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Busty babe needs a big black cock
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KAYLEENE: As a freshman in high school, I thought I was just about the most grown up person that lived. For reasons that only Mother Nature could understand I had grown into a body that looked at least three years older than my real age. Even my sister, who was two years older, was jealous of my figure and complexion. Mom used to joke about her being the only person she knew who wore hand-me-downs from her little sister.

As a result, I began my ninth year of school riding a real wave. The only problem is that my emotions and judgment were still that of an impressionable thirteen-year-old girl. Therefore, when our class sponsor, Mr. Cory chase sucking on brooke haze cute nipple, asked me to be his special assistant, I fell for his suggestion without thinking what was involved.

Mr. Reeves was an absolutely gorgeous hunk! He was of Hispanic descent, with a kind of permanent tan, thick black hair and an incredible build and amazingly white teeth which he flashed often.

He was an assistant football coach in addition to teaching Spanish and Social Studies. It was during the second week of school when Mr.

Reeves asked me to come to his office after lunch. Since I had a free period, I was only too happy to comply. In the decade of the nineties, I would have known better, perhaps I should have known better in 1982, but there hadn't been the chris gayle with sunny leone on TV about child abuse by teachers, preachers and other authority figures. I could hardly wait for lunch to be over so I could go to his office.

I didn't even think it was strange when he told me I shouldn't tell anyone that I had an appointment with him. I slipped down the hallway to where the teachers had their private offices. Since Mr. Reeves was a coach, his office was close to the athletic wing. In fact, he had a back door from his office that opened into the hallway of the dressing room area for the gymnasium.

I knocked gently on the door, which immediately swung open. Mr. Reeves invited me in and motioned for me to sit on an upholstered chair beside his desk. He sat on his chair and turned it so that we were facing each other. Mr. Reeves smiled at me flashing his brilliant white teeth. My heart did a little flutter as I clasped my hands and slid them between my knees leaning forward.

"Every year I try to pick a student who shows a lot of promise to be my assistant. This year, I have chosen you as my special assistant, that is if you are interested," he explained, and again flashed his teeth. I was trying to be cool, so asked him what his special assistant did. He explained that I would help him copy papers, sort homework papers into alphabetical order, and generally assist him in routine office work. I was to come by on Monday, Wednesday and Friday right after lunch starting next Monday.

"Oh, by the way, let's not say anything to the other kids, I find that if they know you are helping out a teacher they get jealous and give you a hard time." On Monday I walked with the crowd toward the classrooms. When the rest of them turned to go down the various class wings, I simply went down the teacher's wing.

Since no one knew what classes I had, no one missed me. I knocked gently on the door to Mr. Reeve's office then opened the door. He smiled at me flashing his teeth and motioned for me to sit at the worktable. He handed me several stacks of paper and asked me to sort them into stacks then staple them for class handouts the next day.

It took about forty-five minutes to finish the work. Mr. Reeves stayed busy correcting papers and marking the grades in his student book. When I finished, he chatted with me until time for my next class. The next two weeks went about the same, with me doing routine collating of papers and other miscellaneous tasks.

I began to notice that there was less and less work and more and more chatting.

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Slowly, subtly the sessions began to change. He began asking me questions about what I liked, my favorite music, sports, anything to keep me talking about myself. I was flattered that he was interested in me and began to picture myself as his special friend. I even began fantasizing about kissing him and feeling his arms around me.

Some of the boys I had walked evan stone and lily carter with from school in the eighth grade had tried to kiss me. Sometimes I had let a couple of them do it, so I thought I knew all about how to kiss a man. A week or two later I mentioned his large collection of various pill bottles on the bookshelf behind his desk.

He said that he sold special vitamins to athletes. "I have been thinking that you might benefit from some vitamins. Since you work for me, I would give them to you for nothing.

I can't legally pay you for assisting me, and this would be a way to make it more even," he explained. I asked him what the vitamins were for, and he said that they were general-purpose vitamins that were specially formulated for growing teen-age girls.

I agreed to take the vitamins, so Mr. Reeves said he would have them the next time I came in. Sure enough, he had a bottle of capsules waiting in addition to a card with twenty-eight tablets in little plastic bubbles. It was an interesting card, with four rows of little pink pills but on the fourth row, there were two pink pills and five gray pills.

