Yr old britnee did her first and only shoot

Yr old britnee did her first and only shoot
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Well, there i was. Driving home on my way back from visiting friends. I was stuck in traffic yet again. Along side me pulled up truck with one female driver, i looked at her trying to stay out of view. She moved off, leaving me in a world of my own.

I didnt even see the angry people passing me. I was now holding up the traffic. I went down the road, for no more than ten miles. It was getting late, i started thinking about pulling in at a sexy postop ladyboy diana solo playing her hairy pussy with a huge bla for the night.

About an hour went by until i came to a stop at a little motel just off the main road. It was then i saw that truck again. I walked towards the main entrance still looking at it, almost knocking a man over while doing so. If she was here, that might give me a chance i thought to myself. I went in, paid for a nice single room. I would say the view was nice, but it really wasnt. I fell flat onto the bed and rolled over onto my back, looking at the clock going round on the far wall.

My eyes closed and i fell asleep. Hours went by. I woke up and walked to the window. Looked outside, the truck was still there. I dressed and went down to the cafe and looked around. I saw the truck driver sitting along the wall in the far corner.

So i took the table just behind her, i looked at her. She had a trim body, with a little tan. Her chest was round and plump.

Her black hair hanging past her breasts. I ordered some food while i watched her. I knocked over a cup, and bent to pick it up. As i came back up from the floor i noticed she had gone, outside the window i saw her getting into her truck once more. I looked at the table were she had been sitting before. Her keys! I picked them up and ran after her. I walked slowly towards her, "hey, i think you forgot something" i called as she went through her bag, i handed her the keys.

She said thanks and kissed me on the lips. I wanted her so bad. My cock started to get hard as i watched her walk away again and back into the cab of her truck.

I waited until she had driven off to go back to my car. I had forgotten all about my food in the cafe. I was set, i wanted her too much to care. I set off down the road in the same way she had gone. I looked at my watch 11:34, i kept driving. It was not long until i saw the back of her truck once more.

I was so happy to find her. I followed, i kepted about five cars behind. Trying not to been seen. Night set in, and the view of cars faided into the glow of headlights.

I overtook three cars to keep up with her, ahead of us i saw a faint glow of red and green lights, it was another motel. She pulled in, so did it. I waited in my car. I watched as she went in.

I waited, she came out and walked up the metal stairs onto the second floor, and opened room 801. I did as she did. But i made sure i got the room next to hers. I went inside. I was going to wait until she went down for dinner before i talked to her again. I went into the bathroom to have a shave. From the wall to my right i could hear her. She was in the shower. I could hear her singing, just the sound of her voice was enough to make me hard.

I sat on the edge of the bath, ear pressed against the wall. Her singing stopped. I could not hear anything psych ward training for ashley lane. I sat there in a trance. I could hear footsteps from her room. She was back in the bathroom. Enough was enough i went outside through the window towards the back and looked in through her bathroom window. She was sitting on the toilet. I looked. She had nothing on, her legs parted and her breasts wet.

I watched as she fingered herself over and over. My cock getting harder by the second. I slipped and fell a bit, i could see her shadow moving towards the window i was by, I needed to move quickly but it was too late. "What are you doing?" she asked in a way that made me think she saw the whole thing as a joke. "Nothing" i lied. She invited me in to get patched up, i didnt notice at the time but my arm was bleeding from the fall. She sat me on the bed and went into the bathroom.

I watched as she walked, she had a towel on now and i could just see up it. I couldnt just sit there.

I got up and walked into the bathroom, i came up behind her while she went through her bag. "So have you forgotten anything this time" i asked. She looked at me as if i was mad. "Excuse me?" she seemed to move into a defencive position. "Dont you remember me i asked?" All hope faiding. "Oh, im so sorry i didnt know it was you. Thank you for getting my keys." She seemed to be a bit more calm now, and she let her towel drop a bit. As massive tatas get sprayed with sticky spunk felt her hand whipe across my arm, i felt a rush.

I held her arm and move my hand towards hers. She looked at me. I looked at her. I started kissing her fingertips and slowly moving up her arm kissing every part of it. I kissed all up her neck and stopped when i came to her lips. I pulled away.

"Im sorry" i said. Starting to look around for a good exit. I turned and walked towards the door. Behind me a heard running and her arms fly around me. I turned round and her lips met mine. We kissed, my lips moving hers apart. The towel she had been guarding herself with was now at her feet. I reached out and felt her breasts, I moved my head until i was level with them. Her nipples were hard and i played with them in my mouth. She let out a weak grown. I moved her towards the bed. There we lay kissing I started to move down from her breasts towards her pussy.

I continued past and lightly kissed the inside of her legs before making my way back up again.

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Her pussy was wet, and i licked all around it making it shine. She moaned loudly and that made me so happy. My cock was now hard.

I was ready. I moved ontop of her and pressed the top of my cock up against the lips of her pussy. I moved slowly in, her eyes closed. Her mouth moving. Moaning softly. I move in and out, gaining speed. Her eyes opened and she started moaning. moving a bit. I felt as if i could cum any second. But i wanted this to last so much.

I continued to Fuck her, while my hands went gently down her back and grabbed her butt. She let out a very loud moan. People sexy babe marci matty straddles driving examiner by could hear and would surely look in through the window. I didnt care. I was with her now. And nothing was going to stop it. I cummed, it ran out of her very wet pussy as she rubbed. I layed along side her. Kissing her, until she was alseep. I lay there thinking.

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I thought myself to sleep. When i awoke the next day. I was still on the bed. My jeans and shirt next to me with a note onto. Which read: "Thank you for last night, it was great. But i have to get back to my husband x". I read it a few times over, just to make sure i had got it right. I got back into my car a few hours later.

Note still in my hand. Just before i pulled out of the motel carpark. I rolled down the window and put the note in the bin. The last thing i needed was for my wife to find out.