Girl boobs inject by injection animated

Girl boobs inject by injection animated
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Hey guys thanks so much for your feedback on the previous post. I love writing and it means a lot to get your seal of approval. I also rely on honest and constructive criticism. I admit honestly my spelling and punctuation leaves something to be desired.

I always endeavour to improve, as I'm still young. Please fee free to message me with any advice teen babe adria gets her holes licked by babe kimmy, im always happy to correspond. I know my writing wont be everyone's cup of tea, but I'd love to keep the series going, this post is a simple one.

There will be twists and turns in future posts. I hope you enjoy. Please enjoy Scotch Bonnet- Chapter 2 After Tammy had left the room he had to wait a few minutes, although only a brief encounter with Tammy his cock was hard as a steel rod. He thought about bashing one out but instead simply waited for it to die down, when he was only semi hard he was able to adjust his cock so it wasn't showing bulge. He walked out trying to look as casual as possible.

Brad headed behind the bar where he put his apron back on and served a customer.

When the customers where served Amber approached Brad. 'Are you okay hun, your cheek looks swollen?' Gently placing her hand on his face. 'Im Alright Amber' he reassured her 'Guys like that need to learn they can't behave like that, you girls deserve more respect than that' She agreed, giving Brad a quick hug. He was serving a regular, passionate blonde loves to suck and fuck only being there a week, there was always some older lonely guys, harmless, just came for the friendly service.

Amber asked Brad what was happening in the Bathroom, Brad went a little red faced and brushed it off. He told her that Tammy was helping check his cheek was okay and thanking him, Amber just laughed and said yeah i bet she was really thankful. Brad tried to pretend that they didn't both know what was happening but Amber was the one Brad liked the most out of the girls.

Brad felt a belonging here, the guys in the kitchen were cool and the girls were sexy, funny, flirty and caring. He felt at home and felt protective of the girls, but like any normal guy he thought about them all, which one he had the most in common with etc. They were all stunning, each one hot sluts get bonked in hardcore fashion a characteristic that set them apart, but Amber was perfection to him, toned and athletic body, mid height, good sized breasts and a pert toned ass that would probably crack walnuts.

But Brad felt like they got on too well, she was a little older than him and they had a good rapport. Brad was convinced she saw him like a little brother and wanted to look out for him. The evening flew by and all the staff cleaned up and even got some set up jobs done for the next shift. At the end the girls usually chatted before driving off, Brad had a feeling Tammy might wait around but she didn't seem to notice him, so he said his good byes and headed off to walk to his apartment.

He got less than a few minutes away when he heard a beep and saw lights approaching. When he turned round the headlights were blinding, they dimmed, Brad had a lump in his throat worried this could be the guys from earlier looking for more trouble.

He was relieved when he saw Tammy pull beside him and signal him to come over, she winded down a window and asked if he wanted a lift, Brad said he'd be okay but She insisted. He got in and thanked her, feeling a bit awkward.

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They chatted about work, he saw the turning for his street come and go, when he turned and asked where she was taking him. She smiled impishly, not taking her eye off the road. 'To my place'. Brad's heart started to pound as his mind raced thinking of the possibilities. They listened to music on the way back, until they reached her place. It was a maisonette top floor flat, a little bit out of town, which is why she was able to afford it. She fiddled with her keys as Brad stood behind her, he could smell her intoxicating scent, a mix between lavender and honey.

She opened the door and they made their way in. She pointed to the living room down the hall and told Brad to make himself at home while she got out of her work clothes. Brad walked into the living room, it was small, with a large sofa, you could sink into it, he took his jacket off and sat down on the sofa. Tammy yelled from down the hall offering a coffee. Brad accepted and sat with a bundle of nerves in his stomach until Tammy walked in. She was wearing pajama shorts a tank top that clung to her.

She had brown hair was tied in a ponytail. She handed him the coffee and sat next to him, They talked for a while. Learning a lot about each other, Tammy opened up about her ex's the way they some of them hit her and were abusive, some cheated and how because of this she had a hard time trusting and that she didn't feel like she deserved to be loved, Brad felt protective of her like he did the others at work.

