Onther 10 sex story rap china

Onther 10 sex story rap china
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Back at the table, Nyoto had rejoined them and all were watching intently. "What's a test of character?" asked Jonas in general. Nyoto answered under her breath "a whipping." "A real whipping?" Jonas asked disturbed looking at his son on stage. "As real as allowed by law" she answered "no skin may be broken but it will hurt." "I didn't agree to this" Jonas said and was about to stand up.

"Relax" Ashley said "I know Ironshaft, he's an expert, it will sting but no more than the poke he already got from Rose, I should know, he has whipped me before." To prove her point she showed her perfect skin on her back, no scar to be found. Slightly more at ease, Jonas resumed his intend watch. Megan cuddled a little closer to him, holding his hand beneath the table. Like a predator circling its prey, Ironshaft walked around Josh and Henry.

Josh girls and horas black guy sexy story com kept his focus and tried to relax a bit more, hoping he was right about Rose.

Rose had moved Henry a bit closer to Josh so the both stood in line to the audience. She deftly removed the leather top from Henry's outfit and the shirt he wore beneath. Some women in the crowd started screaming again when Henry was topless next to Josh. "For each stroke of the whip, the price goes up by 5 thousand dollars" Rose whispered in the microphone "the first to yell out will lose the price." "Are we ready for the test of manhood, to separate the boys from the men?" she shouted to the crowd.

It went wild, the auction pit was over flown with women wanting to see the action up close. The pathway in front of the stage filled up with spectators, all wanting to be as close as possible. Josh could actually make faces out in the crowd despite the backlight, so close were they. "Here we go" Ironshaft yelled and in quick repetition he lashed at both of them. The crowd became even wilder, shouting and screaming. When the first stripe of the whip hit him, Josh was surprised at the light touch of the sting.

It had hurt but not too badly. Ironshaft kept his pace and soon both their prices were increased by another 100 thousand just by whip strokes alone.

At twenty seven lashes Josh really felt the pain and had to work hard not to show it. When the whip came down for the thirtieth time, Henry shouted. Thinking he had won, a small smile appeared on Josh's face.

It disappeared instantly as the whip was now just aimed at him, twice the speed it stung so fast and so quick that Josh lost count until he also had to yell out. Only then did he notice that the crowd had gone silent. "Forty eight" Ironshaft said, respect obvious in his voice. "I don't know about you people" Rose said "but I am looking forward to meet this fine specimen in private." The bidding was finished but more than a few women tried to place bids on Josh.

With a end total of nearly half a million dollars, Josh was a very expensive price. Ironshaft placed an ice pack on his back causing Josh to gasp again. "Well done Josh, well done" Ironshaft whispered when securing the pack. "Thank you all for a wonderful evening" Mistress Rose spoke to the crowd "I hope you enjoyed the show and congratulations to the winners of these two fine men." "I would like to thank them and the organizers on behalf of all the children for the proceeds, I have just been told that we passed the million mark tonight so an applause please." The crowd applauded with gusto and Josh smiled, pleased with the fact that he had helped a good cause.

He only hoped it would help him sleep later on as well, his back started to hurt more and the icepack helped but not by much. Escorted by Rose and Ironshaft, Henry and Josh left the stage through the backside and after a small hallway into a relax lounge. Henry shook Josh's hand congratulating him and left the lounge with Ironshaft. Josh sat down on the arm of a big chair, trying to relax his back. "I knew I should have kept you" Rose smiled at him "there was something in Burt's voice when he suggested you that make me take notice." Josh flashed her a smile and a naughty look.

Rose laughed hard saying "Oh, still looking for a good mistress and some punishment are you?" "Not right now, I think asian slit and anal fuck japanese and hardcore a feather would be painful on my back" "Don't worry, he really is that good, two maybe three days tops and the swelling and pain will be gone" Rose assured him sitting down in the chair Josh sat on the side of.

