Sunny leone xxx fuking waptrick story download

Sunny leone xxx fuking waptrick story download
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Chapter 9 The football player said, "Err, what you got in mind?" "What do you think, big boy? What's your name by the way?" said Bobbi. "Err, Fred?" said Fred. "Don't you know?" said Boibbi.

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"Uh, I'm definitely Fred. I'm a virgin… and you're the pokemon nurse joy xxx story beautiful woman I have ever seen." said Fred. "Well, the first makes me sad for you and happy for me. The second thing is very nice for you to say, but not, I hope, the reason you're here with me.

Not so pretty girls like to fuck too." Said Bobbi. "Mam, I would fuck you if you were ugly… You're so nice." Said Fred showing some intelligence. "Well, let's see what we can do about your problem. First, take off all your clothes. See, I am already doing mine." Said Bobbi. Fred's clothes began coming off like magic. Underneath them, he was solid muscle and his penis was at least average, and pointing straight at the ceiling. Bobbi reached down and touched it, "Nice", she said.

She was already getting wet. "Damn, he's too tall for me to fuck him standing up, and it is his first time. The main thing is to keeping extreme big cock compilation and dirty music video sophia leone gets it the way she wants from coming the instant his penis enters my pussy." She thought. She reached out and stoked his penis.

"Does this feel OK?" She said, trying to get him used to her touch. "Do you jack off." She asked idly. "Yes, mam! A couple of times a day." He said. "That's good, did you jack off today?" Bobbi said, genuinely interested. "Yes, mam! Twice, once this morning, and once just before I came to the party.

Someone told me that if I did get lucky, it would help me keep from coming too fast." "Well, it was good advice. Think about the multiplication tables while you are fucking me. Quick, what's 7 times 8." Bobbi said. "56". Fred said. "Correct! For your prize, you get to fuck me doggy style." She said, and bent over and put her elbows on the bed, making her pussy visible from the back "Stick it in, and you don't need to be gentile, I'm not a virgin.

Remember, no wham, bam, thank you, mam. Multiplication tables, right? What's 9 times 8?" "72", Fred said as he walked up to her, and looked at her swollen labia, and wet, tight vagina. He couldn't believe what was happening.

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But he bent his knees some, pulled down his hard penis and placed the head of his penis right at the mouth of her vagina, touching it. "OK?" he said. "That's the right place. Put in in me, now!" said Bobbi. He immediately slid his penis into her wet, hot vagina. "Oh My God, that feels so good." He said. "38" he said. "38, what's that?

Bobbi said. "2 tiimes 19. 19's a prime number. I decided to think about products of prime. I didn't want to come too quickly. What's the next higher prime number than 19" said Bobbi. "23, but the idea is me to come and you not to.

Say, how do you know prime numbers? I'm good at math, and I'm planning to major in engineering when I go to college." Said Fred. "Good, but start stoking a little faster, I am starting to build up. Oh shit, I'm coming. Smart guys make me come. Wow, that's really great. Now slow down, but stay in me.

I want to come again. She said, "On second thought, Pull out, and I will turn over." He did. "Quick, put it back in me." She said. And she wrapped her legs around his waist. He picked her up from the bed, deep inside her, and spun around and put her against the wall, and started thrusting in her, in earnest.

"Oh, Oh, Oh, I'm coming again, she said, and gripped him even tighter around the waist. She was holding her big breasts against him, rubbing her nipples against his chest, and moaning loudly.

Fred forgot the multiplication tables, as he felt her vagina pulsing on his penis. It was too much to stand, and he came too. Loudly. "Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. I'll never jack off again.

This is so much better." He said. Well, maybe some… I wouldn't have lasted this long if I hadn't!" "Fred, are you sure that this was your first time? Never mind, I believe you, you get the gold seal of approval. If we see each other again, I will teach you about foreplay, and after play and all sorts of play. You really did great today, but there is more to learn. It isn't all about the fucking." Said Bobbi. With that, they exchanged numbers, and went down stairs.

"I will see you again sometime. You are an apt pupil, Fred, but I'm here with someone else, and I don't want to make him too jealous. I will give you a call when I am back in town." Said Bobbi. She walked to the dance floor, and cut in to dance with me. She whispered into my ear. "That Fred is something else. You'll have to try him out when you are Janine." "Good to know", I said, "I thought he was just a dumb jock." "Have you had a math class with him?

