Posing and fucking on livecam pornstar and hardcore

Posing and fucking on livecam pornstar and hardcore
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Title: Jerks Finish First - The Bachelorette Party - Chloe Series: Jerks Finish First Sub Series: The Bachelorette Party Author: Nick Schwartz Keywords: MF, maledom, femsub, dom, sub, bdsm Summary: Kent is a jerk. He meets vulnerable Chloe who's having trouble finding entertainment for her friend's bachelorette party. Kent was a jerk. He had made his peace with that. At 24, he preferred getting his rather than caring about others. Kent still was very much a frat boy, even though he had graduated from college, and most of his friends have moved on.

After Kent graduated from college, he joined a finance firm. The job allowed him the money to keep up with his lifestyle and his attitude made him exceptionally gifted in dealing with customers. The thing was Kent couldn't settle down. It wasn't that he found the right woman, japanese mother and son full movies best had found the right woman a few times, but after a few nights together, Kent would fuck it up, usually by hitting on her best friend, sometimes being caught with her best friend.

Not that Kent valued those relationships but it meant he was perpetually single. Kent also had little trouble meeting women. He worked out often, ate right, and make himself available to women when he could. Sometimes women would want him, sometimes he would have to talk them into it, either way he would always have someone to sink his dick into. After work one day, he went into a local coffee shop. As he surveyed the customers, he noticed an attractive looking brunette having coffee and talking on her phone.

It sounded like she was complaining she was being forced to plan a bachelorette party because all the other brides women were unable to help and were saying they didn't have time. Kent loved the idea of a bachelorette party, women just trying to have a last fling. Even better, it meant bridesmaids, maids of honor and a bride being wild.

Though as Kent checked out the woman he noticed, she was attractive. Too attractive not to make his acquaintance. The woman was tall, but thin. She had her blond hair up in a ponytail and had a skirt and a button up shirt. Her body language told him she meant business, but usually that meant the girl was compensating for never getting the upper hand.

The barista gave Kent his coffee, and he noticed the woman hung up so he went over to talk to the woman. "I overheard your phone call. You're planning a bachelorette party?" The girl looked up a little surprised. Most people in humorous legal age teenager plays with big tool girlfriend homemade shop probably heard the call, but this guy was admitting it?

"Um, rude much?" Kent laughed. "Sorry about that, I'm Kent, I overheard something and I'm in a similar situation. I have a buddy who is getting married and don't have a clue what to plan for his last single night." The girl thought about that for a moment and then relaxed her guard.

"I'm Chloe, so you know the story?" "Yeah, I mean he's my buddy, but what are you supposed to do for a bachelor party? Do people still throw wild parties?" "It's harder for women, I mean let's say I wanted to get a stripper how would I hire one, I'd feel awkward, and do you have to audition them?" Kent smirked.

He knew how to work his way into this circle of friends. This girl was just begging for someone like him to use her. "I'm not sure, I've never hired a woman before. I've never needed it, nor does that just doesn't seem right." Chloe smiled and looked Kent over, he was a handsome guy standing before her. He had the right looks that Chloe looked for in a man. Chloe rose from her seat and gave him a smile.

"I've been sitting here for a while, would you like to join me to stretch my legs?" "Of course, Chloe, lead on." Chloe and Kent walked down the street. Without thinking about it Chloe walked home. She didn't actively chose to, but she didn't think of any other place she could walk to. Kent started the discussion again. "So tell me what you are thinking about your bachelorette party." "I don't know, we have four women, including me.

There's Sara and Kaitlyn both are not that interested in a wild night. Sara is religious, so she expects a boring party. Kaitlyn used to get crazy, but she got married and claims she's settled down now.

Gina, the bride though still is a wild child. She would know how to hire a stripper, I bet." "Ahh so who are you throwing a party for?" Kent knew the answer but wanted to make sure Chloe wanted to make the wild friend happy. "Well, I suppose the party should be what Gina wants, she's the one who is getting married." "Then the question should be, what would Gina want?" Chloe thought about it while walking and blushed.

Kent smiled guessing what she was thinking about. Sweet babe kathryn is ready to take her sexy clothes off finally came up with something she could suggest. "I think she'll want a crazy night, though I'm sure the other two will have problems with it." Kent chuckled.

"You'd be surprised married women store up their wildness, a bachelorette party is the ebony teen bath xxx the olympic interchange time for them to get wild." "I suppose I could be surprised by Kaitlyn, but Sara didn't show a lot of skin when they were clubbing, now that we are out of college she acts more religious. She calls me a wicked woman." Chloe stopped in front of her apartment building.

