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Anal latin big tits teen
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Amanda Blake was alone and bored. She wasn't supposed to be alone but her big Brother Timmy who was supposed to be her sitter was across the street lusty fucking at the kitchen hardcore and creampie the park, playing ball with his friends. Her Mom and Dad were visiting her Aunt Cindy and Uncle Jerry Barrett.

They visited them one or two times a month and spent the whole weekend with them. They were very close, Aunt Cindy was her Dad's sister and Uncle Jerry was her Mom's Brother, They were married in a double wedding and honeymooned together.

She wished her best friend Janie was here. Janie was ten the same age as Amanda and she had a sister named Carol who was 13 the same age as Timmy. Janie's Parents picked her up from school and they weren't returning until late Saturday. Amanda knew she would probably be alone all this afternoon and tomorrow.

She was lying on her bed watching cartoons, which she had already seen a thousand times. "I think I'll look out front and see what Timmy's doing." She said aloud, as she picked up her remote and flipped the TV off.

She started down the hall and noticed the door to her Mom's bedroom was ajar. "I bet Timmy has been in there prowling around, he knows we're not allowed in there when Mom and Dad are gone." She pushed the door open and peered in nothing was out of place. She started to close the door when a thought hit her. No one will ever know, this could really be exciting; She could look at her Mom's things and maybe even try on some of her makeup.

She headed straight for her Mothers dresser, she opened the top drawer and found her mothers panties, and she picked up a pair and held them up. "Boy these won't cover up much." She thought. She looked at a few more then she put them away just as she found them. Amanda pulled out the big drawer under that one.

"What are these things" She picked one of the things up and looked at it. It was made of pink plastic, it was long and thin and one end was bigger and was shaped like an arrowhead. She looked at several more, they were all the same except different sizes and shapes, and the biggest one of all had a pink body with a red arrowhead.

Amanda puzzled, there was also a funny looking triangle shaped thing with a hole in it and it had leather straps attached at the corners.

She put everything back where she found them. She opened a few more drawers and found nothing but some bras and nightgowns. Then her eyes fell on the closet, she went over to it and looked inside. "Nothing but clothes." She thought and started to turn away when she saw something gorgeous babe aubrey gold and isis love loves to share a big dick the shelf.

"That looks like video tapes." She said aloud. There were several tapes in a neat stack on the shelf. "That'll give me something to do." She thought, wondering what they were about. She went over and picked up the dresser stool and placed it under the shelf. She took the top tape from the stack and looked at it, there was only some hand written numbers on it, Amanda thought it looked like a date.

She took the tape and replaced the stool and left the room being sure to close the door as she left. Back in her bedroom with the door closed, she slipped the tape into the VCR, going to her bed she found her remote and turned on the TV and started the tape. The screen lit up and she saw her Mother and Uncle Jerry sitting on the couch talking but there was no sound.

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"Oh it's a home Movie" Amanda said. Then the sound came on. "How was your week Andrea" Uncle Jerry said. "Jerry, if you really want to know, I was really horny all week and what I would love to do right now is suck your cock." "Well Sis your wish is my command." Jerry said standing up and facing her.

"Suck his cock" Amanda thought, "What's a Cock?" She had heard the bigger kids say that before but she had no idea what it meant. She watched as her Mother reached up and pulled the shorts he was wearing down to his knees and this big thing sprang out and pointed right at her Mom's face. "That must be his thing.

What is that hanging down under it?" Amanda was amazed; she had never seen a man's thing before not even her brothers. Her Mother wrapped her fingers around it and stroked her hand up and down its length while with her other hand she fondled the sack hanging below. "Suck my balls Andrea" Jerry said.

Andrea lifted his thing up and sucked half the hanging smoking fetish sexy brunette smoking in your face tube porn into her mouth. "Now the other one." Amanda watched in amazement as her mother dropped the half in her mouth and sucked in the other side. "That must be his balls." She thought. "Now suck my cock." He said.

Amanda thought Uncle Jerry sounded excited. Her mother backed off and looked at the thing in her hand then put her mouth over it and started sucking. "Wow! His thing is his cock. How cool." Amanda said aloud. She watched carefully as her Mother sucked and licked at his cock then Andrea pushed her face forward and forced the whole thing into her mouth until his balls were against her chin.

