Girlsoutwest busty lesbians at the car park

Girlsoutwest busty lesbians at the car park
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Amy's first time. chapter 3 copyright 2006 I thought I was dreaming at first. I sat up and rubbed my cock and looked at Amy. Yes there she was standing in the doorway naked. "Come on get up before breakfast gets cold." Amy said as she motioned for me to follow her.

I shouted, " I gotta go piss and shower." I headed for the bathroom and started the shower, pissed and climbed in the shower. I heard the phone ring hot russian natasha entertained before hard fuck figured Amy would answer it, so continued my shower. Amy pulled the shower door open a crack and said "it's for you." I turned the water off grabbed a towel to wrap around me and took the phone.

"Hello!" Candi said "Hi Honey I just wanted to hear your voice. I told Amy her grandma is in CCU and the doctor says the next couple of days are critical. Do you have to work today or can you and Amy bring me a change of clothes?" " I can call my foreman and tell him I won't be there til later. I guess the rain has stopped huh?" Candi said " Yes it has. Is everything ok? Amy isn't giving you a hard time is she?" "No hon she is fine she has even fixed breakfast for us.

I will call work and we should be there in a little while. Does Amy know what you want?" I asked because I had no idea what clothes she would need or want. "Put her back on and I will tell her what to bring.

She fixed breakfast you said? First time for everything." Candi said and then chuckled. I yelled for Amy to get the phone then said " Hon we will be there as soon as we can, Lov ya!

see you when we get there. Bye Hon! " Amy picked up and I hung up so I could return to the living room and dress. I would have to go by home and shave and change hot bodied babe riding masseurs hard pecker before going to the hospital.

I walked into the kitchen after dressing and Amy was setting at the table naked talking to her mom. "Yes mom, No mom, I will, Yes I know which ones you want.

He fell asleep on the sofa and slept there." Then she put her finger to her lips motioning me to be quite. " I slept in my room mom. I know mom. Eggs and sausage and toast. I scrambled them. I didn't ask. Ok mom. No mom I was in my room asleep. His pants and shirt. No mom, I woke him up just before you called. I have on my jeans and Barbie shirt, why? Oh I know mom. Mom breakfast is getting cold. Ok love you too. I will bye." As soon as she hung up the phone she started smiling at me and said " You won't believe what mom asked hot babe gets anal creampie at casting. She wanted to know where you slept last night, Then she asked where I slept and what time you fell asleep.

And she even asked if you slept with your clothes on, and if you came into my room to wake me.Then I had to tell her what I was wearing, so I told her what I will have on later." Then she laughed and added "After you make love to me again, OK?" It was more of a statement then a question.

That's when I remembered to remind her about the morning after pill. "I took it as soon as I got up." was her reply. We ate breakfast and as soon as I swallowed the last of my coffee Amy grabbed my hand and pulled me toward the living room. I thought to myself, What the hell have I started here?

This girl is fast becoming a cum slut. As we reached the couch she said "Bob please take it slow I am sore." I looked down at her and my hard cock started throbbing in my pants.

I asked " Are you sure you want to do it again?" She didn't answer instead she spread her legs and held her arms out to me.

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I knew this was wrong and then thought "A stiff cock has no. What the fuck ever." I climbed on Amy and eased my cock into her.

No fore play or anything I wanted my cocked in her now. She moaned partly from being sore and partly from my entering her. I did as she asked and went slow at first but when her moans became louder and she dug her nails into my back I started fucking her with everything I had.

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She screamed "OOOH FUUUUUCK!" and I came at the same time. I rolled off her and tried to catch my breath. She rolled on her side and kissed me and wispered "I wish I could have you always." I told her she could as long as we made sure no one ever found out.

"I won't say a word" she said and got up to get ready after kissing me again. I lay there for a minute thinking about everything that had happened the past few days.

I was falling in love with Amy's mom and was also fucking Amy. I thought what could be better. Without realizing it my cock had become hard and was standing to attention and my pants where still down around my ankles. "HOLLY SHIT! ARE YOU FUCKING STUPID?" Lynn was standing in the doorway and looking mad as hell. A million thoughts raced through my head. Would she call the cops? Would she tell Candi?

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What would happen to Amy? How could I explain any of this? Then Lynn said "Bob how the hell could you do something like this to her? If Candi knew you had fucked Amy she would cut your dick off and feed it to you! You jav taytli sekreter pornosu turkce altyazili damn lucky it was me that saw you two and not some one else." I just sat there and kept my mouth shut.

Hell I had no idea what to say any way. She looked at me then she motioned for me to get up. "Look I will talk to Amy and make sure she keeps her mouth shut so you don't end up getting killed over this.

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One thing more though after I talk to her we need to discuss what you will say to Candi. She is sure to notice a change in Amy, mom's always do!" With that she walked up the stairs and I stood there and pulled my pants up feeling dumbfounded I didn't know what to do. Stay put or haul my ass out of there as fast as possible.

I was racking my brain trying to figure out a way to get out of this mess without loosing Candi or Amy. I had reached the conclusion I wanted both of them to be in my life and in my bed. But the way it looked I wasn't going to get either one, I would probably end up in jail or worse from what Lynn had said. About five minutes later Lynn and Amy came down the stairs. Amy didn't look like she had been crying and Lynn didn't look as mad as she had at first.

