Gorgeous blonde babe dolly leigh drills a horny cock

Gorgeous blonde babe dolly leigh drills a horny cock
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Introduction: She was my biggest fantasy untill that night that it all came true. I was just an ordinary 16 year old boy and she was tthe most beautiful women that i have ever known.

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Well to be honest she was very beautiful but definently not the hottest girl in the world. But for me there was just something about her that drove me crazy.

I wanted her more than any other girl in the world. Her name is Kathy and she was the mother of my two best friends that lived across the street.

She is 34 years old but still looks like she is in her twenties. She is probably five foot four with a bangen little body.

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She has dirty blond hair the runs to her shoulders. Her breasts are little but very attractive with big nipples that really make them desirable. But maybe the most attractive thing about Kathy is her legs.

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She has a tight little buttocks and thick but not to thick tanned thighs. Her calfs are nice and tone and any man that looks at them would be payton hall hot cougar in a gloryhole booth giving blowjobs to young guys and old men heaven.

Lets just say that i was the man. She is the women of my dreams. It all started at my birthday party when her family and her came over sexy japanese girl taking bath my party.

She was wearing tight jeans and a sweater, and was looking very good. She came over and told me happy birthday and the whole bit. She gave me a hug and a little kiss on the cheek which of course drove me absolutely insane. As I sat at the table waiting for my cake she put her hand around me and she was standing right next to me and i was sitting so when i returned the favor my hand was right about her ass.

Now i dont really know if she knows that i have a big crush on her but that night she could tell that i was hot for her. I dont know if it was because it was my birthday or what but she kept rubbing up against me and probably noticed my shorts growing a little.

Not much happend that night but I was in for the ride of my life the next day. The next day i was going over to hang out with her sons like a normal day and when i got to her house I noticed her out back watering flowers.

She was wearing little tight shorts and a loose top. Damn she was looking so good and I couldnt help but get a little hard on as i walked up to her. "Hey Kathy hows it going" "I'm good but the boys are at the store for a little while" "Oh well do you know when they are going to be back" "Probably about 30 Minutes or so" "ok thats alright" "Well do you want to come in and wait" "Sure" So i went in and sat down on the couch and started watching some TY.

There was nothing really on so she was really just flipping through the channels. After a little while of channel surfing she got up and went to get us some pepsi. Then the phone rang and she went to pick it up. After the conversation i asked how it was. She told me that it was her kids and apparently there were going to there grandparents so nobody would be home for a while, So basically it was just her and I watching TV, but it was not weird because we have always been close.

So when it went to a commercial we had small talk and her legs kept coming a part just a little giving me a slight peek of her panties. They were cotton and let me tell you she was looking so good. I kept peeking untill i could feel my cock stirring. So i started thinking of other things. Then just about the time i got it to go away there was a commercial going on about dancing. She said that she loved dancing and have not done any sort of dancing for a long time. So i told her that I knew how to tango and salsa so she wanted me to teach her.

So i jumped at the chance to get to hold her hand a little and put my arm around her. I was going through the various dances and somewhere between the salsa and tango we were dancing very close.

I had my hand on her ass and it was becoming the best day of my life. She looked up and said that she was very happy that i was there and i just looked at her and winked.

We danced a little more and are hips were swaying together and once again tied male forced edging handjob was getting a little hard. Then it all culminated into a nice kiss and we just danced and kissed for almost twenty minutes. By then she had noticed that i was completly hard and we worked way to the couch.

We kissed on the couch for a while and then she pushed me into the couch and got on her knees. She worked my pants off exposing my 6 inch cock. She did not have to work alt mya nichole solo masturbation pornstars and brunette at all and immediatly started stocking me off. She worked me untill I had a little pre-cum ozzing out and then she took my cock in her mouth. She got 4 inches in i was ready to cum in her mouth and when she sensed it she stopped and stood up.

She took of her top and her pants and was left in her panties. She came over and straddled me. I took her nice, big, pink nipple in my mouth and rubbered her clit.

Her nipples were hard and i could feel her pussy becoming very wet and it was seeping through her cotton panties. So i took her and picked her up and she wrapped her hips around me. I layed her down on the end of the couch and kissed her neck. I kissed her neck and moved lower down to her breasts and was still rubbing her nice wet pussy.

When i came to her thighs i kissed all around her pussy and then I started slowly licking her clit through the panties. This brought her to a small orgasim and i could feel her body tense up.

After that i slowly took her panties off and gazed at her pink tight pussy. I started licking her pussy ever so slowly and then started to penetrate her with my tounge. She was moaning and cluthing the couch tightly with her hands.

"Put your hot steaming cock in my nice tight pussy" She moaned. So I grabbed my cock and placed the head of it on her clit and rubbed it up and down just to build up more of a climax. Then i glided my cock into her hot pussy and pumped it in and out. She was very loud and was screaming and moaning through multiple orgasims.

After a while of banger her on the end of the couch i picked her up and fucked her standing up then i fucker her doggie style. Just banging her and banging her both out us mixing are hot fluids together. After about an hour of the best fucking she has ever had we both collapsed onto the floor.

Sweating and tierd we layed that and just starred at the celling. Then she turned to me and said "That was amazing i will have to tell my friends about you."