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Xxxn porn storys mobi com
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When last we left our intrepid teenager he was taking a shower with his homeroom teacher, learning more about the birds and the bees than his A B Cs.

After Scotts Saturday afternoon fuck-fest with Miss. Porter (Patty) he walked home with his mind full of what this new relationship would mean.

Was she his girlfriend now? She had already told him that he couldn't tell his friends or anyone else about what they had done or she would be fired, arrested and charged with sexual assault on a minor.

In short, her life would be ruined. "That sucks" he thought. He wanted to tell the whole world how he had fucked and sucked a REAL WOMAN.

How could he ever look at girls his own age the same again? He wanted the kind of sex he and Patty shared all the time now and he was going to get it, he told himself.

As soon as he got home he went to his room and jacked off to the thought of Patty with her mouth around his cock.

The next day, in homeroom, Scott couldn't help starring at Patty and horny babe shae gets pounded in the kitchen by her horny fiance once in a while she would look up and smile.

The school day seemed to drag by and after the last bell, Scott practically ran to Patty's room. He raced in the door and the room was empty. After looking up and down the hall Scott stopped another teacher and asked if he knew where she was. "She left school early. Some kind of family business" The other teacher replied.

Now Scott was confused, was she trying to keep away from him? Did their afternoon of lovemaking not mean as much to her as it did to him? There was nothing left to do but go to soccer practice and, hopefully see her tomorrow. Practice was a waste of time. His mind was not on the game and the coach told him so. When he got home he went straight to his room and masturbated thinking about Patty. He showered, ate dinner without really communicating with his parents or his little sister and went up to do his homework.

A few minutes later his mother came in and asked if there was anything wrong. "No not really. I just had a bad day a practice and the coach balled me out" He told her figuring that it was mostly the truth.

"OK get your homework done and get a good night's sleep" she told him "Everything will look better in the morning" But everything didn't look better in the morning.

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When he got to homeroom there was a substitute teacher there who had no idea what had happened to Miss. Porter or when she would be back.

That afternoon after school Scott decided to go over to Patty' house to see what was wrong. He walked around to the back door so no one would see him go in and knocked on the door.

At first it seemed like no one was home so he looked in the window of the garage and saw that Patty's car was there. He went back to the door and knocked harder. He saw the curtain on one of the side windows move so he knew she was home and looking to see who was at the door.

A few seconds later the door opened a crack and Patty asked what he wanted. "I want to know what's wrong" He said "Are you sick? Is it me? I mean us or what we did?" He asked, almost begging for an answer. She opened the door and told him to come in. When he did he saw immediately that she was still in her bath robe at four in the afternoon and that she had been crying.

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He went to her and put his arms around her and asked what was wrong. "What's wrong?" She said "What's wrong is this." She said taking is arm off of her shoulder. "What we did was so wrong on so many levels. I'm a teacher in your high school not your prom date.

I can't be having sex with a student!" She said moving away from him on the couch.

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"But I thought what we did was just between us" Scott said trying to understand "And that's the way it has to stay!!!!!" She said almost yelling. Scott got up and knelt in front of her taking her face in his hands.

He looked into her eyes and gently wiped a tear away with his thumb. "It's OK" He said kissing her gently on the cheek "I understand" He said kissing her again on her forehead. "I was so lonely and you were there and so young and handsome" She said in a whisper. Scott kissed her again on the other cheek and then lightly on the lips.

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He pushed his fingers into her hair and kissed her again running his tongue over her lips before putting it in her mouth. She responded and their bodies were now coming together in a passionate embrace.

Scott opened her robe and ran his tongue down her neck and onto her breast. "Oh yes" Patty said as her nipples hardened and she pulled his head to her chest. Scott had unlatched his belt and pulled his pants to his knees as he pushed her back and sunk his manhood into her wet pussy. She spread her legs wide until Scott's cock was completely buried inside her and then she wrapped her legs around him and started to buck her hips up to meet his impatient thrusts.

"Oh God I need your cock" she said "You're so big and OHHHHHH Fuck" She cried as her first orgasm hit her like a freight train. Scott kept pounding into her wanting to both, beautiful secretary gets fucked on the couch love and take out his frustration at first being rejected.

He pulled his cock out and looked down at Patty as she recovered from her orgasm. "Why did you stop?" She asked "Please don't stop. I'm sorry please." She said holding her arms out to him. Scott now lowered his head to her pussy and began to lick and suck on her hard clit.

"Oh God" she said as she pushed his head deeper into her wet cunt. Scott spread her pussy lips and stuck his tongue as deep into her as he could then wrapped his lips around her clit and sucked until she came again. He slipped a finger in her pussy to get it wet and then pushed it into her ass as he continued to work her clit and pussy lips with his tongue. "Scott please that feels good but Man rap sleeping young girl never" she said as he slipped a second finger in her ass.

"OHHHHHHH no please" she said as Scott pushed her legs up high and forced the head of his cock in her ass. "NO, NO PLEASE DON'T" She yelled trying to use her hands to keep him out of her virgin ass.

Scott kept moving his hips and sliding his cock further and further in her ass with every thrust. Now, with her legs on his shoulders and his cock buried deep in her ass, Scott used his fingers to fuck her pussy and message her clit as he continued his assault on her ass. "I'm Cummmmmming" Patty yelled as her whole body began to convulse as Scott kept wildly fucking her ass and working her cunt. He felt his nut sack tighten and started to dump stream erotic teenie is gaping yummy snatch in closeup and climaxing stream of cum in her, well fucked, ass.

He pumped his cock into her until it began to shrink, then pulled out and once again began eating her pussy. Patty was now just lying there enjoying the incredible pussy licking and running her fingers through Scott's hair.

"That's it baby, lick my pussy. I want it. I want you. I want to be your lover. You can treat me like a whore if you want but please keep fucking me. I need your big cock and young body." As Scott listened to Patty beg him for is lovemaking, his cock was beginning to harden again. He raised himself up and looked down at her reaching out and grabbing both tits and pinching the nipples hard. She let out a cry as he rammed his cock back into her pussy and started fucking her hard.

Patty smiled and wrapped her legs around him again. "Tell me what you want" He said "Talk dirty some more. I like it when you talk like a slut." He said.

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"Fuck me Scotty. Fuck me with that big fat cock. I want you to cum in my pussy and make me your whore. You're the only man I ever want inside me. My pussy and ass are yours. I want to suck you and fuck you so you won't ever want one of those high school girls." She said and had to stop when another orgasm came on her. Scott came deep inside her than pulled out and let her lick is dick clean. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her off his dick, feeling empowered by everything she said.

"I'm going to fuck you whenever I want, aren't I" She nodded "I could ruin your life but I'm not going to. As long as you can satisfy me, you can keep your job and your little house and stay out of jail." He said as he pushed her head back down to his cock and she began licking his shaft and balls.

Scott brought her to her bedroom and fucked her several more times before he went home. Things were different now, she was his body and soul. During the next few weeks they worked out a plan, he would not come on to her at school and the two of them would fuck each other silly on weekends and after school whenever they could both wild teen kirsten lee enjoys huge cock of tutor pornstars and hardcore to be alone.

Scott was happy for a while but he was young and his mind started to wander, thinking about other possibilities.