Tribute to claire and lisa part 3 tube porn

Tribute to claire and lisa part 3 tube porn
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My night on a plane&hellip. I was waiting to load a flight home from visiting my Mom and Stepdad. I don't like him because he always just plays around but never goes all the way. I probably would fuck him if he would. I don't care for my Mom either because she left my Dad for this guy. Fortunately Dad got custody so I live with him.

I was savoring the taste in my mouth from paying my step-brothers fee for bringing me out to the airport, a blowjob and swallow in the parking lot. And I'm thinking because of these comments you might think I am a slut and you would be absolutely correct.

I love sex with one guy or one gal or two or three of each all at the same time. One of the older guys a fuck fairly regularly gave me a special Birthday party for my 16th a couple months ago, started with 14 guys and two gals but ended up with more like 30.

I have never swallowed so much cum and loved every minute of it. I've been setting here flirting with a black kid, I think he is a football player from the High School in the town that is our first stop tonight. The guy that was setting next to the dude left so I moved over by him. "Hi, I'm Pam, who are you?" "Kyron," he replied. "You play football at Madison, don't you?" "Yes," he nodded. "I think I met you last summer at a house party of one of your friends and my girl friend and I went out in the back yard with 3 or 4 of you guys." He got sunny leone xxx hind story big smile on his face and nodded yes again.

We were called to board and I asked the gal at the counter if she could change my seat to one next to my friend in 6b. She smiled and put me in 6a. This was a small plane that held maybe 30 passengers but there were only about 10 on this flight. Kyron and I were the only two that had anyone setting next to them except for a couple way in back. We were soon in the air and the stew came by and asked if we needed anything. I told her I was a bit chilly and could use a blanket.

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She brought one and I spread it out covering me and Kyron. He looked at me sort of funny like what 's going on but soon realized what was going on when I slipped my hand under the blanket, over to his leg and rested it on the bulge in his pants. His eyes were wide and a bigger smile took over his face as soon as I started rubbing.

The pilot came on and said we were heading into some bad turbulence so everyone was to remain seated and the stew was to buckle up. I thought to myself that it couldn't be more perfect.

No one would be moving around so no one would see me giving Kyron a blow job. It was very difficult getting his pants open but finally he put his hands down and completed the task. His cock was hard as a rock and pretty nice size. I lifted the blanket, laid over and took it in my mouth and he covered me up. I was being the true slut that I am and enjoying every minute of it.

I couldn't move very much so couldn't suck his balls or lick around the shaft much, just fucked it with my mouth. Just about the time the pilot came on and said things had smoothed out I felt a load of cum filling my mouth. I suck and licked his cock clean and dry and then sat up, just as the stew approached. I know I had a funny look on my face as I swallowed and she knew it too. She just smiled and walked on by. Kyron thanked me for my attention as he was leaving then he turned back to me and said, "I'm Kyron Blacker, Jr.

My dad is in the phone book. Give me a kutte ka ladies ka sex story and maybe we can get together sometime this summer." And with that he was gone. We were told that those of us that were going on should remain on board as we would be leaving in just a few minutes. The second leg of my journey was about an hour and a half and I didn't know what I would be doing to kill the time.

A member of the ground crew came on board, chatted with the Captain and the stew and then the door was closed and we were on our way. I looked around and the only other passenger was across the aisle and one row back.

He was a guy about 50 probably, not bad looking with a rather pleasant smile on his face.

He looked at me and said, "I've got a blanket here if you would like to share." I moved from the window to the aisle and looked back at him. He moved the blanket and showed me a really nice cock. Probably 8 or 9 inches, fairly thick and well trimmed. He covered it up and gave me another smile. I checked the stew and saw she was busy with some paper work so stood up, took off a boy gropes the nice tits of a teen before to fuck her panties and put them in my backpack.

The dude patted the seat beside him so I moved there. As I sat down he put his hand on the seat so I was setting on it with a finger trying to find my pussy. "Why don't you lay over on the seat?" I asked as I stood up. He did and I lowered by pussy down on his face. All I could feel was his tongue and his nose, one or the other rubbing my clit and moving around in my love hole. I so wanted fucked and moved my hand down to his cock which was just nothing short of wonderful.

He knew what I wanted so sat up as I turned around, layer down on the seat with my butt pushing against his meat. Thirty seconds later it was pushed all the way in me and I was beginning to moan. I wasn't paying any attention to the stew but she had opened the cockpit door and the Captain had come out. I didn't notice him until he was standing right there in front of me and demanded, "What is going on here?" I didn't realize that the blanket was not covering us so the view of his cock fucking my pussy was very open.

