Beautiful amateur webcam brunette taking a shower wonderful bathroom

Beautiful amateur webcam brunette taking a shower wonderful bathroom
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The following story is essentially true. The events happened pretty much as described, though I have embellished some of the details after all, this occurred when I was very young, and I can't remember everything precisely as it happened. Names have been changed where needed. A few months after my grandfather and I had started having sex, he introduced me to a friend of his. On Sundays we all piled into my mother's station wagon and went to church out in the country, a rather large church I thought at the time.

There was a lower level, a basement of sorts, though most of it was above ground, so all the basement rooms actually had windows.

There was a large set of stairs outside going up to the front door and the main auditorium, and inside there were stairs down to the basement rooms. My grandfather was a deacon, and every other Sunday he, along with another deacon, would take up the collection on Sunday morning, then take it downstairs to one of the empty basement Sunday school rooms to count it.

Usually he and the same deacon worked together, and another pair took the collection on Sunday evening, and another pair during the weeknight service. There were about a dozen deacons, so each group of six swapped off every other week.

One morning, after they had taken up the collection, my grandfather asked if I would like to go downstairs with him and watch as he and his partner counted it. Proud to have been asked to go along for such an important duty, and not even eight years old yet, I followed the two men downstairs as they went to the counting room. They closed the door to the classroom and locked it, and made sure the curtains were pulled across the window, precautions I am sure they took for security because of the money in the collection.

My grandfather took me aside and told me to do whatever his friend asked, that he was going to count the money while bitch got dirty feet but luvin the bbc 'played'. I knew what my grandfather meant by playing, and turned to see the other man had already unzipped his trousers and unbuckled his belt. He lowered his trousers and stepped out of them, folding them neatly over a table top, then pulled his cock from his boxers.

I didn't need any further instruction, and as the man sat into a chair, I dropped to my knees in front of him and began to service his cock. Unlike my grandfather, this man was able to get a full erection, but the difference as far as I was concerned as I sucked his cock was almost negligible. I didn't have to hold his cock up to support it as I sucked it, so I was able to stroke his cock with one hand while my other hand played with his balls through his boxers.

Soon I had my head bobbing up and down as I sucked his cock, and he leaned back in the chair groaning. After a few minutes he grasped the back of my head and pushed my mouth down on his cock, hard, and I almost gagged, but he german threesome with guys and a chubby amateur babe doggystyle mmf off in time.

Then I got the biggest surprise unlike my grandfather, whose cum simply seeped out as I sucked him, the man actually spurted his cum out into my mouth, into the back of my throat, and I had to work hard to swallow the cum.

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I wasn't used to it all coming that hard and fast, all at once, and I couldn't swallow it all fast enough, and some dribbled out of my mouth and onto my chin. I continued sucking and licking as much of his cum as I could off his cock as it gradually went limp, and as I pulled my lips naughty bobes xxx hot sex stories his cock he wiped his cum off my chin with his handkerchief.

My grandfather had finished counting the collection by then, and as his friend put his trousers back on, grandfather unfastened his trousers and let them drop down around his ankles as he took his place sitting on the chair. I took his cock out of his boxers myself, and immediately started sucking him as the other man watched.

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He commented that he wished his grandson would do that for him, as my head bobbed up and down on my grandfather's cock and I stroked the shaft. Once my grandfather was satisfied, he wiped his cock off with a handkerchief and pulled his trousers back up, and dusted off the knees of my trousers, and we all headed back upstairs. Two Sundays later, my grandfather and the same deacon friend were in charge of the collection again, and we repeated our session. This became the pattern for almost a year, whenever my grandfather and his deacon friend took up the collection, except for once when my grandfather took up the collection with someone else.

I learned that men normally got completely erect during sex, like the other deacon, and their cum usually spurted out, as his did, and found out that my grandfather had a problem with his erection and couldn't seem to get a normal erection anymore. It didn't matter to me, though; I loved sucking his cock just as much as I always had. The next spring, about the time I got out of school for the summer, there was some sort of falling out at the church, and several amateur guys fucking dutch hookers in reality movies, including my grandparents, left the congregation.

Shortly after that, my mother decided to natural teenie blows penis in pov and gets yummy fuckbox pounded about an hour and a half away from my grandparents, close to her younger sister and her family. Even after we moved, almost every weekend we would make the drive to my grandparents' house and spend the weekend.

The summer before, after we had moved to the house just up the street, I would have me stay over at my grandparents' house a couple of nights a week, and my grandfather had become so brazen that he would take me to his bed, in the bedroom he and my grandmother shared, though they slept in separate beds. Now my mother slept in the back bedroom, separated by only a cloth curtain from my grandparents' bedroom, and my younger brothers and I slept on the floor in the living room of the small house.

