Trisha parks licked then ass fucked by large wiener

Trisha parks licked then ass fucked by large wiener
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5_Arrival of Awiti (MF, mF?, barely legal, voy/exhib, oral, rom) ******* I should emphasize, while the intended to have Awiti's birthday party from 3p.m. 23 September to 9a.m. the following day. external events forced them to push it back 24 hours (thus she it began 24 September 2005; Awiti was born in Rwanda on the Vernal Equinox of 1987). Reminder: Rwanda is in the Southern Hemisphere and thus Spring starts in September.

In other words: Awiti has already turned 18 when her 18th birthday celebration begins. PS: I would love comments on this story, but spammers have abused the anonymous comments privilege. PM me comments, pretty girl play sex chat and show tits on free chat sex site. ****** Joe needed money to afford an apartment as no one he could trust wanted to share one. He hired himself out as a tutor for "mathematics (Multivariable Calculus, Trig, and anything simpler), programming (tracking down logic errors is a specialty of mine) and physical sciences (Inorganic Chemistry, Physics, Geology and similar [as long as they don't with biology])." Joe explained his 'new small business' with his two favorite professors: Brenda Jackson and Nick Sabin (by now an engaged-to-be-married couple).

Both had sons who graduated high school and signed with university athletic programs out of state. Harvey Sabin was getting limited playing time on an out of state university football team, while Arthur played the other football (Soccer) at Wake Forest.

They also had high school teammates on the baseball and football teams at the university (the one at which Joe studied and each man's surviving parent taught). Joe was focused on the early days of the new semester and all but oblivious to the huge hurricane whose image taken by satellite practically covered all of the Gulf of Mexico. Joe was surprised when the school announcements for Thursday (25 August) suggested heading home if one could and if one couldn't, they'll have hurricane shelters on campus for students only (not family of students).

Fall semester normally began between 10 and 20 August and ended before 15 December (this fall semester fell into that typical pattern). Joe moved his car to a Friend's apartment across the street from campus and parked it between two buildings and between two Chevy Suburbans. Joe spent the evening of the 28th with his friend (and all girl's team all star) Unique and a few of her girlfriends (but no one else in that apartment was homosexual).

Joe was the only non-black person and the only one with a Y-chromosome in the apartment. Joe got to use the sleeping bag while Unique and two friends shared her queen bed.

June and Anita (these were fraternal twin sisters) did paper rock scissors for the two recliners and the loser was the one who'll get a face full of sun first thing in the morning. Within 5 minutes of the only bedroom door closing, giggling was heard and Awiti slid out of bed walked on cat's feet to the door. Unique said, "Aw sista, you don't need to be like dat." Awiti whispered, "I love everyone here, okay every woman here, but that's only because he's a stranger." "But come back to bed." Unique protested.

"I'm a straight girl." "Unique, don't force her. remember I'll only do a 3 way if all consent, if not, I'm gonna have to take my cue form an old school woman's libber." Ebony (Unique's galpal) wasn't going to brook Unique pressuring Awiti. "Who, Susan Ant'ony?" Awiti asked. "No, Lysistrata." "Oh?" Awiti smiled broadly (she loved Lysistrata's attitude). Unique had never heard anything about that play or its title character. "Awiti, why do you only date white boys?" Unique changed the subject.

"First, I date men and I've dated Lincoln." "What, that guy's nerdier than Urkel! and he's 4 month younger than your 17 year old ass. I'm talking about dating someone that doesn't make people question your sanity." "I know what you're implying and you're right. That only matches two-thirds of the white guys I've fucked." Awiti wanted to end the conversation then and there but felt the need to end it on a more positive note (these were friends of hers after all), "Have fun, I hope you leave good tastes in each others' mouths." Awiti exited the bedroom and looked down at Joe.

Joe smiled at her, "Unique just offered you a tryout for the all-girl's team, Aalyah?" Awiti nodded, "Why are you there?" She decided to correct him on her name later. "Because I'm too tall for the couch." June bitched, "If you two are going to talk use sign language or put your phones on silent and text each other." "Awiti, would you like to go on the balcony and talk?" He believed he got her name right one out of two times. "Yes." Anita growled, "Close enough, fuck him too if you want, but only outside." "Please don't lock the door.

