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Natural teenie blows penis in pov and gets yummy fuckbox pounded
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Writer's Note: Hello everyone I know your looking for the next chapter of A Family Betrayal. It will be out soon, but we thought maybe we would give you the first chapter of the next story that will be after A Family Betrayal.

I hope you find it entertaining as well a enjoyable read. This story will have no connection with the other three stories. Tazonda and I hope everyone likes this new series and enjoy.

As always Peace to you all. Family: Those that stand by you through life. They nurture your young mind by showing you wrong from right. Care, protect, and love you through the good and bad times.

Parents show their sons or daughters how to be a man and woman. Mothers tends to all the scraps and bruises that occur, but most importantly they show love.

That was the definition I was always told, and always noticed with my own family until will one night which I will get to soon. My name is Matt Hartigan 17, 5'10, 195 lbs lean and muscled, with short red hair and blue eyes.

I am the running back on the high school football team. I am very smart and talented in art. All my life I have worked hard to get where I am, but I guess all that I had done flew by my families eyes. For they are the reason I am seating in my car parked in front of my best friend Adam's parents house.

It's raining hard out here at around 11 p.m. On the night of prom. Because they reason I am here and not at home is because well my family don't want me.

I suppose it would be best to explain why as they say the truth is best when told. * Flashback* My family were very supportive of me in my early years. I was the youngest of three with two older sisters Kelsey and Jennifer. We all three would hang out and play together.

They called us the three musketeers. I have a aunt that is 5 years older then me. She was like a older sister at times treating me like a younger brother. My dad was her older brother who after their parents died took over guardianship of her. So I suppose she became my sister after that day.

I loved my family growing up with all the hugs my mom, pretty nerd receives a hot cum after being fuckedand sisters would give me warmed my heart. My father showed me love at times by taking me fishing or camping, but he made it a point to tell me to just do things on my own.

Those times were when I was 10 to 12 years of age. My birthday was in the month of June actually on the first day of summer. It was my 13th birthday that would mark it as the last happy one well at least with my family, but those after would be with my godparents and their kids. My parents made Nick and Adam's parents my godparents. Seems they went to high school together, but lost contact until years later when I attended the same school as their sons.

So I still had some that cared for me. The day of my 13th birthday I was treated with a morning wake up call from my Aunt Sarah. She was so beautiful at the age of 18.

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She stood 5'10, 127 lbs keeping herself in shape as did my mother. Sarah had long brunette hair and brown eyes. She was laying next to me holding me just as if I was her own child. " Wake up Matty baby it's 8:15 a.m. on a Wednesday. It's your birthday baby boy." She says as I still remember her saying with such a beautiful voice I opened my eyes looking into hers. I noticed her sweet looking smile and then her placing a kiss on my forehead.

" Hey Aunt Sarah thank you for waking me up. Is anyone else up?" I exclaim asking this loving lady that held me " Yes they are baby so get up and come to eat your birthday breakfast your mom has been fixing for you and us." She tells me answering before giving me a tight hug as she got up to leave I watched as my aunt shut the door so I could get ready for the day.

I stretched before getting up making my way to the bathroom. I did my normal ritual by relieving my bladder thinking of what this day may bring. Once empty I flushed then stepped over to wash my hands. Once that was done I went back in my room to get dressed taking off my pajamas. I put on a pair of jeans with a T shirt that read ' Happy'. After putting my socks and shoes on I made my way out of my room feeling a smile creep up on my face to go join my family in the kitchen.

Once I get downstairs I walk past the living room. I was met in the kitchen with the women in my life each giving me a birthday hug and kiss on the left or right cheek. My father just smiled at me wishing me a happy birthday before going back to his newspaper. I thanked him before the others wished me the same. Once the hugs were done I was seated in between Sarah and Kelsey. Both fixed me a plate which was a stack of pancakes.

Which was my favorite with peanut butter and syrup. It was a meal for me. As I sat there starting to devour what my loving mother fixed for us. I thought of what this day was going to bring.

I looked around at those that loved and cared for me to only feel a warmth fill my heart. Aunt Sarah and Kelsey surprised me a few times caressing both my thighs every so often. I guess they just wanted to show they cared for me in their own way. My dad asked for the day off saying that my godparents George and Susan wanted to throw me a big 'Welcome to being a Teenager' party. I just laughed in which got the rest of my family to join me.

So after breakfast was done I helped clean the dishes with Sarah drying. My family members went to get ready except Aunt Sarah who sat with me on the couch. She placed her left arm arm my neck pulling me closer to her. She hugged me close to her. " Matty baby you know I love you so much right?" She asks to only get a nod " Yes Aunt Sarah I do. I love you and our family." I answer back telling her with a smile " Good because I want you always feel loved and happy my sweet Mattybear." She says getting a chuckle The nickname Mattybear started a few years ago.

My mom, aunt, and sisters thought of me as a cuddlable teddy bear. I let them have their fun as it makes them all smile. After everyone got ready and returned downstairs dad had us all load up in his SUV, but Aunt Sarah told him She was taking her car plus I was riding with her.

He nodded saying we had to go as my godparents who had the day filled with events for all of us which made my eyes go wide. Sarah and I get up following the family out the door as they carry wrapped gifts. I try to sneak a peek but to no avail. Once we reach Papa George's and momma Susan's. We all got out of the two vehicles to be welcomed by momma Susan, momma Chelsea, Nick, and Adam.

Susan and Chelsea were my godmothers. Nick was Susan and George's son while Adam was Chelsea and Tim's. I was rushed by my brothers getting tickled by both.

They were pulled off me by my sisters who looked at both Nick and Adam. " Don't be hurting our baby boy you two. We only get to tickle him." Kelsey says surprising all three of us " Sissy they were just playing around." I state getting a look from both my sisters " That doesn't matter Matt we only get to tickle you as your our baby boy." Jennifer says as Sarah comes over " Sorry Matt it's just we love you baby.

We don't want you hurt just happy." She tells me before I look at two of my sisters " Ok, but can my brothers and I at least wrestle? I don't want to hurt any of you." I ask exclaiming to my family " Yes son you can wrestle with the guys. Don't let your sisters stop you." My dad says getting awkward looks from my sisters and Aunt Sarah It's after that we all go in to spend the day as a big family. I am given hugs by my godparents with kisses from the godmoms.

They have me sit on the couch as my mom sits on my right which momma Susan sits on my left with momma Chelsea on her left as Aunt Sarah sits on my moms right. Everyone else finds a seat as my gifts are placed on the coffee table. My eyes go wide as there are different size gifts all with my name upon them. " Ok Matt we have a whole day filled with events. So lets get your gift's out of the way." Papa Tim says before I see everyone nod I start opening my gifts.

I receive shirts, jeans, a few art supplies which I like as they help improve my art skills. Midway through I open a gift that gets my surprise and my families. Inside a case is a 22 Ruger. George had gotten us the 10/22 rifles years ago on our 8th Christmas.

I look up at my papa George to see a smile. " What is it baby?" Aunt Sarah asks as I pull it out of the case " What the heck? George what are you thinking?" Aunt Sarah asks being very concerned " Oh don't worry Sarah it's not loaded, and besides he has shot a gun before." George says answering back " Yeah a rifle, but a hand gun?" My mother states before my father looks at George " George you promise he won't get hurt by shooting that gun." My father asks only to get a nod " BILLY!" Both my mom and aunt yell in unison " Mary, Sarah I know your scared of Matt shooting a gun, but it may help him learn some responsibility." He answers as both of them look at me with concern After some talking the females in my family finally agree.

I hand the case to momma Susan who in turn hands it to papa George. I open the remaining gifts getting a playstation 3 from papa Tim with a few games. I smile at the console only to have to wait until I get home to start playing it. The last gift I open really makes my eyes start to show tears. In the small jewelry box is a necklace, but not any old necklace. It's a cross with the word LOVE down it. I look on the back to see Mom, Sarah, Kelsey, and Jennifer's initial's on it. I look at them all as I cry feeling so loved.

" What's wrong baby boy? Why are you crying?" My mother asks being concerned " The just overwhelmed me mom. Out of everything I feel it show all the love of you all." I answer to only get dog piled by all the women They all hug me showing they loved me.

After that moment I have Kelsey put the necklace around my neck. She gives me a hug from behind that makes me feel her love. " I love you baby brother." Kelsey tells me with a smile " I love you too sissy." I state placing my hands on hers The rest of that day was spent as a family, but when school started that was when things started to change. My family started to distance themselves from me.

I didn't know why either because all the sudden I was made to do chores like clean the house, wash clothes, and mow the yard while it was still warm outside. I figured my father would give me some kind of allowance, but was I wrong. Christmas was my favorite time of year. I was looking forward to the family annual decorating the tree, but this year I found myself the only one to enjoy it. I looked toward my family that at that time were spending time amongst themselves.

My sisters hung out with Lewd mother id like to fuck loves hard drilling pornstar and hardcore Sarah while dad and mom spent time alone in their room. I asked my sisters if they wanted to help to only get a no as they were to old to decorate a fake tree.

I stood feeling sad as Sarah just gave me a smirk going back to talking to the girls. I shrugged their answer off to only go back to decorating the tree. I spent the rest of the evening that weekend before Christmas making the tree look amazing.

The days went by with me either in my room playing a few games or over at Nick or Adam's enjoying talks of what we wanted to do with our lives. We were all three smart and quick learners. We all wanted to be police officers following papa George's footsteps. He started teaching us young to how to survive on camping trips that I was invited to. Christmas was a big family thing between our families. So this year it was to be at my house.

Christmas that year I was surprised for my family who I loved only got me clothes in which was very unusual for them. My godparents were the ones to get me some cool stuff. Momma Susan and Chelsea got me some art supplies. Papa George got me the Call of Duty game in which Nick and Adam stated they already had it.

Papa Tim got me a program to help with my art work on my laptop. Nick and Adam both blond guy cruelly fucked adorable girls striptease hardcore me a plaque saying best brother. After all the gifts were open and some chatting was down my father asked Papa George is I could stay with them for the rest of the week as my family had plans.

I was a bit taken back as my family just looked at my godparents with pleading eyes. My godparents looked at my parents with confusion to only say sure. So at 1 p.m. that day I was asked to pack for the next few days and not to come home until that following Monday. After that my family changed in a strange way. After the few years gorgeous amazing bitch and her agile chap hardcore and blowjob by it was my 15th birthday that my father told me I had to get a job.

He stated I was old enough to start getting my own money, but I also had to help out with around the house still. I was shocked as I was still in school, but it was worse as my mother agreed with him. So that summer I did get a job mowing yards with the assistance from Nick and Adam. We saved our money up for the coming school year. At 16 my family took a trip to the lake while leaving me with my godparents Tim and Chelsea. Their reason was that it was a grown up thing. So I was left with my godfamily for the summer in which I didn't really protest.

For my birthday papa George took Nick, Adam and I out to learn how to drive. That day was way cool as he showed us how to drive normal then how to drive HIS way in which made my two brothers lose their breakfast. He made a challenge to all of us. He said if any of us could run the course in 2 minutes that we would get the cars.

My brothers and I looked at him as if he was joking in which he wasn't. So I turned to my brothers who just shook their heads no making me the person to run the course. I got in the front car to remember all that papa George had taught me this afternoon. He had me buckle up which was a duh moment for him. I turned the ignition feeling the car rev up. I smirked watching my godfather step over to the curb with his other two sons.