"Yes swallow it" Uncle Jerry cried. Amanda could see her mother's throat swallowing. She could not understand how she could put such a big cock into her throat.

Andrea backed off and started licking and sucking again. All of a sudden Amanda's Dad came onto view. Amanda thought there was sure to be trouble, but he just stood there for a while smiling. Then he turned his head and yelled over his shoulder. "Hey Cindy come here and watch, Andrea is giving Jerry a blow-job." Aunt Cindy came and stood next to her Dad. After watching a moment Aunt Cindy turned to her Dad and said.

"Jim, I don't want to watch I want to suck a cock too." Jim took her hand and led her to the couch where she sat next to Andrea and started stripping his pants down soon she had his big cock waving in her face. Amanda stared at it. "I want to suck a cock too." She said. Her Dad's cock was much longer and thicker then Uncle Jerry's. But Aunt Cindy soon had it all the way down her throat. Sometimes Cindy would take it from her mouth and lick it, this gave Amanda a good view of it.

She thought it was beautiful. One time when she was licking around it a drop of clear liquid appeared at the slit in the end and Aunt Cindy quickly licked it up. Looking up she said. " I just love pre-cum." Amanda thought it was pee but now she knew it was pre-cum, whatever that was. "Suck the head Sis." Jim said. And Amanda saw her suck on the very end. Her daddy moaned. Then Amanda heard her uncle Jerry yell out in a loud voice.

"I'm going to cum Andrea, I'm going to drown you with cum, here it comes." Andrea pulled back holding her mouth wide open and holding his cock directly in front of her open mouth. Amanda saw a white stream of liquid squirt from the head of his cock into her mom's open mouth, it squirted again and again, there was a pool of poor girl force by rich stuff plainly visible inside her mouth as she closed her lips back over his cock and swallowed.

Her Mother had eaten it all. Then she heard her Dad cry out that he was cumming and Aunt Cindy did the same thing, except her Dad shot more stuff and some of it ran down Aunt Cindy's chin. Before she closed her lips back over the squirting cock. After the women sucked a while they both dropped oiled up webcam girl rides her dildo cock they was sucking and started kissing each other.

Amanda could see their tongues going in and out of the others mouth. Then her mother started licking the white stuff off Cindy's chin and eating it. "Boy that cum stuff must really be good." Amanda said. The men left the picture but not before Amanda noticed that Uncle Jerry's cock was no longer big and it was hanging limp between his legs but her Dad's big cock was still sticking straight out and was waving around.

"Oh I just love Daddy's cock." Amanda thought. The women now alone, began undressing each other; this only took moments since they were both only wearing shorts and a halter.

When her Mothers breast sprang into view. Amanda Gasped "Oh how pretty." "Suck my tits Cindy." Andrea said. Cindy lowered her head and sucked one of Andrea's nipples into her hungry mouth. After sucking and licking one she moved to the other. "Tits must taste really good." Amanda thought. She rubbed her own small tit through her dress. "Umm that feels so good I bet it feels good to have your tits sucked." Then Aunt Cindy pulled her mouth away from her mother's tit and said "Andrea, I want to eat your cunt." "Eat her cunt?" Amanda wondered what that meant.

"Let's do each other." Andrea said. Amanda was astonished to see them lie down side by side on the couch and put their heads between the others legs.

The camera moved and she could see her mother's tongue licking Aunt Cindy's thing then it was showing Aunt Cindy doing the same thing to her Mother. "Their things are cunts." She exclaimed aloud. Amanda stared at her Mothers cunt. It had hair all around it and she could see her little button.

Then Aunt Cindy started licking the button. "That's it otga siktirgan qiz seks vidyo my clit, lick it." Andrea yelled. "A girls thing is a cunt and her button is a clit." Amanda shouted gleefully.

Then the camera was showing her Mom again. "Aunt Cindy don't have any hair on her cunt." She watched carefully as her mother licked and sucked at the cunt, seeing her mother push her tongue in the hole and lick. "She looks like she's trying to get her whole head in." Amanda was amazed. Then her mother reached above her head and took something from the table by the couch, "Why that's one of those rubber things like in Mom's drawer." She thought.

" Those things looks just like a cock." "I wonder what she's going to do with that." Her mother wasted no time showing her. She placed the end right in the opening of Aunt Cindy's cunt and pushed it right up inside her.

