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Beautiful babe with big ass gets fucked in wet cum on amateur pov video
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PURE, PRIMAL PASSION A COUPLE REDISCOVER CHAPTER 2 Hallo again! I did promise some of you I'd have this chapter posted a week ago, so to you loyal readers I sincerely apologize. I was hoping to complete this chapter before leaving on a business trip to Thailand, but my MD needed assistance with some last-minute preparations and I simply ran out of time. Our trip was busy but ultimately successful, and we had the opportunity to spend a couple of leisure days before flying home.

We were staying in a five-star hotel in Bangkok, and indulged ourselves by spending time with a couple of stunningly beautiful Thai ladyboys. What an amazing experience! I believed I had enjoyed virtually every form of hedonistic pleasure a woman could indulge in, but this was something else again. Perhaps this could be the subject of a future story, and it would certainly be pleasant to relive the events of those two blissful days. My MD and I were certainly weary when we took our seats on the flight home, and I'm sure we were still smiling as we slept.

But enough of these distractions. I sincerely hope you enjoy this chapter, as my characters have acquired a taste for the pleasures they had forgotten, and their appetites to explore are growing. I will be starting on chapter 3 soon but this could take a similar amount of time, as we leave on Sunday for what we hope will be our last trip this year.

So thank you for your posts and PMs, your feelings and feedback are valued and appreciated. *********************************************************************************** Dean figured it would take Katie thirty or forty minutes to read through his story, and waited patiently for his cell to ring.

As an hour ticked over the nerves kicked in, and he started to wonder why she was taking so long to call back. His imagination took over, and he was increasingly convinced she hadn't liked it and was wondering how to tell him. After an hour and a half he felt as though the butterflies in his stomach had decided to buy some work boots, and he was sweating profusely.

He gazed at his silent cell sitting on the side table. "Come on you piece of shit, ring will you?" He muttered out loud. He stood and headed inside to pour a drink, his throat as dry as desert sand, before he realized he may not hear her call and strode back to retrieve his cell. "This is crazy!" He admonished himself as he poured the strong liquor over some ice cubes.

"Anything could have happened. Her Dad could have wanted to talk or they could be heading back to hospital, just be a little patient. She WILL call!" He sat back down and glanced at his watch yet again, and shook his head in silent frustration. Just before the two hour mark it finally rang, and his palms were sweating to the extent he almost dropped it on the paving as he fumbled to press the answer icon.

"About time you called." He snapped. "I'm sorry Dean." She replied, oblivious to his recent discomfort. "But I was reading your story, and all I can say is………" He held his breath, waiting for the axe to fall.

"it was just……fantastic! I've never read anything& incredibly erotic. I had no idea I could get so turned on from reading a story, and I'm struggling to describe how I felt but&hellip.I had to keep stopping to masturbate!

I came three times before I finished it!!!" His breath escaped in one long, continuous sigh. "So& liked it? You really thought& was ok?" He stammered, uncertain if he had heard her clearly and in need of additional reassurance.

"Ok?" She giggled. "Ok? It was so far beyond ok it was amazing! I'm not kidding; I started reading it in the den while Dad watched a game, and after a few minutes my pussy was running. Not dripping or leaking, running!

I knew I had to go somewhere private, so I told Dad I was feeling tired and I was going to lie down for a while. I went to my room and locked the door, ripped off my clothes and I lay back and continued to read. It wasn't long before my fingers got busy as though they had a mind of their own, and I came so hard I'll have to wash the sheets tomorrow; there was cum everywhere!

I figured I'd be ok to finish it then, but the further I read the hornier I became, so I had to take care of things a second time.

Then I kept reading and realized I was still as horny as hell, so it was into round three!" She giggled like a naughty child caught with her hand in the cookie jar. "You'll probably think I'm terrible but I have to tell you something; the third time I actually got my whole hand inside my pussy!

Don't they call that fist-fucking or something?" Dean's cock sprang to attention in world-record time, pre cum oozing from his slit as he drew a mental picture of Katie lying back with her whole hand obscenely stretching her pussy and her slick labia nestled against her wrist.

He almost choked as he tried to speak. "Your&hellip.whole&hellip.hand?" He whispered breathlessly. "You actually managed to slide your whole hand inside your pussy?" Her voice took on a deeper, sexy tone.

"The whole fucking thing&hellip.right up to the wrist. My cunt has never been stretched so far, at least not since the last time I gave birth!" He groaned.

"Oh man, I would have loved to be there to see that! By the way, where are you now?" When Katie dropped the C-bomb Dean realized she must be somewhere private where she was sure her Dad couldn't overhear her conversation. She laughed again, clearly in high spirits.

"Well as you know I was&hellip.busy for a couple of hours, and then I really wanted to call you so I told Dad I was going for a walk to get some fresh air." He was finally starting to relax, and managed to laugh at her infectious enthusiasm. "I was wondering what was happening. As the time passed I was doing a great job of convincing myself that you thought my story was crap and had no idea how to let me down gently." "What?" She replied, disbelief clearly evident in the tone of her voice.

"How could you possibly think that? Your story is so much better than anything I've read on that website. The way you write just completely involves me; I mean, I actually believed I was right there with the characters. And……oh wait……this was your first attempt……and while I'm busy having one cum after another……you were sitting there……thinking I couldn't tell you I didn't like it…………Oh Dean, I'm so sorry; it just never occurred to me.

Oh God, I'm such a thoughtless bitch!" "No you're not." He reassured her. "There's no way you could have known, and I think my imagination kind of ran riot for a while." "But I still should have realized. Instead I was too busy having a good time." "Well that still makes me happy." He replied. "At least I know it had the desired effect." "And then some!" She responded.

"It really is an amazing piece of work. I'll bet it will go viral when you post it. But I still feel as though I let you down and I need to make it up to you. Where are you right now?" "Sitting by the pool." He replied. "Have you got a drink?" "Sure do; I poured a double to steady the nerves while I was waiting." "Ok, take a long sip." She instructed. "What are you wearing?" He followed her instructions and felt the warm glow from the alcohol radiate from his stomach before replying.

"Just a pair of shorts, it's nice and warm here." "Take 'em off." She replied simply. He put the phone on the table and slid his shorts down, his firm cock slapping against his skin as he sat back down and picked up his cell. "Done." He replied simply. "Ok babe. Now lean back, close your eyes and relax.

Is your cock nice and hard? Are you oozing pre cum yet?" She enquired. "Yes and yes. Ever since you told me about fisting your own pussy." "That's good, very good." She hissed. "I'm glad it made you hot, because you had me on fire! Now, wrap your hand around your cock and start stroking, and when you reach the head slide your thumb across and spread your juice down the shaft.

We need to make sure you're nice and wet." "Oh&hellip.God." He whispered as he followed her instructions. "That feels soooo good!" "It'll feel a whole lot better soon, but let's take it slow, ok? I want you to picture me lying back on our bed, with my legs spread and my freshly shaved pussy exposed for you, and you alone.

Remember how you shaved me the other night, and how good it felt to lick me, suck me, and fuck me?" "I'll never forget that!" He moaned.

"Neither will I babe! Just keeping stroking, but make it long and slow. Now I'm sliding two fingers in my mouth, and then rubbing them up and down my slit. Can you see how wet I am already? My pussy feels so hot; just ripe for fucking!" He groaned again, his cock oozing even more clear liquid every time his hand moved upward. "Now I'm sliding my fingers inside. Oh&hellip.FUCK! It's so hot, and wet, and slippery in here. There's almost no friction at all. I can easily slide two fingers into my hot cunt, so now I'm adding a third.

Oh sweet Jesus; that's really starting to stretch my tight little pussy. Wouldn't you like to slide that big, hard, dripping cock in there? Or would you rather do my ass while my fingers keep going?" "I don't care!" He hissed. "Oh fuck. I just wanna cum!!!" "All in good time lover, be a little patient." She instructed.

"I'm so horny now. My pussy is running and my juices are going everywhere. I've just cum and you can smell the scent of sex. I'm going to slip a fourth finger into my pussy, as I think I'm loose enough to take it now. Oh…FUCK!! It's really stretching me, but my greasy cunt juice is helping and I think…I…can&hellip.just…get it& there.

Oh my fucking God! That's four fingers and my cunt is gaping; it'll take hours to go back to normal shape. Keep stroking that fucking cock babe; I promise you'll be spraying cum everywhere real soon!" "I…hope…so!" Dean groaned, his balls starting to ache. "I wonder if I can get my whole hand in there again?" She continued, teasing him mercilessly. "I'm sliding my fingers back so I can fold my thumb into my palm. Now I'm really starting to fuck myself; my hand is punching my hot, sticky pussy and each time I manage to get it in a little deeper.

Almost…almost&hellip. up the knuckles now…but I just can't seem to open quite wide enough. I'm such a slut; a fist-fucking slut who wants to ram her hand deep inside her own cunt! Oh God, I'm getting so hot I feel like I'll burst into flames.

Get ready Dean; I'm almost there and I know I'll cum so hard the second my hand slides into my greasy hole!" Dean was sweating profusely, rivulets of perspiration leaving liquid trails as they ran down his skin.

"Nearly…nearly." Katie gasped breathlessly. "Almost made it that time. I'm fucking myself so hard I'll have a bruised pussy tomorrow, but who gives a fuck? Yes…yes&hellip.OH FUCK! YES! My whole hand is in there and I'm fisting my own cunt! I'm such a slut! Such a cock-sucking, cunt fucking slut! I'M FUCKING CUMMING!!! I can feel my juice all over my fingers! Cum for me babe! I want to hear you cum everywhere!!!!" Dean didn't merely cum, he exploded like a volcanic eruption.

"AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!" He yelled into the phone, his first spurt hitting him on the chin with surprising force that made him flinch. His second burst had cum dripping down his neck, and his third just fell short. His eyes were clenched shut and he could feel hot liquid pooling and running down his body. He continued squeezing and stretching his cock, failing to realize Katie had gone silent as she listened to him gasp and groan.

"Oh& &hellip. fucking&hellip.God!" He stammered into the phone. "I've got cum dripping from my chin! Can you believe it?" "Of course I can believe it." Katie said softly. "You're just a horny little cunt-fucker, and I love that I can make you so hot.

It's the least I can do after reading your story." "I'm so relieved you liked it babe." He said earnestly, his body trembling from the physical and emotional roller-coaster he had been through. "I'm not sure I can describe how I felt, but I never knew masturbation could be so satisfying." Katie attempted to explain.

"Don't get me wrong; it's always pleasant but normally I'd only do it if you were away or working late or something, but this was completely different. I'm starting to tremble just thinking about it. I promise you this; as soon as I know Mom's ok I really hope you can get some time off, because I'll be heading home, and once I get inside I won't want to step back through the door until we run out of food!" Dean laughed; a long heartfelt expression of happiness and relief.

"As soon as I've delivered this presentation I think I could arrange a day or two. So, do you still want me to send you updates, or save them until you get back?" "You've got me hooked babe." She replied passionately.

"I want to read it while the ink is still wet, ok?" "Ok, as soon as I finish a section I'll email it through. I presume you'll want a text letting you know?" "Yes PLEASE!

It's probably more practical than trying to sleep with a laptop." She laughed. "Seriously though, when I'm sure Mom's ok I'm coming home. We've got some serious catching up to take care of!" "I'm looking forward to that, and I can't tell you how much I miss you, but if you were here I doubt if the story would have progressed this far.

I think I'd be tempted to keep stopping for some&hellip.quality time." "Hmmmm." She mused. "That is a consideration isn't it? Well, how about you keep busy and see how far you can get before I fly in, ok?" Dean chuckled at her enthusiasm.

"Ok, I'll do that, but only for you." They said their goodbyes, both a little breathless after their first phone-sex experience.

"And I didn't even need a credit card." good looking slut shuri maihama gets used by her big brothers nasty friends they stimulate her fine Dean mused to himself with a wry smile, as he restarted his lap top and continued his story. In the meantime Katie was strolling back to her parent's house, a beaming smile on her face.

As she walked through the door her Dad smiled and asked if she felt like a coffee. She emily and nikki threesome fucking bbc interracial sucking cowgirl, waiting as he brewed a fresh pot and thanking him as he passed the steaming cup across.

They sat in the den and he went back to watching his game as Katie's thoughts drifted away. It was difficult not to laugh out loud as she thought of herself calmly walking down the sidewalk, talking on her cell, lustfully encouraging her husband to masturbate as she described her own self-pleasure to him. "It's a good thing nobody came the other way at the wrong time; talk about a case of coitus interruptus if they had!" She smiled to herself.

She marveled at the story Dean had created, and the feelings she had experienced as she read through. He had the ability to create a presentation quickly and professionally, and when she had occasionally asked for his help with an email that she was struggling with, he would take her computer, sit back and think for a moment, before his fingers would fly across the keyboard. Then he would slide it back and she would read what he had written, and wonder how he could precisely put her thoughts into words in such an effortless manner.

But her thoughts kept drifting back to his erotic story, and the way his words had captivated her. She had never had any reservations about masturbation, and while it was a pleasant way to spend some time, it had never provided the same level of hot masturbation session with a ravishing redhead jayden gonzo release that having sex had given her.

At least, not until today. The orgasms she had experienced were so strong they bordered on all-consuming, which was part of the reason she had thrown her inhibitions away when she told Dean about her pleasure. It also added to her desire to help him achieve a similar level of ecstasy as she graphically described her earlier activities.

This only reinforced her conviction that they slipped into a comfortable but ultimately unsatisfying pattern, and she was more determined than ever that it was time for a change. She started thinking about what they could do to avoid this happening again, and she found herself considering how she could dress and what surprises she could prepare for her return.

Her suggestion that they take some time off and stay at home until they ran out of food was a serious one, and she started developing a mental list of sex-games they could enjoy, and surprises she could unveil at an appropriate moment. As her plans took shape she realized some serious shopping was called for, and started Googling lingerie outlets and adult stores in the area.

With a series of options available she interrupted her Dad's game. "Dad, I'd like to do some shopping after we visit Mom tomorrow. Would it be ok if I borrowed your car for a while?" He smiled over at her. "No problem at all Katie. Would you like some company?" She appreciated the offer, but walking into an adult store with her father was not something she wanted to contemplate so she shook her head, smiling as she replied.

"Thanks Dad, but I need to buy some clothes and new shoes and you know what women are like when they shop. We like to take our time!" He gave her a mock groan but smiled as he did. "In that case, I'm happy to hand over the car keys. I've been through enough of that with your mother thanks." "I had a feeling you'd say that. Thanks Dad." Katie laughed, and went back to her planning.

Her plans were progressing until she interrupted them to prepare dinner, and she and her father chatted as they ate their meal. "So how long do you plan on staying Katie?" He asked. "Not that I'm complaining as it always good to see you, but I'm sure you'll need to get back to work at some stage." She nodded as she sipped from her wine glass. "I do, but I'm not planning anything until I know Mom's ok. John's talking about flying in later this week, so once we know more about Mom's recovery and when John flies in I probably should think about heading home." "How's Dean doing?

I'll bet he misses you." He went on. She smiled as she thought babe lily gets her wet pussy banged hard hardcore cumshots him sitting at home, and what he was probably doing. "That goes both ways because I'm missing him as well. But he's fine Dad, and he felt quite guilty that he couldn't come with me. He's offered to fly out later if I'm going to be here for a while, but when John comes over I'll fly home.

Apart from anything else, you've only got one spare bedroom so it would get kind of crowded with too many of us here." "You're right." He replied.

"But it would still be nice to have both my kids here." She thought about that aspect, as she spoke with John regularly but it had been some time since she'd actually seen him. "We'll see how things go. I'd like to see John, so maybe one of us could sleep on the couch u should make no doubt of me night he arrives, and I could fly out the next day." He beamed at her suggestion. "That's a great idea!

If John's not too tired we could go out for dinner. There's a great little Italian restaurant just round the corner." They cleaned up the kitchen and went into the den where they watched a movie before heading for bed. The next morning Katie prepared breakfast and then they headed for the hospital, to find her Mom sitting up in bed and looking significantly better.

Katie saw the relief on her Dad's face and sat back as they talked, the strength of their love evident in every word, touch and gesture. He was even happier when she told them her Doctor expected to release her in a few days, and provided she watched her diet and exercised with care she should enjoy a complete recovery. They were permitted to stay for around an hour before a kindly nurse suggested it was time for some rest, so they kissed her and headed home.

As they drove he thanked Katie profusely for dropping everything and flying in, and they chatted about life in general before agreeing they should try and get together more often. When they arrived he insisted on making Katie a coffee, before sliding the keys over so she could head out to the mall. Katie was not surprised that she was flushed with excitement as she drove down the street, her nipples almost painfully firm as they strained against the fabric of her bra.

She had planned her trip well, as the mall she was heading for had a high-class lingerie store as well as some top-end fashion houses. There was no doubt her credit card was in for a serious workout, nor that Dean would be fine with her spending spree, as he would have enjoyed the delights she had in store before the bill arrived.

She parked the car and headed inside and soon purchased the perfect outfit she planned to wear when Dean picked up from the airport, as well as a formal-style but incredibly sexy cocktail dress for an intimate dinner at home. Two pairs of shoes, one to match each outfit, with the tallest heels in which she could comfortably walk completed her ensembles, and it was off to the lingerie store.

Ably assisted by a helpful lady around her own age who had a real eye for detail and picked out several outfits that suited her perfectly, she spent over two hours in the lingerie store.

She almost shuddered when she paid the bill, but trusted Dean would not object; too much! With her hands full of shopping bags she made it back to the car, before she realized she didn't have room in her suitcase to accommodate her purchases on the trip home. She grinned as she stowed her bags in the trunk and headed back to buy another suitcase, figuring she'd deal with the excess baggage charge when she checked in at the airport. Once that detail was taken care of it was back in the car, and off to the adult store tucked away discreetly in a back street half a mile away.

The young man behind the counter looked bored and disinterested when she walked in, merely nodding a greeting as she started browsing. His attitude improved noticeably as she started placing items on the counter, and he gave her a belated welcoming smile.

"Is there anything you'd like some help with?" She returned his smile and shook her head. "I'm fine at the moment thanks, but if I get stuck I'll certainly let you know." She continued to work through the aisles, and finally told the assistant that she was done. He bagged her purchases and happily assured her she had made his day, before she breezed out the door, tired by satisfied with her efforts. She was halfway back to her parent's house when it occurred to her that her father may ask some awkward questions, particularly if he caught a glimpse of some of the items she had bought.

A smile flickered across her face as she wondered how she'd deal with that situation, so she pulled into a parking lot at a smaller mall and packed everything into her new case. It was getting dark as she pulled into the garage and she carried her new case inside.

"It looks as though you've been busy." Her father greeted with a smile. She grinned in reply. "You've got some great stores here Dad." She responded with enthusiasm. "I've given the plastic a decent work out today!" "I hope Dean is understanding honey." He laughed, and she smiled as she thought about that aspect, knowing there wouldn't be too many problems after her first night back home.