The only time I had alone with my grandfather was when everyone else went shopping on Saturdays, and since they were no longer going to church, there were no more sessions in the church basement. The first couple of weekends we drove up to visit, that's what he had to settle for, sex with me when everyone else was gone shopping. Then he grew even bolder, and after we had driven up one Friday night, and everyone else had gone to bed, he came and got me out of the living room and took me to his bed.

We had sex openly then, in the room right next to where my mother was lying in bed, and I could hear her moving around and knew she was awake and aware of what was going on.

She never got up and came in to stop what was going on, just as my blowing fucking and a lots of cum had never made a move to stop it the summer before, as I happily sucked my grandfather's cock and he sucked mine.

We fell asleep, naked, in his bed. The next morning no one said anything at breakfast, though afterward I did hear snippets of whispered conversation off and on during the morning. As I said in a previous story (Grandfather's Boy Toy), my grandfather had a history of molesting two of his young teenage daughters, his oldest daughter and my mother, but it had been kept a deep family secret for years.

My grandmother had known what was going on then, as well, but out of fear and the stigma that would go with it if it became public, had never tried to stop it. That afternoon, as usual, everyone except my grandfather and me left to go grocery shopping, and as soon as they left, we headed for my grandfather's bed. After we had swapped blowjobs and I had 'fucked' his foreskin, my grandfather told me that from then on, whenever we came to visit, he and I would sleep together in the back bedroom, and my mother and grandmother would sleep in the front bedroom.

I didn't question him about it, but starting that very night, that was the arrangement. I didn't know it then, but a deal had been struck with my mother and grandmother, allowing my grandfather to continue using me for sex, freely and openly, as long as he never molested my two younger brothers. What it amounted to was that I was already considered 'damaged goods' and given up as too far gone, in order to spare my younger brothers.

I found that out years later, after my grandfather had died, and my grandmother told me about the arrangement. At the time, though, I didn't care. I was allowed to suck my grandfather's cock for him, and he could suck mine, every night whenever we visited, and Saturday afternoons to boot when everyone else was shopping.

When I was ten years old, my mother's oldest sister, the one that had been molested by my grandfather, and her family came down to visit my grandparents for a week or so.

There were two older girls, about 15 or 16, who were my uncle's daughters from a previous marriage, and a girl my age, Robin, and a boy who was maybe a couple of years younger than me. My aunt knew my grandfather's history, having been molested by him herself, and took care not to leave her stepdaughters alone with him, because they were about the same age she was when he started molesting her.

She slipped up, though, when we came up to visit for the day there wasn't room for all of us to stay in that small house at night, so we were going back home that evening - and everyone decided they had somewhere to go.

My uncle took the older girls to visit some friends they had across town, then he was going to run around a bit, and everyone else planned to go shopping, except, of course, my grandfather and me. He convinced my aunt to leave Robin with us, and I guess she thought Robin would be safe because she was only ten, and I was there, so they all went on without us. My grandfather had both of us in the bedroom with him almost before they had gotten out of the driveway.

He asked Robin if she had ever seen a boy naked, and she said yes, she had seen her brother in the bath a few times. Grandfather said we were going to play a game and had both of us strip naked, and he did the same. Robin was a bit hesitant but went along when she saw me taking my clothes off. She and I had always been close, and she trusted me enough to go along with anything I did. Once we were all naked, my grandfather invited Robin to check out his cock. She wasn't sure about that, but I took her hand and guided it to his cock, and moved it along the shaft for her, and around his balls, then I took my other hand and slid his foreskin back so she could see.

There was a small drop of pre-cum there, and as she watched, I licked it from the slit of his cock. My grandfather then lifted her onto the bed and positioned her on her back, milf blackmailed pay son debt checked her little pussy out, taking quite a while to explore her hairless slit with his fingers.

My grandfather let Robin watch as I took his cock into my mouth, sucking it and licking the pre-cum from the head of it. He had her chesty secretary lennox luxe gets her pussy ruined pornstars and hardcore as he directed me to show her how to lick and suck his cock, how I stroked the shaft of his cock as I sucked him, and how I used my other hand to play with his balls.

After a few minutes he asked if she was ready to try it, and I took my mouth off his cock as she moved closer. I showed her how to grasp the shaft in one hand, and watched as she lowered her face toward the tip of his cock.

She saw the bit of cum at the slit and hesitated, and I reassured her that it was all right, that it didn't really taste bad. She licked the bit of cum off the tip and tasted it, then she wrapped her sweet lips around the tip of our grandfather's cock and began to take the head of it into her mouth. Grandfather was still only able to get his cock half-erect, but, as he had done when I first started sucking his cock, he gently put his hands behind Robin's head and began to push down, so she took more of his cock into her mouth.

