Lilly jordan lavishes her man with a sloppy blowjob

Lilly jordan lavishes her man with a sloppy blowjob
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This is a new story I had been working on for a while. Let me know what you all think! I hope you enjoy (; //////////////////// Lila smiles and downs another shot with her friends. She needed this after, not only working what felt like 24/7 but, not having gotten laid in 2 months.

The alcohol is running through her body like crazy and putting her in one of her most turned on moods since she can remember. Josslyn smiles and leans in to whisper in her wife, Riley's, ear. "That's the one." Josslyn whispers in her sexy Spanish accent.

Riley smiles and runs her fingers lightly over Joss's tanned skin. "You think? She looks a little drunk." Riley says with a smirk. Joss kisses Riley's lips. "She's perfect." Joss husks and squeezes Riley's thigh. Riley chuckles lightly and looks at her wife. "I'll be right back." Riley says and moves to get up but Joss grabs her hand and pulls her back.

Riley moans softly when Joss roughly connects their lips in a passionate kiss. Joss smiles and lets her wife go. Riley smirks and walks over to the cute little blonde.

Lila downs another shot when there is a tap on her shoulder. She turns and smiles, her eyes moving up and down the blonde's body. Riley smiles and holds out her hand. "I'm Riley." Riley smiles. Lila smiles back and shakes her hand. "I'm Lila." Lila responds and drops her hand back to her side.

Riley takes a deep breath. "Listen, Lila, my wife and I, Josslyn, have a proposition for you." Riley states.

Josslyn and Riley have been bringing other women into the bedroom for three years now. They got married young and once Joss was promoted to CEO of the company she had more hours which means less sex.

Riley had gone to her wife's office one night to see her flirting with another woman. Instead of reacting badly Riley had walked up to them both, put a possessive arm mom and son fucking x story Joss, and invited the woman into their bedroom.

Joss had refused at first but the other woman and Riley had convinced her fairly quick. After that one time, Riley and Joss were like rabbits.

They went at it whenever they could and only invited another woman into their bed every six months to ensure their own relationship's stability. Lila's brow furrow in confusion at the beautiful woman in front of her. "I-I'm sorry. You and your wife have a proposition for me?" Lila asks. Riley chuckles softly and leans against the bar, pointing to her stunning wife sitting in the lounge section of the bar.

"Yes, my wife. The thing is Lila, every now and again we like to invite a sexy young woman into our bedroom." Riley explains. Lila's jaw drops in surprise and she looks at Josslyn, a very hot and very enticing exotic looking brunette. She must be foreign. Joss smirks and gives the blonde a small wave.

Lila closes her mouth and swallows hard with a blush on her face. "You want me? Both of you?" Lila asks incredulously and looks back to Riley. Riley smiles and tucks a piece of hair falling in Lila's eyes. "Both of us, yes. Would you like to join us for a drink?" Riley asks smoothly. Lila bites her lip and looks over at her friends who are looking at the two women in anticipation for Lila's answer.

Lila looks back to Riley and silently nods her head. After all, she needs something like this and two women simply wanting her at the same time is already an amazing feeling. Riley smiles and takes Lila's hand, leading her over to the lounge.

Joss smiles as Riley sits Lila down next to her then takes up the other side of the young woman. Lila politely holds out her hand for Joss. "Hi, I'm Lila." Lila says with a nervous waver in her voice. Joss takes Lila's hand in her own and smiled. "Josslyn, but you can call me Joss. There's no need to be nervous. You don't have to do anything you don't want to do." Joss reassures and drops her hand from Lila's.

The young blonde nearly lets a moan escape her lips at the undoubtedly sexy accent in Joss's voice. Lila smiles and nods her head. "I've just never been with a married couple before- threesomes? Yes, but not when the other two are together." Lila says and looks at them both.

Riley smiles and puts her arm around the back of the couch. "It's not as different." Riley says and looks at Lila. Lila bites her lip softly. "But all the love between you two isn't hard to miss." Lila says, noting the shimmer of love in Josslyn's eyes when she looks at Riley. Joss smirks and moves her hand to Lila's chin, making the blonde look at her. "Honey, when we're in the bedroom with another woman we don't have sex and we don't make love." Joss says firmly.

Lila raises an eyebrow and tries not to look at the brunette's very sexy cleavage. "Y-You don't?" Lila asks in a stumble. Riley smirks and leans in to place a kiss on Lila's neck. Lila gasps softly and tilts her head sideways to allows Riley more access. "No. We simply." Riley draws and looks to Joss with a nod. Joss drops her hand from Lila's chin to lay on Lila's bare thigh. "Fuck." Joss husks. Lila shivers and smiles softly. Riley smirks. "Would you like to leave with us, Lila?" Riley asks Lila.

Lila smiles and nods her head. "I would be crazy not to." Lila says and bites mom and companions chums daughter porn casting family sex education lip. Riley smirks and stands up, as does Joss. Lila follows behind them and sends a thumbs up to her friends who whoop and holler in encouragement.

Riley lets Lila into their car first, gratefully watching the blonde's tight ass. She always liked a good ass. Joss smirks and gently pinches her wife's ass. Riley jumps slightly and looks behind her to see Joss smirking. "Keep it in your pants until we get in the bedroom." Joss whispers into Riley's ear, teasing her teeth over her earlobe.

Riley smiles and slides her hand into Joss's, lacing their fingers. "Yes, ma'am." Riley teases and gets into the car. Joss smiles and follows her in. Lila smiles at them and bites her lip. "Are you sure it's just fucking?" Lila asks hesitantly as the driver takes off.

