?" "Yes, Grandfather, if it's alright with you, I would like to go." She replied. "Very well, my dear," and piercing Peter with his sharp black eyes, he charged him with his granddaughter's safety, as he did every time she went with him.

"I'll take care of her as if she was the greatest treasure in the world, sir." Peter promised, never taking his eyes off of Heidi, who unaccountably blushed, wondering at the tone in Peter's voice today. A short while later, Peter and Heidi arrived at the grazing ground Peter had chosen for the day.

It was a lovely meadow that got a gentle sun most of the day, with a stream nearby to cool off in. As Peter worked to get the goats settled, Heidi set up a small area for them to rest, and got water for them to drink.

Peter never understood why Heidi always insisted on having a place set aside to sit, since he usually just picked a spot and sat down. As she worked to set up the picnic, Heidi happened to look over at Peter while he was mostly turned away.

Without realizing it, she began to notice some things that had never really made an impression on her before. She began to see how handsome and distinguished he was. He was a good head and a half taller than her, with a deeply muscled, well tanned chest and a small, trim waist.

He had jet black hair, and grey eyes, very unusual in that region, and a ready smile always seemed to grace his generous mouth when he was with her. She had noticed that he was always very reserved when dealing with the people of the village below, but had never really thought much about it. Peter turned and noticed Heidi watching him in a curious way. She seemed lost in thought. Then again, she was very smart. Her grandfather had taught her how to read and write, and she was much smarter than Peter was.

He smiled and went over to the area she had set aside for them. "What are you thinking about?" he asked. "Oh, nothing really," she replied, returning his smile. "Let's have lunch shortly, I'm hungry." A little while later, Peter and Heidi had eaten their lunch and were relaxing, keeping an eye on the goats. Heidi was lying down on her back with her head in her hands, and Peter was sitting next to her, watching the goats.

"Peter, do you think I'm pretty?" Heidi asked. "Of course," he replied, "I think you're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen! Why do you ask?" "I guess because none of the boys in town seem to like me much. None of them seem to want to even court me." She said. He looked down at her in amazement. "Heidi, you are the most beautiful woman in the town! Whoever marries you will the luckiest man in the whole country!" Peter exclaimed. "That's sweet of you to say." She said, placing her hand in his.

Peter felt a wondrous sensation beginning in his chest. He turned more fully to Heidi. "I mean it, Heidi. I really think you're the prettiest girl I know. And you're so much nicer than the town girls." He told her. "Most of them won't even speak to me, and when they do, it's just to tell me what to do, or if there's something wrong with one of the goats." "But you're my best friend, and the nicest boy I know!" she exclaimed.

"Why shouldn't I be nice to you?" "That's just it, Heidi," he replied. "I'm just the goatherd, and a bastard child at that. I don't have any standing in the town." Heidi felt an angry, protective feeling come over her.

"At least you know your mother!" she exclaimed, "I've never met either of my parents." She said, looking downcast. Peter was sorry he had caused his best friend distress. "Please don't get upset, Heidi. I didn't mean to make you angry." It's alright, Peter." She said, still looking sad.

Peter couldn't bear to see the lady he loved so sad. He lay down beside her and took her into his arms, hugging her. "I'm sorry, Heidi" he whispered into her ear. "Please don't be upset with me." "It's okay, Peter" she replied, enjoying the feeling of her friends hard, strong body holding her. He drew back a little, and she smiled up at him "You always make me feel so wonderful," she said sweetly.

He looked at her solemnly, "I never want to see you sad, especially because I've been thoughtless." She smiled even more at that, and reached up a little and kissed him, the first time she had ever done so.

Peter wasn't sure what to do with this electrifying sensation. Heidi was kissing him! He returned her kiss very gently, afraid he would hurt her. She drew back, and looked at him. His eyes were still closed, with a look of soft wonder on his face. He opened those grey eyes, and looked down at her. Heidi smiled softly at Peter, and he returned the smile, before dipping his head shyly and recapturing her sweet lips.

Heidi was surprised at the shock of sensation when Peter kissed her again. She melted into his embrace, her body molding itself to the hard planes of his chest. Peter felt a tightening in his loins, and wondered at the sensation. He had never felt this way before.

He just knew that he never wanted to stop kissing the beautiful woman in his arms, or feeling her soft body sweetly melting into his. Unbeknownst to the young couple, sharp black eyes watched from a nearby vantage point, as he had done ever since he had noticed Peter watching his granddaughter with love in his eyes.

Grandfather was a sharp, canny man, and knew that even the most innocent of young ones eventually begin to want to explore their desires.

As he watched his beautiful granddaughter and her handsome lover, he was surprised to feel his own loins thicken. He had never looked at Heidi as a woman before, always seeing her as simply his granddaughter.

Oh, he noticed that she was beautiful, and was very proud of the fact. He was also aware that her beauty made the village women jealous, and that they were often unkind to her because of it. He also knew that young couples often got carried away when their blood ran hot. So, he stayed in his perch, and he watched. Heidi drew back from the wonderful kiss, amazed at the rush of feeling she had experienced. threesome sex with horny mom naughty daughter, that was wonderful," xxx hot sex stories full saxy story sighed.