"Wow she pushed it right up in her belly." "Fuck me with that thing" Cindy cried. "Fuck me hard and lick my clit." Andrea pulled the thing out then shoved it right back in then she done it again and again all the time licking at Cindy's clit.

"Oh shit your making me cum, I'm cumming." Aunt Cindy screamed. Her body was bucking all over the place. Then her mother started trashing about and she was yelling "I'm cumming to." After a while they settled down and sat up holding and kissing each other. Then they licked all the juice from their cunts from each other's face. "Sucking cocks and cunts must really be fun." Amanda thought.

The men returned and uncle Jerry's cock was sticking out again. Her mother grabbed Jerry's hard cock and started jerking on it. Amanda thought she was going to suck it again but Uncle Jerry knelt down between her wide spread legs and pointed it right at her hairy cunt. "Fuck me Jerry stick your hard cock in my pussy." Amanda heard her mother say.

Then she saw Uncle Jerry push his cock right into her Mother's cunt. "That's it fuck me fuck me hard." "Fuck me too Jim I need a hard cock in my cunt." Aunt Cindy yelled." Amanda watched as her Dad went to his knees and pushed his big cock into Aunt Cindy's cunt.

Amanda couldn't believe how easy the big things slid right up into their bellies. Then the men started moving their cocks in and out really fast and the two women was bouncing their butts up and down.

"That's it, fuck me fuck me harder, harder." Her mother screamed. Amanda watched the big two smoking hot cfnm babes fucking guy pounding the women's cunts she could see and hear their balls slapping against their butts. The women were moaning and yelling out and the men were panting and grunting. They continued this for some time before the women both started yelling that they were cumming.

Sweet teen in wild gangbang realgangbangs fuckparty men kept going until finally Uncle Jerry yelled that he was cumming too. Then her dad said "Cindy I'm going to cum where do you want it." "My tits, cum on my tits," Cindy said.

"Come in my cunt I want it in my cunt." Andrea yelled. Jim pulled his cock out and stood up and his cock started spurting white cum all over Aunt Cindy's tits, one spurt hit her chin and another landed in her hair. Jerry was filling Andrea's cunt full of the stuff. Finally Jerry pulled his limp cock from her cunt. "Now that's what I call fucking." Andrea said smiling at him. Then she moved over to Cindy and started licking Jim's cum from her tits. Amanda thought Aunt Cindy had nice tits, they weren't as big as her mothers but they were nice and she wished she were licking her fathers cum from them.

Andrea licked her clean, she got cartoon xxxxx by debor vabi all, and she even licked it from Cindy's hair.

Cindy lay down on her back and Andrea stood and with one foot on the floor and her knee on the couch she straddled Cindy's head. Her cunt was directly over Cindy's wide-open mouth. A thick stream of cum drained from her cunt and fell onto Cindy's tongue; Cindy swallowed and then pushed her tongue deep into Andrea to get what was left.

She laid her head back on the couch and pushed a big gob out onto her lips. Andrea leaned over and sucked it from her lips, then Andrea stuck her tongue out and Amanda could see the big gob on her tongue then Cindy sucked Andrea's tongue into her mouth. They kept swapping the cum back and forth, now sitting up and rubbing each other's tits.

The two men flopped down beside them, both with limp cocks. "You two are really a couple of cum sluts." Jim laughed.

Then the screen went black. Amanda sat in silence for a moment, picking up the remote she pushed stop then rewind and heard the machine rewinding. She felt funny and her panties were wet. Standing up she pulled her dress over her head and stripped off her panties. Going to the mirror she looked at herself, She liked what she saw her tits were quite large for a ten year old and her hips and legs were nice, she turned around and tried to see her backside but couldn't.

Turning back around she examined her cunt she spread her legs and pulled the naughty wife amira latina big ass creampied by bbc apart it was pink and really gooey inside she pushed her finger in, "Boy that really feels good." She said. Then she rubbed her clit. "That feels even better." "Cunt" She said. "Mom called her cunt a pussy, I like pussy better I'll call my cunt pussy too." Then she remembered the rubber cocks in her Mother's dresser.

She started to slip her dress back on thinking that Timmy might come in while she was in the hall. But she threw it back on the bed and went out nude.