He told me to take one of the capsules every morning before breakfast. When I asked him about the card of pills, he said that before he told me how to use them he needed to ask a very personal question if it was OK. "Sure, I don't have anything to hide from anyone." "This is really personal, so please don't be offended. --- I need to know when your next period is supposed to start." "Mr. Reeves, what does that have to do with vitamins," I asked incredulously, blushing a brilliant red.

"I told you it was very personal. It's just that these tablets are specially formulated for teen-age girls, and since you need special vitamins during your period, they need to be taken in conjunction with your regular menstrual cycle. You don't need to be embarrassed. All girls have periods." "Well, OK, I guess, if you really need to know, I just started my period yesterday." "Good," he replied, "That means we can get you started right away.

Now, let's see, if you started yesterday, that means next Monday will be the fifth day, so on Monday morning start taking one of the little pink pills every day, and when you get to the gray ones just take it instead of the pink pill. Any questions?" I shook my head and slipped the vitamins into my purse. "One thing more," Mr. Reeves cautioned, "Some parents get concerned if they see their kids taking pills, so maybe you should just keep them out of sight." "Don't worry, I'm getting tired of my mother's constant direction and wouldn't tell her for the world!" "I knew you were a special girl the first time I saw you," he said smiling.

"I think you are a very mature young lady, and expect great things from you this year. Why don't you take the rest of the period off and I'll have some work for you Friday. Oh! By the way, you might feel a little strange for the first few days you take your vitamins. Sometimes it takes the body a month or so to get used to the extra energy, so don't worry if you feel a little queasy for a few days." I left feeling warm all over that he thought I was mature.

I spent the rest of the day dreaming about him and how lucky I was to be alone with him three hours a week. The next Monday he asked if I remembered to start taking my vitamins.

I nodded with a little blush, realizing he knew that I had just finished my period. He didn't seem to notice my discomfort, but asked if I felt OK. I nodded again, saying I felt just fine. Mr. Reeves had a lot of papers for me to arrange, so most of the period was taken up with office work. The next time I went into the office, Mr.

Reeves was sitting at his desk with a sad look on his face. "What's wrong?" I asked. "Oh, it's OK, Kayleene; I don't want to bother you with my problems." "It's no bother, you are helping me out and I would be happy to help you out if there was any way I could," I replied trying to feel very adult. "Well, it's my wife; she is treating me really bad.

She just doesn't understand me," he sighed. "She's grouchy all the time and is always making hateful remarks to me," he said with tears welling up in his eyes. I felt so bad for him that I just wanted to take him in my arms and cuddle him.

How could that awful woman treat such a wonderful man as Mr. Reeves so bad, I thought. "I'm really sorry, and I just can't understand how anyone could make hateful remarks about you. I think you are just about the most wonderful person I know," I said shyly. "Oh Kayleene, you don't know how much better that makes me feel," he exclaimed as he flashed his big white smile at me.

"You have already made him feel a lot better. I think we should just talk today since you made me feel so good." He told me about his childhood and how hard he had to work.

His family was very poor and he had to work to support his little sisters and brothers. In spite of all this, he made it through high school and college. "Why did you marry a woman who is so mean?" I asked innocently. "Well, she was a friend of his family, and my mother wanted me to marry her so she could have a chance to get out of the poor family she came from.

She was cute, so I thought I could learn to love her." The bell rang, so I gathered up my books and started for the door. Mr. Reeves stood and walked with me. Just as I reached for the doorknob, he touched my arm.

I turned toward him, and found myself in his arms. He held me close for a second or two then gave me a quick kiss on the lips.

"Thanks for helping me to feel better; you are really a special girl." Then, he opened the door and held it as I floated out. My head was in a spin. Mr. Reeves had kissed me! If the rest of the girls knew, I would be the envy of every freshman girl in the hot babe cock teasing and ass licking. I sure wasn't going to tell. Mr. Reeves had cautioned me several times about letting anyone know about our arrangement.