Peter looked at the lovely woman in his arms. "I never wanted it to end. You always make me feel so wonderful," he replied. "Oh Peter, you make me feel like the prettiest woman on the mountain." He said seriously, "You are the most beautiful woman on the mountain. Never doubt that." Peter caressed her waist as he was talking to Heidi, enjoying the feeling of her soft skin and the muscles he could feel underneath, even through her dress. Heidi could feel Peter's strong yet gentle hand caressing her waist, and felt something she had never experienced before.

Her breasts swelled a little, and ached. She desperately wanted Peter to touch them. She didn't know what to do with the new feelings coursing through her body; she only knew she didn't want it to end. Reaching up again, she drew Peter back down for another kiss. Peter came back to her sweet lips with a soft moan.

Hearing it, Heidi pulled back, alarmed a little. "I haven't hurt you, have I?" the innocent girl asked. "No, Heidi. You could never hurt me.

I just love you so much, and I've wanted to touch you like this for such a long time," he replied. "You love me?" Heidi asked in amazement. Peter looked into her beautiful eyes, and knew he couldn't keep his feelings to himself any longer.

"Heidi, I have loved you from the time we met as children." Peter was afraid. Would she reject his love, since he could offer her nothing? "I've never felt this way about anyone before, but all I know is that I could spend the rest of my life with you and think myself the luckiest man in the world." He told her sincerely.

"Oh Peter, I love you too!" Heidi exclaimed. "You were my first friend, and you were my only friend for so long. And even when my cruel aunt sold me to that rich man and he sent me back here, you were always kind and loving to me." Peter felt the most exhilarating rush at hearing her words.

She loved him! He pulled Heidi even closer, kissing her fervently. Heidi kissed him back just as excitedly, and, feeling Peter's tongue seeking entrance into her mouth, gave it eagerly. Peter groaned again, and eagerly explored her sweet mouth as his hands caressed her back and waist. His hand accidentally brushed the side of her breast, and Heidi moaned into Peter's mouth. Peter felt the softness of her breast as his hand brushed over it, and marveled at it. He pulled back from the kiss and just looked at the beautiful woman in his arms.

She opened her emerald eyes and smiled sweetly into his grey ones. "That felt wonderful. Please do it again." She said quietly. Peter smiled back, and placed his hand gently on the side of her breast as his heart pounded. Heidi reached up and settled his hand more firmly on fat ass redhead anal fucked in threesome lezdom breast. "Like this." She told him. Always ready to oblige his lady, he tenderly caressed her breast, enjoying the firm yet soft flesh as it molded itself to his hand.

Heidi moaned again at the feeling of his strong hand as it so gently caressed and manipulated her tender, willing flesh. Up on the higher peak, their unseen chaperone licked his lips as he watched. He was getting very turned on by the very sensual display being played out just a few feet below.

He unconsciously rubbed his hardening erection as it thickened within his trousers. Heidi felt Peter's hand as it gently caressed her soft breast. She felt an insatiable desire to have Peter touch her without any barriers in the way. She reached up again, and unfastened the buttons on the bodice of her dress. Pulling it aside, she smiled shyly at Peter as she exposed her tender flesh to him for the first time. Peter gasped as he saw Heidi's breasts for the first time ever.

Creamy, alabaster skin tipped by dewy nipples of the lightest pink, they were perfect globes. He reached for her beautiful breasts again, marveling at the exquisitely soft texture and the way they fit his hands perfectly.

Heidi moaned as she felt Peter's callused, slightly rough hands as they so gently touched her breasts. Sitting up, she deftly pulled the top of her dress down, revealing her firm belly and tiny waist. Peter gasped again as even more of Heidi's beautiful body was uncovered. He ran his hands up her waist to cup her breasts again, this time lightly pinching and rolling her pearly nipples. Heidi moaned and arched her back, eyes closed in pleasure.

Peter smiled, loving the feeling of giving his lady love so much pleasure. Heidi opened her eyes, and, seeing the smile on Peter's face, drew him up so they were kneeling in front of each other. Wrapping her arms tightly around him, Heidi kissed Peter, pressing her sensitive nipples against the rough fabric of his woolen shirt. Peter moaned at feeling those wonderful breasts pressed fully against his strong chest.

Wanting to feel more, he drew back a little and unbuttoned and removed his handmade shirt. Then, taking Heidi back into his arms, he pulled her close and kissed her again. Pressing herself close, she felt her nether regions begin to grow moist and warm at the feeling of Peter's hard, muscled chest against her soft, giving flesh. Peter pulled back again, this time so he could watch as he touched and fondled her creamy breasts.

He cupped them gently and rolled her tender nipples in his strong fingers. Dipping his head, he gently kissed each aching nipple. At feeling this shock of thick cock drills unfathomable in wet crack hardcore and blowjob, Heidi moaned and arched her back, silently asking for more. Never one to refuse her anything, he obliged by pulling her pearly nipple into his warm, wet mouth, suckling gently. Heidi gasped at this, and then, when he very gently began to nibble on her sensitive peaks, cried out.

Hearing this, Peter was a little alarmed at this and pulled away. Looking into her emerald eyes, he asked her "I haven't hurt you, have I?" "Oh, no, Peter!" she exclaimed.

"That felt wonderful! Please don't stop." she moaned. Obliging his lover, he again dipped his head and pulled her sweet nipple into his mouth. He again sucked on her pouting nipple, and nibbled gently on the soft tip.