She said in a normal voice "Bob set down so we can talk." I more or less just slumped down on the couch and to my surprise Amy sat down next to me and kissed me and said "IT'S OK!" Lynn then sat down on the other side of me and told me to be quite while she made a phone call to Candi. She called Candi and as soon as she answered she said "Candi, Bob had to go by his work and it will be a couple hours before he come to the hospital and bring your things.

I am going to have Amy with me and we are going to met Bob at his place when he calls. Yes Amy already has your things packed. Sure I will tell her to get those also.

Is mom doing better? Oh ok, I love you and will see you in a few hours. Yes sis I will tell Bob to call you as soon as he can.

Bye." Then she turned to me and said " Now tell me exactly what happened between you two." I sat there and repeated what i had said to Candi about walking into the wrong room and how Amy had walked in on me and then I explained how Amy and i made love the first time.

As soon as I said that Lynn spoke up and said "enough." Amy do you think brunette teen fucked anal on webcam homemade amateur was worth it? Do you know what could have happened to you?" Before Amy could answer Lynn said " Ok you two here is how it's going to be.

I called Candi and gave her an excuse as to why you won't be there for awhile. The three of us are going to Bob's house and when we get there he is going to bed with us both.

I have wanted to taste that pussy of yours for a long time Amy and by God I will today." Amy turned red and hung her head, and I sat there with my mouth hanging open.

"Bob I have already told Candi I was going to fuck you first chance I got and I get you today too. Any questions? Amy your mom and i have been taking care of each other since we were teens. I promise you will love it." I opened my big mouth and asked "What about Candi? How can we do this and not let her know? If she finds out it will." Lynn said "Bob I am not stupid she will be told when the time is right and she will except the idea with open arms, trust me!" We drove to my place and when we got inside Lynn said " Closed the blinds and both of you strip." She had already started taking her clothes off.

I watched as her and Amy seemed to race to see who could get out of their clothes first. I closed the blinds and removed my clothes. I stared at Lynn who was much like her sister and niece except she had dark hair and a trimmed bush.

A nice triangle of hair pointing to her opening. She walked over to Amy and led her to the convertible sleeper couch. She pulled it out and pushed Amy on it. She motioned me over and started kissing Girl gets punished for messing with taken man cireman and playing with her tits.

She moaned as she sucked Amy's tit into her mouth and ran her fingers up and down the opening of her young pussy.

I slid in behind Lynn and laid down so I could get to her pussy. I reached up and placed a finger over her hole and rubbed her clit between my thumb and finger. She was wet as hell and I leaned up and ran my sunny levine first time saxe story across her lips.

She pushed back against my face and I ate her and sucked her juices into my mouth. After several minutes of eating her out I raised up and entered her from behind. I could see she had her fingers deep inside Amy and was sucking her clit.

Amy was humping herself into Lynn's face and looked like she was in heaven. I rammed into Lynn and couldn't help but compare the three women. Lynn wasn't as tight as either Candi or Amy but she was able to contract her muscles and squeeze my cock as I pumped into her. I didn't last long and exploded into her.

As my cock started to shrink I slid out of her and Lynn moaned deep into Amy's pussy. I laid down where I could see both of them. Lynn continued until Amy screamed so loud I thought for sure the neighbor would hear her. Then we all lay together for several minutes. Amy broke the silence " Bob do you like mom, me, or Lynn better?" Thank God I didn't have to answer that one because Lynn spoke up "Amy each of us have something for Bob to love. He may love Candi but he can still enjoy what we offer him too.

Besides who cares as long as we get him and now each other." I promised your mom I wouldn't touch you until I knew you were ready. After this morning I knew you were. Your mom may want you also but that will have to wait til she excepts everything." "Oh what does that mean, except what?" Amy asked. Lynn laughed and explained. " Amy she has to be told that you and Bob have fucked and I ate your pussy while Bob fucked me cartoon xxxxx by debor vabi she has to except the fact that both of us will want to fuck Bob again and be with each other too." Then she turned to me and bent down and licked my cock before sucking it into her mouth to bring it back to life.

I leaned forward and kissed Amy and rubbed her tits then she rolled over to where her head was between Lynn's legs and stuck her tongue out to flick the tip of her tongue over Lynn's pussy. It only took a second before she was licking and sucking the mixed juices of myself and Lynn from her pussy. Lynn stopped sucking me to let out a loud moan and I took the opportunity to get behind Amy and enter her wet young pussy. I didn't take my time, I just started pounding away at her pussy. I gathered some juice from her pussy on my finger and pushed it into her virgin ass.

she pulled away a little but I pulled her back sticking my finger all the way in. I slowly fucked her as with my finger and then pulled it out and spit on it. I rubbed it into her virgin hole and then pulled my cock from her pussy. I think she knew what I was about to do because she became real still as I lined my cock up with her ass. I pushed forward and the head split her ring and popped inside.

She tensed up and I told her to relax it wouldn't hurt but a minute. She relaxed and I slid in further, Inch by inch I worked my cock into her until I had it all the way into my balls. I slowly pulled back then pushed forward. I did this a few times and then started to pick up speed. I heard Amy moan and her whole body shook with an orgasm. I soon followed shooting my load deep in her bowels.

We each fucked a couple more times and then showered and got ready to go to the hospital where Candi waited. Wonder what chapter 4 will bring. Chapter 4 coming soon. A new twist is added.