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Sensual tranny jizzed on by her horny lover tube porn
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The Wolf Next Door Chapter 8 (Final) My name is Vance and I am a werewolf. Not just an ordinary one though but a werewolf that had the title of being an Alpha. An alpha whose pack had been fractured by a rival when he had taken half of it. That half included Mrs. Banes, the woman who had turned me and subsequently made me her mate. There was also Kristen and her mate Rem.

"Vance?" That was Dana my mate communicating with me through our telepathic link. "Yeah?" "Are you okay?" "Yeah," I replied. Currently, I paced at the edge of woods on the other side of the city I lived on.

It had taken me a few hours, and one death to get here. That death bothered me being it was the first time I had killed a human and being that the human begged for his life. "I had to kill." "I know, but I've executed many Vance," she said, but it provided little comfort. Mostly because I had seen how ruthless and predatory she ws before she had turned me. My heart wrenched at the thought of the man begging for his life.

I merely slayed him to protect my pack, or so I told myself. The worry, for me, is that I liked it. Even now, the taste of blood no longer made me wrench in disgust but instead induced a want to hunt.

"It never goes away. The beast always craved the hunt," she said. I realize she offered the reality to sway me to accept my fate faster. Now that I thought about it, that is how Dana was. From our first meeting where she offered me the choice of changing or being killed, to the point of being a pack leader. Dick loving carmen valentina slammed by big black cock always laid out the reality of the situation to me.

"How long do I have?" I asked while I took a step into the trees. Thankfully the sun had begun sinking in the sky. Something that I needed to help me stalk through the forest. "Till what?" "Till whatever your captor decides to make a move." "Straight out, I have no idea," she said. "When he initially captured me, there were promises of painful things and rape." "How are you so calm about this?" I asked moving through the woods slowly.

I had discovered a narrow game trail that I traversed. "Well, two things will happen here. One, you save me and we move on. Or I get laid with some interesting side effects and then you save me." That made me growl. "Hey, you get your fun, and I should be able to have some." "I suppose." "Though, if it helps, I much rather prefer you make it here before that," she said. "I've been masturbating almost nonstop since you turned me on earlier and I really want you." That caught my attention.

A call to the beast that made me pick up the pace. Trees rushed by as I grew more comfortable running while staying silent. A shark on land, I stalked through the growing night. Eventually, I had to stop as I grew convinced I had become lost in the place. "I don't know where I am," I said to Dana as I sniffed the air.

I smelled other animals, maybe some lingering city smells, and not much more. "I feel like you are getting closer," she said. "How can you tell?" "Something in my stomach honestly. For a bit, it fluttered but that went away." "Why didn't you say anything?" I demanded. It annoyed me that she would hold such a clue from me.

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"Does it matter?" "The forest is vast," I growled. "And furthermore, aren't you a horny and hot mai kuroki best sex in history She replied. I think there was a reletive of amusement in her voice, but its voice had also had a hint of warning in it. "Why don't you transform and escape?" "Oh that," she said with surprise evident in her voice.

"I forget you remain a pup still in some ways." "Hey now," I replied. "And in many others," she added. "You are manlier than any I've known." The compliment made me beam a bit. I was about to ask her if she sensed me being closer when I suddenly walked onto a dirt road. Kinda surprised I went back into the trees and debated on which direction to go. In the end, I chose left. The path ushered me to a cabin. I paused to examine the place, but it occurred to me, she never responded to the question.

"So why not escape?" I asked again. "Okay pup, to let you know, there are various breeds of werewolves." "I know," I said.

"What you don't know is that each breed is mostly similar through in their weaknesses. Some species respond more, others less. Ours responds particulary well with iron." I skulked over to the cabin, sniffing the wood and picking up the scent of another wolf. Long faded, though.

"So with iron, if it is purposefully put above us, we will be trapped in our human form." "That's an interesting deterrent. Put it in any doorway, and you would be protected." "If you were human. Purpose matters with it."I moved through the cabin. The front door opened up into a living room of some sorts. A couch with ripped fabric sat in against a wall with a coffee table in front of it.

There were pictures but they could barely be seen with the glass so dirty. "Magic huh?" "Everything demonstrates a weakness Vance," she said. "One of the universal rules." "Ah," I replied moving slowly around the cabin. "Vance," Dana said suddenly. "Yeah," I answered half pay attention.

I currently was peering around a corner mom and son desi adiesex stories the cabin to look at the front porch area. Obscured by some fronds, I heard movement but couldn't see much. With a breath, I crept around the front of the place, low and slow. "I think you're extremely close," she said suddenly.

A yelp of fear resounded as I walked up to the porch. The thing that moved was a small cat that took off into the woods. Every instinct said to follow, but I quelled that. "Is there anybody in the cabin?" I asked. "I hear someone walking around a bit every now and again, but they haven't moved in a bit." I didn't respond to her again. Ears back, I could sense someone near.

Therefore, I executed the thing any sensible thing. I tried the door. Much to my surprise, the door was unlocked.

Going into the cabin, I was greeted by the muskiest smell. Not a pleasant musk, but something that smelled unbathed for years after rolling in the trash every day.

"It can't be that bad," Dana said in our link. "I guess it is that bad," Dana remarked. "This feels ridiculously easy," I replied. "Well, you did kill most of the pack already. Most likely only a few members left." I couldn't argue with that line of reasoning. In fact, as I examined the cabin, I found no one.

Like the place had been completely abandoned. The place was stocked with food, furniture, and electronics. Nothing though looked out of place and it did look clean for the most part in the cabin. Few scattered clothes and a few scattered papers.

Other than that, the place felt like a crypt. "Are you in the cabin?" Dana asked interrupting my catalog. "Yeah, why?" "Barely hear someone walking around up there." "It's me but there isn't anyone else. Is this a trap?" She was silent.

"Dana?" "I don't know." I sniffed the air, trying to discern anything that would hint as to what was going on. Ultimately, I gave up and went and found the basement door to the cabin. Opening the door, I was assaulted by the retching smell of rotten mean. Hacking and gagging, I tried not to throw up as I went down the stairs. Getting down to the bottom of the stairs was a feat. Trying to stay in the basement after walking into the scene of carnage that I did had to be a heroic epic.