Riley sighs and looks at her wife with a raised eyebrow. Joss hums softly in contemplation. "I guess we will need to convince her on our way." Joss says and gives Riley a nod. Riley smirks and moves to sit next to Lila. "Listen, Lila, when we say that we just fuck with our shared woman we mean it." Riley says and slides her hand onto Lila's thigh. Lila smiles softly and glances to Joss. Riley smiles and leans forward, her hand sneaking under Lila's dress and her lips pressing to her skin.

"Don't worry. She likes to watch first then join in." Riley husks and teases her puremature farm girl milf banged in barn yard over Lila's silky thong. Lila gasps softly and her eyes flutter closed. "Oh." Lila breathes out. Riley smirks and kisses down to the blonde's chest.

Joss sits back and watches her wife slide her hand into the young woman's thong. Riley moans when her fingers reach the amount of wetness between Lila's thighs.

Lila moans and arches her back, her nails digging into the leather seat. Joss smirks and licks her lips. Riley teases Lila's clit. "You're so wet." Riley whispers and uses her free hand to pull down Lila's dress wild teen kirsten lee enjoys huge cock of tutor pornstars and hardcore take her nipple into her mouth. Lila gasps and throws her head back against the seat.

"Oh, fuck." Lila gasps out. Riley moans softly and slides her finger down Lila's slit and inside of the cute blonde. Lila moans and props her leg up onto the side of the car. Joss smiles in amusement at the horny young woman. "Quite the eager one we have here, Riley. Very needy for your fingers, right honey?" Joss teases. Riley smiles and turns her head to look at her wife.

"We wouldn't have picked her if we didn't think she wasn't, Joss." Riley teases back. Joss sends her a wink then nods her head back to Lila who continues to moan. Lila spicy peach gets cumshot on her face sucking all the jizz one hand to the seat and the other to Riley's thigh, gripping in passion. "Don't stop." Lila pants out before another moan rips from her throat.

Joss finally moves over to the enthralled couple and lays her hand on Lila's thigh. The cute blonde gasps at the new touch and opens her eyes to look at her. Joss, lust clearly shown in her eyes, pulls the blonde's leg up to hook over her own to spread her wider. Lila whimpers and lets her head fall back again. Riley continues to fuck her without abandon and her lips nibble and suck on the nipple closest to her. Joss moans softly at the sight and leans down for her own taste of the blonde's skin.

Lila nearly bursts as the two mouths attacking her breasts and a VERY skillful hand pushes her inevitably closer to orgasm. "Oh, my, GOD." Lila groans out when she feels herself teetering on the edge.

Why hadn't she found a couple like this sooner? Riley chuckles mischievously and crushes her thumb in tight circles against Lila's clit. That does it. Lila arches her back with a deep moan as her hands dig into two different thighs.

Joss smirks and kisses up her neck. "That's it, Lila. Cum for us." Joss husks trying to test the waters with dirty talk. She knows how that turns Riley on. Both Lila and Riley respond with a moan. Joss smirks proudly and turns Lila's face to press a tender kiss to her lips. "Are you convinced now?" Joss asks and sends a wink to Riley. Riley gently pulls her fingers out and sucks them into her mouth for a taste, moaning yet again.

Joss hums and pulls on Riley's wrist to then take her wife's fingers into her own mouth, moaning at the taste. Lila whimpers quietly at the interaction and nods her head. "Y-Yes." Lila stumbles out. Riley smiles and kisses the young blonde herself. "Good. We should be at the house in a few minutes so just relax." Riley says as she looks at the delicate watch on her wrist.

Lila nods her head and pulls her dress back into place. Joss leans her head into her palm where her elbow is perched on the back of the couch. "Do you have any questions before we get to the house, Lila?" Joss asks. The timid and blushing blonde nods her head. "Uh, yeah.if I like what happens and you both do I allowed to come back?" Lila asks gently, knowing it might be crossing the line. Joss looks to Riley biting her lip. Riley smiles and pushes back a rouge hair curling to the blonde's cheek.

"If we want you back into our bedroom after tonight we'll call you but we have a rule of not sharing the same woman more than twice." Riley explains. Lila smiles and bites her lip. "Awesome." She whispers. Joss chuckles and opens the car door once they've stopped. She helps Lila from the car, smiling when she catches Riley staring at Lila's ass yet again. Joss leads them inside and pours them all a glass of wine. "We need to talk about airi momose has nipples pinched and aroused cunt fucked big time transparent and fingering and limits for tonight." Joss states as she hands Lila her glass.

Lila hums in agreement as she takes a sip of wine. Joss sits across from her wife and the blonde. "Lila, do you have a safe word you would like to use?" Riley asks and crosses her legs. Lila bites her lip in contemplation. "Um, how about Apple?" Lila suggests and the couple nods their heads in agreement.

"And what would you like to happen tonight?" Joss asks. Lila blushes and hesitates to answer. Joss smirks at the flustered blonde. "No need to be shy Lila.

Riley and I have done plenty of experimenting and we're open to most of anything. Go ahead." Joss reassures Lila and ends with a wink to her wife. Riley licks her lips seductively to her brunette with a gentle smile. "I.I don't mind if you both were rough with me. Your obvious dominance is one of the reasons I said yes.and I really like, um.dirtytalk." Lila finishes quickly, blushing even harder.

Joss doesn't catch her last words but Riley does. The older woman smiles brightly. "Did you hear that Joss? She REALLY likes dirty talk." Riley tells her wife and leans over to Lila.

Joss smiles at the feral look in her wife's eyes. Riley tenderly uses her fingers to pull back the soft blonde hair covering Lila's ear and places her lips next to it. "Would you like us to take you to our bedroom and fuck you in your tight little cunt?" Riley whispers seductively. Lila shivers and feels her heart beating faster. "Oh, God, yes." Lila says with a husky deep tone in her voice. Riley pulls away and looks to Joss with a fake pout, her hand starting to trail over the back of the blonde's neck "Can we pretty please take her upstairs now?" Riley asks in an innocent voice.

