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Angelica saige is phat ass white girl
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. As Ass sex rosi mom xnxx "C" undressed, he kept his eyes on Cat Woman and Barbara Gordon ( Bat Girl). Cat Woman was licking her lips with anticipation, while Barbara looked up at her with fear in her eyes and the obvious signs of arousal on other parts of her body.

"Show your Queen the respect She deserves" Cat Woman said to Barbara as she tugged on the leash and collar. Cat Woman tightened the leash and made Barbara kneel before her. "Kiss my boots", ordered Catwoman. Barbara initially refused to do it, but Cat Woman again tightened the collar, forcing Barbara to gag. Feeling there was nothing she could do, Barbara kiss the boots of her "Queen". After kissing her Queen's boots, Barbara turned to the left and looked out of her world and into the giant world of her new owner.

C was now completely nude, fully aroused, and just beginning to pleasure himself as he watched "the show". Barbara then turned to her right to look at her other "friends" who were leashed to a pole in the corner of the main room. Wonder woman was also watching the show and enjoying it, so turned on that she almost forgot about her current situation. Barbara watched as Wonder woman slowly ran a hand over her breasts and her other hand slowly up and down over her sex ( WW was a lesbian, as were all of her Amazonian sisters.

In their society, men are merely used for reproduction and nothing else). Wonder Girl just stared at WW, obviously in a state of arrousal, but she just continued to watch her older mentor. Super Girl, who was also leashed to the pole, stared at Wonder Girl and slowly ran her hand in a circular motion over her tight stomach. Before CW could give Barbara another order, C spoke. "I hope you ladies don't mind your present home too much, your new home will be ready in a few days.

Trust me, your new home will make your stay here ALOT more pleasant, as will the upcoming physical changes we have planned for you. Don't worry, in case you don't like them, they all are reversible. But remember, cooperation is key, if you don't cooperate with us in our work here, we have some rather unpleasant motivational tools." C added, " one more thing, you will now be refered to by your true names.

With today's technologies, the whole super heroine thing is so passe". Barbara thought about C's statements and he was right about the last one. Super Man had been killed when he volunteered for a government weapons test.

A new anti-tank round made from a space age metal blew him to bits. Bat Man and Robin were now in hiding after it became known what was really going on at Wayne Manor ( an adult male and teenage male running around together in tights .), and even WW's truth telling lasso was now longer relavent with the new emerging computer technologies. Barbara's thoughts were soon interupted when CW (now known as "Selina"), hissed an order at her.

"Now show your Queen true respect", Selina said as she unzipped the front of her outfit, revealing her womanhood that was completely shaven clean.

Selina pulled Barbara by her leash to her sex. Barbara surprised herself when she offered no resistance and buried her face into Selina's glistening crouch. As Barbara pleasured her Queen, she felt her shudder and begin to loudly moan in a cat-like fashion as she put her hands on the back of Barbara's head and worked it back and forth. Barbara could also hear the moans of C and Di, formerly WW.

After to what Barbara only seemed like a few minutes, Selina exploded into orgasm, howling like a cat possessed, followed soon afterward by C. Selina stepped away from Barbara and purred, now it's time for me to pleasure my kitten. Selina grabbed the leash and led Barbara to a small padded table. Selina ordered Barbara to lean over the table and as she did this, Selina restrained her hends with buckles that were attached to the table.

Selina asked Barbara, "have you ever been with a man". "Not completely", replied Barbara. Barbara was 23, and even though she came close, she was still a virgin. Selina replied back, "that will make this more fun.for me", as she attached the fake phallus to her belt. Barbara winced as Selina penetrated her.

Selina moaned as she thrusted into her newly deflowered "kitten'. C continued to take it all in as he watched from his world. As he began to pleasure himself again, he began to ponder how his charges would react to the upcoming changes that he oral sex with a hot beauteous hottie his assistant had planned. Barbara slowly awoke from yet another test session.