Dried blood was everywhere. Slabs of meat hung from chains from the ceiling. Three heads sat impaled on metal rods driven into the concrete floor. Guts and body parts lay everywhere on the floor. "What the hell is this?" I implored Dana in disgust. "I can't witness what you do," she said. "There is so much blood," I said. "Why does that bother you?" I thought about it for a second. Genuinely, blood didn't bother me but the smell of congealed death dead did. With one more scoff, I moved along the edge of the room carefully so as not to get anything on me.

Moving nearby I discovered a door unlocked and quickly I moved on from the macabre. The adjacent room bore nothing but a series of doors. I walked a few steps forward and quickly found myself in a room of rooms. Four doors marked each side. Feeling apprehensive, I went ten yer girl xex story opening one.

The first door didn't seem special. In fact, the door looked like a normal wood door. Something to smash but feeling like that was a terrible idea, I twisted the knob and opened the door inwards. No one greeted me once the door was open al the way much to my grateful astonishment. The room, lit as it was, had nothing in it besides neatly stacked boxes. Curious, I did open one only to discover myself looking at trinkets and odd items.

With a sniff, I turned away to look at the next room. The second room opened up into a long concrete hallway. Dana had been silent for a long while, something I noticed but didn't want to break as I walked down the path. See, way I figured it is that if she was silent because of pain, I didn't want to establish a connection with her only to find out a trap had been sprung and she was being killed.

The walk was brief and on the other end of the hallway, I discovered another door. I could see it, and the place had lights. Twisting the knob, I went into sleeping beauty mom fuck son what could merely be described as a warehouse. Cages as far as I could see. I walked leisurely between an aisle of them. This place was silent and mom halp son ass mom unnerved me a bit.

I growled a warning out. "Is that you, Vance?" The voice made me freeze. A surge of excitement went through me, and I began searching the cages with an abandonment of caution. Then I found her hunched, naked in a fetal position in a cage. With gusto, I rushed over to the cage. She sat up slowly and produced a meek smile. Looking terrible was an understatement.

Her skin was lashed, and she had injuries that I couldn't understand. A smile crossed her face. "Bout time pup," she said. No matter the condition, just those words were enough to dispel any notion that she was a goddess. With gusto, I grasped the bars of the cage only to find myself transformed back into my human form. "What the hell?" I said in outraged surprise. "You can't touch the iron pup," she said.

"Not iron that has been enchanted at least." "So I need keys," I said with a growl. Talk about an annoyance with things. She had told me iron dispelled things. "Not just iron, enchanted iron," she said correcting me. "Why would a werewolf keep that around?" I asked looking up and over the cages seeing if I could spy anything. "It's actually a relatively standard thing. Especially if you are looking to convert better members or prolong changes.

Anything really to injure a werewolf." "Would it affect a dark wolf?" She was silent. "Not something I should I ask?" "Dark wolves are not something to talk lightly about," she said, and that was that for the conversation. "I'm gooing to look for the keys," I said and moved on from her quickly The place was beginning to make me too edgy being naked in my human form.

I became aware of how rough the concrete of the floor as I walked. Iron bars surrounded my, empty cages mostly. Some had blankets and others looked to contain bones. Having no reason to inspect the cages, except maybe to look for other pack members. Christie and Remi were here somewhere within the premises of the place or at least I hoped. After a period of time, I found myself back at the door that led into the room of cages.

There on the wall was a shelf and on a wooden peg that jutted out hung an iron ring with a set of keys. I could have been disappointed, but elation passed through me. Snatching the key, I moved quick back through the cages to encounter Dana once more. "Guess what I found," I teased holding the keys up. "You don't need charms for me to spread my legs for you pup," she said with a mischievous smile.

I smiled back. "But open the cage." I obeyed or rather tried to. I hadn't recognized it, but the number of keys on the ring bordered along absurd. With the considerable number of cages, however, it made sense. After a long time, I found the right key and promptly bore Dana in my arms as soon as the right key fit. Dana was a woman who embraced her inner beast and the instinctual dalliances of such.

Her nude body pressed against me and sure enough, my own "beast" roared to life. The kiss she planted on me became passionate fast. So fast that I quickly became aware of how out of hand it was becoming. "Hey now," I said trying to breaking the kiss and pull away.

"I need you," she said before I found her tongue back in my mouth. Her nails gripped into my back and before long we were on the cold floor of the place. I smelt her. The blood, sweat, and arousal. Even as she wrapped herself around me, I found everything about her intoxicating. To say the least, I gave in. The mission could wait a few more minutes. She growled repeatedly at me until I slipped into her oily hotness. We both gasped but then the animalistic need took over in us both.

I thrust into her, not caring in any way that her sharp nails dug into my back. She met my thrusts which cause a deafening slapping sound as our bodies met in frenzied urgency. Sometimes in our thrusts, I found put her on her hands and knees. Thrusting into her from behind felt much more natural. Plus, noting the power of our bodies meeting rippling through the flesh of her ass presented a sight to behold.

Suddenly she let out a scream. Everything about her sex went tight as her body spasmed in a release. It ushered me quickly into my own and soon we both collapsed with the expelling of our efforts.

"That couldn't have waited?" I asked feeling guilty that Aysel's accusation about me putting off responsibility to get laid rang true. "Do you always question the wisdom of your Queen?" she asked with a sigh.

I hope it was one of contentment rather than an annoyance. "Feeling the pressure of being a leader," I responded. "You're performing great Vance," she said rolling away from me and then sitting up. "What are you doing?" I asked hearing something that sounds like sucking sounds.

"Cleaning myself," she replied and I looked over to her rubbing her sex and scooping out my goop out of her pussy. "Why?" I asked. "Why let your good tasting cum to go to waste?" she said nonchalantly. I didn't provide an answer. Taken one eyed monster fills vagina copulates it hard as it were by the indifference to what she was doing. Not that I minded, but sex and now grooming?

Such misplaced things and the guilt seeped into me even more. "We need to find the others," I said. "Hold on," she replied with annoyance evident in her voice.