The passenger window was down so I could hear him. " Ready son?" He asks only to get a nod " Matt you sure you want to do this?" Nick asked me as I revved the engine up " Yep he is sure bro." Adam says with a shook head " Ready, set, GO!" Papa George yells at the end With that I floored the gas taking my foot off the brake.

I peeled out making my way between the glamorous hosewife was doing the chores when the neighbor came with his loaded piston into her ass cones that lined up the course.

I shifted the gears from watching my godfather. When I got to the turn I drifted into it. I smiled straightening the car out for the straight stretch before drifting again at the next corner turn. With the finish after the next turn I shifted down to make sure I didn't hit the cones. Once I made that last curve I saw the faces on my brothers of pure shock.

Once I reached the finish I slowed down a bit to stop in front of all three of my extended family members. I looked at them all with a grin to see papa George look at me with a smile. I watched as he handed Nick and Adam a set of keys. " Here you boys go your brother did the course in 1 minute and 45 seconds." He stated exclaiming to Nick and Adam Slender beauty has her moist cunt plowed both looked at him then at me through the passenger side.

Adam came up to look in at me. " How the hell did you learn to drive like papa George?" He asks getting a chuckle from me " I watched how he drove. The way he moved his feet and shifted." I answered to get a wide eyed look " You are a damn smart ass you know that?" Adam asked again getting a chuckle " Yep, but you love me as a brother though. Now get in your car so we can go get some cake." I state to him as both Adam and Nick look at each other They both run to their cars that papa George had given them, because of my quick driving.

He told us to drive to the end then follow him on the way home. So that is what we did. The rest of the day was filled with fun. I loved my godparents and brothers, but my mind kept going to my family. Why were they treating me like they were being so distant from me. I shook those thoughts away when my godmothers sat by me giving me hugs saying they were very proud of me. That evening of my 16th birthday papa George and Momma Susan took us all out.

In us all I mean my other godparents and brothers to a restaurant for my birthday dinner. That was a nice night as I felt their love for me since my own families sara nice teenies mit dicken titten sc was slowly dwindling away.

That Friday I went to get a part time job at the nearest supermarket. I figured since my family was hardly having anything to do with me I might as well spend time away from them.

Maybe me being absent after school and weekends would make them see what they were missing. I got the job the following week which was the last week of June. The manager liked my attitude about wanting to earn my own money that he was going to give me whatever time I needed off since I was still in school. I thanked him after my interview in which I made my way to Nick's to tell my momma Susan the news. July went by with me getting my license, and working hard at my new job.

I made a few friends older then me. August finally came in which Nick and Adam suggested we join the football team. I thought of their suggestion and agreed as it would also give me time away from my family in who have not once got in contact with me the whole summer not even on the 4th of July. So the week before school started Nick, Adam, and I went to try out. By the end of the week all three of us were on the team. Nick was second string quarterback, Adam made halfback, while I made running back.

I was stoked at knowing I was going to be one of those to catch the ball to make a goal. I always tried to strive for that next level in all I did. As the next few years go by they are filled with me going to school, playing football during the season, working at my job, and spending weekends at either Nick's or Adam's since my family insist.

During those years though Nick, Adam, and I have worked out so much that during our second year of high school we were built. Adam Everhart was 6'1, 223 lbs, with short black hair and brown eyes. As Nick Dakoson was native american 6'2 243 lbs shoulder length jet black hair and brown eyes. They were always treated like twins in their families being born the exact same day just a few hours apart. They were cousins in fact first and got along great.

They never fussed over me as I felt like a brother to them. They shared a cousin that they never liked so they took it upon themselves to be that first cousin, but more as brothers. Adam's dad Tim was a accountant plus did the stock market. He showed me at 15 on how to double my money. He helped me by starting me off with 10 grand.

In which it took me three months to pay him back. I learned quickly and invested wisely from learning and watching from him. I think I was making more a day then my own parents. I kept working as in not letting my family know about my money. Like I said I was a smart guy and started to take care of myself since my father was being a douche about my family helping me out.

I had two other friends at this time named Wayne Jeffers who was 18 as was Daryl Flakeson. They were not on the football team, but still hung around gawking over the cheerleaders. Wayne was 6'3, 230 lbs, short brown hair and brown eyes as Daryl was 6'1, 215 lbs, short blonde hair with blue eyes. Both of them were like the outlaws of the school, but took to Nick, Adam, and I.

We hung out on weekends with them. They shortly became good friends. It was May and it brought the prom for our school. It was going to be one cool night. We decided to clean up our cars so they looked nice. Both Adam and Nick's families took me in as their own. I felt a lot more love from their parents then I did mine. My family started telling me I was annoying in every sense of the word. So I began hanging out at my friends then at home a lot more. Their parents I guess felt bad for me as they knew my parents.

Susan and Chelsea were what my mother was years before. They would greet me with a hug and ask how I was every time I was at either Adam or Nick's house. I loved my other family as they actually treated me as one of them. I spent that week before prom to get some nice clothes. I bought some slacks, a polo shirt and nice shoes. I wanted to impress a girl to maybe like me.

Also that week my family seemed to be excited that I would be out of the house on Friday. I just shrugged it off as they always seemed excited when I left the house. I made sure my car was cleaned out and polished.

I smiled as I could see myself smile back as my car shined. Friday finally came with the whole school in a up roar about the prom. Nick, Adam and I are so ready for tonight. As the last bell rings I get up leaving the classroom to go meet my brothers.

I caught up with them at my locker as theirs was just a few down from me. " Hey Matt you ready for tonight?" Adam asks as I smile with a nod " Yep it's going to rock." I say as they both chuckle " Well it better as we will be there." Nick says as Adam and I laugh " Hey guys what's up." Wayne says coming up behind me " Hey Wayne not much just talking about the prom. So are you and Daryl ready?" Adam states asking as both Daryl and Wayne laugh " No we're not going as we have other plans." Daryl says giving me a wink before him and Wayne walk off giving me a pat on my back " Ok what the hell was that all about?" Gonzo sex with johnny nitro capri cavanni tube porn asks as I shrug " I have no idea bro.

So where are we eating at before prom?" I ask as they smile " Actually the moms are cooking us dinner. They said their kids are going to eat right." Nick says as Adam and I chuckle " So we're going to your place?" I ask as Nick nods " Yep as Adam has his clothes in my car to change into after dinner." Nick says as Adam nods " Well like I said tonight is going to rock.

I love my godmothers cooking." I say as Adam and Nick agree " Ok enough talk about food let's go as we have to get ready and all." Nick says to us as we laugh " True as we know you take your time." Adam says as I laugh " Hey it's called shaving you asshole." Nick says with a smile " Oh is that what you call it." I say as Adam busts out laughing Nick looks at me as I grin before he puts me in a head lock and messing up my hair before letting me go.

" You smart ass you better be glad I love you as a brother." Nick tells me as I smile nodding " True, but I am your smart ass ass." I say as Nick just laughs as we make our way out through the school doors Adam rides with Nick as I get in my car.

Once we leave the parking lot I follow Nick to his parents. I put in my favorite cd that Nick had gotten me for Christmas. I jam out on the way as I see Nick playfully flips me off as I do the same back. I see him and Sunny leone getting fucked by twmen both laughing as I chuckle. Once we turn down the street he lives on I look in the distance to see both families parked in the drive as we pull hot girlfriend gets fuck by her boyfriend in front.

Once parked I get out as does Nick and Adam. Adam grabs his bag as I grab mine. Nicks parents have a big 4 bedroom house. Adam and I have our own rooms. We go in and are welcomed by happy faces. Susan and Chelsea come to me and like always give me hugs and kisses on each cheek. " How are you son?" Susan asks as I smile " I am doing good Momma Susan and you?" I answer only to ask as she smiles Susan is Nick's mother and a beautiful woman.

She is Cheyenne and George is Apache. Susan is 36, 5'9, 124 lbs keeping herself in shape, She has long black hair and brown eyes.Chelsea is 37, 5'6 115 lbs and is as beautiful as Susan. She has long brown hair and brown eyes. I love them as my own mothers as they treat me better.

" I am good honey just I worry about you." She answers as Chelsea nods in agreement " I am ok really don't worry ok." I say as they both lead me further into the living room I take a seat on the couch as George and Tim are in the chairs. Susan and Chelsea sit on either side of me as Adam and Nick take seats on the bar stools that separates the kitchen. We all talk for about a hour until the moms get up to go start dinner. It's nice as George talks about taking us guys to the shooting range over the summer to see what we could do.

I smile saying I would be so ready to have a chance to improve my skills. George smiles back liking what I told him. It's around 5 p.m. that I get up and get ready grabbing my bag. I go to the room that has been mine for so many years and get ready. I strip down placing my clothes on the bed. I open my bag and take out my new ones. I smile hoping they will help me find a nice girl who will want to be with me. After I get dressed I put on a little cologne then a whole lot.

I make my way down getting whistles from the moms as they get chuckles from their husbands. " Damn Matty look at you honey. Some girl will be lucky to have such a handsome man." Chelsea says as Susan nods " Thanks Momma Chelsea as I hope so, but if I did catch a young woman I am sure Kelsey and Jennifer will scare her off." I say with some sadness " Matt that is why you don't let them. You need to tell them to back off as you are not their boyfriend. Shoot your their brother and need to have love in your life." Susan tells me as I nod knowing she is right " I know it's just." I try to say as momma Chelsea cuts me off " It's just nothing honey.

You should of had a steady girlfriend by now. If Tim and I had a daughter I would want her to be with you." Chelsea tells shocking me while my eyes go wide " Same here Matt as we love you and she would surely love you." Susan says as I see George and Tim nod their heads " Well I wish you both did then I would have two girlfriends to love." I say getting laughs " Now that would be something to witness, but I think it would work as they would no doubt be with you always son." George says as they all smile at me making me have a warm feeling in my heart " Thanks as you don't know how much that means to me, but I have a feeling the knuckle heads would object." I say pointing up the stairs " Matt our sons love you to death.

I think they both would be very happy knowing their sisters were with their best friend who is a brother to them." Chelsea says as I really feel a warm feeling doubled " Ok now enough of that talk before I go find two girls to adopt to be daughters just to have them be with Matty." Tim says getting laughs from us all in the room Susan and Chelsea return to the kitchen as I return to the couch to see a glass of tea waiting for me.

George, Tim and I talk while waiting on dinner. It's about 5:45 p.m. when Nick and Adam come down to join in on the conversation. I chuckle as both took their time. " Ok Adam what was that comment about Nick taking his time?" I ask as he looks at me with wide eyes before laughing " Smart ass and don't you dare say it, or I will give you a wet willy." Adam says as the dads laugh " I take it he commented on my son's long showers?" George asks as I nod " Yep you may say that." I state as they laugh My brothers come over to sit by me as we wait for dinner.

It's nice to be around my other family. I love them a lot as they have been a part of my life for so many years. It's a few minutes later that my eyes are covered by a pair of soft hands. " Guess who?" The familiar voice says as I hear the guys chuckle " Um let's see Cinderella?" I ask as I hear giggles " No guess again." She says as I smile " Um Mary Poppins." I answer as I hear laughter " Nope as Small girl big peenas hairy las vegas don't have a umberella one more chance baby boy." She tells me as I grin " My most beautiful god mothers as they love me." I say as the hands move as I tilt my head up to see two sets of eyes looking down at me " We'll take that answer as it's true.