"This is my place." "That was so short. Invite me up, maybe show me the place?

Show Sara how wicked you can be." Kent pushed, he knew that Chloe was interested, who wouldn't be and if he could find a way into this bachelorette party, he might have some real fun. "I don't know about that." Chloe had heard many horror stories about strangers, but Kent seemed like a nice guy.

"Come on Chloe, maybe you could come up with an idea for a bachelor party I was having." Like dance at my party, Kent thought.

She had the body for it. Though he wasn't having a party, he was sure he could find a few friends who wanted to watch a hot woman take off her clothes. Chloe smiled, she knew she had talked about her problems while they walked, so at the very least she should invite the hunk in, and see what he was thinking for his party, maybe steal gorgeous cute blonde playing with her fingers idea or two.

"Fine. Want to come in?" "Of course, but I can't stay too long." Chloe opened her front door and let Kent in. He brushed by her, his large frame gently brushed her breasts with his arm. While Chloe thought it was unintentional, Kent had fully known what he was doing. He wanted to know how Chloe will respond since she said nothing he knew she would be easy in his hand.

"Feel free to get comfortable." Chloe said as she put her purse aside and took off her shoes as she did when she got home. Kent removed his shoes busty rose loves having two dicks inside her sat on the couch watching Chloe.

He knew he could make an aggressive move now and bed her, but he wanted Chloe and her friends, it would be easier if he let Chloe think it was all her idea.

Chloe walked over to the living room with her coffee and in her socks she saw Kent on the couch. She sat in a comfortable chair. She wasn't sure if she trusted herself sitting next to him. "Join me over here, Chloe so I don't have to shout? Or are you afraid of me?" Chloe blushed.

She wasn't afraid of Kent, she invited him in. It was more she was afraid of herself. She often fell for the wrong type of man. Kent seemed alright, but she didn't want to rush into anything. However confronted with it she couldn't come up with a reason that wouldn't embarrass her so she moved to the couch.

"Sorry, so tell me what you are thinking for your friends party?" Chloe asked as she sipped her coffee. "Well the thing is, my friend wants me to hire a stripper, but he made it clear he wanted nothing more. I'm not sure the type of woman who would do that." Kent knew the exact type of woman but he wanted Chloe to come up with the idea. He watched her face and could see her blush. "I'm sure many women wouldn't mind a group of guys to see her like that, they just don't publicize it." Chloe took another sip of her coffee to avoid saying more.

"I would feel presumptuous to ask a woman to do that, I mean have you ever striped for a boyfriend?" Chloe just blushed again and had a little laugh. Kent decided to push her. "You did? Wow.

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Do you fat ass hoes giving bj and fucking hard assparade and hardcore for him often?" "No, he lost the right to see that when I found him getting a lap dance from another woman. Turns out I like the wrong men." "Seems like he was a fool, I'd love to see a show like that." Kent winked at her.

He almost had her on the line, now to catch her. "We'll see. I might try it again. But do you deserve it?" Chloe considered if she should have a little fun. "I don't know but would you consider dancing at a party is the real question?" "Depends if I trust the guy." "Maybe we should talk about a potential trade, you do a dance for my friend and if you'd like I could do one for your friends. Then we don't have to feel awkward about paying someone to dance." Chloe imagined having Kent strip for her friends.

She's love to see him naked, and he knew Gina and Kaitlyn would love it. Sara would hate anyone she got, but so what? It would be perfect for her Gina who used to join her on her hunt for men.

The groom was a good guy but a bachelorette pay should be about one last night of debauchery. She deserves to have one more hunk in her life for a night. Chloe smirked.

"I think we can work out a deal." sunny leone pone sex stories 35 tim xxx story don't you audition for me?" Kent knew he had her now all he had to do was have his fun and see how far he could take it.

"I never have done this professionally, but I'll try. Just take it easy on me." Chloe rose and tossed her coffee in the trash as she finished it. She then crossed to her stereo and started a CD of dance music. She swayed her hips to the beat. "You have the rhythm for this already. Let's see if the body compares." Kent smiled and watched her moving her ass from where he stood. "Oh hush.

You are just lucky I am dressed for this." Chloe walked towards Kent and just as the song began, Chloe stopped and pulled her shirt open showing her blue lace bra to the man she met an hour ago. The bra contained her breasts, while she wasn't as big as some of her friends, she could still turn eyes with her C cup and the cleavage they produced. "Nice but I might have to choose your underwear for the party." Chloe looked down at her bra. Kent was right, it wasn't her naughtiest bra, but she thought it was a sexy outfit.

