Unusual lesbos fill up their huge bums with cream and squirt it out

Unusual lesbos fill up their huge bums with cream and squirt it out
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Since you clearly recognize the pleasure to be found in words, you'll notice that what you're reading right now is something quite different to what you can experience from the usual erotic fiction…you might find yourself becoming more turned on and hotter as you absorb the sensual language and imagery.

I don't know if you'll notice how deeply these descriptions can create up vivid, colourful and intense pictures in your mind or if you might just feel that intimate, pulsing throb of desire igniting deep inside you as you read.

What I do know is that these words are written for your eyes only and that no one else will be able to connect to them and really feel them in the way you can, simply because they are designed and composed like a symphony of language for your private, personal pleasure.

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So, with each line you read you as you sit where you are right now with the sounds of hot redhead babe gives sensual blowjob in pov world and the sensations of the air on your skin, you might find yourself pausing to intensify those feelings in your body and submit to the experience as it happens… As the lift doors open you step in, too preoccupied with your phone to notice me standing there as you absent-mindedly read your messages.

I watch you from behind, taking in your figure and admiring your style while you begin to notice the feeling of being watched; trying to ignore it due to being absorbed in your texts, you notice an unread message from me and open it excitedly. You find yourself wondering whether it'll be some funny text or if maybe I'm sending you an elaborate mini-novel via phone, but a flash of emotion rips through your body as you read what I've sent: "Look behind you…" A hit of fear as your mind tries to process whether or not this is a joke but you realize you can't be sure with me.

You spin around to see me standing, smiling at you and reaching out to hit the stop button of the lift; it shudders to a halt leaving us trapped together, a feeling of panic engulfs you as you don't know what to do.

You remember that you barely know me but, somehow, you can feel so comfortable and at ease around me that the fear dissolves into a relaxed vibe as you give yourself permission to simply enjoy whatever happens.

All of a sudden you notice you've become more aroused than you've ever felt before and all without even a single word exchanged. A kaleidoscope of emotions twists and turn through your whole being as you can become unable to control yourself for much longer.

From the surge of warmth radiating from between your legs to the rippling heat, like electricity on fire, coursing through your spine, your entire body becomes alive to the moment and fully present to every sensation.

Even the feeling of the air on your face feels blissful as you let yourself go and raise your eyes to mine. A moment of silent, burning lust seems to stretch out for hours as our eyes meet. That flush of colour over your neck lights up your porcelain skin like the flames of the fire already rising from deep down inside you.

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You begin to notice the space around us, removed from the everyday and locked together by our shared mom and his dingal big story the fine hairs on your neck stand on end and cause a ripple of electricity to flow from the base of your spine to the top of your head.

In an instant you think how you might start to notice you can remember all the times you've felt that same pull of pure desire. The raw, primal urge for pleasure when you finally meet someone who you just know can fulfil your every fantasy and give you an experience you can remember forever. In that frozen frame of reality, I see you pupils dilate into black holes with a sapphire aura as your pulse begins to race.

You notice your heart is pounding rhythmically as your body remains static, shivering arcs of big ass blonde stretching pink muff in closeup big butt bliss dance around your neck and up towards the top of your head.

Never losing eye-contact, I step towards you slowly, you swallow nervously and a shy grin creeps across your face; a cocky smile shines from my lips as I read your body and know already how much you want me.

Your breath quickens with anticipation, knowing what's coming next and eager to have my hands on your skin…but I stop in front of you, still eye-to-eye, raising my hands up to cup your face in them as I slowly, slowly move closer to your lips. Our lips connect with a spark of light, simultaneously soft and firm as we kiss for the first time; a passionate invocation of our mutual desire, your lips on mine as the smell of my aftershave penetrates you and our bodies move closer in a desperate embrace.

Still holding your face in my hands, I run my fingers around beneath your ears and through your hair as your tongue reaches out for mine.

The tingling caused by feeling my warm fingers on the back of your neck brings images to mind of where else you'd like to feel them, you thrust your hips against me and wrap your arms around me to pull me closer. The taste of your kiss is hypnotic and our rhythm intensifies, lips and tongues locked in a divine dance together while the warmth of our bodies, already grinding together, rises by the second as your hands slide beneath my shirt; your fingernails dig into my bare skin tempting ladies make their juicy cunt wet and wild me to groan in ecstasy and kiss you harder, pushing you firmly against the wall of the elevator.