Heidi moaned again as the feelings coursed through her. She had never felt like this before! She felt a strange sensation between her legs, where she had only ever washed gently before. But now, she felt something new in her secret treasure, a tightening, tingling sensation. As Peter continued to lavish his loving touch on her tender, sensitive breasts, she felt it continuing to build, consuming her consciousness. Suddenly, as Peter rolled one nipple while gently sucking and nibbling on the other, the feeling peaked!

Crying out loudly, Heidi swooned as she felt the most incredible surge in her secret place. Peter caught her in his strong arms and kissed her again, as his lover moaned and writhed through her very first orgasm. From his vantage point above, Grandfather moaned too. Seeing his beautiful granddaughter moan and thrash her way through her first orgasm was harmony vision hot anal henessy vaginal masturbation pussy licking exciting.

He felt mildly, curiously jealous that it should be Peter's mouth enjoying those sweet, creamy breasts and not his own. Grandfather did not know where these strange feelings had come from. Certainly he had never thought of Heidi like this before! And now, he was consumed with the longing to feel those perfect globes fill his own hands. He stroked his shaft through his pants. It had been so long since he was last with a woman.

As Heidi came down from the incredible high she had just reached, Peter pulled her against his body, feeling her incredible convulsions. He didn't know what had happened to Heidi. All he knew was one moment he was making love to her, and the next she was crying out his name and thrashing against his body, exciting him terribly.

His pants were much too tight with the size of his erection. Heidi opened her eyes, and, seeing Peter gazing at her with so much concern in his grey eyes, smiled contentedly. "It's alright, Peter," she purred. "What happened?" he asked. "I'm not sure, but it felt wonderful!" she exclaimed.

Peter smiled, feeling very satisfied. "Then I'll have to figure out how to make it happen again." Heidi returned the grin, and replied, "Or maybe I'll try to figure out how to do it to you.

"Oh Heidi, everything you do makes me feel wonderful." Heidi just smiled and pulled Peter close. Laying him down on the ground cloth, she leaned over Peter's chest, just taking a moment to gaze at his very manly body. Broad shoulders topped a very well-defined, bare chest, with small, flat, coffee colored nipples. His chest tapered down to rippling abs, and a trim waist.

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Peter got a little uncomfortable at Heidi's close scrutiny. "Why are you looking at me like that?" he asked. Heidi smiled at Peter. "I just future possibilites of teen dna cloning are amazing to take a moment and enjoy how handsome you really are." She replied.

Peter frowned, thinking Heidi was teasing him. Correctly interpreting the look on his face, Heidi frowned. "You don't believe me, do you?" she asked. "I'm not handsome, Heidi," he replied. "But you are, Peter!" Heidi exclaimed. "You're the most handsome man in the village." "No, I'm not." he said. "I'm just another man." Heidi felt that angry, protective feeling again. Straddling Peter's hips, she placed her hands on either side of his shoulders and leaned into him, her bare breasts an inch from Peter's chest.

"Listen to me, Peter," she said firmly. "If I want to think you're the most handsome man in the entire country, I will, and you aren't going to argue with me." "Oh, Heidi, I can't argue with you," he said. "Good," she replied, innocently settling down onto his hips. Peter couldn't suppress his surprised moan when Heidi sat down on his still-hard shaft. Unable to resist, he reached for her hips, holding her tightly over his aching erection.

As he did so, his hips unconsciously lifted, grinding her soft body over his manhood. At feeling the thick ridge pressing into her untouched treasure, Heidi cried out with pleasure, arching her back and causing her proud breasts to stand out sharply. Seeing that, Peter felt an incredible rush, and thrust his hips up again, his shaft pulsing and throbbing with his first ejaculation. "Oh, Heidi!" he moaned, unable to suppress his reaction.

Feeling Peter's orgasm against her sensitive button caused Heidi to orgasm again, too. "Oh, Peter! Peter!" She cried, writhing on his surging manhood.

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Up on his ledge, Grandfather also moaned, watching the young lovers come together. He had freed his enormous shaft from the confines of his trousers, and was fisting it uncontrollably. No longer could he pretend that he was just watching out for Heidi's virtue. He was now just watching the beautiful young couple make love, and desperately wishing it was his manhood that Heidi was riding with such abandon. He watched, and waited, knowing that there were more sights to see.

Heidi had finally stopped coming, and collapsed onto Peter's strong chest, still twitching a little. Peter had released his strong grip on Heidi's hips and relaxed, falling back. Heidi rose up again, and looked down at Peter.

"What just happened, Peter?" she asked. "I think it was like what you had happen earlier" he replied. Heidi smiled, "Well, whatever happened to you caused that to happen to me again." She confessed. Peter smiled at that, and pulled Heidi back down for another kiss.

When the kiss ended, Heidi got up from Peter's lap. She looked at the area that had just caused her so much pleasure, and was surprised to see a large wet spot on the front of his trousers. "Peter!" she exclaimed, touching the wet spot, "What made that?" Peter sat up, gently taking Heidi's hand off his still-sensitive crotch.

"I'm not sure, but I need to wash it off, so I don't upset Mother when I get home. She hates it when I stain my clothing, and I don't like making her work even harder than she already does." Heidi could feel the state of her drenched panties, and silently agreed, as Peter's mother did their washing as well. She smiled at Peter "I guess we'll just have to wash in the stream." Suiting her actions to her words, Heidi stood up and began to slide her dress down over her hips.

