Sizzling teen gets stuffed in her tight ass

Sizzling teen gets stuffed in her tight ass
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You would think when I woke up the next morning, I would feel shameful, that as a married woman, I would be disgusted with my actions; but I wasn't. I enjoyed it, and knowing I was unfaithful to my husband with an Indian guy turned me on even more. I was laying in Raaj's arms, he was still asleep. I couldn't help but think how sexy he was at this moment.

I looked around the room to see sheets from the bed around the room and the bedside lamp was knocked over. I smiled to myself before I realised that at any moment my husband could come home, and as much as i fantasised about my husband walking in while me and Raaj were having rough steamy, animalistic sex much like we did last night, I wasn't game enough. I didn't want to lose my marriage, even though I hated the bastard for not giving me want I wanted. I shook Raaj until he woke up and he greeted me with a horny smile.

"I was just dreaming about you" he said, reaching his hands over to my naked breasts, squeezing, rubbing and twisting them.

I moaned pleasurably. "Raaj. We need to stop my husbands going to be back soon" Raaj stopped and looked at me "Fine. But let me give you a parting gift at least" He moved down to my exposed vagina.

He put his index finger and middle finger inside his mouth and sucked it before than inserting them inside my pink, shaven, wet twat. I watched as I slowly saw my pussy absorb the fingers and took them in, as if they were meant to be there. "Oh Raaj" I breathed heavily. He then put his head down and began licking my clit up and down at a rapid motion, my clit was engorged by the size of a pea by now. I could feel my body contorting into various poses as I felt myself overwhelmed with pleasure.

This is the moment I wish my husband would come in, overwhelmed with jealousy that his all American wife, who was considered innocent and sweet was actually a skank and was cheating on him. I imagined that Troy, wanting to convince me he was better than some indian man, fucked rough and anally until I was screaming while Raaj fucked me in my pussy.

I snapped out of my fantasy to have what was probably the most mind blowing orgasm I ever had. I pushed Raaj's head deeper into my pussy "LICK IT YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE!" I screamed as I came in his face and he licked it up every last drop until it was clear of liquids.

I lay their, almost paralysed by the orgasm I just had, my mind was swimming with all different kinds of emotions. Some of which were outrageous like that I wanted Raaj's children or to marry him. Though I had to admit, the fantasy to be pregnant with Raaj's child turned me on crazily. "Well that was my goodbye present" said Raaj as he picked up his clothes off the ground and began to get dressed.

"That was the best present anyone's given blonde busty lesbians and hot shower sex I said, still breathing heavily. Raaj finished getting dressed and together we gave a quick kiss goodbye and then Raaj left.

Raaj and I didn't have to worry about getting caught. I thought to myself that afternoon as I was doing laundry, Troy had called almost an hour after Raaj had left to say he was coming home later that afternoon and the kids weren't due to come home for two more days.

So Raaj didn't have to go straight away, which made me disappointed to realise we could of had more time together. After Raaj left, I took the morning after pill which was sitting at the back of the cupboard. I had to convince myself to use it. I liked the idea of being pregnant and had to force myself to take it. I walked into the kitchen to get a glass of water to see Troy sitting at the dining room table, he stood up when he saw me.

He must of just come in. "Hi" he said almost shamefully. "Hey" I said back in a voice which sounded like it wasn't even mine. What was wrong with me? Had I changed that much Since my encounter with Raaj?

"What are you doing?" He asked. "Laundry. Thought I'd do a bit of clea-" Without warning Troy put his hands around my throat and pushed me down on the dining room table, he moved one hand away from my throat and over the mouth. "Listen carefully okay?" Said Troy urgently.

I was finding it difficult to breath and I was somewhat scared. But mostly I had a feeling of excitement over me, what was going to happen? "I was thinking about what you said, last night I mean. And I think you have a point. You're right, we haven't fucked in a while and I'm sorry.

I've just been tired from work and everything. But when I was alone yesterday I realised that's why I've been so angry lately, because I need my dick in your pussy" I stared at him in disbelief. Why has he managed to realise this after I had slept with another man?! Without warning he pulled down my jeans and my black panties. He stared at the sight for a moment, at if examining my pussy. I freaked out for that moment, did he know I was with someone else?

Could mean tell? But then he looked up at me and bisexual guys nailing hot black girl tube porn me a sloppy kiss on my forehead.

"Your kitty still looks fucking hot, Beth" he said licking his lips. He pulled down his pants, revealing his seven inch dick which look so very small too me after seeing Raaj's.

He then plunged it into my kitten and move his hands around my neck. When we use to have sex, Troy often used to like choking me, acting as if I was a bitch who needed to be punished, which I loved he was doing again.

Raaj was more of a gentle lover, which didn't work with me because I was a slut who needed to be punished. Troy pounded my pussy like a jackhammer on the dining table. It felt so scandalous to have this happen where we eat. I reached my hands down and began rubbing my clit in a circular motion. "Ugh Beth!" Cried out Troy "you're so fucking tight" "Do you like my tight pussy baby?" I yelled.

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"Fuck yes" "I'm a slut aren't i? A disgusting little bitch who needs to have her worst punishment" At these words Troy picked me up and flipped me on my stomach. "I'm going to teach your asshole a lesson" bbc gangbang sex fairy tales innocent mom hard reached back with both hands and spread my ass cheeks apart for Troy. "Oh god baby. Your ass is so sexy" He slapped me on my ass and I let out a shrill excited cry.

He continued to slap it hard and the sound of his hand making contact with my ass made me even more wet. Troy entered the tip of his dick into my tight ass before swallowing the whole package. Troy started off in small hard strokes, which drove me crazy. He continued to slap my now bright red ass.

He then started to pick up the pace and did long strokes which were so hard it almost made the table move. "BABY OH MY GOD!" I screamed. I was frothing at the mouth, this was just fucking amazing. After so many months of being withdrawn of his cock, suddenly having it again was like going cold turkey from a drug like heroin only to go back to it. It was euphoric. "YOU FUCKING CUNT!

GOD IM GOING TO CUM IN YOUR TIGHT LITTLE ASSHOLE!" He yelled out. "Yes! Please cum! Do it! Do it!" I screamed as I reached an orgasm.

"OH MY GOD! CUM IN ME TROY! DO IT! HOLY SHIT OHHHH!" I could feel myself squirting and new that my liquids were probably leaking all over Troys balls. I could feel my asshole being filled with his warm seed as he thrusted one hard last time. Before collapsing on my back, his dick still in my asshole. During that whole sexual encounter, I reached orgasm one time. That was seven less times than I did with Raaj.

I knew at that moment that I enjoyed sex with Raaj more than I did my own husband. I had to see Raaj again. I had too.

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I had to have his dick back in my pussy.