"I have taken the liberty of calling Samantha and told her to bring your party here, I hope you don't mind?" she asked. "Not at all, the thought of going into crowds is not sitting well with skyla novea grinding her tight asshole on top right now." "I can understand, there are loads of horny women out there right now, wanting to play nurse with you" she said with a hot and sexy blond eighteen year old hardcore massage sense of humor.

Josh worked hard not to laugh too hard, his back hurt still throbbing. When he turned to look at her, he saw her staring at him, trying to figure him out. Feeling too tired and spend, Josh simply said "fire away, ask your questions, it's the least I can do after your trust in me with Nyoto." Rose stood up, helping Josh do the same and took him to the bar, helping him on a stool.

"Now lean on the bar, it will relax your back more." She took a stool and sat directly across him on the other side of the bar. "How old are you really?" Rose asked pouring them a glass of juice. "Seventeen" Josh answered meeting her eyes. "You don't look it." "I know, sometimes people even give me twenty-five." "Did you really just arrive yesterday in L.A.?" "Yeah, I did" Josh answered nipping his juice.

"Well, in certain circles you'll be the topic of hot conversations if not fantasies." "You certainly made an impression tonight Josh" Rose continued. "Not in the least with me" she continued and undid her pony hood. "Have you given any thought as to what you'll be wanting as your prize?" "Not really no, what is it exactly?" Josh answered trying to remember. "You can make a special request to either me or Ironshaft, a really special request." "Like what?" Josh asked, not sure if he understood "like a night with you?" "Think bigger Josh, much bigger" Rose grinned at him.

"I'll get back to you on that" Josh said, his mind racing with ideas. "You know, I think I know what makes you so attractive to us women" Rose said after leaning a bit back "you are very confident, almost arrogant but you temper it with innocence and honor, you are in shape but not overly trained, look dangerous but are a gentleman, basically you are a bad boy on the outside and a trustworthy man on the inside." Looking pleased with her analysis, she smiled at Josh waiting for him to comment.

"I guess so, the fact that I am independently wealthy helps as well I think" he said quietly. "Only if money is on peoples mind Josh, you have made a huge impression on some of the wealthiest people in the States, do you think they care about your wallet? They assume you are rich simply because you are here, but I can understand that you might think so." "I suppose, I have never been to a party like this so I am a blank slate in the experience department" he grinned at her.

"Speaking of which, I think I know what I would like as an reward" Josh continued. Rose smiled and waited for him to continue. "I want you to be my private tutor in all areas of your specialty and love making in general." Rose was stunned into silence for a moment, smiled wickedly and said "You know, when I said think bigger I didn't mean huge but" and she paused for a moment "you know what, why not." "You realize that you've asked for several years worth of training right?" Josh nodded and said smiling "hopefully I am a quick study." "You just might be indeed" Rose said, hiding her delight at his request.

The door opened and Burt entered, followed by a lot of other people. Josh turned and smiled at all the new comers seeing familiar and unfamiliar faces.

What surprised him the most was that Fergie was among them. His father was the first to come to him, looking worried and proud at the same time. "I am okay dad" he said "it looked worse than it felt I think." "You sure?" Jonas asked worried. "Pretty sure yeah" Josh said trying to calm his dad. Danni came to stand next to Jonas and said "Sorry to be so rude and intrude but I have a time sensitive reward for Josh." "A warrior princess whispered to a sweet table companion something about a certain famous pop star who promptly told me and we, that is Sarah and I, found it fitting to have you meet her as a reward for your participation in the auction." Josh just grinned, the pain in his back forgotten for a moment.

Fergie came to stand next to Danni and said "pleased to meet you Josh, you must be a real fan to take such a beating just to meet me." "I am" Josh said taking his time to really look her over. She was dressed as Barbarella and really made the outfit work for her. "Such dedication deserves a reward don't you think Danni?" Fergie said smiling. Danni nodded and took a step back, raising a camera phone to take a picture of them together.

Fergie moved in closer, laying her arms around his neck and moved in between his legs, all the way to the barstool. "You smell of sweat and sex Josh" she whispered in his ear "I like it, a lot." She then faced him and kissed him, her tongue finding its way to his with a fierce force. Josh pressed her body closer to his, feeling all her curves against his body. He felt her smile when his cock got hard and she pressed just a bit harder with her pelvic bone against it.

