Aiden starr bobbi whipped ass

Aiden starr bobbi whipped ass
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Jessica's Capture Story: #18 Copyright ©2005 Written: January 23 2005 A story By: KaosAngel Proofed by: Piasa_Troll Please send any comments about this story to ([email protected]) ********************************************************************** Part 4 - Is turn about really fair play?

As they enter the room Steve pushes Jessica forward "Jessica meet Jessica 3000" he said looking into tear soaked eye's, "I don't want to meet Jessica 3000!" Jessica yells back at him, picking Jessica up by her arm "Well you will be very intimate with Jessica 3000 very soon, but first you must be weighed and measured for your spit" he said as he was dragging her to a large scale.

"Spit? What spit? You mean your really going to spit me?" Jessica said as she was forced to follow Steve by the chains still attached to her collar, while trying to struggle away from him again, "Yes my dear, in a few hours you will be turning a golden brown over the coals" he said with a smile. "Stop your struggling this instant" Steve said, grabbing a tighter hold on Jessica's chain.

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Still fighting "AHH, that hurts, let me go YOU BASTERD!" she yelled at him "I wont let you do this to me" she added as she tries to pull her chain from his strong hands, with little result.

"Stop fighting this Jessica, it will happen weather you like it or not" Steve says as he forces Jessica onto the scale. Jessica while on the scale begins babbling to no one in particular "How the hell did I get here, it started like a perfectly normal evening" she said trying to think how she got here "Then the kitten, NOW THE ADAM'S FAMILY!" she yelled loud enough for all the other girls to hear her, looking toward her "Shut up! It isn't going to help you!" was heard by one of the other girl's in the room in front of Jessica in the line on the way to the Jessica 3000.

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Looking around the room, Jessica was searching with her eye's for the mouth she just heard and the head attached to it, she was angrey and looking for someone to take it out on, anyone!, then she saw her "Put a sock init you bitch!, just because you have accepted what they are doing here doesn't mean I have to!" Jessica yelled toward the mouthy bitch in front of her and then slapped her hard "SLAP!!" Placing her hand to her face the other girl looked stunned from the slap as she looked into Jessica's eye's and saw the pure anger, pulling her hand back she slapped Jessica back, Harder!, "SLAP!!" Jessica was waiting for that slap and wasn't shocked at all as she lunged forward grabbing the other girl's hair screaming "WHORE!" while pulling wads of her hair from her head, another girl further down the line sees the fight "CAT FIGHT!" she yelled.

Steve runs over to the two fighting girls "Knock this shit off, the horny hot alexa raye licking and sucking hard meaty dick of you" is heard as he pulls them apart, Jessica hisses at Steve and then spits in his face.

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Wiping his face "Get this bitch out of here, chain her up in the next room" he yells pointing to the other girl, as two guards rush over and drag her to the other room, kicking and screaming, where she is chained to a wall. "Ill get you" Steve says looking down to Jessica who is now sitting on the floor crying. Forcing Jessica onto her stomach Steve sits on her back and begins tying her hands behind her back while Jessica yelling "Get the hell off of me!" her hands are tied tight, "No damnin lie still while I get you measured for your spit" Steve replied.

"I don't want to be measured came the response from Jessica "My measurements are GO, FUCK, YOURSELF!!" she added. Steve begins dragging Jessica along the floor "TOO BAD" he yells, still dragging her, "Humm 5 feet 1 inch tall" he said not really talking to anyone just speaking out load, "Ok I don't think we have a spit available in your size, the only spit's we have at the moment are to small for you" he said looking down at Jessica.

"I hope you don't have any!" she replied, "Why are you telling me this? I don't care, am I supposed to feel sorry that you can't kill me?" Jessica added. "There are other ways to kill a mouth bitch like you, Jessica!" Steve said as Jessica jumped to her feet, kicked Steve in the balls, and started running, "OOOHHHH FUCK YOU LITTLE BITCH!!" Steve screamed in pain as he fell to the floor.

"RUNNER LIGHTS Asa and skin do some sixty nine Steve yelled again and seconds later all the lights went out and the room was in total darkness. Running in the now darkened room Jessica tripped over the Jessica 3000, fell to the ground and was knocked out. When the lights came back up Steve walked over to Jessica and picked her up over his shoulder's, walked over to a table and slammed her down on it hard then began tying her to the table.

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Jessica slowly waking up "Mommy is that you? I had the strangest dream, this man took me to an illegal processing plant and was going to steal my meat" she said softly as she looked up and saw Steve and realized she was tied tightly to a wooden table. Jessica started screaming again, "Hello again, I am glad your awake as I was saying we don't have a spit ready in your size, but if we take you out to the chopping block we can chop a few feet off you" Steve said laughing at his own joke.

Looks into Steve's eyes and begins begging for her life "Please no, Please don't, Please DON'T KILL ME!!" She yelled, "But that would be to quick for you" he says while looking toward a tray of assorted knives, "Maybe ill just skin you alive" he said thinking of all the fun he could have, "No, No, No, you see me and my skin are quite fond of each other" Wacky chick masturbates snatch and gets licked and banged in pov said starting to babble again.

At that moment another man came into the room he was Jerry the processing plant's manager "What are you doing here Steve, that girl should have already been spitted and sent to cook, there are men waiting for her meat" he said looking angry at Steve.

Looking back to Jessica "Yes I know, I already have enough seat covers for my car anyway, so you can keep your leather" he said looking somewhat annoyed as Jerry untied her, took hold of her chain and lead her away from Steve "I'll take over from here Steve, looks like you cant get the job done" Jerry said shooting an angry look back at the shocked head butcher.