We'll be just past the door." "Fine. be too quiet for us to hear." They both walked out in bare feet and Joe gently and partially closed the door (he closed it enough to push the deadbolt was pushed into the frame (not the void it was designed to go into), and thus not far enough to need to turn the doorknob to reopen it). Joe said, "I forgot how your name is pronounced, did I guess right?" Joe looked down at Awiti her 4' 7" frame, under 75 pound body and small breasts made him feel a bit like a child molester talking to her.

Truth be known, she looked younger than her age (17 years, 11+ months), but she'd turn 18 in late September. "Yes, but only second time. Joey?" "Close, Josephus Jefferson, just call me Joe." "Joesephus?" "Is spelled like Joseph with a U-S tacked on the end. Apparently, some bastard in my family is related to one of President Wilson's Navy Secretary, Josephus Daniels.

The Sec-Nav who banned alcohol on US Navy vessels and I got stuck with the name this generation. At least Joesephus has a normal-sounding nickname. Admiral Daniels was a temperance advocate and had used his authority to make coffee the strongest beverage on Naval Bases and vessels, hence the euphanism: 'a cup of Joe'." "Hope Awiti Theodore, but I go by Awiti it's more.

less common, that's the better way to say it." "My middle name's Aloysius." "I'm not going to attempt to ask how that's spelled." "So where you from?" "The Delta. I lived with my Aunt, Uncle and a 4 cousins." He whistled, "That not too different from how many I grew up with." "Really?" "I have brother who's 14 years older than I, he and I have a father in common. He hates my Mom and he really didn't appreciate Dad remarrying.

My parents got married Valentine's Day 1984. Mom's twin brother videotaped their wedding on a Betamax videotape of all things. Shortly after Quicktime came out, that same uncle got the video cleaned up and had a quicktime version put on a two large hard drives… about 2.5 megabyte each (that's how far back that tape to digital was)." "What's Betamax?" "Alright, way back in the day when VCRs were first being sold, there were two rival formats (a bit like HD and Blue Ray with DVDs).

But the VHS and Betamax cassettes were different sizes and different enough shapes so you couldn't play a Betamax tape in a VHS player or vice versa. Betamax had a better quality video, but you couldn't fit a full movie on one cassette and with VHS you could. When the movie industry went to VHS en masse, that was the death knell for Betamax or at least that's what Uncle Pete, Mom's twin, told me." "Any other brothers." "I'm tail end Charlie of a total of 2 boys and twin girls." "I thought your name was Joe." She giggled patted his hand, then went back to what she was going to say, "You didn't tell me about sisters." "That's right, side tracked before I could.

My parents were married on Valentine's Day and all my sisters were born on Halloween the same year." "When's your birthday this year?" "Mom had me on an Epiphany." "Your birthday was when?" "I was born on the 12th night of Christmas, in January '86." "Well. I was born in 1987." She censored herself (she didn't know him yet and hoping she'd be able to fill in the gap later).

"I was adopted by a Xxx storys black guy with old women Department lawyer named Harold [last name omitted] and his wife, Ruth. Ruth's sister is the woman I call my aunt. Harold was one of the 'behind the scenes' guys for the Americans in the Rwanda peace treaty. I was visiting my aunt and uncle who finished raising me when my adopted parents crashed on the way to their second honeymoon.

My adopted brother, for lack of a better term, turned 18 a few days later, he inherited the mansion. the plantation Harold and Ruth owned." "Plantation?" "Daddy loved the irony of a Sharecropper's grandson graduating Emory's law school then buying the plantation just across the river from where his granddaddy sharecropped." "What are you planning to study here?" "I'm planning to be either a lawyer or marketing exec.

I thinking about getting a BS in psych and then either an MBA or law degree." "That's an unusual combination." "But a logical one. It should be when one thinks about it." "You said you were born in 1987?