Peter leaned back on his hands, enjoying the sight of Heidi removing the rest of her clothing. First, she slid the dress off, showing off her slender body and long legs, and then she hesitantly reached to her panties, shy at revealing this last treasure.

Peter smiled at Heidi's shy blush, and getting up on his knees, gently brushed her hands aside. "Let me, please." He begged, looking up her gorgeous body. Heidi blushed even hotter, but moved her hands away. Peter hooked his fingers over the sides of her panties and tenderly pulled them down, marveling at the sight of Heidi's trimmed womanhood.

Heidi reached down and pulled Peter to his feet. "My turn." She purred. She reached to the button on his trousers, quickly unbuttoning them and pulling them off. Peter stepped out of his trousers and allowed Heidi to take in her first sight of him unclothed.

Heidi gasped. He was magnificent! His strong chest and slim waist flowed to a small, tight rear and powerful legs. And nestled between those strong legs was Peter's still mostly-hard manhood sprouting out of german threesome with guys and a chubby amateur babe doggystyle mmf black pubic hair.

His manhood was about 9" long, and almost three inches around! Heidi gazed at this python that her lover sported, and reached to touch it. At the feel of Heidi's soft touch, Peter groaned and his shaft stiffened even more. Heidi knelt down and looked closely at this powerful snake. She realized that this was the hard ridge she had been enjoying so much just a few minutes ago.

As she continued to run her hands over his erection, a drop of pearly come emerged from the eye. Heidi felt an irresistible desire to taste it, and licked the drop off, looking up at Peter as she did so. Peter felt Heidi's warm tongue come into contact with his very sensitive head, and moaned.

Heidi correctly interpreted this as a moan of pleasure, and licked his head again. "Heidi, don't stop." He groaned, placing his hands on her head. Heidi opened her sweet mouth and took in the head of his manhood. At feeling the warm cavern of her mouth, Peter groaned and ran his fingers through Heidi's red hair, wishing this great sensation would go on forever.

At the sight of the nude Heidi engulfing Peter's hard manhood in her warm, sweet mouth, Grandfather couldn't hold back any more.

Crying out softly, he came all over his hand and the edge of the ledge. It felt like he was coming forever, since it had been a very long time since he had come. His huge erection began to subside, and he relaxed a little, blonde granny gets fucked by the tv repairman better than he had in a long time, but still watchful.

Heidi continued to suck and tongue Peter's large erection, discovering what make him moan and what made him gasp. She learned quickly not to use her teeth, and to be very gentle with his pendulous balls, as these things brought gasps, yes, but not of pleasure.

Peter looked down in amazement at the bright red hair and beautiful face working around his engorged manhood. He closed his eyes and savored the feeling, throwing his head back in enjoyment. Heidi gazed lovingly at her handsome lover as he reacted so wonderfully to her ministrations.

Peter looked down just in time to see the cat-in-the-cream college attractive teen loves to engulf hardcore and blowjob on Heidi's face. Seeing her so smugly satisfied with herself was incredibly erotic.

He reached down and caressed Heidi's neck and scalp, since he was too tall to reach much else. Heidi hummed with pleasure at the sensations. The feeling of Heidi's humming was too much for Peter's already sensitized manhood and he felt the incredible surge again. "Heidi, it's happening again!

Here it comes!" Heidi stayed where she was, and felt Peter's manhood begin to swell and pulse with his coming ejaculation.

She was shocked when Peter's manhood gave its biggest throb yet and suddenly began to pour a strange, salty sweet substance into her mouth. Surprised, all she could do was try to swallow as much of the copious fluid as she could. There was too much, and some of it leaked past Peter's thick cock and onto her pearly breasts.

Grandfather groaned at seeing Heidi's come-covered body. To his amazement, he felt his manhood begin to thicken and swell again. He hadn't had multiple erections in one day in years! And yet, the unbelievable sight of his lovely granddaughter covered in another man's cream was causing it to happen now. Peter finally stopped coming and pulled Heidi to her feet.

Holding her close, he kissed her deeply. Heidi returned the kiss, and then drew back, smiling up at Peter. "Now I really need to wash." she joked.

Peter smiled back, and simply said, "Me too." Heidi broke the embrace and ran into the cold mountain stream. Peter laughed and followed suit. The water was just waist high, and felt refreshing on their respective private areas. Heidi knelt in the stream, and washed the semen off of her chest.

Peter likewise washed off his crotch, being very careful with his now overly sensitive manhood. Dad got firecrotche daughter pregnant also made sure to clean her secret area, being careful not to let Peter see her doing so.

Peter's mother had taught her how to clean and care for her private area, and had stressed that it was important that no man ever see or touch that area except her husband. Heidi was worried, since she had already let Peter see her secret area, but since he had let her see and touch his, she supposed they were even.

Sighing contentedly, they emerged from the cold stream, both shivering a little. Heidi suddenly laughed. "What's so funny?" Peter asked. "We don't horniest amateur asian yo teen steamy masturbation on webcam anything to dry off with." she replied. Peter chuckled too.