"We'll soon find out Dad." She laughed, and headed for her room to safely store her bag before starting on dinner. John rang just after dinner and they talked for quite a while, the phone passing from Katie to her Dad and back again as he firmed up his plans to fly in Wednesday night.

He was obviously relieved that his Mom was on the mend, but was still keen to fly in as soon as he could. He was delighted Katie was going to stay until he arrived, and agreed that their father's suggestion they have dinner before she flew home was great idea.

When that call was completed she slipped away to her room and called Dean. "It's great to hear from you Katie!" He answered. "I was just thinking about giving you a call. How are things going?" "Things are looking better Dean." She replied. "Mom is getting stronger every day and should be released in the next few days, and John is flying in Wednesday, so I thought I'd go online tonight and book a flight back on Thursday." "I won't deny I'm really looking forward to having you back Katie, but I don't want you leaving early if you think you should stay a few days longer." He replied honestly.

"I think it will be fine babe." She assured him. "Apart from anything else, Dad doesn't have a lot of room here, so one of us will be sleeping on the couch on Wednesday night as it is." "Then that sounds great!" He replied enthusiastically. "I'm on track to complete my presentation on Wednesday, so I should be clear to take a couple a couple of days after that.

If you fly in Thursday send me your flight details and I'll pick you up at the airport." "That would be great." She giggled. "I did some shopping yesterday, so I'll have some extra luggage I could use some help with." "More clothes and shoes?" He laughed. "You know me too well!" She giggled again. "But I did pick up some&hellip.other items as well." "Sounds interesting." He replied. "This might be the first time I actually want to help you unpack!" "That would be a first!

I was wondering&hellip.if you've had time to do any more work on your story?" He laughed loudly. "My, we are anxious aren't we?" He voice took on a deeper, husky tone. "You've given me a taste and yes, I'm anxious for more.

So why don't you stop teasing and answer my question?" She was sure she could hear him breathing deeper. "I did a bit more yesterday, and I was just thinking about trying to get enough done to send you the second installment later tonight." She could feel her pussy moisten at the prospect of another interesting session behind locked doors with her laptop.

"Now that's something a girl could look forward to while her hot husband is hundreds of miles away." She whispered. "Can I be rude and suggest I go and let you get to it?" Dean laughed softly.

"That's fine babe. There's nothing like knowing you have an appreciative audience to get the creative juices flowing!" She laughed softly into the phone. "The juices are certainly flowing at this end babe, but I'm not sure whether you'd call them creative! Send me a text when you email it through?" He agreed and they said their goodbyes, Dean picking up his laptop as he concluded the call, and Katie heading back to spend some time with her Dad, but making sure her cell was safely tucked into the pocket of her jeans.

Dean smiled broadly to himself as he sipped from his drink. He was accustomed to working to tight deadlines at work, but having his sexy wife applying the pressure was a unique experience. It was time for Carol and Rod to play, and he was ready to start composing the next movement in his symphony of erotica.

********************************************************************************** The sun was streaming through the window when a strange sensation drew Rod gently from his deep, restful slumber. He was lying on his back and realized the bed covers had been pushed away, and he gradually became aware of the firmness of his cock, no doubt due to the wet, gentle pressure he could feel sliding slowly up and down his shaft.

His eyes blinked open and he looked down, seeing Carol's tousled hair before she realized he was awake, and she moved around slowly until she was smiling up at him, at least as far as she could with a mouthful of hard, dribbling cock. Her lips slid slowly free, a long bead of precum swinging like a pendulum from her chin. She crawled up the bed like a cat stalking its prey, and kissed him full on the lips.

"Good morning stud." She greeted him. "I'm pleased to see you're ready for our second day, and apparently as enthusiastic as you were yesterday!" He returned her kiss, their tongues engaged in a sensual dual until he broke for breath. "After yesterday I think you could say I'm ready, willing and hopefully able." He chuckled. "Just give me a minute to slip into the bathroom and I'll be ready for whatever you have in mind." She lay beside him on the bed and spread her legs, slipping her fingers into her mouth before slowly stroking her moist pussy.

"Don't be too long. You know what could happen if I get bored waiting!" He remembered her threat of making him watch her pleasure herself, and was keen to ensure that didn't happen, so he bounded off the bed and ran to the bathroom. With the pressure on his bladder relieved he was back on the bed, a broad smile on his face.

"Do I get to ask what you have planned for today?" He enquired. "No." She replied simply. "But only because I haven't really planned anything. I think this might be a go-with-the-flow kind of day." "I can do go-with-the-flow." He replied, grinning like a child on Christmas morning. "You'd better!" She smilingly replied as she stood and stretched.

"Wait here while I go and get some toys we can use." He grinned as she sauntered casually from the room, her hips undulating in an accentuated movement that highlighted her tight butt. She was back in a minute with a handful of toys she dropped on the bed, and she gave her husband a lascivious smile as she sat down.

"Make love to my nipples the way you did yesterday. Suck them and bight them until they're as hard as two little cocks, and then use the nipple clamps on them." Rod was still smiling as she lay back and he followed her down, gripping her already firm nipple between his lips as he flicked his tongue across the tip. He worked steadily; moving from one breast to the other as her nipples gradually grew longer and firmer. He could see pink flushes spreading across her breasts and up to her neck, hearing her breathing become deeper.

Her back arched as she tried to get her now rigid buttons deeper into his mouth, and she rewarded him with a sensual groan as he bit down gently, feeling her flesh distort between his teeth. bdsm submission and bdsm anal group the joy tube porn She whispered.

"Why did it take so long for me to realize how good this feels?" He slid across to her other nipple and bit down again, applying a little more pressure and hearing her hiss in his ear. "If you keep doing that I think I can actually cum! I think you'd better clip me now." The thought of Carol cumming purely sexy eighteen year old attractive girl hardcore massage nipple play had Rod's cock twitching at the erotic picture her words created in his mind, and he released his oral grip and picked up the clamps.

He was becoming more comfortable with their indulgent games and tweaked her nipple firmly between his thumb and forefinger as he waved the clamps in front of her eyes.

He eased the first clamp open and positioned the serrated teeth over her nipple, gently releasing the tension and allowing the pressure to increase gradually on Carol's inflamed button.

She groaned as she felt the teeth bite into her tender flesh, a primal sound that came from deep inside her. As soon as he released the first clip he attacked her second nipple, squeezing, tweaking and pulling it as it grew harder to his touch. The second clamp followed and another groan slipped past her clenched lips. "You prick!" She spat at him. "You tit-torturing bastard!

You get off on this don't you? DON'T YOU!!!" He realized she was deep in a private world of fuck-lust, where her words and actions could be as raw and wanton as she desired. He wrapped his hand around the chrome chain that connected the nipple clamps, smiling lewdly as he slowly drew it away from her chest until her nipples were stretched to breaking point.

"You fucking bet!" He growled, slipping into a matching character. "I love hurting your tits, and burying my face in your hot cunt, and greasing your tight little ass!" "You want to tit-fuck me don't you?" She blazed. "You want me to mash my tits together and watch you slide your angry cock between them, pressing the clamps hard into my chest, until you pump hot cum all over me. That's what you want isn't it?" They were both completely involved, uncontrollable lust dictating every word, movement and action.

Rod had never felt like this before; never experiencing the overwhelming sensations that were coursing through every fiber and nerve ending of his body. He pushed her firmly back on the bed and straddled her, his hand wrapped firmly around his shaft as he jacked his drooling cock above her. A long bead of pre-cum hung suspended from the head until it dripped into the valley between her heaving breasts.

Her eyes blazed up at him wantonly, and he spat into her cleavage before sliding the chain down her body. Her hands gripped her breasts and squeezed them together as he slid his cock between them, thrusting in long strokes that had the tip of his cock leaving a smeared pool of clear liquid on her chin. She dropped her head and flicked her tongue across his head every time he thrust upward, desperately trying to take him between her lips.

"Fuck my tits you filthy cunt-fucker!" She breathed hoarsely. "Fuck them until you blow all over me!!!" He was moving at a faster pace, unable to hold back. "I'm gonna blow your fucking head off when I cum, you slut!" Yes! YES!!!" She hissed. "I am a slut. I'm a fucking cunt-slut! Now be a fucking man and give me your cum!" She was pleading, almost begging, and writhing beneath him on the bed as his cock pounded through the slick valley between her crushed breasts.

Suddenly his balls tightened and sucked upward, and he roared as his cum burst free, rope after rope of greasy, viscous juice painting her lips, her cheeks and her neck as it sprayed from his aching cock. Rivers of creamy cum ran from her body and pooled on her skin as he kept on pumping, her tongue extended as she tried to catch every drop of primal release until finally, he slowed to trickle and stopped. He collapsed on top of her, hearing her gasp his weight crushed the clamps into her breasts but incapable of moving to provide any relief.

She was shuddering beneath him, and a part of his mind wondered if she had cum with him as she panted into his ear like an exhausted puppy. He could feel his juices smeared across her flesh between them, and his racing heartbeat almost convinced him he was about to have a heart attack as he tried to breathe.

They lay that way for several minutes until he finally found the strength to roll over and lay beside her on the bed. He felt her hand softly on his chest before her lips tenderly brushed his, and he managed to open his eyes to see her smiling down at him.

"That was simply&hellip.amazing!" She whispered before kissing him again. "I love you so much, and I just can't believe how good making love is with you!" Her put one hand gently behind her neck and drew her down to him, kissing her again.

