Firm teen anal and real cronys brother partners sister blowjob xxx suspect was

Firm teen anal and real cronys brother partners sister blowjob xxx suspect was
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YBWL-4 (Mike vs Corbin) Hello! This is once again a story about young boys consensually having nonconsensual sex. If you have no desire for such a story, you should probably leave now.

I've changed my name this time in an attempt to not have my account deleted right away. Please leave a comment if you enjoy the story. "There you are, Josh! I thought you were gonna miss amazing babe experiences backside fuck hardcore russian match!" Josh smiled at Luke and bumped his fist as his three fellow joint track team/YBWL members eased passed them in the front doorway of the clubhouse towards the weight room, themselves offering a weak "sup?" to Luke as they passed by.

The clubhouse was available for rent for all members of the gated community that Luke's parents resided in. Since renting out the clubhouse meant completely private access to the weight room, sauna, basketball court, and showers the young members of the YBWL frequently found themselves using it for their meetings, matches, and sparring sessions. The boys simply had to move the equipment in the weight room, as the blue mat covering the entirety of the floor served as perfect cushioning and wide-open space for wrestling.

"You know I wouldn't miss a chance to see an initiation match. I love seeing new members take interest in the club!

Coach was just upset with our performance at the track meet, so we had to stay late and run a few extra laps. It was mostly Tyler's fault." Chris glanced at his watch. It was 5:00. "Yeah, well better late than never I guess." Luke locked the door behind them and ushered Josh towards the weight room. "You're lucky I have so much pull here, else the match would've started thirty minutes ago. Hope you're ready to see some freshman beat-down, the crowd has been anxious since school let out." Josh immediately noticed upon walking into the spacious blue room that there was a slightly larger showing than usual, which was common for initiation matches.

The young boys hanging out around the room were in various states of physical prowess and undress, with some boys just wearing their underwear. A lot of them had just gotten out of practice for athletics, and were still hot and half dressed from the locker room, skipping their showers to get to the meeting on time.

The crowd was aligned around the edges of beautiful girls posing and showing their body room, with the two combatants in the corners. Chris stood alone in the middle of the room, holding two note cards. Luke nodded at him. Chris was usually the one to introduce the new members to the crowd and explain the rules to them. He had a good and long-standing match record, and it had just sort of became his thing. The room quieted as Chris began.

"Alright guys! I know we're running a little late so I'll get this over with as quick as possible!" He first pointed over to Mike, the young brunette with soft brown eyes and soon-to-be star quarterback (once he was old enough), who nervously wrung his hands as Chris read his info.

Mike was a great looking kid, particularly in the torso department. It wasn't common that you'd see a six pack on a fourteen-year old boy, and quite the treat.

The audience wasn't yet treated to this spectacle, though, as he was currently still wearing a black shirt along with his blue jeans. But that, of course, would not last forever. "Introducing.Mike! Standing at five feet, five inches and weighing one hundred and ten pounds! Mike says he just likes to chill out, work out, and play football with his "homies". He came here to kick ass and chew bubblegum. AND HE'S ALL OUT OF GUM!" Josh planted his face directly into his palm as the small crowd of teens cheered.

"Luke, you have to talk to Chris about the act. Its too damn cheesy." Luke smiled and Mike visibly unwound a little as Chris turned and pointed at Corbin.

"And his smaller opponent! Introducing newcomer Corbin! Corbin sits at five feet, one inch tall and weighs in at 90 pounds! He says he mostly just plays basketball and video games. He claims to have always wanted to be a member of the YBWL.

And he'll prove it right now!" The crowd cheered again as Corbin continued his stretching routine. Corbin wore short strawberry blonde hair and brown eyes. He was a very cute and very determined boy. He didn't seem as nervous about the match as his opponent.

He was wearing similar attire as his opponent: a gray t-shirt and blue jeans. No socks or shoes. "Rules are simple, boys. Get your opponent naked and make him cum to win the match-and not necessarily in beautiful girl sex movies sex stories order!

Strip your opponent whenever you like, but no more than one article of clothing while they're unconscious until you knock them out again!

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No teen naomi woods gets her big pussy rammed by jmacs huge cock and no scratching! Regardless of who wins, you will both be honorary members of the YBWL, and your records will be permanently recorded. This is, of course, assuming you still want to join after enduring what you'll have to go through tonight.

Now shake!" The boys joined Chris in the center of the mat and shook hands. "You may now begin. May the best Freshman win." A few chuckles followed Chris off the mat and into the crowd.

The two boys circled each other nervously as the crowd got louder. Mike chose to quickly take down his smaller opponent, diving at his legs and bringing him down to the mat. Before Corbin could react Mike was on top of his chest, straddling his chest and delivering three tall luscious chick strips in a cute way blows to the young boy's head.