Are you 17 or 18." "I was born on the vernal equinox." She shook her head, admonishing herself for giving a hint at her secret, "I mean September Equinox." "The 22nd or 23rd?" "23 September." "Well, they'll have fixed up most the stuff from Katrina by then.

By a year from now, the final pieces will be back." Joe wasn't well informed as to Katrina's size, but he was reporting what he had observed consistently happening with hurricane recoveries. The biggest thing he knew was there was no school tomorrow (29 August).

". The immediate coast gets damage. Random bits of damage happen inland structured already weakened by neglect or other reasons will fall apart but it's not like it's do much damage here. it's an hour and a half by car to get to the State Port at Gulfport (the end of the most direct US highway to nasty mother fucking with jailbreaker mature and mom to the Mississippi Gulf Coast from the area they were in).

She peaked down from the balcony to ground level where June and Anita's Suburbans were parked with a silvery Prius was parked between them. One suburban was pink and the other was green (just like the colors of the sorority the twins joined). The pair wound up sleeping on the sofa covered by the sleeping bag that he unzipped and put the 'inside special delivery and the delivery guy returns with ms paris tube porn on their bodies.

The pair didn't so much both sleep on the sofa as he slept on the sofa and she slept on him. Fear of incarceration more than anything else made him do nothing more intimate than give her a peck on the cheek or arm across her shoulder.

He made a subtle and successful effort to never be alone with Awiti for the next few weeks. Awiti was the first woman he met who liked talking about previous lovers. He perceived her a woman because she was more mature than the 22 year old binge drinkers or 19 year old aenorexic drug addicts who have their implosions on national TV and/or the internet.

Awiti's range of vocabulary was what one would expect a upperclasswoman of arts and letters to have (if not an academically successful law school student). Her attitude about everything from current events to history was well thought out, even if in spots, they were 'fringy' or 'just out there'. This ability to think, much more than her gorgeous ass precipitated thoughts about measuring their relationship in a several dozen years, rather than a several dozen sex acts.

Awiti invited him to her "18 hour birthday party" (Unique's idea: the last 9 hours of age 17 and 1st 9 hours of her being 18 or at least 3p.m.

22 September to 9 am the next morning). but everything got pushed back 24 hours because many of the guests had volunteered for 10 days of rebuilding and were leaving shortly after dawn on the 23rd.

Harold's son, Anthony, had parlayed his parents' estate into flipping houses, but IRS troubles forced him to sell shortly before the market began to implode, he kept 3 places (the plantation, the manhattan penthouse and a huge fixer upper in the Nevada desert about 15 miles from the edge of Las Vegas). He was able to get a team of lawyers and accountants to persuade the IRS that only owned $130,000-something rather than the $47.1 million or so, the initial allegation was (after he liquidated the other houses, he didn't even have 40 million and that was after selling everything at a profit and before paying off the loans).

Anthony fixed up the house in rural Nevada and made it into a legal brothel. He liked watching the girls work but knew better than to expect free samples from them.

Joe, Awiti, Unique and Peter (an adopted cousin, the eldest son of Awiti's aunt and uncle) all drive back to the unincorporated Delta community that was Peter's ancestral home at least since as far back to when his ancestors had all the rights of livestock). Peter taught primary school to children with learning disabilities. Their departure time was originally 6:30a.m.

But Unique had to be just that and sleep in. Despite this and two overly long, and Uniquely imposed "tinkle breaks", Peter drove the last hour and fellow cums on sexy lovely cutie pornstar and hardcore got to the house without any wrong turns as only a local could deliberately drive without error. Joe had bought a small gift (he and Awiti had gone down along with friends to help rebuilding in New Orleans and someone stole her digital watch).

From his conversations, he knew she'd prefer as water proof of one as she could get. He bought her a 'waterproof to 50 meter' diving watch. After she opened it. He added, "Granted that's about 49 meters farther down than I typically dive. But it's a good water proof watch" Awiti hugged him and thought of the meaning she hoped it would be. There were about 40 people in attendance (all but one of her former lovers: 6 out of 7) along with 5 girlfriends and a boyfriend of those ex-lovers that made a total of 10 white people (of various slants of Southern and either intellectual or nerdy) also friends from high school and friends from university were there.

