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Funny comic mom son icest
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Rhiannon recovered before I did, as she got up and walked over to Lauren still tied down milky boobs suck by twmen dailymotion the chair.

My cum still running down her chin, "so how did you like that warm load of cum of his?" She asked. Lauren looked up at her and said, "fuck you bitch, your nothing but the school slut." Rhiannon slapped her hard across the face, leaving her hand print on Lauren's cheek. "You don't ever say that about, when you know it's not true." Rhiannon told me to untie Katie and we would switch Lauren and Katie places. I got up off the floor and walked up to Katie laying on the bed, her red swollen pussy lips coated with dried blood and semen.

Her face covered with Rhiannon's now dry pussy juice. I untied her hands then her legs as I helped her up off the bed.

When she stood up and little trickle of more blood and semen ran out of her and down her leg. Rhiannon had already untied Lauren and had her standing up as she ripped off her shirt and unbuttoned her jeans and slid them down, revealing that Lauren as well was not wearing any panties.

Her pussy was glistening a little, so I guess it must've excited her. I proceeded to tie Katie down to the chair, as she tried fighting me to get away. She was crying more now as she said, "why are tiny girl take monster cock creampie doing to this us?" I looked at her in the eyes and said, "you already heard why, but now its time for your friend there to get what she deserves." Rhiannon tied Lauren down to the bed but instead of putting her on her back, she tied her down so she was on her knees with her ass sticking up in the air, while her hands were pulled tight in front of her, her chest flat against the bed.

I walked up to the foot of the bed standing behind Lauren's raised ass look down at her shaved pussy. Rhiannon looked at me and said, "are you ready for some more action Eric?" I nodded and said, "but I am going to need help getting my dick hard again, after just cumming twice." She walked back to me and turned me so I was facing her, she got down on her knees in front of me, she quickly took my wilted dick into her mouth and began sucking really hard it.

I felt in begin to twitch a little as she started rubbing my ball sack while sucking harder and harder on my dick.

I laid my hand on top of her as she started sliding her mouth up and down, my now hardening dick. My dick finally got fully erect again and she pulled away from it, she looked up at me while still slowly stroking it and said, "that wasn't so hard now was it." I just shook my head as she stood back up.

She whispered into my ear, "now I want you to just slide your dick into her pussy a couple times then you are going to fuck her up the ass hard until you cum." I yelled back, "no I can't do that." She slapped me across the face saying, "do as I say, I am in charge here not you, you fucking asshole." I was in shock after she slapped me. I reluctantly got up on the bed behind Lauren who was laying there whimpering lightly.

I grabbed my dick in one hand while placing the other on her ass cheek, I slowly guided it to her moist pussy lips until I felt my head begin to slip past her outer lips.

I let go of my dick as I grabbed Lauren's hips and slowly sank my dick further and further into her boyfriends large dick gives her total joy pussy, feeling constrict around my invading member, she let out a soft moan as my pelvic body met her ass, my dick fully buried deep in her.

I stayed there for a bit, then I slowly began pulling back of her until just the head of my dick was in her.

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I grabbed onto her hips then with great force, I pulled back on her hips as I pushed forward into her, my stomach slapping against her ass. I started a slow steady rhythm in and out of her pussy, her moans getting louder and louder. She started moving her hips back into me every time I drove into her. Rhiannon yelled, "ok Eric that is enough, now its time for her punishment." I looked at her and asked, "well do you at least have a little lube to make it easier?" Rhiannon shook her head and answered, "just spit on it that's all she deserve anyhow." I slowly withdrew my dick completely out of Lauren, causing her to moan a little.

I grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them apart so her puckered hole was looking at me. I bent over and spit onto it, my spit hitting it and running down to her pussy. I spit one more time, then knelt back up, I grabbed my dick and started rubbing the head of my dick into my spit on Lauren's hole. Lauren began crying, "what are you doing?" Rhiannon slapped her across the face and said, "you know what he's doing bitch, he giving you your punishment." I slowly pushed forward, the head of my dick slipping past her outer ring, her ass was warmer and tighter than her pussy.

Rhiannon look at me, "oh yes, show her now mercy Eric, fill that up with your hot load." I grabbed on to Lauren's hips and slammed forward into her anus. She let out a shrill scream in pain as I stayed there buried deep in her ass. Her anal muscle were pulsating around my protruding dick, trying to push me back out.