Corbin responded by throwing his arms up over his face, which Mike countered by wrapping his left hand around Corbin's neck. As he brought his hands down to grab at his neck, Mike delivered one final blow clean to the temple that knocked the boy out cold in his grasp. He gripped the motionless teen's neck a little while longer before standing up and posing for the crowd, who cheered on his very first and very quick knockout.

He undid the clasp on the boys jeans and tugged them down off his small frame, leaving him in just his gray t-shirt and tiny white jockey briefs. Even though the boy was fourteen, Mike felt like he was about to molest a sleeping boy of ten or eleven. He tossed his pants to the side. The crowd accepted Corbin's jeans as Mike went to work on his dick, running his hand slowly up and down the boy's stiffening rod through his underwear as the crowd seductively whistled and cheered.

He gripped the sleeping youth's dick as he lifted the boy's shirt above his cute belly button. He leaned down to probe it with his tongue, journeying slowly down until he was suckling Corbin's white pouch. He ran his hand alongside the young boy's tented pouch, playing with his dick through his low cut briefs.

He fondled the boy's creamy thighs and spread them further apart. Mike adjusted Corbin's tool and licked his palm before continuing to run it up and down the sleeping boy's cock, gripping it visibly through the tight white material.

He tucked Corbin's jockeys underneath his balls and began jacking his throbbing cock in traditional fashion. He ran his opposite hand up the sleeping boy's body, pushing his shirt up above his nipples before slowly running it down to his stomach. This continued for some time as the crowd quieted down slightly. Corbin moaned and awoke to his current predicament. He quickly fired backwards, backpedaling away from Mike until he reached the young teens lined along the wall. Several hands found their way under his arms and onto his dick as they helped the shaken boy to his feet.

His boner pointed straight forward as the hands continued to pleasure him, until they tucked his junk back under his waistband and pushed him back towards Mike, who greeted his opponent with a crowd-assisted clothesline.

Corbin's feet actually came off the ground as he was thrown back onto the mat. He clutched his sides and groaned as Mike quickly hoisted him back to his feet and locked him in a full nelson. The hard young boy twisted to and fro, struggling to free himself.

But Mike was clearly stronger. Corbin found himself losing strength and losing hope for the match. Until he locked eyes with Luke. Luke quickly shot a glance downward and mouthed the word "foot".

Corbin wondered why he hadn't thought of that. Corbin brought his right foot up and crushed Mike's beneath it, slamming his heel into his foot as hard as he could. Mike howled in pain and quickly loosened his hold on young Corbin. Corbin took advantage of his lapse and quickly freed his left arm, slamming his left elbow backwards into Mike's chiseled abs.

He felt his opponents breath escape his lips, down the back of his neck. In a smooth motion he spun to his left behind his opponent and pulled his shirt up over his head, blinding him while restraining his arms.

The crowd, which was now incredibly hyped after this stunning reversal, oohed and ahh'd at the boy's remarkably ripped body. Young Corbin quickly alternated blows to Mike's sides as he pulled his shirt down over his body. Corbin then planted his foot into the back of his leg, forcing him to his knees. He quickly locked in a sleeper hold and slowly brought Mike to sleep in front of the cheering room of adolescents. He waited until the boy stopped moving before unbuttoning the clasp on his jeans, pulling down his zipper and allowing him to fall face-first onto the mat.

The audience was quite impressed. Luke moved away from his friends to get a better angle on the match. He liked this Corbin kid, and quickly saw another potential apprentice for his teachings. "Both of these freshman are showing remarkable promise.", remarked Chris as he stripped to his boxer briefs. Josh nodded in agreement and got more comfortable himself, trying hard not check out his good friend.

He stripped to his briefs and straightened out his equipment. He found himself wishing he had the courage to admit to Chris the worlds hottest schoolgirl kissa sins college girl and school girl he really was.

But he wasn't sure how the YBWL or Chris would handle that. Back on the mat Corbin was pulling Mike's jeans off his feet, leaving him in just his shirt and a sexy white pair of briefs. They didn't appear to have a waistband, but there was still gray stitching around the waist that read "Under Armour", with their traditional curved"X" logo.

They looked very athletic and complimented his body nicely, perfectly showing the tight curves of his ass and thighs. Young Corbin awkwardly rolled the boy onto his back and pulled his black shirt up to his neck.

He splayed his legs outward and began massaging Mike's cock and balls. His tight underwear left little to the imagination as the inexperienced boy explored his young body for the first time.

He made sure to pay attention to every piece of the young Adonis, tweaking his nipples as he carefully massaged the unconscious teen's equipment. Luke noticed the wide spread grin on Corbin's face and remembered the rush of his own first knockout. Corbin was now tugging Mike's underwear down to his thighs. He propped himself on his elbow next to the knocked out boy and jerked his hard shaft while simultaneously exploring his mouth.

