Crossdressing couple loves roleplaying and sex naturaltits and pornstars

Crossdressing couple loves roleplaying and sex naturaltits and pornstars
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Tim grinned as he set up a surprise for his pretty little slave. She knew he was in the hotel and would be visiting him in about a half hour. He chuckled as he organized various tools of the trade for use on her body. Several thin whipping canes, gags, lubricants, and such were lined up on the wall as well as one custom-made bondage device. That done he carefully retrieved a needle from a bag and filled it with a clear fluid.

15 minutes later a knock was heard at his hotel door and he went to it and looked through the peep-hole. It was his slave. She'd recently graduated from the army academy and was here to see him for the first time since she entered it. Ass of a pretty hotty screwed hard hardcore russian the door he welcomed her in and closed it behind her.

Knowing the rules the slave immediately stripped naked save for the collar she wore and waited with her head bowed. "You're a naughty girl you know that Keke?" The master said as he circled his sexy slave.

Her light brown skin covered in goose bumps from the cool air inside the room. As usual her ass was perked up and seemed to be begging to have a lash taken to it; her A-cup breasts perky and the nipples hard as ice both from her arousal and the cold; her cunt was drooling down her legs, apparently she'd been craving this for a while.

Keke, as she was now known, didn't answer. She knew her master would punish her before he pleased her. She had after-all, joined the army without either asking or telling him what she was going to do. This might be the last time they saw each other for months.

No, he wasn't pleased with her at all. Attaching a leash to her collar he pulled her towards the bed and then motioned for her to sexy doctor has her orgasmic snatch pounded put.

Retrieving the needle he held it up for her to see. "This is a very special stimulant. It will make you horny beyond belief, not that you aren't close now, and will drive you insane unable to get release until I inject the antidote into you. Maybe I won't, maybe I'll let you go back to the base still drugged and unable to cum and unable to get un-horny." He spoke before he pushed the needle into her arm and injected it. "Kneel," he ordered lust in his voice looking at her body.

As she knelt he undid his belt and waited. Not needing to be told what to do Keke pulled her master's pants down and kissed the front of his briefs causing the hard bulge underneath them to swell. Not wanting to aggravate her master and becoming increasingly horny herself she pulled the briefs down her master's legs and began kissing at the 7 inch cock that was revealed to her.

Sucking the cock down her throat she bobbed up and down on his cock for five minutes coercing talk from her master such as "You filthy whore mmm you're such a cocksucking slut" and these words encouraged her. At the five minute mark she pulled her master as far down her throat as she could and hummed. The vibrations around his cock as well as the tightness of the mouth he was in caused him to groan and his cock exploded into her mouth causing her to suck it down and then she resumed bobbing her head for a couple minutes until he was hard all over again.

Pulling his cock from her eager throat he brought her to her feet and bent her over attaching her wrists to the spreader bar he himself had designed. It had the normal spreader bar to spread the dirty slut's legs and then two smaller bars coming from about halfway down about 5 inches apart with a bar between them holding them together for restraining the hands. Strapping her ankles he smiled at the sight of her tight ass spread ever so slightly by the bar's width and her natasha malkova ass sex storys over position.

Smiling still he walked over to the bed where he had set up his… devices of fun and found the very, very special belt he'd brought with him. It was coated in a special mixture that if he broke skin on her firm ass would make every wound burn like hell itself was lighting her ass on fire. Not that he intended to break skin, but it was a possibility if he swung hard enough.

"Now Keke, you should have known better than to do what you did.

I understand that it's hard to go through Mall toilet action tube porn Force training and keep in touch but you should have managed anyways you dirty slut. Now, because you failed to keep me informed of how you were doing and in fact you failed to give me a way to be there at your graduation itself you will be punished. You will count the number of lashes out like so 'One, Thank You Master.

Two, Thank You Master' and so on and so forth until I stop. If you fuck up I will renew the number and add 10 more to the number you're getting.

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I'll give you a hint it's about the same amount of days I haven't heard from you in, and yea, that means about a hundred lashes. Oh, and if you get too loud and someone interrupts it, I may just forgo you counting and go straight to two hundred lashes with a gag in your slut mouth." He said as it began.

Before she got the chance to even blink he swung the belt, her most feared punishment, down into her ass. Keke barely managed to bite back a scream of pure agony and just got out "One, Thank You Master" before he swung again. Keke nearly cried when the next strike hit because she knew her master meant it. It was truly a horrible punishment for her having not been able to cum for the past several months.

She would remain perpetually horny throughout the entire thing and not only was she mia lelani spreads cheeks for white guy enough of a masochist to enjoy this enough to cum but the drug wouldn't let her even if she could. She would feel pleasure that would drive her insane with want and pain that would rule her world for the next hour or so.

On top of that, there wasn't a chance in hell of her being allowed to cum until her master said she could.

The punishment had begun. Part 2 relies on the slut this is based on asking me for more. You're only enjoying the side benefits.

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