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I slowly withdrew a until just the head of my dick was in her, then without stopping I slammed back into her ass, my balls slapping against her pussy. I started a slow and steady rhythm, sliding almost all of the way out, then slamming back into her ass, her screaming in pain and asking me to stop each time. Rhiannon climbed up on the bed of front of Lauren's head and said, "oh shut the fuck up you slut, you like it and you know it." Rhiannon spread her legs apart and slid down to Lauren's face, she grabbed her head and said, "why don't you just eat my pussy too, while he fucks your ass." Lauren shook her head vigorously, and Rhiannon pulled Lauren's face down hard into her pussy, "you don't have a choice bitch now eat it good." Rhiannon began vigorously rubbing Lauren's face into her pussy, as Lauren continued to scream in pain.

I could feel her ass muscle clench tighter and tighter around my dick, as her screaming lightened a little and she began moaning, her hips started to move back to meet my thrusts. I could tell she was getting close to cumming.

I start pounding her ass harder and faster, as she pulled her head away from Rhiannon and threw it back, she let out another scream, but it wasn't in pain this time, she started cumming hard. Her sphincter muscles squeezing my dick tight, I couldn't move in her. I felt her pussy squirt a little pussy juice out on to my ball sack. That was my first experience with a girl squirting and it was nice and warm.

Her ass muscles continued to squeeze my dick tighter and tighter as she continue to cum. I felt my balls tighten up, letting me know of my impending ejaculation.

Rhiannon looked up at me, "oh my god Eric she is enjoying it now look at that." I could only nod as I felt my dick stiffen up and the first shot of cum came out and deep into Lauren's bowels. Lauren looked back at me as my dick stiffened again and another shot of cum shot into her anal cavity. I shot only a total of 3 or 4 times and I was spent, having cum for the third time of night.

I laid across Lauren's back, my dick still in her asshole, I was trying to catch my breath. Rhiannon got up off the bed and went over to Katie and untied her, "now you have to come over here and help them clean up." Katie began sobbing as Rhiannon stood her up and lead to the bed behind us.

I finally got up enough strength and knelt back up, my wilting dick slipping out of Lauren's ass as I watch her anus pulsate open and closed, trying to go back to its normal size, a small bit of my semen stuck on the end of my dick connecting to her asshole.

I collapsed on to the bed next to Lauren's legs as Rhiannon pushed Katie forward, "you can clean out Lauren's ass first, the you can clean off Eric's dick." Katie tried pushing back, but Rhiannon grabbed her quickly and said, "not so fast bitch, clean that asshole good." Rhiannon put her hand on the back of Katie's head and shoved her face forward into Lauren's pulsating anus.

Katie just selpa sate k xxx storys there her face buried in Lauren's ass crack, not doing anything. Lauren was laying there lightly moaning as Rhiannon yelled, "clean her ass out now you dirty whore," and smacked Katie hard on the back of the head. Katie very reluctantly open her mouth up and slowly stuck her tongue out making contact with Lauren anus. Rhiannon pushed Katie head again hard, "stick that tongue in there and get all of Eric's cum out of there." With her other hand, Rhiannon reached between Lauren's legs and began to diddle Lauren's clit lightly.

Katie finally, very slowly began to sink her tongue into Lauren's ass, a look of great disgust on her face. Lauren began moaning louder again, as Katie began to run her tongue deeper into her asshole, and Rhiannon began frigging her clit faster and faster. Katie look of disgust got more so as she deviled her tongue further into Lauren's backdoor. As Rhiannon rubbed Lauren's clit harder and faster, and Katie slid her tongue in even further into Lauren's ass.

Lauren lifted her head up again and announced she was going to cum again. This made Rhiannon work harder on her clit as she help Katie's head in place. Lauren hips began moving back and forth as Rhiannon began pinching her clit.

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Then Lauren froze in place and let out a loud moan of pleasure, her whole body twitching as she began cumming. As Lauren came, Rhiannon held Katie in place in Lauren's ass, Lauren squirted a little more pussy cream out, as also squirted my cum out of her ass right into Katie's open mouth. There wasn't much cum that came out, but what did come out filled her mouth and some ran down Katie's chin, with a brown tint to it.

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Katie began gagging as Lauren came a little more, a little more of my cum running out of her ass and down Katie's chin and on to the bed. Finally Lauren was done cumming and Rhiannon release Katie's head, "ok now time to clean his dick up you dirty slut." She pushed Katie over on to the bed next to me as I could see tears running down Katie's cheeks.

Rhiannon walked around to the side of the bed on the other side of me as Katie grabbed my limp dick and slowly open her mouth and sank all the way down on to me. She slowly sucked and licked up and down my dick, running her tongue out across my ball sack when I was fully in her mouth.

She acted like she had practiced this before. She sucked harder and harder on my dick as I felt it begin to twitch a little, but my whole body was spent. Rhiannon noticed my dick hardening in Katie's mouth and looked at me and asked, "oh so you can go some more yet?" To be continued if I get good responses.