Obese cock for pretty teen pussy girlfriend homemade

Obese cock for pretty teen pussy girlfriend homemade
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Before I start with an experience that changed our lives forever, I'd like to introduce ourselves. I am 39 years old well built guy living in the south, and my wife has just entered in her 30s. She has a dream body that any man could ask for. She is 5 feet 6 with a 34B size, 30 waist and an ass of 36. She always loves to cary her tan look around. She has the sexiest pair of long and slender legs, which she just loves to show off in shorts or mini dresses. Last summer we went to the mountains where I had reserved a cabin for us in a semi secluded area.

On the eve of July 4th we decided to take a tour of the downtown. Like always she wore a red polka dots two sexy lesbian brunettes play with toys mini dress, which was designed like a French maids costume, only that it was a little too short and plunging deep to her neck.

Underneath she was wearing my favorite red G-String and used her Victoria secret's tits coverings, with no bras.! With her high heels on we were ready to rock. As we reached the downtown, its was packed, and we had to struggle finding a place, which we found towards the end of the road.

It also started to get dark and windy. As we started walking my wife realized that she chose a wrong dress for the day. The wind started to blow her skirt and despite her repeated attempts her full ass was exposed to public inspection who I thought were very appreciative and thankful.

As we walked it was obvious that she couldn't take a single step without exposing her beautiful butt to the whole city. So I found a secluded area on the pavement where there was an empty bench and asked her to sit there and I go and find a suitable dress for her for the weather.

As I left, I will leave the further narration of the incidents that happened to my wife. Hello everyone, just continuing from where husband left me. After knowing that I have managed to expose myself, I sat red faced on the bench tugging my frock.

As soon as I sat, another gentleman sat just besides me. He was probably in his early 50s, very tall and well built. He had all white hair on his head. He introduced himself as Baje and started talking to me about general things. "The weather seems to be turning nastier", I said.

"I should be thankful for it though", he said smilingly "that I got the company of a very beautiful woman". I blushed and my ears were turning red. "Do you have kids", he asked. "Yeah, a son 2 years old", I replied. "You should have a daughter, she would be as beautiful as you", he said.

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"Well, thanks". " You have very sexy pairs of legs", saying that he dropped his big palm on my knees and started rubbing my naked thighs gently. I just kept my hands on top of his so as to ask him to stop doing it. I was turning red, this was the first time someone other than my husband had ever touched my naked thighs. "You know, I am divorced and I like dating young ladies. They like my company a lot, and get a lot pleasure", he said. He started massaging my thighs and also put his another arm around my naked shoulders.

I must say that with all the happenings and his erotic touch I was getting aroused myself. His hands on my thighs started exploring further up and inside my short frock, inspite of my resistance. His hands were finally on my g-strings and he was touch my pussy in broad daylight in a market place. I could see people in cars crossing us and smiling.

But controlling myself I tried pushing his hands away more vigorously. But he was extremely firm and strong. He just leant over my ears and whispered. ''Let me touch your pussy, though I love ass too from what I just saw when your frock went up in the air and exposed you for a minute.

You have a perfect ass baby, since that time I am desperate to touch it once.' I didn't know how to react to the situation. I was alone, with a stranger who was also trying to hit upon me very hard, and he was very strong.

I didn't want to call for help and create a scene. Also with all these I was already a little horny. ' Please I am married.

Please don't do anything here', I could just manage to mutter out. Suddenly an idea struck to get out of the situation. 'I need to relieve myself, and need to go to the rest room', saying that I got up w/o even looking behind. I felt a strong grip on my hands and the gentleman pulled me towards him, and said 'There's no restrooms nearby, but I can show you a place nearby where you can pee'.

My face flushed, but I just walked with him. He took me to an area behind the place where we were sitting. It was covered with trees and was like a small forest. 'You can pee behind one of those trees, while I wait here' He said. I didn't know what to say so milf ass to mouth compilation first time so we took him in for questioning walked along looking for a way out from there w/o him noticing that.

I sat behind a tree, pulled out my G-string and started to pee. Mid-way I heard another sound, and turned back to see. Baje was standing behind with his pants down and his monstrous cock out (must be around 8 inches And very thick and was semi erect) and was peeing just besides me.

He was also smiling and looking at my naked ass. 'You have one great ass baby, does your hubby fucks you there or are you still a virgin down there,' he said while finishing his peeing and shaking his dick. I was still waiting for him to leave so that I can sneak out, so I sat there and pretended to keep on peeing.

I saw him going back, so I waited a while then pulled up my thong and started to get up. Just then I felt his strong grip my naked ass from behind. His hand started rubbing my nude ass cheeks and started to pull my thing down.

'Look at you, you are one hot dirty cunt waiting for a dick', he was saying reverse bukkake session with amazing sex bombs brunette big tits my thongs from my ass cheeks and feeling my clitoris with his fingers.

They were already wet, because of peeing and his constant feeling me. His other hand was getting inside my frock from the top and rubbing by tits.

I could also feel his breath on my neck, and he started licking back of my neck with his tongue. He was making an honest wife like me totally nude in public and was to molest me.

I was still struggling to get out of his clutches, but he was extremely big and strong. 'Please lemme go please, you know I am married, and please don't spoil me like this publicly', I barely managed to utter, while still trying to push him off me.

Then it happened. It had already become very dark and cloudy and with a big thunder it started pouring. The big mean ol fella got startled for a moment and that was enough for me. I got out his clutches and ran back towards the road for cover. I could hear him following me as well. As I reached the main road, I saw people running everywhere for shelter. I saw a big shop across the road, and without noticing what it is I ran into it. My luck. !! As soon as I entered I saw several dildos hanging around.