Did you know he WAS a virgin?" Said Bobbi. "He was, you say?" I said. "I fixed that. Does he have a girlfriend?" said Bobbi. "He may not.

She looked a little steamed when he went upstairs with you." I said. "Good, is she one of those stuck up cheerleaders? If she sticks with him, she is probably going to get a big shock." Bobbi said. "He was a quick study." Frank walked up. "How're things going?" "Well, I fucked June", I said. "But it wasn't exactly sweet babe angel del rey getting horny smalltits hardcore revenge fuck.

More of a Thank you for cumming the best in your life, have a nice day fuck. I don't think she has ever had anything but a wham, bam, thank you mam, type of fuck before. Wasn't hard to top that. She probably has never come before while fucking. I did not leave her thinking I was coming back for more, though." "I fucked Phoebe", said Frank.

"She is clearly one of those stick up her butt, I deserve only the very best, I am better than everyone else types of girls. I gave her the very best, left her wanting more, and made sure she knew I was totally out of her league, and not interested in anything but fucking her. Probably was a revenge fuck for the way I was treated when I was a teenager. Damn, it felt good." "I made love to Fred, and it was incredible fun." Said Bobbi.

"He turned out to be a virgin and very nice. I took his virginity. There was fucking involved, but some nice byplay, considering the short time we had to do the dirty deed. He got to fuck me in two different positions, and came in me standing up against the wall.

I've decided that at least some big muscular guys are fun to fuck. He only had an average dick, but it made no difference. It filled me up." He will hear from me again, if I can make it happen. And I highly recommend him to you two." "What, you don't want to keep him for yourself?" I said. "Of course not. That is only the first guy I am fucking tonight." Said Bobbi. "But I suggest you not try him out tonight. He seemed totally straight to me." "Yeah, right.

Like I would suck a cock!" I said. "Well, you did the other night." Said Bobbi. "That's different, I was a girl." I said. "Well, I might", said Frank, totally surprising me. "What's the difference if you are a boy or a girl? But I won't tonight. It would make things here too complicated." So having talked about blonde and brunette share a dick pornstars and hardcore adventures so far, Frank and I grabbed girls around us, and swung on to the floor.

I, for one, was hoping to complete at least a few dances before going back up stairs. Bill grabbed Bobbi and took her on to the dance floor. Dance training doesn't get you very far, when you are two feet apart, and gyrating like idiots, but they were having fun. I could see by the gleam in Bobbi's eye that she was considering thanking the host as sincerely as possible. Sure enough, Bill took Bobbi up the stairs, and right to the Master bedroom, which had been locked.

Of course, he had the key. They went inside, and Bill dead bolted the door, which did not make Bobbi uncomfortable, since she actually knew Bill very well.

Not, that Bill knew that Bobbi was also Bobby from school. Bobbi made no pretense of being shy, and shucked off her clothes in an instant. Bill was not far behind her. Bill had a rather small penis, but Bobby already knew that from gym class, and was prepared to make allowances and compensate.

They both got on the bed, and Bobbi put Bill's penis in his mouth. It rapidly grew a fair amount bigger. "Well, Kinsey said that small penises often increased in size more when they got erect. Another scientific statement demonstrated in real life, and a nice surprise." Bobbi thought.

The best part was that it little girl and grandpa sex a size that she could comfortably deep throat.

Not that she could breath, but she had learned that lesson. She also had found that she could hold her breath a lot longer when she was coming. So it was very pleasant stroking his penis in and out of her throat. Inhaling and exhaling when it was out of her throat, and holding her breath when it was in. The penis was a nice diameter. She could easily put her lips around it without touching it with her teeth.

She enjoyed pushing his penis in, until her mouth touched its base and even a little farther. The sensation of it sliding down her throat really turned her on, not that she had a clitoris hidden down there like the apocryphal lady in "Deep Throat", but the accomplishment of doing a good deep throat was highly arousing. Meanwhile, down below at her pussy, Bill, was learning his way around a pussy. He had not done this much before, but he was a fast learner.

He quickly found that licking the right places on her pussy was rewarded by more enthusiastic cock sucking. He licked up and down from the clitoris to her vagina, occasionally sticking his rather long tongue in her and wiggling it around. With his penis down her throat, Bobbi wasn't shouting cries of appreciation, but her occasional mumbles sounded very appreciative. He didn't know what "Mhmmm, mhmmm, mhmmm" meant but since she didn't seem interested in spitting his penis out to say something, he wasn't going to complain.

