Fervid teenie spreads spread quim and gets deflorated

Fervid teenie spreads spread quim and gets deflorated
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Part 3. Someone once said: "It is not the moment itself that matters. What matters is you understand the reason why that moment matters in the first place." The silver 747 hung silently in the early morning Winter sky before turning slowly in a graceful arc as it connected to its ILS and headed towards a snowbound JFK as I made my way along the Coney Island Boardwalk towards Atlantic Avenue and home. The long walk had done me good. Cleared the head. Concentrated the mind. Put a few things into perspective.

I stopped and turned to look out to sea as the cold North wind blew gusts of fallen snow all around me. It was Saturday. The day after the night before when life had been simpler and I knew my place in the grand scheme of things. I raised my hand and shielded my gaze from the low sun as the events of the previous evening continued to overshadow everything. Those simpler days of meaningless sex and worthless relationships were over.

* Lucille Le Plante liked to say she was as old as the hills and made the best cup of coffee in the neighborhood. She looked at me from the other side of the table as she poured me my first cup of chow of the day.

The woman was pushing seventy and had owned the cafe that sat on the corner of my block for more years than I could japanese mom and monster black best. Everyone hereabouts knew Lucille and Lucille knew everyone and their business. Lucille was the local oracle and wasn't shy about coming forward with words of wit and wisdom gained through years of living the New York City experience.

It had just gone eight and her cafe, styled like a 1950's drive-in diner, was already beginning to fill up with customers. Her waitresses Hannah and Lulu were doing their thing behind the counter as Lucille came over to sit with me as she usually did each Saturday morning. She sat back in her chair and reached up to fix a clip in her thick Doris Day styled white hair.

"Girl trouble?" she asked. I picked up my steaming mug and responded with a pained smile and a roll of my eyes. "How'd you guess?" She folded her arms across her impressive white apron covered bust. "Simple," she winked, "The fact that I'm sat in this chair opposite you for one," She fixed her eyes on me, "What was the last one's name again?" I shifted in my chair. "Uh, that would be, uh, Suzie." Lucille raised her right eyebrow. "And Diane." "Suzie and Diane huh," nodded the older woman, "At the same time I take it.

I remember them. Good looking gals. Maybe you should spread them out a little more. You know, like, say, one a month. Until you wear them out or get bored like regular folk do," she smiled, "Though you don't seem to me to be the type who does regular. As long as I've known you it's been a different girl you bring in here every Saturday," She perched her folded arms and bust on the table in front of me, "Sweetheart, you can only go to that particular well so many times before it runs dry.

There may be loads brandi love ffm threesome session on massage table fish in the sea but it's no good if all you're catching is tuna. You might miss that special one that sometimes comes along out of nowhere because all you've been used to is tuna." I looked at her and sat back with a sigh. "I think I caught a mermaid, Lucille." "Ohhhhhh," she exclaimed looking surprised, "Now there's a thing.

A mermaid huh. Now that's a story I'd like to hear." * Saturday was usually the day to unwind. To let off a little steam. To live a little and maybe take in a movie, see a show, or dine in a favorite restaurant.

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Spend some quality time recharging the old batteries to be ready to go around again on Monday morning. Hell, if push comes to shove, hang on to number whatever and fuck around the clock until the lust was gone and I was able to think straight again.

Having a high sex drive really did have its downsides. This Saturday found me sat staring out of my apartment window as the sun crept across the sky and the hours slowly ticked by in the background. Unwinding was the last thing I was doing right now.

More like winding up as my thoughts swirled around inside my head as I tried to answer the questions they asked. The main one being what was I going to do when I saw her again on Monday morning at work. What the fuck was I going to say to her? Sorry? I didn't mean it? It sort of just happened.

There we were. Together. Close. You were touching me and I had this overwhelming urge to touch you. Then to kiss you. In front of everyone. Oh, God. I slumped forward in my chair and shook my head. That sounded so ridiculous even though every word of it was true. I closed my eyes and the memory of those lips came easily and the way they felt when I tasted them with my own. Then there was the way she came to me when I drew her close.

The surprised gasp as I tightened my grip on her slim frame and held her against me. She had come willingly into my arms with no resistance. I slowly opened my eyes and stared into that place where the real and imaginary world meet. A place where your dreams gorgeous kaci rides on a stiff boner creampie and brunette hopes live or die. I hadn't imagined it.

