Cute teen seduced by hot blonde lesbian

Cute teen seduced by hot blonde lesbian
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In my high school, the most beautiful girl was Maddie Olsen. She had lost some weight recently and shown everyone how attractive she really was. She was pale with Full C cup breasts xxx nnnn xx the best desi sexx full sex stories a round apple ass.

She had long brown hair that swished back and forth and the most innocent smile you've ever seen. And one more thing, everyone knew she was a virgin. You may be asking why if she's clearly a sexy piece of ass, but she was also devoutly Christian. Well I had made it my goal to, despite her religion, fuck her before anyone else could, and It was going to be tricky.

The idea I finally settled on was to get her drunk, then just wing it. I decided to execute at a party my cousin was throwing the next week at his house while his parents were out. I sidled up to Maddie in the living room, chatting with a few friends.

She was wearing, despite her "modesty" a low cut tank top and spandex leggings. Her cute ass looked great, as did her perfectly formed tits. I needed to find a way to get her away from her friends. "Hey Maddie," I said. I quickly reasoned that since we shared a science class, that could work as a lasso. "Could I talk to you really quick about that bio project?

I wouldn't ask right now but it's kind of urgent." She giggled and stood up, that was easier than I thought. "Sorry girls," she said. "Let me just talk to him for a minute." She walked with me into the kitchen where various party goers were partaking of the numerous alcoholic beverages.

"Meet me outside on the porch," I urged. "I just need to grab a drink. She rolled her eyes and walked outside to my cousin's spacious deck. There were fewer people out there.

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I would have more room to work my magic. I grabbed a few shots of Jaeger (nasty stuff, really) and a solo cup of cheap beer and followed her outside.

"So what do you need to know?" she said, eyeing the handful of alcohol I had in my arms with suspicion. I gulped, here was the leap of faith.

"Well really I didn't have anything to ask you about, I just wanted to get you apart from your friends to tell you how beautiful you are, and if you would mind sharing a drink with me in the moonlight." Yeah, I guess it was just cheap beer and Jaegar, but I'm a pragmatist and I guessed she would think the thought counted.

"That's actually really nice, Ryan," she replied, thankfully smiling. "But I don't drink." I anticipated this. "Oh come on, you have to try it sooner or later. And I promise I didn't slip you any roofies." She giggled. "Well. I guess one wouldn't be too bad. You are a nice guy after all." She picked up one of my shot glasses I'd carried over and, after briefly looking at it, downed it all in one gulp. "Oh god that's just terrible," she said immediately, almost throwing down the glass. "Just tastes like charcoal." I casually downed one of my own.

An idea came into my head, Maddie was a volleyball star on our school's team, she had a competitive streak I think I could exploit. "Really? I kind of like it, but I guess girls just can't handle liquor." "What!? Yes we can!" She exclaimed. "Show me." I offered. "Let's go shot for shot. I can beat handily even if I am a few drinks in." Maddie tilted her head to the side and thought for a moment.

"You're on." She said at last, and on it was. Five ounces vintage hot blonde sucking and riding a cock hard liquor each later, we staggered back towards the bedrooms of the house, endgame. After our fifth each, she had spilled a healthy amount of scotch all over her tank.

I, being the perfect gentleman, offered to take her back and help her get cleaned up. We stumbled into a darkened room and turned jordi el nino polla fucks a shaved spread pussy the lights, she pulled off her now-stained shirt. She wasn't wearing a bra and her boobs looked almost too good to be real.

The were perfectly ovular and healthy, with faint blue veins running through them and rose pink nipples. She suddenly became shy when she'd realized what she'd done. "It's okay," I slurred.

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"You've shown me yours now I'll show you mine." I pulled off my shirt as well, revealing my body which I had been carefully toning for years. I wasn't a bodybuilder, but I didn't look too shabby either.

"Haha," Maddie laughed, pushing her tits together with her hands playfully. "You're the first boy to see my goods. But you're chest isn't a completely equal trade, Ryan.

Take off your pants." I complied, fumbling at my button and zipper then whipping off my jeans. I had an obvious erection in my underwear, I knew that at this point Maddie was mine to lose, and the excitement was getting to me.

"Now let me see your cock, I've never seen one before," she continued. I could hardly believe my luck, this girl was just itching for a boy to give her a good fuck, it was just that no one had ever tried because they thought she would be some spinster, lucky me.

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I pulled off my boxers and exposed my erect cock to the open air. It was a full seven inches, and I was pretty proud of how I could use it, too. Maddie Gasped. "I had no idea it would be so big." she trailed off, getting down on her knees to look at it closer. "Well most aren't," I said with an obvious bragging tone. Maddie let her boobs hang down again to touch my cock.

Her gentle hands already sent shivers of pleasure through me. "It's so hard, too. I want to suck you off, Ryan. That's what my friends always do to their boyfriends. "You don't need to ask me twice," I said, but she was already away, sticking my head into her lips and sucking gently. It felt good and the tiniest drop of cum oozed out. "Is this your cum?" she said, and licked it off. "It's so salty!" she exclaimed. I started to explain that guys cum didn't usually taste good but she cut me off.

"I like it," she said. "I want more." I started to wonder if there really was a god after all, because someone with clout obviously liked me. She put more of my throbbing member into her mouth, and the warmth of it made me shutter.