He decided he could go like this for hours, except that his balls seemed to be tightening up for some event. Pretty soon, it became clear that the event was coming. He began shouting, "I'm coming, I'm coming, I'm coming, but Bobbi didn't seem to be hearing the warning. She just kept sucking him deeper into her throat. He started shooting out cum, one burst, two, three, four.

Was she going to drown? How long could she hold her breath? But then she slipped his penis out of her throat, and received burst five in her mouth. She slipped him entirely out, and sent the rest of his cum down her throat with the previous shots.

Then she took a few breaths. "That was really great, I came too. I didn't know I could come from feeling cum shot down my throat." Bobbi said. Then, Bobbi got up and started getting dressed. "You too, Bill.

We don't want to be away from the party too long. If you want to fuck me, we can do it later." She said. Bill started putting on clothes too. "That was pretty incredible. That was the best blow job I have ever had, not that I have had that many, and I sure enjoyed eating your pussy, not that I have done more than one or two." Bill said. Bobbi translated out the last remark to indicate that he really had done one, because at that level, you don't lose count, but… she honestly told him, "You may not have done many, but you sure are a quick learner.

That was great." Then they walked back down stairs, as he said to Bobbi, rather loudly "I'm glad I could give you a tour of the house." I avoided grinning, as I thought "yeah, right." Bobbi walked back to me.

"Well, that turned out nice too. I think the mean girls must control the social situation around here to a certain extent, because the guys seem to be pretty nice." she said. classy ebony goddess pleases her lovers huge black schlongub mins, I said, Bill has always seemed OK.

"It didn't occur to me that the girls were causing us to be left out, but it makes sense. Why do you think we have become popular? "I think that Janine and I being so hot, and classy, speaking objectively, of course, the boys forced the girls to accept us. Anyway, sweet babe bunny baby gets pussy pounded in public for cash works for me." Said Bobbi. "Frank being so good looing and well dressed, and being older, more or less, motivates the girls to accept him, at least until he steps on too many of them like bugs.

Of course, he probably doesn't care if he gets a return invite. Say, what is he up to right now?" "I saw him walk upstairs with Julie. What has she done to get his ire? She's pretty nice." I said… Frank and Julie went upstairs, and found an empty bedroom.

Julie looked a little uncomfortable, and Frank asked "You don't look happy. What's up?" Julie said, mom son share a bed mandy flora thought this would be easy, but I don't know." Frank said, "What are you concerned about?

I'm not going to force you to do anything." "My boyfriend and I just broke up, and I am probably up here for the wrong reasons." Said Julie. "You want to go back down stairs? It's OK." Said Frank. Julie immediately broke into tears. "I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to cry. It's just that I wanted to feel attractive to somebody. I'm a virgin, and my boyfriend didn't like that, and I wanted him to make loved to me, and he didn't seem to like that. I've been wanting to make love for so long, and I've been so horny, and I'm afraid to touch myself, because my parents say it's wrong…" and she burst into more tears.

"Here I'm been a man for only a matter of days, and I've hit the nutcase trifecta." Thought Frank.

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Then he said, "What your parents said was wrong. No one had the right to tell you that you can't touch yourself. In fact, nature's way for you to learn what arouses you, and how you respond to intimate touch is masturbation and don't let anyone tell you different." "But, I was hoping to find someone who could help me learn, and you're so good looking and mature, that I thought you might be the one." Said Julie. "Oh, fine, I'm a tutor now, or maybe a sex therapist." Thought Frank, but did not say it out loud.

Instead, he said, "Well, maybe I can. Do you want me to?" "Oh yes, I would like that very much. Do you mind?" she said. "Here it is every man's pipe dream, and I 'm actually a woman!" thought Frank. "I don't mind. You are very attractive and sexy, but do you mind taking off all of your clothes?" Rather than answer, Julie started stripping.

In seconds she was nude, It turned out that she was big busted, with a small waist and a beautiful butt Frank did the stripped down to his t-shirt. "Wow, you are ripped, and you have a much bigger penis than my boyfriend, will that cause a problem?" Said Julie. "Not if I take it slow, and do it right. You do know that it hurts when I break your hymen?" said Frank. "Call it a cock or a dick; penis sounds too clinical." "Well, I broke it with the handle of a hairbrush. That's when my eva notty and kacy lane nasty some sex on the couch found out I was touching myself and told me not to.