All told, Joe knew met only 4 before he arrived (including Peter which he had met while waiting for Unique). At about 10 p.m., Awiti's and Anthony's plans began in earnest: Anthony began with an announcement, "On behalf of my tiny, beautiful sister.

Welcome to Awiti's 18th. One of my gifts, and it will be a surprise to only a few of you. First, Awiti had mentioned several times how she'd like to experience a nudist camp, but the naked strangers part really gave her pause. None of us are strangers to her. Let's give her something of a nudist camp feel to the place. Gaston, Penny," (he called his Butler and maid, a married couple and live in servants).

"do you have the labeled bags for everyone?" They nodded. "Good. Now if you want to take 'em off, this place has got 10 normal bedrooms, so you can do four to a room or stand here. Let Gaston and Penny pass out the bags for your clothes. Now we're not allowing some pervs to keep their shirt hairy cock disappears in a blonde babe while looking all the hot and hilly babes here.

Remember guys, your cocks'll be sticking out, so make sure you only jab the shorties when they explicitly ask for it. And ladies, if there's a guy staring at you and he has a boner, don't get mad or offended, it's just another way to say he thinks you're a hotty." Anthony pulls his shirt off and reveals a well sculpted chest and 6 pack of abs, "Get naked y'all." Gaston and Penny passes out bags.

There were no bag labeled for Anthony. After he was naked, he tapped Penny on her arm and said, "Place these with the dirty clothes, please." Anthony preferred street slang but he dealt with enough business tycoons to know if he put on the Armani, left the grill at home and wore 'business-friendly bling' (like the $10,000 gold wrist watch made in 1800's and allegedly once owned by Russian nobility) and talked like his father did at work, they'd take an honest look at all his business plans, they might tweak the edges to they could 'claim' they improved it, but that's how he deals.

He just came back from a 4 week stay in his Manhattan Penthouse dealing with bankers and hadn't fully gotten back into his street slang yet. Gaston and Penny locked their 'apartment' and departed for the evening. The apartment was built into the main house but accessible only through an exterior door, smashing through either a window or one of two interior walls. They were discomforted by nudity, but on Penny's assistance, Gaston and Penny pulled over to the side of the road.

but that's a story for another time. Awiti didn't need a room. She had Joe hold the bag as she put her clothes in it. She stuck her damp panties under his nose, "Inhale and know, here's what thinking about you gets me." Joe salivated, Awiti noticed and wiped his saliva off with her damp panties.

"You've told me you want me in every way but directly. two hours before you get to be my biatch." She switched her accent, "Strip nekked, Joe." Awiti (with Joe in tow) walk around the pool, talking.

Awiti introduced Joe to all. She hugged ex-boyfriend and just male friends alike her front to their hip. Awiti liked seeing all her friends and loved Anthony for making sure the bars were well stocked and conveniently forgot there Louisiana had a drinking age. Joe had 1 beer the entire evening (his only other drinking experience wasn't bad in comparison but decided he wasn't going to make a fool of himself, if possible).

Anthony had already prepared the entire 2 room pool house to be their love shack. As ostentatious as the private palace was, the pool house was upper middle class if not a little lower. The pool house's footprint were three rectangular rooms, each with an exterior door. One was a shed with pool chemicals and pool clearing stuff, not connected internally to the other two rooms. The other two rooms were connected by a doorway without a door. The bathroom had three exterior walls (the only door in this place was opaque and faced the pool).

The bathroom's dimensions were 10' x 12'. Two adjacent walls had about 10 shower heads total, the floor sloped into the center of the room and there were no curtains or other features to prevent anyone showering from after dick eating she will spread her legs seen from inside the bathroom or through the doorway if one stood close enough to it. The corner opposite the showers had two half walls (6 foot tall each) at nubilefilms fuck revenge with boyfriends brother shaved pussy and romantic sex angles screening a toilet and a urinal, so one had to make a quarter-circle turn to relieve oneself.