Jessica was breathing a silent sigh of relief, she would get to keep her skin, but for how much longer? Jerry lead Jessica into another room, this one looked more like a bedroom then part of the processing plant, "You have a fine body, Jessica" Jerry began to speak while touching Jessica's body.

Jessica jerks at the touch "Stop it, MR.

Grabby hands" she says. A sharp slap that forced her to fall backwards onto the bed was Jerry's response. "Maybe ill just fuck you instead of giving you to those men as meat!" he said as he climbed onto the bed and on top of her "Jessica did start to get a little excited by the thought of this man fucking herm but tried not to show it. "You fuck me? NEVER!!" she yelled, trying to hide her excitement from him.

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"But then I would have to send you back through the processing line to be cleaned, Humm decision's, decision's" Jerry said as he forced Jessica's legs open "but then again I do need to relieve some stress and you do want it so badly, I can tell" he added. Trying to get him off her "NO I old guy licks teen pussy age aint nothing but a number she lied!

"Don't you dare touch me!!" she continued to struggle as he undid his belt, pulled his pants down and forced his already massively erect cock into Jessica's dripping wet pussy, Jessica is tight and he begins pumping himself in and out faster and faster the feeling of her struggling against him excite him even more.

Jessica is fighting him in more ways then one, struggling against him physically, while also trying not to give into her lust for sex.

She was not winning either fight!, "OHH god, harder" she yells having just given into the lust she was feeling and her love of sex, Jessica had wrapped her legs around Jerry's back and began forcing herself up to meet his trusts trying to take him deeper inside herself. Jessica and Jerry were both getting hot and sweaty "Pant, Pant, and Pant" was all that could be heard now, after what seemed like eternity Jerry exploded inside Jessica, at that very moment Jessica came as well, "Get the hell off me!" Jessica says starting to cry again, "I'm tired of this game, if you going to kill me just, DO IT ALREADY!!!" she yelled as she fell back to the bed and buried her face in a pillow.

"I don't care what your tired of, I will determine how long you have left to live" Jerry said as he withdrew his cock from inside her pussy. Jessica looks at him with anger in her eye's, "FINE THEN ILL KILL MYSELF!!" she yells as she sucks in a biff breath of air and holds it in, hoping to assimilate herself.

"Being as how I bought you with my own money, I cant let you do that" he said as he punched Jessica in the stomach forcing her to gasp and suck in more air "That wont work my dear" he laughed, "DAMNIN, THAT HURT!!" she yelled "What do you mean you bought me with your own money" Jessica asked as she caught her breath.

"I paid the nice man who bought you at the auction double what he paid for you, your mine now" he said as pulled the chain on her collar bringing her face close to his, planting a kiss on her lips. Another man came into the room and began whispering into Jerry's ear "Well it seems like a spit in your size is now available, Ill give you a choice you can either go to the spit or I could make you a special offer?

Choose!" he said as he started trying her hands and legs together readying her for the spit "I'm listening" Jessica said, waiting to see what this offer would be.

"But then again I do need to restock my freezer, you will make excellent meat!" Jerry said continuing to tie her for the spit, Jessica looking very mad "Then get this over with I don't want to be near you one second longer" Jessica said in anger.

Looking into her eye's "Ok the offer is, we need a new operator for the Jessica 3000, the last girl we had operating it was caught stealing meat and was spit roasted this morning" he said awaiting her answer "Now you can take this job or go to the spit" he added.

"I thought your freezer needed meat?" she replied "remember that mouth bitch you fought with in the weighing room?" he replied "Yes I do, she is probably meat by now" Jessica said with a xxx sax school girls porn com sex stories on her face, "Nope, she is still chained to a wall in the waiting room awaiting a spit, you and she are the same size, so if you take the job ill let you use the spit I was going to use on you, on her" Jerry said, seeing the smile on Jessica's face he took that as a yes and began untying her.

"I would love to stick a sharp spike in that mouth bitch's in pussy" Jessica replied after being untied, "There are a few conditions, first I expect you to behave yourself and not try to escape, then we have to test you" Jerry said as he handed Jessica a set of clothes "Do I have to ware that?" she asked "NO, not if you don't want to" Jerry replied "Then I wish to stay nude" Jessica replied "Now what is the test?" she asked. "Your test will be to take the mouth bitch as you call her, real name Stacey to the Jessica 3000, figure out how to get her strapped into it, load the spit and spit her all by yourself with no help from anyone, if you can do that you got the job" he said with a wink "Think you can do that without ripping her head off?, the man who bought her wants her whole" he added.

Looking into his eye's "Ohh I think I can manage that" she said with a laugh "I'm serious, If she doesn't survive the spitting, you will be the next one to roast" Jerry said giving her a light slap on the ass as she got off the bed. "Now according to her ID tag, she is about 5 feet 1 inch, same as you, about 128 pounds a little heavier then you but shouldn't be a problem" he said, staring at the cum dripping from Jessica's pussy. "Why are you making me this offer?, why not make her the offer?, I'm sure she is sitting there wishing she could stick me with a sharp pointy spike" Jessica said looking a little surprised that she had said that, hoping Jerry didn't change his mind and go make Stacey the offer to spit HER!

instead. Jerry taking Jessica's left hand into his "You will make a great operator, If you can control that temper of yours, I'm in charge here I make the rule's and the offer's, I made it to you not her, now go get her" Jerry said as he released her hand.

"Where is she?" Jessica asks, Jerry pointing to a jordi el nino polla fucks a shaved spread pussy door, "You will find her though that door and down the hall" he replied, pointing to a door, Jessica goes through the door and down the hall to find a large door with the sign above it saying "WAITING ROOM".