You can feel my weight on you, pressing against you and holding you in place, under my control in a way that immediately allows you to submit further and allow yourself to feel everything clearly. With your breasts pushed against me you become even more turned on, I can feel your sensitive, tender nipples through your top as our bodies melt together.

Your scent fills me as our kiss become more and more frenzied, more primal as I slip my fingers up through the hair on the back of your head, gripping it firmly between them and forcing your face closer to mine. My other hand reaches down to grab yours before roughly thrusting it above your head and bringing our bodies even closer still.

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Your mind races and your body throbs with excitement and arousal, the deep pounding of your heart in your chest feels like a timebomb waiting to explode as soon as I touch you right where you love both teen and milf want to have every fun best.

With every second, you feel your temperature rise as your legs become weak and begin to shake slightly; my arms support you as you let yourself succumb to the pleasure of this new experience, pinned to the wall and all mine… I release you and step back for a moment, eyeing you up and down approvingly.

Seeing you standing there, slumped against the wall a little and looking stunned I simply smile and take both of your hands in mine. Looking right into your eyes, you somehow feel as though we've been here before and that we've known each other forever, a familiarity and comfort that causes your beautiful smile to blossom on your face. Breathlessly, you exclaim: "What the fuck?" and laugh…but I remain silent and come closer to you, still holding your hands before raising your arms to either side of you, exposing your chest and neck before moving slowly towards you again.

So caught up in waves of lust surging through your body like an ocean of pure sensuality, you barely notice me move closer, lips making contact with your neck, gently sucking on your skin before biting it slightly and causing rhythmic arcs of pleasure to pulsate through your body.

With chains of tiny kisses, I work my way up towards your ear and take the lobe between my teeth, softly sucking as I run my fingernails along the inside of your arm and cause you to giggle. While my mouth attends to your neck and face, my hand traces over that area of your chest you so love to have touched but so rarely get, tracing shapes over your skin and then down over the soft, supple curve of your breasts. As my fingers drag across your cleavage, following the contours of your shape, I continue to bite and suck on your neck, kissing my way over the edge of your face before working my way slowly, teasingly over your chest.

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Releasing your other arm from my grasp, I caress your breasts with both hands while I run my tongue across your skin, leaving lingering trails of tingling, cool sensation flickering on your blushing neck and chest.

Using my lips to wander back up and along the other side of your neck, sliding my hand up your back to pull on your hair and expose you further as you let out a little moan of delight. As I come up to your ear, I whisper low and soft about how good it feels to touch you, and describing in detail what I'm going to do while you breathe more heavily, grabbing my head and holding me close to you.

My words reverberate within you as you can really begin to visualize the scenes I describe to you, the sounds, smells, tastes and scintillating sensation of skin on skin as we explore each other's bodies. From out of nowhere, I stop kissing my way over you and drop to my knees in front of you. The surprise and unexpectedness of my actions give you a flutter of nervousness as you have no idea what I'm going to do next.

Gazing up at you as you look down at me questioningly, I remain silent and run my hands up your legs and caress your hips before pulling you nearer to my face so that I can feel your warmth.

It feels so naughty teen like cut in pussy have me there, waiting for me to take you to that level you've imagined as you lie there touching yourself, thinking about a moment like this where you can be free to connect with your deepest desire to be led by an experienced hand.

Smiling, I take the edge of your skirt and begin to push it up slowly…you try to stop me, pushing my hands away but I dismiss them without words and continue to move the taut fabric up and up…as my hands run firmly over your thighs, you buckle slightly as if to push your crotch closer to me, unconsciously…the skirt rides up over your panties to your waist as I look at your still clothed body, eyes aflame with primal lust…in an instant, I rip your tights from the waistband to the inside thigh…shocked, you gasp and try to protest but I gesture for you to be quiet which, in your already compliant state, pinned to the wall and about to be ravaged like you've imagined in those dreams, causes you to bite your lip and dreamily close your eyes.

Seeing your panties right there in front of me, my sole aim right now is to give you pleasure and so I return my focus to opening your torn tights to show more of you…my fingers slip beneath the ripped fabric, drawing lines over your panties and teasing your pussy with slow, lingering touch; feeling how wet you are already and your warmth, underwear already damp to the touch and your intoxicating scent filling my nose.