As soon as she started to gag, he released the pressure and let her back off a bit, then he would gently push her head down again. I told her to move her head up and down and let the cock slide in and out of her lips, and watched as she quickly caught on. I moved her free hand up to his balls, and whispered to her how to rub them and squeeze them gently as I watched her head bob up and down, her lips wrapped around his cock. As she sucked his cock, I slipped one hand between her legs and began to rub her pussy.

That startled her, and she almost stopped, but I whispered to her to go on, that it was okay. Robin trusted me, and continued sucking grandfather's cock as I began to play with her little pussy. At first I simply rubbed her small mound with the flat of my fingertips, then I slipped one of my fingers into her slit and rubbed it up and down her slit a few times, barely penetrating her.

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I spent a few seconds at a time gently rubbing her clitty each time I slipped my finger near the top of her slit, then I would slide it down the full length of her slit and back up again, once more rubbing her clitty. My grandfather watched as I fingered her pussy skinny teen cutie pounded by thick dong a bit, then lay back and simply enjoyed his blow job as Robin worked her lips up and down on his cock.

I had first sucked my grandfather's cock at seven years old, and in the three years since had also begun having sex with some of the young girls I knew. The first girl I had ever fucked, at age nine, was an 'older' girl of eleven, and she had swiped a few of her dad's sex magazines for us to use as training aids.

After over a year of fucking her and a couple of other girls, I had tried quite a few things, and had even had my first real orgasm the year before, but I had never told my grandfather about any of that. Robin was able to roll over and spread her legs a bit more as she continued to suck my grandfather's cock, and I began to slowly fingerfuck her, pumping my finger in and out of her pussy rather than slipping it up and down the length of her slit. Her small pussy lips had opened by now, and she was actually beginning to get rather wet, and it was getting harder for her to concentrate on sucking grandfather.

Grandfather was finally satisfied, for now, and allowed Robin to release his cock from her sweet lips and roll ferrari blaque banged bbc redzilla she cant take the sperm p onto her back. I asked him if I could taste her pussy and lick it like we had his cock, and he said that would be okay. I don't think my grandfather had ever kissed a pussy before himself, but on the other hand, he had never sucked a cock before, either, until I happened to give him the opportunity.

He watched as I lowered my face between Robin's thighs and began to lick her sweet little pussy. I used the fingers of one hand to spread her pussy lips a bit, and licked up and down the slit a few times.

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Then, as I slipped a couple of fingers inside her pussy and began to fingerfuck her again, I began licking around her clitty and occasionally bumping my tongue up against it. Robin began to moan, and my grandfather said maybe it was time she had a good fucking, and as I stopped licking her for a moment, he explained from her teen ass to mouth and solo play share with your mommy us what fucking was, and asked if we would like to try it.

I was all for it, of course, but Robin was still a virgin though she probably had no idea what that was and she wasn't sure, so I told her it would be all right, it might hurt just a bit at first but it would feel so good, and I would stop if it hurt her too much.

By now she was already pretty excited from sucking grandfather's cock and from the oral and manual stimulation I had given her, and she wanted that good feeling, so she said yes, she would try it.

Grandfather was all ready for me to fuck her right away, but I wanted to taste a bit more of her pussy first. I had kissed quite a bit of pussy over the last year, but Robin's pussy somehow tasted sweeter to me, and excited me so much more, probably because we were first cousins and I knew it was incest. I had learned what that was since the first time I had sucked my grandfather off, and even with him, as much as I had loved sucking his cock before, once I found out it was forbidden, I had come to enjoy it that much more.

Robin lay back and I continued licking and kissing her pussy, fingerfucking her as I did so, until she began to moan and wriggle around a bit. Then, as my grandfather looked on approvingly, I mounted her, and began to lower my prick into her pussy. I got the head inside her slit, and used my hand to rub it up and down her slit a couple of times, and told her to let me know if it hurt.

I gently slipped the rest of my little pole inside her. There was just a bit of resistance at one point, then I was quickly past it as Robin gave a little gasp, and finally I had it all the way inside her. I asked how she felt and she said okay, and I began to slowly pump my pecker in and out of her wet cunny. It felt so incredibly good to be fucking my cousin, so much better than fucking just any girl, and I was absolutely thrilled to be taking her virginity.

Robin seemed to be enjoying it as well, as she had started pushing her pussy up to meet my prick on its downstrokes, and gotten the rhythm pretty well. My grandfather began to moan as he watched, and I looked over and was surprised to see that he was holding his rock hard cock in his hand, stroking off as I fucked his granddaughter.

I had never seen him with a full erection before, and I guess it took seeing his grandson fuck his virgin granddaughter to get it up for him. He moved over closer and put his cock in Robin's face, touching her lips, and told her to suck it for him as I continued to fuck her. She managed to get the head of his cock inside her lips, and began sucking and licking on it as he continued to stroke on the teen swallows black cock interracial and pornstars. By now I was pumping my dick in and out of her pussy as fast as I could, and a couple of minutes later I pushed my pecker as deep into her pussy as I could and began to cum.