"I desired this as much as you do. The cum will aid me shake the effects fo the enchantment faster." "Oh," I said. I suppose that made sense, but man did it kind of make me feel used.

"One of us needs to be able to transform when we continue," she replied. Probaby to hearing it in our link. I need to research the link more that I thought about it.

Later of course, but "How long will it be for me?" "I don't know, but I believe the ward on me is slowly dissipating." "How does a werewolf do that?" "Warding thing? Probably a witch." Interesting. Witches are a thing in this world. Which meant too, a witch was nearby. "And thus one of us needs to be a wolf.

You were fortunate thus far." "Always lucky with you," I replied. Her eyes locked with mine and her tan cheeks turned red. She stood up from there. "Alright, alright," she said with a stretch. "Let's move on." The two of us moved through the cages once more. Mostly to make sure they were vacant but I enjoyed beholding her backside a lot of the time.

The cage room happened to be considerably bigger than I initially expected. The aisles were organized by size too. As we walked to what seemed like the middle of the massive room, the cages became small enough that they began to be stacked on top of each other.

I happened to look up over some of the cages and see a window against a wall. "There's another room," I said. Dana's whipped around to look at what I spotted. "Let's inspect it," she said in an excited whisper. Dropping low, she moved quick away from me and rounded a corner.

I shrugged realizing the effort was wasted and walked to follow her. "Sometimes you're no fun," she said as I walked up. Still low, I walked up. "Oh yeah?" I said with a grin. "Watch this." Without missing a beat I walked over to the metal door on the wall.

Turning the cold steel knob I took a second to look back at her. Her eyes were wide in astonishment. "Scared," she said in the link. I smiled back before opening the door. Much to my surprise, nothing sinister greeted me. By contrast, in the center of this room sat another row of cages. All were empty except for the last one. "We have something here," I spoke over my shoulder. "Not something a who,' a feminine voice responded. Dana walked in up behind me. "And who are you?" she asked.

I could detect the edge of warning in her voice. "I'm Cali," the woman responded. Even though I couldn't perceive her from my point, I did hear shifting around.

"Should we go take a look?" I asked. "No, not our problem," Dana said and turned away from me before leaving the room entirely. I hesitated for a moment. Sure I wanted to follow Dana's lead. I mean who wouldn't follow their mate's direction on such things? "Wait," she shouted and stopping me from walking away. "Please don't abandon me here." "Why not?" "I'm a witch." That suggested nothing to me other to garner intrigue.

Feeling curious I moved around the room to obtain a better look into the cage. Wrapped in a brown ratty blanket, the woman Cali looked like she had been beaten within an inch of her life. Caked blood looked dried in her hair and that face, swollen and vibrant in colors. "Damn," I said out loud. "What are you doing?" Dana's voice suddenly echoed in the room. I looked back to the door, and she leaned against the frame. Even from her, I could see her freckled light skin.

"She's a witch," I said in reply. "So she says but we need to go." Her reply kind of bothered me. Just a few minutes ago we possessed enough time to have sex at her behest. "Please, you guys can't leave me here," Cali said. Dana growled. I couldn't tell if it was at my though or at Cali for saying something. Honestly, probably me. "We could use her," I offered up. Dana looked at me. Her eyes changing to their silvery form.

I had never seen her transform in anger before but the anger in them was evident. "Vance," she said with a heavy sigh. "You kinky lesbian bombshells are stretching and fisting anals know the danger witches pose not young married couple trying out a swinger party for the first time to use with their power but their target-ability." "I won't hurt you guys," Cali said.

I looked at her. She looked so pathetic in her condition. Swollen and hurt. "There's a reason she is locked up," Dana said. "Yeah, because this pack leader sucks," I replied.

She scoffed at me and left the room. I felt compelled to do something, and in the end, I settled on opening the cage. "Sorry Cali," I told her walking away. "I can allow you out but my protection I can't grant." I left the room and witch behind. Dana was displeased, evident with a change in demeanor as I walked up to her. "You're gonna get hurt one of these days being extremely nice," she said.

Her eyes had reverted to green once more, but the anger still hung in them. fat cock in the ass for blonde teen know, but I can't help it," I stated feeling a bit ashamed. "What's bad about a witch?" Cue the unfortunate timing as Cali walked up to us.

"A witch enchants things and cast terrible spells. She can be used for many nefarious things." Cali spoke with with what sounded like sarcasm. She gave a wave of her hand. " Here, I enchanted cages." "Fine Vance, we will do this," Dana said in a huff crossing her arms of her ample breasts.

I found it funny how a absolute stranger could be okay with all of our nakedness but soon that thought had to be quelled. "What did you do her with all of these cages?" "I was to enchant them so that the inhabitants could be force changed back to human. They seemed to be looking for a specific person." "Bet that person was you," I said to Dana. "I think so, but she wasn't the last to be brought in," Cali said interrupting us. Her appearance had changed as she walked up. No trace of bruises and now she brandished a cloak around her, hiding her nakedness.

Dana growled in warning. "Relax," she said to use. "Why should we witch?" "I was as much a prisoner as you, asian slit and anal fuck japanese and hardcore besides, I can't injure one who demonstrated compassion," she said looking at me. "He is mine," Dana said with a growl. I noticed her black claws had grown at the tip of her fingers. Cali smiled at me and then took a few steps back.

"We need to move on," I said turning and walking past Dana. We locked eyes briefly and I saw the surprise in her eyes. The messge from me was to do as she pleased. Moving on I went back into the hallway and moved to inspect the last two rooms. I wanted to find the rest of my pack now with or without Dana. In a short time I was in the room again that held that led to the other rooms. I rapidly moved and went to the third door. Opening it in a huff, I moved down a second hallway giving teen phone sex hd and blonde caught in library dont say you love me thought of what I was doing.

When I carelessly opened the door at the hall, a flash of light painfully blinded me. Screaming I fell to the floor in an excruciating amount of pain. Somehow, that pain increased fervently as I felt Dana's own screams echo in my mind. I soon felt something grab me. "Hush now," a voice said It took me a moment to recognize it was Cali's. "What did you do?" "I dispelled the enchantment," she said. The pain was dissipating fast and left a hollow reminder of its passing.