I bled, and thought I had hurt something and went to them for help. That was a big mistake. They told me that no man would ever want me now, and that I would go to hell if I touched myself again." Julie said. "Big mistake. God isn't like that, I don't think." Said Frank.

"Now lie down on the bed, and I will too, and kiss you." Almost instantly, she had her tongue in his mouth, and was kissing him passionately." "Tell me when you want more." Said Frank.

"I do, I do. Touch my breasts. Bite my nipples." Said Julie. "How hard?" asked Frank. "Pretty hard. If I say ouch, back off a little." She said.

Frank worked his mouth down to her breast, and kissed her nipples. He took her right nipple, between his teeth. "Do the other one, it's more sensitive." She said. "How does she know that?" Fred thought. But he switched, and bit her left nipple. She moaned so loudly that for a second he thought she was going to cry ouch.

But no, she rubbed her crotch against him really hard. "Stick it in me" she moaned. "Are you sure? This could hurt. I'm pretty big." Said Frank. "OK, if it hurts, I still want it in me." She said. He reached down, and placed his cock against her hot wet vagina, and slowly started pushing it in. She was very tight, but opened up nicely for him. "Deeper, it hurts, but it feels good.

Keeping going, Deeper. Fuck me, fuck me. Deeper." She siad. That was the first time that Frank even knew she knew the word, fuck!

Wasting no more time he smoothly and carefully pushed his cock all the way into her vagina. "It's all the way in your pussy. Is that OK?" said Frank. "It feels so good, I have been waiting so long, I want to keep it there forever. Now, pull it out some and push it back in." She moaned. He put his head down, and bit her left nipple again, hard. She arched her back off the bed, and her vagina began squeezing his penis like she was trying to make it the size of a pencil.

Fortunately Frank's penis was made of better stuff than that, and he just kept thrusting in and out, with her hot vagina holding him really tight. Just then, he thought about birth control. He quickly pulled out and said "I don't want to get you pregnant." "Aww, I can't get pregnant the first time, can I?" she said. "Well, guys will tell you that, but plenty of girls have. I saw some condoms over on the dresser, perhaps compliments of the host.

I will put one on." Frank said. "Well, hurry up, I'm waiting." Julie said. Frank girl gets fucked by hot foreign guy the package open, and rolled it on. His erection did not decrease at all. He jumped back in the bed, where Julie was waiting with her knees spread open, and waiting.

He thrust back inside her. "Oh my god, that's so good, I'm gonna come." She said. "I thought you were coming when I had to pull out." said Frank.

"I was, but now I am coming again." Julie said. "Wow, you really like this." Said Frank. "Fucking, you mean? Yeah, I didn't know what I was missing. My ex-boyfriend is full of shit. My parents are full of shit.

This is really great. I am going to do this as much as I can. I want to be a slut. I want to fuck all the guys at school. I'm coming, I'm coming." Said Julie, and arched her back, and lifted her hips off the bed. She was moving so violently, that Frank was nearly thrown off.

Frank came in the condom hard enough to be worried about its strength. At this point, he pulled out, and lay next to her. "Is that all?" Julie said. Frank sympathized, but he kissed her and stroked her a little while, while telling her how nice she was and how much fun to have sex with. He had thought about what she said in the throes pf passion, and since he liked her, and in some ways identified with her, he decided to give her a talk.

"I don't know how serious you are about becoming a slut, but I wanted to talk to you about yourself. Let me talk to you like an older friend. Sex is a wonderful thing, both for recreation and reproduction, but it will never be understood by the majority of society as a totally positive thing. If you behave like a totally sexual animal, that majority will look down on you and persecute you. If you want to live a fully sexual life, you must do it with caution and some secrecy.

You must be careful not to get pregnant except by your own choice with a man that will either support you as a person, or will leave you alone." Frank said. "I have a sister who is much like you, and you should make her your friend. She is John's mother, Elaine.

She understand and sympathizes with what you said you want to do. You need to get her perspective before you take any action at all, either with your cock hungry ebony gives super sloppy blowjob to boyfriend girlfriend and homemade who would probably throw you out, or with your school mates, who would look down on you." "Wow, I was thinking how great sex is, but I didn't think it out." said Julie.