"Oh, well. I guess we can just air-dry." Heidi lay down on the ground cloth and was asleep in moments, her lovely mouth curved in a small, contented smile. Peter smiled tenderly, and, checking on the goats, he took both of his and Heidi's clothes and washed them in the stream and laid them over a couple of nearby bushes to dry. He then found a sunny spot nearby where he could rest and dry off.

Grandfather settled himself in to wait, too. He could see by the expressions of the two young lovers that they had done all the exploring they were going to do for the day. Nevertheless, he would continue his vigil, and then leave when it looked like they were getting ready to do the same.

He would be able to take a different route than the young couple, and beat them home by a good margin. As he relaxed, he replayed in his mind the thoroughly enjoyable scenes he had witnessed. He was still a little unsettled by his body and mind's incredibly powerful reaction at seeing his granddaughter and her lover's explorations.

He had never, until this day, even thought of Heidi as anything as his beautiful, loving granddaughter, and now he saw something different.

Now, he saw Heidi as the lovely, sensual creature she was, and he wasn't sure how to deal with it. Some time later, Peter woke Heidi up. Smiling at him sleepily, she rose up and kissed Peter. Peter savored the feeling of her sweet kiss, and then pulled away. "We have to get going. It's time to go home." he told her. "Alright, I'll get dressed and then clean up the site." she replied.

Peter pointed her to where her clothing was, and since he had already gotten dressed, left her to dress and clean up while he collected the goats. When all was ready, they chivvied the herd to Heidi's home.

When they reached Heidi's grandfather's house, Peter pulled Heidi in close for another of her warm embraces and one last taste of her sweet kiss before he had to go home.

Releasing her, he looked down into her emerald eyes. "I can't tell you how much today meant to me. You really made me feel like you love me." Heidi just smiled and kissed him tenderly. Then she replied: "That's because I do love you, silly. I'll see you tomorrow." And with one last kiss, she disappeared into the house.

When Heidi closed the door to their one room cabin and turned around, she gasped in surprise. She hadn't realized her grandfather was sitting there the whole time. She smiled, quickly recovering from her surprise, and went over to greet her grandfather. "Good evening, Grandfather." she chirped "Good evening, Heidi," Grandfather replied.

Heidi was a little surprised at the dark tone in her grandfather's voice, and studied his stern visage, with his piercing eyes and slightly hooked nose over his dark beard and frowning mouth. "Is something wrong?" Heidi asked. "I'm afraid so," her grandfather replied. "You see, I was watching you and Peter today." he said.

"You were?" Heidi was confused. "But why? I'm always safe with Peter." "I was watching to make sure that that boy didn't let his feelings for you get too out of hand." Heidi was even more confused.

"You mean you knew how he feels about me?" "Heidi, anyone with eyes can see how that boy feels about you, and if anyone within hearing distance wasn't aware of it, their doubts were erased today!" he exclaimed. "Unfortunately, that leaves me with a problem, and a responsibility." "What do you mean, Grandfather?" "I saw everything you and Peter did today, and I saw at least one instance where he may have violated you.

I must now check to make sure you are still pure." Heidi started to get nervous. "What do you mean 'check?'" she asked. Grandfather stood up, showing his full height, only a little shorter than Peter. "Take all of your clothing off and lie on my bed." He told her. "What? Why?" "I must check to make sure you are still unbroken. Now take off your clothes!" Heidi looked down, "Yes, Grandfather." And she slowly began disrobing. When she was undressed, he said "Now go and lie down on my bed." Blushing furiously, Heidi obeyed her grandfather's command and lay down in the middle of his bed.

Grandfather approached the beautiful woman lying on his bed. "Move down to the foot of the bed and spread your legs." he ordered. Staring up at the roof of their cabin, Heidi did as she was bid. Grandfather knelt at the foot of his bed and looked at the lovely treasure opened before him.

Her downy red hair was well trimmed, and the inner lips of her womanhood just peeked out from the security of the outer ones. Reminding himself firmly that this was his granddaughter, and that he had promised himself that he would behave; he lifted his hand, and, placing his finger at the entrance to her womanhood, pressed in gently.

Heidi gasped at the intrusion where no man had ever touched her before. Grandfather tried to push his finger in until he could feel her hymen, but the bath she had taken in the stream earlier had left her womanhood dry. He applied more pressure, and Heidi whimpered softly, "That hurts, Grandfather." He pulled his finger back and put it in his mouth, trying to moisten his finger a little.

Placing it again on her entrance, he again pushed gently, but her dry flesh just seemed to absorb the saliva he had wet his finger with. Again he took his finger out and tried to moisten it in his mouth, trying to ignore her fresh, clean taste. Again, her womanhood seemed to absorb the moisture off of his finger, leaving Heidi very uncomfortable. "Grandfather, isn't there a better way to do this, so this doesn't hurt so much?" she begged. "I will try." And with that, he brought his mouth to her untouched sex.

At the first touch of her grandfather's mouth to her secret place, Heidi cried out "Grandfather! What are you doing?" Grandfather looked at her nubile young body and smiled. "Making you wet. Just lie back." Lying back as instructed, Heidi closed her eyes, wondering at the sensations Grandfather was giving to her.

First he simply opened her, and looked at the sweet petals of her rose. Then, he blew a soft breath across the flower, making her shiver. He blew again, and this time got a soft moan for his effort. Then he finally brought his mouth into contact with her.

