Rough hate sex and revenge slave bondage this is our most extreme case file to date

Rough hate sex and revenge slave bondage this is our most extreme case file to date
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Recap She pulled me out and kissed me again, swirling my tongue around hers. I gasped and bucked my hips into the now dripping wet panties. She slid back down and jerked me off, I burst into her mouth moaning hard. She came up again and kissed me lovingly. When I came down from my orgasm high she cuddled into my arms and started falling asleep. I reached for her pussy and she shook her head and grabbed my hand and placed it back onto her back.

"Not yet little brother." and together we drifted off to sleep. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Chapter 3~~~~relief~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I awoke in Brits bed alone.

I had slept so hard last night because I came so hard blonde busty lesbians and hot shower sex her mouth. Thats right, I actually came for my sister.

I looked down at my morning hard on. Life was so complicated now, my sister and I had done the unthinkable, and I had cheated on my lover Chris. I had no idea how to tell him. I decided to go tell my sister we could not do anything like that ever again. Trotting down the stairs I heard the sound of bacon in the pan. Yumm bacon was my favorite. But. Wait there was more then just that. I heard voices. It was my sister talking to. Oh god no. Chris. I hung my head low as I walked into the kitchen.

"Good morning sexy," Chris greeted me. "Listen. Chris. I don't know how to tell you this. Last night I. I'm so sorry." I was practically in tears. I couldn't think about losing Chris, but I know it was going to happen. The thought of this made me lose my semi morning wood. "Britney and I." I was interrupted by both of them giggling. I looked up, Chris looked at my sister and nodded his head towards me. I had noticed chris was shirtless warring nothing but jeans and his boxers poked out over the top.

Brit was in her pink lace nighty with matching panties and nothing else.

That brought back my morning wood, but now to full mast. "Dalty, Baby I know everything that happened last night, and I'm okay with it. You see. There is something Britney and I have been meaning to tell you for a while. Her and I have talked about you and I having a three sum with one of her friends.

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I was meaning to surprise you for your birthday, and I always told her it should be her because of the way you wanted her, but until last night, she always thought it was wrong.

But now, you both know, it's natural." I just stared at the two of them. Britney smiled and said "Now, I have called in sick for today and we will be able to do what we all have wanted for a really long time. Now, I'm gonna go get something from my room, and the two of you start eating." She left Chris and I in my stunned quiet. He walked up to me and kissed me lovingly handing me a plate.

I went to omnom on the bacon. In all honesty I had no idea what to say. That little voice in the back of my head rang with guilt trips.

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"Dalton, this is wrong, it's illegal, you alina li gets oiled up and fucked go to jail." and so on and so forth. But, there was a louder voice, coming from my other head, "You all are adults, no one will know. Have fun Dalton." and with that, my mind had been made up. We were going to commit Incest, and I could not be happier. As if the heavens (or the hells) heard and accepted my choice, Britney came trotting down the stairs. She was in a different nighty this time, it was black with pink fuzz on the rims, and her breast aria was obviously clear to all.

She had a pair of little black wings on and some horns and a tail. Her lipstick and eye shadow were whore red and she pulled it off. Her hooker heals only accented the slut tone and she looked hot. I hadn't noticed she had things in her hands, and to me she threw my coon outfit and to chris his bunny. "You boys ready for some fun?" "Damn sis, you look fucking sexy" I said finally coming to terms with the image.

Chris and I both fallowed her up to her room. When we had entered, I was stunned to see it was different from the room I woke in. There were black sheets and candles lit. There had been dark red drapes covering the windows for natural mood lighting, and the only thing in the room was her king size four post bed, a storage chest.

"Brit whats in the chest?" "We will get to that later baby brother, but for right now, let's release some of that pent up sexual tension we have had for so long." she walked to the bed and sat there waiting for Chris and I to get dressed.

Or mostly undressed. I nodded and got into my outfit after I stripped down. My sister had started playing with her beautiful tits pinching the nipples through the silk, and chris sat on the bed next to her stroking his cock. I finally finished getting prepared and sat next to them.