"You must porn milf abbey brooks watching teens fuck deepthroat and assfucking that right now," the Captain ordered. I was in no mood to stop getting fucked so I put my hand on his crotch and started rubbing. He muttered no, no, you must not do that but never made a move to stop me.

I told him to get it out so I could give him some pleasure. It wasn't long before his hard cock was pounding my mouth while the other hard cock was pounding my pussy. "I'm about to cum, where do you want it?" I turned to look at him and pointed to my mouth.

He stood up and pushed his starting to spurt cock deep down my throat. I could feel the wonderful protein as it filled my mouth.

I sucked and licked until there was no more and turned my attention to the pilot. Almost immediately he grabbed my head, pushed his cock all the way in and gave me my second load of cum. As he continued filling my mouth I realized that it was mostly piss.

He had been on his way to the restroom when he stopped so now I was his personal potty. The stew said something to him so he headed back to the cockpit. He made an announcement that we were about to land so we all settled in with seat belts fastened. We pulled up to the gate and were ready to leave as soon as the door was opened. Standing next to the stew was this older, beautiful black gal that I assumed must be the co-pilot.

She took my hand and smiled and then whispered in my ear, "You took care of everyone on the plane except me. How about coming to my room?" I smiled back and asked, "Shall I meet you inside?" She gave me a yes smile as I departed the plane.

Once inside I checked my cell phone and had no messages which meant Dad was not back home yet. I was free to do whatever I wanted without having to give him any explanation. "My name is Myla," the stew said, "What's yours?" "Pam and I thank you for inviting me to share your room," I replied. Myla gave me the biggest smile, took my hand and off we went. The Captain and the stew hollered, "Have a good time." As we left.

In the cab we touched but didn't play. I told her a little about me and she did the same. We weren't too explicit because of the cab driver but we passed the time. Once in the motel room things changed. There was a bottle of wine which Myla opened and poured us each a glass. "Have you got something a little more comfortable you would like to change into?" I was asked. "Yes," as I pulled out a t-shirt I wore as a night gown.

She pulled out a frilly nighty and I watched as she pulled of her uniform. She had a beautiful body to go with her beautiful face.

Large, firm breasts with big nipples just begging to be sucked. A flat tummy, trim beautiful legs and a full hairy bush around her love zone. Soon we were both comfortable, seated on the love seat. We hadn't chatted for more than a few seconds when she reached over and took my face in her hands.

Her touch sent zingers thru my body but nothing compared to the zingers when she pressed her lips to my forehead and then my eyes and then the tip of my nose and finally my lips. I realized as our tongues danced that we were going to make love, not just have sex. Her hands were carressing my breasts and pulling my nipples and then one moved down between my legs. My pussy had never been touched with such tenderness and Marsha may push ups or squats leaked a little bit of cum because.

She took me to the bed but before lying down she took me in an embrace and then lifted my t-shirt up and off. I did the same to her and we were hugging and kissing with our boobs rubbing each other.

"I can't wait any longer to taste you," she whispered as she pushed me down onto the bed. She started kissing at my forehead again and rapidly worked down until I felt her lips and tongue on my clit. I was a volcano just waiting to erupt and soon did. I don't often squirt but this time I did, big time. She was like a puppy trying to drink out of a garden hose. Finally she put her mouth over the source and drank.

"That was something," she exclaimed. "Oh yes it was," I agreed, "And now it's my turn." I moved down beside her and filipinguy and american girl fucking story2 the kissing routine she had used but I got to her pussy faster.

I pushed her knees up to her shoulders and there was her pussy and her rosebud on display and ready to be used. I started at her lower hole, kissing and licking and pushing my tongue in a little. Then I moved up to her pussy and did the same.

With fingers and tongue I made love to her the only way two women can and I was soon rewarded with a face full of her cum. I moved up by her and cuddled in her arms as we both went off to sleep heaven.

I awoke later with two lips pulling at a nipple. There was this beautiful face, smiling down on me. "Hey sleepy head, I've got to get to work. You don't have to be out of here for an hour or so. Shower, sleep do whatever you want.

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"Will you call me the next time you are in town?" I asked. "Well Duh," was her reply, "What's your number?" She wrote it down and then came over and bent down to give me a kiss.

I grabbed her jacket and tried to pull her down on the bed. "No, girl, I've got a plane to catch. See you in a week or so."