Suny leone sexy storys xxx

Suny leone sexy storys xxx
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Sandy and my wife devised a plan, it was to get Sandy's husband Dan on board to swinging.The plan was to get my wife and Dan together to start fucking again. Back in my wife's teen age day Dan was her go to guy when she wanted to fuck.

Back then he 3xxxx small baby 3xxx first time turned her down even when he was going steady with some one. We invited them over for a dinner and cards one night, Sandy said it took a lot of persuading but it worked. Sandy explained to Dan that she met my wife when she took care of her in the hospital and they became friends. She used my wife as a reason to tell Dan why she was coming over all the timewhen in reality it was to suck and fuck me.

Sandy and I became a weekly fling but we were starting to worry about Dan finding out about us. Not wanting to ruin their marriage my wife agreed to seduce Dan again. The night went well and as the night went on Dan became more comfortable and my wife became more flirtatious .My wife would make an excuse to leave the table every time Dan dideach time it took longer for them to come back .She was giving Sandy and I time to kiss and fondle each other.

By the time they left I was sporting a raging hard on, and according to Sandy Dan was horny as hell too. My wife said that towards the end of the night Dan was allowing her to kiss him and rub him hard.She and I were so turned on we fucked right there on the kitchen table when they left.

She was the wettest that I have felt asian gets tits squeezed and muff licked japanese hardcore in years. It took me only minutes to cum which is what my wife likes,we later fucked again when we went to bed.

Back in our swing days my wife and I had better sex after she had been with some one else. I was looking for those times again, In reality I would stop having sex with any one else if she was this horny all the time.

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Sandy called me the other day and said Dan was quite turned on after we met the other night. She said Dan and her fucked more in the last couple of days than they have in months .She said he even let her wake him up with a blow job some thing he seldom did .She had a long talk with Dan,after telling him she knew he used to fuck Rhonda and he admitted it.

Sandy also got him to admit that he would like to fuck her busty rose loves having two dicks inside her with her and my permission. Sandy agreed to allow him to as long as she could have me,telling him she used to suck me but never got the chance to fuck.

He was even the one that suggested the picnic ,He's been so giddy all week she said. Sandy and Dan invited us to their home this weekend for a picnic I told my wife after hanging up the phone and asked her if she would fuck Dan again.

I said for what Sandy told me I think it wouldn't take much persuasion .She said he even admitted to her he would like to and would be okay if she did me. Well Dan was always a quick fuck she said and you know how I enjoy quickies so sure ,when is it. this Saturday I said. I called Sandy telling her Rhonda was game and looking forward to seducing Dan again. Two hours later I was out in the garage when Sandy drove in, she quickly got out and gave me a big hug and kiss.She was happier than I have seen her in months,wow I said what's got you so charged up.

It is going to feel so good she said not having to sneak around to have sex with you any more. I also have had a lot more sex with Dan and he seems more romantic too. He told me to come over and get Rhonda pervcity shay golden gets it up her ass hole go get some new sexy clothes,he wants me to look sexy for you.

He thinks I will need to get my hair done and make my self more appealing for you,I think he really wants to fuck Rhonda. He has been trying new positions with mekissing my breasts more ,asking questions about how he can lick my pussy better and what would I think he can do to be a better lover.

Sandy and I were making out in the garageSandy had my cock out and sucking me when my wife came out in the garage.Gee you guys she said get a room,we laugh .Get cleaned up I said Dan wants you and Sandy to go shopping for some sexy out fits.

Okay she said I will go jump in the shower it should give you two enough time to finish. Sandy was sucking me now with even more enthusiasm, pulling on my balls, your the best I said running my hand through her hair. I love your cock she said looking up at me stroking my cock against her cheek. I want you to cum she said putting her mouth back on it. After stroking it a few more minutes I told her I was cumming she pulled her mouth away.

She looked into my eyes as I began filling her open mouth.

When I finished cumming she swallowed and smiled thank you she said standing up putting my cock back into my pants. You sure like doing that dont three hot lassies share a fat boner I saidmaybe Dan will soon learn to like you doing that to himI hope so she said then kissed me.

A few minutes later Rhonda came outfinished she said good lets go Sandy, I kissed them both as they left It was a few hours when the girls returned from their shopping trip, they came in and Sandy was all giggly. She wanted them to model for me, Rhonda being her usual self tried to talk her out of it. After trying hard Rhonda finally gave in ,her and Sandy disappeared into the bed room.

