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Teen babe kristen gets her twat licked by her nympho teacher
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Ok, a little background information on how I came to this point in my life: Ever since 7th grade, I had started to become slightly jealous of hot looking guys and their perfect bodies. And… well… since then, I bet you can guess where I went from there ;).

But this is the story of my first gay experience, and this happened not that long ago and I remember it vividly and smile while thinking about it.

Anyways, so back in high school during my senior year I had dropped roughly 70lbs because honestly, Young hottie has her wet puss drilled really wanted to get fucked out of my mind by a girl. And being my senior year, my golf coach had me promoted to Captain and I had to work with all the incoming freshmen who joined the team.

Some were cute to me, but one kid stood out amongst all the others. We called him Scooby, I don't know how he got that nickname, but it was cute and when you called him Scooby and he smiles at ya, your heart melt and your cock felt good.

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Scooby was different because he was a hockey player. Now, in golf, having a person who plays hockey is great because they have the body for it.

And Oh My God… did he have a body… nice defined 6 pack on some days, lovely ela bed toy at nubiles on others (Ha, I bet you're wondering "How did he see this kid's bod?" ;) ).

He was roughly 5' 11" and I'm 6' even and just lean and muscular. His eyes were an amazing dark blue color that went along perfectly with his sandly mopped and short cut hair. His smile was to die for, but alas I only thought about him when I would masturbate at home sometimes because I thought he was straight (And boy do I LOVE straight guys).

Then that all changed Golf season came, so did the practice. I got paired up with Scooby and another cute looking kid who was his best friend. I'd take them out and teach them how to play well, and we traded phone numbers and called each other frequently to play. Me being my hormonal teenager self (I was barely 17 at the time, this past spring/summer actually), I asked them how they liked their women and they laughed and joked about sex and I sort of taught them to be responsible when having sex.

I even gave them some good porn sites to go to so that they could enjoy themselves. And I did this frequently to Scooby, because haha, he really was kinda a horndog (All the while making my nights alone WAY better thinking about him). One night, while caressing myself getting ready to go to bed, Scooby texts me about the usual "What's a good porn site to visit?". I DID give him this site, haha and he replied back "What kinds of good stuff is on there?" to which I sent him the generic "It's an awesome porn site with everything.".

Then I got something from Scooby I sorta never did while playing golf with him. He sort of opened up to me a little bit (He was kinda a tough shelled kid). "Does it have guy on guy?" came the next text. My heart started to beat faster, I amateur lesbian cuties get their tight slits licked and shagged came right on the spot. I had thought "Is this really happening?" Ya, of course, are you gay?

I had sent him back Na, but I'm bi-curious. Really? I'm like that too you know, I know how you feel sorta.

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Really? Ya… Then he came back with something I'll never forget. "So what do you think of me?" Again, I almost came right on the spot, so I called him. I told him he was probably one of the hottest kids I've seen in a while and that I would let him experiment with whatever he wanted.

Agreeing to that, we set up to sort of have fun after an all-day school golf match the next few days away. After the match on, I believe a Thursday or Wednesday… we went back to our course for practice.

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Just me, him and his best friend… all alone together on roughly 3 4 square miles of wooded area. Just sorta imagine the scenario I'm presented here, haha.

So me and Scoob are talking, without his friend… and he goes "Can we do something?

I really want to see your cock and maybe touch it." "Haha, sure man, why not?" I whispered back. We had agreed to do something near the end of the round in the bathroom (actually quite clean really) and try n do other stuff. So, near the start of the round, I found a nice, tree filled area towards the next hole, so walking fast and past Scoob's buddy, I get around the tree line and he follows me.

There I unzip my shorts and show him my semi-hung cock (7.5") and he smiled and he asked if he could touch it. Unfortunately, his friend came too fast and ruined the moment. I zipped up in time and we continued our play. The rest of the round, we spent putting our hands in between each other's legs and feeling each other's asses.

At one point, I put his hand on my raging hard cock and he rubbed slowly and I felt like in heaven… He did this to my upeksha swarnamali xxx sri lankan actress too and from what my hand told me through his pants, this kid was packing… =] At the end of the round, we left Scooby's friend at the putting green and we sort of hurry walked into the golf area bathroom.

No one was inside the place nor the bathroom. Perfect.

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We walk in, Scooby walks past me and says he has to pee. He unzips his pants and out comes a beautiful cut 6.5" 7" dick. Looked like mine. I had never seen one up close before and I fell in love with it immediately.

We stood silent for about 10 seconds before I stammered "Can I suck it?" Sadly, he said no because he didn't want us to get caught. I pulled out my cock, dripping with stud pounds sexual gorgeous cutie girlfriend hardcore precum and he walked over and grab my cock. I entered heaven right there. He slowly pressed his cock against mine and started to jerk them both off with one hand.

The slowness almost sent me over the edge. What felt like roughly 15 seconds felt like an eternity, and we must've been in there for about 10 minutes, because Scooby's friend came in. Startled, we moved away quickly, hiking up each other's pants and zipping them. His friend laughed and thought he saw us kissing, so he said smiling "Wow guys, just could have told me…" and then winked.

We were stunned… I was too. I stumbled across two hot guys my age with godly bodies and even godlier sex drives… Unfortunately the fun ended there as we didn't want to get caught, so we left and vowed to call each other some other time. On the way out, I said "Nice dick, I wanna taste it." To Scoob and later sent him a text "Thanks for the frot" And that was my first sex experience with a guy, good ratings and comments gets what I do up here at college with dudes!

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