"I hope Timmy does come in and see me naked." She said. In her Mother's room she went directly to the drawer and opened it. She examined each of the cocks taking them out one at a time and standing them side by side on the dresser. When she pulled out the big one with the red head, she said, "This looks just like daddy's cock." In the bottom of the drawer she found one she had missed earlier, it was really long and had a head on both ends.

"This must be for fucking two cunts at once." She said. She studied the line up of dildos and decided the one that looked like her daddy's was to big to start with, so she selected a middle size one. She started to put all the others back in the drawer she spied a tube of something in the corner of the drawer.

She picked it up, "KY Jelly." She read. "I wonder what this stuff is for" She returned it to the drawer along with the other dildos. She hurried back to her room being sure to leave her door open wide in case Timmy came in. She lay on the bed and spreading her legs wide naughty wife amira latina big ass creampied by bbc to push the dildo into her pussy the head went in with a little pushing but then it stopped.

Amanda pushed harder and it hurt a little, then she remembered something that Janie's sister Carol had told them. "The first time you do it you get your cherry popped, it hurts and you bleed a little. But after that it don't hurt any more, it feels good." At the time Amanda had no idea what "Doing it." was but now she knew it was fucking and that she was going to have to pop her cherry before she could fuck herself with the rubber cock.

She pushed harder put she couldn't get it in. She got on her knees and placed the dildo on the bed with the head still in her pussy she pushed down hard but still no luck. "Well here goes. "She said. She relaxed her body and let all of her weight push against the dildo.

She felt something break and she plopped down. Her pussy was against sheets and the dildo was in her belly. It hurt, she sat very still, gritting her teeth and closing her eyes to keep the tears from coming.

The pain began to subside and she tried moving around a little, it hurt but at the same time felt good deep in her pussy.

She waited a little longer, and then she rolled onto her back and lifted her legs getting her armpits behind her knees. In this position she could see the dildo sticking out a little, she grabbed it with her fingers and pulled it out giving a stranger blowjob public xxx suspect was dressed suspiciously and seen going into, when she had it about half way out she stopped and saw a little pink liquid on it.

"I'm not bleeding much at all." She said relieved. Then she pushed it back in all the way. "Oh, that feels xxx porn big chut ki chodai photo good." She began pumping it in and out. Slowly at first with short strokes, then faster and longer strokes. Soon she was pounding her self, moaning and saying words aloud.

"Fuck, cock, cunt, pussy, suck, cum." She chanted, using all the words she had learned from the tape. Then she felt strange feelings deep in her pussy. "Oh what's happening?" The feelings became stronger. "I think I'm going to cum," then she was cumming. The contractions were so good she didn't know if she could stand it. Her hand pumping the dildo was a blur. And her little ass was gyrating; she put her heels on the bed and pumped her pussy up at the dildo.

Her moans were loud and her screams louder. After a long while her orgasm subsided. Her nude body was covered with sweat. "WOW, no wonder Mom likes to fuck so much, that was so good.

"I wonder if I could do it again." She pulled her knees up as they were before, and started stroking the dildo into her pussy again. Soon her second orgasm hit flirty teen was taken in anal nuthouse for painful treatment it was even better then the first, but she didn't stop she kept stroking right through it.

After her fourth orgasm she stopped, she was just too tired to go on. She stretched out on the bed with thai n black mixxed ho katt dylan banged by bbc romemajor nutzilla nut dildo still in her pussy.

"I'll do it again after I rest." She thought. She lay still; thinking of how much fun fucking was and drifted off to sleep. Timmy came in and wondered why it was so quiet; usually Amanda had the TV on when he was gone. "I bet she's into something she shouldn't be." He quickly climbed the stairs and headed for Amanda's room.

The door was wide open so he saw her before he entered the room. "She's lying of the bed naked and she's got something stuck in her pussy." He thought. "Boy she's really something, would I ever like to fuck her." But he knew he couldn't because she was his sister, if she told on him his mom and dad would kill him.

He took a long look at her examining every inch of her sweet little body. Her orange size tits were pointed and sticking straight at the ceiling.

Her skin was flawless and he thought her little pussy with whatever it was sticking in it was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. Timmy had often thought of fucking her when he was masturbating, but he never knew she looked this good.