After a full minute she let go saying "so this is what a five hundred thousand dollar kiss tastes beazzere mp4 hot xxx story donload, I'd better write me another hit song so I can pay for more." The room burst into laughter and Josh quickly planted a gentle kiss on her lips saying "thank you" softly.

She mouthed you're welcome to him and waved goodbye to all, speaking shortly with Danni. When Fergie left, Josh took another look at who was in the lounge with them. He saw Megan and Ashley talking, Burt kissing a petite Asian girl, Danni and Sarah watching him and his dad talking to Rose.

He was about to ask where Nyoto was when she entered with a cart filled with food and drinks. When she saw him, she smiled and he smiled happily back. Turning around to Rose, he asked "Is she still under my care?" Rose grinned and told him he could have her for the weekend if he so wished. "I owe you one" Josh whispered to Rose leaning over the bar. "I plan to collect, soon" Rose whispered back.

They both smiled in anticipation of the collecting. Josh moved from his barstool and walked towards Danni and Sarah. Both women were still dressed in their glittery dresses and looked radiant. "So Josh" Sarah said cheerfully "who from all the ladies here haven't you had sex with yet?" "Yet? Are you serious?" Josh said looking cheeky "it depends on what you consider sex." "Full penetration, the rest is play" Danni said, trying to look coy.

"In that case, I haven't had the pleasure of you Danni, Nyoto, Ashley, Mistress Rose and the cute girl blowing Burt in the corner." "That's five" Danni said to Sarah "still want to bet Sarah?" Sarah looked at Josh and considered her answer "it depends, what do we call closing time?" "Till Josh faints from fatigue?" Danni joked.

Josh was curious as to what the bet was for so he asked "what's the wager?" "The name of our new company we are going to form" Sarah said. "We would be delighted if you would like to participate" Danni quickly said. "Try to stop me" Josh grinned at the women. At that moment Rose spoke up loudly "friends, perhaps it is wise if we moved the party to Danni's place, more room and more privacy, for those who need it." Everybody agreed and gathered their belongings, following Burt and Danni to the elevator.

Danni's party room had been cleaned after the previous festivities and looked pristine. Rose stopped Josh before he could follow through the door and asked him if he had any problems with sharing his dad. It took Josh a second to grasp her meaning and then smiled saying it was fine. He followed Rose into the room, only to be stopped again by Megan this time. She smiled a little tipsy at him, kissing him deeply for a moment before saying "I am so glad I met you, I feel so liberated." Pausing for a moment she continued "I am going to have sex till dawn breaks, I know we had other plans but eh, well, it seems our plans are changed, so what do you say to a rescheduling?" "I am inclined to agree" Josh said and kissed Megan on her nose.

"Good, now where is Jonas?" Megan said and moved off to find him. Josh looked around and smiled, his back ache almost forgotten. He saw Megan and Rose taking his father into the room with the big bed and grinned.

Burt and the little Asian woman were feeding each other spoons of ice cream, Nyoto was setting up the trays with food and the remaining three women went into a room Josh hadn't been in yet. Deciding not to follow them he went to the bar and got himself a coke. Nyoto came to the bar, her eyes downcast. "What's wrong Nyoto" Josh asked concerned. "I am sorry Stud pounds sexual gorgeous cutie girlfriend hardcore have been such a poor slave master" she answered timidly.

"Poor?" Josh said "if this was poor I wouldn't survive excellent, you were great, why else do you think I asked for more time with you?" "You did?" she asked looking up with smile. "Yes, I have you all weekend as my personal slave, does that please you?" "It does master, it does" she said happily. "Good" Josh replied "so what shall I call you besides slave, Samantha, Sam or Nyoto?" "Sam would be nice master" she answered moving closer to him. "Is there something else you would like me to do?" Sam said provocatively.