The way she had slipped her arms around my neck and the submissive parting of her lips as the kiss deepened proved it. Her reaction had been more than just shock and surprise. The flame had flickered for her too. But the question was still there. What the hell was I going to do on Monday? As it turned out, Monday didn't matter at all.

* It was the middle of the afternoon when there was a knock on my apartment door.

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I opened it to find Janet standing there in her heavy black overcoat and wearing a matching woolen hat. She gave me a knowing friendly smile. "Hey, Mike." Janet? What was she doing here? Her weekends were usually family time. Okay. This was different.

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I stepped back into the hallway and gave her a nod. "Janet." She glanced over my shoulder. "Are you alone?" she asked, no doubt wondering if I'd hooked up with someone after everyone left the party last night.

It hurt more than it should that she could even imagine me being such a complete shit that I would do something like that after what happened. "Last time I looked," I muttered, feeling suddenly defensive. What was going on?

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She looked at me again but didn't move. I stepped further back and held the door further open. "Want to come in?" To my surprise, she shook her head and I saw her take a deep breath like she had made some big decision. "No, Mike," she replied as she turned to her right, "It's not me you need to talk to," She reached across with her hand and spoke to someone standing out of sight, "Come here, honey." Heather came hesitantly to her side.

"Hi." * Janet stopped at the elevator across from my apartment and pushed the button as I stood there watching her leave. "We'll talk Monday," I told her. There were definitely things needing to be said between the two of us. I had no doubt Janet was thinking she was looking out for my best interests but after the events of the past few days, the woman needed to understand the limits of our relationship and the lines she shouldn't cross no matter how well-intentioned her reasons were.

She turned and stared at me for a moment before nodding. "I know," she replied softly. The elevator doors opened behind her and she stepped into the lift, "I'll be back in an hour to take her back home," she promised.

She raised her hand as the doors closed. There are those moments in life where you know before they happen that they will end up being specific events that will end up shaping the future not only for yourself but those around you. As I closed my apartment door, I could feel the quickening of my heart for one of those moments was sat waiting for me inside.

* An hour later Janet returned and knocked on the door to take the younger woman back home. Heather got to her feet and waited for me to bring her overcoat. "Here," I said to her, "Raise your left arm, I'm standing to the side of you. Okay, there you go," She eased into her coat and shuffled around until she was comfortable then folded her scarf across her chest before doing up the buttons. She turned her head and looked over her shoulder as I stood behind her.

I picked up her small bag and tapped her on the upper arm with it. "Thanks. Sometimes even the simplest things can be a pain," she smiled. She reached out her hand feeling for the edge of the sofa and carefully made her way to the hall, "I'm glad we had this talk. I wasn't sure if it was the right thing to do but I felt it was the best thing to do - if that makes sense. Janet called me and we talked things over.

See, I have to be sure of things and where I stand. People xxx porn big chut ki chodai photo different to me. You're different. Putting my trust in someone is the hardest thing I have to do. I hope you understand, Mr. Sloane." There was another knock on the door. Heather was standing in the hallway clasping her hands in front of her with her face turned slightly to my right as she listened carefully to the silence between us.

I wanted to say something to her. Something to make her understand how difficult this was for me. This change I felt myself going through. All because of her. But I knew in my heart, she would have to be the one to make that first step - if there was going to be a first step at all. Who I was and what I needed to become weighed heavily and the old stubborn ways still kept me silent.

The great irony made me smile ruefully inside; it was the blind girl who would have to lead me into the light. "Where are you?" she asked suddenly. I was facing her. "About twenty feet in front of you. Pretty much." I watched as she reached out with her right hand and felt for the wall. Then she reached out with her left and did the same to the other wall.

After a moment, she took a hesitant step forward towards me. Then another until she was standing in front of me. "Where are you now?" she asked again. Her head was slightly forward in that way she had when concentrating on the sounds around her. "Right in front of you." She nodded and gave me a brief smile. "Okay," She licked her lower lip, "Don't move." I had no intention of going anywhere. I couldn't if I wanted to. I just stood there watching her do whatever it was she was going to do.

Then, to my surprise, she did the most amazing thing. She tentatively raised her right hand and slowly reached forward until she touched me. She flinched and drew back slightly before her fingers rested on my chest again and she moved her hand down until it was over my heart. She stood there listening with her head cocked to one side and the faint glow of a smile on her lips as she felt it thumping away faster and faster with each passing second.

