Double anal amp creampie for hot slut nelly kent sz

Double anal amp creampie for hot slut nelly kent sz
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May eleventh, the year two thousand I turned eighteen. That was also the day I'd returned back home from boarding school, after being sent away by my parents when I was eight on account of my questionable behavior as a youngster.

It wasn't as if I was holding up candy stores or slinging dope beneath the jungle gym but there's no contesting I was troubled. I was certain that my parents had hoped I'd return slightly better adjusted than I was when separated from them. Over the years I'd had very little contact with my mother and father, so really had no idea what reception to expect.

Book bag slung over my shoulder, I made my way down the cobblestone leading to the front door of a middle class townhouse. Shortly after pressing the doorbell for the third time my mother answered.

I said hello and let myself in but she didn't respond. Immediately, I walked up the stairs and toward what used to be my bedroom.

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Not quite the way I left it. Still, my single bed sat in the corner of the room alongside the wall. The mattress and feather pillow had been stripped of their linens. The rest of my belongings were packed away in cardboard boxes stacked in my closet.

"Garp!" my mother bellowed "Dinner!" The three of us (my mother, my father and myself) sat down to a silent but delicious "family" meal. Chewing ruthlessly on tension, difference and indifference. Following the string tightening period I surrendered back to my bedroom where I would scroll in my journal for the next four hours.

Until my father would enter my room in his red flannel bath robe. Since my mother had gone to be he had invited me down to the basement (which he'd turned into a den/lounge area) for a drink.

Never one to turn down alcohol I followed him. He opened the basement door and allowed me to lead the way. Once I'd reached our designated destination I found his two best friends James and Craig. I'd remembered them from when I was a kid but never like this. Wam asian spunk mouthed pornstars and blowjob sat on the black leather couch stark naked.

My father removed the robe he was evidently nude beneath. Now I didn't know what to think but for some reason I did know to be nervous. "What's this about?" "It's your birthday present" my father answered placing a firm hand on my neck, tilting my head back "what do you think?" Before I could reply, I was being undressed by James and Craig in a rough yet passionate manner.

Craig's masculine hand instantly began caressing my bottom. A quiver ran through me. With that I was guided by my father down onto my knees. Confused and exhilarated in the same moment.

"Don't just look at it" James said suggestively and with a snicker. I'd never experienced anything remotely close to what I was about to. Wrapping my hand around his semi-hard eight inch member, sliding it smoothly up and down the muscular shaft I could see the other two men were stroking their own as they watched.

Craig was uncircumcised and not even an inch smaller than my dad. James on the other hand had no foreskin covering the head of his beast that was at least two inches longer. Taking annotative, I wrapped my mouth around the erection that some years earlier was cause for my creation.

Grasping the sides of my head he forced my lips down to the base of his penis. I could almost feel its prominent veins on the inside of my throat.

Hands free I was able to use them to aggressively and gladly pleasure the men that were like uncles to me when I was a young boy. By this time my old man was forcing my head quickly up and down on him. The result was a vicious skull fucking. Gurgle sounds escaping me as he did his number on me. As I was getting into it he removed himself from the intense suction of my warm mouth and forced me on Craig.

Who I willingly began blowing. Massaging James and my fathers rock hard dicks as I did so. James reached down a squeezed my ass hard. Then took it upon him to hottest tramp in the west gets fucked a finger into my extremely tight virgin orifice. When James' turn at my experience gaining mouth rolled around he sat back down on the couch. Pulled it down over his monster, and then began thrusting upwards rapidly as my spit and drool soaked his balls.

He put my fathers attempt at the most brutal face fucking of all time to shame. What he was doing to my throat could only be described as rape. I could feel my cheeks getting flushed while having my puckering asshole licked by Craig. Do you know how difficult it is to let out a soft moan induced by pleasure with a massive amount of meat lodged in your throat, depriving you of your air supply? Craig stood back to his feet as James allowed me to have my oxygen back. But rubbed his cock all over my face.

He had my attention, I didn't even notice dad kneel behind me until I felt his efforts to ease his way in through the back door. Popping the head into the opening still slick with Craig's saliva. Wincing in pain but with lust in my eyes.

I could feel the friction of his penetration within me. After a few minutes he had his hands on my hips pulling me into each thrust. I really enjoyed being punished in such a way. Thrusting harder and faster with each stroke. We were being watched intently. Removing that throbbing appendage from my now hungry ass he blew a heavy load all over it.

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Striking my butt cheek hard with his left palm he stood up. "You're next!" I heard him say breathlessly. I couldn't see who he directed the statement to given my position.

However I would soon learn. A strong hand took a fist full of my hair and pulled back. A fat cock that felt never ending was reamed deeply into me. I moaned so loud it was nearly a scream. "You love that cock don't you you nasty little bitch?" James asked "Yes. I fucking love it! Why didn't this happen sooner?" "It would have been illegal" "I don't care" He pounded harder.

Sticking it to me deeper. Faster. Stronger. My expressions of ecstasy were getting louder. In fear of waking my mom, Craig sacrificed his turn. Slipping his cock into my mouth. I was taking it from both ends. Balls hitting my chin in unison with those hitting my ass. Some people go a lifetime chasing such a sensation. I am pleased to tell you that my first ever experience with a man was a fantasy come to life.

Craig erupted into my mouth with a grunt. Draining his balls. I didn't spill the smallest drop. Not long after, James slid every inch of his beautiful hard-on into me. Firing off a load of hot white cum. My eyes rolled back in my head.

Ass was pulsing. Raw from the pain that spawned a desire for more. Now I'm twenty five.

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The three men that introduced me to what it is to be used and abused by a man are in their mid to late fifties. And all have been fucking my brains out regularly ever since.