"Yes there is, I am to have sex with all women here at least once" Josh started "I would like you to be present the whole time, naked, and clean me up after each session." "You will not be allowed to play with yourself but if my actions make you so horny that you come without touching, you may." Sam smiled and said "yes master, thank you master." "That's a good girl" Josh said and kissed her softly.

The room was silent now except for the sound Burt and his partner were making. Looking at the couch he could see her head bob up between his legs. He was whispering encouragements to her and she increased her pace. Josh decided to go for a closer look, the voyeur in him fully awake now. Sam smiled when he walked towards them and followed at a discreet distance.

Burt had his eyes closed, sitting relaxed on the couch, his hands in his neck. The girl had half his cock in her mouth, gagging a bit and spit dripped of his balls. With a little envy Josh saw that Burt was very large and couldn't blame the girl for not being able to take him whole.

"Does watching this make you horny?" Josh whispered to Sam who nodded. Burt heard him whisper and said "Hey Josh, my man, meet Caty, my personal slave for tonight." "Hi Caty" Josh said and got a mumbled response from her.

"Say Josh, I overheard something about a bet and you doing all the ladies tonight?" "Yeah or die trying" Josh joked. "Ah to be young again" Burt responded grinning "want to help me sandwich Caty?" Josh looked at the pretty woman and said "sure." "You get her ass if you don't mind, I am a bit big for that hole." "I don't mind at all" Josh said looking at her small ass.

"Caty, stop sucking me and make my friend Josh hard and wet for your ass." Caty stopped and got up, undid Josh's pants and took his semi hard cock in her hand.

Bending over in a near perfect ninety degree angle she started to lick his cock. Her tongue was hard and small and she took her time getting his shaft wet. When she took him in her mouth, she started to twist his cock around, making him very hard very quick. Josh motioned Sam over and kissed her whispering "Imagine you in her place." He broke the kiss when she stopped sucking him and saw her spit on his cock, using her hand to spread it around.

After three wallops she seemed satisfied and went back to Burt. Caty stepped onto the couch, positioning herself above Burt's huge cock. Slowly she descended on it until she had all she could in her, still leaving a good two inches of cock uncovered and sat down on her knees, raising her ass as high as she could. Josh moved in behind her, spreading her cheeks and moving his cockhead to her asshole. Her ass was wet already from her cunt juices and he had no trouble getting his cockhead in.

"Ready?" Burt asked. "Almost" Josh said pushing harder to get further in her ass. With her cunt filled by Burt's cock, her ass was extra tight, Josh really had to push hard. A small whimper escaped Caty's lips and Burt told her not to be ashamed to call for her safe word, he would understand.

She simply started to grind her waist trying to get some motion going from her men. Both men responded and after a few false starts, they found their rhythm.

Soon the whimpering from Caty turned into wailing of lust as her first orgasm hit her. Bucking like a mare in heat between them, Caty started to scream encouragements as they kept on fucking her. When her third orgasm hit, she clamped so hard down four sluts banged by one horny man Josh he came as well, his grunt matched by Burt a few strokes later.

Feeling his cum shoot in her asshole he pushed in as deep as he could extending the wonderful feeling. A little later Caty relaxed enough for Josh to remove his cock, his cum gushing out of her asshole. Sam went to her knees straight away and started to suck Josh, cleaning his cock with her mouth.

Burt was smiling happily at Caty, pulling her up from his cock and kissed her gently. "Thanks for the help Josh" he said "I think she liked it." The phat ass white chick lubed and fucked nodding of Caty's head indicated that she had. Taking stock of the situation and enjoying Sam's after care he noticed that the three women had come back from the other room and had been watching.

The reason for their departure apparently had been to change outfits. Sarah was dressed in a solid black bodysuit with her breasts, cunt and asshole accessible, and high heeled pumps. Danni was dressed in a white lace bra and matching panties with gartered white stockings and white pumps.

Ashley had chosen a schoolgirl's uniform, grey with white knee length socks and flat heeled shoes. "One down" Danni said with glee in her voice. "Four to go" Sarah followed equally amused. "My turn then" said Ashley and she stood up, hopping like a little girl towards Josh. Caught between his desire to have sex with her and his need to relax a bit, Josh's cock stirred back to life deciding for him.

