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Six pude coda xxxx com
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this my experience done at the age of my 18 with superb unmarried women my English teacher her name is Geetha.

She was approximately 24-25 she's size is 27-28-27 also having big ass. She is very sweet sexy miss to my life. Ok readers I came to story am going to my +1 class after 10th. At the time he take my English lesson and grammars etc., I got good marks in 10th.

Also she's new teacher for my school so close with all students in our class. But that time I am not affectionate / other interest with her. I maintained only good student with her. After some days my H.M she's my class teacher after 3month she correct 10th papers I help to her since he take 1ly +1,+2 syllabus 1ly.

But this I continue student relationship 1ly.After my +1 our school management change the eng teacher but she's handling 10th class also she finished my +2 syllabus 75%. 1ly we are revised position taken other staff. I have special classes in +2 at the time I saw that eng miss she's attract me.

But I can control big naturals beautiful bounce layla london tyler steel days later I have more interest to her. So I decided I tell that to her 1 day. so go by bike 1day in my special class after finished class I follow her. She know I follow to her. So she stopped and ask me Kamran anything help from mewhy you follow me? I said miss I talk personally please came with me. I tell in hidden places. She accept and went with me ,I drive the bike and got 1 good place.

I stop my bike she ask what matter tell now? I tell I want you miss Geetha miss said what? I said I love you miss. She refused and tell your age is less so it is not unsatisfied for in our religious do not tell/ convinced me again ok. I say I want you please But she will beat me& going to her home by an auto.

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But I follow everyday but she ignored me. finally 1day she accept my opinion. But she say do not love me, I shared my sex since love & marriage is not matched for religion also your age is lesser than me. So you think what's your opinion? Geetha ask me that, But I refused that after some days please came to my home for help to correct the10th answer paper so I am going to her house her house was not present her parentssince she's parents go to relation marriage also her sister.

So she 1ly present at the day. She give some juices also my fave mossambi juices, after she give some ans paper for total the marks I do my work&hellip. After 2hrs she go to bath finished her bath in 30min she wear 1ly towel in her body and went near to seduced me.

she's very sexy also She 5" ft but am nearly 6"ft and normal built body she remove her towel lightly but I refused plz wear good dress so she wear her nighty with panty& bra in her room and then went near and hug me forcefully. At the time I stand near to her bed so I fall on the bed she kissed me & try to French kiss but I reject she will seduced me finally I go to her way.

After few min I give a good French kiss in her lips I bite lightly her lips also squeezed her breast she moaning lightly also I taste her saliva our mouths cooperated in & out that will goes 15-20 min after I hot milf alana seduced by hot alison rey for lesbian fuck her nighty she naked with her panty & whitish bra finally she unbuttoned my dress I stand 1ly with underwear 1ly also she remove banyan.

I am not known about sex at the time since am not like blue/sex film before my 1st sex with my Geetha miss.

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So I hugged and rolling in the bed, her body parts touches me that like fire me. And then I ask please guide me about sexual act…and then she go on her TV Switched on also dvd player she put a caste also she went near and sat on the bed.

Also she tell am prepared for you Kamran pls. see that & then we saw pic i.e sex film she says pls. watch and do that type. so I see that 1st time and after 30 min we are doing experimentally in bed.

I kissed and removed her bra superb cup shaped breast also she 's unmarried ebony babe gets bonked in various positions she sex 1st time am like her husband so I do anything to her.

After kissing I pressed left breast also suck her right breast she will moaning ah.oh god&hellip. But enjoying after 5min I suck her left breast. she touch & massage my head at that time after 10 min I say Geetha you're my sex miss also my wife da.

And then I entered her lower part remove her panty she nude completely also I remove underwear and then I suck her vagina she will enjoying shout oh yeah &hellip.ah ah ah ah ah ah ah… and then I put my finger into her pussy also she shaved her hair for my benefit&hellip.

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She pain since she new experienced so she say pls. oil in your finger & insert in her vagina this time she shout and enjoyed and then she put my penis and suck it in and fro motion I enjoying touched her hairs finally Geetha pls. fuck me kam&hellip. Pls. so I go to that position I insert my penis also apply some oil over my penis and insert in jerking position it was 7inch also she loved much I insert into her pussy lips slowly it goes smoothly but she pain and shout ah ah ah ah bt am not stop I insert deeply after I gripped her hips and I do my job of my rod is in out fastly she ask plz more stroke so I give full energy strokes 8more time she enjoying and loud say is.sss…ah.ahahah…oh god oh god…also she say enough but I enjoying fucking her hole.also say Geetha wait my cum filled in your hole da… she say no& pls leave me but I fuck hard also rapped her since she will not cooperate bt her pussy is in my handling so she not escape finally we enjoyed both .finally I ask, I put my rod in her ass hole but she request this my future husband part so noo kamran&hellip.but I trying finally she accept also pls put oil in your rod da… so I apply and then I insert my rod deeply she enjoying also I chubby girl shows her big booty in backstage in& out my strokes in her big ass also I pressed her ass cheeks she moan ah ah ah ah, We r enjoying she say fucking is very nice from u Kam I enjoyed lot I am wait for your comments I tell my next experience with my same miss Geetha finally my time is so am go to home that solve she smiled sexy at the evening