Tammy was naturally beautiful, she never wore a lot of makeup, but she was so sexy, girl next door kind of looks. She leaned towards the coffee table and picked up a remote, she put some music on. She moved closer to Brad. 'Brad i don't know blak mail mum stup boob how to say this, we have only known each other for a week or so now, but i feel close and i trust you.

After what you did today and our moment in the bathroom i knew i wanted you, i know it could make things complicated, your 18 and im 24, we're both at different stages of our life, but all i care about right now is how im feeling.

And i want you to make love to me' Brad sat shocked for a second, he took in what she just said and thought about her, her entirity, how beautiful she dirty girls anissa kate riley reid anikka albrite aria salazar compilation and fingering, her short curvy legs that looked incredible, her toned flat stomach, her mid sized large B/C cup breasts.

Her alluringly sweet blue eyes and her dark brown hair. Her incredible personality, the way she smiled and the way he had butterflies anytime they made eye contact.

Like her he had no idea about the future, but he knew he wanted her. Brad inched slightly closer, looking her in the eyes, cuing the butterflies. 'Tammy, you are amazing, your smart, funny, beautiful, sexy and innocent all at kali james fucks her stepmom and her bf, when you look at me, i fall ten feet.

I want nothing more than to be with you tonight, but i want to know its what you want, but also im a virgin, i want to be good enough for you and i don't want to let you down.' Tammy smiled sweetly and told Brad that, he was everything she wanted and that, she wanted him and that nothing he could do, could let her down. Before he could say anything she kissed him, quickly pushing him onto his back and straddling him. She placed her weight on him as she leant down and kissed him fiercely.

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Their tongues explored each others mouths as so did their hands. Tammy stopped suddenly, making Brad think he'd done something, she stood up not breaking eye contact smiling as she stood. She removed her top revealing her white lace bra, with her breats heaving, trying to break free. She then turned and gently pulled her shorts down, revealing a matching set of lace panties that only covered half of her ass.

She walked towards the hallway, looking back towards Brad, she looked at him gently gesturing her finger for him to follow. Which he did tentatively. When he reached the bedroom, she was on her knee's on the middle of the bed. It was a large bed in a average sized double bedroom. She looked slightly cross. 'Why are you still dressed?' She asked Brad impishly. Brad said nothing, he reached down and started to draw his shirt over his head.

He kept in shape and was toned, his chest was reasonably hairy. Tammy started to smile with anticipation. She stared at his crotch, with a slightly animalistic look in her eyes. Like she needed Brad's cock, a baser need. Brad untied his Kilt at the side and untied another layer on the other side, letting it fall to the floor. Tammy's eyes followed from his chest making their way down to his cock, she smiled when she saw a semi erect 6' cock.

She signalled him to come over, she made her way to the edge of the bed. She kissed him Passionately. His hands explored her amazing body, her hands went straight to his cock, eagerly, fondling and grasping. He stopped kissing to moan, Brad's intensity grew, along with his penis.

It didn't take long for his cock to reach it's full size at an impressive 8.5' inches. He reached round and fondled the clasp on Tammy's bra, releasing her beautiful breasts, pert, full and round with medium sized nipples both standing at attention. She pulled him down onto the bed, at all times she had one hand on his cock, like she was afraid it would go away. Brad eagerly paid attention to her breasts, going from one to another, enjoying them.

Tammy would moan and giggle as he would kissed nipple and suck on her nipples. Taking his time. Brad didn't know what the future held for him, would he and Tammy get together, would this be their one and only time making love. He had no idea, but what he did know was that he was going to savour every moment lf this. It was his first time with a woman, better yet, with a infrediy beautiful woman and he wanted her and himself to enjoy each and every second.

Brad stopped suddenly which took her back slightly, he looked down at her. Asking 'why are you still dressed?' Looking at her panties. She laughed and laid back on the bed,she looked at Brad wantonly, he took the hint and placed his hands on her thighs slowly reaching for her waist band. She seemed aroused by his very touch, her breathing growing more jagged and slower the closer he got. He gently hooked her waist band with his fingers, slowly pulling them down, he slowly kissed his way along her thighs, until she gently lifted her hips, to allow him to fully remove her panties.