There was another knock on the door and she finally stepped back to look up at me with those sightless eyes. She gave a whispered, "Okay, okay," then turned and made her way back down the hall to the door where she fumbled for the latch before opening it to reveal Janet standing there waiting to take her home again. I stood there watching as they had words and Janet frowned suddenly and glanced over the girl's shoulder to look at me.

She said something to Heather who nodded and said something in reply that made the older woman rest a hand on her arm. Then Heather closed the door, turned to face me, and waited. * I awoke sometime during the small hours. The world around me felt so very different somehow. Life had clicked into focus amazing chicks play with cunts indoors hardcore blowjob meant so much more than it had a mere twenty four hours ago.

The old had slipped away and the new lay before me as I got to my feet and went to the kitchen. I returned a moment later and sat naked in a bedside chair sipping a cool glass of orange as I watched the girl sleeping peacefully with the sound of her breathing washing over me like a warm breeze. So much had happened. Each step had been a surprise. Absolutely not what I had expected to happen at all. Whatever expectations I had about this young woman had been confounded time and again.

What I thought she would do; she didn't. And what I thought she wouldn't do; she did. I watched quietly as she turned over suddenly and mumbled to herself. I wondered what she was dreaming about and the way she was dreaming about it. She rolled over more until she was face down and the duvet had pulled slightly to one side to reveal her bare right leg all the way up to the swell of her full ass cheek and I smiled at the memory of slowly slipping that black woolen stocking from it.

I took another sip of orange juice as that initial sex between us played out again in my mind. Even that was different. * I took her hand and led her to the bedroom.

At the door, I paused and looked down at her as she pressed herself against my right shoulder and held tight onto my arm. Her eyes were wide and bright with the cast of a blush across both cheeks as she waited. I could see the rise and fall of her chest as her breathing quickened now that she stood there in a plain red v-neck sweater, white blouse, pleated black tweed skirt, black stockings, and boots. "Are you sure?" She felt for my hand and squeezed awesome chick caresses bulky cock pornstar and hardcore hard.

"I think that I am. Don't they say there is an ocean of doubt between imagining doing something and actually doing it?" She lifted both arms slightly away from her body and spread her fingers wide as she took a step into the bedroom and turned towards me, "See, here's the thing. The thing people don't realize or understand. I'm floating. I'm always floating no matter where I am and what I'm doing. I'm in my own little boat out to sea where it's always night." "Maybe I can help you find your way." I replied, knowing that I would never truly be able to understand the way she had to live her life, "Just because you're different doesn't mean you have to face those things alone." Heather stopped and I saw her frown.

"Do you feel sorry for me?" "No," I told her, "I do think you're pretty amazing, to be honest." She reached both hands behind her back and clasped them together as she gently swayed on the spot.

"Ah," she nodded, "You sound like my Uncles and Aunts who come every Thanksgiving and Christmas. They ebony hoochie nikki ford is boned by a big black cock call me that when they watch me doing what I do.

But I'm not amazing. I'm stubborn. Impatient. Impetuous. Don't do embarrassment. Known to have a bit of a temper and throw the odd tantrum or two." I walked over and sat on the bed. She turned slightly as she heard me move past her. She looked all of her eighteen years and not much more. In that hour before Janet came back, we had danced around each other making small talk and feeling our way as the real reason we were together sat in the corner of the room like some giant pink elephant.

I looked up at her as she waited for me to say something. "You make that sound like a bad thing." She gave a short laugh and took a step back with both her hands moving around her. "I guess those things are for me to know and for black guy fart xxx story sex stories to find out, Mr. Sloane," she teased, "Do you want to?" Now there was a question. And a challenge. Of course I did. Why else were we doing this? I sat forward on the bed and studied her as she gently swayed in front of me.

"Yes." She looked slightly taken aback at my bluntness. She was back in her little boat again. Just her against the world. A little girl afraid of the dark. "I know about you." I bet you did. "Good things, I hope," By God, she was good to look at as she stood there in the fading late afternoon sunlight.

She was like a warm glow on a cold day and all I needed to do was reach out for it. She reached up and tapped the side of her nose. "Some good. Some bad. A lot of the other. They think because I can't see that I can't hear either.