He said that I just wouldn't believe how jealous immature girls could be, and I believed him! The next afternoon, I hurried to his office before lunch period was even over. I reasoned that if I got there early I could spend more time working on his papers and perhaps we could talk some more. I opened the door quietly and slipped in.

Mr. Reeves wasn't in the office, so I went to the dressing room and walked in. Just as I stepped through the door, Mr. Reeves stepped out of his dressing area as naked as the day he amateur girlfriends share a cock in a horny threesome fuck born! I let out a little scream. "Oh my god!" I turned and scampered out the door. I was so scared that I didn't know what to do. I was trying to decide what I should do next when the door opened and Mr.

Reeves stepped in wearing a terry cloth robe. "Relax, Kayleene, it isn't a big deal, now don't go running off and do something stupid!" he commanded in a voice of authority. I stopped turning slowly toward him. "You're not mad at me?" I stammered.

"Not at all," he answered. "It was just a little accident. Now that we are working together, we have to rise above any of these little situations. Nothing happened except that flexible gymnast gets fucked in odd positions and oral saw me without clothes. I'm sure you know the difference between men and women by now." I nodded and began to relax. The following week I started my period and was feeling kind of sluggish.

Mr. Reeves said that he noticed that I didn't seem to be my usual self, and asked if something was wrong? I said that I just wasn't feeling quite up to par and had a headache.

He said he understood, tiny girl take monster cock creampie if I trusted him he could help. I nodded saying I did trust him. He took me by the hand and led me into the dressing room.

"Slip your jeans off and get up on the training table and cover yourself with the sheet," he instructed. He turned his back while I took my shoes and jeans off and lay down. I pulled the sheet up and told him I was ready. He came to the table and stood beside me.

"Part of my training for being a coach involves learning how to massage a person in such a way to relieve cramps, ALL KINDS OF CRAMPS!" he explained. I blushed a little, but he didn't seem to notice. He slipped his hands under the sheet and reached my bare tummy. He began massaging, and in a few seconds I could feel his probing fingers pressing firmly into my aching tummy. Before long I began feeling some better. He kept working up and down and side to side bringing exquisite relief.

In his movements, the sheet kept slipping until it just fell off. I kept trying to reach for it to pull it back. "Don't worry about it Kayleene, it doesn't bother me and you shouldn't let it bother you. Besides, I can do a much better job if I can see what I'm doing." He kept on massaging until I felt warm and relaxed. He worked lower and lower then paused. "Let's slip these down a bit so I can finish up." He tugged my panties down until they didn't quite cover my pubic hair.

He kept massaging for another ten minutes, then said that I should take a warm shower and get ready for class. I got up, went into the shower room and adjusted the water.

In a moment, I had taken off the rest of my clothes and stepped into the shower. I spent about ten minutes feeling the relaxing water cascade over me.

I dried off and began dressing. Just as I was sliding my bra over my arms, Mr. Reeves opened the door and stepped in. He didn't even seem to notice that I was naked. "You feeling better?" he asked with a smooth voice. I nodded shyly and turned my back while I finished dressing. He picked up something and returned to the office. A couple of minutes later, I went in and sat at my desk. "You sure look like you are feeling a lot better than when you got here," he observed.

"I really do, thanks for the help," I replied shyly. The next day he said he would be glad to give me another massage. I went in and got ready, anticipating the feeling of his hands on my body. Shortly he stepped in and came over to the bed. This time before he started the massage, he slid my blouse up above my bra and then began tugging my panties down. I thought he would pull them down like he had the day before, but he instructed me to raise my hips a little. I did, still thinking that he would just slide them down to the top of my pubic hair.

Instead, he pulled them right down to my knees! I stared up at him with my mouth open. "Don't worry," he smiled, "It's just easier with them out of the way. He repeated the performance of the day before, but spent a little more time closer to my vagina.

The feeling was sensational and terribly relaxing. The more he worked on my tummy the better I felt and the more I trusted him. When he finished, he said a hot shower would complete the treatment. Having said that, he slid my panties the rest of the way off and helped me up.

I trotted to the shower noticing that he went back into the office. When I stepped out of the shower, he was holding one of his big soft terry cloth robes and put it around my shoulders, then left the room.

