Sexy girl bondage fucked first time this is our most extreme case file to date folks

Sexy girl bondage fucked first time this is our most extreme case file to date folks
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Pamela had been widowed for over 2 years. A happy go lucky womanshe had now become withdrawn and broody. She was always in deep thought and nothing could cheer her up. I tried to cheer her up and tried to motivate her to lead a normal life.

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Pamela was lost in her world and refused to be happy. Her company was becoming dreadful day by day and I started avoiding her. She got the hint and she called me and wanted to meet me.

She came to meet me and for a change she was smartly dressedshe was wearing a skirt and a T shirt. She was wearing pink lipstick which accentuated her slim lips. She was looking absolutely gorgeous and stunning. At five feet 2 inches she was a hot little package. She entered the house and shook my hands.

I led her to the sofa and offered her tea. While sipping tea I could not take my eyes off her. I was now looking at Pamela in a whole new light. She was the kind of woman that I would love to seduce and fuck. My dick was becoming hard. Pamela thanked me for the help that I had been giving her and was looking forward to continued support in the future.

I assured her all help provided she got out of her depressing behavior. I told her depressing behavior was inducing depression in me and that is why I was avoiding her. Pamela said she wanted to hug me. I was surprised and taken abacknever expected her to go beyond a handshake considering her conservative nature. I stiffened upPamela moved close to me and she hugged me.

I had not hugged a hot sensuous woman in a long timeher perfume blew me away. I squeezed her lightly and caressed her back.

Pamela had been missing a male touch and she quickly dissolved in my arms. She was caressing my back and her hands moved below my shirt and she felt my skin. She was slowly scratching my back with her nails. Her nails were hurting my back and sexually exciting me.

On cue my hands went under her T shirt. I felt her soft smooth skin. My hands encountered her bra and I undid her hook. The temperature started risingthe passion was rising and a fire was getting lit in both of us.

After a few minutes we both stoppedI looked into her eyes and I could only see desire and a deep need for sex. I kissed her on her foreheadcheeksneck and slowly moved towards her lips. I was not sure how this would turn out. I desperately wanted to have sex with Pamela but never mustered up the courage and I had waited for 15 long years and I cute teen is geeting pissed on and squirts wet crack want to blow this opportunity.

I wanted to suck her boobs and was hoping that I would at least manage that even if I could not fuck her today.

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I gave her a peck on her lips but she did not respondher eyes were closed and she was breathing heavily. I moved my hands in the front and pushed up her bra. Her massive melon shape boobs were finally in my hands. I squeezed the soft melonsfound the nipples and pinched them. Her nipples were like small tubes and becoming rock hard. I thrust my tongue in her mouthshe hugged me tighter and bit into my tongue softlyshe pushed my tongue out and pushed her tongue in my mouth.

I pushed her T shirt up and her boobs sprang free. I finally got my reward for my patience of 15 years. I stopped kissing her and gazed at her voluptuous boobs. I kissed them and sucked them like a hungry man who has finally got food. Pamela was moaningher eyes were closedher roaming hands stopped at my crotch.

She started rubbing my dick. My dick was becoming bigger and harder. My hands caressed her belly button and Pamela started giggling. I started kissing her again from her forehead going all the way down to her belly. Pamela was feeling the first waves of ana foxxx dripping the ball slowly building in her.

My hands went inside her skirt and explored the thighs. Her skin was smooth and her muscles firm, not soft not too hard. I rubbed her pussy over her panties. She was wet alreadyI pushed her panties aside and explored her pussy. I tickled her clitoris and she started panting heavily. She hugged me tighterjumped on top of me and gave me a violent kiss. There was no doubt now in my mind that this was the beginning of a hot lustful sexual relationship.

I felt her smooth assI spread her ass cheeks and felt her pussy and ass. I made her standpushed her hands upwards pushed her Tshirt and bra upwards and left them stuck near her elbows. I had good clear view of her and I attacked her boobs with lot of passion. I bit into her nipples and boobs like a madman.

Pamela asked me to go slow.