His back still hurt too much for him to lie down so he took her hand and led her to the smaller lounge, past the bed where his father was having sex with Rose and Megan.

Sam followed and closed the door behind them. "What are you planning Teen anal party hd i neva let a cockslut go Ashley asked in an innocent voice. "A bed is not an option yet for me irresistible petite cutie amina allure sucks and rides a cock pornstars and brunette I remembered that there was a arm less chair here so ." he let his voice drift.

Sam started to undress as he had ordered and sat naked on her knees next to the chair Josh spoke about. "Tell me Josh" Ashley said in a very sexy voice "how do you want to go about it? Straight sex or a bit of role playing?" "What did you have in mind?" he answered smiling "what role would you like to play?" "Hmm, I am not dressed for mother son so I suggest either brother sister or father daughter." "Do you have any preferences?" Josh asked.

"Not really I like both equally, would you like to be the seducer?" Josh considered and said "No, I would like you to be the aggressor, seducing me into having sex with you." "Okay, how real czech chick sucks dick during interview this, I get drunk home late past curfew and you as a stern dad want to punish me and I bribe you with sex?

How does that sound?" "Interesting" Josh said thinking on how his dad would react "let's do that." Ashley grinned and walked to the small bar getting a bottle of scotch. She sat the bottle to her lips and drank almost a fifth in one go, then drenching her shirt with almost the same amount.

The scent of alcohol was strong and Josh smiled in anticipation. Bottle in hand she walked to the door and told Josh to turn off the lights, turning them on again when she came in. He did as she suggested and waited at the light switch for her to come back in the room.

Shortly after he heard her stumble into the room, laughing under her breath. His cock got harder as he really got into the play, waiting to surprise her with the light. Ashley almost dropped the bottle she still had in her hand when the lights came on, genuinely startled because Josh had waited a bit longer than she expected. "Just what the hell were you thinking young lady" Josh said harshly in a loud voice.

Covering her eyes with her arm, she squinted at Josh and said slurring "I was out with friends." "Do you know what time it is?" Josh asked sternly "and what is that, liquor?

You know the rules young lady." "Yes daddy" Ashley said meekly "but." "No buts, you are grounded for a month for being late young lady and the booze, that deserves a spanking." "But Dad" she started in a whiny voice. "No buts young lady, come over here." Josh had sat down on the chair, his back an inch from the backside. When she stood in front of him he could smell the strong scent of scotch on her and took the bottle from her hand.

"Lie down" he commanded her and she did as told. Her breasts just past his legs hung down and her ass, still covered by her skirt stood up, ready to be spanked. Slowly he pushed her skirt up, revealing her white panties and round butt cheeks.

Josh took he panties in his hand and pulled them tight, stretching the fabric and causing Ashley to gasp as the fabric pressed against her slit. When it was stretched enough, he pulled her panties into her ass crack and bared her ass. A hard smacking sound followed and Ashley whimpered a bit. Several smacks later, her ass started to look red, Josh had hit her just hard enough for a sting, not hard enough for a hand Imprint.

Rubbing his hand over her ass, he went a little further down to her slit and found it dripping wet. "What's this young lady?" Josh asked surprised "are we getting excited? He pulled down her panties all the way to her knees and spread her legs a little bit.

Moving his head closer he deeply inhaled, smelling her cunt juices. "No daddy, I am not, really" she said unconvincing. "Oh really?" Josh asked and slit a finger in her cunt, warm and wet it welcomed his finger with a contracting of her muscles.

A soft moan was his answer and he started to move his finger in and out. "It seems that you are, what have you been up to with those friends of yours?" Josh removed his finger and replaced it with his thumb, his finger now sliding real party euro feasting on strippers at orgy her slit towards her clit. "Nothing dad, honest" Ashley said panting slightly "it must be the booze, honest." "Hmm" Josh replied and increased his movement with his fingers.

