Hard sexey fast time sex

Hard sexey fast time sex
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Untouchable Girl---FAIL &hellip.This is a mostly a true story. It is based on a lot of true events.

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I listed this as 'Fiction', drop dead gorgeous brunette big ass rough couch penetration I used logic to fill in the unknown to me.

---------- &hellip.I'm Jamie, and the first time I met Stephanie, or 'Steph' as she liked to be called, her dad warned me: "This is my daughter Steph&hellip.but…don't even think about messing with my daughter, you got that, she's spoken for.

" I looked over his shoulder and saw Steph shaking her head slightly 'no'. Her dad saw something in our eyes as we looked at each other he didn't like. I tried to just glance at her when we met and not stare or even check her out&hellip.but she was like an eye magnet to me. .Her reaction was the same. Her beautiful smiling eyes locked on mine as her sexy smile joined in staring at me. I had seen her a few quick times before and she was so hot looking to me instantly. We said later that we had never had this happen before.

Such instant attraction shocked us and we wanted to get close to each other, the sooner the better. Steph thought&hellip. &hellip.Oh…something is happening to me. … Daddy has picked out a guy for me to marry…but no way am I going to marry the guy. I had seen Jamie a few times before and he's got …'it', I can't explain 'it'. Tall, sandy hair, slim, but his sexy blue eyes got to me.

I tried to ignore him, but oh&hellip. those eyes…oh god I want to be with him so bad. He keeps looking at me and something is happening in my pussy I like. I've had quick sex with one guy, of course daddy never knew about it&hellip.but I never got wet twistys katsuni starring at near wild heaven hot from just looking at a guy.

I think Jamie likes me the same. He keeps flashing me little sexy smiles when dad's not looking. I'm going for him behind dad's back. --------- Me&hellip. &hellip.Damn, there was something about her that jolted my dick. She had long black shiny hair down to her waist, beautiful creamy skin, those beautiful sexy eyes, slim built and was just sexy looking to me.

The way she stood, smiled, a little shy look…she was pure sexy looking to me. &hellip. I thought her dad could read my mind as he warned me. …He went in to use the rest room leaving us alone.

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We just stared at each other and smiled. She slowly walked over to the counter and rested her arms on it in front of me. I felt like I was being stalked by a female tigress. &hellip.Now began the most strange and wonderful foreplay ever. When a guy and girl are told they can't have each othermother nature has a way of saying: "FUCK YOU"&hellip.and things began to happen.

We knew her dad could hear us, so we communicated anyway. &hellip.I said loud: "Oh look at those clouds, wow they are beautiful."…all the while taking a pad on the counter and writing on it. She said: "Yes, I love those big puffy ones." I wrote: mom and sister fuch son hate your boyfriend." We continued to talk about the weather, just jabbering on and on about it.

She took my pen and wrote: "So do I!" We suppressed our chuckles and I wrote: "Steph, you are beautiful!!!"&hellip.she wrote: "Why thank you, you're a hot guy, want to 'fool' around sometime?" I smiled big, I kissed my fingers and touched them to hers and continued writing&hellip.

… "Oh hell yes, hold still" She blinked with surprise when I wrote that. I turned and pretended there student baby girlls xxx story a girl standing in front of me. With my hands I drew the shape of a woman, and pointed at her. I proceeded to undress the invisible woman.

She watched me slowly do it. She began to get hot and got air in her blouse by pulling it back and forth over her front. I undid the invisible woman's bra and felt her tits. I pretended to hold her and kiss her passionately. She tapped me on the arm and I looked at her.

She pretended she was receiving those kisses and hugs. .She reached down and pretended to feel her invisible guy's lower half. I raised up my invisible girls skirt and reached in her panties and felt her pussy. Steph fanned herself more. I waved my hands to stop. She looked puzzled. I pointed down at me. She peered over the counter at my big boner.

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… Her dad came out of the restroom as I put both hands in my pocked to hide my boner. He paid no attention to me and talked about business.

Steph opened up the front door to get some fresh cool air. They walked away to their offices right next door to me. My side big window was right across from Steph's desk. I open the blinds just as she was doing the same. Now we could communicate, non verbal.

I looked at my scratch pad with our notes to each other. I held it up to her and kissed it. She smiled and damn if she didn't rub her pussy. I held my hands over my boner to hide it. She pointed and pretended to blow kisses at it.

&hellip.Our invisible lovers got a real work out from us as we fondled them.

We undressed them fucked them on top of our desks. She would even get on her knees and pretend to give hers a blow job.

sunny leone best xxx porn story There was some risk in doing all this but we never got caught. At closing time, I would put my hands on the window and look sad. She did the same as we both kissed our windows. &hellip. Next&hellip.we had to be together in person. This was not… going to be easy. She still lived at home and was a slave to her dad.

It was time for her to get her own place. I got and idea. The apartment next to mine was empty. We didn't talk by email or phone. Her dad had a bad habit of checking things like that.

I went over to their office on a 'fake' mission about business, and stood by Steph. I held some fake papers and a note. It said: 'My address is___' on it and 'Apt # 304, Apt # 302. Is EMPTY.' &hellip. Steph smiled big and winked at me. Just standing by her was torture.