The both rooms were separated by a wall and a doorway (no door). The only other room besides the bathroom designed for humans to be inside for any length of time was the 'bonus room'. It had the smallest, oldest TV in the house, his parents' Atari 2600 on an improvised table. There was a massive sliding glass door a full sized bed with only a fitted sheet and four bed pillows with pillowcases that matched the fitted sheet. The curtains and curtain rods that had been there were removed for that night.

At shortly after midnight, almost all the female guests said (and a few male guests followed Anthony's lead), "You've been holding back fucking her because she was underage. Now the homegirl's legal, fuck her, she wants you too." They had done a lot of swimming and the chlorine was beginning to dry them out.

Joe said, "I don't know about y'all, but that chlorine is not feeling good." Awiti said, "You rinse me off, I rinse you off?" "I was hoping I'd not have to beg you to do that." "Fine." She took hold of his penis and walked to the bathroom entrance of the pool house.

"Like I said, when the girl wants a man, she'll lead him by the dick if he'll let her." Some random guy said. Joe and Awiti shower off, along with many others who decide shower at the same time.

Joe just focused on rubbing her nerdy amateur latina takes big dick from behind gently, firmly. He kissed her ear and whispered, "It's been so hard not doing this for the past week." "Just this past week?" "I've thought about it since about 10 days after we met, but it was more of that passing thought of. 'I wonder how she'd be?' rather than the 'I'll never be complete without her.' I'd be lying if I said I have fallen for you that hard, but I'm more than just curious." "More than just jungle fever?" "Admittedly, I'd never kissed any black person besides you, but you're a person I care for." "Love?" "I don't know.

Experience has taught me it's too soon to know, but this I'm certain of: I care more for you than a random stranger and more than some of the friends I've known for years." They washed each other off with body wash and shampoo.

The crowd cheered and goaded them into more sexualized actions as they lathered each other. "I am setting this limit.

Chick knows what to make with her hands

do not penetrate me until we're beyond their prying eyes. Tell me whether you want to paint my tits white or make me chug that protein shake you squirt. I don't do any facials except the type someone in a 1950's beauty-shop would think of as a facial." "Understood, I've always preferred when a lover swallows or let's the cum flow out of her mouth if can't swallow for whatever reason." "The second one is a bit sick, but a sick I could do.

My first choice is to get my tits coated with cum and then have the cum rubbed into my skin." He picked her up and ran with her to the bed in the other room of the pool house. "Could I get a pillow please." She threw the only pillow into his face. He put the pillow on the plastic coated concrete floor, used it as a kneeler and hoisted her legs onto his shoulders (the bed was quite low). He took a deep ass and bawdy cleft lanced with ramrod hardcore russian breath of her pussy.

He started by licking her legs (inner thighs and back of her legs from her knees to her crotch. He then shifted to giving her belly button a rim job and the kissing all over her bald mons.

Only then did he get close to her pussy. He traced a serpent pattern on her mons with his tongue and then licked her labia.

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They both ignored the crowd that had moved from one side of the siding glass door to the other (the door itself was unlocked). Two naked women helped out, grabbing each other's forearms to make a pair of living beams for her to lay on. One of her ex-boyfriends cradled her head. His current girlfriend was getting jealous, so she replied by standing behind Joe and using her pussy to help push his face deeper into Awiti's cotch, smiling at her boyfriend while she did this (and tribbed against Joe's brown curly hairs.

the ones coming out of his head). She began to writhe in pleasure and the trio holding her up found it harder to hold her up, so they gently put her down. The pair broke, got into a 69 position, with her forehead at his dick and his face in her crotch.

She said, "Lay down let me ride your mustache." "On one condition." "What?" "Kneel with your ass towards my feet." "Okay." She was kneeling with one knee barely touching each of his ears and all set to lower herself, "Why?" "I'm eating your cunt, not your asshole." "No problem, I felt so loved when this one ex did that for me, but it didn't do much for me as far as arousal goes (he and I experimented a lot, but that's the only thing he did for me that didn't give me a fabulous O.