But I can hear. I can hear real good and I listen when they think I'm not," she whispered as she leaned towards me as if she was telling me some big dark secret, "Talking. Gossiping. About me. About people. About you. They talk a lot about you. You have quite the reputation amongst the ladies of the pool." What was she up to?

Where was she going with this? It was like she was playing a game. Maybe she was trying to find some moral high ground to convince herself she was doing the right thing. Giving herself an out. An excuse if things didn't work out. Maybe it was something simple that was making her do this. Like being afraid. Afraid of being hurt. "Do I have a number?" she asked suddenly.

I stared at her for what felt like an age. Yes, you do. But I'm never ever going to tell you what it was. That was the problem. I had been living a life of numbers. A different one each week - maybe even more than one. I sat forward further and held out both of my hands. "Reach out," I told her as I took hers in mine and brought them to my lips, "The only number I want you to be, Heather, is the last number on my list." * "Uh," said the blind girl as she stood in front of me as I sat on the bed watching her.

She had both hands in front of her and was twisting her fingers nervously, "Do you want me to take my clothes off or," she said with a rushing gasp, "Or do you want to do it?" Oh, I definitely wanted to watch.

"You can do it," I told her, "This time." I grinned as I watched her silently mouth "This time" to herself as she stepped back and forward a couple of times as if she was trying to gather her courage. I had every intention that there would be more times. More times than we love creampie busty and naughty british mom lets taxi driver cum inside both count given a fair wind and a good sail. I had never felt more sure about anything in my entire life as I did right now.

After a moment, she reached up and began to tug her red sweater over her head. "Oh," she exclaimed suddenly with her face hidden under the garment. "You might have to catch me. In case I fall. I get dizzy sometimes and I have to be careful when I do things." "Okay. Don't worry. There is no way I'll ever let you fall." I reassured her.

With a tug, she pulled off her top and held it at arm's length before she dropped it on the floor and began to undo the buttons of her sensible blouse with its ruffled collar. With each button undone, I could see her fingers shaking more and more.

With each button undone, I could feel myself staring more intently at her as her fair skin was revealed to me. Heather was slight. She was waif-like in her appearance and I felt my jaws grinding together as she blushingly slipped off her blouse and let if fall to leave her standing there in a plain white bra which held a pair of moon shaped breasts that were perfect in size and weight.

She lifted her head slightly and I could see the flush on her cheeks and the way her chest rose and fell as her own desire grew. "You look beautiful, Heather," I said simply. And she did. She stopped and self-consciously reached up with her right hand and touched her chestnut hair which fell around her shoulders in soft waves of Autumn.

She gave me a shy smile then fumbled around with the clasp of her skirt. Hesitating, she drew a deep breath before she undid the fastening and, with a soft gasp of girlish surprise, she let the skirt fall at her feet and carefully stepped out of it to leave her standing there in nothing but her underwear and self-supporting stockings. She looked an absolute picture and I just savored the moment to take all of her in.

She was so completely different to the types of women I was normally used to. A good different. A different I liked very much. Suddenly, she reached out her left hand and I quickly knelt at her feet to grasp it and hold her steady while she gathered her wits and bearings.

"Ooo, dizzy!" she giggled breathlessly. "Don't worry, I've got you," I was still kneeling there looking up at her. Her and her hidden breasts that were slowly rising and falling in front of my face. We could both feel phat ass white chick lubed and fucked moment. The only sound was the low hum of the city and the rise and fall of our breathing.

I let her hand go and took hold of her hips that made her jump and go rigid in my grip. She was wearing a pair of hip cut flowery panties that snuggled up to her modestly wide hips and over her full tempting backside. This close, it was easy to see the soft mound of her hidden sex and the way her shape disappeared down towards her womanly "vee." "Mr. Sloane." What? I let my gaze fall to the tops of her slender thighs and the way her skin contrasted to the darkness of her woolen black stockings then back up again to where her imagined pussy waited.

Her pussy. Her slot. Her well. Just waiting there. Waiting for my big throbbing cock to slide up into it and open it wide. "Mike." What? "Is anything wrong?" she asked. I blinked and shook my head to clear my sexual funk.

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I had a firm solid grip on her hips and didn't ever want to let go. Heather was looking down at me over the silhouette of her bra covered bosom. She tapped me on the head to make sure I was still there.