He savored every gasp and moan even as he savored the sweet taste of her virgin womanhood. Oh, he knew Peter hadn't penetrated her. He had seen that when Heidi had ground her womanhood on Peter's erection that there had been no penetration, since they had both been clothed.

But he couldn't resist the chance to touch her. Heidi moaned and cried out at the incredible feelings her grandfather was arousing in her. She felt the same building tension that she had experienced earlier, and wondered: Was Grandfather doing this on purpose?

Losing herself in the feeling, she brought up her small hands and unconsciously began playing with her pearly nipples, squeezing and amateur asian lily masturbates her sexy body them around.

Seeing that, Grandfather gave a moan of his own, but he made sure to move his mouth over her sensitive button when he did, so latina fuck in public park with stranger could feel the vibration there. As he did, he also pushed one thick finger into her now wet, tight womanhood. When Grandfather did that, Heidi lost it entirely. Screaming and writhing in pleasure, she came almost violently, flooding his mouth and hands with her sweet cream.

When she was finished, Grandfather stood up and took his clothes off, revealing his huge erection. Heidi opened her eyes and gasped. He was even longer and thicker than Peter! His manhood measured twelve inches in length, and was a full three inches around.

Seeing Heidi's reaction, Grandfather smiled. "Don't worry, I won't hurt you." He reassured her. "I just need some relief, too. Please let me see you for just a little longer." And with that, he began to slowly stroke his large cock. Heidi stayed where she was, transfixed.

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She had never seen a man handle his penis before. Why, before today, she had never even seen one man nude, and now she had seen two! Grandfather groaned as he watched Heidi's round, sweet breasts move with every breath she took.

He could see the cream still leaking out of her womanhood from the orgasm he had brought her to earlier, and that excited him even more. He could see the soft wonder on her beautiful face at the size of his manhood. He knew that he would not be the one to breach her inner defense, but he still enjoyed seeing the lovely woman lying before him. He closed his eyes, savoring the sensations he was feeling. As she watched her grandfather fist his huge erection, Heidi became turned on all over again.

She still felt odd about the fact that this was her grandfather, but she could see how badly he needed the same thing that had happened to Peter earlier. Rising up on her knees, she leaned forward and, summoning all her courage, reached out and touched the mammoth before her. At Heidi's soft touch, Grandfather gasped and froze.

His eyes popped open and looked in shock at the hand that had suddenly touched his aching manhood. Looking down into Heidi's emerald eyes, he asked, "What are you doing?" blonde riding the dick well in bed can see you do need some relief, Grandfather. Let me give it to you." Heidi murmured. With that, she leaned forward again and licked her grandfather's cock.

Feeling Heidi's warm tongue on his head almost blew Grandfather's mind. She licked and sucked his thick erection with the new skills she had just acquired today, bringing him to an even higher state of arousal. Reaching down, he touched her perfect breasts for the first time, gently squeezing and fondling her soft globes. Heidi moaned a little at the feeling of her grandfather's hard, callused hands so gently fondling her tender flesh.

He remembered how sensitive her nipples were from when he had watched Heidi and Peter earlier, so he made sure to pay extra attention to the pouting tips, rolling them gently with his fingers and palming them with his rough hands. Heidi moaned even more at the attention her engorged nipples were receiving. At the same time, she reached up bubble gazoo acquires banged hard hardcore russian fondled Grandfather's pendulous balls.

Sliding down, she tongued and rolled the heavy globes in her mouth, causing her grandfather to moan and cry out in ecstasy. Heidi opened her eyes and looked up to see the look of pure enjoyment on her grandfather's face. She felt gratified that she could give him the relief he so desperately needed. Suddenly, Grandfather felt the boiling in his balls begin to reach their peak. He gently grasped Heidi's head and guided her sweet mouth over himself for the last few strokes.

"Oh, Heidi, I love you so much! Here I come for you!" he gasped as his manhood swelled even bigger and his thick, white cream began to surge out of his huge shaft. Once again, Heidi tried to swallow all of the sweet, heavy cream that filled her small mouth, but it was just too much. She had to let go of his manhood. When she did, his still-coming shaft sprayed his come all over her breasts. Feeling the hot, creamy liquid on her so-sensitive nipples was too much for the over-stimulated girl, and she orgasmed again, falling back on the bed.

Grandfather looked down at his lovely granddaughter coming again on his bed. Suddenly, the stark realization of what had just happened washed over him. He backed away, collapsing into a nearby chair, and put his face in his hands.

Heidi finally stopped coming, and seeing that Grandfather wasn't there anymore, rose onto one elbow, searching the room for him. Seeing him at the table, his head in his hands, she got up slowly, conscious of her still shaky legs. She cautiously approached her grandfather where he sat panting, face hidden. "Grandfather, what's wrong?" the innocent girl asked, placing a hand on his thigh.

Grandfather groaned at the feeling of Heidi's soft hand upon his thick, muscular thigh. Hearing that, Heidi grew alarmed and snatched her hand back, thinking something was wrong.

"What happened?! Did I hurt you?" she cried. Grandfather opened his eyes and smiled slightly. "No, Heidi you haven't hurt me. It just felt so wonderful to feel you orgasm like that, and what you did just now. I had needed to orgasm myself so badly. But I took advantage of you. I am your grandfather. I should never have touched you like that." He tried to be careful with his explanation, not wanting to scare her, and already afraid he had done so.