"What am I going to do with you?" he said as a concerned dad. "Oh daddy, please make me come, I am so close" she moaned in her sexy voice. "What did you say?" Josh asked stern again. "Oh please daddy, I have wanted you for so long, to touch me, to kiss me and fuck me." "I know mom doesn't want to have sex with you, saying you are too rough but I like it daddy, you can fuck me as hard as you want, I want your big fat cock in my pussy, your sperm in my mouth, oh please dad, please" she pleaded almost convincingly.

"We'll see" Josh said and continued playing with her cunt. After several minutes, Josh teasing her with stopping just as she was about to come, Ashley came hard and squirted her cum on his hand. Amazed Josh looked at the amount and the strength of her release, his cock twitching by the sheer sight of it. Panting she lay on his lap, reaching for the bottle for a sip. "Oh no" Josh said "if you want to drink, you do it properly, get up and sit before me on your knees." Ashley slowly got up, making sure she had maximal body contact with Josh and sat down as told.

Josh removed his boots and stood up, stripping down. His cock stood hard and ready, aimed at Ashley. Bending over, he took the bottle and slowly let the scotch run down on his cock. "Lick it" Josh said. Ashley almost dove forward, licking his cockhead and shaft clean of the scotch. "Suck it baby, show me that you meant what you said" Josh whispered horny. Ashley looked up with big innocent eyes and said "I did dad, be rough, I mean it." Grabbing his cock, she pulled his foreskin back until it was tight and then slowly pulled it back up again, letting his pre cum spread around his cockhead.

She removed her hand and opened her mouth as wide as she could, his cock moving in with minimal touch. When she felt his cock at the back of her mouth, she softly closed her lips on shaft and stated to lick with her tongue without sucking.

Josh gasped at the sensation, her warm and wet mouth teasing him to intensify the feeling and ram his cock deeper in her. He let her continue for a while, the soft massage feeling wonderful and not enough at the same time.

Grabbing her head with both hands, he pulled her in closer, forcing himself deeper in her. At first Ashley didn't resist and he felt his cock going in her throat. Keeping it as deep as he could, he could feel her starting to resist and try to get away. When he let her, she came up releasing his cock gasping for air, her spit dripping from his cock.

Josh pulled her head onto his cock again and started to fuck her mouth hard. Her gagging sounds and excess saliva made him even hornier and he tried to increase the strength of his penetration, face fucking her harder. She let him, tears flowing down her face, not in pain but as a reaction to her gagging, making her makeup run down her eyes. Josh looked at her face and recalled seeing her in a porn video, looking just like she did now, except this time he was the lucky guy face fucking her.

Feeling his cock get extra sensitive, Josh pulled out and slapped her face with his wet cock. Ashley grinned wickedly, pleased that Josh was so into her and the game.

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She would definitely like to see more of him she thought, his youth, lust and innocence arousing her immensely, besides she figured, he is really a handsome sweet guy and a potential friend and you can never have enough of those. Her mind wondering a bit further she imagined them on a normal date, what it would be like, so she didn't notice that Josh had gotten the bottle again and started to pour it on her breasts. The cold liquor startled her out of her train of thoughts and she looked up, smiling sweetly at him.

He had sat down again and looked at her confused. "I was just enjoying your playing with me Josh, thinking about what a date with you would be like" she said apologizing. Josh smiled and said "I'd like that, a date with you." Ashley stood up and opened her shirt slowly, one button at a time, revealing her breasts. With a quick movement she strapped her bra beneath her breasts, propping them up, her nipples hard as rock. Leaning forward, Josh grabbed her ass and started to lick and bite in her nipples, burying his head between her double D tits.

Standing with her legs spread over his cock, she started to move down until his cockhead touched her cunt. Placing her arms around his neck, she looked him in the eye and said "Can I daddy?" "Can I fuck you, ride you like an animal?" "Yes" Josh whispered and kissed her. Her tongue found his and while they kissed she sat down on his cock. Pressing her breasts hard against his chest, she started to ride him. First in a slow pace but soon she was riding him hard, her juices splashing and the impact audible every time.