Joss smiles and stands. "Well, we don't want her soaking through to our couch after that, do we?" Joss asks rhetorically.

Riley and Lila eagerly stand with her. "Good idea, I'm not wearing panties." Lila adds casually and the married couple stops dead cold on the stairs. Lila runs into Joss in surprise. Joss looks over her shoulder to Lila then a smirking Riley. "You picked good this time Joss." Riley nods enthusiastically.

Joss licks her lips and lets her eyes drop down to the hem of Lila's dress. "I know, Riley. I know." Joss responds smoothly. She leads them the rest of the way to the bedroom and shuts the door. Lila looks at them excitedly and Riley smirks. "Aw, look at her. Remember when we could barely stand still we wanted to hop into bed so much?" Riley asks Joss teasingly. Joss comes up behind Riley and moves her wife's long blonde hair over to one shoulder with a smile.

"We still do, querida." (darling) Joss whispers and places a soft kiss to the crook of her wife's neck. Riley chuckles and connects her eyes with Lila's who is eyeing them oh so lustfully, even more so at her wife's foreign tongue. Joss unzips the back of Riley's dress and pulls the cloth down until it falls to the floor around her high heeled strapped ankles.

Lila lets a moan escape her lips for the first, but not the last, time of tonight. Riley raises her hand and uses her index finger to curl her finger at the small blonde, motioning her towards them. Lila quickly slips off her heels and walks to Riley, her heart nearly beating out of her chest.

Riley cups the blonde's chin and tilts her head upwards, leaning down and pressing a soft kiss to her lips. Lila hums and tenderly places her hands onto slim hips. Joss kisses down Riley's spine and unfastens the blonde's bra.

"Take this off for her, Lila." Joss husks and drags her hands down to slide off Riley's panties. Lila pulls away from the kiss to do as Joss instructed. Lila licks her lips as Riley's perky breasts come to view. Riley moves her hands up to cup flushed cheeks. "Don't be shy. Like Joss said.we've done a lot." Riley reassures the young woman. Lila smiles and shakes her head with a newfound confidence.

"I'm not shy. I just really like your boobs." Lila bites her lip and steps forward. Riley smiles and pulls her back in for a deeper kiss than before.

Joss stands back up and leans into Riley's ear. "Ella querer sabor tu tan mucho." (She wants to taste you so much) Joss whispers to her wife with a teasing smile. Riley smiles against Lila's lips and kisses her even harder.

Lila moans and pulls away from the kiss, looking over Riley's shoulder to Joss. "Firstly, holy shit your Spanish is hot. It's right up there with dirty talk for me. Secondly, what did you say?" Lila asks with a smile. Joss smiles and presses against the back of Riley. "I'll make sure to speak a little in your ear when we're fucking you oh so roughly." Joss husks.

Riley wraps her arms around Lila's shoulders so they are pressed together. The blonde moans softly at the feel of Riley's breasts pressed to hers. "And she told me that you really want to taste me." Riley husks. Lila raises an eyebrow and runs her hands over to Riley's toned stomach. "Oh, you speak Spanish too?" Lila asks in excitement.

Riley chuckles and shakes her head as Joss backs away from them and walks to the bed. "Kind of. After Joss and I started seriously dating she taught me some words.

Then when we got married I learned more but it doesn't sound as nearly as sexy as it does coming from Joss's mouth." Riley says then slowly spins Lila around to see Joss sitting on the bed. "Which I'm sure she is fully willing to prove to you." Riley husks and gently pushes her forward. Lila smiles and walks over to the brunette sitting on the bed. "Can we undress you too?" Lila teases and stands in front of Joss. The brunette smirks and takes Lila's hand to pull the young blonde between her legs.

"You first, chica." Joss husks and roughly tugs her even closer. Lila nods her head immediately and pulls her hair to one shoulder. Joss turns her around and unzips the tight dress. Riley stands in front of Lila, a little shorter now from taking off her heels, with a mischievous smirk and takes the shoulder straps of the dress. Riley slowly pulls down the dress and eventually lowers herself to her knees to help Lila step from the dress. Their eyes foxy teenage minx has her pussy ravaged interracial and cunnilingus connected the whole time all the while Joss is trailing kisses over Lila's shoulders and spine.

Lila whimpers and looks up at the ceiling to keep herself from cumming right then. Riley then pulls down the lacy thong on her hips before standing up and looking at the blonde's taut nipples. "You're so turned on right now, aren't you?" Riley whispers and cups her breasts.

Joss trails her hands over the blonde's abdomen. Lila meets her eyes and nods her head furiously. "So.So much." Lila chokes out and bites her lip to keep in a moan when Joss's teeth nip at her hip. Joss chuckles and places a kiss at the little dimples in the small of her back. Riley nods her head and pushes back a lock of blonde hair from Lila's eyes. "Yeah? You want Joss and I to touch you? Make you moan and arch your pretty little back?" Riley husks into her ear and winks to Joss behind the cute blonde.

Joss rakes her nails down her back and follows with kisses. Lila moans and arches her back. "Please." Lila breathes out without even thinking. Joss moans softly and nips extra hard at Lila's skin. Where Riley loves dirty talk, Joss loves to hear begging. Lila gasps at the tease and Riley chuckles. "My, my,, our wonderful little sex fiend, have just made the mistake of begging in front of Joss.

She won't be as nearly as nice to let you cum as I will now." Riley says with a smirk and tugs softly on hard nipples. Lila moans and restlessly bites her lip. Her sex is throbbing for more and she's positive her arousal is starting to drip down her thigh. Riley pulls away fully. "Joss, why don't you get on the bed then have her sit between her legs. I want to see what she tastes like." Riley husks. Usually, Joss is dominant in bed but they both agreed to let personalities fly when they have another woman with them.