Now come on as dinner is ready." Chelsea says as I smile " Last one there has to wash my car in a bikini." I say as I jump up and over the couch taking my godmothers hands as they chuckle We get in the kitchen hearing feet scuffle on the wooden floor. I see George, Nick, and Adam show up as Tim is last. I laugh as he looks at me defeated as he speaks. " Well guess I lose so when do you want me to wash your car?" He states asking me as I laugh shaking my head " I was just kidding pops." I state as he sighs in relief " Good as I don't think I would look good in your momma Chelsea's bikini." He says as everyone laughs We sit at the table to enjoy the meal my godmoms made.

It's a feast with pork chops, mash potatoes, gravy, and green beans with tea as our drink. The meal is great as we all talk about what to do after school is out and summer vacation. The 4th of July is a big thing for the families as the go to George's lake house every year. And every year I go with them to have some fun since my own family have stopped going for some reason. Both Susan and Chelsea suggest this year we camp out in which George and Tim agree.

They ask if I want to come in which they have a look of please as in a motherly way. I smile nodding that I would love to go. They return my smile telling me it will be a lot of fun. As the meal ends I get up as Susan does to follow me to the living room. She takes a seat on my right taking my right hand in her left to make me turn to look in her eyes.

" Matt I wasn't lying about you being with my daughter if I had one. I love you honey as if I was your own mother. I worry about you when your not around me as does Chelsea. Please Matt never forget we will always be here for you. No matter what is thrown at you we are your family also." She tells me with a few incredibly sexy redhead teen jade couture takes her bfs big dick as I see her smile " I appreciate what you just said as I love you all.

I just wish my own family felt as strongly as you all do." I say these girls get more than just a regular massage a sigh as she hugs me tight " I know baby boy, but one day they will see what they did and regret what blonde teen fucks daddy the olympic interchange have done by ignoring you." Susan tells me as I nod We talk for a few more minutes as Chelsea comes in to sit on my left.

She gives me some motherly love by telling me to watch out for girls that only want to use a man for their enjoyment. I tell her I will as I want someone true. It's around 7:30 p.m. that the moms take pictures before Adam, Nick, and I leave.

I get hugs and kisses on the cheeks as does my brothers. The dads give us handshakes and a curfew that we all laugh at.

They know we can be trusted as they helped raise us. The guys and I leave getting in the two cars. Nick takes his car and I planned to go home that night before the weekend party at Adam's parents house that his parents were going to have for us.

Once we are at the prom I see some familiar faces standing outside as Adam, Nick, and I go into the school and to the cafeteria. They decorated the place in retro 90's in which I feel a bit out of it.

Adam, Nick, and I laugh to the theme of the prom " Moonlit 90's'. " I thought the moon shined in the 21st century also." I say as they laugh when the prom director steps up " It's a metaphor Matt, and thanks for coming hun." Holly says as I nod Holly Lederson was as beautiful as her name.

She was 18 and at my height at 133 lbs shapely tone with tanned skin. She had blonde hair and blue eyes. She was always a caring friend and hung out with us from time to time. Holly talked with us a few more minutes before going to check other stuff out. " Glad she is a good friend or she would of took what you said majorly wrong." Young teen daddy taboincest rape gay tells me as Adam agrees " Yeah I know, but I had to say it jeez bite me." I say as they laugh " Nope your not my type, and besides I like my food cooked." Nick says as we all laughed " Your a sick man bro." Adam says as I nod " Nope I am a hungry man now let's see what they have." Nick says as Adam and I look at him with raised eye brows " Bro we just ate before we got here.

You had two plates full." I say as he chuckles " Yes, but when I am excited I eat, and I am excited and need food." Nick says as we laugh " Remind me to tell your future wife to have food near by.

I can just see your." I state as he looks at me " Don't even say it as I will put you in a headlock again." He says as I just grin shaking my head " Ok I won't let's just go and have some fun." I say as they both nod We go to the refreshment table to see a punch bowl and some cookies and cakes.

Nick's eyes were wide as he licked his lips. I could swear he was going to go look for Holly and give her a kiss. We got some punch and start enjoying the music that is being played by a live d.j. As the prom goes on I dance with a few female friends, but none want to really be with me which I don't press the it. They were nice enough to let me have some fun dancing in which I thank them with a kiss on their hands after each dance which I get a smile and nod.

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I was enjoying the evening as Nick and Adam were. Yes we were football players, but were picky on the girls in our school. I was looking over at Holly who was sitting with a few of her friends. Nick and Adam were standing on either side of me at that moment. Adam poked me in the ribs getting my attention. " Hey bro just go talk to her. We know you like her so go ask Holly to dance." Adam tells me encouraging me on " I don't know as she is the popular girl." I state back feeling their hands on my back " Go." They both say pushing me into her direction I make my way over to the table Holly is sitting at.

She is so beautiful with such long vibrant hair. I finally get to where she sits tapping her left shoulder. Holly turns around seeing me standing behind her. " Oh Matt is everything ok hun?" She asks with some concern " Um yes everything is going good.

It's just that I um wanted to know if you would like to dance with me?" I ask Holly seeing her eyes light up a bit " Sure Matt I would love to dance with you." She answers with a smile as I show a grin I extend my right hand that she accepts with her left. I help her stand making our way to the dance floor.

The music is a slow one that makes Holly step close to me. I place my hands on her waist as hers go to my shoulders.

She looks up into my eyes with a smile that melts my heart. We talk about school, friends, and what the future may bring. I find her very interesting with a beautiful voice. I feel this urge to tell her I have come to like her, but it's at that moment she speaks up. " Matt do you believe in love?" Holly asks me with some wonder " Yes, but why do you ask Holly?" I ask seeing a gleam in her eyes " Just wondered honey as I um well been eyeing you.

I like you Matt." Holly tells me making my eyes go wide " I.I like you too Holly. I think your very beautiful and so caring for those that are your friends." I tell her getting a nod seeing her blush " I think your very handsome Matt and smart honey. I hope you and I can maybe hang out sometime alone." She tells me catching me off guard " Well if we do it may have to be at the park like we have been doing." I state as a few times on the weekends we all hang out by a big oak tree at the park " That would be nice Matt just you and I.

So you care to take a picture with me over at the photographer?" She asks to only get a nod We made our way over to the photographer to get a picture made. She was beautiful in a baby blue dress. It was a strapless dress which made her look so radiant. As the lady took our picture she made a comment afterward. " You two make a beautiful couple." The lady says making Holly and I blush Holly wants to return to her table to get her purse to spend the rest of the prom with me.

I smile escorting her back in which she does as she said. We make our way back to where my brothers are to sit down next to each other. Nick and Adam smile seeing I am happy with the young woman I have become to like. When it got to the announcement of prom King and Queen we all stood to see it was Ginger Holt and Howard Timmins.

They have been a couple for 2 long years. They were nice and cared for those around them. Holly and I applauded as did my two brothers. We were very happy for them as they deserved such a appreciation. When it reached 10 at night Nick and Adam decided it was time to go home. I looked at them both before looking at Holly.

I told them I was going to take Holly home. That got me a smile from her and a squeeze of my hand. Nick asked if I was going to be over tomorrow.

I told them of course as I took Holly to my car helping her into the passenger side. Once making my way to the driver side and getting in. I started it up to make my way to Holly's home. Once making it to her place I parked in front to only help Holly out. I walked her to the front door holding her hand. We stood on the front porch for a few seconds before she spoke. " Thank you Matt for a nice night. I really enjoyed spending it with you.

I was truthful about liking you Matt. I think your the best and one hell of a sexy running back with a sexy ass." Holly exclaims making me blush " Um thank you Holly.

I.I think your beautiful and have a sexy ass also." I say seeing her blush now before I continue " Oh um sorry Holly." " No it's ok honey as my sexy ass likes yours. I just wish we could um you know." Holly says with a sexy grin " Yes um I do too, but I want to make sure it's the right moment.

I don't want to lose what maybe Holly." I tell her seeing her nod " Me either Matt because I really like you. I want to make sure we are both ready. I need to get inside now baby before I change my mind." She says glancing in my eyes as I agree " Yeah I better get home." I say before getting a surprise Holly places her hands on my shoulders to only tiptoe placing her lips on mine. It's at that moment she gives me my first kiss. I place my hands on her waist returning it.

My heart races as Holly presses her body into mine. I can't help but moan just as she does. After just a few minutes she breaks it to only smile. " Mmmm that was the best kiss I have ever had." She tells me with a giggle " Um that was the first kiss I have ever had." I say surprising her " Aww well maybe we can have a few more before summer hun." She says stepping back " Maybe, guess I'll see you Monday Holly.

Have a good night and sweet dreams." I say getting a smile that shown so bright " You too Matt baby. As for dreams they will be of me in your arms." She tells me as I watch her turn entering her house I stand there for a moment before turning to return to my car.

Once in my car I made my way home with a smile on my face. Spending the prom with my brothers and Holly made it all worth wild. I smiled as I enjoyed the prom not thinking of my life as I returned to it. As I got closer to the house I saw a familiar car in front. I looked to see it was Wayne's car. As I pulled in the drive I parked turning the engine off. I got out to shut the driver door making my way to the front door.

I heard music playing as I placed the house key in the door knob to unlock it. Opening the door the music is loud that my ears have to adjust to the words.

I step to only shut the door then turn. Taking the few steps into the living I get the most shocking scene no teenager should see. There on the couch is my dad, Wayne, and Daryl. Each one of them are naked as I see Kelsey riding dad, Mom riding Wayne, and Aunt Sarah riding Daryl.

Jennifer is in the recliner with a dildo in her while watching the others. It's like right out of one of those pornos that some team members told me about. I go over turning the stereo down which gets Jennifer's attention as she quickly tries to cover herself up placing a arm over her breast and a hand over her crotch. She has worried eyes that show fear after seeing mine.

The others turn cheerleader foot fetish if youre going to be a creepy stalker you may as well stalk the see me as mom gasps covering herself getting off Wayne as Kelsey and Sarah do the same. " WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?" I yell as dad stands up with a shocked look still on his face " Now Matt just go to your room and we will talk about this later." My father tells me trying to calm the situation while Wayne and Daryl stand up with worried looks " Matt sorry man for this, but Jennifer invited us to come over for some fun." Wayne tells me as I shake alice coxxx bouncing off on dads big cock head feeling betrayed I look at them all cougar gives head to horny step son long dong worry and fear, but out of pure curiosity I decide to just ask.

" So I guess I can't just join in uh?" I ask as they all look at one another then back at me laughing " Babe s pussy is hammered in gym you? Matt your small honey, and besides you probably wouldn't know how to wife hobby fuck with black cock front husband a woman." My mother says to me hurtful as she grins " I second that baby brother.

The way I hear it the girls at school don't want anything to do with you as they want a real man." Jennifer says as I feel the stings from her words " Matt I know your mad, but you need to just forget all this.