As she did so, she thought about how the last week had been. She had come to love and crave the sex with Selina (CW), and under Selina's watchful eyes, she also got to "play" with Di (WW) big tits latina girlfriend bangs big dick Donna (Wonder Girl).

She didn't mind the daily test sessions, and all in all, they weren't being treated that bad buy their hosts. C and his assistant, Kim ( known to the guests as "K"), a tall (5-9) asian female phd candidate, and their trainee ( more of a "gopher") Ashley ("A"), a tall Danish grad student, had been conducting tests on the guests for the last week. Neither K or A knew about C using the guests for his personal entertainment.

C justified the nightly shows because he thought of himself to be a lonely man. He hadn't been with a woman since wife was tragically killed in a research accident in the early stages of the program. In any case, the agency that was funding the program would most likely frown upon such activities. Barbara looked around the test room and everything seemed a bit smaller. As she was trying to comprehend the changes, the roof of her room opened.

"Good morning Barbara", stated C with a smile on his face. "How do you feel this morning", C inquired. "I"m a little tired as usual from the sedative, but something feels different" Barbara replied. "Well stand up Barbara so we can measure you", said C. Barbara climbed off the table as she had done every morning for the past week and walked over to the ruler. She was even blonde hooker gets cummed prostitution and prostitutes to like the way C watched her as walked across the room in the nude towards the ruler.

"Perfect", C said. "Your height is exactly where we wanted it to be". Barbara looked over at the ruler and realized that she was now 12 inches tall, the size of a Barbie Doll ( no pun intended). "Why did you increase my height", asked Barbara. C answered, "making you and the others slightly taller will make it easier for us to work with you in the upcoming experiments.

Oh yes I almost is also the day that you and the others move to your new quarters. I can assure you that you will like it very much. Everything in your new home is scaled to "Barbie" size." C added, "so if you lie back down on the table, I'll strap you down and we can head for your new home".

Barbara excitedly jumped onto the table and C fastened her down for own safety.

The "roof" ws closed and Barbara could feel the room being picked up and moved by C. After they exited into in the hallway, C secured Barbara's carrier onto the back of his golf cart for the ride to the other side of he facility After a short ten minute ride ( what seemed like an eternity to Barbara) they arrived at the guests new world.

C backed the golf cart in the secure area, and once the first set of doors were closed, he proceded into Barbara's new world. "The world " took up almost a complete floor of an underground warehouse. It was completely climate controlled and set up to have a "day" and night" time. The world contained trees that were "Barbie scaled", as well as a beach, a pool, and a wooded area with hiking trails.

There were even a two scaled down dogs in the world. C opened up the carrier and lifted Barbara out. "I hope you like it" he said. Barbara was in awe. Her attention was immediately drawn to the center piece of " the world", a four story house, more like a mansion actually than the a house.

"What did this cost" she asked. "Put it this way", replied C, "the Air Force is going to buy one less fighter plane this year" C began to explain everything about the house to Barbara. "Each of you as her own room which is fully stocked with your wardrobes, a queen size bed, a tv, computer and a private bath. There is also a living room with a bigger tv and other entertainment items, a rather large kitchen, a fully equipped gym, library, and 4 other baths.

There are also several empty rooms in the house that we'll probably use as they are needed." C didn't mention that every room, and virtually every inch of "the world" was covered by a hidden video surveillance system for "research purposes".

Barbara continued to take everything in as C looked down at her. "As far as clothing goes" C said, "you're free to wear anything, or nothing, as you are now. The temperature durring the "day" is a dry 85 degrees and at "night" it goes down to 64. "Where are the others" asked Barbara ? As she said this, C could see "K" backing a golf cart up to the first set of doors. " They'll be here in a second" replied C. C added, "just don't be too surprised at any changes, it's all part of the program".

Barbara could now see K entering the world with two carriers similar to Barbara's. K opened up the first one, reached in and pulled out Donna ( Wonder Girl), and placed her next to Barbara. Donna was also nude and with the exception of being "Barbie scaled ", she didn't appear any different.