The next day went about the same except this time I just took my panties off before I got on the bed. He smiled at me and said that he was glad that I trusted him. Then he proceeded to give me the best massage yet. When I sat up, he pulled my sweater off then told me if I turned around he would unhook my bra for me.

I followed his instructions and trotted off to the shower. Again, he was waiting with the robe, but this time he stayed in the room while I got dressed. He didn't stare at me, he just went about making the bed up and arranging the covers so it looked like it did when I came in. Just as I was leaving, he gave me a kiss telling me how much he liked helping me.

I thanked him and left. The following day I told him I felt much better and was ready to get to work on his papers. He agreed that we had some time to make up desi gf bj n fucked hard with audio should not waste any time.

That Friday, my two o'clock class was canceled because the teacher got sick and it was too late to call in a substitute. I told Mr. Reeves that I could spend two hours helping him. He smiled and said he was glad because his wife had been so mean to him the evening before and he was still feeling sad, so he was looking forward to talking to me again.

For some reason, my heart kind of fluttered, amateur babe ass licked then fucked on real homemade on an impulse I turned to him kissing him on the lips. I held my breath expecting some kind of mild rebuff, but quite the contrary! He took me in his arms and gave me a long lingering kiss.

I returned it with all my limited experience, feeling his hands slide down my back onto my bottom, pulling me tight against him. I melted into his arms, feeling myself kind of soar into the clouds. Mr. Reeves' hands were all over my back and bottom, squeezing and massaging in a sensuous rhythm. I could feel a huge hard lump pressing into my tummy, and wondered what it could be. "Oh! Kayleene, I love you so much," he whispered as he kissed my neck and ear lobe.

"I love you too, Mr. Reeves, you are so good to me," I whispered back feeling really grown up. Before I knew what was happening, Mr. Reeves swept me up into his arms cradling me like a little girl. An instant later he had carried me across the office and into his dressing room. He laid me on the bed and knelt down beside me. He kissed me again in a long lingering tender embrace, running his hands in little circles on my tummy. four pregnant sex videos tube porn want to make love to you," he whispered into my ear as he kissed it again.

"Oh yes, yes!" I whimpered, kissing him as hard as I know how. In an instant I felt him unbuttoning my blouse. Gently he pulled me to a sitting position and slid my blouse off my shoulders, then unhooked my bra. I watched his face as my breasts came into view. His eyes lit up like my little brother's did when he saw Santa Clause. I didn't know what to do, but there was no need to worry.

Mr. Reeves had his lips on my nipples and began kissing, nibbling and sucking all at the same time. My heart was racing, but at the same time I was scared. I really didn't know what to do, even though the girls talked as if they knew all about it. Oh, I knew the man got on top and put his penis into the girl, but just exactly how it all happened was a mystery to me.

Then, I reasoned that Mr. Reeves obviously knew how to do it, so I decided to just let him teach me. The thought struck me so funny that I actually giggled. "What's so funny?" asked Mr. Reeves with a puzzled look on his face. "Well, I was just thinking that you are going to teach me how to make love, and I was wondering how you would grade me." Mr. Reeves smiled his bright white smile and told me he was sure I would do just fine. Then, he unsnapped my jeans and slid them off, pulling my shoes with them.

An instant later my socks and panties were laying on the floor with them. He ran his hands all over my body, stroking and kissing me everywhere. When he began kissing my knees and worked his way up my thighs, I thought I was going to wet the bed. He kissed right up to my hair, then up to my tummy and back down to my hair again.

Gently he pressed my legs apart then slipped a finger into my quivering bottom. Hottie toys with herself and a couple fuck raised my hips to meet his invasion, sucking my breath in. "OH! OH! It feels so good," I whimpered. After several minutes of kissing my breasts and sliding his fingers into my vagina, I felt as if I was floating.

My face was hot and I could feel my pussy getting so wet that it felt like it was overflowing. Suddenly Mr. Reeves stood up and said that it was time he got ready. He took his shirt off, then slid his pants down, kicking them free of his feet.

Before long he was standing there dressed only in his shorts. He knelt beside the bed then asked if I had ever seen a naked man before. "Well, just little boys I baby sat with, and then the day I saw you getting out of the shower," I replied with my heart racing. Mr. Reeves smiled again and said that I shouldn't be afraid when I saw him, because he would be much bigger than any boy or even him than I had seen before.

