Tiny schoolgirl delivers a sloppy blowjob pornstars brunette

Tiny schoolgirl delivers a sloppy blowjob pornstars brunette
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Fbailey story number 608 Take Care Of Your Son As I climbed up the ladder to get out of the swimming pool in my skimpy bikini I could feel the water tugging my bottoms down to reveal the upper few inches of my ass crack to my husband and son as they sat in the lawn chairs.

My husband caught up with me before I made it into the house and said, "Take care of your son's sexual needs like you did for your brothers when you were his age." I went to my bedroom, got out of my wet suit, and then I got into the shower.

As the warm water washed over my breasts I slipped a finger in between my pussy lips and started to gentle rub my clit. It felt really good. Then I started thinking about my young teenage years. +++++ My girlfriend Stacey and I were very sexual girls when we were around our brothers. We teased the hell out of them constantly.

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We each had two brothers, one of which was two years older than we were and one that was two years younger than we were. Our parents were the best of friends.

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That is my father and her mother were very friendly after their spouses ran off together. That is why we kids were together so much.

One Saturday after the adults went out to some all day party we were all at our house because we had a finished basement known as Romp-O-Room.

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Dad had a big television down there. It was fully carpeted with couches and old-fashioned beanbag chairs everywhere. That was the day that started it all. Stacey and I were wearing our tiny bikini tops with our blue jean miniskirts and thong panties. We thought that we were hot! Our brothers did too. We allowed our brothers to look up our skirts as we rolled around on the floor wrestling. Then Stacey untied my bikini top and let my tits flop free.

They didn't exactly flop but they were impressive at 32-B. Stacey and I wore the same size bras. To retaliate I took her bikini top off too.

Then Stacey went after my panties while I went after her panties. Our brothers cheered us on until we were both naked, even our miniskirts were off. That was when her oldest brother Todd held me down and slipped his cock into my pussy.

It didn't hurt because Stacey and I had often used her mother's dildo on one another. It was in me balls deep when I looked over to see my oldest brother fucking Stacey. It didn't take very long for him to start cumming in me. His excitement of loosing his virginity in me excited me because I was a virgin too.

Older girls say that you never forget your first time and my first time was great. When Todd pulled out his younger brother took his place in me.

He was smaller but more aggressive. He was thrusting into me like he was going to die afterwards. Stacey was getting it from my younger brother by then too.

When her brothers were done fucking me my own brothers took their turns in me while her brothers fucked her. Since they had blown a load in Stacey they were able alicia toys her juicy hairy pussy with a toy tube porn take their time with me.

I hate to admit it but I enjoyed my brothers fucking me more than when Stacey's brothers had fucked me. Each of the four boys fucked each of us girls three times that day.

My pussy was so sore afterwards but I never felt so good or had so many orgasms before. Stacey loved it too so after that we let our brothers fuck us whenever they wanted too. That first summer, Stacey and I were fucked constantly by all of the boys in our neighborhood. Our brothers had big mouths and bragged to all of their friends.

Stacey and I limited it to just six boys each day in addition to our four brothers. Fortunately, Todd agreed with us that we could limit the number of cocks that we serviced in one day. Things went along very well after that.

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Then on Labor Day weekend Todd planned a three-day orgy when our parents were out of town at a racetrack someplace. He invited every boy that had fucked Stacey and I that summer to come over and take a turn on us. Surprisingly there were only thirty-seven boys. I had thought that there were more boys but apparently Todd had kept track of them.

Stacey and I had fun acting like prostitutes with our Johns. Todd even pretended to be our pimp. Little did we know that Todd was actually charging the boys to fuck us. For just twenty dollars each boy could fuck us as often as he could all weekend. It was a good thing that our brothers and nous sex en boite de nuit sexy friends had broken us in so well because neither one of us had a sore pussy after that three-day orgy even though most of the boys had been complaining that last day but it didn't stop them from fucking us.

The next day Todd presented Stacey and I with four hundred dollars each to buy school clothes with. He had charged his younger brother and my two brothers for that three-day weekend too.

When I asked where his twenty dollars was he just laughed and said that it was his fee as our pimp. +++++ As I stepped out of the shower I looked at myself in the mirror. I was still a very attractive woman. No wonder I had excited my son earlier. I also remembered what my husband had said, "Take care of your son's sexual needs like you did for your brothers when you were his age." I was pretty sure that I could get Stacey and her daughter to come over for a talk along with my daughter.

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You see I married Stacey's older brother Todd and Stacey married my older brother Sam. We each have a son and a younger daughter so needless to say we can help the next generation follow in our footsteps. The End Take Care Of Your Son 608