8 out of 9 is still a firm, solid A). I guess it takes a certain kind of person to enjoy annie-lingus." She chose her words carefully, because a few moments earlier that former-boyfriend's hands supported her head. Anthony finally found the mix-disc that a New York DJ friend of his had put together (the raunchiest-ass songs the boy could dub).

Anthony started the disk and the Khia song about her loving to get her pussy and asshole eaten came through the speakers (the original/uncensored version). She didn't even notice the crowd or the song this happened. She was too distracted by muff diving skills. They both played with her A-cups as he ate her pussy.

She ran her hands through his hair. A few of the women fondled Joe's cock idly (mostly on dares from other women). One virgin did this out of curiosity. Joe started putting out pre-cum at that moment so she massaged it into her fingers, then took another drop on her fingers, walked away and tasted it once she was behind the entire crowd. Awiti had never cum from a muff dive in her life before, but he gave her a small orgasm.

She didn't so much fake as exaggerate her orgasm. She had several ex-lovers in the room, so she was precise on how she simulated a larger orgasm. They laid on their side facing each other. They cuddled after her orgasm and she snogged his bed-side cheek and worked her way to his ear. She whispered, "No one ever gave me an orgasm with his mouth before. It's always had to be penetration. I had a small orgasm. I wanted you to know now.

I couldn't let you not know. Just know that you did get me to cum from a muff dive. no one else did that, ever." After cuddling with him, she directed him to the wall, picked up the pillow and dropped it between his feet (which were shoulder-width apart).

She traced her tongue over his dick head and inhaled his scent. She licked up and down his shaft and blew air on it. This was the second biggest cock she'd ever had and she looked up to him with an uncertain hope in her face. She already told him she only got about 4 inches in her mouth more than once. He crouched deeply stroked her face and said, "If you can get the dark colored part of my dick in and keep in it, that'll be enough. Anything more would be great, but don't fret if you can't deep throat.

If you really want to learn to deep throat, I'll let you use my dick to practice with, no problem. I don't expect you to. Relax, blow job is the easiest sex act.

Unless you bite my dick you can't fuck up a blow job." He Frenched her and she just melted. The few drops of urine that had busty taxi driver plays with chesty client in her bladder left (a silent confirmation of who was boss). No one noticed the pillowcase and pillow absorbing the piss because it had already been stained with her arousal fluid plus it was a few drops and their complete journey from herself to the pillow was in the shadow of, or eclipsed by, her body.

He stood, she remained kneeling before him, looking beyond his dick to his gently face and began to take the head of his dick in her mouth. She warbled with her mouth full and the vibrations made his dick jump. Her lips curved like she college ki ldki k sth jabardasti boobs kissing ki story smiling but her lips remained tightly sealed and her teeth remained apart.

She rubbed her tongue against the underside of his short amount of his dick she held in her mouth. Her hands were on her thighs and her eyes remained locked on his. His remained locked on hers. One of the few single women at the party said, "Aw Awiti, you need to give him deeper head than that girlfriend." She walked behind her, put her crotch in Awiti's cornrows and gave a thrusting motion and Awiti choked.

She struggled to keep from puking on his feet. Awiti stood, punched her now-ex-friend in the underside of her tits, stood on her toes and reached her maximum and slapped her so hard, her ex-friend's blood tricked out the corner of her mouth. She then screamed, "Ant'ony!. be a dear brother and show this bitch out the front door, please. If you wouldn't mind, drop her bag of clothes on her after you relock the front door." The crowd was disappointed the blow job had been ruined, most were looking forward to seeing her deep throat him.

Awiti teared up and said, "Baby, I'm sorry she ruined it." "Not your fault. Let's go to your suite and lock the door. We can stay up most the night and sleep til late afternoon." "Thank you." "Did she hurt you physically? I know she scared you and that's something that I want to be supportive for you.

I need to reword." Awiti jumped up, pulled him down and shut him up with a kiss. "I sense your support, trying to find the perfect words would just fuck things up.

in a bad way." She made herself a mug of hot tea. She asked him to bring a bowl of ice, two glasses and bottle of lemon-lime soda (pointing to the 2 liter bottle on the counter). She took her tea and sipped it with both hands.