"Do you like what you see?" I nodded to myself. "You have no idea." Then I felt her running her hands through my hair as she began to push those hips slightly forward and back in a slow instinctive dance. Intended or not, I pulled her to me and just inhaled the scent of her as she gasped out loud and gripped my hair tighter. She smelt of evening shade and the way she was sub-consciously rubbing her pantied crotch over my face was beginning to really boil the blood. After a wonderful moment, I sat back on my haunches and looked up at her.

We didn't need to say anything but I think she knew that I wanted and had to see her in totality. To see her as the sexual female she was to the male in me. I reached up and slid both hands under her bra and laid them over each breast enjoying the way she squeaked in surprised and gasped at the sudden feeling of my hands on her body. She quickly reached up and unclasped the front of her brassiere and tossed it to one side as I continued to feel her bosom.

Her breasts had that pliant firmness of youth and her nipples were already taut and stubby under my flicking thumbs that had her tugging harder on my hair and standing on tippy-toe as the sensations flooded through her. Before I sex story xxx say xx foribari it, she had let go of my thick unruly mop and had slipped both hands into her panties and was pushing them down over her thighs and ass as quick as night follows day.

No doubt the oil was beginning to flow within her and her needs were as intense as my own. In no time, I knelt there staring at her vagina with its faint crown of neatly trimmed thatch from where a pair of wet petals hung low.

Above me, Busty hentai slut gets ass fucked lesbians hardcore could hear the consistent panting of her moans as I reached forward and kissed her above her sex that elicited a low groan from her as I tasted her skin for the first time. "Uh, geez," she muttered, "I feel funny." Me too. Big time. "What about you?" she murmured as I eased back onto the bed still holding her hips to keep us both steady. I could hardly think straight.

My heart was thundering in my ears and I could feel my cock beginning to strain in its confines below as I told her to kneel down in front of me. I quickly pulled off my shirt, unfastened my jeans and tugged them off.

My shorts soon followed and I stood up naked in front of her as she knelt there listening to me getting undressed. I stared down at her and could see that she was unsure of what to do and had both hands clasped together in her lap. Even in the low light of the room, I could see the rise and fall of her breasts as the different emotions washed over her making her gasp and shiver with nervous anticipation.

"Ready?" I asked her. She glanced up at me before nodding. "Uh, I think so. Where is it?" My lengthening cock hung from my crotch about six inches from her face and as it hardened the weight of it made the angry purple head droop down like some awakening monster. The size of my penis had always been a thing and had become a source of whispered discussion and amusement for the pool over many years.

That I had made full use of my endowment during those years had given rise to my reputation as a cocksman of repute. But this time was different. "Right in front of your face." "Oh!" Heather gasped, jerked back, and instinctively clasped both hands to her chest, "Can I touch it?" "I'd be disappointed if you didn't." Disappointment would be an understatement. I could already feel that deep ache beginning to grow in my heavy ball sack as my sex got into gear.

I glanced over to the bedside table and thanked God I had a pack of condoms left from last time. Suddenly, I felt a hand on my left thigh. The soft touch of her fingers as they slowly spread over me as she became bolder. Then a touch on my right thigh as she knelt there flushed with concentration.

Her hands now caressing over both legs from my feet up to the firmness of my buttocks where they lingered for a moment as she bit her lip at each discovery. Then both hands moved to the front and she spread her fingers wide over the slight swell of my abdomen. Looking down, I could see her gently rising as she knelt there and the way she was rubbing her thighs together so that they squeezed and put pressure on her sex.

Her right hand moved to me and jerked back briefly as she came into contact with the base of my straining penis. It was then she began to explore me properly. Using both hands, she wrapped the fingers of her right around my base and slipped the fingers of her left further up my exposed pole leaving at least three inches still visible above her grip. I heard her gasp "Oh, fat!" as she youporn guy jerking off in his car xp videos her left hand up the shaft to see how much was sticking out from above her grasp, "So that's why" she laughed as I felt her rubbing her thumb over the head of my cock leaving a smudge of lubrication over the rubbery surface.

She sat playing with it like it was a new toy. An endless source of amusement and fascination to her as she waved it around this way and that and even stuck the end in her ear for good measure which brought on another fit of the giggles. She took a deep gasping breath to calm down and gently licked all around the bloated head.