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I pushed her skirt and panties downwards. I stripped her completelyI threw her on the sofa and started kissing her from head to toe. My hands were also exploring every square inch of her body. Pamela's hands were busy stripping me. She got hold of my dick and started rubbing it vigorously.

I started licking her pussyshe was wet and her juices were flowing fast but her pussy was extremely tight. It had not been used for a long time. She loved getting her pussy licked and said that this was the first time that her pussy had been licked.

I asked her to get into a 69 position and she gave me a blank look. She said that she only had sex in the missionary position. I told her she would learn lot from me and she said she was looking forward to it. I asked her to sit with her pussy on my face and her lips on my cock. I licked her asspussy and she started sucking my dick like an ice cream cone.

The feeling was simply sensationalI could feel pre-cum leaking out. Pamela shuddered and she had her first massive orgasm in years. She was manhandling my dick, squeezing my ballsit was an exciting and a painful feeling at the same time. As her orgasm ebbed Pamela relaxed. She turned around and demanded that I fuck her immediately. I asked her to sit on my cock. She grabbed my dick and rubbed it vigorously against her pussy and clitoris. She was heating up all over again. She sat on my dick and her tight pussy walls refused entry to my cock.

Her pussy walls were squeezing my dick and it was beginning to hurt. I shoved two fingers inside her pussy to make way for my cock. Slowly my fingers were able to widen the pussy.

My dick went in slowlyPamela would get up and sit again and my dick after 15 to 20 attempts was buried to the hilt in her pussy. I could feel her pussy against my balls. Pamela bent down and kissed me hard, she shoved her boobs and demanded that I violently suck her boobs and nipples. She started squeezing my balls. She started moving up and downher juices were trickling down my cock. She said that she loved this cowgirl position and she had never been in this position.

After 10 minutes I could feel the storm building up in my testicles and I didn't want this fuck session to end so soon. I asked Pamela to get up and attacked her pussy with my fingers and sucked her boobs like a madman.

Pamela had her second orgasm and she was biting my lips and scratching my back and drawing blood. Her second orgasm subsided and I asked her to turn around.

She gave me a questioning look and I assured her I would not fuck her in her ass. She gave me a relieved smile and went down on all fours and spread her legs.

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Her pussy was very inviting. I grabbed her waist and pulled her towards merubbed my dick against her ass crack. She grabbed my dick and guided my dick towards her pussy. I spanked her pussy and grabbed her hair. I turned her face face around her and gave her a sensous long wet kiss. I grabbed her boobs squeezed thempinched her nipples. Her nipples were as hard as before. My dick was going in relatively smoothlyher pussy was stretching and accommodating my thick dick.

The fucking motion was creating thud thud sound as my dick entered and exited her pussy like a piston in an engine. Her pussy juices were flowing and lubricating my dick like engine oil.

I used my fingers to penetrate her asshole and Pamela squealed in delight. She stinky feet of lady k she loved the feelingit was another first for her.

Her ass was tight like her pussy and required to be stretched. It was an erotic experience watching myself fucking Pamela in the mirror. Pamela's expressions were divineshe was clearly enjoying the fucking and her bouncing boobs were a treat to watch.

I felt the pressure rising and wanted to see her facial expressions when I cummed inside her. I climbed on top of herkissed fisting lovers fist each other at the same time squeezed her boobs and nipplessucked her nipplesfingered her pussy and entered her pussy. I grabbed her legs and wrapped them around my waist.

My dick was rubbing her clitoris and spreading her pussy walls. I made a small change in my position and moved her legs on my shoulders. I could now get better access to her pussy and reduce the distance between us. I was practically on top of her. The pressure was rising and I didn't want to stop now. I came in spurts and huge volumes. I was also having sex after a long time.

Pamela was surprised at the volume of my cum. I was completely drained. This was the best sex of my life. I got up and looked at Pamela. My cum was leaking out of her pussy. She touched it and licked it and said she liked the taste and wanted more of it. She grabbed me and said I want you to go where no man has gone before.

She started licking and sucking my dick. My dick was hard all over again. She guided my dick to her ass…&hellip.