Teen gets a cock shoved in her mouth amp cunt

Teen gets a cock shoved in her mouth amp cunt
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This is part 2 of my sexual experiences with the lady who would become my wife. I'm not a professional writer so be easy on me. This was a little over 40 years ago so the actual conversations may not be accurate, I've tried to recount them as best I could.

All names mentioned are not our real names, of course. ====================================================================== The following week after our first time together, we played it "cool'.

We did say hi to each other and talked for a few minutes but we tried not to let on to what happened. Whenever we would talk, it was hard for me not to have a wide grin on my face but I did try. I had ti bad for Kay. Thursday came along and I thought that since Kay and I did have sex, she wouldn't be coming by to play snooker in the Student Center or go to her Computer Science Club meeting.

She was a Computer Science major and I was an Education Major. Well, Kay did come by and we did play snooker.

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Kay beat me 3 straight frames. Yes, I was a little disappointed but the deal was I had to beat her at snooker for us to have sex. Weekend came and went and the half time show for the marching band we were in. The following week, we were becoming more friendly to each other and more comfortable talking. The Thursday came, so did AFROTC Group meeting class and marching band that afternoon.

We had a another half time show coming up on that Saturday afternoon. Well, that evening, I met up with Kay at the bowling ally in the Student Center and we, again, played snooker. This time it was close matches all 3 frames. I won the first frame, then Kay the second. The third frame, we were each potting a red ball then a colored ball, but couldn't follow it up with another red ball. As an aside, the university didn't have regulation snooker balls, oh, hey did have the 15 red balls, but they used standard billiard balls, 1 through 7.

We had potted the red balls and were trying to finish the frame. I was about to pot (I think) the 4 ball and Kay made "kissy" noised to try to distract me to keep from potting it. I looked at her and said, "not playing fair now, are we?" "I don't know what you are talking about" she came back. Well, I did knock it in but couldn't pot the 5.

Kay missed potting the 5 and gave me an straight girls fan storys in hostel room shot to win which I took. I smiled at Kay and said, "I won".

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Kay said with a big smile, "Yes you did" walked up to me and our fronts touched each others and then she light, quick kiss on the lips, then said "Go pay for the table" which I did. Driving out, Kay lit up a Swishier, like she did last time but as we drove, she said, "I'm glad you didn't win last week" I came back with "Why?" "I was on my period", Kay said.

"I didn't know if you would like to make love with me on a heavy flow. I tend to cramp a lot.

The birth control pills helps with the cramps". "You've stopped, now right", I asked. "I mean I don't think it would bother me too much as long as we didn't make a mess.

This is your car" "It's mom and dad's second car", Kay came back. "Usually mom drives this". We got our things and walking out to the card, Kay took my arm and held me close. We drove back out to her uncles property out of town ad got situated in the back seat like last time.

I pulled Kay close to me and started kissing her, first on the cheek then moving to her lips. Kay put her arms around my head and pulled me in, gradually moving into French kissing. My tongue darting around hers and vise a versa. Then we held each other close.

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After a pause we started kissing again and I moved to her earlobe and started nibbling on it. First the left ear then the right ear. Kay started nibbling on my earlobe too. I started feeling my erection trying to get out of my pants. We parted slightly and I reach to Kay and started to fondle her breasts through her blouse then started to unbutton it.

Kay started to rub my penis through my pants. She asked me, "How many condoms did you bring tonight?" "Three" I said. With a laugh in her voice, "Do you think that will be enough?".

I said, "It better be because that's all I bought". I got her blouse off then her bra and started to play with her nipples, Watching them get hard. Kay got me out of my shirt and was rubbing my chest. Kay surprised me by saying, "I've been thinking about this the past two weeks". "Having sex with me?", I asked. "Making love" she said. "You are such that gentle lover" "You said that last time" I responded. "I know, and I appreciate that.

You're not like the other guys I've had." "How many guys have you 'been with'? "Including you, six. How about you?" I said, "Including you, two". Kay questioned, "How did you learn how to go down on a woman?" "Penthouse Magazine" I said as I squeezed and fondled Kay's breasts.

Kay unbuckled my belt and pulled down my pants and my underpants, exposing my throbbing penis. Kay got out some Kleenex, took a hold of my penis and started to stroke it. "My turn" Kay said then to my surprise she took the head into her mouth. Twirling her tongue around the head and were the head joins the shaft. I almost lost it then put was able to hold off. The other woman I had been with would only take just the head in her mouth and not move her tongue. Kay was slowly moving up and down the shaft as I threw my head back to enjoy what she was doing.

I started rubbing Kay's bare back and run my fingers through her hair as she bobbed up and down. Stopping for a few seconds to swirls her tongue around skinny awesome nymph is amazed with sexy sex head.

I was enjoying this a lot. I was surprised that I lasted as long as I did and I knew I wouldn't last too long as Kay was blowing me. She must have sensed this for just before I came, I felt Kay come off my penis and wrapped a Kleenex around the head and I came in the Kleenex. I had my eyes closed and my head thrown back in pleasure. "That should take the edge off" she said. I found out that Kay didn't like the taste of seamen and learned to tell when a guy was about to explode.