So, Riley often enjoys a more dominant approach with their shared woman. Joss doesn't change much but allows her wife and the other woman to boss her around as they please. Joss swiftly backs up farther onto the bed until her back is pressed against the headboard.

Her clothes are still on, which she finds slightly frustrating but all in good time they will find their way to the floor. Riley urges Lila onto the bed with a gentle nudge and the blonde eagerly climbs on between the brunette's legs. Lila, realizing how naked she is compared to Joss who has everything still on except her heels, licks her lips and reaches out to the sash of the wrap dress. "May I?" Lila asks, her fingers itching to jerk the sash away.

Joss nods her head with a smirk. Lila quickly unknots the sash and pushes the dress apart. Both Lila and Riley eye the brunette's beautiful caramel skin, breasts, and chiseled abs with even more lust than before. Joss removes the dress from her shoulders for now then pats the spot in front of her.

Lila moves to sit between her legs with her back against Joss's front, the older woman's bra rubbing delightfully against her skin. The younger woman shivers when hot breath wafts over her neck in a caress. Joss smiles and nods to Riley to join them. Her wife slides onto the bed and puts a hand on Lila's thigh. "Spread your legs for us." Riley husks and gently pushes her legs apart. Lila complies and hopes to God the couple likes a shaven pussy.

Riley groans lustfully and looks up to Joss. "I'm going to put this on pause for a second to tell you that I fucking love your choice of woman tonight babe." Riley says in a breathy voice.

That's a yes, Lila thinks. Joss smiles and kisses Lila's neck. "Thank you. Now get on with it. I don't know if she can last much longer." Joss whispers seductively into Lila's ear. Riley lowers herself onto her stomach and licks her lips at the smell of the delicious pussy in front of her. Joss wraps her arms around the slim blonde and cups her breasts. "I love watching her eat someone out. She's so sexy. Just wait 'till she starts on you, hermosa chica." (beautiful girl) Joss says softly but loud enough for Riley to hear her also.

Lila shiver at her words and at the blonde between her legs. Riley smirks up at them before focusing all her attention on the pretty pussy in front of her.

She licks the full length of the blonde's slit, moaning deeply at the taste before diving back in for more. Lila groans in lust and tightens her fists in the bed sheets. "Fuck." Lila moans out. Joss moans and presses her lips against the blonde's ear.

"Oh, you have a dirty mouth." Joss whispers, her fingers pinching Lila's perky nipples. Lila nods her head and moves a hand down to tangle in soft blonde hair.

"Mhmm." Lila pulls Riley's mouth closer to her. Riley looks up at them and slides her hands underneath Lila's thighs, jerking her roughly closer. Lila whimpers and her toes curl. Joss brings her hands down to spread Lila's thighs even wider. "Tu gustar la sabor?" (You like the taste?) Joss asks Riley.

Riley moans and looks into her wife's eyes. Joss smirks and nips at the cute blonde's ear. "She loves the taste of you." Joss whispers and takes the place of Lila's hands in her wife's hair. "She also likes it rough like you." Joss husks and gently pulls on Riley's hair, making the woman moan. Lila gasps and moves her hands back to the bed. "I'm close." Lila whispers and her head falls back on Joss's shoulder.

Joss attacks her neck with a feral growl and moves her hands to hold the younger woman's thighs open. Lila moans and arches her back. Riley moans and sucks on Lila's sensitive little clit, earning a desperate moan in response. "Fuck, fuck, fuck! Don't stop!" Lila groans out and bucks against Riley's mouth. Riley moans and digs her nails into olive skin. Joss looks down at her wife and shivers at the sight of the blonde devouring a hot tight young cunt. "That's right. Make her cum Riley. God, you both are so fucking hot." Joss husks with her lips against flushed skin.

Lila lets out an embarrassingly high moan and digs her heels into the bed. "I'm cumming! I'm cumming! OH GOD, RILEY!" Lila cries out when her orgasm washes over her suddenly. Riley groans deeply and holds Lila as still as she can to keep sucking her clit. Lila arches her back again and slides one hand into blonde hair to hold Riley's lips against her. "Yes! Yes!

Yes!" Lila grunts and pitches forward with a moan. Joss smiles as she feels the blonde's thighs tense even harder under her hands. Riley moans and releases her clit to gently lap at the tasty juices flowing from the girl. Lila pants so harshly she's nearly hyperventilating when she leans back into the brunette behind her. Joss moans and rubs Lila's thighs gently. "Tu eres hermosa cuando tu acabar." (You are beautiful when you finish.) Joss whispers into the exhausted girl's ear.

Lila smiles softly and so does Riley when she pulls away and sits back on her heels. "Want a taste, Joss?" Riley asks and licks her bottom lip. Joss smirks and silently nods her head. Riley leans over the blonde to reach her wife's lipsticks and gives her a noisy, deep, lustful kiss. Lila opens her eyes to watch the couple in fascination. "So sexy." Lila whispers in a trance. Joss pulls away with a smirk and brings a hand up to grip the blonde's chin.

Their lips meet in a breathless kiss and Lila ends up pulling back for air. "Who would you like first?" Joss asks and Lila smiles like a kid in a candy store. "Seriously?" Lila asks. Riley chuckles and nods her head. "Absolutely.

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I got to get the first taste of you because Joss got to pick you. Now it's your turn to pick one of us- and no hard feelings. Everyone gets a turn anyway." Riley shrugs and sends the blonde a wink. Joss smirks and pushes back a strand of rouge hair.

"Though it's much less sexy when we explain that." Joss says with a laugh and places a small kiss on the woman's shoulder. Lila clears her throat and looks over her shoulder to Joss. "I guess I would like Joss first. I wouldn't be here if you didn't pick me." Lila answers and licks her lips. Joss smiles and so does Riley. "Then we'll need to get her undressed, huh?" Riley whispers and smirks at Lila. Lila moves out from between them and eyes the brunette's breasts.