I immediately realized my mistake. But by then it was a little too late. Because It had started to pour very heavily and I couldn't go out anywhere. As it is top portion of my short frock was totally wet and everyone could easily see my nipples poking out.

There were couple of bikers kind of fellas inside looking at pussies of different shapes and sizes. As I had entered, they dropped everything and were staring at me, my exposed naked legs and exposed tits under my wet dress. I looked down and realized my sandel was a mess due to my last ordeal. I bend down to remove some dirt from my feet. "Mmmm Nice Ass Miss', I heard someone say and also someone whistled. Then I realized that I was not wearing any panty.

The Old fella had torn it thrown somewhere in the jungle. I immediately got and walked towards the other side of shop, looking for a rest room. There was a big tattooed guy sitting at the counter staring my tits.

'You know where is the rest room please', I somehow managed to ask him. "Round the corner, come I will show you Miss', saying that he got up from behind the counter and came to me. I could see his huge dick pushing through his shorts, he wasn't wearing any underwear. He put his hand around my waist and started to walk me towards the a secluded corner of the shop, where it said Men's. 'You don't have a Ladies room here', I was shocked.

'Its broken Miss, but don't worry. I will make sure none comes inside while you are there'. He said starting to taking me inside the men's room. Just then I saw the Old fella also walk in the shop. He immediately saw me and came walking towards the men's room. 'Hey where are you going, you know it's a men's room', he asked me. The he looked at the big tattooed guy and his hand around my waist, and said ' She is a real slut, isn't she.

Lets put off the fire in this young wify's dirty cunt'. Saying this both of them came in the men's room, and the tattooed man pushed me against the wall from behind and raised my frock. He pushed his hands between my ass cheeks looking for panties. ' She is a dirty slut, her husband must be one lucky guy. See she is not even wearing a panty even in such a short dress' He said roughly pushing his fingers between my legs and touching my wet clit. 'Ahhhh Please…!

Mmm Please lmme go. I am married, this is all wrong. Please don't hurt me&hellip.' I was moaning. 'Oh No, she had one, but I took it out let her roam like a cunt slut.' The old man said. 'Oh, so old man did you bang this cunt already', saying this he spread my legs forcibly and fingering my cunt. "Please let me go.aaargh.aah, No man except my husband had ever seen me naked, please don't do this", I was pleading.

The Tattooed man's free hand worked its way under my frock from teh top and searched out my left breast. He fondled it tenderly.

He closed his thumb and finger around the nipple. Then he pinched almost violently. He squeezed my nipple again, hard. His face came close, and then he was kissing my neck. He was just so strong. He then turned me around and Baje came to face me from front, he was already naked and his tool was now fully erect. His hand worked its way down my stomach inside my frock to my shaved pussy.

I continued to fight to free. I felt his fingertip work ideal kitten is geeting pissed on and ejaculates wet twat way between my legs. I held my legs together, not allowing him access to my most private parts.

His knee pried its way between my legs, forcing me to open up, making myself accessible, even against my will. I knew I couldn't let him touch my secret part. If he did, then he'd know that I was already wet. He'd know that my pussy wasn't listening to my mind. I squirmed to get away from them.

But to no avail. Baje's finger traced a line along my nether lips. He stroked there, not attempting entry, just teasing my entrance.

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I fought, but I knew then that I was losing. My body seemed to open to them like a flower. I saw Baje's penis, it was now fully erect, strong, like a piece of carved ivory, the large end plum purple.

The super sex kannada sex stories story guy opened my legs from behind lifting my frock over my ass.

I felts a push from behind from the tattooed guy bending me over and spreading my legs further wide. My face was now directly in front of Baje's dick while I felt the head of plumber fucking young chubby teen workshop and teenager tattooed guy's penis slide across the mouth of my pussy from behind. My mind was somewhere between absolute panic and total lust.

The head of his cock found its way between my cunt lips. I pulled away, but that just coated his prick head with my copious juices. His prick followed my movements and suddenly forced its way several inches into anal latin big tits teen body. I was gasping for breath. In the meantime Baje had caught hold of my hair and forced opened my mouth and pushed his beautiful dick in my mouth.

He almost chocked me with his dick and I could feel his balls against my lips. The tattooed guy in the meantime slid out to the end again. This time my body moved with him, like it didn't want to feel him leave my confines. He then slammed into me, burying the full length of his massive member deep into my body. He pulled out, then drove in again as my body moved to meet his thrusts with powerful thrusts of its own. Baje fondled my breasts like they were his personal sex toy, and kept pushing his dick in between my lips.

I felt I was being overwhelmed. After a while Baje withdrew and pulled my face to his dick by my hair and started ejaculating his warm semen all over my face. He came like a storm, it was like never ending.

By the time he was done, my whole face was hair was covered with his semen. I licked some of his juice but most of it dried over my face. Suddenly the tattooed guy increased his pace and started coming in my cunt frivolously. His thick juice dropped out of my cunt walls and dripped on my things and on the floor.

This was too much for me, I started to have one of the biggest orgasm of my life. I was shouting like a horny whore.and kept screaming in pleasure for almost after 2-3 minutes of it very loudly. After that both of them banged me for next couple of hours taking turns. At one time they sandwiched me on the floor of the bathroom, from both sides. By the time they were done, my whole body was covered with semen and I smelled like a perfect whore. My frock was in tatters, but inspite of all this, I must say that had a time of my life and it changed my life as such.

They took some pictures of mine as well gave me their expensive coat to cover meand also visited me in the cabin later along with their friends and had fun with me when my husband was not around. (more to come on the following episode as well) You can also mail me your comments. Me and my Husband would be more than welcome to get over a yahoo chat .