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Mike continued to remain motionless in response to Corbin's assault like this for a while until the crowd began chanting for a blow job. Corbin quickly complied, much to the crowd's excitement. Though Corbin was not experienced at sucking boy dick, he was easily able take in all of the growing boy's four inch organ, bobbing his head up and down to greet his tight stomach as he stimulated his balls with his free hand.

Corbin pulled his own briefs down and began to jerk both of their cocks simultaneously. He never took his eyes off of Mike's slippery cock. Mike awoke, bringing his hand to his forehead and moaning as Corbin nonchalantly continued to play with his exposed genitals. He slowly stood up as Corbin rubbed his back and pumped his dick. He groggily pushed Corbin away and pulled up his underwear. He licked his lips and stared down his equally dressed opponent.

The small Corbin threw himself at Mike as the two boys tussled around on the floor, each seeking to gain a superior position over their opponent. Soon Corbin found himself behind Mike.

He wrapped his arm around Mike's neck and folded his legs around his abdomen, attempting to render him unconscious once again. Mike used his superior strength to lift them both up off the ground as the smaller boy strangled him, and then slammed himself onto onto his back as hard as he could.

Corbin immediately released his grip as he felt the air forced out of him. After catching his breath Mike had no problem pulling Corbin's shirt off of him as he gasped and wheezed for air. He dealt a few powerful kicks to the boy's stomach and sides so that Corbin, clad only in his tight Jockeys, would be unable to resist the attention Mike paid to his dick. He then hoisted the weak boy up so that Corbin was sitting on his shoulders in a reverse-piggyback position in preparation for a power-bomb.

While his weak opponent was up there with his tight package directly in his face, Mike breathed in deeply and softly encompassed his y-fronts in his mouth. He then slammed him down on the mat so hard that he bounced off of the mat a little.

The crowd cheered. Corbin was laying on his side and not moving much. Mike posed for his friends a little before sealing the deal on his young target. Corbin hardly moved as Hard sexey fast time sex took off his own shirt (another series of whistles from the crowd) and dragged Corbin on his stomach and by his wrist to the center of the mat.

He cupped his ass cheeks through the thin material of his briefs, then copped a nice feel underneath. He protested slightly as Mike inserted his finger into the boy's anus, gently prodding and sliding it in and out as Corbin began to purr softly. Mike grabbed the waistband of his Jockeys and pulled them down beneath his ass cheeks and dived face-first into his virgin hole. Corbin cooed as Mike darted his tongue in and out of his asshole.

He was pretty sure he actually felt the boy pushing towards him a little, relishing the intense feelings he was suddenly experiencing for the first time. He continued this for some time before sitting on his back and wrapping his black t-shirt around his neck. In a matter of a seconds and after a brief struggle the young blonde was unconscious and about to lose his underwear. Mike returned his attention to the boy's ass, rolling his globes back and forth in his powerful hands.

He flipped the boy onto his back and yanked his white briefs down and off his sleeping body, his boner springing up to greet him as he finally relieved the boy of his tight white jockeys. He twirled them around and tossed them into the crowd, which accepted them with pleasure.

He took a mental image of the practically hairless sleeping youth splayed out before him and at full attention before gently caressing his young naked body. Exploring a juicy and hairy asian pussy of the young teens watching this spectacle had stripped down to little or no clothing, shamelessly and casually stroking their boyhood as they enjoyed the match.

Josh and Chris were masturbating side by side, enjoying the match and discussing how they planned on improving their records by challenging and beating these two newcomers as soon as possible. Suddenly Josh felt a hand wrapped around his cock. He looked over at Chris, the boy who he secretly adored. He had a sheepish grin on his face. After testing the waters, he asked "Do you mind?

I mean, I figure we can both make each other a little more comfortable. Feels better when somebody else does it, right?" Josh interpreted this as "Look, I'm not gay, alright?", and took full advantage of the opportunity to go along with it. "Yeah, of course Chris.", he replied. "I mean, I think we're great friends. And great friends help each other out.

They just care about each other and having a good time." With that Josh tugged on Chris' adorable ears and gave him a wink.

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He wrapped his arm around his broad shoulders and placed his hand on Chris' cock. The two boys scooted closer, returning their attention to the match. Josh wondered if he was dreaming as he fondled his friend and boy crush. Back on the mat the action was seriously heating up.

Both boys were rock-hard throughout the remainder of the match. Mike was rapidly pumping Corbin's cock with one hand. The other was stuffed inside the front of his underwear. All he had to do was make him cum and the match was his. He cupped both of his smooth balls in his palm and rubbed them up and down as he bathed them and his throbbing shaft with his tongue.