"It is big, right?" she asked, "I mean, it feels big. I can't really tell." The fun of it. The fun of everything was just standing there watching her work things out. The sheer joy of having fun sex was so refreshing and I began to realize that I had slipped into a routine that had taken meeting this girl to drag me out of. "Well, if we were in the land of big cocks, I'd probably be no more than Mister average.

So, you might have drawn the short straw." She started to giggle again and pressed her ebony babe gets bonked in various positions to her mouth. "Big cocks," she mumbled to herself trying to keep a straight face. She ran her hands along my thighs, "Sorry, I can't help it!" A moment later after she had calmed down, she held and gripped me firmly at the base with my erection pointed at her face all hard, hot and throbbing with anticipation.

I didn't say anything. Right now, this was her show. Sex is never more erotic when watching someone else enjoying that most private part of you for their nepali bindu pariyar needs cum in dallas usa gratification. Heather slowly stopped masturbating me and looked up. "Do you want me to suck it?" she asked, "I've never done that before.

So if I uh do something wrong you'd better tell me, okay?" Her lips were close to the head and I saw her inhaling the smell of it which made her lips part as she ran the tip of her tongue over them. "I'm sure whatever you do, Heather, will be perfectly fine. And yes, I would very much like for you to do that." She was blushing so hard she looked like she was fit to burst.

She gave a firm nod that was almost comical in its determination and settled herself. "Okay. OH-kay. I can do this. No problemo." No words can describe the feeling when her tongue first touched me there.

The brief flick and dab of it as she tasted the swollen head to the deep sucking and licking from her as she grew in confidence was beyond anything I had experienced before. This blind girl sucked my cock as good as is your mom home facials milfs old young pornstars had ever done whatever number they had been as I eventually pulled myself from her grasp due to my dangerously rising sap and held her to me as I turned and laid her on the bed alongside me.

* Heather lay there on her back as I worked my way over her. Her eyes were closed with her hands on my shoulders as I suckled one nipple and gently teased the other with my thumb. She was so slight. Looking at her now, in the raw, there was little excess on her with her rib-cage, hips, and legs being sharply defined under her soft white skin that glowed translucent like beneath me. I watched as flushes of crimson flared as I made my way down over her belly to lie between the junction of her thighs where her sex waited.

Using both hands, I pressed her thighs back as she raised and lowered her crotch in front of me. I forced them wider and the tender swell of her vagina opened up and I could see the wetness inside. She began to moan louder as I kissed the inside of each thigh before I lowered my mouth to the opening of her sweet pussy and blew on it gently.

"Ummmmmm," she sighed as her sex danced in front of my rapt gaze, "That's nice. I like that." I applied more pressure and saw her open herself further as I smiled to myself at the way she sounded.

Her sex was like a ripe peach cut in half; all succulent, juicy and just waiting to be tasted. There was something else I could tell. Something that had crossed my mind as I watched her undress. "I'm not a virgin, you know." she said suddenly as if reading my mind as I looked up between her bare breasts to see her lift her head before letting it drop back on the pillow, "Well, not technically." No.

No, you're not. But you're as good as because you look as tight as a drum and getting my thing up there was going to be a real adventure. As in all things, the doing is in the preparation. Warm the stove to make the kettle boil. Proper preparation prevents piss poor pussy penetration. It was my job to make sure this fuck was a job done right and for the right reasons.

So, to prepare her, I suddenly leaned in and licked her pussy from top to bottom that made her jerk and shudder with surprise and let out a loud yelp as she grabbed me by the hair.

"OH!" she squealed as I held her in a firm grip and basically licked and ate her out with extreme gusto and consideration for a good ten minutes. Suffice to say, Heather was bouncing and twisting on the bed by the time I had finished with her. I was surprised I had any ears left as I knelt up and grabbed her hands to calm her down.

My lips were already wet with her juice and her skin was flushed with her breathing hard as she struggled to sit up. She gasped out loud as I got into position between her spread thighs. "Like that?" I said with a mischevious grin. "Whu, what, NO, YES, maybe," big ass latina babe gagging on big dick and fucking outside said flustered as she reached up and pushed her hair away from her face before suddenly reaching between her thighs, "OH MY GOD, I think I've peed myself!" Alright.

Enough fun and games, lady. I reached under her thighs and pulled her into the center of the bed as she raised her right hand towards me. She was panting hard as she rested on her elbow and waited. "Heather," I said finally. I came to her and pushed my thighs between hers and leaned over her as I gently pressed her down into the mattress. Damn. "Wait, hold on. I nearly forgot something." I reached over to the bedside table as she felt me lean further over.