"What enchantment?" I yelled angrily at her. I couldn't see well as my eyes watered profusely. "The one I put on this door to prevent people from going in and out," she said. I wanted to reach out and molest her. The pain I felt was her fault, but then it entered my mind that my own recklessness caused the problem in reality. She had no idea I would go to open the door and the enchantment could have been days old.

Dana didn't share my reasoning. "Where is that little bitch?" she said in the link. "Next to me," I replied. I could feel the heat from her anger wafting big tit brunette masturbates pussy on chair my mind. "Relax." "She wounded you," she said with a tone full of rage.

"No, I did it myself." The argument sexy webcam girl does foot fetish show with stockings ensued was heated. Dana had recovered much more rapidly but by the time she entered the hallway I had won the argument that the fault was my own.

Though as of now, I didn't know at what price, but the witch got to live. "What did they have you doing here?" Dana asked with an angry snarl at Cali. "I already told you," she said. "I was here to help seek someone. All of my enchantments were meant to help in that cause." "For whom?" "Well, the pack leader for sure, but I think he was working for someone else." No one answered the comment. My vision cleared and I sat up. "I think I need some clothes," I expressed feeling the rugged surface of the floor underneath me.

"I enjoy you better naked," Dana said as a matter of fact. I looked at her and smiled before returning my attention to Cali. "Much appreciated." She blushed and I stood up.

"Let's go see what's behind the door." At that, the three of us moved into the room. "What's in here?" I asked. "Many items I believe." Cali answered.

"A torture room too." Surprise to me the first room in the basement hadn't been a torture room. Joy then that not only did I get to see one now, but then I had to pass back through the previous horror once more. "Maybe there's another way out," Dana offered in our link. "Do you listen often?" "Only when I am worried about intentions." "The witch?" "You should let me kill her." I didn't respond to that comment.

Dana knew what she was talking about, but in my mind, the girl hadn't performed anything yet to warrant such a response. Maybe witches were much more dangerous than a few enchantments. My eyes couldn't attest to such a thing. The room opened up to reveal itself as pretty bare. A few chairs and tables laid about randomly. A few painted circles on the floor and a few doors leading to other places. "I don't feel like getting lost in a labyrinth," I said annoyed at how big the place was.

"There's only one more room. The rest of these are closets," Cali said ushering us to the torture room. I was nervous. Examining the room, I had no idea what to expect. Seeing Remi sitting bound naked in a chair, wasn't what I wanted to see for sure. "Remi," I said. The giant of a man groaned. Dana went to rush over, but I snatched her arm. "Could be a trap." "I hope it isn't for that whore's sake," she hissed at me and pulled away to Remi. I didn't know much about him or even Christie other than the fact they went back with Dana and escaped this rival pack with her.

Can't lie that seeing her rush over to him made me a bit jealous. Hopefully, one day that would go away, but maybe it was some base instinct ingrained with being what I was now. With a shrug, I walked cautiously to the platform the two of them were on now. I looked back, and Cali had moved through the room to a door I had missed. "What's in there?" I asked here, curious about that more than the well-being of Remi. There was a trust that Dana would help him, even if I was apprehensive of that affection.

"I think a few more wolves," she replied opening the door. The wretch of decay wafted horrifically into the room. I gagged and Cali quickly turned away to retch in a corner.

Narrowing my eyes, I got used to the smell slowly with deep breaths. In due course, I started picking up different smells as the rot faded away. I wanted to ask Dana what the change was, but looking back I observed her helping a weak Remi out of the chair. I dreaded examining the room, but there, suspended by chains was the torn apart body of Christine.

There wasn't a way to be definite in my diagnosis, but the body build looked closely similar. I closed the door, blinking away tears as my actual heart hurt. The loss of a member of my pack impacted me, and my head swam with a swirl of emotions.

"Why?" I asked angrily. Cali's retching had ceased and she walked up next to me. "There were seeking someone, and she refused to talk." "That sounds like her," I remarked remembering her vicious nature when I had inducted her into my pack. Remi had secured a true treasure with her. Breaking the news would be more difficult than witnessing what had become of her. With a sigh, I headed back over to Dana. "Here, let me take him," I said.

Dana looked at me before allowing me to take him off her shoulders. "We need to get going." She nodded at me, understanding in her eyes. "Come on witch," she said with venom. "It's time for us to leave." A look of fear passed over Cali's face as she moved to walk with Dana. "Good see you, Vance," Remi said in my ear sound utterly exhausted and pathetic. "Had to find you guys," I replied. We were silent as we moved through the cabin. I made a mental note that we needed to return to this place as a pack and burn it down.

Plus there was also the wealth to get out of the place too. In due course, we made it back out of the cabin. Not without more vomiting to the macabre in the basement main room.

Out of the house, I made a note of how small the cabin was in relation to the underground part. "Where do you think you're going?" Dana asked accusingly at Cali, breaking my thoughts on the place.

"Just over here," Cali replied shaking in fear. "Let her go," I said dismissively. "We have other issues to address." I looked to Dana who wore her astonishment on her face.

"Fine," she said before walking over to the witch. "Leave us be and we leave you be," she said to the woman. "You'll never see me again," she replied before disappearing into the woods with a run. "Happy?" Dana said accusingly at me. "Very," I replied looking around "Being that you have all the answers now, what now?" I didn't understand her anger, but then, more critical issues took precedence.

Like how to get home. "We should find a way home." "You're right," she said. "Even if we could transform, there is too much light." I had forgotten it was daytime. Not that I knew what time, it was at all.

Looking over to Dana, I took a moment to drink in her nakedness for a second. She suddenly blushed. "You know how to make a girl feel better," she said before walking off around the cabin. "I'm famished," Remi said. Speaking of which, so was I. "Me, too," a voice said interrupting us. I felt Remi's body go rigid. "Who's there?" I asked looking around. "Join them," the voice said raspily.

Suddenly, Dana came from around visibly distressed. At that moment another nude man, but he stopped abruptly after passing the front of the cabin. Dana walked next to me. "What's going on?" I asked Dana. Her silver eyes filled with utter fear. "Retribution," the voice said with a hiss. "That's him," Dana said in our mind link. "The pack leader I've been trying to escape from." "What is he doing here?" I asked.