Most guys who have seen it drooled over it and her. She slid her shirt down her back and let it drop. Chloe would show Kent she was the star not her clothes. Kent stared at Chloe, he already skyla novea your dick roommates dick exactly what he would do with and together but he wanted her to think he was evaluating her. If she thought she was being judged he'd get a better show out of it, and that's what he was looking for.

As the music beat played on, Chloe moved her body along with it. She loved the feeling of dancing and Kent intense stare at her body had turned her on. She played with her skirt and saw him move his gaze from her bra to her skirt.

Chloe flipped her skirt up and then let her blue panties be covered before Kent could get a good look. She moved her body to the music and watched Kent wanting another peek. She took pity on the man by turning around and pretended to see something to pick up and bent over, giving Kent another chance to see her panties. As she was bent over she flexed her butt, welcoming his gaze and then stood up acting embarrassed by the display, but secretly she was thrilled.

The idea she had this power over Kent turned her on. As she pulled her skirt down to cover her butt, she subtly was undoing the skirt so it would fall. After a few rounds of pretending to be offended by Kent looking, her skirt fell off her waist and she acted shocked, covering her body as she stepped out of the skirt. A hand covered her crotch and another covered her breast but her body continued to sway as she walked towards Kent.

Kent just watched the girl act, smirking, knowing he found a natural actress. He couldn't wait to see how far he could take her, but for the moment he had to act like he had never seen a girl in her underwear before.

He did what came natural and looked at the breast that she wasn't covering, and let his desire for her show on his face. Chloe laughed as she got close to him, Kent was just a typical guy, show him a little breast and he became docile. She slowly pulled her hand away from her breast, grabbing his head and pulled it in between her breasts. She gave Kent what must have been the feeling of his life, her breasts on each side of his face squeezing his head between them. Ten seconds was all he got to enjoy before Chloe pulled back and shook a finger at him.

She wanted to brave young hotty drilled by old rod him a little treat, so she reached behind her and pulled her bra off of her body tossing it aside, both of her breasts hung for him to stare at. She took back the hand covering her crotch and rubbed both her nipples with her hands. "Do I pass for the stripper?" Kent sat back. "I think you should have to do a lap dance, and if I strip I'll be fully nude, you'll should take off your panties" Chloe looked down and giggled.

"It'll make it more fun for your bachelor." She slid her body forward onto Kent's lap and put her arms around him, pulling his body towards her breasts.

"No touching the body, but you can remove my panties." Kent smiled and grabbed her waist, he didn't care if she didn't want him touching her body, she'd get used to it before long. He slid his hands down and roughly grabbed her panties. She smiled at him and waited for him to ask her to get off him to remove them.

Instead he grabbed the fabric at the sides and pulled them, ripping the sides.

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He let the panties fall from her body leaving her bare. Kent looked at her and noticed she shaved bare, clearly a girl who liked to party.

"Don't worry, I'll have to replace them at some point, besides, I would take them when I was done." Kent wanted to make sure Chloe understood, he was in charge.

"It's ok, as long as you replace it." Chloe didn't want to make waves, but she liked those panties. Kent ripping them off of her without a word turned her oddly. He took charge but then acted like he never had seen a woman before. Kent grabbed Chloe's ass and slowly pulled her crotch to his lap. Making sure she could feel his cock through his pants.

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He then leaned up and kissed Chloe and wrapped his arms around her. Chloe looked surprised when she felt Kent's bulge. There was something powerful causing his pants to tent, powerful and very hard. She almost moaned out but Kent's lips distracted her as he kissed her passionately. She forgot about her dance and ground on Kent. Something about the way Kent talked to her made her want to pleasure him. Chloe reached up to remove Kent's shirt.

Kent helped Chloe pull off his shirt. He then lifted Chloe up and carried her to her bedroom, laying her down on her bed on her back, and removed his pants. He knew how to take care of a woman ready for his cock and didn't need a second invitation. Within seconds his pants hit the floor along with his boxers. His cock stood up at its full seven inches, from Chloe's strip tease. The tease had done its job, not that there was much of a job necessary in turning Kent on.

His cock stood proudly and pointed at Chloe as if a divining rod to her. Chloe watched from exploited teens man milk cookies and tiny bed as Kent removed his clothes.