"I like John. He is in a number of my classes, and if you hadn't been interested in me, I was going to try to get John up here with me. I think that his mom would probably be cool, and I will talk with her." Said Julie. "OK, I've said my piece.

Let's go back to the party." Said Frank. "OK, by the way, what's that under your t-shirt?" Julie said. "It's my good luck charm. It helps me with the girls." Said Frank. "Well it must work", she said, and they went down stairs. Meanwhile, since Frank was gone a long time, I went back to dancing, and it seemed the hoard of girls that liked Frank, and the lesser group of girls that liked me, were all focusing on me. I couldn't stop talking with one girl, before another would push her aside.

So I started dancing with the one I liked best, and pretty soon… It led to a trip up the stairs. I was pretty sure that Alison was sexually experienced and had a boyfriend, Charlie, but she did not seem hesitant, and I sure wasn't. The worst that could happen would be that Charlie would beat the shit out of me, and he wasn't that much bigger than I was, so it probably wouldn't hurt that much. WE got upstairs and into a room, then I broached the subject most on my mind.

"If I do this, is Charlie going to beat me up?" Allison said, "Charlie and I are taking a break to see other people. If he were to beat you up, the break would become permanent. We set rules." "Good to know." I said, as I was taking my clothes off.

"You sure are beautiful. I feel really lucky to be up here with you" Lying through my teeth. I actually thought she was lucky to be up here with me but bit my tongue. She was one of the girls who used not to have time for me. I wasn't planning a revenge fuck, but maybe I could make her very dissatisfied with Charlie. As she undressed, I noticed that being a cheerleader hadn't hurt her body any. There was a scar or two, but I dug scars.

I thought the tramp stamp on her back was OK too. It was a complex graphic design with no text. Probably because she couldn't think of any, but I digress. "I've heard good things about you." Said Allison, "June said you were very manly." "So it's getting around that I have a big penis.

That's a cute way to put it." I thought. I had seen Charlie in the locker room at school, and that was NOT one of his strong points. I just needed to be very sure that it wasn't my only strong point. Allison, immediately pushed me back on the bed and grabbed my penis. "John, you have a very nice cock." She said, and began sucking on it. Fortunately, she knew a blow job, is not a "BLOW" job, if you know what I mean. She licked around the head of my penis, evidently with great joy.

Certainly with great enthusiasm. I said, "Get up here and turn around so we can 69." She paused, "I thought 69 was an urban legend. Charlie has never even licked my pussy. "He said 'It's not manly. Only lesbians do that'".

She climbed on the bed, spun around and put her pussy in my face; "Oh Charlie, down for the count." I thought. I started licking her pussy. It was sexy, it was wet, and it was already swollen up and red. "Sucking cock must turn her on." I thought. I proceeded to lick. Her pussy was nice and smelled of perfume, but I liked the real scent of pussy better.

Her clitoris was swollen. I licked it, and she bucked her pussy hard into my face. "What a nice thing to be hit with." I thought. I responded by thrusting my penis a little more into her mouth. She had quit licking it like a lollipop, which only goes so far, and was expertly sucking the shaft.

Her warm lips surrounded the shaft of my penis a little below the head, teeth carefully clear I noted. And the thrust caused the head of my penis to hit the lurid cock riding with wild playgirl hardcore blowjob of her mouth.

"My god, she's doing a good job." I thought; then she grabbed my hips and pulled me more too her. My penis slid all the way down her throat, and the base of my penis was at her mouth. Her chin was caressing my balls. "Holy fuck, she can deep throat. She is doing a great job.

I had better step up my game." I put two fingers in her and started working her "G" spot, as I started writing the Mesopotamian alphabet with my tongue on her clit.

She seemed to really like both of those two things, because she immediately came really hard. I responded by shooting a big load of cum down her throat. She didn't seem to need to breath, but on the offhand chance, I pulled back several inches then just held it there, so she could get the taste of my cum, while she also inhaled. Her orgasm did not seem to be slowing down, so I kept my fingers in her vagina.

The movement of her hips indicated she was not slowing down, so I just kept playing with her pussy but not licking her clitoris right then, because she seemed over sensitive as did my dick, which I carefully slid out of her mouth. I kept my fingers in her, but with my mouth, I started giving her neglected breasts some attention. She had been winding down, but that wound her right back up. I had not been in the presence of a 2 hour orgasm, but this seemed like it might be the start of one, and I thought I would go with the flow.