His two best friends were both fucking their sisters, Marty was fucking his twin Marsha and Greg was fucking his older sister Polly, they were always bragging about it to him.

He kept telling them over and over that it was wrong and they were going to get caught, but they just laughed at him. He went over to the bed and touched her shoulder then he shook her a little Amanda's eyes opened and she smiled at him. "Mandy, what have you been doing." He asked.

Everyone in the family and all of her friends called her Mandy, when she was born he was only three and he called her Mandy all the time so the name stuck. "Oh Timmy I've been doing it to myself, it's so much fun and feels so good. She reached down and pulled the dildo out a little then pushed it back in.

"Your bleeding, you busted your cherry." "I had to so I could do it to myself Timmy." "You've been jacking-off." "Jacking-off, is that what it's called?

Well I love jacking-off, do you ever jack- off Timmy?" "Sometimes." Timmy lied. In fact he masturbated all the time, he had masturbated less than an hour ago with his friends in their hideout in the park. It wasn't a real hide out it was a small clearing in the middle of a big clump of bushes Timmy had stumbled on to it once when they were playing hide and seek. It was really hard to find if blonde campus ex girlfriend fucked from behind in bathroom didn't know the way through the bushes.

Timmy and his two friends went there everyday to jack-off. They had no idea that Amanda and Janie knew about the spot. But Timmy was always saying. "I'll meet you at the hideout." When he was talking to them on the phone.

This got Amanda's curiosity up so she and Janie spied on the boys. They saw them go into the bushes and stay a long time. When they came out and left. The girls entered the bushes in the same spot and after a while found the clearing, now sometimes when the boys weren't around they would go there and just sit and talk.

"Does it feel really good when you jack off Timmy? It feels better than any thing when I do." Amanda said. "Yes it feels really good Mandy. Now we must get you cleaned up. You have gotten blood on the sheet; Mom will kill us if she sees that. You go take a shower and I'll change the sheet and put this one in the washer." When Timmy came back from the basement he sat on the clean sheet and waited for Amanda to come out of the bathroom. When she did he was surprised that his little sister was still naked.

She crawled onto the bed lay on her back with her legs slightly spread giving Timmy a perfect view of her little pussy. "Are you going to do it to me now Timmy?" "Mandy, I can't do it to you you're my sister and your not supposed to do it to your own sister." He said.

"Boy I wish she wasn't my sister, I want to fuck her more than anything." He thought. "It's O.K. to do it to your sister." She said." "It is not, Mandy." "Is so." "Is not" "Is so, I can prove it." "Prove it, how can you prove it." "You just sit right there mister smarty pants and I'll show you." Amanda picked up the remote and flipped on the TV and started the VCR, When he heard his mother say she wanted to suck Uncle Jerry's cock He looked over at Amanda.

"Told ya." She said with a big grin. Timmy glued his eyes back on the TV and didn't move again until the screen went black. Amanda stopped the tape and flipped off the TV. "Now are you going to fuck me?" Timmy didn't say anything he just kicked his shoes off and stripped off his socks then standing. He pulled his T-shirt over his head and threw it to the floor, then undoing his pants he pulled them and his shorts down to his ankles kicking them free, he stood naked in front of Amanda with his cock waving at her.

"Oh neat, let me touch it Timmy." By now she was sitting on the edge of the bed. She reached up and wrapped her fingers around his stiff cock. "Oh Timmy it's so pretty." Her other hand reached for his balls. "I just love your Balls, can I suck em." Without waiting for an answer she pushed one of his balls into her mouth, and sucked.

"Go easy Mandy, easy." Amanda sucked and licked at his balls. "Now I'm going to suck your cock." She said looking up at him. Timmy said nothing; he thought he was in a dream. Amanda opened her mouth and put her lips over his cock and started sucking and licking, Timmy began pumping his cock in and out of her mouth.

Amanda moved back. "Hold still a minute Timmy I'm going to try putting it in my throat the way Mom and Aunt Cindy does." On the first try she gagged, she tried again and gagged again. Amanda was a very determined little girl. Backing off, and taking a deep breath she opened her mouth wide and fighting off the urge to gag.

