Busty girlfriend assfucked doggystyle bigtits and amateur

Busty girlfriend assfucked doggystyle bigtits and amateur
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Disclaimer: The following story is a work of fiction. It contains sexual acts between males who are of legal consent age. There is humiliation, but rest assured, all parties eventually enjoy it. If this subject matter is offensive to you, please stop reading. This story is the property of the author and may not be used anywhere else without consent. This is my first story. Please be kind.

I would love any constructive criticism and ideas sent to [email protected] Training a Jock Slut Chapter 1 The Beginning Coach leaned back in his chair, fisting his oily cock as he looked for another hot slut to video chat with. It was pretty easy finding a guy to boss around. Even at 43 years old, Coach Nate was a 6"2 stud made of 210 lbs of pure muscle. He was hairy in all the right places and his thick 8 inch cock made the men online drool.

Coach normally spent his Saturday nights plowing his regular whore's man-cunt. But his favorite slave had to move away for his job. Now, a sexually frustrated Coach had to resort to the internet for any sort of release. Unfortunately, the town of Plainsville had a small population, making regular hookups very difficult to arrange. So he had to make do with some cyber action. Coach's cock started leaking like a faucet when he noticed a new user enter the chat room. "Jock_Stud huh? Let's see what he's got", Coach thought to himself devilishly.

Nothing turned men spanks teen yo sex clip need her name Coach more than to completely dominate another guy. And he had a real thing for jocks too. He was the wrestling and swim team coach in Plainsville High. Seeing all those boys in their spandex horned him up every day. Coach shot Jock_Stud a message with a picture of his cock.

Within minutes they had both their cams on. "Works every time" Coach mumbled, licking his lips as he saw the delicious hunk showing up on his screen.

Apparently Jock_Stud was 18. He was 5"8, 175 lbs, stocky, muscular and slightly hairy. Just how Coach liked them. He had muscular arms, a six-pack, and luscious tan skin. His meaty pecs made Coach salivate. A nagging feeling in Coach's head felt like he had seen this boy before but he just shrugged it off. As they started chatting, Jock_Stud revealed that he had never been with a guy before but he loved showing his body off to faggots. This admission made Coach's jump and squirt out a little extra-precum.

"Fuck I love ass virgins" Coach mused. Even if the punk was a cocky bastard. And this virgin was proving himself to be quite submissive. Both guys had their cams showing themselves from the neck down.

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Coach was ordering the boy to strip down one article of clothing at a time, and the boy did it without complaint. Coach typed, "You are a hot slut kid", waiting to see how he would react to being called degrading names. He wanted to push this straight boy's buttons. "Thank you Sir" was the cheeky reply. The word "Sir" made Coach's cock hard as steel.

"Why don't you turn on your room light slut? I might see you better" The moment the boy turned on his lights, Coach saw the lights in his neighbour's house across the street go on. Coach just chalked it up to coincidence. "Actually, I liked it better with your lights off." The boy complied. But as before, the lights in his neighbour's went off at the same time. Coach's mind started racing. Could it be? Could it be the same boy? His neighbour Bill had a son named Brody. And Brody was in Coach's wrestling team.

As he made his cam slut show his hot muscular ass, it clicked. That was definitely Brody's ass.

Coach had admired it many a time in the locker room. Coach almost came seeing his actual student hard, bent over and spreading his ass on cam. Brody. The cocky high school senior who strutted around school like he owned the place. Coach needed to own this hot piece of man-meat. He quickly booted up his recording software. He needed blackmail material to train this whore the way he was meant to be trained. "Ok, face the camera again and start jacking." "Yea that's it.

Lean back on your chair". Brody's chin was visible. Coach needed this slut's face on film. "Turn your webcam up higher. No I can't see your face, trust me", Coach lied. He couldn't believe his luck. It WAS Brody, stroking his thick juicy 7 inch cock like a whore in heat. His handsome clean-shaven face twisted with pleasure. " You got any toys?.No?.Then go get a cucumber or carrot slut!" Coach barked. He needed Brody to be recorded in a much more compromising position.