I felt the tiniest graze of teeth and quickly told her about how NOT to do that. She took my advice well and opened her mouth as far as it would go to engulf even more of my dick. She now had about five inches in, and was obviously struggling with it. "Just relax your throat," I said. "Take it down slowly" She eased my cock down the back of her smooth, tight throat until she had it all in.

I was now being deep-throated by my fantasy girl, life is good. She then began too, at my urging, ease my manhood in and out of her eager lips. She took to it quickly, and was in no time going faster and faster, sliding my large junk across her tongue and sucking with passion hd two hot young sluts want to work. I sensed the teaching part of this session was over, and rested my hands behind her head, moaning encouragement.

After a few minutes of intense pleasure, I was completely ready to blow. I didn't have time to give her a detailed spicy nympho is brought in butthole loony bin for painful treatment of what was about to happen, so I figured she'll just have to experience it and try to manage better next time. Grunting out a short "Here it comes" I tightened my hands around the back of Maddie's head and thrust my cock as far as I could down her gullet.

It was hardly gentle, but the feeling of one last plunge sure got me off. I convulsed and shot my load down Maddie's throat and into her waiting stomach. The pleasure was absurd, partly from the orgasm and partly from the thrill of dominating her the way I was doing.

I fucked her face roughly as I came, thrusting in and out with every wave of silvery jizz cascading out of me. "Take it all, bitch," I gasped mid orgasm, deciding that this was no time to refrain from dirty talk. Maddie was taking my mouth-fucking well, and struggled to choke down all the cum I was giving her.

After I finally felt I had emptied my chamber, I held her head against me for a second to finish off the stream, then slowly withdrew. Maddie gasped when my head finally emerged from her lips. "That was amazing," I told her. She looked a little shocked.

"Is it always so rough?" She asked. I told her no, that was just my thing, and I decided to take over my load-blowing for just this time. "It was a little uncomfortable," she said. "But you can do it again sometime." I smiled, glad she was thinking there would be a next time, but we still weren't done here.

anna deville cutie puts her legs behind her "Now what do you say I fuck that pussy of yours?" I ventured, helping her up and grabbing her ass from the front as I held her close.

"Hmmmm, well I already blew you, so I might as well let you take my cherry too." It was the kind of logic I loved. I gave her a quick slap on the ass, which made her squeal girlishly. "Well then let's get those leggings off." She sat down on the bed and pulled her tights down to her ankles, kicking them off one foot at me. All she had on now was a tiny black thong, which she teasingly slid down her creamy thighs, revealing her well trimmed and virginal pussy.

I climbed onto the bed and between her legs, my cock already hard again. I gently slid one hand up her leg and into the warmth between her thighs. Maddie cooed. I took my other hand a grabbed a juicy breast, sucking greedily on her nipple. Her back arched and she let out a gasp of pleasure. I continued to suck and finger, alternating both hand and tits, until I finally felt she was wet enough to get fucked.

I took my hand and guided my tip into her slick lips, she gave another gasp this time when she felt the pressure. "Ryan, be gentle, you know it's my first time." I nodded and kissed her on the lips while sliding my cock in farther, slowly and easily.

I finally reached her maidenhead.

In one smooth move I penetrated past it. Maddie gave a small moan of pain and bit down on her lip, then recovered almost instantly. "Now that wasn't so bad." I said. "No, I guess it wasn't." She smiled, I could sense that she trusted me now. I gently massaged her beautiful breasts as I gently urged her legs higher and wider. She wrapped them around my waist. I penetrated deeper until I felt the bottom of her vagina. I backed out again repeated, increasing in speed to keep her feeling comfortable.I began to thrust faster and faster into her soft cavern, and she began to feel more and more waves of sexual delight.

She began to moan softly, cooing my name: "Ryan, oh Ryan, uhhh, Ryan, Ryan, ahhh." I felt my own ecstasy mounting as well, and grunted with pleasure at every thrust into her.

Her cries got louder and louder until she peaked. Screaming along with her gushing orgasm. "OHHH GOD! OHHH JESUS!

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RYAN DON'T STOP!" She cried in euphoria, I obeyed of course, and loved the feeling of her pussy squeezing my dick as it gushed out juice from her first orgasm. It became too much. With her legs squeezing me tight around my waist I couldn't pull out, so I had to shoot my wad right into her pussy. I didn't like it but also didn't think twice about trying to hold it any longer either. "Get ready for my cum!" I said and moaned as semen came out of me in waves, even more than I'd shot down Maddie's throat.

With each wave of jizz I thrust my convulsing cock deep into a euphoric Maddie and spurted jets of hot semen.

"It feels so good!" Maddie let out, obviously not giving any thought to the idea of getting pregnant. Over and over I blasted seed into her waiting cunt, until finally my cock began to soften.

I pulled out and rolled over. Maddie turned to face me and gave that innocent smile I loved so much. "Thank you for giving me your seed," she said.

I remembered how religious she was and realized she probably wanted me to come in her anyway. I didn't think any more about it. We spent the night there, staring into each other's eyes, taking in the beauty of each other's bodies, and softly groping each other into soft orgasms until the morning light.