Chris took charge and kissed me. Then he moved to my sister and kissed her, I watched as there lustful lips brushed over each-other.

Then my sister leaned into me. She kissed as if she was drowning and I could give her the air she so desperately needed. It was a kiss of pure passion and lust.

My fingers ran through her golden locks, and we kissed as if the world would end. I swear, we could have kept kissing like that, but we were interrupted by lips wrapping around my hard cock, and fingers rubbing my sisters bare pussy.

We moaned simultaneously and broke our deep kiss. Britney leaned down and started sucking Chris's hard cock mimicking the motions on mine.

My hand joined Chris's to toy with her pussy, making sure her swollen clitty got played with. Brit humped my hand as chris and I both started humping the faces sucking our throbbing members. And with a loud moan all three of us started cumming at once. We came down from the orgasm high and chris kissed me, then whispered in my ear "I get her cunt first." I laughed and shook my head. "Nope, I'm her brother, I go first. Plus your bigger then me, you might stretch out her pussy before I get a go to feel her tightness!" "Fair enough" Chris said and swiveled my sister so her head was hanging off the side of the bed and her legs were spread.

I crawled in between her legs and licked a little. Chris went back to fucking her mouth. She moaned when I sucked hard on her clit, and chris took that as pay the mani public xxx storys rape opportunity, he shoved his cock all the way into her throat making her gag. I giggled and lined my cock up with her pussy. As I was about to enter her, I felt a surge of something I hadn't before, I wanted to dominate my sister.

"Britney Jade" I said in the hardest most commanding voice I had. "Today you will be our fuck toy, do you understand?" Brit moaned loudly and nodded. I knew she had a submissive streak bigger then mine, and from her pussies response to my words, it proved it. I rubbed the head of my cock onto her throbbing clit making her moan.

She was slightly bouncing from the throat fuck my boyfriend was giving her, but she held her hips steady as best she could.

I had lined myself up with the opening of her tight cunt hole. I paused for a moment, this was the first time I would be fucking a pussy. Sure, chris let me have his way with his ass but I have never had my cock inside anything else before, and it was going to be my sisters pussy.

I don't think I have ever been so turned on. With one quick thrust the whole of my shaft was deep inside of her. She screamed loudly but the sound was muffled by the cock in her throat. I timed my thrusts with Chris, so there was always a cock buried to the hilt inside her.

Chris and I bent over and kissed each other while we still thrusted. Britney yelped and moaned as I felt her pussy start to milk my hard cock. She was cumming and her pussy wanted my cum deep inside of her. My cock felt so sensitive from cumming recently and I couldn't help shoot my load. Chris shot his load deep into her throat and we all fell th month pregnant blonde milf loves dp the bed.

I was out of breath and I was still having an orgasm when my sister sat up and said "who's ready for round two?" After a quick nap in each others arms, Chris and I awoke to the sound of Britney's light moaning. She was playing with herself in her sleep. Chris and I watched her fingers slide in and out of her quicker and quicker. She was so sex driven I was worried she would never go back to work. Chris and I looked at each other and we started to leave the room, as to leave her to her dreaming, but as we left, something caught my eye.

The storage chest sat at the foot of her bed. It looked like a treasure chest waiting to be cracked open, I couldn't resist answering it's call. Slowly I walked over to the chest and unbuckled the lock.

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Opening the lid slowly I peaked inside the cove. As it opened I saw a motion detecter light up a small light in the chest. What I saw was beautiful. On the lid of the chest were a bunch of leashes and collars hanging. There were drawers that were liftable full of vibrators, dildos, and anal beads. It was beautiful. I lifted those top drawers and found strap ons and clit vibrators.

The last drawer was full of different sorts of clamps and ropes with hooks and hand cuffs. My jaw dropped, my sister was one hell of a kinky bitch.

We really were about to have a lot of fun.