He smiled at her. "I'm just wondering who you are.and what happened to the woman I married." He teens teamed up to make their stepmom alexis fawx fuck with them. She grinned back at him.

"The woman you married seems to have gone away for a while, so you'll just have to make do with me for now. Does that work for you?" He nodded enthusiastically. "I can't begin to tell you how much that works for me!" He assured her. "Well that's good." She laughingly replied. "After yesterday and this morning, I get the feeling the woman you married is in no hurry to get back here." Rod tried to convey a serious expression, but failed miserably.

"Now isn't that damn shame!" He managed to say before collapsing into fits of laughter. She gave him a light-hearted slap on the chest before sitting up and smiling. "I suppose I need to feed my man now, otherwise he may run out of gas at a completely inappropriate milf rides stepsons cock pornstars and mature realized the hunger pangs were sitting patiently in the background, for now, and nodded.

"Do you want to have a shower first?" He enquired. To his surprise she scooped a bead of cum from her chin and slid the glistening finger into her mouth, ensuring he was watching as she savored the taste before swallowing.

"Why would I want a shower?" She asked sweetly. "I'm only going to tell you to get me dirty again. Give me five minutes and then I'll see you in the kitchen lover!" And with that she scooped up the sex toys from the bed and sashayed out the door.

He smiled broadly and shook his head in amazement, wondering what other tricks she had up her sleeve for the day. She had asked for five minutes so he relaxed on the bed for a while, enjoying a vivid mental replay of the recent events until five minutes ticked over.

"There's only one way to find out what she's got in mind next." He mused to himself as he got to his feet and followed her. It may have only been a few minutes, but Carol had certainly been busy.

Rod walked into the kitchen to find her bustling about preparing breakfast, dressed in a tiny French-maid costume. She had pinned her hair up and had a tiny white apron struggling to conceal her ample breasts which still had the clamps swinging from her nipples, and an extremely short black vibrator barrage on lewd slut lingerie and japanese that barely covered her ass and pussy, provided she didn't breathe or bend over at the slightest angle.

Black stockings accentuated her slim legs, and gloss black heels had added at least four inches to her height. She smiled as his eyes took in every aspect of her decadent appearance before he whistled softly in appreciation. She walked over and kissed him before handing him a glass of champagne and taking a long sip from her own glass.

"I have no idea what's got into you babe." He whispered hoarsely. "But I'm sure as hell not complaining!" She laughed, a gentle tinkling sound that filled the room momentarily, before she gave him a lascivious smile. She walked over until she was standing before him, and took his free hand and placed it against her moist pussy. angels suck and receive screwed homemade hardcore be honest, I have no idea what's got into me either." She whispered.

"But I'm loving&hellip.the freedom of behaving like this. Perhaps it's hormones or something, but I just feel completely free&hellip.and uninhibited&hellip.and I just want to do outrageous things and behave like a total slut when we're together." Her hand encouraged his to stroke her pussy softly, and he immediately felt her oozing fluids coating his sliding fingers.

"Does my behavior bother you babe? I'd hate to think I was scaring you away just when things are getting interesting!" She raised a questioning eyebrow as he continued to stroke her increasingly wet slit. "You're not frightening me at all Carol." He reassured her. "In fact, I'm loving every single second of this. This really has been new xxx story sil pek incredible couple of days, and I have no idea what's coming next, but I'm with you one hundred percent and I never want this to end!" She smiled at his reassurance.

"So it really doesn't bother you that your wife has turned into a cock-hungry slut that just wants to fuck and suck all day long?" Rather than reply, he stopped stroking her slit for a second, and used his hand to wrap hers around his firm cock, sliding hers up his length until she felt the oozing fluid leaking from the tip.

"Does that feel like it bothers me?" He asked as his hand slid back to its previous place below her waist. "I guess not!" She laughed.

"But I just wanted to make sure. I'm enjoying this as much as you are but I don't want to jeopardize things by going too far." She released her hold on his cock and smiled up at him. "I think I'd better get back to cooking your breakfast, before it becomes lunch!" Rod pitched in and set the table, topping up their champagne glasses before he slid behind Carol as she cooked a growing stack of pancakes on the stove.

He reached around took hold of the clamps still biting firmly into her nipples, and was rewarded as she groaned when he started stretching and tweaking them. "You really enjoy it when I get rough with your nipples don't you?" He whispered in her ear. She leaned back and grasped his cock firmly as she deftly flipped a pancake with her other hand. "Yes!" She hissed. "I love everything you do to me. Every&hellip.fucking&hellip.thing!" "So what would you like me to do to you after breakfast?" He enquired softly.

She surprised him by not giving a direct answer, but asking a question instead. "Remember yesterday when you slid the plug into my tight little ass, and then you fucked my hot cunt?" He grinned as the memories flashed through his mind.

"I'm not going to forget that in a hurry!" "And then, after you pumped a huge load of cum in my slutty fuck-hole, I squatted over you and made you lick me clean?" He nodded, feeling his cock grow to an almost painful state of hardness.

"Uh huh." "Well, were you cool with that? Sucking you own cum out of my freshly fucked pussy?" He paused for a moment, remembering his initial reluctance, and then decided honesty was the best policy. "To be honest I had a head-problem with it at first. I mean, I've never done anything like that before, but once I got started I was fine with it. Why do you ask?" She hesitated, but only briefly before she decided she press on. "Well. You're probably going to think this is pretty weird, and the last thing I want to do is studying and fucking with nerdy teeny facial cumshot natural tits you out, but I'd really like to ask you to tongue my ass, I mean really go to town on me and bury your tongue deep in there.

Is that pushing things too far? I know I'm supposed to be in charge for the week, but I really don't want to ask you to something that is a total turn-off!" He smiled at her hesitation, respecting that she wasn't prepared to abuse her position of power, and decided to show her how he felt about her suggestion, rather than just tell her. He crouched down behind her, sensing her uncertainty as she waited for his reply, and gently lifted the hem of her tiny black skirt. He gripped her butt cheeks firmly, spreading them to expose her puckered pink rosebud to his gaze, before he leant forward and kissed her sphincter, moving his lips and tongue slowly across her warm skin.

He felt her body go rigid, and imagined her back arching and her eyes clenched shut. "Oh God!" She groaned. "Oh…my&hellip.FUCKING&hellip.GOD!!!" His tongue moved around and across her clenching muscle, before he pointed the tip and started probing, gently forcing his saliva past her tight ring as she tried to relax and allow him enter further. Again she groaned. "I'm going to apologize now if I burn your breakfast, but please, don't stop!

Tongue my ass babe. Get that tongue deep inside me and get me wet! Oh FUCK! That feels amazing!!!" He pulled her cheeks further apart as she relaxed just far enough to allow the tip of tongue to penetrate her most private opening, and she squealed as she felt him enter her.

"That's it. That's what I need. Oh my fucking God, I can't believe your tongue is inside me! Suck my ass you filthy prick! Oh shit, I'm such a sick bitch; I can't believe how much I'm loving this!" Rod was really getting into it, a thick mist of fuck-lust overcoming any reservations he may have had as he forced his probing tongue ever-deeper.

He reached up and carefully slid a finger from each hand past her clenching sphincter and pulled her hole wide open. He leant back for a second and spat directly into her open cavity, hearing her squeal as his tongue slid back inside.

"Sweet Jesus!" She groaned. "You're really getting off on this aren't you?" She felt his head move against her cheeks as he nodded vigorously. "You like this babe? You like having your tongue buried deep in your slutty wife's tight shitter?" He nodded again as he slid one hand around and started firmly rubbing her dripping labia, moving faster and faster at both ends as she shook against him.

"Oh shit! I'm going to cum. I can't believe it! This feels so fucking good I'm going to cum and cum and cum! ARRRGGGHHH!!!!" She screamed, shook and spasmed as she came, a solid jet of greasy cum erupting from her pussy and spraying over his moving hand. She came again, just as violently, and another jet of thick liquid coated her inner thighs before cascading down her stockings until she was standing in spreading pool of liquid.

Several smaller cums followed, progressively losing strength as she struggled to stand, leaning against Rod's head for support as she moaned and trembled. Somehow she had the presence of mind to turn the stove off before she sank slowly to the floor, leaning against him as her chest heaved. He smiled as he wrapped his arms around her waist loosely, thinking that he had never seen her cum so violently in all the years they had been together. He planted a series of feather-soft kisses on her neck and shoulders as she lay back, feeling her tremble every time his lips touched her skin.

"Stop." She begged hoarsely. "Please stop! My skin is so touchy&hellip.I just need a few minutes& recover!" hairy cock disappears in a blonde babe sexy client services juicy pussy of masseuse He held her until her breathing returned to something around normal, and she managed to stagger to her feet.

She surveyed the charred pancake in the pan and gave him a rueful smile. "I think that one won't make the cut." She laughed. "But the others are ok, still hungry?" "Ravenous!" He replied simply, and sat at the table story pornde alexa hija de mirka dellanos she served their belated breakfast.

They ate hungrily, their bodies almost desperate for nourishment after their exertions, until they finally sat back, satisfied at last. They looked at each other across the table, sipping champagne and enjoying the relaxing buzz their drinks provided. For no apparent reason they simultaneously burst in laughter, and Carol slid her hand across to take his. "We probably shouldn't be drinking this early in the day." She suggested somewhat too late.

Rod responded by raising his glass in a silent toast before grinning across at her. "We're breaking so many other rules, I can't see why we shouldn't trash that one as well!" He joked.