Joss smiles and sits up enough to reach behind herself and unfastens her bra. "You're a boob girl aren't you?" Joss asks and flings her bra to the floor. Lila moans softly and bites her lip at the sight of dusky tight nipples. "Yeah, I really like boobs.and yours are amazing." Lila whispers, moving forward and sucking a nipple into her mouth.

Joss moans and tangles her fingers in blonde hair. Riley moves closer to them and helps Joss take off her hot lacy thong while Lila sucks on her wife's nipples.

Lila moans before pulling back and smiling at the brunette. Joss raises a sexy eyebrow. " do you want me?" Joss husks and reaches out to run her thumb over Lila's lips. Lila sucks her thumb into her mouth and strokes her tongue over the pad of her thumb.

Lila gently takes Joss's wrist and pulls her fingers from her mouth. "I want you to ride my face while Riley sits behind you." Lila whispers. Joss moans and kisses the cute blonde roughly. Riley smiles and rubs her hand over Lila's tight little ass. "Damn, you got a dirty little mind." Riley says with a light laugh. Lila smiles at her after pulling away from Joss's lips. "Mhmm, do you like it?" Lila husks while already knowing the answer. Riley groans softly and kisses the blonde roughly.

It lasts quite a while until Joss moans and puts a hand on Lila's shoulder to push her back. "Okay, you better get on your back so I can straddle that pretty face of yours before I cum." Joss husks and pushes Lila flat onto her back.

Lila licks her lips at the roughness and nods her head submissively. Joss smirks and glances to Riley as she straddles the young woman's hips. "I love a girl who takes it rough." Joss draws as she stops with her thighs pressed against the outside of her perky breasts. Lila moans at the obvious radiating heat and delicious smell of arousal coming from the shaved pretty pussy in front of her.

Lila moves Joss up to straddle her face, moving her arms to be behind the older woman. Riley slides on top of Lila behind Joss and grabs her wife's hips. Lila looks up at them both with wide bright eyes waiting. Joss smiles when she realizes the blonde is waiting for permission.

"Let's go, chica." Joss instructs and slides her hands into Lila's soft hair. Lila quickly licks at the sweet juices above her with a guttural moan and slides her hands on top of Riley's that still erotic czech sweeties gape their arses with ass plug and enormous fuck toys on Joss's hips.

Joss moans and tightens her fist in her hair. "Focus on my clit. That gets me off the fastest." Joss husks and watched in a trance as Lila's pretty pink lips circle around her bud. Joss clenches her jaw and groans in pleasure. Riley takes up the honor of kissing and nibbling her wife's neck. Lila greedily moves her hands up and around the brunette's lithe body to then cup her breasts. Joss moans and starts to grind her hips against the hot mouth on her.

"This okay?" Joss asks softly. She knows some women like to be queened but little of them like to be ridden. Lila moans and gropes Joss's breasts even harder in her answer.

Her mouth is full and the last thing she wants is to be rude. Joss smiles and lets her head fall back with a moan. "Fuck yes baby." Joss encourages and turns her head to meet her lips with Riley's. Riley moans and raises one hand to Joss's chin to keep her sexy wife in the kiss. Lila plays with those taut nipples in her palms and flicks her tongue over the throbbing bud between her lips. Joss groans and tries to pull away from the kiss but Riley keeps her chin in a firm grip.

"Ah, ah, ah. Kiss me while she makes you cum." Riley husks and slides one hand into rich dark hair to jerk back Joss's head. Joss hisses at the discomfort but groans and grinds down harder on the blonde's plump lips and moans. Riley turns Joss's head and crushes their lips together. Lila sucks harder on Joss's clit and drops her hands down to palm the brunette's ass. Joss gasps against Riley's lips.

"Fuck.mmm.I'm gonna- damn it." Joss groans out and Riley pulls back just enough to look down at the blonde beneath them. "Flick your tongue really fast over her clit while you suck her off." Riley instructs to the young woman. Riley has learned what makes Joss crack and she loves it so much when it happens. Lila does as she's told, making Joss arch her back and her body to become rigid.

"OH, FUCKING HELL! YES!" Joss cries out and leans back into her wife. Riley kisses her neck and shoulder as she comes undone. Lila lets out a deep moan and greedily licks up all of the brunette's juices. Joss sucks in a deep breath and raises herself off of Lila's face. "Fuck, your good." Joss whispers and removes her hand from the blonde's hair. Lila smirks and runs her hands over the thighs straddling her head. "I know." Lila jokes softly and bites her lip. Joss and Riley laugh and move off of the younger woman before laying down next to her.

"So, do you need a breather before Joss gets started on you? She's pretty merciless when she gets between a pair of thighs." Riley teases. Joss reaches across the blonde to two desirable blondes have lesbian sex outdoors her wife's hand with a smile. "Gracias mi preciosa." (Thanks my gorgeous.) Joss whispers with a mischievous smirk.

Riley rolls her eyes and Lila chuckles. "Nope, no breather. How merciless?" Lila asks Riley excitedly. The older woman glances over to Joss before leaning into Lila. "The first time she ate me out I saw stars, passed out, and then woke up the next morning barely being able to move because I was so sore." Riley husks to the blonde.

Lila's eyebrows shoot up in surprise and she smiles even brighter. "That sounds like something to live up to. Are you up to the challenge?" Lila asks, turning to smirk at the brunette. Joss raises a perfectly sculpted eyebrow at the bold statement.

"Tu tener no idea, pequena chica." (You have no idea, little girl.) Joss whispers closely to Lila's ear as she rolls over to straddle slim hips. Lila's breath catches at the Spanish tongue and she wets her lips anxiously. She has little to no clue of what Joss is saying but dear God does it sound dirty.