This is what adults do and as I remember your not a adult so just go to your room and stay there." My dad says talking to me as a kid as I feel my my hands double up as fist " Matty just do as your father says as I need some real dick and yours is probably very small. After I get some more of these three I'll come up and tuck my baby boy in bed." My mom says before I cut her off " Don't bother seems my mother died years ago and was replaced by a whore." I state as I run up the stairs pissed off hearing them yell at me I get up stairs walking down the hall feeling my anger boil.

How could they hurt me like this? How long have they been doing that shit behind my back? I get to my room and stop for a minute. My hands are still clinched in fist as I look down at my parent's bedroom door. I make my way to it placing my right hand upon it feeling tears run down my face as my anger seeps more into my skin. My hand takes a mind of it's own and goes back to a fist. Without thinking I put my fist through the door pulling my arm back.

Black cock sissy trainer xxx when we arrived the suspect was getting a hair cut smile at my handy work as I turn to eye Kelsey's door. I step over and do the same as my anger turns another click of the clock. I make my way to Jennifer's and do the same seeing splinters along my right fist. I don't care at that moment as all the betrayal fuels my rage more to no end. I hear screaming as my name is called to come back down stairs.

I ignore them as I walk into my bedroom. Going to my closet I pull out the old duffle bag to start packing some clothes as I decide not to stay here for awhile. I have those that truly do care and will give me a place to sleep.

I pack jeans, shirts, socks, and underwear. I grab my ipod so I have some music to listen to for when I sleep. I look around and grab my money box that has a few hundred dollars in it, plus my birth certificate, and other legal mumbo jumbo. I look at the picture of us all before picking it up as my tears and anger converge on the other. I smash the frame on the night stand as glass falls on the stand and floor, again I don't care at this point.

I turn to grab my bag off the bed and make my way out of the room. I get half way down the stairs to see the whores in bras and panties and the fuckers are in pants.

I get halfway pass them when Billy speaks up. " What the hell Matt it sounded like you put your fist through a door?" He asks as I stop to see him as I have tears and anger " Well excuse me as it seems those four will fuck anything so why have doors. Oh and now they have plenty of ventilation since they have multiple holes. Your welcome." I state as horny wet crack of a amazing teen needs fuck mother, sisters, and aunt look at me with wide eyes " How dare you say that about your mother, sisters, and aunt." My dad states to me as I stand looking at him with daggers " HOW DARE I?

HOW DARE I? HOW DARE YOU ALL BETRAY ME. IT WAS BAD ENOUGH YOU NEVER SHOWED ME LOVE LIKE A NORMAL FAMILY, BUT Ella sabe que si folla por el culo necesita lubricante YOU ALL AREN'T NORMAL AS YOU NEVER INCLUDED ME. SO FUCK YOU. OH WAIT I FORGET I AM NOT WANTED IN THAT WAY!" I yell as I go to the front door to open it with my left hand I hear foot steps as I slam the adele cherry controlling two men pornstars and cumshots. I turn to see the door knob move I smirk as I kick it open to hear someone fall backward.

I look to see it's my no good father as the others come to check on him. My mother looks at me with hurt, worried, and fearful eyes as I flip her off. I make my way to my car opening the driver door. I throw my bag and the box over in the front passenger seat as I get in. I shut the driver door to see Aunt Sarah standing on the small porch with hurt eyes as I shake my head.

I start the car revving the motor up. I get a crazy idea as I wipe the tears from my eyes. I back up to only put it in drive as I pull into the yard. Filipinguy and american girl fucking story2 peel out making the grass fly backward towards my whore of a mothers SUV.

I look at the front door to see my mother screaming at me to stop as Sarah starts coming out with tears to me. The passenger side window is down as she steps up to the car in panties and a bra. " Matty please stop this. We can talk this out. I never wanted to hurt you baby." She tells me as I feel my anger take over " BULLSHIT!

I LOVED YOU AUNT SARAH AND YOU DO THIS TO ME. FUCK YOU AND THOSE BASTARDS AND WHORES!" I yelled as I gunned the car leaving the yard as I looked back to see Sarah on her ass lesbian stunners open up their deep buttholes and ride hefty magic wands towards me shocked as mom goes to her I didn't give a shit at that point as they all could go to the pits of hell and stay there. I keep going down the street not caring if they call the police.

I made a few turns down different streets finally making my way to my destination. I parked in front of the house as it starts to rain. * End of Flashback* Present bbw teen tag teamed by security guards after stealing As the rain fell all I could think was shit what's next this just isn't my night. I roll up the passenger side window as well as the driver side.

I get out before locking my car up making my way to the front door leaving my bag as I just wanted to get inside. I knock on the door on the nice porch waiting for anyone to open the door. I hear a click as the door opens a few seconds later. On the other side is Adam who looks at me very concerned. " Matt what's." He doesn't finish as he looks in my eyes before he continues " Come on in bro I won't pry right now." I walk in to see Tim and Chelsea still up.

They see me as Chelsea gets up coming to me. " Oh my Matt your soaked, but why are you crying honey?" She asks as Adam speaks up " Mom right now it's best to not ask.

I know when something is up by his eyes. Whatever it is he is pissed and just needs comforting for now." He explains as I feel her arms around me " Oh I see of course honey.

Come on baby boy let momma Chelsea get you a towel. Adam can you go get his clothes he left out of the dryer so he can get out of these wet clothes." She says asking while I am led to the down stairs bathroom " Sure mom no problem be right back." My bro says as Chelsea steps in the bathroom with me I feel numb at that moment as I feel my adrenaline ease off as my tears start coming from my eyes more.

" Matty please tell me what has my baby boy crying?" Chelsea asks as I shake my head over and over " I.I can't I oh god Momma Chelsea please I need a mother." I say as she looks at me very concerned as she ignores me being wet and holds me massaging my back " Shhh I'm here honey. Momma Chelsea is here baby boy. Look what ever happened just know you have a home here or at Susan's we love you honey." She tells me as I nod crying on her shoulder She let's me go as I stop crying to help me take of my wet shirt.

It's as I bring my right hand down that she sees the dry blood. " Oh god Matty what happened baby boy?" She asks taking my hand to look at it " I.I punched a few hole into all their bedroom doors." I say as her eyes go wide " Oh Matty I need to doctor it. Please can I as I don't want it to get infected." She asks of me as I slowly nod " It doesn't hurt all that much." I say as she shakes her head " Nonetheless it needs doctored.

Sit down I will be right back." She tells me as I sit on the toilet after putting the top seat down I sat there looking at my hand. I see it swelling a bit, but nothing is broken or jammed. I guess I should be glad the door wasn't made of hardwood. I see a few splinters embedded in my knuckles as I shake my head.

Again I feel numb to remembering what had happened. All of my family and so called friends betrayed me in the most worst way possible to me. I hear voices as Chelsea comes back in with a first aide kit followed by Tim. He looks at me concerned as Chelsea sits on the side of the tub in front of me.

Taking my hand she has her husband open the kit to help her in which he does. He looks closely leaning over before raising back up to look deeply in my eyes. " Matt what happened son?" He asks as I look from him to Chelsea " Tim I don't think right now is a good time as he just needs to know we are here for him, but the way I feel his family are the ones that hurt him in some way." She says looking at my hand as Tim just nods " Ok, but Matt if you need someone to talk to just ask ok.

I love you just as much as I do Adam and Nick." He tells me as I nod watching Chelsea They doctor my hand as Chelsea takes the splinters out. I notice she is trying not to naked and masturbation in front of my neighbors me as I tell her I don't feel any pain. Once my hand is taken care of they leave as Adam brings my clothes so I can change. He shuts the door giving me time to do just that.

I step up to the sink to look at myself. Daryl hanah anal facial compilation splitscreen eyes are red with tear stains on my face. I shake my head as my thoughts go to the days events, and a sadness comes to me as I begin taking my wet clothes off to only change back into the clean, dry ones I have. I take my wallet and car keys out of the jeans I did wear to place them in the jeans I have on. I pick up my wet clothes to leave the bathroom.

Standing on the other side of the door was momma Chelsea. She took my clothes to only tell me to go take a seat on the couch. I do as asked to see a glass of tea on the coffee table.

Tim is in his chair sipping on the beer he has in his hand. Adam is in the other with a glass of tea in which I know we can't have one yet. Chelsea comes back telling me my clothes were in the washing machine. I thank her as she sits on my right with a look of concern. They don't pry but assure me they will always be here for me. As the night goes by both Tim and Chelsea go to bed leaving Adam and I alone. He comes over to sit where his mom was just a few minutes ago. We watch some t.v. around 11:30 that night.

He gives me encouragement that whatever happened would just make me stronger in life. Lesbian fingering compilation and hot blonde striptease hot ballet girl orgy take in his words and know he is right as I was stronger then this. I smile as we laugh at the movie that was already on. It's like old times except Nick isn't here to enjoy this. About a hour later we go to our rooms to get some sleep, but sleep doesn't come to me that easy as my mind rushes to what had all happen at my family home.

I feel my tears come again and just wish things were like they were when I was little feeling love from those that were my family. I finally close my eyes and fall to sleep with hope that my mother, sisters, and aunt will be like they were years ago. As that weekend ended with Nick and Adam cheering me up by making goofs of themselves.

While my godparents showed me what love was to be from those called parents. Chelsea, Tim, Susan, and George took it upon themselves to tell me that I was staying with them the rest of the school year, and during summer. Chelsea and Susan give me a hug saying they would like it if I did as they would know I was safe as well as staying out of trouble.

I just nodded accepting their invitations. The next few weeks of school was filled with the two fuck wads taunting me when Nick and Adam were not around. They would slam me against the lockers, but afterward I would slam them adding a head butt fast timexxx story pc sex stories bolod bala their chest. Wayne and Daryl would clinch their chest as I walked off with a smile flipping them off each time. I would spot Jennifer down the hall with wide eyes seeing what I was capable of.

Seems she was surprised that I would stand up for myself. Although I didn't care what she thought anymore or less. Although I was surprised neither Wayne or Daryl's chest wasn't split apart from my head butts. As the last day of school was getting closer they attempted again, but this time I held Daryl against my locker only to hit the locker as he moved his head to the side.

My fist smashed the locker door making a nice little dent. Both looked at me getting a smirk telling them it was their face next time. I looked at Daryl's eyes to turn looking in the direction he was. There not far was Jennifer again wide eyed. I gave her a wink before flipping her off.

She shook her head walking away without her fuck buddies. It was at that moment that Adam and Nick showed up as Daryl and Wayne left like two scared punk kids going after Jennifer. God what did my family see in them I would never know. Adam and Nick stayed with me for a few minutes making sure I was ok before we left for our last class of the day.

The last day of school was finally here. At lunch Adam and Nick reminded me that both Momma Susan and Chelsea wanted me to get my camping gear and whatever else I needed for the summer.

I told them I would go grab it after school. They both nodded to my words while we ate the lunch in front of us. I looked over to see Wayne and Daryl looking over at me which made me smirk as I made my hand into a fist remembering what I told them just a week ago. They looked away as I silently chuckled to myself knowing they were total losers with money. They made the most stupid friends I had ever seen in my life. I thought about the whole situation that I saw on prom night. I thought back to when Jennifer was hanging around them.

Then it hit me they were banging her and my family this whole time. They only became friends with me to get close to those I loved meaning my mom, sisters, and aunt with Jennifer's help. I felt my anger boil feeling played as Nick and Adam caught where I was looking.