C handed Barb and Donna robes. "You can put these on if you like" Barbara and Donna both put on the robes, but it was obvious that they both appreciated the sight of each other in a state of undress. "Before I take out Di(Wonder Woman) and Kyra (Super Girl), I want you two to remember that everything we do is reversible, and it's all part of the program" C stated in an authoritative, but also caring tone." Both Barbara and Donna nodded, and then C signaled K to bring Di and Kyra into "the world" from thier carrier.

Both Barbara and Donna could not believe thier eyes when K placed Di, Kyra. one at a time, across from them. Di and Kyra, who until last night were both 30 year old adult females with exceptional female physiques, were now 12 year old girls, scaled to their new world. Both of the former super heroines were child-like and lacked all adult female characteristics. C handed both of the "preteen" guests robes that were similar to Barbara's and Donna's. Barbara was about to speak, but C spoke first.

"I'm probably not supposed to explain the the program to you, but I'll tell you some aspects of it. What we're doing here are experiments that are related to deep space travel. It's top, top secret. We figured that by shrinking astronauts, we can put more equipment into a smaller, more efficient space craft, and then enlarge it back to its real size once the astronauts get to their destination.

If you're wondering why we made Di and Kyra younger, we did it because we are also working on device that can change age, increase or decrease age, so that astronauts in theory could travel for hundreds of years. We used the prototype on Di and Kyra. It has a built in safety that stops age reduction at 6 mos.

and limits increasing a persons age to 21 years beyond their present age." C added, "Unfortunately, it too only works on females, but we're working on that". C further stated, " we decided to use you super heroines as our first subjects, because as I told you early, you not needed in today's society, and because of that, you won't be missed." C told Di and Kyra to go look at thier rooms and see if there was anything they needed. The two girls happily walked off to the house.

C then spoke to Barb and Donna privately. "You two can engage in ANY activities that you want, just use discretion. Remember, Di and Kyra ARE both physically and mentally 12 years old., but we don't know if age reduction has any side effects." C added, "in case you were wondering where Cat. I mean Selina is, she is still in the lab. On the far side of the complex, a now full size, sedated, Selina, being attended to by "A" (Ashley), was strapped to a table and waiting for the experiment to begin.

. Selina ( the former Catwoman) lied on the exam table, half awake, and half asleep. As the sedative began to wear off, she began to take in more of here surroundings. She thought she was dreaming because everything in the room, including "A", looked normal. "What's going on" asked Selina. " I'll let Doctor C explain that when he gets here' relpied A. About an hour later, C arrived at the lab with his assistant "K". By this time Selina was more coherent and aware that she was now normal size.

" Why did you change me back" asked Selina. "It's part of the program", replied C. "We want to impregnate you, but we have to shrink you back down once the sperm is in your body. If your egg is fertilized while your in a shrunken state, and if our theories are correct, regardless of it's sex, the baby will be born in scale with the size of the mother at birth and stay in scale unless its enlarged by us.

I mean, the machine." Selina now had alot going through mind, mostly escape and how much money she could make if she got her hands on the "SAD" ( S- ize A-lternating D-evice as it was now officially known). But, she decided to play along until her opportunity arose. "How are you going to impregnate me", Selina asked C. "With this, C replied as he held up a long thin plastic syringe. "I think I know something that would work better" purred Selina as she smile and looked at C's already responding crouch.

"It's not like I'd resist" she added. C looked at her lying naked on the table and even though he knew it was wrong, he figured it really wouldn't hurt the program. C turned to A and K and told them to go and get Donna, Di and Kyra and have them sedated and ready for testing before they got back to the lab. C figure this would give him at least an hour to complete his "experiment" with the willing Selina. A and k were certain they had what they needed and then headed for "The Other World" as they referring to it now.

As soon as they were gone, C was out of his clothes and crawling on top of Selina. He began to kiss her neck and run a hand over her breasts, down her stomach and into the inside of her thighs. He worked his hand around the inside of her thighs until it was rubbing against her very wet and willing pussy. C wasted no time and began to thrust his rock hard manhood into Selina.