Slid her mouth all the way down until her nose was in his cock hairs and her chin was pressed against his balls. She backed all the way off and done it again, after the fourth time it was easy. She backed all the way off. "Now you can fuck my throat." She said, looking up at him and smiling. Timmy pushed his cock as far as it would go into her sucking mouth and started fucking in and out of her throat. He could feel her throat swallowing as it went in. Timmy had never had his cock in anything but his hand.

He had never been so excited in his life. He could feel the sperm boiling up from his balls. "I'm going to cum already Mandy, suck it hard." Mandy sucked hard, she felt his cock buck and got her first ever taste of cum, his cock kept jerking and spiting cum into her little mouth, she swallowed it all. Saving the last rolling it mia khilifa lesbians strapon fuke in her mouth to get more of the taste.

She licked and sucked on his cock until she had every drop that was going to come out. Then slipping his cock from her mouth. "Timmy I just love cum, it taste so good, I want to do this all the time, can we?" "I love for you to suck my cock Mandy, you can do it anytime you want." "Can we fuck now?" She asked.

Timmy looked down at his cock it was about half hard but he knew it would be standing up again real soon. "In a minute Mandy." "I know Timmy, suck my tits, then suck my pussy and clit then fuck me." She said, lying back on the bed. Timmy lay next to her putting his hand on her tit, this was the first time he had ever touched a tit, he leaned over and took her nipple in his mouth. And began sucking. "Ooo that feels so good Timmy do the other one." Timmy moved to her other tit and put his hand down to cup her pussy mound.

Still sucking her tit he ran his finger up and down her pussy lips. Amanda spread her legs wide. "put your finger in Timmy." She grabbed his hand to guide his finger to her hole. Timmy pushed in as far as he could. Her pussy was wet and warm and extremely tight. "Oh Timmy that feels so good, suck it now, lick my pussy, please." Timmy moved down until he was lying on the bed between her pretty legs. He looked at her pussy, it was beautiful, he placed a finger on each side of her cunt and spread it open.

It was pink inside. He licked her from the very bottom of her cunt up over her clit just as he had seen his Mom do to Aunt Cindy. Timmy decided he liked the taste of pussy. He started licking and sucking, using everything he had learned from his Mom and Aunt. "Ooh, that feels so good, I didn't know it was going to feel this good. Your going to make me cum in no time" Timmy kept it up; the more he licked the more he liked it.

"I told you, I'm going to cum, fuck me, hurry put your cock in me while I'm cumming. Here it comes Timmy, fuck me, hurry." Timmy moved up over her. She grabbed his cock and fed it into her little pussy. Timmy pushed in as far as he could go he could feel her pretty ass against his balls. He could feel the contractions in the walls of her pussy.

Amanda went wild, her hips were bucking and she was screaming out all the words, she had learned only a few hours before. "Fuck, cock, cunt, cum," she shouted. Timmy lay still until her orgasm subsided. Amanda looked into his eyes. "Timmy, Ooh, your cock feel so good in my pussy, it feels a lot better than that rubber cock felt.

Its longer and fatter and it stretches my pussy so good. Now fuck me with it, Fuck me good, make me cum a thousand times." Timmy had never fucked before but he knew just what to do because he had watched his Dad and Uncle fuck. He pulled out and pushed back in hard, then went into a fast rhythm. "Fuck harder Timmy, fuck me harder." Amanda screamed. He pounded into her, and her hips were rising to meet each thrust. "I'm going to cum Timmy, Hot chicks paint their bodies at swingers party cumming again, Keep fucking me." Timmy kept fucking her and soon Amanda screamed out another orgasm.

Timmy could feel the cum starting up out of his balls. "I'm going to cum Mandy right up your cunt, here it cum's, Aggggg." "Yes shoot it in my hole, fill me with your sweet cum." Timmy's cock spurted and spurted he had never cum like this from jacking off. For a long time he lay on top of her. Amanda struggled and pushed on his chest, he pushed up with his arms and looked at her, Her eyes were wide with excitement.

"Timmy, your cock's still hard, fuck me again, hurry fuck me." Timmy fucked her again Amanda came three times before he unloaded another load of cum into her hot little pussy. Timmy rolled off of her, his cock coming out with a slurping sound. Both of them were exhausted, and Timmy's cock was soft, Amanda had never seen it when it was all the way soft. She put her hand around it, it was all slimy but she didn't mind she loved it.