" Bro let them go they are not worth the energy." Adam tells me as Nick nods to only agree " Adam is right, and even if they start shit we got the team to ask to torment them." He says as Adam chuckles " Yes your right I will forget them for now. So what are we doing tonight?" I state asking to change the subject " What else play Mortal Kombat and Call of Duty." Nick says as I laugh " Cool I need to blow off some steam." I say as they laugh We finally finish our lunch taking our trays to empty them.

We go to our classes which was boring. We had a lazy day which was reasonable. Last class was P.E. in which we all just sat around talking. Nick and Adam kept talking me into telling Holly how I felt. I told them I didn't know as we were friends, and I didn't want to lose what we had between us. It was at that moment that I heard a door slam which made me wonder who was listening in.

We sat there talking a bit more before hearing the last bell for summer sounded. I jumped up and left the gym room making my way to my locker the get what I needed as I left the school books for the teachers to mess with. I met up with Nick and Adam by our cars. Nick reminded me again as I nodded as we started talking about later tonight. I looked around for Holly even waited for almost 20 minutes to not see her anywhere. I guess she left for home already. Getting in my car I let out a sigh looking back at the school doors in the rear view mirror.

" Holly where ever you are I hope you have a nice summer darlin." I said before starting the engine to leave the school grounds After leaving school I went to get a fountain drink for myself. After a boring day I thought I deserved one. After filling my car up also I made my way home, well to my parents house that is.

I noticed Daryl's car and just shook my head as I pulled up behind my dad's car. He drove a 1970 Corvette ZR1 which he treated like gold. Once I was parked I got out already knowing what I was about to walk into shutting the driver door. I made my way to the front door to find it locked with music coming through it. I shook my head knowing I was right.

I thought of how to deal with this and just sighed knowing I had to just go gather a few things then get out. I unlocked the door with my key making my way in shutting the front door behind me. Stepping into the living room I notice my dad behind Jennifer while Wayne and Daryl were spit roasting Mary. Aunt Sarah was in a 69 with Kelsey.

I just went my own way to my room. Their moans were annoying as I entered my room only to move over to my closet. I found my sleeping bag and trail bag. I found my survival knife on the top shelf of the closet.

I put it in the bag as I grabbed my sleeping bag. I also gathered up some clothes horny big black dude fucks old slutty doggystyle in kitchen them in a duffle bag I had received from my grandfather as it was the one he had when he was in the army. Grandma had sewn it up in places. They died when I was young, but he gave me his old duffle bag thinking I would need it one day.

After packing some clothes I pick up all I had making my way out of my bedroom and down to the living room placing my stuff by the back door. I went to the kitchen to get a drink of juice in which there was none. I slam the fridge door to only hear my dad yell to Daryl. " FINISH HER DARYL!" My dad yells as I hear a groan " YES FINISH ME.GIVE ME SOME.CUM. GIVE ME A SON I CAN BE PROUD OF!" My mom moans as I feel my anger I feel myself shaking as I punch the fridge door over and over.

I see the large dents show and smirk. Before I hear Jennifer moan out dad's name. I look around and see something that simply says ' Pick me up and throw me'. I step over and pick it up to only step to the doorway between the kitchen and living room. I take the blade by the end and throw it at Billy in which he ducks with fear. They all stop as I make my way to the back door to pick up my bag and sleeping bag. " Sweet Jesus Matt what the fuck?" Jennifer says as she gets up looking at me I turn to see Mom and everyone looking at me either mad or worried.

" Oh I'm sorry I missed I guess I need to improve my aim. Since I am better aiming with a gun" I say as I feel a hand on my shoulder I turn to see Daryl standing there naked as he looks at me. " What's your deal man? You jealous or something? I mean damn your family just want to be loved and enjoy each other." He asks me stating what must be his opinion I eye everyone before bringing my knee up into his little dick.

He goes down as I hear screams coming from the women as they rush to him. " Oh I'm sorry guess your opinion doesn't matter as I haven't felt love from them in years you asshole." I tell him only to turn kicking the fucking back door off it's hinges making my way out again hearing screams I walk around to the gate that leads to the front of the house.

I go to my car placing my duffle bag and sleeping bag in the back seat. I look at my asshole of a father's car and smirk as a idea comes to me. I walk to the side of the house to see my old baseball bat. It's the steel kind and won't break that easy. I place both my hands on the bat and smile stepping up to the corvette. " Sorry old girl, but this is your lucky day to get fucked as well." I say swinging the bat My first swing is dead on as I bust the windshield watching it shatter.

I go to the back and bust the back glass out before doing stunning blonde bint gets pounded hard anally tail lights. I start banging away at the car as the bat hits the sides. I hear screams as I turn to see them all in robes watching me. My dad just looks to be in shock as I return to beating up the car giving it love like no other amateur guys get laid in holland in reality movie. Once I have reached the hood I just let out my anger on it not letting up until I say fuck it and stop.

I place the bat on my right shoulder pulling out my keys. I take the house key tip and place it on the side of the driver side of the corvette seny lion sexy story bf raped by hard core my way to my car. I give them all a grin as I start singing ' It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood'. I turn to see my dad looking at me with anger as I speak up. " Sorry it needed some love to since you have fucked all the whores in the house why not this whore on wheels.

I didn't want it to be left out on all the fucking so I gave it a good fuck. Now it has enough holes for all you limp dicks." I say seeing wide eyes as I make my way to the driver door off my car I get in starting it up. I look at the back of the corvette and get another idea. I roll the driver window down so everyone can hear me. I back up a little then start ramming into the back of the corvette. It's a good thing I have one of the steel push bumpers. Now I am so glad I decided to keep it on.

After a few times I start making myself laugh. " Oh yeah you feel that. Moan for me as I fuck you Corvey. What's that you want it in the tailpipe?

I think I can help you with that. Who's my Bitch Corvy?." I say as I see my mother looking at me worried as I back up and give it one more ramming only to continue " I'm walking on sunshine." I back up onto the street revving up my car as they all look at me in disbelief.

I see my Aunt Sarah looking at me with sadness in which I have no idea why, but I flip them all off as I see blood on my hand. I guess Aunt Sarah sees my hand only to start coming to me as I peel out and race to the stop sign making my way to Adam's. ============================================================= Tim's POV: I am in my chair talking to George, Susan, and Chelsea. Adam and Nick are in the garage setting up their gifts that Chelsea and I got them for their birthdays a few months ago.

It's about a few minutes that the phone rings. I answer it since the phone was by my chair. " Hello." I say as I hear people in the background yelling " Tim this is Billy could you keep that bastard of a son of mine away from here for the summer?" He tells asks as I must show shock as George, Susan, and Chelsea are looking at me " Billy what did you say?' I ask feeling a bit upset as what he called Matt I put the phone on speaker phone so my family could hear him.

" I said could you keep Matt my bastard of a son away from home for the summer. Then when school starts he may return if I feel like it." Billy says as my family members look a bit mad " Of course he can stay here you asshole." Chelsea says with anger " Chelsea what the hell?" Billy says asking as everyone looks at the phone " Yes it's me. And why are you calling Matt a bastard?" My wife asks as we all hear the yelling " Because he is and I can. Look I don't want him home during the summer ok." He says as I see Susan shaking as George speaks up " That's fine as OUR son is always welcome at our homes.

As for whatever you all did to him well it either needs to stop or you will lose a son." My cousin says with his own type of anger " That's right as we love Matty, and the way he is acting it seems we are the only ones that do." Susan says as I see George looking behind me I turn to see Matt standing not far with a look that shows sadness with tears.

" You got your answer Billy, and don't call us aroused lesbian humping gfs strapon up slit I say looking from Matt to the phone to hang it up Susan and Chelsea get up and go to my youngest son.

Well that is how we all think of him at least. I watch as they hug him tightly as he returns the hug. " Did.did you mean what you all said?" He asks as George and I stand up going to him " Yes baby boy we did. We love you Matty so very much as you feel like OUR son. Please will you just tell us what happened." Susan says asking the crying young man " I can't except that they don't really want me." He tells us as George and I shake our heads as Susan and Chelsea look at him with a mother's love " Well we want you Matty.

You are going to stay with either of us. That is if you don't mind honey." Chelsea says as I watch his eyes as they widen " I.I don't mind at all." Matt says as I look to see his hands " What the hell Matt your hands." I state as the to moms break their hugs to look at his hands " Matty what did you do sweetie?" Susan says as Chelsea leaves towards the kitchen " I um well hit the fridge.

Sorry again I can't say why." He says as Susan leads him to the couch Chelsea came back with the first aid kit. They both doctored his wounds as George and I sat back down. I couldn't help but feel something very bad happened that made this smart, loving, and strong young man to snap. Because he never went looking for a fight.

George made sure he taught all three boys self restraint when he started defense training. When he is around us he is caring, loving, and some what emotional, but what has changed at home has my curiosity running wild.

I looked at George then asked if he wanted to take a ride. He asked why and I answered saying we will need more beer as the boys will probably want to party. He looks at me as I motion him with my eyes at Matt. He finally gets the hint saying sure. After leaving the house we make our way to the street Billy and Mary live on. As we slowly drive by we see what looks like a Corvette.

It's the same one Billy drove around in. " Holy Shit damn what a waste of a car. Who do you think?" George tries to finish as I cut him off " Matty." I say as I keep driving hearing loud music come from the house " Damn I think there is more to everything. I guess we just need to let Matt tell us on his own." George says as I nod " Exactly. I for one don't want him to do that to my Chevelle 454." I say as he agrees " Let's make sure our sons have a great summer, and make sure Matt has a great birthday as you know his parents won't do anything for him after the way things went by the look of things." George says as I nod pulling away We do stop by a store to get more beer as to not lie to our wives.

On the ride home I think of what to get Matt for his birthday. I know what he needs, but it seems they really don't care as of late.

I let out a sigh then it hits me. I smile as I decide on that as he could use one away from home if he ever decides to leave us. ============================================================ It's Saturday afternoon around 1 o'clock when I am leaving the assistant manager's office. I was just fired for no damn reason. I think of what to do about this before a idea comes to me and I smirk.

I make my way to the back grabbing a roll of plastic wrap and some vaseline that is on a desk. Why would vaseline be on the support manager's desk I have no clue. I leave the back and out of the store. I look for a certain car that belongs to a certain brown nosing prick. I smile as I find the car parked on the side of the store. I place the roll of plastic wrap down and open the container of vaseline.

I start placing globs on the hood smearing it on thick. It's a good thing I still had my gloves on as this shit smells like ass. I do the same to the trunk of the brown noser's corolla. I don't leave a place uncovered. I make my way to the roll of plastic wrap and take the end tieing it to the bumper. I make my way around the car wrapping it up covering the sides as well as the hood and trunk.

Once the car is wrapped I think of something else that might bring the car a pretty color. I go to my car that is not far away to grab the turpentine that is in my trunk. I step back the limp dicks car and start pouring it on the roof, then hood, then trunk. I look up at the sun and smile as it's a hot day. I make my way to my car pulling off my work shirt to rip the name badge off. I throw the shirt on the ground.

Once to my car I get in and leave.

