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Sweet teen in wild gangbang realgangbangs fuckparty
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Background, I have known Chloe for a couple of years and made her my live in fuck toy slave. Chloe likes to be treated rough and humiliated, it's one of my favorite things about her since I have a dominant personality and enjoy treating her like the whore trash she is.

Chloe is about 5'4", weighs 110 lbs, shoulder length brown hair, brown eyes, relatively plain looking face, stick figure straight with tiny (barely) 34a cup tits, skinny legs and small but round ass. I am about 5,8" tall, medium build, with a thick 7" cock. Chloe is supposed to stay at home and only wear stocking s and a garter, nothing else! Chloe and I live in a small two bedroom house in southern ohio. The house is on the edge of a small town with lots of room between houses so the neighbors won't be terrified of the noises coming from inside the home.

I return home from work to find Chloe standing in the kitchen wearing a black lace bra, g string panties, garter and stockings. I see Chloe has food on the counter being prepared to be cooked. Chloe knows that i return home from work everyday at the same time and that dinner is supposed to be ready and she is not to wear any bra or panties!

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She is supposed to walk around our house with her pathetic tiny tits and bald pussy on display at all times! Those are the rules and have been ever since I bought her from her whore of a mother. Seeing that the rules have not been followed angers me and I slam the door closed.

Chloe hears it and comes running to greet me at the door. I slap her hard across the face! She stops dead in her tracks and immediately looks down and begins to whisper an apology. Chloe knows better than to rub her now red face as the punishment will get much worse. I grab her by the chin and neck and adorable hentai girl getting humped lesbians and hardcore her face.

I force her to look me in the eyes while I question her about the bra and panties. With my free hand I rip the bra off of her and yell at her. I tell her that her pathetically saggy little titties are to small to need a bra!! It's just a waste of money!! i grab a hold of her hair at the back of the neck and I force her to her knees.

I undo my belt buckle and pants. I push my pants and underwear to the floor. I take my limp cock and smack her in the face with it several times before ordering her to open her mouth and suck it. Chloe does not comply fast enough and is met with another slap to the face.

Chloe opens her mouth and I shove my cock in it. I tell her to suck good and hard. Before to long my cock begins to swell inside her mouth. I feel my cock head touching her tonsils and ram it deep down her throat.

I hold it there for several seconds before I pull back out. Chloe is gasping for air and I again shove my cock deep down her throat.

I don't give her a chance to get her breath back. I feel Chloe gaggin as she tried to suck air in around my cock. This process is repeated several more times. Finally I grab Chloe by the chin and force her to her feet.

Grabbing her by the back of the neck I force her to turn around and bend over. I slap her ass hard on both cheeks as punishment for wearing panties, then I rip them off too. I place the head of my cock at the entrance to her pussy and notice that she is soaking wet. "Are you enjoying this you whore!?" Without waiting for an answer I ran the full length of my cock deep inside her tight whore pussy.

Her pussy is just like her tits, small. I begin a fast and hard pounding of her pussy. I hear Chloe start to moan and whimper as she is enjoying this hard fuck session. Before she gets to cum I pull out of her pussy sex xxx kalyan sex com hold my cock teasingly at the her entrance. I feel her trying to back herself into my cock.

Slap!! " you dont get to cum!" I like my cock up to her tight little asshole and force my way all the way inside. Chloe screams very loudly in pleasure and pain. I pull out and drive my cock deep inside her ass.

I can feel my balls slapping her clit every time. Letting go of her hair I reach under her and grab her tiny tits and use them as leverage to impale her onto my cock.

I notice but I don't care that her head is banging into the wall each time I thrust in. In fact, I push harder with each thrust. Holding Chloe's pathetic little tits I tell her how small and pathetic they are. I tell if it wasn't for the fact that she has a pussy she would be mistaken for a boy.

Chloe's moans become louder with each insult and I start to get that wonderful nubiles porn accidental creampie for teen schoolgirl in my balls. I pull my cock out of her ass, yank her by the hair back to a kneeling position. As I move my cock towards her mouth she squeezes her lips tightly closed and shakes her head no. Slap, I force her mouth open and tell her that she does not get to tell me no as I shivr my cock deep down her throat again.

I begin a fast, hard and deep face fucking. Drool is running down Chloe's face and onto her tiny, barely there tits. Holding my cock deep In her throat I make her suck. She slowly deep throats my cock while massaging my balls. I never let her get the head of my cock out of her mouth. I feel myself ready to cum and I jam my cock all the way down her throat.

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I caught her by surprise, she gasps hard and eyes open wide as strong streams of cum shoot out of dick and down her throat. Chloe is trying to push away from me as I unload inside her mouth.

Once I have finished cumming I pull out. Chloe's mouth is open as she gasps for air and my cum begins to fall out. I push her down by her head and hold it to the puddle of cum that has formed on the floor. I hold her there until she has picked up every last drop.

Leaving Chloe on the ground I tell her she has 10 minutes to clean herself up and start cooking dinner.

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The end