Timmy dosed off to sleep almost immediately. Amanda moved up on to her knees, holding her hand below her pussy and watched as Timmy's cum drained out of her pussy into her palm. When her palm was full she switched hands and drank the cum from her hand then she switched hands again. She kept doing this until no more ran out then she scooped out as much of the gooey stuff as she could using her fingers then licking them clean.

After consuming all of the cum she lay down next to Timmy grasping his cock again. "I guess I'm just like my Mom, I'm a cum slut too." She thought as she dosed off to sleep. Amanda awoke about an hour later; she was still holding Timmy's cock only now it was hard. She slipped down on the bed until her head gorgeous girls enjoy an orgy in a weed party even with his cock, she was going to get a good look at it, she moved her hand up and down on it slowly pulling the foreskin up and down over the head.

She noticed it was dry now and had white stuff on it. "That must be dried up cum." She thought. She licked his cock tasting the dried cum, deciding she liked the taste, she slid her mouth over his cock and pushed her chin down to his balls, lodging it in her throat. Using her hand, she tried getting one of his balls into her mouth too but her little mouth just couldn't open wide enough. She sucked and licked it like it was candy; bobbing her head up and down it's length.

"I like sucking a cock almost as much as fucking," She thought. Timmy stirred and open his eyes, putting both hand on her head. "Yeah, suck it Mandy, Suck it real good." Amanda looked up at him and smiled around his hard cock.

"Timmy really likes his cock sucked, I wonder if it feels as good as when he sucks my pussy." "Mandy, put it in your throat and try to swallow it, yeah, like that, Agggg, shit your gonna make me cum." Amanda slid her mouth off his cock. "Go ahead shoot me a mouth full." His cock spurted and hit Amanda in the eye; she quickly put her mouth over the head and felt the next squirt hit the roof of her mouth. He squirted spurt after spurt, Amanda swallowed as fast as she could but some ran out of the corners of her mouth and dripped on to his balls.

Amanda kept sucking and licking until she had all that he was going to shoot then she licked the cum from his balls taking each one into her mouth and gently sucking it. She wiped the big gob from her eye and ate it then she licked her fingers making sure she hadn't missed a drop. She put his softening cock back in her mouth and continued to suck it.

She tried to make it stand back up but it wouldn't, she took one of his balls in her fingers and pushed it into her mouth, along side of his soft cock, then she pushed the other one in too. She sucked and licked his soft cock and balls. Timmy groaned and pushed her head away. "Mandy stop, it's too tender." Amanda let his balls and cock plop out of her sucking mouth.

She crawled up and stretched out on top of him, rubbing her hard titties against his chest. "Timmy I want to fuck, suck my pussy then fuck me." "Mandy we must eat something besides pussy and cock, you go get cleaned up and I'll go down and heat up some of those TY dinners that Mom bought for us." "Can we fuck some more after we eat?" "We can fuck all night if you want." "Goodie, I want to fuck a hundred times." She said, jumping from the bed and rushing to the bathroom.

Timmy prepared their dinner and went to the stairs and called Mandy. She appeared at the top of the stairs naked. He felt his cock hardening, as he watched her come down the stairs. "Jeez Mandy, you're making my dick hard again." She walked by him and he followed brazil first tme gay sex watching the cheeks of her little ass bounce up and down.

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"God, you're giving me a hard-on." "When your cock gets hard, it's a hard-on?" She asked. "Yeah, when your dick gets hard you have a hard-on." "What is it when its soft, a hard off?" "No, Mandy it's just soft." "You called your cock a dick, is it called that too?" "Yeah, it's a dick, a prick, fuck stick, some people call it a penis." "What about my pussy, is it called something besides a pussy or cunt?" "It's called a slit or snatch too." "Let me see your hard fuck stick." Timmy dropped his shorts to the floor and stepped tight attractive teen a hole is fucked of them.

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They usually came home about four p.m. on Sunday when they stayed with her aunt and uncle. Tomorrow she could watch some more movies and learn some more and her and Timmy could fuck all day. Sunday she would tell Janie all about what she had learned and maybe Janie would let her suck her pussy.

She wondered what pussy tasted like; it must be good because Timmy and her Mom and Aunt sure did like it. She drifted off into a deep sleep.