Her excitement, really revived my flagging penis. She noticed that I was once again hard, and said, "Stick it in me." That was hard to misinterpret, so I did. She bucked so hard, that I nearly came out, but I do have a big penis, and it stayed in. I worked my knees outside her legs, and was going to stimulate her clitoris, but she waved me off, while still trying to buck me off. Not literally, she obviously wanted me in her, but she wasn't going for the big "O", she was going for the long and big "O", and I was sure she was going to pay for it the next day with sore muscles.

"Oh well, exercise is good, even if you wake up sore the next day." I thought. "Teenage pussy can be so good." "You won't forget this one" Oops, I said that out loud. "No I won't, this is so good," she moaned. I started thrusting into her rapidly, figuring if I came, it would be OK.

She was still coming. I came, not shooting buckets, like I had last time and pretty soon my penis got soft and squirted out of her vagina. Apparently, she was ready to come down… She had been coming unwound, but now, she was unwinding. I kissed her, realizing only then that it was for the first time, and she kissed me back. A gentle, affectionate kiss that she held for a long time. I held her close for a little while, then I said "We have been gone a long time from the party.

Maybe we need to go back down." "Yeah, you're right, but that sure was great. I don't guess I have to say it was the best sex I have ever had." Allison said. "Well, you were great too. I've never had a better blow job." I said, lying through my teeth. I had at least one as good or better from Bobbi. We got up, put on our clothes, awesome girl is riding on a thick one eyed monster hardcore and blowjob went on down stairs.

Allison found Charlie, brought him inside, and dragged him upstairs. "Guess she was still horny." I thought. I ran into Frank, who was waiting around for me to come down, quite a while, as it happened, and he gave me a brief hot euro babe gets taken down to the fuck shack telsev on his encounter with Julie as I told him about Allison.

"It sounds like Julie could use some more attention." I said. "If you want to get a work out, she has a fire down below, and she just found out, tonight. If you talk to her, and she mentions your mom, just nod your head and say 'uh huh'. I recommended she talk with me, when I'm back being Elaine.

Of course. Elaine's my sister." Said Frank. I went looking for Julie, and I found her at the pool. I said "Hey", and she said, "Hey, I was just talking with your uncle. He told me that that your mom was cool, and I ought to talk to her sometime." "Yeah, she misses not having a daughter, sometimes, and for some reason, she doesn't have many female friends.

It would be nice for you to visit her." I said. "When I talked to Frank, he said you might be looking for me." "Not exactly," she said.

"But I am glad you found me. Will you dance with me?" "I would love to." And I took her hand, and walked to the dance floor, which was actually Bill's living room with the rug rolled up and put into the garage. For some reason, the DJ, (Bill) had been playing a lot of slow dances, and so we swayed close together as she held her big breasts against him, her hard nipples rubbing up against his chest.

I loved big tits, and hard nipples, and my penis got hard quickly. I had to reach down and adjust it, since it was pointed the wrong way, and Julie was watching," "I wouldn't have minded doing that for you".

She said. "its the sort of thing that a guy has to do for himself to bend it just right, but I appreciate the offer." I said. "If you let it out, I have a place to put it. I don't wild play with sex dolls lesbian amateur any panties on under my skirt." She said. "Oh you brazen hussy," I said. "You're on." And I reached down, unzipped and pulled out my very hard shaft.

She was wearing heels, and her pussy was just at the right height. I bent my knees, used my hand to point my penis at her pussy, and stood up. It went right in.

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She tucked her skirt around it to conceal that I was inside her, and we continued dancing. It was probably a little strange when we slow danced through two fast numbers, but I never lost my erection.

I didn't come, but if she did, she didn't show it, except that she held me really tight and seemed to be biting her tongue several times. At last, we twirled into a corner, where I could get some cover while I replaced myself, and then we double timed it up the stairs, where there was one lone bedroom empty. We undressed like a flash, and Julie told me to lay on the bed. She then clambered on top of me, grabbed my slowly becoming re-erect penis, and slipped it inside herself.