Her throat was sore. They heard cheers. Awiti didn't look, just asked, "What's happening Joe?" "Someone's picking up where we left off. Everyone seems to be happy, especially Ant'ony." "Why you say that?" "Someone has his dick deep in her mouth." "He does enjoy that, if he was being honest." "Take it from me. blow jobs are the best feeling sex act." "Really? My skin feels so dry. It must be the beer and pool." "Tea has caffeine." "Not this brand, it says decaf right on the tag." "Did you have a lot?" "One brown little wet teen gets tight cunt smashed and green bottle." She staggered up the stairs.

Joe first doubted her but the more he stared at her cute, tiny ass, and tiny figure. He figured someone half his weight would be more easily made drunk than him.

And idly wondered if 2 beers were enough to get her to do things she would never want to do sober. They head to Awiti's bedroom suite. It was next to the Master Suite (the one Anthony now used).

They ignored the cheers and locked themselves in her suite, even dragged a short chest of drawers and this prevented easy egress (and more importantly, easy ingress). Awiti was always expanding her options, so she pulled the box with the Jacob's ladder with two 16 kilo weights on the bottom end out from under her bed.

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She said, "If we ever need to use this, one end has weights the other has velcro straps that you thread through the eye and strap it to the wrought iron railing. The railing can hold a rope and person weighing 400 pounds, so it'll hold both of us on the fire escape.

The fire escape (Jacob's ladder) was a few centimeters longer than was needed, the extra weights were to 'hold it steady' (those two 16-kilo weights were about her taya silver is not the prettiest ho in the skin biz. They wound up not needing the ladder, but she wanted to show him, just in case. "Where'd you get that?" "One of those home improvement stores in Natchez. I paid cash for it and some nylon rope. Whenever I wanted to sneak out, I lowered the ladder with the rope tied to the bottom rung.

I'd hoist the ladder up and then go off, do whomever I was leaving to do, then lower the ladder and climb into bed in a whole lot better mood that just jilling." "No pulley?" "The railing was the pulley." "Smart." "Common sense.

If you think that's smart. you've been hanging around with too many stupid people." They laughed. They drink the soda and cuddled. He didn't rush her, he'd love for her to take his dick in her mouth that second, but didn't want to force very dangerous raping x storys in. "What would you like to do?" "I want to cuddle more then try penetration. If this ain't the biggest dick I've ever had, it's a damn close second." "I guess that drunken stupidity thing she did killed you giving head tonight.

If you can't enjoy it, too, then it's not worth doing." "True. If you'll let me slide on giving you head now. I'll wake you up with a blow job and even let you cum in my mouth." She didn't commit to swallowing because she wasn't going to write a check she might not be able to cash.

He stroked her head and kissed her lips. "If I do anything you don't want, please push my hand away or tell me." He rubbed her upper arm then slit it to her chest and played with her right breast. As he did this he realized with the except of the one night with Jezebel, he'd never fondled a lover's right breast. He massaged her breast until she pushed his hand away (his handling was starting to be a buzzkill).

She kissed his face and pushed his left hand down. She gently moved his hand a bit light a softly walking arachnid. He gave her the finger with his right hand (or at least slid that finger into her pussy and twirled it). She was still wet from getting eaten. "What would you like here?" "Two fingers, slide them in." He slid the second finger in.

He wasn't disappointed yet. He knew his size likely intimidated her (he felt he was overstating his size, but felt his ego stroked by that thought too). He firmly and slowly fucked her with two fingers. "Now a third one. After you can work me up with all three we can roll a rubber on and shove you." "Okay.

I am willing to pay for the pill if your willing to stay on it." "That'll take at least a month, if not 3 to be fully effective, besides, I took one of those ovulation tests this morning I'm off the scale.

beyond bright red. Roll two condoms on, otherwise if one breaks we're parents." He rolled on two condoms. He was closer to cumming than he'd like but he hoped this made him less likely to cum.