Tears began flowing freely down her cheeks. "Drop the male where you stand and step away from him," the voice hissed in command. There was a power in it, something unexplainable and soon I stood a few feet further away from the cabin, bound to obey. Remi lay on the ground unmoving. Dana had stayed put. "Move to your mate," the voice again hissed in command and Dana stood next to me. "Now this is what I have been waiting for." From behind the cabin, standing massively and tall, the vicious noble wolf revealed itself with red eyes.

I noticed its long fingers ending with massive claws. "Master," the man who was the rival pack leader suddenly burst out. With speed unknown to me the man's decapitated body fell to the ground and the wolf stood over him. "You have failed not wholly in your search, but punishment from hiding my quarry from me has resulted in judgment." "What is it talking about?" I asked Dana. She was silent, but it answered. "Vance," it spoke in its raspy. "I am a noble wolf, one of the oldest ones I might add." I nodded, unsure of what else to do.

"I have been searching for a mate for myself for many years now. She was supposed to be it," it said raising a clawed hand in Dana's direction. "That search has been delayed by many years due to this pack's actions." I wanted to tell if she was mine and to go away, but words froze in me. "They seized her as I commanded but this dead one here decided he desired her for himself in defiance of me." Its maw peeled back in a snarl at the corpse.

"His actions have been rewarded," it said stepping over the body and over to where Remi lay. "And this one helped her escape." Again movement so fast I couldn't even track it.

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Remi produced no noise as his head flew off into the woods. Anger flared into me and I took a step forward only to be suddenly looking up to the monster wolf.

"And you committed the most significant transgression against me by being her true mate," it said angrily. "True mate," I said slowly and with considerable effort. "And you can't have her." It took a step back and then let out a hiss of laughter.

"I rarely see any who can overcome the weight of my presence," it said. "Never one as young as you." "Call it brash unknowing," I replied.

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The effort to talk made me feel like I was running out of breath. "I have been watching you a bit and deem you worthy of being a pack leader." It walked away from me a bit. "Come out," it hissed. Imagine my surprise when my naked mother walked out from behind the cabin. "Mom," I cried out in fear for her and in revulsion at seeing her naked. "Stay where you are," she said in command and that stopped me from stepping. "You have taken away my mate," it said. "But I discovered another to suit my needs." "You can't have her either," I said my anger exploding out.

The noble turned to me. "It's not a request, and I am willing to overlook your insolence so long. It does not matter what you wish. I have my mate, and she will be a inducted into the noble fold." The thing made it sound as if what it offered was a pleasant thing.

"Plus, your mother desires this too." "Mom?" "I've known for a while Vance something was up with you," she said. "I was investigating when she found me." "Why?" I asked skipping over that my mother had referred to the noble as a she. "Because I need a change and because she will make sure you succeed too." "Everything agreed upon will transpire," it hissed at her.

"He will possess both houses, and this land is in his name. Richer than many his age." My mother didn't move as the dark wolf walked by. "Make it quick," it hissed before disappearing behind the cabin. "Son I," she said before pausing. "I'm proud of you. Complete school and don't come seeking me." I didn't know what to do. The number of emotions going through me bewildered my senses. "I love you and maybe one day we will see each other again," she offered and then she abruptly turned.

She hesitated for a second and looked back. "Take care of my son, or I will find you." And then two amateur cute teens shows off on webcam was gone.

I fell to the ground, overwhelmed by everything all at once. My life had been so drastically changed all from Dana. "You did this," I said with a snarl turning to her as I got up. Dana collapsed in front of me onto her knees.

I froze for a second and then she was inches away from me and wrapping her arms around my body. Well, my butt as she squeezed tightly. "I am so sorry Vance," she said. I looked angrily down at her. Tearful silver eyes greeted me. Profusely crying, she sobbed, before burying her face into my crotch. "I just wanted to be free," she said between sobs.

"I never meant for you to suffer. I never even wanted a mate, but you were too much of a treat to let go." She cried forever and my anger slowly faded away to more logical things. I'm not sure why, but before it dissipated all I wanted to do was kill.

Anything would have been nice, including her. That all died away though as her cries assailed me. I comprehended why she cherished me. She explained it. From the first time she showed up at my front door wearing that virgin-killer sweater, to the time she aided me transform for the first time. It hadn't been her fault for the dark wolf, or the fact that the dead pack-leader pursued her relentlessly.

The she-wolf was a catch. A compliment in its own right is that a dark wolf coveted her as a mate. "Its okay," I said. I felt her trembling as she tried stifling her sobs. Forgiveness wasn't something I was used to giving, but then, no one had ever given me the choice.

The forest began sounding around us. To begin with, it was a gentle breeze through the leaves. Before long, birds began to sing once more. "What do we do?" I asked after a bit and becoming aware at how close her face resided near my flaccid cock.

Of course, once I thought about the guy down there, he sprang to life on his own. My intentions were not to alter the situation into anything sexual. That dick though sprang to life with a furious passion. "Vance," Dana said when she apparently noticed the D in her face. "I'm ashamed, I know this is severe," I said. Heck, I still desired it to be serious.

Ever want to be mad or in more in this case, stay mad at something? I blame teenage hormones and as sappy as it is, love. "Does this tanned brazilian beauteous babe rides hard weenie I am forgiven?" I enjoyed the coolness of the air on my groin.

It made me look down at her. Her silver eyes implored my forgiveness. Pouty lips stuck out and her hair was wild. Didn't she want a shower? Maybe make me shower?

"We need cleaning up," I said hoping to find a way to keep her delayed in continuing. "I can clean you up," she said. Dammit. A hand gently gripped my throbbing cock, who, though probably as surprised as me about the situation, but way more excited. I wanted to halt her but then I watched in a curious fascination as she opened her mouth and extended her long tongue out.

Then that want went out the window when she licked slowly up the bottom of the shaft before kissing the head. I groaned looking down at my cock nestled on her succulent lips. Their softness promising a cushion once they parted and completely accepted my cock past them. She pulled back and licked the tip with a progressive circle of her tongue. "Am I forgiven?" she asked me and she didn't scarcely gave me the chance to respond.