Slowly he stood up and began pulling his shorts out in the front. Further and further until he cleared his penis, then bending down in a swift movement he slid them off and slowly stood up again.

In a moment I was staring at his huge penis sticking up like a sword at readiness. I gasped out loud staring at the thing that I knew was supposed to go inside me!

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"It's so big," I stammered, "Won't it hurt me?" "I'll be real careful," he assured me as he lay on the bed beside me. Once again he began kissing me and slipping his finger into my vagina. After a while I felt more pressure and realized that he had two fingers inside me. "Does that hurt?" he asked.

"No, it feels good," I whispered. After working his fingers around a little bit more, he withdrew them and began running a finger up higher and higher until I felt an incredible shock jennifer white takes an hard anal fuck session through me like a bolt of lightening.

I jerked my bottom up to meet his finger and gasped, "Oh do that some more, do that some more, oh, it feels so good, it feels so good!" He began stroking and massaging my clitoris until my bottom was quivering and shaking. Mr. Reeves kissed me in a lingering deep kiss. "Are you ready to be a woman?" "OH Yes, Yes!" I exclaimed breathlessly. In an instant he had positioned himself between my legs, and lowered himself over me.

He moved forward dropping his penis on my tummy then slowly, slowly pulled back until I felt it slide over my hair, then into my slit. Still moving slowly, he let it drop down my throbbing wet bottom until it reached the right place. He moved forward and I felt it begin to slide into me. I could feel myself spreading open, when he stopped.

He kissed me again and told me to pull my knees up and let my legs fall open. I did as he coached, then held my breath. Mr. Reeves kissed me again very tenderly.

"Now, Kayleene, I want you to take a deep breath and let it out.

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Just relax Kayleene, I will be very gentle, I want you to like your first time." I took a real deep breath and held it for a second or two, then let it out and tried to let my muscles go limp. When I did, I felt his huge penis move in further and further. "Oh! it hurts," I whimpered. Mr. Reeves stopped, kissing me again, but holding himself steady. "Try to relax, take a deep breath again." Once again I took a really deep breath and tried to let my legs go as limp as I could manage.

Suddenly, he just stepmom offers young guy her great handjob right into me round ass policewomen are fighting crime with a good pussy licking it felt as if I was completely filled up.

Although there was a little pain, the full feeling was rather pleasant. We lay still in each other's arms for perhaps a minute when Mr. Reeves slowly raised himself a little and pulled out just a bit.

It felt good, so when he pushed forward, I raised my hips to meet him. After a few awkward movements on my part, I learned how to meet his movements, and shortly we were rocking together. I was so enthralled with doing it, not only the first time, but with a hunk like Mr. Reeves, that I just followed his movements. After a while, I sensed him speeding up and moved to match his rhythm. After a few seconds, I felt him kind of twitch inside me as he shoved himself in as deep as he could and just held it in.

I could feel his penis jerking and pulsing inside me. I was wondering what was coming next when he kind of relaxed and settled down on me. I hugged him close and returned his kiss. Slowly, he rolled off me, and holding me tight pulled me onto my side while keeping his penis deep inside me. We lay together for perhaps five minutes when I felt him slip out of my bottom. He kissed me again and stood up. I looked at his once proud penis to see a much smaller version of the last look I had of it.

It was glistening wet with a drop of white stuff hanging on the tip. I stared at it for several seconds, marveling at how much it could change in just a few minutes. Mr. Reeves looked at me with a little smile on his face. "Well, you get an A," he said as the smile spread bigger and bigger. "Thank you," I said, "Was I really OK?" "You were just great, and next time, it will be even better." Next time!

Did he really mean it, were we going to do it again? Mr. Reeves pulled me to my feet and led me to the shower. Moments later he had adjusted the water and we stepped into the soothing warmth of the cascading torrent of comfort. He slipped a plastic cap over my hair then gently soaped me down. He rinsed the sticky stuff off my thighs, and carefully cleaned my pubic hair. I noticed that my vagina was slightly sore, but not at all unpleasant.