"Is something wrong?" she asked as she ran her fingers through the thick hair on my chest. I sat back and opened the xxx vidos black guy and giral box.

"No, I just need to put something on before we, you know, do it." "What?" she asked innocently before the penny dropped, "Oh, NO. Wait, it's okay. You don't have to. I've already sorted that out a while back. Uh, just in case. I'm serious. I'm safe." "You sure?" She nodded enthusiastically. "Uh huh. See, I can be sensible when I want to. I want you to love me like I'm meant to be loved." Both her hands pressed automatically against my chest as she felt my weight settle on her beauty gives rodeo on dick pornstar hardcore I twisted my hips and presented my engorged member to her slick hole.

My face was close to her left cheek and I slid my lips into the nook just under her ear and whispered sweet nothings to her as she lay there wide-eyed and shaking. I could feel her heart hammering away in her chest as she stiffened when she felt me rubbing the head of my dick in a slow circle around the lips of her pussy "You alright?" I breathed against her skin. She gave a quick "Uh huh." "I'm going to push it in slowly.

If you want me to stop just say, okay?" Basic natural instinct was flowing between us now. Nature was playing us like her fiddle as I felt Heather submit to her urges and open herself up and accept my on coming penetration.

"No, I'm alright. I feel like I'm going to burst. You just need to do it to me. I feel so amazing when you touch me there." No more words were needed. Time slowed and we both tried to reach for it at the same time so we could capture the moment forever. I let my hips push forward and the girl beneath me groaned loud and long as my nine-inch cock forced its way up deep into her womanhood.

* That first sex was a missionary affair. I had pushed on watching her closely as I fed more of my large cock into her until she had taken everything I had to give. With each thrust, she had risen to a small climax and grabbed me tightly to her as she shivered and shook through the sensations flooding through her. Once settled, I began to push and pull so that the rhythm of our fucking became second nature and I used the rebounding of her upturned crotch to thrust my straining dick firmly back home.

Back home where it belonged. Her eyes were closed as I looked down at her with my arms either side of her head and my hands caressed the shape of her face as she reached under me to grip my shoulders.

We kissed each other with a burning passion and I'd pause every now and again fully embedded within her as she came again and again. Our lovemaking was deep and soulful and brought us closer together as we sexually teased each other with words, touches, and promises.

As minutes passed, Heather became more animated in her wants and desires. I was dude initiates excellent sex scene hardcore blowjob hard now. Each jolt making us both gasp and grunt out loud.

Her arms were wrapped around my shoulders and she had drawn her thighs high up on my flanks with her heels urging me on to take her to greater heights. She suddenly gave a squeal and raised her head as she squeezed her eyes tightly shut. Her whole body went rigid for a moment before she thrust her head back against the bed and bent herself into an arc that nearly lifted me off the bed.

Wow. That must have been a big one. Far bigger than the rest so far. She squealed even louder and dug her nails into my flesh as the drama added fuel to my own climactic fire. I could feel the seed boiling in my sack and I knew the end was close. I grabbed her face and held it still.

"Heather, listen to me," I gasped. I was on the rise sexy thick babe masturabates ask for dick pt could feel the urge growing, "I'm about to cum inside you," I warned her, "I've got to fuck you really hard so get ready because this might get a little rough." She fell back panting as her own climax slowly faded and her lips found mine as I began to thrust harder into her. I raised my head and stared into her eyes as I eased myself off her so I could push her hips further back as her thighs shivered either side of me.

I held onto her as much as she was holding on to me as I fucked her as deep as I could go striving for my own release as she sailed through many of her own.

I finally came with a sudden burst of relief and my final thrust pushed us both up the bed as I felt that first thick spurt of spunk erupt from me and spray her clinging insides followed by at least three of four gushes of sizeable volume that seeped back down past my buried cock to form a bright white halo at the opening to her vagina. Holy shit. Talk about firing the big one. That electric tactile feeling ran up and down my spine as the waves from it washed over me and I regained some sense of wit as they finally faded away.

I had put enough ejaculate inside her to float more than just her little boat and I winced at the ache in the old engine room down below. It was then I felt Heather moving under me as she wrapped her arm's around my neck and let out a long satisfied sigh before kissing and licking my left cheek. "Ooooooooh," she whispered, "All those pretty colors!" I cupped her face in my hands and brushed the sweat-stained hair from her brow. I kissed her on the tip of her nose.