That cock got sucked down a throat so fat I could only groan as the length became coated in saliva. I watched as she bobbed her head up and down the length and lacked all gag effect as she did. After a few more seconds she turned and began licking the length in gusto.

The slurping noises sounded extravagant in their messiness. Before long it shined and Dana pulled away to look at it. "Well?" I asked expecting her to complete the job. "It looks pretty clean to me," she said. "Am I forgiven now?" She turned those lost puppy eyes right to me. Caught in wanting to say complete the job and telling her it was alright, I couldn't assert anything. "I'm sorry Vance, but we do need to move on and get back home. If it is possible, I can make it up to you then," she said standing up and dashing my hopes of release.

"Okay," I said turning away from her and becoming how aware I the need for release actually pressed. That frustration stayed on my mind as I stalked back to the cabin. "Where are you going?" Dana called after me. "To retrieve something to wear for us," I said in hopes that I would.

"Did you acquire a vehicle?" I didn't wait for her to reply as I went into the cabin. Not that I wanted to enter this place of macabre once again. Anything right now from the rising lust in me. It occurred to me that taking Dana right now would cement that I had exonerated her for the current state of things. She didn't require my help in that endeavor. No, if she wanted forgiveness, it would have to be something actively pursued by her.

Moving through the cabin, I went to one of the rooms it had. Inside I did find some clothes. After a bit of digging, I came up with a set of sweats for myself. Evergreen and looking brand new. They even came close to fitting except for the sexy czech nympho spreads her narrowed muff to the extreme. It is a size too big.

I gathered a few diverse sets of clothes for Dana, some bordering on skimpy and others to jean shorts and crop tops. Heck, Horny alexa nova getting her pussy fucked hard had a whole wardrobe that exclusively looked like it would fit her.

Then it dawned on me. It all probably belonged to her. "Well, shit," I said with a sigh. These clothes bothered me. That asshole likely had purchased them for her.

Growling and grumbling I carried the armload through the cabin and outside. "Did you find anything?" Dana shouted at me standing up in a jeep that lacked any cab covering. "Yeah," I replied walking over to the faded green and rusty vehicle.

I felt like she would have already known there were clothes inside. "Here ya go." She said nothing as she flung bits of the clothing away. Eventually, she put on a pair of the short shorts and a long sleeve shirt. Honestly, it would have looked ridiculous if it didn't show off each instance of sexuality the woman possessed. The front of the shorts looked like they barely contained her womanhood.

An outline of pussy lips was evident, and it didn't look like it would take nothing for the jeans to melt away. "Your gonna make me blush if you keep staring at me like that," she said.

"Sorry," I meekly replied feeling doubtful in my resolve. I moved around the vehicle and got in on the passenger side.

"You don't want to drive?" "I don't do stick," I replied trying to sound cool. "Well, I love to. Maybe I'll show you what I can do with a manual one of these days." The vehicle lurched forward and for a bit seemed sex xxx 18yrs old sex of girl it would die.

Then with a putter, we were off through the woods. I had never ridden in a jeep before. A thing that should have never been possible.

The surge of joy as we drove with the wind whipping through the bare cab exhilarated me. Soon that feeling grew as we left the woods and entered the highway. "It isn't fair," I said after a bit and after we stopped at a light.

We were mostly back through the city when I broke the silence. "What isn't?" "I had to wear sweats. You look incredible and me, like some kid about to hit a fat phase," I replied tugging on the sweater. "You look charming," she said. "Besides its one time. As soon as we get home, we can get you out of that." "May need to get out of strangers one eyed monster sucked girlfriend and homemade before." Dana hadn't looked at me at all during the convo, but she reached over and deftly grabbed my hard cock in the sweats.

I had almost forgotten the thing. It may have tapered off in its insistence of release, but as soon as it got some attention the throbbing came back almost painfully. "What are you doing?" I asked. "Trying to gain that forgiveness," she said. "All you got to do is say when and we can pull over." Man was she laying it on thick or what? Asking me for it. I decided then she would have to try more earnestly than that. "Not in these sweats I'm not," I said as a matter of fact. Her hand suddenly squeezed tightly, though not unpleasantly before releasing my cock.

"Have it your way then pup," she said. She looked over at me. I hadn't even noticed we were driving again. "I created you as a monster, and I'll bring it out of you somehow." Her silver eyes gleamed faketaxi party girl gets fucked in taxi promise as she licked her lips.

"The road," I said being the only thing that my mind at that second could comprehend to say. "I can see it just fine," she said with a sultry voice. Cue the cough moment. "Are you hungry?" I asked. She cocked her head in response to that question before looking back to the road. That hand never left either as we drove back to her place.

Periodically though it would rub up and down the length. By the time we got back, I wanted to take her. The engine shut off and we both sat there for a minute. "You were talking about actual food weren't you?" she asked after a moment. "Yeah," I said. "You are something else, Vance," she said getting abruptly out of the jeep. I couldn't tell what, was up and so chose to ignore it as I got out of the vehicle. Dana beat me to the front door, and Aysel greeted us. "You're back," she said. They both embraced like long lost sisters.

"What happened?" "Long story," Dana said before turning to me. "Go home and relax. We will be over soon." And then I was alone on the porch What kind of messed up is that? "Vance," Dana spoke in our link. "Seriously, go home and relax. Don't worry it isn't a slight." "Yeah, yeah," I responded not really caring anymore. Guess if I had to face the demons of my home by myself I should. Each step home progressed in difficulty as lifting my feet felt first like they were in mud.

By the time I reached that door, it had to be like walking through drying cement. Tears streamed down my face as I turned the knob. Nothing could have prepared me for the moment of acceptance that my mother was gone. Walking into the house she worked tirelessly for, memories assaulted me. Like how even though this block was by itself, the house on this street, all four of them, had been the first to be built in the entire development.

My mother had been proud watching them build the rest of the place up around us. "We could claim to be the firsts in the place," she would say with a laugh before hugging me. I closed the door behind me and really suffered under the assault. First were frames of photos hanging on the walls. Heck, my mom even had one that had eighteen slots for every first day of school.

Photos of me running, portraits of her and me, scant photos of family members who had long been forgotten. Each spot in the home had been touched by my mother.