After he finished with me, he handed me the soap and turned his back. I rubbed the soap over his back and down his legs. Then, he turned to face me. I started at his neck and down his muscular chest. I hesitated just a bit when I got to his pubic hair, but he just smiled and said it was OK.

I gently rubbed the bar on his hair, then dropped the soap and used the lather from his hair to rub his penis and the wrinkled pouch below. As I rubbed his penis, I became aware that it was growing! Before long, it was as big as it had been when I saw it half an hour before. I stared at it in amazement! Mr. Reeves leaned against the wall standing very still while I explored it, running my hands up and down the length of the shaft and felt the bag and smooth balls inside.

We played in the shower for perhaps fifteen minutes when Mr. Reeves said we better get dressed before the afternoon athletics classes wondered why the doors were locked.

We quickly dried ourselves off and dressed. Moments later we were sitting in his office.

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"Mr. Reeves, do you think I will get pregnant from doing it with you?" "Don't worry Kayleene, you can't get pregnant this close to your period, he assured me. "Did you like your lesson?" he asked with his big smile. "'OH yes, I really liked it, did you like it too?" I asked with an equally big smile.

"I really liked it Kayleene, you are an excellent student," some jamming for cute oriental japanese hardcore said again. "Since you are a virgin, your vagina may be a little sore for a couple of days. Here are some pills you can take to make it feel better. He handed me a glass of water and told me to take one now, and take another if it became too painful. We hurried and got the papers ready for his afternoon classes then I hurried out of the office and went to the study hall.

Over the next few weeks, we made love, or at least what I thought was making love, every time I went to his office. After a couple of weeks, he had taught me how to respond to him in such a way that I would have an orgasm every second or third time.

This seemed to make Mr. Reeves very happy, and he often would slide his fingers into me for several minutes before putting his penis inside me so I would be ready to come with him.

I kept expressing my concern to him that I might get pregnant. Finally, he told me that some of the pills I was taking weren't vitamins at all, but they were actually birth control pills. Therefore, we were perfectly safe. "So, you planned to do it with me from the first time I came to your office?" I asked with a little smile. "Well, I liked you from the minute I saw you," he said.

By now, I was beginning to think that he didn't really love me, but loved doing it with me. When I had my next period, he said we had lots of work to do in the office, and for that week we only worked in the office. As soon as I finished my period, he again began finding time to do it every time.

In fact, he often asked me if I could come in every day so we could do it and still have time to do the paper work he needed done. He taught me just about every position that two persons could get into. Before the second month, he had shown me the delights of his tongue in my "Cunt," as he taught me to say, and had tried to get me to put his penis in my mouth. I just didn't want to do it, and finally said if he insisted that I do it, I wouldn't come to his office anymore.

"You aren't the only girl in school who wants to be my assistant." "You said I was the only girl you ever loved!" I screamed at him. Realizing his blunder, he tried to smooth it over by saying he only said it because he was angry and didn't want to lose the best assistant he ever had.

I finally calmed down and said I would still be his assistant, but I just didn't want to put his penis in my mouth. He said that was OK and he would never ask me to do it again. I continued to do his work and make love with him several times a week. I liked his attention, and felt really grown up by being his special girl. A few weeks later, a Junior, Cindy and Senior, Rhonda, stopped me in the hallway and asked me to meet them at a restaurant after school.

When I asked them why, they said they needed me to help them on a project. When I got there, Cindy and Rhonda were already there. They had ordered Cokes for themselves and one for me. "So, what is it you want me to help you with?" I asked. They looked at each other for a second or two.

"We have to be very careful here, I don't want to get all of us into trouble, but we think it is time to put a stop to something," Cindy said carefully, watching me intently.

I felt a ball of lead form in my stomach as the reality of why they asked me to meet them began to dawn on me. Rhonda looked at me steadily for a moment. "I was Mr. Reeves' assistant when I was a freshman." "I was his assistant when I was a freshman as well," said Cindy.

I just sat there feeling sick. "Who was the assistant last year?" I asked. "Actually, there were two assistants last year, one of them moved away during the first semester, and the romantic sex invitation in the tub by sexy wife one refuses to talk to us," replied Rhonda. I could feel tears building up in my eyes as I fumbled for a tissue.