"I gather you enjoyed having me between your butt cheeks?" He asked suggestively. She actually shivered, a tremor running through her body as she remembered how he had skillfully brought her to a breathless climax. "Ummmm! That was simply unbelievable." She replied as she gazed at him. "I think I'd struggle to put into words just how good that felt!" "This has been one wild ride babe. It's going to be real tough going back to work tomorrow." He suggested. "I don't want to think about it." She responded.

"I get the feeling it could be difficult to concentrate on work, but we'll have some serious catching up to do when we get home!" "Sure will." He agreed. "I can't wait to see what you come up with for tomorrow night." She gave him a suggestive smile. "Oh really? I thought you'd be more interested in what we're going to do for the rest of today.

After all, you gave my ass such a brilliant, thorough tonguing that I felt guilty I couldn't help you cum, but I was just too far gone. Your cock must be aching by now, and I'll bet you've got another huge load of cum in those tight balls." He laughed loudly.

"You really are an insatiable little slut, but you're right. My balls are hanging heavy right now!" She grinned at him as she pushed her chair back and stood. "Then it's time we took care of that little problem.

Why don't you top up our glasses and take them into the den, and I'll join you in a minute." She was good to her word and didn't keep him waiting, bringing a pillow from the bedroom and a bag of toys that she dropped beside the coffee table.

He watched her move purposefully around the room, confident that she would share her plans when she was ready. He became more curious when she cleared the coffee table, before moving it until it faced lengthways toward their widescreen TV.

Satisfied with that aspect of her preparations, she placed the pillow on top, turned the TV on and emptied the bag of toys onto the floor, spreading them out beside the table. A set of velcro ties were attached to each of the table legs and she stood back, satisfied her preparations were complete.

She faced him with her legs spread, her pussy still glistening from the huge orgasms she had enjoyed while attempting to cook breakfast. "You were such a good little ass-licker that I'm going to break the rules and give you the choice of which of my hot, slutty holes you'd like to fill with your hot cum." Girl in a cage gets her ass drilled said directly.

"You can fuck my slick little pussy, my hot, wet mouth, or my tight, greasy ass since you've already got that nice and loose. Or you could fuck one or more of my holes and then jack your cum all over me, whatever you'd prefer." His face must have registered his surprise, as this was completely unexpected. He was supposed to be Carol's sex-toy for seven days, and he hadn't seen this one coming. The evil smile on Carol's face suggested she was enjoying his momentary uncertainty.

"Cat got your tongue lover? Do I need to make the decision for you?" She laughed in a highly suggestive tone. "Ass." He croaked. "I'll take your ass." She put a finger behind her ear and pushed it forward as though she hadn't heard him. "Did you say something? I didn't quite catch that." He swallowed and cleared his throat. "I want to fuck your hot, tight little ass. I want to rip it open with my cock, jam it in as far as it will amazing round teen ass rdy for you, and pump you full of cum!" She grinned again.

"Good choice! After your tongue job I'm in the mood for some serious back-door loving. Let me just provide a little additional stimulation…not that I think you'll need it!" With that she flicked through a small stack of DVDs before selecting one, and slid it into the tray before pressing play. "I think you'll really like this one." She said as the title "Back Door Battery" came up on the screen. She moved around in front of Rod before laying face-down on the pillow resting on the coffee table, her back toward him and her head facing the screen to allow her to watch the on-screen action.

"Tie me up so that I can't move, and then you can use me any way you want." He scurried down onto the floor and quickly wrapped the velcro ties around her thighs and wrists until she was held securely in place. She tried bucking against them, testing the tension but unable to move more than an inch or so.

"I think you've made sure I'm not going anywhere, so what's next? What are you going to do to your helpless little slut now?" The movie had started straight into the action, with a tiny blonde girl struggling to take a monster black cock in her tight ass.

The stud fucking her was laughing loudly at her feigned discomfort, suggesting one of his buddies shut her up by jamming his cock in her throat, and of course he was only too happy to oblige his friend. "How are your tits feeling slut?" He growled, again slipping into the character Carol seemed to enjoy when things started getting hot. "You haven't taken the clips off all morning.

They must be getting sore by now." "They sure are." She hissed. "Even laying on this pillow, the pressure is really making them bight.

I think my tits will be sore for a while after today." He put his hands on her shoulders and pushed downward, not too firmly but with enough pressure to increase the pressure on the clamps. "How about now?" He enquired simply. She squealed and threw her head back, trying to glare at him despite her restricted movement. "Oh girl gets punished for messing with taken man cireman She hissed.

"That…really&hellip.hurts&!" He pressed down a little harder and she squealed again. "Too much?" He enquired, wanting to take her further but not to the extent it caused serious pain. She was writhing against her restraints. "Yes&hellip.NO……Oh! I don't know!" She whimpered, so he held the pressure for a few seconds before slowly releasing it.

Pay the mani public xxx storys rape

He picked up a bottle of lube from the floor and dropped to his knees behind her, gazing down at the steady flow of slick juices oozing from her pussy and trailing slowly down her thighs. His hand wrapped around his rigid shaft and he thrust forward, pushing her labia aside as she slid easily into her burning pussy.

"Aahhh&hellip.fuck! Your cock feels huge!" She groaned. His balls flattened her labia as he penetrated her totally, feeling her muscles stretch to accommodate his pulsing shaft. He paused to allow her to stretch further, uncapping the bottle of lube and squeezing a bead of the thick liquid onto the top of her butt crack and watching it trickle downward. When it pooled around her sphincter he started spreading the liquid around her rosebud, before slowly increasing the pressure until his slick digit slid easily inside.

He could feel her tight muscle clench around his finger and then release as she breathed deeply and slowly, trying to relax her ass in preparation for his cock. "You're going to fuck my ass aren't you." She whispered, more of a statement than a question. "You've got me completely helpless to resist, so you can do anything you want with me.

So, are you going to give me a long, hard, filthy ass fuck?" His finger was sliding deep in her clenching ass, spreading the thick lube in preparation for what was to come. At the same time he was sliding his cock in and almost completely out of her pussy, his finger probing her gripping ass as his cock slid back, before easing back as his shaft stretched its way back into her oozing hole. "That's exactly what I'm going to do." He hissed. "When you're nicely greased up I going to rip your shit-hole apart with my cock, and pump you hard for hours.

I'm going to fuck your slutty little ass so hard you'll have to beg me to cum!" She lifted her head and looked at the TV, her eyes absorbing the hot action as her body conveyed exquisite sensations from Rod's probing cock and fingers.

The movie action was getting rapidly hotter, as the actress was on her hands and knees as the studs ravaged her from both ends. Both men were sporting huge, rigid cocks, with one thrusting firmly and deeply into her ass, while the other was doing his best to choke her with his monster shaft.

Trails of pre-cum and saliva were hanging from her lower lip as she took them willingly, and Carol groaned as the visual stimulation added to the erotic feelings coursing through her body. "Give it to me Rod, please!" She begged. "You know I'm a slut for your cock, so treat me like one and slide that huge tool into my ass.

I'm just a filthy little whore that needs you to fuck her!" He grinned as he slid his cock and probing finger free, wrapping his hand around his slick shaft as he lined up on her thoroughly greased ass.

He nudged the head against the tight rosebud, watching her back rise as she sucked in a gulp of oxygen and waited expectantly. He eased forward, applying steadily increasing pressure until her resistance melted and he slid easily inside. She groaned; foxy czech teenie spreads her yummy slit to the peculiar long, deep sound that slipped past her lips as he eased his full length deep inside her, his cock head stretching her slick walls as it overcame her body's reaction to resist this unnatural penetration.

"How does that feel cunt?" He growled. "Is that what my little bitch needs; a huge cock stretching her tight ass?" "Oh yes; thank you!" She cried out. "That's exactly what your little cunt needs.

Now please, fuck me! Fuck me hard and fill my shit-hole with cum!" He couldn't resist her heartfelt plea, and started thrusting firmly and deeply until the coffee table started to rock beneath them. Her ass was wrapped firmly around his shaft like a gripping hand in a slick rubber glove, heat radiating through his cock and down into his heavy balls.

He glanced at the screen to see one stud slide his cock from the girl's mouth and start jacking it firmly, preparing to paint her face white with his cum. Rod grabbed a handful of hair and pulled Carol's head back as he continued to fuck her firmly. "You bought this movie cunt, and you're not even watching it!" He roared.

Her eyes snapped open and she tried to focus on the screen, just managing to catch the first burst of cum that sprayed forcefully from the man's cock and spattered all over the girl's face. Another burst followed, and another, his supply seemingly endless as he shifted his aim to cover the rapidly diminishing areas of clear skin.

Carol squealed as her body was overwhelmed with erotic sensations, and she came with such force that Rod flinched as her juices spattered across his balls and thighs. "Oh&hellip.fuck! I'm&hellip.CUUMMMIIINNNGGG!!!!" She screamed. Rod was thrusting even harder, a small voice in his mind warning that his forceful movements may collapse the coffee table and dump them on the floor, but he dismissed that thought as soon as it popped into his head.

"Get ready slut!" He growled. "I'm gonna pump the world's biggest load of cum any second!" "Do it you sick ass-fucker!" She squealed in hedonistic encouragement. "I want it. I FUCKING NEED IT! My tight little shitter is on fire babe!" One final thrust was it took, the coffee table rocking unsteadily under the force of his movements as he threw his head back and his eyes clenched tightly shut.

His body shook as his cock fired ropes of thick cream deep into her clenching ass, and she joined him in overwhelming climax. As his seed fired deep into sex sitar bathe my mathe private passage her juices burst from her cunt, literally spray painting his cock and thighs. The heady scent of primal fluids filled the room, adding to the depraved sensations they both struggled to absorb as they surrendered their minds and bodies to their decadent release.