Brody returned with a small carrot. "Stick it in your mouth. Make it nice and wet. Ok, now slowly slide it in and out of your whore mouth. Do as you are told slut!" Coach marveled as this hot stud was slowly pushing this thin 4 inch carrot back and forth between his pouty lips.

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And the best part was that the slut's grimacing face could be seen perfectly the whole time "Ok, leave it in your mouth and start stroking your cock.

I want you to shoot your load all over your chest. Mmmm, that's it slut, cum for your master". And just as Coach had finished typing the last sentence in the chat window, Brody's cock erupted. Ropes of hot sticky cum flew onto his chest and chin. The carrot still jammed in his hot mouth. "Ok, now I want to see you eat it. I don't care if you have never done it. You will get used to it.That's it, scoop all that cum into your hot slut mouth.

Ok, now swallow like a good whore. Good boy. That was perfect." Coach had done it. He had gotten one of the hottest jocks in school to expose himself like a common hooker.

And all of it was recorded in crystal clear video. He ordered Brody to play with his massive pecs as Coach went to town on his own thick cock. The whole situation proved really hot for Coach because he came within a minute. And like always, Coach shot a massive load all over his muscled hairy stomach. "That was very hot man. I hope you enjoyed looking at my jock body", said the narcissistic punk. "Sure did slut, you take orders very well" As Coach watched Brody leave the chat room, he could not stop smiling.

He had struck the jackpot. He wanted to use this jock like the slut he was. He wanted to transform this arrogant Adonis into the town's biggest gay whore. Coach already felt his cock hardening again at the very thought. He started working on his plan to make Brody his personal cum receptacle right away. First, he needed an anonymous email address. Brody woke up late on a hot Sunday. He remembered the hot cyber session he had the night before. His cock twitched as the memory. He had never came so hard before.

But it was just an one-time thing. Brody was gorgeous elsa jean eaten out and sucking dick on table pornstars and hardcore fag. He just thought he would try it out and make another homo get off. He mentally convinced himself that even though it felt good, he was still as straight as an arrow.

Just then, Brody realised he had an e-mail from someone called Master N.

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It certainly piqued his interest: "Hello Brody Weathers, Please open the video look below for a hot surprise. The password is 6723. Let me know what you think." Brody opened a link from a popular porn site.

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The video was set to private. Only those with the password could view it. But Brody's stomach dropped from just reading the title. "Plainsville Highschool Jock shows off for men" Brody's hand trembled as he entered the password. His worst fears came true as the video of him jacking off and stuffing his mouth came on screen.

And it was worse. There were captions on the video detailing where he lived, his phone number, even his full name!

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Brody had to sit down. He was starting to panic. His life would be ruined if the video got out. He immediately sent an email reply begging the person to delete the video. He even offered to pay the $3000 he had saved up for a lustful and amorous three some momsandteens and threesome. Now, all he could do was pray that the video would be removed. Across the street, Coach's computer beeped. "Ahh, right on cue" Coach chuckled.

Coach couldn't believe the dumb slut. He was making this too easy. He quickly typed an email back. "Well Brody boy, I do not need your money. What I do need is that hot body of yours. A muscle stud like you should be used properly by a man.

I will train you well. And if you behave, none of your friends in school will see the video. Your first task will be to go commando to school tomorrow. You will not bring your jock strap either. By doing this, I will know that you accept my terms. If not, the video goes live at 5 pm tomorrow. The video link will also be emailed to the entire school and your father." Brody slumped over his chair, tears welling in his eyes.

He had no choice. He can't let this get out. Not in the super conservative town of Plainsville. His strict Dad would kill him. He sent back a last email saying "Ok." Coach read the email and started stroking his 8incher. Tomorrow was going to be a fun day in school. He couldn't wait.

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