Heidi looked confused. "What is an orgasm?" she asked. Grandfather frowned. "I thought Peter's mother had explained how a woman's body works to you." Heidi trembled a little, afraid something was wrong, and a little confused, wondering what Grandfather was talking about.

"Yes, Grandfather, she did. She told me how to care for myself when my moon cycles come, and how to wash my secret area, and about how I must not let any man except my husband see or touch that area, or I would have a baby. I'm not sure why that's so bad, or how it works, but she said that was all she horny blonde mother kisses guy before they passionately fuck on sofa tell me." "I don't understand.

Lily has had a baby herself. How could she not understand how it happens?" he demanded. Heidi dropped her green eyes from her grandfather's piercing black ones.

"Lily asked me to promise not to tell anyone, Grandfather." She whispered. "She said it would hurt Peter when he found out, and she refused to say why." Hearing that, Grandfather began to get an inkling of what the secret was.

He had been there when the destitute Lily had arrived with her mother Janelle, nineteen years ago, six months pregnant and very hungry. Grandfather had taken pity on the poor women, and had rented them a room in town, asking them only to cook his meals and wash his clothing in return. That summer, along with keeping them fed, he had labored hard to build Lily and Janelle the small house that Peter now lived in, too.

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Janelle had taken three whole days thanking him in private for the generous gift. He had also made most of the furniture in the house. Lily had taken in people's wash after she had Peter to earn a little so she could buy some necessities when the peddlers came around. When Peter had turned six, Grandfather had introduced him to the village goatherd, thinking it would be a good occupation for Peter, as well as a way to ensure that they would be able to provide for themselves.

He still shared the produce from his garden, although Lily had one of her own now, and he also gave them some of the animals he hunted in return for Lily washing and taking care of his clothes. He had also enjoyed Janelle's company on occasion, and they had been very fond of each hot blonde fucks a handsome guy in the dining room. Two years later, the goatherd died, and Peter became the goatherd.

Not long after Peter had assumed this responsibility, Heidi had been brought to live with Grandfather by her aunt. Nikki told Grandfather that his daughter and her husband had died, and she was tired of rearing someone else's brat.

Then she had left, and he had been forced to care for a little girl he had no idea how to even talk to. Lily and Janelle had been invaluable in showing him how to take care of Heidi, and she and Peter had become fast friends. Five years after that, Aunt Nikki had returned while Grandfather was out hunting, and had taken Heidi away. Grandfather had returned to an empty house, with no idea where Heidi was.

He saw the strange tracks, and reasoned that someone had taken Heidi away. He asked Lily and Janelle if they had seen Heidi pass that way, and they had told him that she had, in the company of her aunt. Grandfather had tracked Nikki and Heidi to the train station two towns away, but the girl at the ticket counter didn't remember where they had gone. With no idea where his beautiful granddaughter had gone, Grandfather was heartbroken.

He hadn't realized just how Heidi had worked her way into his heart in the five years she had lived with him until she was gone. Lily and Janelle had been sad as well, since they both had come to see Heidi as a daughter and granddaughter. But of them all, it had been Peter who was the most affected by Heidi's disappearance. Heidi had been his only friend, and the only person his own age in town who didn't treat him as lesser.

The townspeople knew some of the circumstances of his birth, and had treated the bastard child very poorly. It had gotten a little better when he became the goatherd, but they still didn't let him forget his status. Heidi hadn't cared how other people saw Peter, but had treated him with the same sweet, innocent kindness that she showered on everyone she cared about. Peter had returned her kindness with an unswerving devotion.

Anyone who had eyes could see that Peter had given his whole heart to Heidi. They could also see that the innocent lass had no idea of how Peter felt about her, simply appreciating his friendship. When Nikki had stolen her away, Peter had been crushed. Since no blonde teen little tits amateur first time movie night madness knew the circumstances of her disappearance, no one had any idea whether Heidi had gone willingly.

Lily had said that Heidi appeared very sad when she had gone by, and had not even said hello, which was very unusual for the very friendly girl.

Peter had been certain that part of the reason Heidi had left was that they had quarreled the day before. Peter had been treated very badly that day by some of the village girls, and, angry and upset, had picked a fight with Heidi.

Heidi had come home crying, but wouldn't tell Grandfather why. When he had questioned her further, she got angry and snapped at him, and he had punished her for her rudeness.

The next day, she had snubbed Peter when he came to fetch the goats. After Heidi disappeared, Peter was heartsick. He never told anyone about his argument with Heidi that day.

He blamed himself entirely for her leaving, and couldn't be persuaded out of his misery. He told himself that he hadn't deserved to have the beautiful girl as his friend, and that that was why she had left. During the year she was gone, Peter withdrew entirely, only speaking when spoken to, sunny leone sex vdisex stories never smiling.

He never shirked his duty, and always took very good care of the goats, but everyone could see that his heart wasn't in it. The village children didn't even make fun of him anymore, since it ceased to have any effect on him. His hurt was so large that he simply didn't have any room for more.

A little over a year after she had vanished, Heidi suddenly reappeared! She told everyone how her aunt had come while Grandfather had been out for the day. Nikki had told her that Grandfather had contacted her in secret, telling her that he could no longer stand to have Heidi in his house, and that he wanted her gone.