Rob put his flirty sweeties fuck the biggest belt cocks and spray sperm everywhere on Carol's back to steady herself, which drew another squeal and spray of cum as the nipple clamps bit harder into her tortured breasts. Realizing what had happened, he reluctantly slid free and collapsed slowly to the floor, his chest rising and falling as he attempted to bring his breathing under control.

He lay on the floor as his racing pulse gradually slowed, and gazed up at the prone form of his wife, still firmly secured to the coffee table with this creamy cum oozing from her freshly fucked ass and dribbling down her wet labia. Slowly he reached up and undid the velcro ties around her thighs, before crawling around and undoing the ties securing her wrists. She still didn't move, her body rising and falling rhythmically as he lifted her chin and kissed her softly on the lips.

"There are no words that could express how fantastic that was." He whispered, and her eyes flickered open as a lazy smile drifted across her face. "Among other things, you got that right!" She breathed.

"I can see where you are, but my body still thinks you're behind me, fucking me like a wild animal." He looked concerned for a moment. "I didn't hurt you did I? I'd hate to think I got carried away!" "I'm sure you got carried away." She replied. "But you won't get a complaint from me.

That was&hellip. indescribable!" She finally found the strength to push herself up, and half-slid, half-fell onto the floor. "I'm not sure what happened to my legs." She giggled. "I seem to have lost them somewhere. While I try and put myself back together, you might feel like a shower? That could have you freshened up in case one of us decides we want to play some more fun games later?" While he was no prude, he could see the sense in Carol's suggestion, as she was unlikely to feel comfortable taking his cock in her mouth considering where it had just been.

He nodded and managed to stand. "I'd enjoy the chance to clean up a little. Meet you back here?" She surprised him by shaking her head.

"When my legs decide to work I might top up our glasses and get some sun. How about you meet me outside?" He smiled and nodded in agreement, before walking unsteadily off to the bathroom. The shower was refreshing and invigorating, and he spent some time thoroughly washing his cock and balls, feeling revitalized when he finally turned off the taps.

His legs finally provided steady support as he toweled dry, and he strode through the house before opening the sliding door to see Carol lying naked on a sun lounge, her legs spread lewdly as she sipped her champagne. He slid a chair in front of hers and picked up his glass as he sat back, basking in the warmth of the sun and relaxing caress of the gentle breeze on his naked skin. "Feel better?" Carol asked simply.

He nodded. "Much better. But I'm surprised you didn't want to join me." She flashed a sexy smirk. "I'm sure I'd enjoy a shower, but I can't bring myself to wash your juices away just yet. I'm loving the feeling of your cum inside me." He looked down and could still see trails of cum leaking from her gaping ass. "Do you have any idea how sexy you look right now?" "No idea at all, babe." She replied. "Why don't you tell me?" He grinned back at her, feeling more comfortable with their totally uninhibited behavior with every hour that passed.

"You just look so fucking hot! There you are, lying back stark naked, your nipples nerd babe kali dates a guy with big cock and hard with the clips biting into them, your legs spread and your pussy glistening in the sun covered in your cum, and your little ass still hasn't closed and I can see trails of cum oozing out. If you are not the sexiest bitch a man has ever seen I don't know who is!" He enthused. She licked an extended finger and slid it lazily up and down her slit.

"You need to work on the correct terminology Rod. When we're fucking this isn't a pussy, it's a sticky, wet cum-covered cunt, ok? And I'm your hot, willing slut!" He chuckled.

"Ok, cut me some slack! I'm still getting used to having this hot woman around, who looks remarkably like my loving wife but doesn't act anything like her.

I'm starting to wonder if you've got a nymphomaniac twin sister you've never told me about." She smirked again. "Does my behavior bother you?" He shook his head vigorously. "Are you kidding? This has been an amazing ride, and I'm in no fucking hurry to get off just yet! But I have to admit I'm curious about where this all started, and where it's going." She surprised him by laughing heartily, before she regained control and smiled at him.

"You probably won't believe this, but I'm not sure myself. I mean&hellip.I've had this feeling for some time that we were in a rut…and please don't think that means I don't love you as much, because nothing could be further from the truth. But we always seem to be&hellip.busy, either with work or social engagements or a hundred and one other things." He nodded in agreement as he had been having similar feelings for a while now, and she went on.

"Anyway, when we agreed to play this little game I felt like I had been asleep for years, and I'd just woken up with all this energy, and&hellip.I just had this overwhelming feeling that I wanted to explore, and try new things, and satisfy all these cravings that came out of nowhere. It's so hard to explain but&hellip.we've been making love for years and I'm not complaining about that, but right now I don't want to make love…I want to fuck&hellip.and fuck&hellip.AND FUCK!" She was looking at him as though trying to gauge his reaction to her confession, so he smiled and nodded for her to continue.

"I'm sure there will be times when I feel like gentle lovemaking, and you are the most caring, considerate lover I've ever been with, but right now I just want to be your slut. I couldn't do that with anyone else, and I think that's because I trust you completely. I know you would never deliberately hurt me, or just use me for your jada fire gets her black ass stuffed pleasure.

Even earlier, when you were so young lovers enjoying hot and wild sex flicked on cam horny and you gave my ass such an awesome fucking, you made sure I was ready for you, and I could feel you giving me time to stretch around your cock.

That's the kind of thing I'm talking about." She was breathing deeply, her last words tumbling from her lips as though she was desperate to finish group tasting of oriental babes bawdy cleft she had started.

Rod smiled and stroked her leg softly. "I guess that leaves one question babe." He said softly. "Where do we go from here? I'm loving everything we've done so far, what other things do you want to try?" She was relaxing again and lay back on the lounge, smiling as she took another sip.

"Anything either of us wants to try is fine with me, and if it doesn't work we can put it down to experience and move on. I enjoyed how you tied me to the table and fucked me earlier, so maybe some light bondage could be fun, and I've still got plenty of toys we haven't used yet. I bought those porno movies a couple of weeks ago as I thought we could watch them together and see what happened.

I've had a look at most of them and there's a European movie with girls that have pierced nipples and labia. I'm not sure if I'd want to do it, but how would you feel if I had my nipples, and maybe even my labia pierced?" Rod's cock actually jumped at the prospect of his wife wantonly displaying her private piercings to him, and how he could use them.

She saw his immediate reaction and giggled, attempting to conceal her amusement behind her hand. "I guess that answers my question! So are you ok with everything I've told you?

This is only going to work if we both enjoy it." He nodded in agreement.

"I know we'll probably go through a phase where we fuck like rabbits, and then we'll probably ease back into something a little more…realistic? But I agree completely that we'd gotten into a rut, and as long as we're both conscious of that then we shouldn't slip back into that pattern again." She looked at him expectantly.

"I've really enjoyed being in the position where I can tell you to do whatever I want. In fact it's been quite…liberating to have that kind of power, but I don't know if I can keep it up for a week, at least not at the pace we've been going at so far! I'd be happy to start sharing things a little more if that's ok with you. Maybe sometimes I can be in control and other times you can have a turn, is that fair?" "More than fair Carol." He smiled.

"I think I understand where you're coming from now. The only thing I'm unsure about is if I can treat you the way you want me to, like a total slut." He was surprised when she smiled at him, before she gave him the assurance he needed.

"All I can say is that you're doing fine so far, and perhaps you can look at this way. I'm not a guy, but isn't what I'm proposing every man's dream? Wouldn't any man like a woman who behaves appropriately when he takes her out, but get her behind closed doors and she becomes&hellip.a sexual wildcat, who just wants her man to use her however he wants to, and will give him anything he wants?" "Anything?" He asked.

"Try me." She replied. He stood and straddled her as she lay on the lounge. "You really are a sex-crazy cunt aren't you?" "YES!!!" She hissed, watching as he turned his back to her and reached back and spread his butt cheeks.

"I really got off sliding my tongue into your ass earlier, so it's only fair you should have the same experience, so get busy with that hot mouth slut! And I'd like you to do a good job jacking my cock at the same time. When I tell you I'm ready to cum you'd better move fast, because this load is going all over your sweet, slut face, ok?" She put her glass down and leant forward until he could feel her breath against his skin.

"There is nothing I'd enjoy more!" She whispered, just before he felt her tongue slide across his puckered asshole as her tiny hand wrapped around his shaft and started stroking firmly. ******************************************************************************** Dean slid the chair back and stretched before rubbing his eyes as he attempted to focus on anything further than two feet away.

He checked his watch busty floozy craves for cruel fuck naturaltits and hardcore wasn't overly surprised to see it was just after eleven. "I can't believe how fast the time passes when I'm writing; Katie's probably wondering what the hell I'm doing!" He mused to himself, smiling when he recalled how nervous he was waiting to hear what she thought about his first segment.

"Guess I'd better text her!" He mumbled to himself as he reached for his cell. "U still awake?" He texted, and wasn't that surprised when she came straight back. "U think I could sleep knowing what yr doing?" She replied. He smiled as keyed his response. "Finally done, sending now." He had already attached his story to an email and clicked the Send icon.

"Checking." Came straight back. "Got it. Thank u so much, going 2 read now." As soon as this came through another followed. "May take a while, u know what happened last time! Maybe u should get some sleep milfs love hardcore fucking on tape clip18 check yr keisha gray and mishcha brooks bbc in morning.

Sleep well, love u!" He keyed a final reply as he shutdown his computer. "Love u 2, missing u big time, can't wait till yr home!" With that done he headed for bed, and fell into a deep sleep within seconds of his head hitting the pillow. Dean slept better than he had on any other night since Katie flew out, finally waking when his alarm became irritatingly insistent. Today was the day he would have a final run through on his presentation before he delivered it tomorrow, and he had a specific ritual he followed on important days like this.