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"Yo poder hacer tu rogar me en un segundo." (I can make you beg me in a second.) Joss whispers with a hint of breathy lust in her voice. Lila bites her lip to hold in a moan when Joss's hand trails down between her thighs. "Solo para me a toco tu, a primero.y luego a hacer tu acabar." (Just for me to touch you, at first.and then to make you cum.) Joss pulls back just enough to see the blonde's eyes dark with lust.

She smirks in confidence and roughly pushes her thighs apart. "Get any of that? Joss teases and scratches her fingers down to the blonde's knee. Lila whimpers and bucks her hips up desperately, shaking her head.

"I-I, um, th-think I heard taco?" Lila answers in confusion. Riley and Joss chuckle softly. Riley moves closer to them and kisses the small woman's neck. "She said, you have no idea, little girl. I can make you beg me in a second. Just for me to touch you, at first.and then to make you cum." Riley whispers and starts to play with the perfect breasts in front of her.

Lila whimpers and tries to close her legs to ease the throbbing between them but Joss's body prevents them from moving too far. Joss smirks and shakes her head. "No mercy." Joss husks and shoves her hand between creamy white thighs. Lila's breath is stolen from her lungs at the surprise of pleasure, those strong fingers rubbing her clit without a single second of hesitation. The blonde arches her back and bites her lip with another moan. "Shit." Lila hisses and grabs the bed sheets.

Joss chuckles lightly and presses her palm to the mattress next to the blonde's head. "Yeah?" Joss husks and kisses the blonde lightly. Lila moans and raises her hand to tangle in Joss's dark locks. "So good." Lila whispers with her lips brushing against Joss's. Riley brings her lips to her wife's ear. "Put your fingers inside of her.

I want to rub her clit." Riley says softly with a smile. Joss turns her head to her and moves one hand to her wife's chin. "Are you going to help me fuck her?" Joss whispers and dips her fingers down to slide two into the blonde's wet cunt. Lila's jaw drops and a moan rips from her throat. Her legs tense at the pleasure and her back arches again. Riley nods her head and moves her fingers to circle the younger woman's clit. "I want to make her cum again." Riley husks.

Joss kisses her wife with a moan as her hand continues to fuck the little blonde. Her fingers are absolutely coated in her juices. Lila is writhing and moaning so much it makes the kissing couple pull back to smirk down at her.

They both are enthralled by the younger woman so much that with one look they understand that they both want Lila to cum as many times as they can get her to cum. Lila sucks in breath after desperate breath for air.

"Oh SHIT- I.oh God damn. Yes! R-Right there! I'm so close!" Lila cries out and grabs at Joss's hip and Riley's thigh. The other blonde's lips close around her nipple to tease her along with the brunette's fingers. Her orgasm crashes down on her, HARD. Lila, like Riley had said, sees stars. She arches her back in pleasure and prepares to come down beauteous gal nailed before public pornstar hardcore her orgasm but both women continue to fuck her like never before.

She cries out again and clamps her thighs around the Latina. Joss smirks and chuckles lightly as Lila tries to push them away. Eventually, when Riley can tell that the blonde is about to pass out, she pulls her hand away then Joss's.

Joss tastes her fingers as the blonde drops back against the mattress. Riley clenches her thighs together from the need to cum. The slight friction it gives her makes a soft moan come out of her.

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Joss places a kiss on her wife's shoulder. "Let her relax for a few seconds then we'll get to you, querida." (Darling) Joss whispers to her love then moves off of the younger woman. Lila's eyes flutter open at the movement and a smile spreads across her lips. "You both are so amazing." Lila breathes out and runs her fingers across delicate skin. Riley smiles back and kisses the woman. "Did you see stars?" Riley whispers and takes pleasure in kissing the sweat slicked skin of the woman.

Lila smiles wider and nods her head. Riley kisses the blonde's lips with a soft moan. Joss watches silently before leaning down to kiss Riley's side. Her blonde rolls onto her back with an excited smile. Lila licks her lips and joins the brunette near Riley's legs.

Joss bites her lip and studies her lover to think of the best position for both herself and Lila to fuck her wife. A dirty smile spreads across her lips. "(Beautiful; Spanish), will you get onto all-fours for us?" Joss asks sweetly. Riley raises a curious eyebrow but says nothing before rolling over and pushing herself up into position. Joss whispers the plan into the cute blonde's ear before moving over to let Lila get to her spot.

Riley looks over her shoulder to get a sneak at what the two women plan to do but a hand comes down on her ass. It makes her yelp and faces forward again. "Look straight Riley.and no moving- not even those hips. Got it?" Joss orders and rubs her palm gently over the pink patch of skin on the blonde's ass.

Riley nods her head and closes her eyes. She has no idea what to expect but she knows that Joss will take care of the throbbing between her thighs, hopefully, Lila as well. Lila, now in position underneath the older woman, softly runs her hands over the juicy ass above her.

Riley bites her lip in anticipation. She can tell by the size of the hands on her ass that it is the small blonde and not her wife. Joss straddles the younger woman and watches her kiss the slick thighs surrounding her.

They all know that Riley had been waiting quite a while for an orgasm and the arousal deliciously coating the older woman's thighs is proof. Lila moans and slides her tongue up and down Riley's slit, her taste is intoxicating. She wants to just dive in but she holds herself back at Joss's request.

Joss smiles when her wife's desperate moan rings around the room. Her fingers tease around Riley's soaked entrance and her other hand rakes her nails down her lover's spine. "Yes.Joss, please. I.I am so wet for you- Lila, please." Riley cries out in desperation. She holds her breath waiting for the two women to make a move, her harsh breaths the only sound in the room.

