An interracial fuck session with sexy jaye summers

An interracial fuck session with sexy jaye summers
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Most of the fine trim, like Jamie, did not attend my local high school and resided in outlying communities. So in order to hook up with some top shelf honies, my friends and I had to travel abroad to the many neighboring farming towns that surrounded our quaint valley. Sofia lived in a small municipality that was located some fifteen miles away from my own, on the opposite side of the county from where Kmart Cowboy had group tasting of oriental babes bawdy cleft me to visit Jamie.

Conveniently enough, another one of my associates, Suave, was dating Sofia's friend during the length of my sexual undertaking with the Hispanic consort. Thus, although I did not have my own auto with which to drive to Sofia's house, transportation services were readily made available to me through Suave, who proved to be much more reliable than Kmart Cowboy. Sofia was the first Latina who sexually molested me.

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She had long, black hair, plump breasts, and a beautifully bronzed complexion. Sofia was a nineteen-year old, legal adult when she first started using me for her selfish pleasure.

I was still a minor and finishing high school at the time. I never reported to anyone about the sexual abuse that Sofia put me through, simply because I liked it and I certainly did not want her to stop.

On one particular winter weekend, Sofia and I met up with Suave and his girlfriend for a double date. Sofia had borrowed her mother's car for the evening and we all piled into the vehicle to drive over to the local movie theater to catch a film. While traveling to our destination through the snow-covered roads, Suave began receiving some road dome in the backseat of Sofia's car from his girlfriend.

Not to be outdone by my buddy, I took it upon myself to perform cunnilingus upon Sofia while she was driving. Before indian cam teen shows juicy pussy and masturbates full version on made it halfway down the street from Suave's house, I was crawling around on the floorboards of Sofia's car and soon had my head stuffed deep into her groin.

By no means am I contortion expert but, fortunately for me, Sofia was a small girl, standing just under five feet tall. So maneuvering her right leg over the top of my head while she was driving did not require much dexterity.

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And since her mother's car had an automatic transmission, we did not lose any cruising speed when I momentarily lifted Sofia's foot from off the accelerator. But once my head was positioned near her felted mound, Sofia experienced some difficulty reaching the brake. I initially pelted Sofia's alcove through her sweatpants with my tongue.

Moments later, as my tongue began to dry out from licking the cotton material, I escalated the eroticism and reached for Sofia's waistband.

From years of practice, simultaneously pulling down Sofia's sweatpants together with her panties came as no chore.

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But doing so while she was driving was a novel experience to me. Just the same, I soon had the hot Latina's undergarments down around her ankles and her moist cooch was exposed to my face. Sofia's dainty vagina was nothing short of splendid, both in taste and texture.

Despite the fact that she sported a healthy bush of thick pubic hair, her labia were quite soft and form-fitted shameless gal wildly fondles her pussy with toy my mouth, almost as if her cooter was custom made for me. As I sloshed out Sofia's soft labia and cum canal, she began to lose focus on her driving. Sofia inadvertently began to speed up and did not see a sharp turn in the icy road ahead.

Failing to make the turn, Sofia drove straight off the road without being able to hit the brakes. Thereafter, her mother's car collided into a dirt embankment that ran parallel to the road. All sexual activity inside the car came to an abrupt halt once the car jeered sideways and slammed into the immovable obstacle. Lying on my back, I looked up at Sofia's naked thighs above me. She remained sitting behind the wheel. My left ear was resting upon the brake pedal of the car.

"What happened?" Suave asked, collecting himself from the backseat. "Keaton? . Hey, Keaton where you at?" "I'm down here, man." Suave leaned forward in his seat and laughed. "What the hell are you doing down there?" he asked. "Are you okay?" "Just fine, dude," I replied, waving his gaze away from Sofia's exposed bottom half. "Handle this honey gets stripped and fucked squirting and japanese own business back there." Suave withdrew himself from peering over the headrest and I heard him zip up his pants from the confines of the backseat.

While he was doing so, Sofia slowly pulled up her sweatpants. I took the opportunity to right myself into the passenger seat. Once everyone was decent and fully clothed, I took the initiative to attempt to exit the wrecked vehicle. Giving my passenger door a nudge, I disappointedly discovered that it refused to open. "My door's stuck," I announced. "It's wedged up against this dirt heap!" In a move of pure chivalry, Suave climbed over the top of his girlfriend and bailed out the rear door.

He failed to ask his girlfriend if she had been hurt during the crash. "We can get out this way!" he hollered back into the car after he abandoned his female. I assisted Sofia in exiting out her door and then we rescued Suave's girlfriend from the car. Both girls remained silent thereafter, Sofia seemingly in shock. Suave and I looked over Sofia's car and found it inextricably wedged into the embankment, it having come to rest along a crest of large rocks. Two of the wheels were not touching the ground.

Within short order, a police cruiser pulled up behind us, having apparently been called by a neighbor who had observed the accident. We all huddled around each other in the cold while the police officer took a statement. "These roads are pretty treacherous out tonight," the officer stated, jotting down some notes into a small pad of paper.

"Were you all speeding?" "No," I stated. "We were going the speed limit but we must have hit some black ice on this turn. It sent us right off the road." The officer looked at me with a suspicious expression. "Were you driving this vehicle, young man?" "No, sir, this is her car," I replied, pointing at Sofia.

"She was driving." "And what might your name be, young lady?" Sofia did not respond. Instead, she just clung onto my midsection, shivering. "Her name is Sofia," I stated. "She's a bit shook up from all this." "I see. And Sofia is your girlfriend I take it?" "Yeah, that's right," I stated.

"Well, I'm going to need everyone's names and ages," the officer said to all of us. "And if you have any IDs on you, I'm going to need those too." He then tapped Sofia on the shoulder. "Miss, I'm going to need to see a copy of your license and registration." After the formalities were taken care of, the officer then assessed the extent of the damage that was done to Sofia's mother's car.

He quickly determined that the vehicle was unable to be moved from its location without mechanical assistance.

"Do you all need for me to call you a tow truck?" the officer asked us. "I think we can just have one of my buddies come over and pull us out," I announced.

The police officer was kind enough to contact another friend of mine to come to our aid. Several minutes later, Dirty showed up on the scene in his pickup truck. Dirty brought with him some towing chains and we quickly began securing the rear of Sofia's car to the his tow hook.

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"How the hell did she drive this damn thing into the rocks?" Dirty asked me while we were both beneath Sofia's car attaching the towing chains in the snow.

"Dude, the streets are covered with ice," I explained. "You damn near slid into the police cruiser on the way over here.

I saw you skidding." Dirty offered me an incredulous glare. "Why you gotta bullshit me, man?" "What do you mean?" "You were doing some freaky shit in the car while she was driving, weren't you?" I looked up to where the cop was standing to verify that he was out of earshot.

"Come on, dude, keep it down," I said to Dirty.

"I knew it!" Dirty stated. "You slimy bastard." "Shut your ass up and get those chains secured," I directed. After several attempts at pulling and tugging on the tow chains with Dirty's truck, Sofia's car was successfully recovered from the embankment. I thanked Dirty for his services and sent him on his way. The police officer left the scene without issuing Sofia a ticket and all parties were safely transported home.

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It turned out that no significant damage was done to Sofia's car, as it was operational enough to make the journey home, having only suffered a few dents and cosmetic damage.

My personal integrity, however, did not fare as well. I did not heed my own wisdom of appropriate sexual conduct with females: I had neglected Sofia's breasts throughout this entire occurrence.