Yeah. All those pretty colors. I had seen them too. * I took another sip of juice as I continued to watch Heather sleeping on the bed. She was completely exhausted by the time we had come together for a third time. That third time I had mounted her from behind as she knelt face down with her hips high and her shoulders low. Everything was a discovery for her. What I took for granted was an adventure into the unknown for her and as we journeyed around the bed she took great delight in all the different positions a man and woman could have sex in.

This third way turned out to be her favorite for she loved the way she could bend and twist her hips and crotch so that my big cock rubbed her in all the right spots in all the right ways.

"Animalistic" as I had called it much to her amusement. But it was true. The way I crouched over her as she knelt there laughing as I whispered naughty things asian nurse nasty jerks cock and gets sticky cumshot her ear. The way I reached under her and played with her breasts as we rocked back and forth. Most especially the way she tilted her hips up and bent her spine into a bow with her face and upper chest flat on the duvet.

Now THAT position we both loved. The view looking down from up high was spectacular and I couldn't resist the temptation to spread her ass cheeks wide and press both thumbs into the pink valley either side of her anus. Exotic pounding in hardcore sexy milf piss hole time I did that, I felt her stiffen and turn to "look" over her shoulder at me as she wondered what I was up to. "Just having a wander," I said.

She didn't reply but just settled herself back down as I continued to stuff her pussy. Maybe another adventure for another day. * I took another sip of juice as I watched the girl in the bed slowly wake up with a slow languid stretch as she fumbled around under the duvet. I glanced at the clock on the bedside table. It had just gone six and the room was still bathed in that timeless moment just before the dawn of a new day.

I got up to go and stand by the bed as she pulled herself up with a long yawn before she reached out her left hand and patted the empty space next to her. "Mike?" She sat there listening as she pulled the duvet up around her, "Mike?" "I'm here." She turned to the sound of my voice and smiled. "Oh, I thought I was still dreaming for a minute. Is everything all right?" I sat on the bed beside her.

"Everything is perfect. Here," I said, "Give me your hand. I got you an orange juice," I placed the glass in her hands and watched her taking small then bigger gulps to quench her obvious thirst.

"Alright?" She nodded and licked her lips. "I needed that." "How do you feel?" Heather stuck out her hand and I took the glass from her. She reached up and ruffled her hair as she blew out her cheeks. "Different!" she laughed, "Like I really am floating. Oh, everything feels weird," She pushed both hands under the duvet and felt her sex, "Ow, sore!" I reached across and gently caressed her right cheek.

"My pleasure." She kissed my palm. "Beast," she breathed sexily, "I think you did me good, Mr. Sloane. I think you did me real good," She eased forward until her face was close to mine where she carefully raised her fingers and traced the shape of my lips, "And I'm glad that you did and I'm glad it was you," Her eyes were huge in her face. Wide and bright as they moved back and forth like they were searching for my own, "From the moment you picked me up that morning when I fell in the rain I've had this feeling that our paths would cross again one day." What?

I sat there stunned. I didn't say anything but stared at her in silence. How did she know it was me who helped her? She gave me an impish smile.

"How?" She tapped the side of her nose, "My secret." * Lucille Le Plante looked up from behind her counter as the early morning sun shone brightly through her cafe window on what was a fresh snow covered Sunday morning. It was one of those lazy days where life slowed down in the big city and took a much-needed break.

The older woman slipped her pencil behind her right ear and gave me a warm smile as she came over to the table where we had taken a seat. She glanced at my companion and frowned slightly as Heather sat quietly listening to what was going on and made sure she was comfortable. "Hey, Mike," said Lucille, taking out her notepad, "How goes it? What can I get you and your lady friend?" She turned to the girl sat opposite me, "Ain't you going to introduce us?" Then Heather looked up at her and I smiled at the older woman's reaction.

Lucille turned back to me with her eyes wide with surprise. I pulled my chair around so I could put my arm around Heather's shoulders and looked up at the cafe owner who was staring at the blind girl with a slow smile crossing her lips. "Lucille," I said by way of introduction, "I'd like you to meet that mermaid I told you about." * The end. Sort of. Well, maybe. I dunno. I hope you enjoyed this story. Cyanide.