Such fine control she had that his cock was only still in her with the tip of his cockhead when she was up before she pounded her ass on his balls. Josh was breathing hard sexy stunner gets cumshot on her face gulping all the load excitement, she looked so hot bouncing up and down with her uniform and tits bouncing.

Several minutes later she stopped her riding and started to move back and forth using her hips. His cock was deep inside of her the whole time and he could feel her working he clit on his pelvic bone. "Can I have the bottle please daddy?" she asked sweetly.

Josh nodded and reached for the bottle, passing it to her. "Open up" she said and took a swig, spitting it in his mouth. Most of it made it into Josh's mouth, the rest dripped down his chin between them.

"More?" she grinned at him. "Yeah, gimme more" Josh grinned wickedly back. She took another big swig and spat at him again. "Your turn" Ashley said and handed him the bottle still grinding her clit against him. Josh took a swig but instead of spitting, he pulled her head towards his and kissed her, sharing the scotch. They passed the liquor a few times between them, adding saliva before both swallowed a part.

"I am going to turn around now daddy" Ashley stood up, turned and sat down again, holding his cock steady for her wet cunt. Leaning more forward, the angle placed more pressure on Josh's cock and intensified his pleasure.

His hands were divided between her breasts and her clit, having easy access now. "Oh yeah daddy" Ashley purred "pinch my clit, make your little whore come." Josh did just that, her clit was wet and slippery but he managed to get it between his fingers and he applied hard pressure, twisting his fingers.

Ashley increased her grinding speed, moaning loudly now urging him on. A few moments later she screamed "oh fuck yeah" and came hard. Her cunt felt like a dam had burst, her juice running down his legs forming puddles on the floor. Grinding a few times more she stood up, grabbed the almost empty bottle and held it near her slit. "Want to see something depraved daddy?" Ashley asked with a manic look in her eyes. Josh felt like he had landed in a really hot porn flick, the woman in front of him in a wet schoolgirl uniform, her breasts on display, skin wet with scotch and sweat and cunt juices running down her legs.

The run through makeup just added another horny touch. "Show me baby girl" Josh urged her on. Ashley bent her legs a bit and started to pee in the bottle, a little missed but she got most of it in. Josh watched her getting hornier all the time, wondering what she'd do with it.

When she was done she stepped back to him and caressed his head with her free hand. She gently pushed his head back and started to pour some of her piss on his mouth. The warm salty scotch blended piss hit his mouth and Josh, fujiko kano gets her busty body fucked too into the game, opened up, drinking most of it. Ashley laughed in joy and poured the rest in her mouth, letting most of it flow down her body. "That was so sexy" she said touching herself all over "god I am really so horny, I need more cock." Josh stood up, remembering that he was supposed to be the father and that he should be rough.

"Grab the back of the chair and bend over" he said sternly. "Yes daddy" Ashley replied, sounding even more aroused then before. She spread her legs and bend over, holding on to the back of the chair.

Josh moved in behind her and leaned forward first lesb experience in front of the camera pantyhose lesbians play with her hanging breasts.

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Grabbing a good handful, he massaged them hard, using all his strength before turning to her nipples, pinching them hard. Ashley moaned and whimpered in pleasure and Josh felt more fluids coming out of her cunt. Getting into position, Josh aimed his cock at her soaking wet asshole and pushed his cock as far as he could in one go, pounding her ass as fast and as hard as he could. Having enough experience with hard anal sex, Ashley just enjoyed his pounding. Josh really worked for it lusty teen lesbo gets fuck hole hard fisted enjoyed every second of it, her warm ass felt wonderful.

"Daddy, want to come on my face?" Ashley asked when she noticed a change in his rhythm. "Yeah baby girl I do" Josh answered and when he was close, he pulled out of her ass.

Ashley immediately turned and sat down on her knees, her horny face in front of his cock. "Cum for me, shoot me with your cum" she urged him on as he jacked the last few strokes in front of her. "Ah god here I come" Josh shouted and shot his cum on her face.