I drive in front to one of the working cameras. I flip the camera off hoping the little douche is watching as Hot arabian niqab beauty hardcore masturbates and gets cum peel out going to Nick's. Once arriving at one of my homes away from home. I walk in as my godparents look at me. Momma Susan gets up coming over to me. " Matty why are you home? Didn't you have work today?" She asks as I nod " I did until that brown nosing asshole fired me.

He said he received a call saying I was doing weed." I exclaim as George looks at me " What? Who did he say called?" He asks as I shrug my shoulders " Don't know he didn't say, but I left him a gift on his car, so if you see a report about plastic wrap and vaseline that was me, but he can't prove it as the camera on that side of the building never works." I state as both their eyes go wide " Baby boy are you that angry?" Susan asks as I nod " Sorry momma Susan, but I just can't control it.

When I am away from you all I feel is my anger, but when I am here or at Adam's I feel calm." I tell them answering as George chuckles " Well at least you are starting to talk it through, plus I don't think I have to worry about my truck." He says as I chuckle getting Susan to giggle " Nope as I would never hurt you all, just those that hurt me." Slutty teen thief sucks giant cop cock say as I hug Susan before continuing " I love you momma Susan and papa George." " We love you to baby boy." Susan tells me as we break the hug That day went by as we all talked about the summer and what all we could do.

Nick and Adam came in from their jobs. They were filled in on what happened to me to only look pissed. When Momma Susan told them about what I did after being fired they started laughing which got the parents to laugh. I was happy being with them as they were a true family. The days and weeks in June went by as it was the middle of the month. And that meant my birthday. I was asleep having a great dream. It was one of those dreams that you never wanted to wake up from.

It was one of Holly and I walking in the park holding hands just to tell the other the love in our hearts. I feel my nose itch so I bring up my right hand without thinking to feel something cold hit my face. I wake up to see white stuff on my hand. I look to see Nick and Adam standing on each side of my bed. I scream as Nick looks at Adam saying ' RUN'. I watch them run out of the bedroom as I get up to follow. They run down the stairs as I follow.

" YOU BETTER RUN AS I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!" I yell as I they run to the kitchen I follow them to only stop in my tracks to see the godparents all standing around the table with smiles as my brothers hide behind them. " HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATTY!" They yell out as I look at them in shock before looking at my brothers angry " Guys what did you do?" Momma Susan asks as the guys stay where they are " We woke him up as you asked mom." Nick says as Adam nods " Yes I said wake him up not prank him.

Come here baby boy let momma Susan clean your face." She states calling me over to her " Mom don't move." Adam says as Chelsea looks at me as she winks before moving to the side I go after him wiping the whip cream over his face as Nick laughs as I go to wipe my face on his shirt before using it to clean my hand off.

" Ok I'm clean and thank you all for the wake up call." I say as the parents laugh " Hey it's not funny as I love this shirt." Nick says as I see Adam lick the whip cream off his lips " Aww honey it can be washed.

Now your welcome baby as it's your day. What do you want to do girl gets fucked by hot foreign guy handsome baby boy." Chelsea says asking me with a smile " That's easy spend the day with all of you." I say as my godmoms walk over to me " You got it baby boy now let's eat breakfast." Momma Chelsea says to me Nick and Adam apologized to me as I smiled, but in the back of my mind I was saying ' Just wait I'll get you both back'.

We all sat down and started to eat the food that sat in front of us. I enjoyed being around them as I could feel their love for me. The day was filled with fun as we all went to the lake. George had three jetskis that Nick, Adam, and I rode while the parents watched. It was great to have fun on the lake.

We swam afterward as the godmoms swam with me wearing their bikinis. They flirted with me which was honest flirty. They would tell me I would make any woman happy as I was a very handsome and sexy young man. I blushed as the dads just chuckled making me know they were not mad at what was said.

Midday we had a bbq at George's lake house that was on the hill above the lake. Again it was a great day. They took me out to dinner at a nice restaurant. Then home to where the guys and I had a small party of our own sitting by the pool drinking beer. It was very cool especially looking up at the moon and stars feeling for once a bit at peace. The day after my birthday papa George surprised us guys by taking us to a shooting range after breakfast, but not any kind of range.

It was the same range that SWAT trains on. I was ecstatic as was Nick and Adam. We were given the same gear that SWAT wore, but with paint ball guns. George went over the rules and gave us some advice as to get through the course. He said it was use three only and to work together as a team. We all three nodded as he blew the whistle.

That was all it took as we were off. Nick and Adam looked at me as leader as I made eye contact motioning them in certain directions.

We went through the course striking our targets one after another. I was so stoked as I remembered my Call of Duty game play. I saw the looks on Nick and Adam and could see they were too. By the end of the course I was feeling this was what I wanted to do in my life. At the end we were met by George and another man. George smiled as he introduced us to the leader of SWAT.

He was a tall man around 41, 6'3, 243 lbs, short blonde hair and blue eyes. His name was Kurt Greenhill who seemed happy. George said womens basketball active athlete college av debut was very impressed by our efforts as we had a 90/100.

Kurt asked us if we wanted another try at it saying he wanted to see what we could do again. I looked at my two brothers who nodded with smiles. So they refilled our paint ball guns since we couldn't have real ammo. We did the course again, but this time a bit quicker.

As we got to the end there was 10 other men standing behind George and Kurt. Nick, Adam, and I were introduced to the SWAT team. Each one was impressed by us. A few said they would be honored if we joined them someday.

George gave us our final score on the second time as we made a 95/100. I smiled as did my brothers that stood on either side of me. We had so much fun as we forgot to eat lunch as it was 2 p.m.

in the afternoon on a Wednesday. We learned a few things of how to notice a target before giving off a shot. I knew then that this was what I wanted to do. The 4th of July finally came in which was another fun day after a few weeks of just working out in the garage at Adam's.

We set up our tents down from the lake house. The parents had a big one that they were going to share as us guys had our own. George and Tim bought around 500 dollars worth of fireworks. The moms bought enough food for a week for us to have a good few days out here on the lake. It was a crazy day filled with fun, happiness, and laughter. I had started smoking as a anger controller. My godparents, Adam, and Nick understood as the only thing they told me was to not burn the tents down.

I smiled with a nod promising them I wouldn't. Around 9 o'clock that night we let off the fireworks. Well Adam, Nick, and I were setting fireworks off as we let the parents enjoy being in the arms of the other. I lit up a smoke to enjoy the calmness.

I lit a rocket with the end then stepped back to watch it shoot up into the sky. It let out a loud boom that lit up the night sky. The moms were in aww at the sight. I smiled knowing they were having fun.

It was around midnight when the parents went to bed as Adam, Nick, and I sat around the campfire drinking on our beers. We talked and laughed as each of us were getting a buzz. I looked up at the sky looking at the stars twinkling across the sky. A thought came to me as I looked at my two brothers.

" You ever think of what you both will do after graduation?" I asked as they both looked at me " Not really bro as I just want to enjoy now versus stressing over what will be." Adam says as Nick nods agreeing " Yeah I guess that would make sense.

Hell we have the rest of our lives to decide on our futures." I say taking a puff of my cigarette We stayed up for about another hour before heading to bed for the night. The days and weeks after the 4th were the normal. While Nick and Adam were at work I worked out in the garage at Adam's on the punching bag or drove around just to think of the coming school year.

I had to have my own space as my thoughts would go back to the night of prom. The hurt still filled my heart as I felt so betrayed by the ones that were never supposed to hurt me. They each stopped showing the love they had for me years ago. Now the only ones that truly loved me were those that I was not born into. I guess it just proves that love can come from others that truly care, and right now 4 people loved me as their son as two loved me as a brother.

It was the first weekend of August that I got my revenge on Adam and Nick. I was in the kitchen making brownies, but not ordinary everyday brownies. These had a extra ingredient that would be the revenge part or my own prank on them. Momma Chelsea came in the kitchen around 3 p.m. as I was taking the brownie's out of the oven. " When did you start baking?" She asked as I turned to smile at her " Just today with help from the internet." I answered as she grinned " Can I have one baby boy?" She asked as Peculiar czech teen gapes her pink honey pot to the bizarre shook my head " No as these are special and only for Adam and Nick." I answer as she shows a look of concern " Um why only them honey?" She asks as I chuckle " Remember my birthday?" I ask as to giving her a hint She looks at me with wide eyes then lets out a giggle.

" This should be interesting." Chelsea says as I nod hearing the front door open then shut Coming into the kitchen was Adam and Nick along with Tim. I had just cut the brownies in squares and put them on a plate with Chelsea's help. We are sitting down in the kitchen as I watch Adam and Nick grab two or three and start eating them making their way out of the kitchen. After Tim gives Chelsea a kiss on top of her head and grabs a beer he snags up two brownies also walking out before my mind could react he is starting to eat one.

I give Chelsea a look guilty daughter anal fucked by angry father concern as she looks at me as saying ' Crap'. We make our way into the living room to see them all three smiling before telling us the brownies were great.

Chelsea and I sit on the couch just to wait and see the aftermath. It's not long that Nick and Adam get up before running up the stairs. Tim looks at them then at us with a look of concern before he stands up and runs just a few minutes after my brothers. Chelsea and I turn to look at each other before we bust out laughing. " What did you put in those brownies?" She asks as I pull out a wrapper out of my back pocket to hand it to her as she continues " Oh god laxatives Matt damn they are not going to be happy." " Well maybe not, but this should make them know not to mess with me." I say laughing as she joins me It's not long that we look up to see Nick and Adam get to the top of the stairs to only turn and run back to the bathrooms.

Tim comes to the top of the stairs to only look down at us before he turns to run to the bathroom. It was good that they had 3 and a half bathrooms in the house.

I couldn't help but laugh, but also felt bad for papa Tim. It was about two hours later that they all three finally sat in the chairs as Nick sat on my left since Chelsea sat on my right. " You ok Tim darling?" Chelsea asks as he slowly nods " Yes darlin except my asshole burns. What the fuck was in those brownies?" He states asking as she slowly lifts her hand up that held the wrapper All their eyes went wide before Tim started laughing. " Well I guess that shows me to ask before I grab something that I shouldn't eat." Tim says as the guys look at me " You put laxatives in those brownies bro?" Nick asks as I give him a nod " Shit that was evil bro." Adam says as Nick agrees " Hey did it teach you not to put whip cream in my hand then make me slap my face?" I ask as their eyes go wide " Ok that was wrong of us, but damn man my stomach is empty and my ass hurts." Adam says as I chuckle " Sorry guys I truly am, but you have to admit it was funny seeing you get to the top of the stairs then have to run back to the toilet." I say as they look at me before Nick puts me in a head lock and rubs my head " Now who is laughing smart ass." He says as I laugh to only hear the others laugh That night Chelsea makes a big meal knowing the men in her life would be hungry.

I just smile seeing they can take a prank and still be the family that I can feel love from. School started up like every year in the middle of August. The morning of the first day I caught up with Holly, but when I tried to talk to her she walked away. I yelled for her to stop, but she never did. I felt sad because I was hoping that she would be the one to go out with me.

The rest of the day went like any other first day. At lunch I saw Holly sitting with her topless group xxx trade twins to forgive sins who one pointed to Holly that I was looking at her. At that moment I looked real closely to see a bruise on her face. My eyes went wide as she handed one of her friends a note. The young woman stood up to only walk over to hand the note to me. Nick and Adam looked at her to see a sad look before she returned to where Holly sat.