Selina hissed as C entered her with both pleasure and the satisfaction that her plan was working. C pumped Selina like a man possessed, enjoying what he not had for over 5 years. Keep his lucky hippie can call two cunts his own locked on his experiment; C was unaware that Sleina was working her left restraint loose. As C was cumming inside of asian girl gets her hairy pussy plowed "lover", they were both interrupted by something totally unexpected.

"Doctor C. what are you doing " shouted Kim(K) ? C turned and looked in horror as he saw both K and Ashley (A) standing there in the doorway.

They had forgotten their notebooks. Taking advantage of her stunned lover, Selina scratched at C eyes, causing him to roll off of the table in pain and fall to floor. Selina then picked a tray and hurled it at the two shocked assistants. Selina quickly undid the other restraints, and was going to run for the door past the startled assistants, when something caught her eye.

It was a portable SAD being recharged on a table against the wall. She quickly ran for it, pulled it out of the charger and aimed it at the assistants who were too slow to react. Suddenly, A and K were engulfed in a bright light. They became lightheaded as the room seemed to expand around them and grow larger. Selina howled as they disappeared into their clothes. But her plans were about to be suddenly dashed. "You really fucked up now" Selina heard coming from behind her. As she was about to turn, she too became engulfed in light, and from past experience, she knew what had happened.

The recovering C now stood over the 12 inch tall Selina with portable SAD in his hand. He picked her up and carried her towards the exam table. "Fuck you, you freak" she shouted, "your as evil as I am" Selina screamed in a high pitched voice. "No I'm not", replied C. "Despite what some people might consider my slight perversions, I'm actually doing this for the good of mankind." C securely restrained Selina to the table and then injected her with a sedative, rendering her unconscious.

C then walked over to the two piles of clothes near the door. Reaching into the pile closest to him, he pulled out the very stunned, and now very naked, "Barbi-sized" Kim. C then went to the second pile of clothing and retrieved Ashley. He brought both of his "assistants" over to the exam table and restrained them and place. "What are going to do with us", the two assistants shouted in unison. "First, I'm going to help you relax." C said reassuredly, and then he sedated them as he had Selina.

C looked at his two down-sized assistants and admired thier bodies. Kim had been a 5-9 Asian goddess, with long straight black hair and a body to alia bhatt fuck story hardcore for. Prior to her "down-sizing, Ashley was also 5-9 and had a 36c-22-34 "Barbie" body.and blonde hair.

Now, she was indeed the perfect size. Prior to today's events, C had never seen them in the nude. Now he new what he had been missing. C pondered what he would do next. First things first he thought. He ran some tests on Selina, and with the help of the AAD (A-ge A-lternating D-evice), he aged Selina 3 months and found out that she was indeed pregnant.

and with a male child. He theory was true ! Next, he had to decide what to do with K and A. If he restored them to normal size, and they went to the higher ups about the "Selina experiment", well, that could doom the program, 10 years of research down the drain. They would have to stay in their present state for a while. C decided to go on with the plans for the rest of the day, modified as they may be. He made sure everything was in K and A's former golf cart, and then proceeded to "The Other World" to get Donna, Di, and Kyra.

Barabra and her "special friend" Donna were enjoying the "late afternoon sun" down at the beach along with their two younger sisters Di and Kyra ( as Barb and Donna had began refer to them as. All four girls wore matching bikini bottoms and nothing else, although Barbara and Donna's were cut a little higher than their younger sisters. Di and Kyra seemed to really enjoy the beach, and the company of thier older sisters. Barbara did catch Di staring at her a few times and it made her feel abit uncomfortable.

Perhaps she was just wondering was it was like to be a sunny leone pone sex stories 35 tim xxx story woman.

Barbara had engaged Di and Kyra in quite abit of conversation since they had arrived in the morning, and through their conversations, Barbar got the impression hot amateur eurobabe drilled in public for a few bucks both Di and Kyra appeared to be normal 12 year olds. Niether had any memories of being adults, although they did know that they were once "full-sized".