As if to whisper, my mouth slowly approaches you as you feel my breath, warm on the air, as it caresses you gently; my lips kissing their way from your waist and downwards to plant themselves playfully all over your panties, occasionally dancing over your clit through them, just enough to make you moan softly and tremble with each touch.

My hands slide all over your thighs, massaging them while my mouth explores between them; the soft caress of my lips and tongue make you shiver, the feeling of having me go down on you real american couple live sex in the dorm watching classmates brings you to the brink of orgasm right there and then, the sheer anticipation makes the moment more intense than you can even imagine.

I kiss my way over the material of your panties, getting closer and closer to tasting you for the first time and driving myself wild with the thought of it. In a flash, the urge takes over and I grab your underwear with both hands, holding the sides taut at the front and back, ready to tear them from you as the anticipating builds even further.

A fever pitch surge of electrical bliss shoots through you, the idea of being treated so roughly, so primal and feminine in your submissiveness pushes you over the edge as you shudder against the wall.

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Pulling my head towards you, trying to force me to your pussy I resist and, with one strong, swift movement, rip your panties at the seams and pull them apart; the front section of the right hand side falls forwards to expose your glistening, waiting pussy. I smile up at you as you look down, wanting to see me work and give you a demonstration of those skills I've was talking about; knowing how ready you are, how able you are to tune into your own desire for satisfaction and willing to go that bit further in your freedom than you've ever been able to before, I move the ripped and ravaged material to one side to show more of you as I push your legs apart further.

Kissing my way roughly, my unshaven face bristling against your skin, I work up the inside of your thigh and to the edge of you pussy, seeing how wet you are I lap up your juices slowly, running the length of my tongue over your lips but deliberately avoiding your tingling, throbbing clit.

So desperate to have me suck on it, take it between my lips and circle it with my tongue, you try to force my head nearer…but I overpower you and run my tongue along your lips, taking each and kissing it softly while my hand wanders up your thigh; the other hand slides upwards to pull your top down a little and show off your perfect breast before yanking your bra down too until I can sexy dance and bj by real czech newbie your firm nipple between my fingers.

With the perfect amount of pressure to make you sigh aloud, my fingers grip your nipple and hold it…keeping it there and pulling, gently at first but becoming slowly more rough and tight.

At the same time, my tongue continues to run along the shape of your lips, my face gesturing for you to part your legs more so that I can slip my tongue inside you; with teasing poking movements, I use my tongue to probe your pussy and part your lips further. My fingers now join my tongue and lips in giving my undivided attention to your pussy, using them to massage your most sensitive spot inside you and bring you to the edge of coming as your juices trickle down my hand. Using my thumb to work your clit as my mouth leaves trails of kisses all over you, you begin to shake and groan loudly as I feel you tighten around my fingers.

I take your clit playfully between my lips and begin to run tiny circles around the tip, sucking on it gently but roughly enough to make you shudder with delight. I can feel you trying to fight the urge to cry out loudly, your hips push and pull against my face as you try to control yourself but feel yourself losing your ability to do so.

A groan escapes your mouth as I work your clit, lapping it with long, slow strokes while my fingers continue to play around inside you and take you higher with every touch.

I can feel you drip from my face, the taste of you is like fuel for my lust as I stay right where you love to feel it best, holding my tongue on that spot that drives you wild and toying with you; teasing you, bringing you to the edge of an explosive orgasm before slowly up and making you wait. In frustration, you grab my head and hold it in place so that I can't get away and am forced to make you cum hard.

As my fingers probe and circle inside you, your whole body tightens up and shakes with each stroke of my tongue until you're slamming your hand against the wall as intense floods of pleasure course though your body. Breathless and in shock, you slump to the floor and look at me with hungry eyes, I can see what you want by the look on your face, how much you want to be taken right there and then; to bend you over and fuck you hard, spanking your ass till it stings and shooting streams of hot cum inside you would be incredible…but I just look at you and laugh, standing up from my kneeling position and adjusting myself…our eyes meet again as I smile at you and say "Let's get out of here, there's a hotel booked already so let's go…" before restarting the lift, taking you by the hand and walking out the door as if nothing had happened.

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