Then a tongue is fluttering over her clit and two fingers are pushing inside of her. Riley moans loudly and drops her head down. Joss's hand swiftly smacks the fine ass in front of her. "Head up." Joss commands with utter authority.

Both blonde's shiver at the husky tone from the Latina. As Riley lifts her head she feels lips wrap around her clit and suck, causing her to moan again. The fingers inside of her pump faster. "Riley, we're going to give you an orgasm but you have to stay exactly where you are. I know Lila would hate to stop. Can you do that for us?" Joss husks and curls her fingers just barely to tease her lover.

Riley nods her head eagerly and stiffens her body so she can stay still. Lila moans softly and moves one hand to lay on Joss's toned thigh. The brunette's hand returns the touch with her fingers brushing across her nipple. Lila hums and flicks the tip of her tongue over Riley's throbbing clit. Her other hand comes down to drag her nails along the back of the blonde's thigh before moving back up for a rough squeeze of the married woman's ass. From the moan, Lila knows she likes it.

"Fucking hell- you both feel so good." Riley whimpers and struggles not to push sunny leon fuck by 2 men onto her wife's fingers. Joss picks up the pace with her fingers and gets Lila's attention. "She likes it when you suck her hard.

It makes her get off quicker." Joss whispers with a voice low enough that she hopes Riley won't hear. Lila nods her head and gets back to work, sucking fiercely on the woman's clit. Riley nearly falls on top of the blonde from the utter pleasure. "Oh! Fuck! Yes! Please, please!" Riley growls ferociously. It takes all her effort not to collapse.

Joss smirks and curls her fingers to hit her wife's g-spot. Riley gasps and clutches at the sheets. She can't even make words anymore.

Lila feels the woman shaking above her and grips her hip to hold tight. Her tongue flicks the blonde's clit and she sucks even harder.

Riley cries out and starts to tremble as she feels her orgasm wave over her. Joss sends one hard calculated smack to her wife's ass that pushes her over the edge. Riley screams in orgasm and helplessly drops down to her elbows. The young woman underneath her moans and eagerly laps at the juices flowing out of her as her wife continues to piston her fingers in and out of her clenching cunt.

Riley feels her orgasm start to dissipate and groans at the aftershocks sparking through her body. Lil takes one last savory lick of the older woman's pussy before helping her transition onto her back. Lila twists onto her side after Joss gets off of her to lay next to her.

Riley's hand finds her thigh and squeezes softly. "Well done Lila, well done." The older blonde breathes put with closed eyes. Joss chuckles lightly and swiftly grabs a few blankets for them. "You are magnificent. We've shared many women for years now and I think it's safe to say that you rank number one. Right, darling?" Joss asks her wife who hums softly and nods her head in response.

Riley is already on her way to sleep when Lila feels an uncomfortable and nervous feeling come over her. Should she leave? They are acting as if she isn't here so maybe she should go. But then again Riley has her hand on her thigh so. School class cute anl story decides to sit up which catches Joss's attention but nor Riley's considering she is fast asleep by now.

"You don't have to leave. I mean, of course, you can if you would like to but we would love your company." Joss whispers softly so not to wake her wife and sits up dada poti sex xnxx ebony with Lila.

The young blonde raises a precarious eyebrow. "You would? Are you sure?- I'd hate to intrude on you both and I-I." Lila starts to ramble softly when she stutters to a stop from Joss's lips kissing her shoulder over to her neck. "Sometimes, Lila, my wife and I like to have breakfast in bed." Joss husks and drags her teeth over Lila's earlobe.

Lila shivers and lets out a light laugh. "Okay, you're very convincing." Lila whispers back before allowing Joss to lead her back to the bed. In seconds she is fast asleep between the two wives. //////////////////// Lila wakes up slowly like she just had the best deep sleep of her life.

Her eyes blink away sleep and that is when she realizes that she is not at home.and she isn't alone either. Suddenly an arm around her waist moves and she looks behind her to see a smoking hot sleeping blonde cuddled against her. Riley.and Joss.

They're married and she went home with them last night. Holy fuck! The sex was amazing! Wait, where is Joss? Lila questions and looks around the room. The door opens and Lila sees Joss in a silk robe walk in precariously carrying three cups of coffee. Joss smiles. "Good morning.

I didn't expect either of you to be awake. There goes my plan of waking you up with coffee and orgasms." Joss draws in her enticing Spanish accent. Lila lets out a light laugh and gratefully takes the coffee mug offered to her.

hot strapon fun with two gorgeous fillies masturbation and big tits didn't know what you liked so I went with a little bit of cream and sugar." Joss says and sips her own coffee as she sits down on the side of the bed. Lila moans and closes her eyes at the hot creamy sugary liquid.

"Perfect. Thank you." Lila nods eagerly and takes another sip. Joss smiles warmly then looks at her wife. "I know how she loves to sleep in but I don't think I can resist any longer. Care to join me in waking her up?" Joss asks mischievously and rounds the bed to Riley's side while taking off the robe. Lila smiles and swiftly sets down her drink on the nightstand before turning around carefully so not to wake the slumbering woman.

Joss takes up the little bit of space on the other side of Riley. Riley is laying on her side facing Lila with one arm wrapped around the small blonde's waist. Joss kisses her wife's strong shoulders before furthering down her back under the covers. Riley moans and writhes in her sleep, aching for more of Joss. Lila moves her hand to gently fondle the breasts in front of her.

Riley groans and blinks her eyes open slowly. Her eyes widen and she gasps at the feel of soft lips kissing her thighs. Then she looks at the cute blonde her wife and she had taken home last night. "Holy shit.

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Is Joss-?" Riley breathes out in question and looks over her shoulder to see her wife's form underneath the covers. Lila moves down to suck on the taught nipples in front of her. "Yes. I suggest you get onto your hands and knees so she has more room." Lila whispers to the blonde and sinks her teeth just lightly into her nipples. Riley moans deeply and does as the young woman suggests. Once she is on her hands and knees Joss swiftly slides underneath her love to do what she loves.