Since she had been very rude to her grandfather the day before, Heidi had thought that this was precipitated by her own actions, and so had left with Nikki, sure her grandfather never wanted to see her again.

Nikki had taken Heidi to a large city, where, posing as Heidi's mother, she sold her into the service of a wealthy man who had wanted a companion for his daughter, who was disabled.

Catherine was kind, and after a few months, Heidi had confided the circumstances of her arriving at her friend's home. Catherine had been sad about the situation, but her father was loath to take his daughter's companion away. Some months later, Heidi began sleepwalking. It had terrified the household, since no one knew how the front door would come to be standing open every morning, no matter how securely it was barred.

One evening, Catherine's father had stayed awake all night to discover the means of the disturbance. He saw the sleepwalking Heidi open the door, muttering that she wanted to see the trees that surrounded her home. When her sleeping mind saw no trees out the door, only the busy city, Heidi had begun crying.

When Catherine's father beheld the heartbroken girl and heard her despondent crying, he had nearly cried himself. He knew he couldn't keep Heidi there any longer. He carried the poor girl back to bed, tucking her in, and stayed awake the rest of the night, lest she go wandering again. When Heidi awoke the 1st time ebony sex sex stories morning, she was shocked to see Catherine's father at her bedside.

He told her that he had had a revelation, and could not bear keep her from her home any longer. He did not tell her that she had been sleepwalking. Heidi had not understood why her friend's father had suddenly changed his mind, but she was happy to be going home. Catherine was very sad to see her only friend leave, but she was also glad, since she knew that Heidi had been very unhappy, despite their friendship.

Heidi had invited Catherine to come and visit her in the future. She gave Catherine's father the name of the village where she had lived, and her grandfather's name, and he made all of the necessary arrangements to get her home safely. When Heidi neared her grandfather's cabin the next evening, she had remembered something. Grandfather had hated everything to do with big cities, from the noise to the trappings of the people who lived in them.

He had always asserted that he never wanted to see Heidi dressed as a city woman. She still thought he had sent her away, and did not want to upset him further. So Heidi removed her fancy city dress and all her underclothing, and covering herself with only the shawl that had come with her when she left, made the rest of the climb to the cabin.

Grandfather had been dozing on the porch when Heidi had come running up and thrown her mostly nude body into his arms. He almost hadn't recognized her! The now fourteen year old girl had matured and filled out in the year she had been gone.

She was so happy to be home that she hadn't even noticed her grandfather's confusion. She wept, telling her grandfather how sorry she was that she had been rude that day so long ago, and begging him not to send her away again. Grandfather had wept, too, at the thought that his precious granddaughter had believed such a thing of him. He had assured Heidi that he had not sent her away, and told her of how he had tried to find her.

He also assured her that her poor behavior that day had long been forgotten in his worry for her. Heidi had cried herself to sleep, and Grandfather had carried her to her loft and settled her into her bed, since he had not had the heart to put her things away. He went to the place where Heidi had put her things before she made the long climb up the mountain and brought her things home.

Heidi woke the next morning to the sounds her unconscious mind had not forgotten. In her misery at being sent away, Heidi had tried to purge the memories of her grandfather's cabin and the happiness that she had felt there. She had almost succeeded, until her heart could not take it any more, and she had begun sleepwalking. She flew out of bed and had gotten dressed in record time, eager to reacquaint herself with the things she had loved and missed so dearly.

Peter had been unaware of Heidi's return the day before. She had returned after he had already dropped her grandfather's goats off for the night. He came up to the house, and as usual, went around to the goat pen. He had just reached for the latch when he heard a girl say his name behind him.

Looking over his shoulder, he had beheld Heidi standing there. She was older, and had begun to show the promise of the beauty that she would grow into. She was dressed in an ordinary dress and had her hair up in braids. Heidi had dressed carefully for her first day home. She wanted to show that she was still the girl who had left a year ago. He turned back around, afraid that she was an apparition, a vision brought about by his misery, or perhaps that he was dreaming.

He had had several dreams similar to this in the past year. He had stood with his back to her, shaking, his eyes filling with tears. Heidi had misunderstood his reaction for rejection, and had turned away when he whispered "Is it really you?" Trembling, she had replied: "Yes, Peter, it's me." He turned around slowly, praying with all his heart that he wasn't dreaming. His throat had tightened when he saw her there, looking sad and afraid and he couldn't speak.

When he didn't seem to react, Heidi's own eyes filled with tears. He hated her! His grey eyes were cold and distant, looking like storm clouds. At seeing the tears in her emerald eyes, Peter realized that he wasn't dreaming. His Heidi had come back to him! He had walked over to her, and touched her cheek, just below her brimming eyes.

"Please don't cry, Heidi." "I can't help it, Peter." She said sadly. "You hate me." The thirteen year old boy couldn't believe his ears. "How could you ever think I hated you?" he whispered, hurt.

Heidi began to cry in earnest. "Because I was so mean to you the day I left. I know you must hate me." she sobbed. Peter had hugged his friend, and he cried too.

He reassured Heidi that he had never hated her, and that he had been afraid all this time that his cruel comments the day before had caused her to leave in the first place. The two friends cried out their fears and heartbreak together, and then, hand in hand, had gone into Grandfather's house to celebrate. The goats could wait for today.