Time was the key, and he always ensured he could enjoy a relaxed start that would see him arrive at work in calm, positive state if mind. He enjoyed a leisurely shower before dressing and heading to the kitchen for breakfast, and brewed a fresh pot of coffee before curiosity got the better of him and fast timexxx story pc sex stories bolod bala checked his cell to see if Katie had sent a message last night.

She had, but it was surprisingly brief. "Hi babe. Take 2 long 2 tell you about story by txt. Pls check yr email." His curiosity piqued, he opened his laptop and hit the Start key, tapping his fingers absentmindedly on the table as he waited for it to start. Finally it was ready and he opened her email, noticing she had also sent an attachment. He leaned forward and started reading her words. "Hi Babe. I hope you took my advice and went to bed last night. It's three am as I send this, and I simply don't know what to say, in fact I've changed this so many times I've lost count.

To say you are an amazing writer is a start, but it falls so far short. If I didn't know you, I would read your story and be convinced you had been writing for years. To know you have been only doing this for a few short days is so hard to believe. The first part you sent took me by surprise, but once I had enjoyed that I kept telling myself not to expect too much for the next part, as it would not have the same surprise factor. How wrong could I be! You had me spellbound in a few minutes, and totally captivated not long after.

It took me two hours to read it and I'm sure I don't have to explain why, and then I went back and read it again from the very beginning. I lost count of the number of times I came, and my pussy, sorry, MY CUNT, is very tender right now! This is your story and I don't know if you want to add anything more to it, but I think you should post it now, as you would leave it a point that you could pick with the next chapter if you choose write more.

Anyway, that's just my suggestion. Provided Mom is ok I'll be home day after tomorrow, and I honestly can't wait until I have your arms wrapped around me again.

Enjoy the attached photo, and I hope it will provide some inspiration for when we're together again. All my love. XXX Katie." He smiled, sipped teen anal party hd i neva let a cockslut go coffee, and clicked on the attachment, waiting as the computer completed a quick virus scan before advising it was ok to open.

He opened it and almost dropped the mug in his lap, as there on the screen was a picture of Katie, taken looking down her body, and graphically displaying her wrist embedded deep in her pussy. Once again she had managed to slide her whole hand inside, and he held his breath as he noticed how far her labia were stretched, and the liberal coating of cum glistening on her arm, her thighs, and pooled on the bed.

His cock snapped to attention and he groaned as his eyes moved over the screen, not wanting to miss the tiniest detail. "Oh fuck!" He groaned aloud. "This long-distance sex is doing my head in. The sooner Katie's back, the better!" He could have easily sat at the table and looked at her picture for hours, but time was passing and he needed to be on his way, so he reluctantly shutdown the computer and headed out the door. The day stephenie 16k gisfeart twitter 79mp4 quickly, and he completed a full run-through of his presentation and made some last-minute adjustments to the PowerPoint slideshow which he would use to display supporting data and target charts.

Finally satisfied he ran a backup copy and tidied up some other tasks so that he could take Thursday and Friday off to spend some quality time with his wife.

With the work day over he stopped in at the market and stocked up on groceries, in no doubt that Katie was serious when she suggested she didn't want to leave the house until they ran out of food. He added a couple of bottles of champagne to his trolley, and then saw a carton-buy special on their favorite white wine, so that went in as well.

He wheeled the trolley out to the car and loaded his purchases into the trunk, before deciding he wasn't in the mood to cook dinner, so he stopped into the local Chinese restaurant and ordered take-out.

When the car was unpacked he poured a glass blonde amateur dirtbags sucking dick and sharing facial at hole gloryhole cumshot wine and ate dinner in front of the TV, catching up on the day's news.

With dinner over he picked up his cell and hit Katie's speed-dial number. Her husky voice came through the speaker on the second ring. "How is my favorite author tonight?" He chuckled. "Just fine Katie, but missing my hot wife like you wouldn't believe!" "I don't think I need to tell you that goes both ways." She replied softly.

"I wish I was coming home tomorrow instead of Thursday." "Ditto babe." He replied. "So how's your Mom doing today? Are they still planning on releasing her soon?" "She's doing really well Dean; the Doctor's are quite surprised at how quickly she's recovering. They're saying she'll probably be home Thursday, and John's flying in around lunchtime tomorrow." "Is Shannon coming with him?" He asked, wondering if John was facing the same prospect of being separated from his wife.

"Shannon's flying in Friday night. They've both taken leave so they'll stay until they're sure Mom and Dad will be ok on their own, and then probably head home sometime next week." "I really can't wait to have you home, but are you sure you're not rushing things by coming back on Thursday?" Dean asked, almost fearful she would agree.

"You don't think you should stay a little longer?" "No, I've spoken with Dad and its fine." She assured him.

"Besides, Mom and Dad's place is only small and she's really house-proud. With her at home and John and I here it'll be very crowded, sexy harley jade takes a giant dick in her ass one of us would be sleeping on the couch which means there'll be pillows and bedding lying around.

Besides, John is probably a better cook than I am!" He smiled, as he had enjoyed John's cooking a few times and there was no doubt he was great in a kitchen. "That may be, but you have other&hellip.benefits he'll never match!" She laughed into the phone. "I'm in my room getting dressed right now, as Dad insisted he take me out to dinner.

So, did you like my picture?" He groaned. "You know how to push my buttons Katie." He replied. "I was nearly late for work as I almost had to change my trousers!" "That sounds fair." She replied in a highly suggestive tone.

"My first job this morning was to wash my sheets, again! Did you think about my suggestion that you post your story as it is?" "Do you really think it's ready?" He asked, still unsure despite her email assurance. "Yes, I honestly do." She almost whispered. "I've never sunny leone sexy funny storys so wet.

I was so horny I couldn't stop cumming, so I think you should post it. Remember what I said before? It'll go viral!" "Ok, ok." He laughed. "I'll post it tonight and we'll see whether anyone else agrees with you." "If I get some private time tomorrow I'll go online and see how it's doing, but I'm sure it's going to be a hit.

I just don't know how you do it, how stranded teen lea guerlin rides cock in the back of his car can use words to create such amazing images and sensations. Have you ever thought about writing fulltime?" "I think you're getting ahead of yourself." He laughed.

"I like having enough money to put a roof over our heads and food on the table." "Just don't sell yourself short babe." She responded. "I think you've got real talent. Anyway, Dad's waiting so I'd better go. Talk tomorrow?" "Sure thing. Have a great time with your Dad." "I will, and good luck with your presentation tomorrow. I know you won't need it, but I'll be thinking of anna deville cutie puts her legs behind her babe. Love you!" "I love you too." She replied.

"Rest well Dean, you're going to need your energy soon!" He tapped the End icon and put his cell on charge, before sliding his laptop over and having one final read-through before he logged on and posted his story. Wednesday dawned and he shook away the cobwebs before showering and preparing breakfast. He tried to focus on his presentation, but kept drifting away as he wondered what the reaction had been to his first erotic story. Realizing it would be an unwanted distraction all day, he started his laptop and logged onto the website, surprised at how nervous he felt.

He scanned through the listings in "Latest Sex Stories" but couldn't find his, so he scrolled down and looked under xxixx story brother and sisters These New Sex Stories" with a similar lack of success. He was starting to wonder if he had made a mistake when he loaded it, and went to the final category, "Top Rated Sex Stories." He was convinced his story wouldn't be in that category, so he started at the bottom and scrolled upward, ready to admit defeat when he saw his story title, third from the top with over ten thousand views and a rating of ninety eight percent!

"You've got to be joking." He laughed loudly. "I don't believe it!" He clicked on the story and scrolled down to then end where he knew readers could post comments if they chose. There were two pages of posts, and all except one were full of enthusiastic praise and pleading for more. He realized he was grinning as he fist-pumped the air, before he glanced at his watch and realized he was going to be late if he didn't leave now, so he reluctantly shutdown the computer and headed to work.

His cell beeped in his pocket as he drove, but he waited until he had parked to check his messages. He should have known it would be from Katie, and he read through her brief message. "Hi Babe. Have u checked yr story?

#3 with a bullet and everyone loves it. Bet cute teen babe pounded by big hard shaft #1 tonite! TOLD YOU SO!!! Have a great day XXX" He was still smiling broadly as he walked into the office.

There are days when everything just goes perfectly; those rare, special days when you get out bed with a spring in your step and everything you do falls precisely into place, while everything you touch turns to gold.

Dean had no idea if the amazing reactions to his story were the catalyst, but today was his day, as he nailed his presentation with consummate professionalism to the extent his MD insisted on taking him to lunch, assuring him he would receive a substantial bonus when his plans were ratified and implemented.

Dean glanced at this watch over dessert and saw it was two thirty, but when he politely suggested they should head back the office his MD had other ideas. "Dean, I know your wife is coming home tomorrow and you're taking the next few days off, so unless you have something urgent on your desk why don't you take the rest of the day.

I can only imagine how much time you invested in that presentation, but I can assure you every member of the board was extremely impressed." The bill arrived, mistress and her slave couple in exciting session with that settled they shook hands and Dean headed home. It was still early when he arrived home so he changed into a pair of shorts, poured a celebratory drink, and took his phone outside.

He decided to make the most of the warm afternoon and dove into the pool, swimming laps strongly for quite a while until his legs suggested he'd done enough and climbed out. A quick towel dry had him feeling refreshed, and took a sip from his glass and called Katie's number. She answered immediately, the slightest level of concern in her voice. "Hi Dean. I wasn't expecting to hear from you so early, is everything ok?" "Better than ok babe, in fact, a lot better!" He replied enthusiastically.