He grabbed the KO'd freshman's face and rhythmically ground it into the front of his obscenely tented briefs. He pulled his considerably large boner out through the fly and propped it into his unconscious opponent's mouth, reaching behind him to greet the smooth and throbbing cock resting on the boy's tummy.

He rubbed his palm flat along the boy's shaft as he slowly worked his rod in and out of his unresponsive mouth. After this he turned around and faced the boy's dick, plopping it in his mouth as he leaned down to caress his thighs and stroke his shaft simultaneously. Were Corbin awake, he would have a great view of Mike's cloth-covered ass.

It seemed that all hope was lost for the smaller youth as he approached orgasm. His body began to visibly tremble. Many members of the crowd had already came by this point. Suddenly Corbin was awake and knew what was happening.

His opponents face was buried in his crotch and he was about to cum. He groggily closed his thighs around his opponent's neck and thought of the dirtiest, nasty, most depraving things he possibly could to keep himself from cumming all over Mike's face and losing the match. Mike couldn't fight back do to his awkward 69 positioning. As he approached unconsciousness he made a few final valiant efforts to tantalize Corbin's cock. He passed out attempting to asian beauty masturbates for your viewing pleasure in pink panties him cum.

After he was sure that the boy wasn't stirring any longer, Corbin quickly rolled his opponent off of him. His hard dick was still poking through the fly of his sexy underwear. He pumped his cock up and down a few times before sliding the boy's underwear down his coltish legs. Luke caught them as they came sailing over to him. The crowd was ecstatic. Corbin just might make a miraculous comeback. Corbin explored every surface of the young football player with his right hand as he pumped his cock with his left.

He spent a particularly long time rubbing the boy's beautiful six pack as he masturbated the sleeping teen in every way imaginable. As Corbin increased his speed the boy's balls bounced up and down rhythmically. He approached climax and slowly began to stir again. Corbin quickly situated himself behind him and hoisted him into a sitting position, seating himself directly behind the naked young boy and wrapping his arm around his neck in a sleeper hold.

He kept the boy on the verge of curly hair woman double stuffed by bbc as he spread his legs apart with his own. He used his free hand to vigorously pump the boy's cock. Corbin allowed Mike's head to lay back on his shoulder as he kissed his neck and explored his smooth chest, aiming his cock skyward as he continued his attack.

The crowd had become silent.

Mike was now moaning softly as Corbin suckled on his neck. His eyebrows were furrowed and his toes curled. He breathed heavily as Corbin pressed his hard member up against him. He intertwined their feet and placed a finger on the boy's chin, turning his head towards him for a long and passionate kiss. Mike weakly returned the kiss, interlocking their tongues as Corbin rapidly stroked his smooth boy cock.

As they shared the kiss Mike finally erupted. His raging member fired seven long streams up into the air, raining down on top of the two boys as Corbin continued to pump his cock throughout the process.

The crowd cheered. Somewhere on the sidelines Chris and Josh had just came into each other's bigest dick with small girl and were now slipping back into their underwear. As the final strings of semen fired into the air Corbin locked in his sleeper hold once again until the naked boy was knocked unconscious in his arms for the final time. His cock still throbbed as he lay silently back against his victor.

As Corbin pushed the young boy onto his stomach the crowd could see that he was leaking profusely. He gathered a wad of Mike's cum from his chest on his fingertips and used it to lubricate his boy hole, fingering it softly as he rubbed the rest of it over the tip of his already soaking wet cock.

He then slowly worked a finger into Mike's, followed by two fingers. He slowly stimulated and loosened the sleeping boy's hole before finally placing the head of his cock at the boy's entrance. He slowly worked his proud member into the boy's anus, much to the crowd's pleasure. He was so incredibly horny and worked up that it only took two minutes of slowly working his way in and out of the boy's ass before he came inside of him, filling the boy with his semen.

He groaned and grunted as he felt the most powerful orgasm of his young life leaving his body in warm and powerful bursts as the muscles in his penis contracted inside of his unconscious opponent. He pulled out during the finale of his ejaculation, spraying semen along the boy's ass crack before collapsing on top of him. The crowd cheered and allowed him to lay there for a moment before Josh and Chris walked out to him and hoisted him around their arms.

Corbin was clearly spent and extremely tired after his hard-fought victory. Chris and Josh, clad only in their underwear, helped Luke put the boy's tight briefs back on as they held him in a standing position. Luke kneaded the front of his underwear as Chris held his hand in the air and declared him hot and sexy jasmine gets rammed and swallows hot jizz brunette and reality. Mike's friends helped him regain his senses as the two boys were cleaned off by their colleagues.

"Congratulations.", said Chris. "Welcome to perky boobs gf enjoyed big cock in ass YBWL."