After he rolled the rubbers on, he fucked her with three fingers again. she was ready. "Pose me lover, fuck my cunt and only my cunt but pose me." He pulled them both to their feet, French kissed her face, spun her around so she faced the same direction he did and he ordered, "Bend over." He pushed her legs together and planned to put his fee outside of hers. She obeyed (she liked it when a lover made the choice of how they fuck). He shoved the dick in slowly but not letting up until his balls were rubbing her pussy near her clit.

She thrusted back, asking to be fucked harder.

He fucked her. She made pleasured moans loudly. "What do you need to cum?" "I need to be fucked how you want. Don't slack off. I need a man with a backbone stiffer than the stiffest cock. Don't let me sway you. I need to experience your power." "How does that square with your striving to control your fate?" "Sex is my break. I surrender to the cock of the powerful man." He grabbed her from behind and pulled her back up against his chest more than covering one of her tits with one of his hands.

She got extremely wet and splayed her legs so she wouldn't slide down. "Listen, I'm going pull out." "Please, no." "Hear me out." He commanded in a normal tone of voice. She submitted to his will. "I'm going to pull out lay you on your back and then fuck you hard." She smiled, "Thank you, Joe." "When I get very close, I'm going to pull out, when I do, I'll order you to kneel. If you obey, I'll give you something you've told me you've enjoyed. If you don't, I'll do something you don't like.

Understood." "Yessir." "Don't call me, 'sir', we're on the most intimate terms." "Okay, Joey." He picked her up off his dick set her on the bed. She opened her legs wide brazil first tme gay sex begged him for penetration with a stare.

He obliged her and thrusted hard into her. He put his hands just outside her ears and when he thrust she couldn't go beyond a short distance because her shoulders pressed against his wrists and stopped her. "Do you like this?" "Fuck YES!" "Prove it. Have an orgasm before I can." She stopped trying to hold by and synchronize their orgasms. He'd have come from that except the condoms muted his sensations. "I Don't ever want you to hold back cumming. One of the most fun things about sex for me is the rush I get when my lover gets off from what I do." "Okay." "Don't fake again, please.

You didn't know, so I'm not going to blame you for faking tonight." "Okay. sorry." "I've accepted your apology already. You don't need to repeat it." "Okay." "On your knees, Awiti." She obeyed. He pulled off the rubbers and aimed his dick at her tits. With several splatter sounds he painted her tits a shade of white, then he massaged his cum into her skin. "Thank you, Joe." "You're welcome." "What would've you done had I just laid there?" "Shot my load between your eyes." She made a look of disgust.

"You're right. You'd have given it bad if I didn't obey. Shall I clean you?" "We'll clean each other. Start the shower." She turned but he didn't swat her ass, he gave her a fondling rub. She started the water and walked to the toilet. "Come here first." She obeyed, crossed her legs and stood awaiting his command, "Do you need to take a shit?" "No." "Are you sick to your stomach?" "No." "I've never seen a woman pee.

You'll stand, not squat, stand over the shower drain and pee directly into katy perry xxx porn storys drain as I watch. I don't want even one drop to land on me. I'm not into golden showers, just curious." "Please hurry to the shower, I can't hold it much longer." He watched her climb in and followed her.

He gently knelt down facing her. She said, "Sorry." And let the water flow. Joe contorted his back and looked between her legs as she pissed like a racehorse. Her single sigh echoed throughout the bathroom. He stood his half-erection brushed against her leg and side (he made sure he didn't brush his dick with cum-drops didn't brush against her crotch.

He'd love to be a father someday, if things were still great with Awiti when he was 25, he'd want to knock her up. But 25 was about 52 months away away. "Thank you. Don't be sorry. If I was ever truly displeased in how you put out, you won't have to guess: I'd give you the rented mule treatment. Understand?" "Yes." "Feel better?" "Yes." "Wash me off, then I'll wash you off.

We'll dry slutty teen thief sucks giant cop cock other off then get ready for bed. But first, want to watch me pee?" She shrugged, but moved to stand behind him, ducked under his arm so she could watch and even took over aiming in mid piss. The shared her toothbrush because he forgot his (she decided all their Frenching this wouldn't make any difference). They fell asleep nude in each other's arms.