Non professional awesome chick sucks and bonks well

Non professional awesome chick sucks and bonks well
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After Judge Cooke left the room, I wanted to talk to Sharon about what just happened. I wanted to know how it felt.

Did she like it? I was hoping that she would turn over and face me, but she never did. I fell asleep, thinking the events were over. I don't know how long I slept. I awoke to a sound. The lamp was on and I could see clearly. Sharon was on her knees and Judge Cooke was behind her. I could see his hard cock going in and out of her pussy. I really began to feel excited. I could hear him talking to her. He was asking, "Did you like watching me fucking under the stairs?" Sharon answered, " Yes Daddy.

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but I wanted you to be fucking me" He said, " Don't be mad at Daddy, you know you are my special girl, you are my Princess." He was steady fucking her. He never stopped, even when he was talking to her.

I watched and listened as closely as I could. I was wondering if he would do that to me. I wanted it so badly.

I wanted to feel his body touching mine. I longed for his hard cock to be pump in and out of me. I wanted to tell him, that I wanted him to take me. I wanted him to make my pussy his. I could barely be still in the bed. Judge Cooke continued to fuck his daughter.

She was the oldest. She had a younger sister, but she wasn't even in school yet. I was wondering just how old a person would be before their Daddy started preparing them to mount.

I knew Judge Cooke had started preparing Sharon by his ritual of spanking. He had moved his finger between the lips of her pussy while he spanked her naked butt.

That is how he had started with her. I was listening intently to the sighs, moans, and grunts. I wanted to understand what the excitement felt like, deep in my pussy. I watched as he reached forward between her legs and of piss soaked euro babes cumsprayed in orgy european cumshot later I learned that he was playing with her little clit, while he was fucking her pussy with his cock.

I saw him put his hands on her waist while he rammed his cock into her.

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The best part to me was when he reached up and grabbed her shoulders. I already had learned what that meant from watching him fuck the young black woman. I had watched him fucking her twice. Each time he had grabbed her shoulders was when he had started to shoot his load deep in her.

I knew he was about to cum in her pussy. As he grabbed her shoulders.

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He leaned his head back, he started to groan. He said, " Take it Baby, take Daddy's cum." Wow, did that turn me on.

Take Daddy's cum; I wanted to take "HER" Daddy's cum. She said, " Love me Daddy, Love me." Both of them were so enthralled with the act of fucking, that they never even looked my way. She moaned really loudly along with him. After they finished, he pulled his cock out of her dripping pussy. He then told her to clean his cock, He said, "Suck Daddies cock Baby, suck it clean." She turned around on her knees while looking up at him. He stepped back a few steps.

She slid off the bed and took his cock into her waiting lips. She had her eyes closed. He wrapped her long brown hair around his hands and held her head tightly. He tightened his butt cheeks, as he pumped his cock into her mouth. He had done that several times when she opened her eyes.

That is when it happened. She saw I was awake and watching. She tried to pull away, I guess to tell him I was watching. He would not release her. She kept struggling, while he steadily pumped his cock in her mouth.

Finally she pointed. He looked over his shoulder and saw me. I didn't know what to do. He pulled his cock out of her mouth. He bent over and put his robe on. He told her to lay down and he covered her up. He stepped over to my bed. He knelt down on the side. He leaned closely and whispered to me. His voice was low and lustful.

He asked, " Did you like watching me? Do you like watching her Daddy fucking her?" I was afraid to say anything. He said, " Don't be afraid, you can say anything to me you want.

We can share secrets." I just looked deep into his eyes. He leaned closer and asked, " Have you ever been kissed by a man that is not related to you?" I shook my head to indicate no. He then put his hot lips to mine. First he just kissed me like anyone would kiss. He then took his tongue and pushed it between my lips. He ran his tongue all around my tongue. He then stopped. He said, "Take your tongue and do the same thing to my tongue." He then put his lips to mine again. He pushed his tongue into my mouth and when he started moving his tongue,I did the same." I felt like I was on fire.

After kissing me for awhile, he slipped his hand under the covers. While we were still kissing each other, he lifted my nightgown. He pushed his fingers between my legs on the outside of my panties. He lifted his lips from mine and with a sly smile he said, " Your a good girl, I love feeling that your little panties selena fucked sophias pussy with her bright pink dildo fingering blackhair so wet." He then winked at me.

He stood up, walked over to Sharon and whispered something to her. He then walked past my bed and as he reached for the door knob, he turned his head and said that we were both such good girls. He then made a kissing motion in the air as he walked out. Soon I will be posting more of the true Judge Cooke Series. Please leave a comment, PM me and or email me [email protected]