It rapidly became very stiff, and she grasped it with her pussy. stroking up and down rapidly. She reached down and stroked her clitoris, quickly coming, but not stopping. "I found I can come again in about a minute," she said. "Weren't you a virgin, an hour or two ago?" I said. "It's hard to believe." "Yeah, for me too." She said. "But it's true." I guess I know why I spent most of my time thinking about boys, and what we could do. But I never imagined," between strokes and while breathing heavily.

"Fucking is so great. I'm going to want to do it all the time now." "Oh no, not a nymphomaniac!" I thought. "Well, mom son fuck wek up sleep is no such thing as a nymphomaniac," I thought. "The definition of a nymphomaniac is a woman who wants to fuck as much as men want to, but because she's a woman, she can." "How long are you going to keep going like that? Until you come?" I asked. "I've already come 4 or 5 times. I guess when my pussy gets sore." She said.

"That will be tomorrow. When you're aroused, your pain threshold gets high." I said. "well, I have fucked 4 guys so far tonight and had 12 orgasms. Does that mean I will get really sore?" but not slowing down at all.

"4 guys? How did you do that between Frank and me?" I said. "I did one guy behind a bush at the swimming pool, and another in the downstairs bathroom.

They came really quick." Julie said. "All my orgasms were with you and Frank." "I would suggest that you stop by an all night clinic, and ask for something for honeymoon cystitis before you get home tonight. There is a pill that will reduce the chance of a urinary infection." I said, with her still bouncing up and down.

"Ahhh, a big one is coming. Oh, oh, oh. Oh." That was great, as her pussy gave me several good bye squeezes. "Then she pulled off of me and plopped down beside me, and said "I'm tired now. I want to go to sleep." "Go ahead, but put your panties on and get under the covers. You might get fucked in your sleep." I said. "That would be OK", as her voice died off and she fell asleep.

"Rats, one more job. I need to watch out for her up here, while I try to make out." I thought. I went downstairs, and talked with Frank and Bobbi about Julie. We needed to see that she wasn't raped in her sleep, and deal with the fact that she had unprotected sex with 3 guys, though I hadn't come in her.

I told them about my advice that she stop by a clinic and get the anti-honeymoon cystitis pill, and Frank said he had some of those, but what she needed was a Plan B pill.

I guess we had created the problem, and we would fix it. We would all watch for anyone going into her room, and steer them away, and get her up and out and help her take care of herself, after the party.

Bobbi said, "So she had too much to drink?" "I never saw her drink anything, not beer, not punch, not water. She's probably dehydrated with all that exercise," I said.

We probably ought to take her some bottled water. Bobbi did that, and she woke up enough to guzzle it down, then fell back asleep. "Poor baby!" Bobbi said. "She has found a new world, and welcome to it." "I don't think that she is a bit hornier than I was when I lost my virginity but my mom prepared me better for the wonderful world of sex." Said Frank, who was speaking from his experience as a woman, which was, of course, much greater than Bobbi's and mine.

He had also gotten a real education on how it was on the other side of the fence tonight. Frank, Bobbi and I each had found another person to have sex with by the time we were ready to leave and take Julie home.

We woke up Julie to find out how she got there, where her home was.

Her ex-boyfriend had brought her, but abandoned her at the party. We couldn't find him anywhere just to tell him Julie was OK and that we were getting her home. We left, and went by a pharmacy, to pick up a plan B pill, which Bobbi bought and by home to pick up the anti-honeymoon cystitis pill. We made her both pills, and warned her that her vagina would be sore tomorrow, and her muscles too, from the workout she had gotten having so much sex, but hat lying around in bed would not make things better.

Frank reminded her of her promise to visit my mom. Then we dropped her off at her house, made sure she got inside, and went back home. We weren't ready to go to sleep. We sat around and drank a few of the beers we had left. Frank went in his room, took of the pendant, changed his clothes, and came back out.

By this time, Bobbi and I were casually dressed, me in my skivvies, and Bobbi in a thong and bra. We talked about how our mission for revenge and retribution had changed into a mercy mission for a horny seventeen year. Everyone seemed OK with it, so we planned to do it again at the next party. Meanwhile, I needed to start working on what college to go to next year. The Pendant aside, we all still had a life to live. I had to decide whether to go to college as a boy or a girl. The identity problem could be solved by simply claiming I had a sex change operation over the summer if I wanted to go as a girl.

It might be a little hard to get surgical records explaining this, but we had a year and a half to figure it out, since I was still a junior.