Cindy put her hand on my arm. "Don't feel alone, we want to help but we need your help as well if we are going to stop this bastard," they urged. "What can I do?" I asked. Rhonda spoke up and explained their plan. Mr. Reeves had singled them out because like me, they had figures that far outstripped their classmates when they were freshmen.

They guessed that he picked on freshmen girls thinking they were not mature enough to take any action against him. By the time they were juniors and seniors, it was too late to prove anything. Cindy went on to say that they were trying to figure a way so it wouldn't have to make this public and embarrass the girls involved.

I nodded saying that I didn't want Mom and Dad to find out. I was sure that Dad would kill Mr. Reeves if he found out. The girls nodded, but said that unless we did something, he would keep right on doing what he had done in the past.

We talked for about two hours before we came up with a plan. Rhonda was running on the track team and had gotten well acquainted with Mr. Williams, head track coach. He was a highly respected teacher and coach. She decided that the three of us should ask him for help.

Three days later, we were in Mr. William's office. Rhonda, who had decided to babalu is a thick juicy brazilian cock whore a lawyer, led the discussion. First, she made Mr. Williams promise never to divulge to anyone what we were going to tell him.

If he did, we all swore that we would deny everything we had said. Mr. Williams agreed to listen to us. When we had finished, we had developed an idea. It required me to continue as Mr. Reeves' special assistant for a few more days. The question of me doing it with him again was never raised, but by now, I decided that I was going to help stop him, and if that meant I had to do it with him one more time, it wouldn't really be anything that I hadn't already done.

Mr. Williams said he thought the only way we could stop him without making it public was to have such overwhelming evidence that he couldn't lie his way out of it. Then, he would set up a meeting between Mr. Reeves and the rest of us, and tell him that if he didn't resign from his position, and leave teaching completely, he would be turned over to the police and charged with Statutory rape.

Furthermore, each of the fathers would be told what he had done. If that didn't scare him out of school, nothing would. It didn't seem like a very complex plan, but we reasoned that the simpler it was, probably the better chance we had of it working. Mr. Williams said he would get us one of the new tape recorders the school had bought for the debating classes. They were very quiet, and would run for up to three hours on one tape. I was to take one into Mr.

Reeves' office and put it some place where he wouldn't see it, then try to get him to talk about the birth sleeping walking son fuck mom pills, and having sex with me. All of them promised that nothing they heard on the tape would ever be repeated to anyone. I agreed to take the recorder and hide it. The next Monday, I cut my second hour class and went to Mr. Reeve's office. I had taken a spare key from his desk one day so I could get into his office if he wasn't there on my regular work time.

I let myself in after checking to see no one was watching. I had thought about where to put it for a long time, and finally decided that the only way to do it was to record us doing it, otherwise he might be able explain it away somehow. I put the recorder under the bed and taped the microphone to the headboard just below the pillow. It had a switch that could be set so that the only time the recorder ran was when there was sound in the room.

After lunch, I hurried to Mr. Reeve's office for my work period. As soon as I walked in, he asked if I wanted to go into the other room. I smiled and said that if he wanted to teach me some more about sex, I economiablesa insta al juez a cotejar si los inspectores de hacienda conocian las tarjetas bhtml be glad to learn.

With that word of encouragement to him, I hurried into the coach's dressing room and sat on the bed. Mr. Reeves was right behind me, tugging my sweater up and over my breasts. "Please don't hurray so much. I don't like it as much as when you used to take your time with me." I said. "Do you remember the first time we did it?" "I sure do," he replied, "You were really good." "Was I as good as other girls you have done it with?" I asked.

Mr. Reeves looked at me carefully. "Well, when I was in high school, I did it with a couple of girls, but it wasn't as good as it is with you, especially now that you have learned so fast." "Well, I had a really good teacher," I funny lara croft fucked by mature episode 3 with a little giggle, "I guess that's the advantage of having a professional teacher and coach all rolled into one.

You know, you do so good a job of teaching me how to do it, I really wonder if you have taught other girls how to do it." "What makes you think that?" he asked with a strange look on his face. "Well, I know that you have a special assistant every year, and I just don't think Sensual masturbation and orgasm by hot redhead am the first one you ever taught to do it." Mr.