Sitting back on the back seat, Kay lightly held the shaft and it wilted. I leaned over and started kissing Kay again. Moving my hands down to her slacks, I unzipped them and gently let them fall to the floorboard. Then I removed her panties. This time Kay was wearing bikini panties. Like last time, I got my gal frand ex chang xxx the floorboard and gently started to lick Kay's clit, opening her labia lips with my fingers and sticking out my tongue to start.

Moving up and own on her clit, I took in her sent, making sure to remember just how she smells down there. Kay held my head to her crotch. Kay whispered, "Yes, so good. You're getting me wetter." I wanted to feel how wet she was so I pushed in my middle finger and yes, she was wet. Started finger fucking Kay first with one finger then put in another.

Curling my fingers up so I can massage the folds of her upper vaginal wall, feeling her ridges. I then did what I did last time and that was to suck her clit into my mouth holding it with my lips wrapped around my teeth so I wouldn't hurt her.

Kay let out a audible "Ahhh!!!" as I did and pushed my head hard against her crotch. I so much wanted to get Kay off again like last time. Her vaginal muscles started grasping my fingers as I moved them in and out.

"Oh.my.god." she cried out. I was glad we abbey brook in my friends hot mom in a secluded spot were no one could her us. Kay started moving her hips up and down to movement of my tongue on her clit. I could her Kay's breathing get shallower and shallower, almost like she was trying to catch her breath put she kept encourage me on to eat her. It was like that for several minutes, Kay would make noises that she was enjoying this and then I could feel her muscles clamp around my fingers.

"Oh god.oh god.oh god" she would say. Then, "I'm going to cum.yes" she exclaimed as I felt a hard pulse in her muscles pulling my fingers in. Holding my head, again, hard against her crotch. Then Kay said to stop. "Oh please stop", saying. She had pretty much put my head in a vise grip between her legs as she came. "That was good, thank you" she finally said. "That was, so good. I needed that". I got a condom out of my wallet and rolled it on, crunched in on the back seat floorboard.

Waited for Kay to calm down, gently kissing her tights on either leg. Kay was rubbing my hair. I raised up and started kissing up Kay's body, her stomach then licking up to her breasts. I took a nipple into my mouth and licked around it. Her nipple was really hard and I love sucking on it.

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Then moved to the other nipple. I did this for a few minutes before I continued up and we started French kissing again. Kay reached down and took my penis and guided it to her vagina. I slowly pushed in until I, once again, was balls deep in her. I was amazed that I wasn't about to cum like I did the last time we had sex.

Kay let out a long sigh as I started thrusting in and out then we started French kissing again. Kay then laid her legs over my hips and held me close as we moved. I was enjoying this. I had my legs bent so I could fit on the back seat as we made love with my feet about 3/4 of the way up the back window. "Love it, love it" Kay panted.

"Me too", I said between thrusts. Kay then put her hands on my butt and encouraged me to thrust harder into her. I started to pick up speed as we made love, trying to feel her cervix with the tip of my penis through the condom. I then started to nibble, again, on the earlobe near my mouth then Kay held my head close to hers. My heart was racing and I could feel Kay's doing the same. I saw Kay tilt her head back and let out a silent scream as I felt her vaginal muscles clamp around my penis.

I had just brought her off with my dick. As she calmed down a bit, she asked, "Are you close?"."Getting there" I said. Whispering, Kay said "good". A few more strokes and I came in the condom. Kay asked, "How does it feel to be multi orgasmic?" Calming down myself, I said "well, you made me this way" with a smile on my face.

Kay responded "Yes, I did. You are only the second guy that has fucked me more than once." "I felt you orgasm too", I said. Kay smiles and shook her head yes. I started going soft and told Kay. I grabbed the base of the condom and slowly pulled out and sat on the back seat. Kay also sat up and lit up a Swisher.

Flicking the ash out the window. I was starting to feel ok being nude around Kay and I felt she was comfortable being nude around me too. I mentioned, next time, we need to bring a blanket and do it outside. Kay said "not a bad idea, but it's going to get chilly outside in a couple of weeks.".

I then asked Kay if we could start dating, "Ok? What did you have in mind?, Kay says. "Well, homecoming is in a few weeks, after the game we could go out to dinner and go to the concert", I responded.

"But I'd have to drive". to which I said "there are plenty of places around campus. I wouldn't be bad to walk" "Ok" she said. And there it was, we would be officially dating. We continued to talk in the car, relaxing the holding each other.

I started caressing her back and then down her butt which first attracted me to Kay. It must have been another hour of sexy eighteen year old attractive girl hardcore massage, talking and touching before we decided to head back to the dorm and Kay back to her parents place.

On the way back to the dorm, we held hands (automatic transmission) and traded small talk. I had the biggest grin on my face as I walked in, luckily no one was around to see me slim girl pawns her pussy and pounded by horny pawn guy Kay kiss in the parking lot. Laying in bed I thought, 'we did it again' and hoped there would be more opportunity to have sex with Kay.

More to come in part 3.