"Now you've got me interested. I'm in the car with Dad and John heading back from the airport." She replied, subtlety letting him know she couldn't speak freely.

"So what happened today to have you in such a good mood?" Dean told Katie about how well his presentation had been received, and the subsequent lunch with the MD and his assurance of a tidy bonus.

"That's great babe, really good news! The bonus could be handy as&hellip.I've teen pussy punishment xxx he gets out of the van already spent a reasonable part of it." She was trying not laugh, but her amusement still came through the phone. "Ummm& mentioned giving your credit card a workout, so I'm hoping you bought something you can't talk about right now?" He asked, his curiosity working overtime.

"You got that right!" She giggled. "Are things still going ok there? Do you know when you Mom will be allowed to go home?" "Things are going great!" She replied. "Mom will be discharged tomorrow morning, probably around ten or so, and she just can't wait to get home. I've booked a flight that lands around three, and I'll text you the flight details when we get back to Dad's place.

Did you get some time off?" "I'm off now babe, and I don't have to go back until Monday morning." He laughed. "So I'm just sitting around wondering what to do with myself until I see you tomorrow." "Oh that's great! Umm…John's waving that he wants to say hi. Hang on while I pass the phone over." Dean and John talked for a while, catching up on work and mutual interests until he handed the phone back to Katie, who reminded him they were all going out to dinner that night.

"Ok babe." She said as they concluded the call. "I'd better go, but you've had a busy week so you get some rest and I'll see you tomorrow." "I can't wait!" He replied enthusiastically. "Likewise." She assured him. "See you at the airport!" Dean lay back and enjoyed soaking up the sun's warming rays for a while, before his thoughts gravitated to his story and he went inside and came back with his laptop. He logged on and was amazed to see the reader count had already doubled, and he had almost four pages of posted comments, and again they were overwhelmingly positive.

A blinking icon attracted his attention, and he clicked on it to find he had a Private Message. "I didn't even know you could do that." He mused, and opened the message and started reading. "Hi! My name is Melanie and believe it or not that is my real name, and I'm a single gal in my late twenties. Until recently I thought I was happily married, at least until I came home from a conference a day early and found my husband screwing my best friend in our bed.

Needless to say I no longer have a husband or a best friend, so I've had to resort to other means of finding pleasure. I find sites like this can be frustrating as most of the stories don't appeal to me, but every once in a while I stumble across one that I really enjoy." "Interesting." Dean thought to himself.

"I wonder where this is going?" "This is first time I have contacted a writer, and I have to be honest and say I have reservations about doing horny gf mimi rayne tries out anal sex for the first time because I don't know how secure these sites are.

I'm not even sure if you are a real person or copy-and-paste ghost writer for this site. Sorry, I think I'm rambling! The reason I've sent this message is that your story is by far the best I have ever read.

I found myself completely involved to the extent I felt that I was standing in a corner watching Carol and Rod pleasure each other, and became incredibly aroused by this kind of semi-voyeurism. You gave me levels of pleasure I never knew I could reach on my own, and I can't thank you enough.

I'm not ready for another relationship yet, but I'm healthy, active, and I still have needs that can be difficult to satisfy. I wanted you to know you have made a real difference to my life and I hope you post more stories soon." "Wow!" Dean thought to himself.

"I never considered a story could have an effect on someone's life." He read further. "I do have one request, though I don't really expect you will reply, but if you are a real person would you consider writing a story about my personal fantasy? I have been having the same amazingly erotic dream lately, perhaps as I'm not enjoying "real" sex, and I don't have the writing skills that you do, so I'd love for someone with your talents to put my dream into words.

If you are interested please contact me on the email address below and I will give you an outline. If I don't hear from you then thanks anyway, and I really hope I will get to read more of your work soon." Dean took a sip from his drink and sat back, considering Melanie's message, and began to realize how a simple story could have such a profound effect. He thought about her message, and Katie's exuberant reaction to his tale, and started to understand how far the ripples could spread.

He was tempted to reply to Melanie's message but unsure about where it may lead, and he had no wish to have Katie wondering what other contacts he may be exploring.

After a few minutes consideration he decided to wait a while, and let Katie read the message and see how she felt about it. If she had any reservations he could simply ignore it, as Melanie had already stated she wasn't really expecting to hear from him. With that aspect resolved for now he shutdown the computer and decided to take Katie's advice and rest.

There was no doubt he'd need to be fit and ready tomorrow! Thursday dawned and he literally bounded out of bed, knowing he would be meeting Katie in a few short hours, and feeling she had been away for weeks rather than a few days. He showered and made breakfast before he changed the bed, threw the old sheets and pillow slips in the washer, and gave the house a quick clean up.

With that taken care of he shaved carefully, and then grinned as he decided to borrow an idea from his story and spent a careful half hour shaving his cock and balls.

When he was done he massaged some after-shave balm into his punishteens brunette teen revenge fucked for snitching domination doggystyle and was amazed at how liberating it felt. His cock was firm and leaking clear fluid, and it was difficult to resist the temptation to stroke himself to orgasm, but he knew he would be crazy not to conserve his energy for later. He put two bottles of wine in the refrigerator to chill slowly, and placed candles strategically around the house to provide some subtle mood-lighting later that night.

With his preparations complete he checked his cell to see that Katie had texted her flight details and her plane was due in at two, so he sent a simple "I'll be there!!!" reply and logged on to check on his story. He was delighted to see it was still attracting new readers at a phenomenal rate, and now had six pages of reader posts that were overwhelmingly positive.

"Damn!" He thought as he smiled to himself. "Katie was so right. I can't believe the reaction!" He wondered again about Melanie's suggestion, and his mind drifted as he wondered what her dream was about, and how Katie would feel about her contact. While it was interesting to contemplate, he was committed to checking with her before taking it any further.

After all, it wasn't as though he didn't have other ways to occupy his time! He put the fresh washing in the dryer before logging onto the airline website to check Katie's flight, happy to see it was still on schedule with no delays, and then dressed in neat casual clothes.

Looking at his watch he saw it was approaching one, and he decided to head for the airport and wait for her flight to land. A minor traffic accident delayed him for a few minutes, but he still had time to spare as he parked the car and strolled inside, checking the arrivals board before heading for the bar.

A cool drink assisted in steadying a minor but surprising case of nerves, and he sat and gazed through the floor to ceiling glass as a gleaming silver spec grew larger until her jet eased down onto the concrete runway in a puff of tire smoke before it disappeared from view. He waited a few minutes longer and then made his way to arrivals concourse, watching closely as a group of passengers came through the doors just as the first bags rumbled along the luggage carousel. His eyes scanned the clusters of people, some smiling as they chatted to their companions, while others gestured to no one in particular as they talked on their cells.

Bad girl teen busted by her teacher couple of businessmen walked through and then he saw Katie, at least he thought it was her.

Taya silver is not the prettiest ho in the skin biz

Her appearance was simply stunning, a fact verified by the admiring glances she drew from almost every man she passed. She was wearing an electric-blue leather miniskirt with matching stilettos, a pale pink top with a pronounced plunging neckline, and a short white jacket that was open in front. She chap fingers hairy oriental pussy japanese and hardcore scanning the waiting faces and hers lit up when she saw him, smiling broadly as she increased her stride to join him.

She dropped her carry-on and threw her arms around his neck, kissing him passionately as she squeezed him tightly. When their lips finally parted she smiled up at him. "It's so good to see you!" She whispered breathlessly. He chuckled and smiled back at her. "Babe, looking at your new outfit, it's even better to see you!" She stepped back and pirouetted for him, which only drew even more admiring glances.

"You like how I spent some of your bonus?" She laughed. "Oh yeah!" He assured her enthusiastically. "I can't wait to see what else you bought!" She took his hand and led him over to the luggage carousel, picking up her original bag before pointing out the new one she had to buy to accommodate her purchases.

She took his hand as they headed for the doors. "Did you stock up on groceries?" She enquired. "Sure did." He assured her. "I got the part where you said you didn't want to go out again until we ran out of food, and we're not going to run out for a while! Anything else you want to pick up on the way home?" She grinned and shook her head. "Everything I need is right here, and I thought we'd keep it really simple for the next few days." "That sounds like a plan, what do you have in mind?" She grinned up at him and squeezed his hand firmly, before pausing to look around to check that no one was close by.

She eased the lapel of her jacket back to provide a teasing glimpse of a breast clearly visible through the sheer material, with the added surprise of a small gold ring clipped to her protruding nipple blow and weenie bounding girlfriend and homemade a diamante dangling from a fine chain. "This is another thing I picked up while I was away, and I'm wearing the butt plug that I'd forgotten about when I flew over.

Do you know I had no idea it was still there until I sat down on the plane?" Dean recalled what they had been doing when Katie took the call from her Dad, and realized that had been completely overlooked in their haste to get her on a flight. He actually blushed in sympathy at her predicament. "That must have been a problem for you!" He chuckled. She laughed in agreement. "Well, it did involve a quick trip to the ladies room before I met Dad.

Anyway, I think each of us only has to do one thing until Monday morning……I'll feed you&hellip.and you'll fuck me! As long as you want, whenever you want, anyway you want. Ok?" He laughed and increased his stride. "Race you to the car!" ********************************************************************************* This story cannot be reproduced or copied in part or in full without the express permission of the author.

Copyright 2012 and beyond, all rights reserved by Cynthia Wilde. For further information please email [email protected]