Reeves just looked at me for a few seconds. "There was one girl a few years ago who asked me to teach her how to do it, and I did." "What's her name?" I asked. "No way I'm going to tell you that, just like I'll never tell anyone about us!" he replied with finality. "Are you sure I can't get pregnant?" I asked. "You got nothing to worry about," Mr. Reeves assured me, "The birth control pills you are taking are proven to be 99.99% effective. Even if something should happen, I know what to do about that as well." "Where do you get them, don't the doctors think it is kind of strange that you buy birth control pills?" "My brother's a pharmacist," he shrugged.

"Well, what are you going to teach me today?" I asked. Mr. Reeves smiled as he pulled my sweater over my head. "Are you going to take all my clothes off?" I asked turning my head toward the head of the bed. "You got that right," he said, "The sooner the better." In a minute to two, I was completely naked.

"Now that I am naked, are you going to take your clothes off too?" I asked innocently. "Don't I always get naked, you are so much woman that I have to feel you all over my body to get enough of you." As he tore his clothes off, I commented about the various parts of his body. When he pulled his shorts off tried to act really in awe. "Wow, your penis is bigger than I have ever seen it before!" I exclaimed. "That's because you excite me more every time we make love," he replied with his huge smile.

"Are you ready to be swept to heaven?" he said in a deep breathy voice. In answer, I lay back on the bed and opened my legs. Mr. Reeves was on me in an instant, and seconds later had plunged his penis deep into my bottom.

I was so nervous that I was kind of dry, and gave out a little whimper of pain when he thrust into me. "What's the matter?" he asked. "I guess you are just too big for me," I said, "You are so big that I guess a thirteen-year-old girl just isn't enough of a woman to handle someone as big as you." "Except for the first time, you always took all I have to give you," he replied.

After the first few strokes, in spite of being nervous, I felt my juices flowing and soon we were pumping with wild abandon. Just about the time I thought he was going to come I popped what we thought would be the ultimate clincher questions. "Am I as good as Cindy and Rhonda?" "Oh baby, you are better than either of them could have ever been, you are the best woman I have ever had." Seconds later he shot himself into me and collapsed on me in a heap.

Shortly I became aware that he had fallen asleep, and his weight was becoming unpleasant. I pushed him off and slid out from under him. I scurried to the shower and finished as quickly as possible. I dressed and just before walking out woke Mr. Reeves. By the time he showered and dressed, I had left the office and told Rhonda and Cindy the recording was done. I told them that I had gotten him to admit he had done it with them as well.

Mr. Williams recovered the tape recorder and that night after school we met at a restaurant. Mr. Williams said that he had listened to the tape and had everything he needed. He told me not to worry, that no one would ever hear the tape, and it wasn't even necessary for the other girls to hear it. I started to cry, telling him I was so ashamed of myself for falling for his ridiculous line. He told me not to worry, that was the reason there was a law about statutory rape, because the law recognized that girls less than eighteen weren't supposed to be mature enough to handle an experience adult.

The next day, the Principal announced that Mr. Reeves had experienced a sudden emergency in his family in Mexico, and had to leave without notice. Further, it was doubtful that he would be back, and then he introduced the substitute teacher who would complete the semester. By then, they would have a regular teacher. Later that afternoon, Mr.

Williams, Cindy, Rhonda and I met in his office. He briefly explained that he had met with Mr. Reeves. He played the first part of the tape then told him that the original tape was in a safe deposit box in a bank in another city. Further, the Police had been advised that in the event anything happened to Mr. Williams or any local girl, they were to go to the school attorney who agreed under client privilege to keep the entire matter secret except for some accident happening fantastic blonde floozy pleasures a long dick big tits and cumshot any of us.

He then gave Mr. Reeves twelve hours to get out of town. With the help of Cindy and Rhonda, I overcame the guilt of what I had let Mr. Reeves do to me. When it was appropriate, I began dating, and when I wanted to do it, I let it happen. When I didn't want to do it with someone, I didn't let him talk me into anything. If he threatened me with the loss of his love, I simply walked away. One thing for certain, I am not going to let a slime ball like Mr.

Reeves affect my future happiness.