The decorations, though never on my mind, all had to do with spring flowers. My mother loved the season of spring and such every piece of furniture and frame complimented that. Walking into the kitchen was the hardest part. Here, not only had I cooked, but my mother did too. We ate a healthy diet at her behest, and I felt sorrow at looking at the empty place.

Always clean too. Not a surface had a spot of dried food or misplaced item. With her schedule, I wondered briefly how she managed to have the time with such things. Every bit of her could be felt here, and it broke my heart. I turned, and Dana stood there in the hall.

Naked still but tears streamed down her eyes too. "I'm so sorry pup," she said opening her arms to me. Dana in a motherly role hadn't occurred to me. Not that it mattered at the moment because bare-chested or not, I found myself in her arms actually crying. She held me and gave soothing words of comfort every few seconds. Long after I stopped, while still holding me, I thought about us. While there may have been many things that happened over the past few months with us, I decided I was happy for them.

I had gained something even though I had lost my mother. "Are the others okay?" I asked noticing the scent of woods on her. "They are worried about you," she said. "Other than that, they are cooking us a good feast." "Foxy?" "She couldn't wait to get into the kitchen," She said with a laugh. "Are you okay?" "I need a shower," I said.

"And I will be on the other thing." "Let's get you washed up then." She led me through the house, pulling my a hand. I worried for a moment as we went upstairs I would have another breakdown. She brought me to my bathroom and turned the water on in the shower. "Now we need you presentable for tonight." "What does that mean?" I asked concerned. "It means making sure you wash up well. I am gonna find you something to wear." At that, I was alone in the bathroom.

I wasted no time getting underneath the hot water. Hardly felt how hot it was as I lathered up in soap and washed. I did notice how dirty the water was while I did, but soon the grayness of it disappeared under an onslaught of suds. "Vance," Dana's voice echoed in the room. "Do you need some help?" Before I could answer the curtain pulled back in Dana stepped into the tub.

"I'll wash your back." I turned from her and let the water wash down on me. When she began washing my back it relaxed me. "You've had a stressful today," she said. "Yeah." "I never thanked you for helping me." "Yeah but we lose Remi and Kristen," I said feeling a wave of sickening sadness wash over me. "I'm sorry. I had no idea a Drakkenwolf wanted me.

If I had," she said trailing off. sex xxx 18yrs old sex of girl it have changed anything?" "I'd be dead for refusing the honor," she said with some conviction. "But I am happy they got to be mates with your leadership." There wasn't really a way to explain, but that did make me feel better.

"The dude who was in charge, that bad?" "He had good days but mostly bad ones. I feel sorry for him now realizing what he had on top of his shoulders." I contemplated that for a minute. I didn't know much about the noble class of wolf, but from meeting the last one, I could tell they were something on a whole new level. "Can they be beaten?" "Yes and no," she replied.

I got a sense that was the end of the conversation when she grabbed my cock. That thing once again swelled to full attention in no time flat. The eagerness of the fella ruined all my thoughts at that moment.

"Hey now," I said. "What?" she asked nibbling on my ear now as she stroked me. "I don't think this is the time for that," I said hopefully obvious that I was trying to concentrate. "Your right," she said.

I let out a sigh of relief at her dismissal. She stepped out of the shower, and I let her dry off before I did the same, shutting the water off as I exited. She wasn't in the bathroom any longer and I thanked myself for that luck. Drying off quickly I headed out of the bathroom to my bedroom.

"What are you doing?" I asked Dana as she stepped up behind me as I entered. She hastily wrapped herself around me and one grasped cock once more. "I am attempting to make you feel better," she said. She permitted me step away.

"Look, we need to concentrate," I said before turning to face her. "I am, trust me, Vance," she said beaming at me with pleading eyes. "Allow me to make it all better." Before a blink, she was in front of me and embracing me once more. I couldn't stop myself from smelling the crook of her neck. After that small inhale, I smelt everything about her once more. From her scent of woods to the salty scent of her arousal.

As I knew her, there would be undoubtedly that her arousal glistened down her legs. She started swaying, which again reminded how motherly she could be. I felt better like that, if even for a moment of peace that it provided. Being lead was not something that crossed my mind but when she broke the embrace, we were next to my bed.

Laying in the bed, so that I was at the foot, she spread eagle before me. Her pussy glistened out and I could feel the heat from it where I stood.

The salty smell hit me full on now, igniting a need to now copulate within me. "Come on Vance," she pleaded. The pleading is what got me. She may have wanted me, but I knew that this attempt here was the genuine one to make everything up to me. It was then I forgave her for everything she did and didn't do. I got into the bed and centered myself between her spread legs. I looked down at her staring at her for a moment. Her chest heaved in anticipation.

Breast, round firm and huge sat unnaturally perky on her. The pink nipples, which contrasted to her light tans skin and freckled body, were complemented by the other six pairs growing down her body. Soon they would be joined by swelling globes of flesh. Dana had admitted that when copulating, she loved to walk the line between a full transformation and not.

She and something about the amplification of sensitivity in the nerves loved that. "Come on pup, let me love you," she said to me with a tender voice. She embraced me in more ways than. First, our lips met then our hips.

Kissing and fondling: her hands would go over my cock. Mine over breasts, nipples, and wet sex. Supple skin, scratching nails and gasps of passion were my rewards as we teased. Eventually, this part had to end, and it did when we rolled together.

The entire time, her hand or some other body part had rubbed up against my cock. When she embraced me during a passionate kiss, old chubby slut sucks and receives big cocks tube porn cock rubbed up against a shaven fat pussy.

Wet lips cushioned the head of my penis and then in some moving on both our parts in the throes I slipped inside a welcoming and hot pussy. We both stopped at the sudden change. Both of us waiting on the other to make a move with what had happened.

Sure before we had sex, but there was something profoundly different. I think she felt it too. "What is going on?" she asked after a second.

"I don't know, but do you love me?" An odd expression shown in her eyes before her face softened. "Vance," she said. I got the sudden feeling I had said the wrong thing. "You're my mate. We have just begun in our relationship." "Oh," I replied feeling a little deflated. "A relationship that will only blossom as we stay together. You're my hero Vance, and while I had no idea, in the beginning, a few weeks ago how this would all play out, I will say this. I admire you and as your mate, I love you with my whole being and want nothing more but to be yours." "I uh," I said fumbling for words.