When he looked down He marvelled at the sight before him, her legs spread before him, as if he was moses parting the red sea. It bondage hot sex anal fuck the first vagina he'd ever seen, in the flesh anyway.

A neat a tidy pussy with a gleam that he took as a good sign, she had a tiny bit of fluffy pubes just above her pussy, that made him want to explore her nether regions. He went to kiss his way down from her stomach to lick his first pussy. Tammy stopped him at her stomach.

'Not now baby, i want you inside me'. Brad was a little surprised and a little disappointed, but he was eager to be with her. Brad nodded as he re positioned himself between her legs, looking a little intimidated. Tammy giggled slightly. 'Need help there hun?' Brad laughed a little. She took charge, grasping his manhood firmly, pressing it to her entrance. There was a moment as she started to Gently move his man hood up and down to find the right spot. 'Ahh thats it' she coo'd 'push for me baby', Brad for the first time pushed his cock forward, feeling his head enter her.

His eyes never left hers as he felt his cock fo further. She started to moan softly, Brad gently proceeded until he was half way in. Her moans grew much louder so he stopped. Tammy looked up. 'Don't stop now' she told him, placing a hand on his hip and pulling him forward. His cock felt electric as he slowly burried his member fully inside of her tight wet love tunnel. He started to lay his weight on her as he started slow gentle thrusts, bringing his cock half way out before making his way back in.

Her moans grew in ferocity and length with his thrusts. 'Your so big!!' She moaned in his ear, 'so thick' she moaned softly.

Brad started to build his pace, taking longer thrusts, he could feel a hand and nails dug into his ass cheek, along with another on his back. His moans started to grow as he started to penetrate her with force and pace. It started to feel like she was tighter somehow, which he couldn't believe until he looked at her face, she was biting her lip with her head back, she started to buck and he knew this had to be an orgasm.

She started to recover, even though he hadn't stopped during her orgasm. 'Oh. My skinny bint has her tight asshole drilled. Word, baby that was .

I wanna go on top' she told him still trying to recover from her orgasm. They repositioned themselves so Tammy was now straddling Brad, his cock in her hand positioned at her entrance. 'fuck this is a big cock.' Biting her lip, Brad placed his hands on her hips encouraging her to lower herself onto his member. When she reached the hilt, she froze, like she was trying to accommodate the length and girth of his member.

He felt her tighten and he knew she was orgasming again. She squeeled as she collapsed on his chest. 'Oh my god that was intense, ive never cummed like that before'. She now had purpose in her eyes, she started to grind down, bringing her hips back and forth on his cock, Gyrating and grinding on his cock with abandon.

After a few minutes of this she then started to bounce up and down on his cock. Both their moans were intense now. He reached up with both hands holding onto her breasts like he was going to fall, she grabbed his hands, holding them in place.

Brad felt himself drawing near to his climax. 'Babe im close im going to cum, im not wearing condom'. Brad told her. 'Don't worry babe, just cum for me' she replied. She gained even more momentum as Brad continued to grab her breasts firmly, it's impossible to put into words exactly how Brad felt at this moment other than to say it was pure bliss. He let out a guttural moan as he unloaded into a woman for the first time.

She stopped and gently started to grind down on his memeber as he filled her with his baby gravy. She lowered herself down onto his chest resting her face on his, kissing him softly.

She laid her face next to big fine ass spreads in your face shove plushcam sex toy in her holes now and managed to get out.

'That was the best sex i ever had my love, you made me feel special and i wont forget that!' Brad responsed. 'Tammy this was the best fat moms big ass sex of my life, theres no where else id rather be'. She laid limply on him until he felt his cock, gently pop out of her vagina. She giggles slightly and laid next to him resting her head on his chest. He pulled the covers up and kissed her head. They didn't say anything they fell asleep fully satisfied and filled with bliss.

To be continued.