Riley's eyes roll back in her head and she arches her back at the first touch of Joss's tongue. Lila flicks her tongue over the tight nipples and moves one hand to tangle in soft hair. She pulls her head back and smiles when Riley sucks in a sharp breath. "Fuck, Lila." Riley growls lustfully and arches into the woman's mouth. Her hand finds it's way down to cup the wet heat between Lila's thighs. She moans when Joss's tongue flicks furiously against her clit.

She loves morning sex- especially with her wife and another woman. Joss loves it as well. The simple fact that herself and another woman is driving her wife crazy with lust is enough to make her cum.

Lila, being new to threesomes with married sexy bridemaids hot orgy before the wedding day, is learning to love it as well.

She moans against the soft skin of Riley's breast and eagerly spreads her legs to make room for the hand between her thighs. She releases the blonde's hair to scratch her nails down her back. "I want you to cum." Lila mumbles and cranes her neck to connect her lips with Riley's. Her teeth sink into a plump bottom lip as the older woman moans in pleasure.

Riley grinds against the mouth on her and presses her fingers against the blonde little clit and rubs. The cute girl arches her back and humps her fingers.

Joss hums against the sensitive clit in her mouth and digs her nails into the sweet ass above her. She fights back a smile when Riley lets out her telltale moan and whimper. She's close. Her hips buck harder against her face and she holds out her tongue for Riley to grind on. Riley cries out loudly and rubs the young woman's clit like never before. Lila gasps and pulls Riley's lips harder against her.

Their lips are tightly fused together and they swallow each other's moan. Joss, overcome with agony from her throbbing clit, slides one of her hands between her thighs to rub her clit hard and fast. From the moans both women are crying out she can tell they are close to climax. She desperately wants to be falling over the edge with them. Her moans and groans are muffled by the delicious pussy above her. "I'm gonna cum!" Riley squeaks and both women hear her. They all double their efforts to cum- to make each other cum.

Lila falls over the edge first, her scream bouncing around the room with passion and desire. Riley follows next. She throws her head back with a moan and swiftly tangles her fingers in soft dark locks to hold Joss's tongue blonde lesbians scarlet and tiffany rubbing each others clits her while she grinds against it.

Joss finally follows the two women with her thighs clenching around her hand after she buries two fingers inside of herself. They all convulse in orgasm and pull away from each other when they become too sensitive to touch. Riley collapses onto the bed and makes sure that she's not on top of her wife.

Lila smiles in satisfaction and bites her lip smugly. Joss chuckles and sucks on her fingers briefly before saying what they are all thinking. "That was so fucking hot." She breathes out. Lila giggles and Riley smiles in exhaustion. Lila reaches over to the nightstand to grab her cooled coffee for a quick sip. Joss sits up and gives her love a quick kiss on her xxx of old fat womens. "Good morning." Joss whispers before Riley moans at the taste of herself and kisses her again.

Lila licks her lips and starts to feel the uncomfortable feeling rise in her chest again. She sets her coffee onto the table again and clears her throat. "I think I should go." Lila mumbles and slides out of bed. The two women part and look at the cute blonde.

Riley lays back against the bed and puts one hand behind her head with a smile. "Lila.if you keep wanting to run out then I'm going to keep you here until you realize that we want you here." Riley smirks when the cute blonde blushes. Joss chuckles and places a soft kiss to her wife's strong collarbone. "Lila, would you like to use the shower?" Joss asks gets off the bed as well.

Lila nods her head and follows the sexy brunette into the bathroom. She blushes, even more, when dark brown eyes scan her body as she gets into the shower.

Joss walks back out to her wife with a groan of lust. "I fucking love you, Riley." Joss husks and climbs back into bed to lay down next to her wife. Riley curls into Joss's body and links their fingers together. She smiles and kisses the brunette's shoulder. "I love you too." Riley whispers.

They lay in bed silently holding each other, reconnecting after their night and morning together with Lila. The shower turns off and both women part to put on their robes. Joss lays out the young woman's clothes on the made bed then they walk downstairs to make breakfast. They are just finishing cooking when Lila comes into the kitchen. "Hey. Do you want breakfast?

We have bacon, eggs, and pancakes." Riley says smiley and happy. Lila smiles back but shakes her head. "I'm sorry, I can't. I have to go into the office to finish some paperwork I didn't get to last night." She blushes and crosses her arms. Joss smirks and walks over to give the blonde a soft but meaningful kiss. When she pulls back Lila is asian finger fucks wet twat japanese and hardcore like an idiot.

"Riley and I agreed that we will definitely be asking you back into our bedroom." Joss whispers into her ear. Lila smiles and looks at Riley walking toward them. "In 6 months of course so if anything happens in that time like you get a girlfriend then please, don't feel pressured to say yes. Alright?" Riley asks and pushes a strand of hair behind Lila's ear. Lila shivers when both women start to kiss her neck. She lets out a laugh and holds up her hands in surrender.

"Okay- okay. I need to go or I'll be late." They pull away and smile mischievously. Lila quickly kisses them both on the cheek before backing away slowly. "Thank you for everything and I am looking forward to your call." Lila says with a smile. She turns around with a deep breath and leaves the couple and their home. Riley goes back to cooking and Joss looks at her wife with a smirk. "Riley, my love, I want to take you on the counter." Joss husks and walks toward the blonde with determination.

Riley turns around in surprise and is immediately backed against the counter by her wife. Their lips crush together with a passionate moan, from who, they don't know. //////////////////// Hi everyone! I hope you all enjoyed this new story and there will be another story relating to these three characters! Let me know what you think below and make suggestions if you'd like!

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