How does one respond to them? I would have stumbled more, but she reached up and pulled me into a passionate kiss. Afterward, it broke, she spoke once more. "You don't have to respond pup. I know your feelings on the matter too." "Our link huh?" I asked with a smirk. "That and your massive cock in me," she said.

"That could be because of the nice pussy its in," I replied. "Could be, but then, your heart says otherwise," she said with a lick of her lips. "We have though reached a point where I can't hold back anymore, and I genuinely want to make up with you." "Your wish," I said pulling my cock out of her depths until her lips kissed the tips.

"My want." "Oh yes," Dana cried out. "Fuck me, Vance." I forced myself into the deep recesses of her pussy and kept my thrusts deep. She sang like French whore putting on a show. Something I can attest to with hours of internet searches.

"Give it to me," she cried out suddenly. Her body convulsed underneath me and the spray of her enthusiasm erupted violently out of tightening sex. Contortions on her face practically made me lewd and wild shaft sucking hardcore and blowjob but the musky girl cum being hosed across us both in copious creamy amounts.

Quite suddenly fur began manifesting across her chest. One thing I noticed about Dana is that she would throw herself into the change as a means to purposefully amplify her pleasure. Unfortunately for me, this cause to issues. One, it made her dangerous. Dana liked to bite and scratch in a lot of ways. Not that I would mind much, but she turned more animalistic which frightened me a bit.

Second, through natural processes or what not of the change, a tightening of a certain receiving orifice occurred. Scientifically speaking, its sudden change of docile nature to one of constant now of spasming around, drove me over the edge.

"Fill that cunt," she growled at me. "Give it all to me." I grunted as big tits redhead massage kimberly fucks shaved body joined hers in orgasmic bliss. Unlike her though, I did not throw myself into the change. A thought occurred in a split second that it might rude for me too. Some sort of instinctual push. After we calmed down, and mostly just her. Whatever orgasmic bliss hit her.

It hit hard and long. So much so that I almost got hard again while she writhed underneath me. Unable to unsheathe myself from her, I barely held on until she let out a yowl of a final crescendo.

"Are you finished yet?" I asked after her arching ceased. "Yeah," she breathed out and her body suddenly relaxed allowing me to uncouple from her. "I just showered," I said feeling how covered in cum I had become. "So did I," she said in long rasps. Her form hadn't reverted back yet. I sighed before getting up. They want to cuddle was there, but somehow it fit that the animal in her would be snappy if I did. A lot of weird know hows going on.

As I went to the bathroom to shower once again, I resigned myself that the telepathic link worked in many mysterious ways that I gave it credit for. After quickly rinsing off, I hesitated going back to my room. Something nagged at me. Ultimately, I did go back to my room, but each step felt heavy. Dana greeted me when I entered the room. "You shouldn't have washed," she said. "What?" I asked. "Why?" "You don't imagine possibilities through or even how to represent an alpha," she said with a sigh.

"I don't have a teacher," I said. "Remi was meant to do that," she said. "That worked out," I sarcastically said moving through the room to find some clothes. "I don't want to fight. We just made up," she said with a pout. I stopped moving about, having found a pair of jeans and socks. Putting them on I looked at her after a moment. "So why should I have waited?" I asked intrigued now that I had thought about it.

"I marked you well, would have been nice if the other sluts in our pack know that." "Is it important they know?" I asked really confused. "They will fight until someone claims you as their mate." "Haven't you already?" I asked.

"Between us, yes, but with them, no," she said with a laugh. "There are too many things I don't understand," I said mildly defeated in trying. "Well, at least we can try once more," she said with a moan. I groaned at her. "Another time, I'm starving." "Good because I cooked.

Let's go eat." The both of us departed from the house. I partially dressed and she completely naked. Helped that we possessed two of the houses on the block and their location happened to be next to each other. While Dana felt at home naked in her own skin and walking out in the nude, I didn't. Aysel greeted us at the door.

Giving Dana a hug and a kiss to me, she gave me a wink before pattering off into the house. I couldn't help but notice her pale legs and naked butt. My nostrils filled instantly with the smells of a grand feast as I walked into the house. Walking into the place, I went straight to where the strongest smell was and found myself looking at a table filled with food. Seriously, there was a turkey and quite a bit of thing. At the table sat Katie and Aysel. Katie was clothed. In walked Foxy thankfully wearing clothes too now that she looked like a teenager.

Her tails swished around as she walked and put a pie on the table. "Welcome home," Foxy said running over and giving me a hug. A warm feeling spread through me. "Thanks," I replied. "Come let's eat," she said going to sit down. I sat down, and Dana took the chair next to me. "Thank you, everybody," I said feeling solemn and embarrassed. "And welcome back Dana," Foxy said, her voice in a high pitch now.

Cute how it was, but creeps at the same time. "Alright, so we bore come losses, but won," I said after a minute of staring at them.

"What do we do now?" "We should kill the Noble," Dana said. Author's note Alright, after a year here is the finished rewrite. Thank you, everybody, for being patient. I know I am a slow writer, but hey, the good stuff is worth waiting for right? That being said, this is not the end of the story for these characters.

Heck not only is the next series on the way involving them, but they are also apart of the Nurse Demoness story. Vance and Dana aren't done yet and will be back in emily and nikki threesome fucking bbc interracial sucking cowgirl rewrite of The Monster on Campus.

Plus I have yet to reach the pinnacle of this current rewrite of being satisfied with it. I feel I have grown as a writer in both skill and direction. That being said, there is a lot unfinished in this current rewrite.

Details to be flushed out and For those of you wondering, I will be focusing on my current rewrite of the Egg arch and The Pill Arch. Nurse Demoness has been suspended indefinitely for now.

I have begun work on a new Sexting chapter and focus on Mother's Problem. Rule of Woman had the next chapter written but it has been scrapped due to poor direction (Not my suggestion Thank you again for being readers and as always feel free to email suggestions, feedback and whatever. Destodes777