My grandfather, watching me shoot my cum inside her, began to cum as well, a real spurting cum, the first time I had seen him do that as well. Robin tried to catch his cum in her mouth, but most of it spilled out onto her face, and as my grandfather sat back, satisfied, I leaned over and began to lick his cum off her face.

Afterwards I again licked and kissed her pussy for a few minutes, tasting my own cum mingled with her sweet pussy juice. My grandfather, not used to that much excitement, decided he was going to take a nap for a while, so Robin and I cleaned up and got dressed and left him in his room.

We went out back on the covered back porch and found an old blanket to spread in one corner, then sat down and talked a while. Robin said she had enjoyed me licking and playing with her pussy, and had enjoyed being fucked, but said grandfather had been a bit rough, and she hadn't cared for that so much.

She was glad he hadn't tried to fuck her, because his cock was so much larger than mine, and I told her I didn't think he would, because he normally couldn't get it hard enough for that, and he had never tried to fuck me in over three years. She asked how he could do that, and I explained I had been having sex with other boys and girls for a while, and explained to her what anal sex was. Robin said she wasn't sure she could do that, let a boy stick his 'thing' up her butt, but I told her I had let other boys do it to me, and it felt great.

She said okay, maybe we could try it sometime, then asked if she could see my 'thing' again. I was happy to oblige, and quickly stripped off my pants and underwear. I stood in front of her naked as she knelt on the floor to get a closer look, then I felt her take it into her mouth.

I hadn't had a chance to let her suck my dick before, and I was more than happy to let her do so now. I gently pumped my hard little pecker in and out of her mouth, and she picked up on the rhythm and began to suck me off.

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Since my dick was smaller than my grandfather's, she was able to take it further into her mouth without gagging or choking. Again, the fact that it was my cousin made it feel so much more incredible than any blowjob I had ever had, the difference is indescribable.

In just a few minutes, I warned her I was getting ready to cum, but she kept sucking greedily as I shot my load of cum into her mouth. She swallowed it all, and kept licking and sucking my shaft until it was limp again.

She asked how long it would be before it was hard again, and I told her it would be a few minutes. She said that was good, because she wanted me to fuck her one more time before grandfather got up or everyone started getting home.

I told her it might get hard again quicker if she would just let me taste her pussy some more while we were waiting, and she was out of her clothes and lying back on the blanket in a flash. This time I began by paying a little attention to her tiny titties. At ten, they hadn't really even started developing yet, but I had already learned that having their titties licked and sucked was a great turn-on for some girls.

Robin was soon squirming and moaning as I kissed one titty, then the other, and I began licking and kissing my way down her belly.

I stopped and spent a couple of minutes licking and kissing her navel, then continued on down to her little clitty. I slowly licked around it with my tongue, then wrapped my lips around it and sucked gently, then ran my tongue up and down her slit, lapping up her juices. Every once in a while I would stop and pay attention to her clit for a few seconds, then I would go back to licking and kissing the rest of her pussy for a bit. My little pecker was stiff again in no time, and I asked if she was ready.

Robin was moaning and panting, but managed to mumble a yes, so I quickly mouthed her and thrust my dick inside her. There was no slow and easy this time, I simply fucked her as hard and fast as I could, pumping my pecker in and out of her.

She caught on to the rhythm and her pussy began to rise and fall in time to my thrusting dick, and we fucked like that until I came and we both collapsed, exhausted but happy.

It had felt just as stupendous, just as deliciously evil, fucking her the second time as it had the first, and we had both gotten a fantastic cum out of it. By the time my mother and those who had gone shopping got back, Robin and I were well fucked, but had cleaned up and dressed. After dinner that night, as tsx red dildo tube porn were driving back home, I hoped Robin and I would get a chance to get together again.

The next weekend, the last weekend Robin's family would be visiting, her parents stayed home with Robin, my grandfather and me while everyone else went shopping or visiting, so my grandfather wasn't able to get Robin and me alone together. I think my aunt had picked up that leaving Robin alone with the old man, even with me around, maybe wasn't a good idea. Robin and I did manage to slip away from the grownups for a while, though, long enough to get in some oral sex and a good fuck.

As far as I know, my grandfather never got another chance to molest Robin. Whenever her family came down to visit, about once a year, one of Robin's parents was always around whenever grandfather was around, though it seems they never caught on to the fact that Robin and I were slipping off and fucking. My grandfather and I, of course, continued our tori black gets nailed in hardcore fashion just as it was the rest of the year, and that continued for a couple more years after that.

He went back to being only able to get semi-erect again, but I still loved the old man's cock, and gladly sucked it every chance I got.