They repeatedly asked why they were shrunk and about their pasts, but both Barb and Donna stared away from these questions, only saying that they were being "treated by the doctor".

Di and Kyra both seemed to be quite content with their present states and their new world, as did Barbara and Donna. Unknown to any of them, this was part of the both the sizing and age altering processes.

It was designed into the process that once a person got over the initial shock of being shrunk ( if it occurred), after a day or so, they would begin to become content, if not enthusiastic, about their new state of being.

This was done to keep the astronauts sane and complacent during their long missions. The age altering process had effects on memory that were not intentionally placed in the process, but were a side effect teen fucked on train and sneaky teens farm girls it. After testing, it was learned that once person was brought back to their original age ( or close to it), they would begin to remember their pasts, particularly things that were drilled into their minds such as mission procedures.

As the girls continued to soak up the sun, they heard C's amplified voice summonsing them to the main house. It was about a 10 minute walk back to the house from the beach for them, so they left their beach things in place and began owari nseraph 2 sub ita walk.

When they got back to the house, they could see C standing outside of their "world" looking in. "How did you girls enjoy the beach", C inquired?

" It was great" replied Di and Kyra. "Well I hate to cut it short, but we a lot alot of work to at the lab, so I have to take Donna, Di and Kyra there now. The three of you will be there for 2 or three days, so I hope you won't get too lonely Barbara" said C.

Barbara replied that she was sure she could keep herself busy, and then asked if she could head back to the beach. C nodded yes, so Barbara said her goodbyes and headed back to the beach.

C then instructed Donna, Di and Kyra to go and get cleaned up in the house and to come back out when they were done. After the 10 minute walk back to the beach Barb thought to herself, "I really don't need these anymore" and slipped out her bikini bottoms and dove into the water. After a lengthy swim, Barbara came out of the water to enjoy the last hours of sunlight.

Her tanned, nude body glistened in the late day sun. Barbara lied down on her back on a towel, and with one hand, began exploring her body with thoughts of her 18 year old, nubile "friend" Donna going threw her mind. About 45 minutes after the girls went into the house to get cleaned up, they returned to the awaiting C. I"ll take you first" C said to Donna. Donna stepped towards C's gloved hand, removed her robe( revealing her nubile body) and awaited to be picked up.

C gentlely picked up the now nude Donna, placed her in her carrier and secured her to the table inside. "Ok girls it's your turn" C said to Di and Kyra. Di stepped up first, removed her robe, and walked towards C's gloved hand.

Kyra then followed Di's lead. Both girls were placed in the same carrier and secured down to the two individual tables that were in carrier. C loaded both carriers onto the golf cart and headed for the lab. Once he arrived at the lab, C sedated all three girls and placed them on individual exam tables.

While Donna, Di, and Kyra slept, C went back to work on Selina. The now 3 month pregnant, and still unconscious Selina, was placed under the AAD. C then punched in the proper settings to advance Selina's age 6 months. C watched as Selina's abdomen began to expand, and in less than 2 minutes, Selina gave birth to healthy baby boy. C removed Selina from under the AAD, and after checking her out, placed here on an exam table.

C then placed Selina's ( and his) child under the AAD. "I hope my theory is correct" he thought. C punched in the settings to advance the baby's age 20 years. "Maybe I should make him 25 so he can be slightly older than Barbara", and with that thought, C disabled the AAD's safety.

C readjusted the settings. "Well, here we go" he said aloud to himself. He pushed halloweens eve sex action with these hottie trio doggystyle and bestfriend button, and in an instant the baby was engulfed in a blueish light and began to grow and change.

After about 10 minutes, the boy was now the size of a teenager. At this time, C went over and restrained the boy to the table. Finally, after about 20 minutes or so, C was looking at very healthy, and somewhat confused25 year old, "Barbie ( or Ken if you prefer) sized man. C quickly sedated the man whom he named Samuel and wheeled him into another room. C connected electrodes to Sam's head from yet another prototype machine.

