Sensual blonde enjoys sucking on a huge schlong

Sensual blonde enjoys sucking on a huge schlong
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As always I must preface this story by stating that I am now in my 50s, but my realization that I am gay started at an early age. Both prepubescent and pubescent and will be told from my perspective at that time they occurred but they made me the man I am today. I am sorry if any of my stories offends you.

I hope they will not only arouse you but give you a sense of understanding of the human urges and wants of this gay male. Enjoy! Amore Dolce When I first knew what I was … gay When I was young our family lived in a small house with five of us kids. So my three sisters all shared a room, my brother and I another and my parents had a room.

We only had one bathroom at the time so the girls got to go first, then me and my brother. When it came time for bed, my brother and I had to take our bath together after the girls took theirs separately. My brother was 3 years older then I was, so he took up a lot of room in the tub.

But we learned that if we washed washed each other off it was a lot easier. So he would soap me up and make sure he washed ever part of me. Then I would do the same with him. That was fine when I was 4 or 5, but when we got older (12 and 9) he did not want me to wash his private areas anymore.

I could not understand why he would make me get out and dry off then go to our room while he finished up. Over the years we moved several times and finally settled down when my dad retired from the military and bought a house.

It was bigger and had 1 and three- quarters bathrooms but the bathing situation did not change for me and Phil. However we had a bigger bathroom with a dressing area so I was not chased out of it like before. And he got to the point where he would let me wash him again. One night I saw that he had some hair around his dick and that when I washed it, it would get stiff. I asked him about that and he said that is what happens as you get older.

Being my older brother I trusted him and took him for his word but his stiff dick fascinated me. We hardly ever took our p.j.'s to the bathroom with us so we would wrap our towels around us and go back to our room. Chubby blonde teen hardcore nina north gets used and d we would get back to the room he would lock the door and put his underwear on and help me with my jammies as I called them.

I realized then he would not put his p.j.'s on but just crawl into the bed. As we got older I asked of we could un-bunked the beds so it would stop shaking when he tossed at night. Mom said we could put it made the room a bit smaller. However the bed shaking at night stopped.

When we un-bunked them I soon realized why it was shaking so much. One night I forced myself to stay awake and quietly rolled on my side and watched his bed.

It wasn't long when I saw his bed shake. Then he slid the sheet down and he was playing with himself. Occasionally he would spit in his hand and resume the stroking. Eventually he would move to the edge Stoking faster and harder then it looked like he would send out small streams of pee (I was as 12 by then).

He would fall back in sex eva notty mom bathroom sex storys bed cover up and fall rite asleep. It became a nightly ritual watching him do this. Then a few months later we were doing our usual bath routine and things changed.

He was washing my penis area and it started to stiffen up! He looked at me a grinned and said ''You are growing up lil bro.'' He then continued washing it and rubbing it but taking more time than usual, It felt good to my surprise and I did not want him to stop. When I washed his it seemed bigger and stiffer than usual. He told me I was doing a good job. We rinsed off got out of the tub, but d animated hentai schoolgirl drilled by tentacles time he dried me off.

We wrapped our-self and went back to our room together. As he always did, he helped me put my jammies on and tucked me in bed. I think he knew I would not go to sleep rite away or that I had been watching him. He laid on top of the sheets and said goodnight then rolled over and faced me. I pretended to fall asleep and as he always did he started playing with himself.

After a few minutes he sat up and moved to the side of city club gay new sex york bed and sat up legs over the edge.

He spread his legs and started tugging on his dick again. Then he leaned over and pulled back my sheets and said he knew that I was awake. You can watch if you want he whispered. I opened my eyes and he leaned back a little with a smile. He gave me a show and when he was ready he stood direcly next to me, gave it a few tugs and I felt a warm thick liquid hit my face. I was so excited and thrilled with what happened I fell asleep real fast with my mind spinning.

A few nights later he asked if he could crawl in bed with me and do that. I did not hesitate to tell him that I would like that. This time he got in bed naked and took my jammies off. He reached over and took my hand and placed it on his dick and said I was going to help him tonight.

He took my hand and we jacked him off together. When he was ready to release his fluid he straddled me and let it go rite onto my face and mouth. Wow, what a taste and feeling, and I liked it!

Salty but sweet at the same time. He laid down beside me and we fell asleep together. That next morning mom knocked on the door with her usual wake up call. He looked over at me and said not to say a word about this to anyone. It was to be our secret and brotherly bond! This continued for a few more months but one night he asked if he could do something different, I trusted him and let him have his way. Tonight he laid on top of me and pressed his stiffening dick against mine, grinding them together.

He started grinding harder and faster, kissing me on the neck and cheek. His breath got heavy and quicker and a few thrusts later I felt his hot juices flow all over my belly and chest. He later explained to me that what was happening was an orgasm and the fluid was called cum.

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This went on for a few more months. But as we got older and more comfortable we started to experiment together. Trying new things a new positions. He taught me how to suck him and he even sucked me. One night he asked if I was ready to try anal intercourse, that he had never thought about it until he licked my ass and fingered around the edge of it.

He said the way I reacted when he did that he thought I liked it; which I did. So he lifted my legs as I layed there on my back and started licking around and around my hole. Then he let his tongue slide across it sending shivers up my spine. Then he plunged his tongue into the center ever so gently and spitting a little into it.

The warmth of the tongue and saliva caused me to moan slightly from the pleasure. As I tried to lift up to match his thrusts of his tongue he went deeper in with it. Then I felt his finger go in along with his tongue and a sharp pain.

But after a second he puled brunette cutie angela is ready for wet action a little then went back in further. He did this until his finger was all the way in and he wiggled it around inside me. As he was doing that I felt him slide up on top of me and my legs on his shoulders. Then he wrapped his arms under my shoulder and I realized it was no longer his finger inside me but the tip of his dick head.

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He kissed me in the mouth and pushed in deep, hard and fast. I knew then why he kissed me like that, to muffle my squealing. He pounded me like what seemed to be forever but I did not want him to stop. Then his thrusts became more intense and longer. My dick now throbbing and it felt like it exploded which caused me to tighten up. As I did he gave a hard thrust and hard sexey fast time sex then froze inside me.

It felt warm and wet in my but; I knew then that he had released his fluids inside me. He collapsed still inside me and rested his head next to mine kissing my cheek. You are the best lil bro he whispered to me. We fell asleep like that, but sometime during the night he got up and went back to his bed.

When I woke up he was asleep but the door was unlocked and cracked open so I figured he had to go to the bathroom or something. This went on until my oldest sister got her own apartment and the other went away to college. My parents moved him to the empty room giving each of us our own room. Because he was at the other end of the hall and had his own shared bathroom our bathing and sleeping together ended. Occasionally he would find a way to sneak down to me late at night after everyone was asleep and we would get each other off.

By then I too was starting to spurt cum! I was about 14 and he was about 17 when he told me that this would be our last time because he had joined the Marines and would be shipping out on Friday.

We fucked our brains out that night and for the first time he let me fuck him. MORE ESCAPADES TO CUM!