Wet cunt stuffed by toy blowjob and amateur

Wet cunt stuffed by toy blowjob and amateur
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It was a couple months after Jessie and I turned 14. I remember exactly what Jessie was wearing that day, a tight jeans skirt, and a tank top that barely covered her. Jessie and I skipped class and went into the gym. We carefully snuck into the gym.

When Jessie and I were talking I thought I should make my move. I reached her pussy and started gently fingering her. ''No Brandon'' Jessie said. Suddenly the door opened. Five boys i know started laughing and smiled at eachother. One boy recorded and took pictures, the others started striping Jessie. They knew that their cheap condoms weren't gonna work so instead of banging her they used items.

To start off 2 boys held Jessie down spreading her legs wide, the other 2 stuck 2 fingers each in Jessies pussy at the same time. Jessie screamed and kicked, but it was no use. One boy started klara new wife fucks while cuck watches through Jessie's bag and found her stash of tampons. They stuck them everywhere. 4 in her ass, 6 in her mouth and 5 in her pussy. They started biting her pussy and nipples.

Jessie was crying and screaming. They went into a bag and pulled out maple syrup. They opened her pussy lips and poured it straight into her hole. Before they left they tied Jessie's arms and legs together in a way that stretched out a full view of her pussy. I felt horrible that I sat there and now Jessie has tampons stuck up in her, covered in syrup and cum, and tied up. I finally gained the courage to save Jessie. I picked her up and ran out the gym.

Everyone in the school was laughing and taking pictures. Later, the school newspaper came out the headline was: JESSICA ROBERTS-THE BIGGEST WHORE IN THE WORD!!! After school, i rode my bike to Jessie's house i climed her tree then came in through the window.

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''Jessie, are you here?'' I asked. I wondered where Jessie was. Suddenly, the door opened. Jessie was wearing a clear transparent gown. It barely covered her virgin pussy. It looked like a robe. I could see she wasn't wearing anything under the gown.

Jessie walked slowly to me. ''Shhh'' she wispered softly. Jessie wrapped her legs around my waist, Horny hot alexa raye licking and sucking hard meaty dick could feel her cunt getting wetter as her cum dripped off of her onto my pants. She climed on me like a money. She sat on my lap on the floor. I slowly lifted her and carried her into her parents room as I gently kissed her soft skin.

I layed her down on the bed, she pulled off her clothes. I was amazed my her big, soft and warm breast. I softly caressed them in my hands. I kissed her breast and bit her nipples, I felt her cunt getting wetter. My cock was rock hard. I ripped of my clothes. Not to brag but, my dick is pretty big. Jessie crawled over to me. She started licking my cock head, a little pre-cum shot her on the face. She grabbed my cock harshly and stretched her mouth over my cock.

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She started slowly, and then she was going at sonic sexy dahlia needs more than one pecker. Her mouth was like a suction, it was like having my cock in a super tight pussy. I knew I was about to cum but I didn't want to tell Jessie. I shot my load straight into Jessie's mouth. She sat there for a second, hesitated then swallowed the whole thing. Jessie started licking all the cum off of my cock.

WOW!!! I couldn't believe it, she swallowed all my cum. I layed Jessie down on the bed and opened her legs wide. I wanted to lick her pussy, but her parents would be home soon. I quickly stuck my tongue in her pussy, moved it around and licked her pussy juices up. Now, it was time to lose my virginity. I shoved my cock deep into her no longer virgin pussy, I suddenly felt something blocking my way, and I knew exactly what it was.

I thrusted my hip forward with a lot of force. Blood leaked on the sheets. ''Ouch'' Jessie screamed. She wimpered softly as tears filled her eyes. ''Im okay, it doesn't hurt any more'' Jessie said softly. I started going slowly at first, then with full speed and force.

As I went in and out my balls were smacking Jessie's pussy lips hard. Jessie was moaning loudly. ''Ahh,ooo,ahh,ooo,ahh'' Jessie yelled. Her pussy was so tight, i loved the sensation of it wrapped around my cock. I was reaching my climax, I went deep into Jessie and let out a bunch of cum.

I pulled my cock out and layed on the bed. ''Best fuck ever'' I said. ''Yep'' Jessie laughed.

Jessie and I to left to go into her room. As soon as the door opened we ran into two familiar faces. I recognized them clearly, Mr.

and Mrs.Roberts (Jessie's parents). ''You little shit'' Mr.Roberts screamed at me as he watched his baby girl and me naked covered in cum and sweaty. He ran across the room as I backed up into the window.

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''Fuck you'' he yelled as he pushed me through the window.(3 stories up in the house) ''Brandon!!!'' Jessie yelled. As I fell I wondered was I gonna die. Then I realized something huge.

WE DIDN'T USE PROTECTION!!! BAM!!! I hit the hard cobble stone path. ''Don't leave me'' Jessie screamed, those very words faded into my mind as I closed my eyes. PART 2- COMING SOO