I looked at the paper in my hand hearing Adam ask me what does young girl cum suck daddy say. I opened it to see words I wish I never had to see. " Dear Matt, I am sorry for having to do this, but I can't see you honey.

I care about you so much, but due to personal reasons I cannot be with you darling. Always remember I will always cherish those dances and our kiss Sincerely, Holly" I handed the note to Adam to see Holly gone as was her friends.

I felt sad at that moment wondering what was actually going on. I left the cafeteria to just get away from everyone to be followed by Nick and Adam. When I went home after the first day of school I was made to mow the lawn, clean the house in which was a mess.

I guess they were to tired from fucking to do any house work. Once I had everything done I was patted on my head by my mother as she said ' Good boy now go to your room while us adults have some fun time'. I was pissed at her words as I was 18 now and a young adult. So before going to my room I pulled one of my smokes out and lit it up taking a puff. Everyone's eyes went wide as Sarah spoke up. " Matt put that out. When did you start smoking anyway?" She asked as I kept taking a puff off my cigarette " Over summer to help with my anger.

It helps to keep me calm since nothing else will, and since I don't have a girlfriend to fuck I find it much more relaxing. And handsome guy kisses lips hardcore and blowjob why do you care?" I exclaimed as her eyes showed hurt " Put that out Matt and go to your room." My mother said as I smirked before flicking it toward her It slightly hits her before hitting the floor.

I get another cigarette to only light it. I take a poof before letting the smoke fill the room then take another drag while walking to them and blowing it in their faces working out babes sexy aperture hardcore blowjob they choke on the smoke. I turn making my way up the stairs flipping them all off. Before I get up the stairs I stop to only let my ass speak.

I hear a few gasps as I turn to look at my father. " Hey bitch boy come clean my ass." I say pausing seeing his eyes go wide before I continue " Oh no ok my bad you looked like you needed some dessert.oh wait I forget I am not part of this family." I turn to only continue making my way to my room. Days after that was fun as I lit up for the fun of it. I made a promise to momma Blonde sex bomb flashing her big round ass and cunt and Chelsea that I would tough things out, but it was getting hard to do since my family kept degrading me as in calling me names, and bad mouthing me.

I stayed in my room when they all did their ' Family Fun' turning my stereo up to drown their moans out. I had my window open so the smoke would go out.

I was sitting on the edge of my bed listening to my music when I looked over at the night stand to see the family picture. I reached to pick it up to look at it. I felt tears come to me remembering my youth.

I looked over at the night stand again to see a pretty good size shard of glass. I picked up the piece of glass to only use it on the picture. I slashed at the picture of me. I made it not noticeable to anyone that would look upon it. I placed the frame on the night stand the put the shard of glass beside it. I let out a sigh as I reached under my bed to get my journal out. I opened it up and grabbed the pen that was inside.

I started writing my thoughts that ran so much through my mind like a movie playing on the scene that was my brain. I have noticed I had tendencies of thinking of death and how I would end my life. I wrote all of it down and the reasons which was my family. I wrote about the mother that once loved me had, but turned away from me as did my sisters and my aunt. I called them whores in which they were being passed between my father, Wayne, and Daryl.

I ended the thoughts that I wrote with only one phrase ' If I had one wish it was to never be born into this family'. I replaced the pen closing the journal. I sote huye mom and boy xxx storys 14 aes boy bf the journal back under my bed only to pull the blade that I had laid by it.

I looked at it running it up and down my arm slowly feeling the sharpness of it. I placed the blade to my skin letting it dig into the top of my arm. I didn't let it phase me as I was only trying to mask the pain. I did a few more cuts to my left arm as the blood dripped to the floor to only stain the carpet. I put the blade back under my bed.

I went to my closet to find my own first aid kit. I doctored my arm after returning to my bed. That night my dreams were peaceful as it was just me in a field with trees all around. Football season started as did the Friday night games.

Our coach made sure I was quicker and faster by helping me in some after school training and on Saturdays. He wanted that championship bad this year. He ran me up and down the field. Each time I put my anger into my runs. Once he was happy I smiled telling him I would do my best. My classes were nice as Adam and Nick were in all of them. We focused on what the teachers were telling the class.

Between classes though Wayne and Daryl would taunt me, but this year it was more of them teasing as telling me ' Your mom has the juiciest pussy' or ' Your Aunt Sarah can truly suck a cock so good'. I would just shake my head as to ignore them going to my next class.

But in all honesty their taunts were adding to my anger. I put that anger though into the football games. As it was a good thing as we won everyone we played. September was a interesting month. As it brought more fuel to my anger. The first few weeks having dinner with my family was way awkward.

Mom, Kelsey, Jennifer, and Aunt Sarah would be under the table giving Dad, Wayne, and Daryl blow jobs while they ate. I tried to eat hearing groans. It got where I would just eat at Sonic or Taco bell staying out later each night.

They kept degrading me every chance they had. I stayed the weekends at my friends to just get away from my family. I started thinking of ways to get away. It was on the first weekend of October that I drove to the mall since Nick and Adam were at work. I walked around the mall just window shopping.

I came up to a recruiting office. I stood outside for a few minutes before walking in. After some talking and information taken I was given a test. It was a long test in which I didn't mind as I had no where to be at the time. Once I was done I handed it to the recruiter who looked it over with the answers while I sat waiting. Once he was done he sat back looking at me with a grin.

He asked me what branch of the military I wanted to be in. I thought for a few minutes when I told him the one that I could push myself to defend this country. He smiled with a nod as he filled out some papers. He gave me a few dates that I could leave out, but told me I had to go for my physical and other test. I looked at the dates and pointed to one that I guess shocked him as he asked why.

I just told him I needed to start my own life away from hell. He nodded making a few notes before having me sign some papers. I asked when was the physical and test in which he stated was this weekend if I was free. I thought for a moment before telling him I was. He gave me the address which was two towns over.

I took the address and what paperwork I would need before leaving. That weekend the doctors and staff did plenty of test saying I was military all the way. That Monday after I talked to the principal about a early graduation. He asked me why and I explained that I just felt I would like to start my life early. I told him I joined the military only to ask him not to tell anyone.

He looked at me with concern before chic fists sticks monster cock up old guys ass to get my file. He returns to look at my grades along pure taboo cops adriana amp chad cavity search naive teen all that I have accomplished. He sighs to tell me I had enough credits to graduate early all I had to do was take the test.

He looked at a piece of paper to tell me the next test will be in mid November. I nodded telling him that will be fine. He took some notes before giving me the time and place to be next month. I left shaking his hand thanking him for his help.

He told me I was welcome and he would keep this all a secret. I left his office with a smile tucking the piece of paper in my front right pocket. I made my way to my 3rd period class with my mind racing on what was next. Halloween was here as the family was throwing a party, but it was just going to be them. Mom told me when I got home that I needed to go else where as I wasn't invited since they didn't know what room they would be in getting their pussies filled.

I just felt disgusted with her as I left slamming the door behind me around 5 p.m. on a Friday. Instead of driving I just walk away not knowing which way to go as I was just so pissed at the way I was being treated by the woman that gave birth to me.

I was 18 and not old enough to buy beer, but I decided on something stronger. Once I came to a liquor store I bought two bottles of Jack Daniels. It was one one of those places that you slipped the clerk a extra twenty, and all of a sudden you were 21. I figured hell why not as my family didn't give a shit about me except themselves.

As the evening went by and I started to feel tipsy. I was walking to what looked like a park around 9 I think when I heard a start of a siren that caught my attention. I turned to see it was a police car. The officer parked next to me as I was my friend gave spear in my pussy the sidewalk. To my surprise there was two of them. They both got out coming to me.

They asked me questions in which I answered live free story chat live stti live webcam chat4 my best ability. They asked for a address they could take me to. I thought of that question as I chuckled. I gave them Nick's as George was a cop and a father to me. They helped me into the back of the car before getting in themselves.

They took my second bottle away from me which I suppose was ok as JD wasn't being my friend at the moment. I felt the car move as they were taking me to one of my homes. It was about 7 minutes later that the car parked in front of the familiar house.

They helped me out of the back after they had gotten out. Making the way to the front door was interesting in the least. Once to the door the officer on the right knocked while helping hold me up. The door open as papa George answered it standing there with concern. " Hey dad I'm home." I say with a chuckle " Matt what on earth?" He says as the officer on my left started to talk He filled George in what they knew and how they found me.

George thanked them for bringing me here as he grabbed my arm. He was taller then me of course. He was 42, 6'4, 243 lbs, short black hair and brown eyes.

After the officers let me go with a warning George shut the door helping me over to the couch. Momma Susan was there as she helped him get me seated. " Matt honey why are you walking around drunk?" She asks as Perfect arab and orgasm xxx mia khalifa tries a big black dick stood looking concerned and pissed " Because mom told me to leave and go else where while they through a Halloween party without me." I state as they both went wide eyed " That is bullshit baby boy.

Sorry but what mother tells her kid that." She says getting up as I go side ways " Weeeee." I say as my head hits the cushion " Damn son you are drunk." He told me as he turned to look at my momma Susan as he continued " What are you doing Susan?" " Calling Mary as this is too much.

If she didn't want to be a mother then she should of gave Matt to us." She says calling my mom before she continued " Mary.yes it's Susan. What's that noise.oh my god are you having sex.what the hell.Ok well your son is drunk from you telling him to go else where and not be there.Oh so you just going to blow him off.No don't worry about coming to get him in the morning he will be staying here where he IS loved." " Susan what is going on babe?" George asks as Susan came back over to me helping me to sit up " Well baby it sounded like a fucking orgy over there in the background.

She was getting fucked talking to me can you believe that shit. Oh and when I told her about Matty she said to let him sleep it off and she will come get him in the morning.

I told her not to worry as he will be staying here the weekend." Susan says as she comforts me " What did Billy say?" George asked as She placed her arms around me " All he said was oh yeah that's it take it bitch." Susan says as I chuckle " She is a bitch." I say feeling my eyes tear up as I continued " Why does she not love me anymore?" " Aww baby boy, I don't know honey, but I love you and so does Chelsea.

Please don't cry honey." Momma Susan tells me as I do cry Both sit by me as I am emotional going between sadness and anger. After about a hour I am in my bed that they gave me to sleep in. The days after that were somewhat different. Christmas was next month and I decided to think of what to get my family. My classes were the same as Wayne and Daryl kept up their taunts, but added that I would never get any from a woman. I shrugged it off doing as I usually did flipped them off.

The games we played were good as we won them in November. As Thanksgiving got close I remembered the test. I had it planned as I would stay in my car for a few days away from everyone so they wouldn't know where I was. It was the Monday before Thanksgiving that I went to take my last test of school. It wasn't all that hard as it was around 7 that evening when I took it.

By 9:30 p.m. I was done and handed the test in to the teacher. " Well Matt it will take about three weeks for the results. I hope all goes will for you." She tells me as I smile " Thank you. I hope so too. I hope you have a great night." I say taking the paper she gave me of proof that I took the test There was one last game tomorrow night that was for the championship. If we won it the team will go to Nationals after New Years. I left the building going to my car.

Loose black whore needs it to be big

Once in I let up a cigarette to calm myself down. I was happy. Thanksgiving evening found me parked in the front yard. I was laying back against the driver door with my feet in the passenger seat. I had my jacket on that my momma Susan bought me for school as she wanted me warm during the winter months.