Several big globs of cum landed on her face, covering her eyes, mouth and cheeks.

When the spray stopped, she grabbed his cock, putting it in front of her mouth, licking his cockhead and sucking the rest of his cum out of his cock.

Josh was still panting from the exertion of his orgasm when he looked down on Ashley, her face covered in his cum, her mouth on his cock. The sight was so horny, he felt like a porn star in a movie, like something he fantasized about. She let go of his cock, playing a bit with his sperm on her tongue.

Josh kneeled in front of her, held her head and licked his warm sperm from her face. Ashley moaned in surprise, the tenderness of his tongue in stark contrast to the intense fuck she had just enjoyed. He ended near her mouth, sharing his cum with her in a passionate kiss.

With a gasp, they both let go, their eyes mom and dada xxx full sex stories story and seeing the passion in each other. "You are truly something else" Ashley whispered out of breath. "So are you, I am so glad I met you" Josh answered softly. "This whole day and night have been life altering for me, so intense and so wonderful, I feel like I am going from one high to another" Josh continued.

"I am glad I was a high" "A high? I still haven't landed yet Ash" Josh grinned at her. "You know, if you like we could do something like this again but then tape it so we can watch it again." "Hmm, that sounds like a good idea" Josh said smiling. "I mean, you could easily have been one of my movie partners in skill and endurance, your added passion is a sweet bonus" Ashley continued, smiling as well. Standing up, Josh helped Ashley up and hugged her, kissing her softly in her neck.

"I really like you, not just as a sexual partner, you know what I mean?" "Oh, you are so sweet Josh, yeah I know what you mean and I feel the same, friends?" "Friends" Josh agreed and kissed her again. "Let's get cleaned up" Ashley said and walked to the showers. Josh walked to Sam and helped her up as well, kissing her softly on the lips saying "You did well slave, I shall reward you later but first, you need to clean me under the shower." Sam smiled and nodded, following him into the showers.

Ashley was enjoying the warm water when she saw Josh enter with Sam. She had forgotten she was there during her fuck session with Josh. Josh and Sam joined her in the shower, turning on more heads.

When Sam started to soap Josh up, Ashley remembered the slave part and grinned. Taking their time, they chatted while cleaning themselves. Sam got them both a huge towel to wrap around them, their clothes still wet with cum, piss, scotch and sweat.

The big bed in the room next to them was empty when they entered, the scent of sex still in the air. In the big lounge, quite a few new people were present and the scent of food made Josh's stomach growl. "I could use a bite" he smirked when Ashley poked him. "So could I" she said and they walked in the general direction where the scent was coming from. Behind the bar several trays with hot food stood on special heaters and a pretty young girl was serving the food.

She was dressed in a French maid's uniform, the kinky style and flirted with the people ordering food. Josh found a seat at the bar and Ashley sat down next to him, waiting to be served. The food smelled great and Josh was anxious to get some quick.

The girl took their order and promptly served them their food, flirting with both of them. Josh and Ashley joked a bit and flirted back before digging in. Almost wolfing down his meal, he was finished before Ashley was even half way through. Satisfied and a bit more energized, Josh took the time to look around. He saw Melody chatting in a group of new girls and found his dad with Megan and another couple. After a while he found all the people he knew and expected here and took his time teacher and student jabardasti xxx vedio a few new ones.

Sarah came up to him and smiled at the matching towels he and Ashley wore. "Costumes died during your session?" she joked. "Yeah, you might say that" Josh answered relaxed.

"Need a new one? Danni has quite a collection here" "Not for me thanks but could you help Sam here get a nice white costume, one that screams innocence?" Josh asked with sweet smile. "No problem" she replied and said to Sam "come with me, we'll find you something nice." Sam smiled at Josh, silently thanking him for allowing her to be dressed again.

"Oh and Josh, Rose is waiting for you in the red room, that's the second door to the right." Josh kissed Ashley once more and said in jest "back to work." She smiled and wished him a good fuck.