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Rhonda came out dressed rather conservative Black leather vest a short black skirt. lifting her dress showing me her black stockings and garter belt, with no panties.Your hot I said I love it, it shows just how sexy you are, wait till you see Sandy she said. Sandy came out dressed in a black see through body suit with flowers conveniently placed to hide her nipples, the top was cut low revealing her cleavage .At her hips were slits making it appear like a garter belt.

It was connected to the stockings leaving her pussy exposed. She walked straight up to me and with her hands pulled my hair directly into her smoothly shaved pussy. Rhonda got up telling us it was too early for her walking out of the room saying supper will be ready in an hour.I grabbed Sandy's hips, appetizer now for me and began licking her clit.I was licking and sucking on her pussy lips as she held my head rocking into my mouth. I looked up at her as her legs started to nympho a gets cock in her asshole ,her eyes were closed and she was breathing heavy .She let out a big moan as I continued licking her through her first orgasm, then she pushed me back on the sofa .She undid my pants exposing my hard cock ,straddled my legs and while holding my cock sat her self down on me.

She let out a big gasp as it hit bottom, she was tightly impaled on me when she opened her eyes and smiled. As she rocked back and forth she told me how great it felt in her and kissed me deep.

She fucked me hard for about 15 minutes telling me how much she has missed our fucks. She hopes that Dan will come around to letting her fuck me more often.

I told her I was going to cum ,she encouraged me to wait for her ,that she was close.

I tried and when I felt her pussy tighten up I let it go cumming deep inside her. She rocked back and forth ,her sloppy pussy draining me completely. Sandy stood up and I held her there watching our cum drip out of her onto my cock.

I slid a finger up insider her saying Dan is going to want to fuck you seeing you dressed like this .I moved up kissing her mound licking what cum that was left of dripping out of her,slapped her ass and told her to go take a shower.

As I laid back on the sofa with my pants still down and my limp cock covered in cum my wife came in then went back out returning with a wash cloth.

Throwing it to me shaking her head, clean up supper is just about ready ,what a mess you have there. Sandy left and I went and took my shower coming to the kitchen Rhonda was still dressed in her outfit at the counter. I went up behind her kissed her on the neck holding her close whispering in her ear how sexy she is.

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As we sat down for supper she asked me if Sandy was always that aggressive I said usually. She does act like she is deprived of a good fuck, She asked if she was like that back when she was in school. I told her that I didn't have sex with her then ,but I wished I had. She told me that when she was a teen she was quite the slut sucking off any cock she couldshe loves giving blow jobs. She talked my ear off she said thanking me for letting you have sex with herand how she wishes Dan would be just as long lasting.She asked me how Dan and I were having sex, how long he lasted and did he let me suck him off, and on an on she laughed.

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Rhonda has always like to hear about my sexual adventures.later on we were laying in bed we started talking about Sandy. She is a pretty woman being 62 she doesn't have any stretch marks I said. Her breast are firm and sag just a little firmno wrinkles.Was she as pretty back in high school she asked, I told her she looks better now than she did back then.She asked me why I never gave you blow jobs or swallowed, then told me how much she liked it. I told her I didn't like the taste ,she explained she didn't either at first .She told me that she used to just stick it as far down in her mouth letting the cum shoot down her throat.

Rhonda was rubbing my cock when she said Sandy said I should try that.

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When I feel you cumming just start swallowing I wont taste it at all.Sandy says feeling a cock pulsating in her mouth feels better than feeling it inside her.She said you have a great cock and your cum tastes good too. Sandy is a great cock sucker I said rolling Rhonda over on her back but your a better fuck.I eased my cock slowly into my wife's pussy telling her I only fuck Sandy to get her off, hardly ever cum in her.

Her hot blonde alexa bold misused by dirty gyno doctor is tighter than yours but I still love fucking you better. As far as blow jobs and swallowing It doesn't matter to me if you ever swallow.

As we fucked Rhonda had a couple orgasms ,you are a great lover she said kissing me.I think you get off hearing how I fuck Sandy I said. I also used to get off on hearing how you fucked Tom.As I was slowly working her to another orgasm.I said I am getting close so tell me was Dan a good fuck. She said back then he was a minute man and seldom gave her an orgasm before he came.She said she liked the feeling of his cum in her as she went out partying.Just feeling his cum leaking out of her when she was talking to friends made her feel naughty.

And with Tom I loved coming home with his seed still inside of me, knowing that you liked it .Remembering the feeling of fucking her with his cum still in her took me over the edge, I came hard. As we laid there kissing I told her I cant wait to fuck you after Dan that's if Sandy doesn't wear me out. She might Rhonda said kissing me. You are a lot better than any one I have had before she said ,I love you