Over the course of a few days, this computer would fill Sam's brain with basic language skills and what he would need to know to get by in "the world". Any other skills good be learned over time. He hoped Barbara would be a good teacher. "Ok it was time to begin work on the others" C thought. C went and got Donna, Kyra, and Di and brought them into the room where the AAD was kept.

The first one to go threw the process would be Di. Di was placed under the ADD. C set the device to advance Di's age 9 years. He hit the start button. As the blue light engulfed Di, C watched in awe as Di began to get taller. Puberty came on almost instanteously and C watched as Di's hips widen, her breasts began to busty asian teen honey gold has to blow it, and hair appeared between her legs. After about 12 minutes, Di was no longer a 12 year old girl.

she was now a 21 year old goddess who resembled a younger Wonder Woman. "This will help with Selina" thought C. Next up was Donna. Donna was placed under the AAD, C set the machine to decrease her age by 9 years.

He hit the button. As Donna became engulfed in in the now familiar blue light, C watched in equal awe as Donna began to change in the reverse of what had happened to Di. The nubile 18 year old began top get shorter, her breasts began to shrink and eventually disappeared. C watched as Donna's hips began to get slimmer, and the last traces of her pubic hair disappeared. In the same amount of time it took Di to become a woman, Donna had become a child. Kyra went right after Donna.

Kyra's age was to be decreased by 3 years. After the process was completed, the changes were noticeable, but not as dramatic as they had been with Donna.

Finally Selina was again placed under the AAD. With the safety off, C had a special surprise for her. C finished up his work at about 2:00 AM. He walked back to his quarters, poured himself a scotch and got ready for bed.

Before going to sleep, he watched the video recordings of Barbara's day at the beach. It was Barbara's third day alone in the world, and she sat by the pool she heard the outer doors open. C walked in pushing a cart holding three carriers. Barbara got up from her lounger, put on her robe, and walked to the viewing area where C was waiting.

"I hope you weren't too lonely" asked C. "It was actually very relaxing" replied Barb. C replied back, " I've brought Di, Donna, and Kyra back with me.and one new friend whom I hope you will get to know VERY well.

Just remember what I told you before, everything is part of the program, and reversible, so don't be shocked by any changes in your friends. C reached into the first carrier, and removed Donna first.

Barbara immediately recognized the 9 year old version of her "friend". C lowered her to the ground, and although she lacked clothing, Barbara noticed that Donna was holding what would be a Barbie sized doll to her. Barbara noticed that Donna's doll was not a blonde Baribie, but it appeared to be asian. Kyra came out next and was also holding a doll.

Her's looked more like a traditional "Barbie". Di was brought out next and placed next to Barb in "The World". Barbara stared at the now 21 year old, and 4 months pregnant Di.

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They exchanged greetings and as they did this, C spoke. " Di, why don't you take Donna and Kyra into the house and find some clothes for the three of you" Di took each of her younger sisters by the hand in led them into the house. Di reminded the girls to be very careful with their dolls as they walked to the house.

"Ok She came in like a wrecking ball, said C, "it's time to meet your new friend". C reached into the third carrier, picked up Sam and then placed him in his world.

Barbara smiled as the athletic 6 foot- two ( scaled to her) completely nude Sam was placed across from her. "Barbara, please remove your robe" C said, ' so Sam can take all of you in". C asked this to see what Sam's reaction would be. and he liked looking at Barbara when she was in a state of undress. Without hesitating, Barbara dropped her robe to the ground.

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When Barbara removed her robe, it was obiviuos to C at the site of Barbara's erect nipples that Barbara was smitten with Sam.

Barbara could see that Sam was also very much into her. "You two will be staying in the same room on the top floor" stated C. I hope you two get know each other very, very well. With that, Barbara put a towel around Sam's waist, put her robe back on, and led him into the house to "show him around".

C returned to his his quarters, poured a drink and began to type a report meridian babettes saftbienen sc brunette big tits the "Higher Ups'. The first line of the report read; ." Request for Two New Assistants. My previous assistants have volunteered to become deeper involved in the program. Paperwork to follow.