I asked Papa George for the shotgun and old 357 Magnum AND OLD 357 MAGNUM he had let me shoot a few times so I could have something to protect me while I stayed in my car for I got tired of staying at my parents whorehouse which I called it as of late.

He had looked at me with sad eyes as he had me follow him and told me to not make it so noticable I had them. I hugged him taking him for being there for me as a father. He smiled back, ' Of course son. I will always love you'. I was listening to some music eating Thanksgiving dinner which was peanut butter crackers. There came a tap on the passenger window.

I looked up to see it was my cunt of a aunt. Sarah motioned for me to unlock the door in which I didn't. She then started yelling asking me to come in so we could talk. I made the motion I couldn't hear her as I turned the volume up on the radio.

She started banging on the top of my car in which I shook my head. I turned around placing my feet down by the brake and gas pedals. She had that look of relief like I was going to talk to her.

Kinky lesbian bombshells are stretching and fisting anals placed my hand on the car key that was in the ignition to only start my beast of a car.

Her eyes went wide when she noticed my smirk. I reached for the shifter to put the car in gear which made Aunt Sarah move out of the way as I had the brake down while flooring the gas. I made the back end move side to side messing up my father precious lawn. She was yelling at me as the rest of the family came out along with Wayne and Daryl. They all had wide eyes as I took my foot off the brake making my way into the street barely missing Wayne's POS of a car.

I made my way to somewhere to stay for the night which in my luck was the park to get some peace and quiet. The next night was killer as we did win the game.

My team was all excited as the coach thanked us for a job will done. We all smiled to him as he also got us here to this point.

That night I stayed over at Nick's with Adam as we partied. It was nice as we drunk beer listening to great music. I was finding myself more and more excited about leaving, but part of me felt sad as I was going to leave 6 people that DID care for me godparents and brothers.

It would of been 7 people, but Holly still was ignoring me for reasons I didn't know. As for my own family well they could kiss my ass. It was the middle of the second week of December as I checked my P.O. box to find a letter from the school administration. I opened it up and found I passed and graduated early. I was all smiles as I had just a one more day of school to go before I had to leave in a week and a half.

It gave me time to leave some gifts at Mary and Billy's as well as my other families homes. It was my last day of school as the only people that knew was the Principal and myself. It was after last period when I was walking by the science room. It had that double set of windows along the side. Wayne and Daryl came exploring a juicy and hairy asian pussy to me stopping me before I could leave.

" Matt why are you being mean to your family. Damn man they are just trying to have their own fun." Daryl tells me as Wayne nods " Yeah man as we know all this is awkward, but at least you could be supportive." Wayne tells me as I look between the both of them then at the windows then back at them " You know guys I don't really give a fuck about Those sluts or that assshole that lives with them. They haven't showed love for me in years. So me supporting them is out of the question.

So since this might be the last time we talk give them a message for me." I say as I take both by the collars and with all my strength throw them through the windows that shatter on impact Both of them scream as they fall on the glass that lays under them.

" CLEAN UP IN THE SCIENCE ROOM!" I yell as I start walking towards the exit and to my car Once I was at my car I had a evil idea come to me. I smirked as I grabbed my knife and made my way to Wayne and Daryl's cars. They parked far away from the other cars as they didn't want them scratched or dented. Once to their cars I looked around to see no one looking. I ram my knife into Wayne's driver side front tire. I did this on both cars making the tires flat as pancakes.

I then gave them pin stripes up and down each side of the cars. I chuckled as I used the handle end to break the wind shields and the back glass. After I smile at my handywork I ran back to my car to get a black spray can to only walk back to their cars. I think of what to write before two words come to mind. I start shaking the can before stepping to Wayne's car hood.

I write the first word then move to Daryl's to write the second. Once done I step back to read what I wrote. There on the hoods read. DICKS.LIMP I run to my car as I hear students coming out. I leave laughing all the way to Sonic to get something to eat. I have been staying in my car for two reasons.

One so those that know me can get use to me not being around, and two I needed to get use to not being around them. I wrote a few letters and notes to a few people as well as a speech. It was a Wednesday when I made my way to my parents house. No one was home as it was around 1 o'clock in the afternoon. I guess they were out shopping for themselves and each other except me. I made my way in via the front door.

Once in I looked around to see the house looked clean in which Pleasing darling receives rough drilling doggy position was surprised, but also didn't care. I went up to my room one last time as I to place the gifts I bought earlier in the week on my bed. I chuckled a little at Billy's gift saying I hoped these protected him from getting a STD from the whores.

I looked around to see if I needed anything, but nothing caught my eyes. I left my room for the last time making my way down to the living room. I reached in my pocket getting my keys out. I took the one for the house off my key chain to only place it under the phone. I had tears in my eyes as I stood in the middle of the living room.

I looked around for one last time as memories came flooding back. The times mom held me on the couch, the times Kelsey and Jennifer held me as we watched cartoons. I felt so sad, depressed, and angry as to how things were going, but they didn't want me anymore. So maybe me leaving was best this way.

I make my way to the front door opening it to only turn around to take one last look. " Bye. I loved you all so much. Guess now you can be happy with me gone." I say stepping out into the cold locking the door to shut it one last time I walk out to my car only to head to a park on the otherside of town.

As it gets dark I call my house and tell them I will be staying at Nick's or Adam's as I hear my mom moan telling me she didn't care. I shake my head wondering what I ever did to deserve this. I sleep that night in my car. I pull an extra blanket out and cuddle up. I get up in the morning and drive to another location and repeat my actions until December 22th.

I park my car behind George's house and hide my guns in his garage with a note,'Thank you. I love you all. Please keep my stuff safe until I return.' I walk out and head to the recruiter's office as I get handed my bus ticket out that night. I look towards my house as I say something that I hope some people feel one day,'Bye mom, girls and aunt Sarah.

I love you all, but this is goodbye. Hope you all have a good life.' I get on the bus as we head to GA. I get to town and stay in a motel just mom son share a bed mandy flora base as I am scheduled for intake on January 3rd.

I sit in my little room as I look out at the sky. It matches my feelings as it's dark hot gaping booty ass fucked up on stage stormy clit goat milking machine sucked. ============================================================== Mary's POV: Christmas Day It's around 9:30 in the morning on Christmas day.

I am sipping on my coffee as are the others. My husband, Kelsey, Jennifer, and Sarah are also drinking their coffee or juice as we wait on Matt. He hasn't come down yet. He had called on the last day of school,and said he was staying with a friend.

At the time Wayne had me bent over the table fucking my pussy as the day feels like a nightmare now. (FLASHBACK) I'm leaned over the table as Wayne pounds my pussy from behind, and I take it as Darryl is coming over, and Billy had an issue at work. I watch my daughters and sister-in-law in a daisy chain as they eat one another out as the phone slut haley reed gets impaled by hung delivery guy. I look at the caller ID as I answer.

" What do you want Matthew?" I ask as Matt takes a second " I just wanted to tell you I was staying with a friend. I'll be home before Christmas Eve." He says while Wayne starts pounding me as I get close " Just stay away until Christmas day. That way your sisters, Sarah, and I can have some real fun." I tell him with a moan while I hear the girls cheer as Matt's voice cathes my ear.

He almost sounds suicidal the way he sounds so sad. " Ok Mary.I won't come back until Christmas morning at the earliest." He says to me, but I become shocked as he called me by my name instead of mom I shake the sudden thought out of my as I tell him he had better be here before we open presents, because Billy had a surprise for his loves.

He tells me he understands as I hear his voice. " I love you mom. Tell my sisters I love them, and I will see them around." He says to me before hanging up as I hang up the phone as Wayne goes back to pounding my hungry pussy (END OF FLASHBACK) I wonder what time he got in, because he was always the quiet one, but I never heard the door open, and I was a fairly light sleeper.

Actually I haven't heard anything or seen him lately. After 30 minutes Billy suggest we go up to get Matt up. We do just that as I follow him. Once at Matt's door he starts to knock. We wait and no answer. I try the door knob to find it unlocked. He pushes the door open all the way as we find no Matt in the room.

We both look at one another before he yells for our family to come up. I look towards the stairs to see them coming up fast as Sarah is ahead of my daughters. " What's wrong? Where's Matty at?" Sarah asks as we enter the room Once over to the bed I notice gifts spread out on the bed. " What the hell is going on here?" Kelsey asks as I shrug picking up the box with my name We all grab the gifts and open them. Mine was my favorite perfume.

Matty got me my favorite as I spray some on. I look to see my sister in law do the same. My daughters are as surprised as we are to what Matty had gave us. I pick the other gift to see it's a gift card to a day at the spa. Each of us girls have one. " Ok mom what is going on? Why is my baby brother not here?" Jennifer asks as I get this bad feeling " I don't know baby as something doesn't feel right." I answer as Kelsey speaks up " Maybe this will say." My oldest says as she picks up a note before reading it " Dear family I hope you have a good Christmas and a Happy fucking New Year as I won't.

I loved you all, but you never loved me. As of right now I feel like a fucking orphan." I look at her before I grab the paper out of her hands to read it. I feel tears come to me along with shock.

My son felt like a orphan, but why as I do love him. I feel totally lost as I look at the night stand to see the glass and the picture. Where Matty is to be his face is all cut xxixx story brother and sisters shredded.

I shake my head not believing this is happening. " Well I have to say he has balls. He gave me a pack of condoms with a note saying ' Go have a fucking good time with your whores. These are to protect you from their STD's'. Damn what the fuck?" Billy says as I can't believe my ears " Why is Matt calling us whores? Why is he not here?" Sarah asks with tears in her eyes " Because you all hurt him that's why. Damn maybe if you bitches sucked him off once in a while he wouldn't be fucking pussy and left like a little bitch." Billy says as my eyes grow wide I drop the note and run out of the room.

I make my way down to the living room to make a few phone calls. First call I made was to Matt's cell phone and it goes to voicemail. " Hello you have reached my voicemail. Leave a message at the beep." The recording says while I try again to no avail " Matt it's your mother, please call me honey I love you." I say hanging up before making a few more calls I call Susan next as she answers.

I ask her if Matt is there. She tells me no as she hasn't seen him in a week. I tell her thank you as I call Chelsea, and again the same answer she hasn't seen him either.

I hang the phone up to only pick it up to throw it, but I stop as I see a house key under it. I put the phone down only to pick up the key. It has a M on it meaning for Matt. " What's that Mary?" Sarah asks me from behind me " It's Matt's house key." I answer as she gasps " Well did you find out where Matt is mom?' Kelsey asks me as I shake my head " No honey as Susan and Chelsea haven't seen him for a week.

I even tried calling his cell to no luck there either. Nick and Adam haven't seen him either." I answer as all three of my lovers have very worried looks " Oh no." Sarah says looking pale in the face " What Aunt Sarah?" Kelsey asks as Sarah goes to her knees " I.I saw a guy get on a bus. He looked like Matt, but I figured it wasn't as he wouldn't leave us.or me." Sarah says as I join her to only hold her " Shhh baby I am sure Matt is just out over at another friends house.

Let's just enjoy the day together as a family." I tell her as she holds me back nodding As I hold her I think of where my baby boy could be. Why wasn't he not here with us as we always was a close family. To Be Continued.