When that large dick made its appearance she was entranced by it. She was so entranced she barely heard Kent as he walked over to her and placed it in front of her. "Go on suck on it, Chloe." On a subconscious level Chloe heard the words and opened her mouth taking the cock in. She would often give guys blow jobs as she wanted to please them. She was often told she was good at it and worked her magic on Kent's special member.

Kent rested a hand on Chloe's head and started to move her head back and forth as he wanted. He thrust his cock forward in time with her. Chloe almost gagged at one point but this didn't stop Kent, he was getting his, and nothing would impede his pleasure. Chloe moaned around his cock and sucked hungrily at it. If his cock looked delicious, it tasted even better.

There was a male odor on it that made her think the other guy's she had been with bad boys before. However, in her mouth was a real cock. Even if Kent pushed down too hard on her head, she didn't want to stop. Though she was curious about how this beast would feel in her.

As if listening to her thoughts, Kent pulled his cock out of her mouth and climbed onto the bed with her. He bent over her, and gave her a kiss on the cheek, as he made his way down to her breasts. She was already warmed up but Kent never passed up a chance to play with a woman's body.

His hands massaged her breasts and then his lips paid extra special attention to her nipples. Slowly licking one, then tickling it. He moved his head to the other breast and made a large circle with his tongue, then a smaller one and a smaller one as Chloe cooed and moaned at his touch. As his tongue reached out to touch the nipple, he moved his hips forward and entered Chloe. Chloe was amazed at how easily her body responded to Kent's touch.

With Kent there wasn't even a discussion of him touching her.

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He saw her and claimed it. Now his cock was claiming her body from the inside, and she couldn't think of a thing she wanted more. She spread her legs and laid back as Kent showed her how wonderful a man could make her feel. Kent roughly grabbed Chloe's waist and drove his cock into her with a fervor. He felt like he deserved this woman and now he was taking his prize with as he wanted.

She was his, and would remain his until he was done with her. Her body opened for him to take as he wanted. He knew he had a commanding attitude, and just loved it when he found one of these girls who naturally x sensual the entanglement shaved pussy cunnilingus to a strong man.

Chloe threw her head back and moaned out Kent's name. She was powerless to stop his powerful thrusts, and as he dipped his head again to her breasts she grabbed his head and pulled his lips to her. She had sex before, but now Chloe was giving herself to a man for the first time she could remember.

Kent continued to play Chloe as an instrument, her moans were plentiful, and when he bit her nipples it would get a little higher. He laughed as he imagined the neighbors hearing the screams of Chloe, and the neighbors imagining what was happening to her to make Chloe create such sounds. Chloe felt her body tense, and then suddenly she came. She never thought she would cum from being so treated rough, but something about how Kent gripped and used her body had her on edge.

She was out of breath and gasped for air as Kent didn't let up for a second. Kent continued to thrust into the girl, feeling her grip him. He shoved his cock into her like it was the last time he was having sex. He sat up and focused on cumming, he didn't care about her orgasm, he just liked toying with women. Kent was in his element and squeezed her sides tightly as he unleashed his torrent of cum into her. The two lovers collapsed, Kent fell on top of her, not even attempting to move to the side.

Chloe didn't mind the man on him, her body responded to him so well it didn't matter what he wanted, she'd give him anything to feel like this. As they recovered, Chloe thought about if she could let Kent strip at the bachelorette party. While Sara and Gina both told her to plan it, they wanted final say. They would have to both be sold on Kent. Busty looking good teen masturbates pussy on webcam looked down at her. "What are you thinking about?" "Well Sara and Kaitlyn won't like a stripper at the bachelorette party?" "Is the bride going to enjoy it?" "Well yeah, Gina always wanted to see a stripper." "Then fuck them." Or let me fuck them, like I fucked you.

Chloe laughed at Kent's way of dealing with people. "I guess I'm not like you. They're my friends and I don't want them to think badly of me." "How about I meet with them privately and talk them into it. I can be persuasive." Kent motioned to Chloe referring to the fact they met hours ago and his cum was already inside her. "Yeah, but I'm easy. Will you really go talk to them into it?" "I'll try, but you know what might help if you're worried about what they'll think?

Let's not tell them we are sleeping together. It'll make it easier for me." "Yeah that'll be better." Chloe didn't want her friends to know she had slept with a guy who will strip for them, or how quickly she did it.

Gina would know, that's how Chloe always was, but both Kaitlyn and Sara would frown on it. "How could I ever repay you?" Kent laughed. "Why don't you clean me off, and then we cannot tell them about how I fucked you doggie style the second time?" Chloe slid down the bed towards his crotch, glad she found a guy who would do her a favor.