Her perfume and body heat were awesome. We both tried to suppress our breathing. I kept one hand in my pocket to hold back my beautiful blonde threesome lp officer spotted a teen attempting to steal I always got around her.

She snuck in little touches on me and I watched her chest go up and down breathing heavily. I left quickly so we could return to normal. &hellip.I walked around in a daze thinking about her. That very night…I saw some people walk by my curtains. I heard talking and then&hellip.talking inside the empty apt. next to me. NO! I thought, don't rent it! I put my ear to the wall. I heard Steph's dad's booming voice. I got tense as I hoped he approved of it for Steph to maybe spicy nympho is brought in butthole loony bin for painful treatment into.

I couldn't be seen as that would kill the deal for sure. Her dad of course didn't know I lived right next door. I heard them leave and walk away. Steph was with them as I heard fingernails tap on my front window as they walked by and left. &hellip.I talked to my nice landlady later. Steph's dad signed a 1 yr lease for his daughter. He ask a lot of questions about the neighbors. She eased his mind by saying is was all quiet a peace full here. She didn't anything about me, no name or anything.

I kissed her. She said: "What???" and I explained about Steph. "Awwww.she said. Mum's the word from me Jamie. She held up the mail box label "S.____" for me to see." &hellip.Saturday I heard the movers at Steph's apt. with her dad supervising the move. I hid until everyone, including dad, left.

I heard three taps on my wall, I tapped three back. We waited until dark. KNOCK, KNOCK on Steph's door, daddy came to visit. He didn't stay long and left. We waited. 11pm, and all was quiet. I got three more wall taps and returned them. I unlocked my door. In a flash, my door opened and in came Steph and shut and locked my door. .I turned out all the lights but the night lights. No one could seen in or even a shadow now. Steph stood with her back to the door.

We just looked and smiled at each other for a while. I walked over and whispered: (…"you've got your nerve just walking in my…"…We kissed the longest, hottest kiss we'd ever had. Through her loss of breath she said: (."you've got your nerve pulling me in here to fondle me mister.") I said: (."…welcome to my den of sin, lady.") We chuckled and said how great it was to have the freedom to hold each other.

We kissed more and let our hand feel us for real now. She said: (."my daddy is gonna kick your ass. .&hellip.you molester.") I said: (".my mom is kick your ass for feeling up her son's erection, lady!"). We were very elated and happy. &hellip.The talking stopped and it was all playtime for us now. Our clothes slowly dropped to the floor, piece by piece. We didn't use the couch or my bedroom, it was the floor as we went down to it.

Her cell phone rang. She quick found it&hellip.it was her dad. "Daddy, I just got out of the shower. Every thing is fine.

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I'm shutting the phone off so I can rest, good night daddy." She smiled as she shut the phone off. She smiled and held the phone up like she was still talking. "…and daddy Jamie is tucking me in Real good." I tight blonde gf halle von tries out painful anal fucking the phone and said: ".yes daddy, I'm feeling her tits and body and making sure she's a good little girl." She tossed the phone aside and said: "Now, where were we, you daddy's girl stealer." &hellip.It's kind of a blur all the things we did and talked about.

Between the kisses all over and the feels we did. She had never had a man lick her pussy and she like it a lot. She got to feel a man's erection and kiss, lick, and suck it all she wanted. I asked her: "Didn't your daddy try and cop a feel on you or anything?" She smiled and said: "No…but we had this gardener who's son would get me out back and feel my tits…but that was it." &hellip.My erection was her new toy and she wanted it in her pussy.

She had one tight pussy, and we had to inch it in a little at a time. She got so hot she began to hump like a dog. She got on top and played with her new toy…me. She moved around until she got my erection right where she wanted it and started in fucking me like crazy. I grabbed her sweet butt cheeks and we made up for lost time. Her panting was beautiful, so natural and excited. Her body was warm and alive with a driving urge to get my cum in her.

. She started to moan steady and held me tight as her hips fucked me deeper and faster. "OH"…she moaned…"Jamie…Yes!…yes, yes, yes…and that did it. I started shooting cum in her like mother nature intended. She squirmed and bucked. She let out a final moan&hellip."Oh God Yes!" and let her body twist and squirm. I couldn't remember ever cuming that much before. She squirmed in it and gasp for air. She had hit a peak that was taking her mind away.

Her hips just kept going and going…until it finally got all quiet. My cock kept jumping inside of her at times. Each jump made her gasp and moan a little&hellip.She smiled so content and said quietly: "…goodnight Jamie daddy." &hellip. Monday at work, I watched Steph all chipper in the window. She did little dances and twirled around like a little girl. Her dad came in and glared at her.

She hugged him smiling. I found out pinay pornsex scandal ate paiyut kay kuya he said: … "Steph, what the hell's the matter with you." She put her arms around his neck and said: "Do you remember when you met mom?" He sternly replied said "Yeah"…"Well daddy I met a guy like that." He stood stunned.

She told him it was me. Then he hugged his daughter. He smiled big. and told Steph: "Of course you know, I'll have to go over there and kill that son of a bitch!" &hellip.I watched thru the window as the old man turned, looked at me.

He smiled and gave me a thumbs up…&hellip. I thought…("I WIN")…as Steph rubbed her ass on the window&hellip.