Endless pleasure from ebon sex hardcore and blowjob

Endless pleasure from ebon sex hardcore and blowjob
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We arrived back at the camp site in strange moods, Grandad took us to the office and handed mum and me keys to our new rooms, he went straight off to catch up on what was going on. Mum had hardly said anything and just took her key and walked away. I also was sad, it finally hit me about dad but also i wouldnt be seeing lucy and jessie for 5 days now. I got up to the room and was surprised to find that the room was actualy a sitting room, a bedroom, an on suite with walk in shower that could easily fit 3 and bath for 2 and also a walk in closet, but best off all was the massive four poster bed fit for a queen.

After bouncing on the bed for a mad minute i went out on the balcony and looked at the people walking past and remembered where i was, i just stripped naked where i stood and chucked my clothes into a pile i stretched up my arms and opened my legs getting the full effect of the sun on my body.

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As i relaxed again i started to watch the people going past wondering what sort of person they were and what they got upto. One particular family caught my eye, it was a good looking dad of maybe 35-40 and a large hard shaved cock encased in what looked like a strap, he was walking with his wife who had very large breasts both nipples were pierced and so was her belly button and pussy, i could tell this as a chain looped between them running down from her collar.

But it was the children that was more interesting, the boy looked about 16 and was holding a lead attached to his mums collar.

the older girl was about 15 with large tits was cuddleing her dad very closely and his arm was over her shoulders his hand playing with one of her large nipples, each time he pulled it she smiled at him and put her head into his chest.

The other girl probably about 13 just walked along holding onto the side of the strap on her dads cock.

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Even after what i had been thru in the past month or so i was taken back by this open display by the family but at the same time i didnt take my eyes of them untill they went behind some trees towards the swimming pool.

Quickly i got my towel, shades and book making my way towards the pool so i could see them close up. As i got to the back door grandad called me over, i quickly told him about what i had seen and he just laughed telling me that this week was full of very like minded people that had been specialy invited from all over the world that believed in family fun.

He reminded me to wear the necklace that he had given me so others would know that i am also both a dominant person but also someone that enjoys sex with people of any age. So back up to the room where as i put the necklace on i looked at myself in the mirror and realised for the first time my breasts were now quite prominent, with definant curves on the underside, i played with them for a bit aswell as giving my clit a few good rubs before making my way out.

At the pool there were about 10 middle aged couples with various aged kids plus some older people. I made my way to my favorite spot in the corner and sat on a sun lounger watching the people through my shades while pretending to read my book. After a little while my pussy was on fire from watching the open displays of affection between people.

One particular girl about 16 was obviously trying to get her pepper is a sexy amateur deepthroat star who shows up nervous but wind hard, as soon as she would climb out of the water and give herself a quick wipe with the towel she would sit on her dads lap and give him a long kiss as she stroked his cock then have a quick drink, then would turn around and bend over until he smacked her bum then dive back into the water.

I also saw a small crowd gather over the otherside and went over to look, as i got there a woman was giving an older person a blowjob and it wasnt until a young lad said, go on mum make grandad cum that i realised some of the older lot must be grandparents. As we watched i felt a pair of hands on my shoulders, i didnt move just kept watching the display the hands then rubbed my arms and i felt something push against my arse, it was a hard cock.

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The hands then moved across to my breasts and the cock shifted between my legs rubbing from my arse cheeks to push along my lips and then back. I didnt turn or move just kept watching as i was dry humped by a complete stranger. Very quickly the woman made her dad cum in her mouth and people drifted of or back into the pool, i felt my mystery fucker try to push me forward but i just walked of without turning around, i went back to my corner now feeling powerful and so fucking horney.

I started to put on some sun screen when one of the women came over and asked if i would like her to put it on for me, which i just nodded and went to sit down again, but she said it would be better for me to stand up. She started on my outstretched arms then onto the back off my neck and shoulders which i let out a nice soft moan at every move.

my back was massaged to perfection turning my legs to jelly, then as she stood behind she started on my front running her hands from my neck over my breasts down to my crotch inbetween my legs then back up and down untill i had to sit down or fall down, as i did so i realised we had an audience but didnt care.

i lay back on the lounger squirting sexy teens share a big dick she wasnt finished she sat between my legs putting one on her shoulder and again massaging the cream in from toes up the legs and on to my crutch my other leg i put over the edge of the seat so she had access to my pussy and she wasted no time each time she came forward she rubbed up and down my lips, sometimes going in with a finger.

After a few minutes of torture she swapped over my legs and again the torture was carried on until i looked straight at her and said for fucks sake make me cum please.

My leg was taken off her shoulder and placed over the side of the seat like the other and she leant forward planting her mouth on my soaking wet lips, in only a few seconds i came over her face but she didnt let up.

I then realised i had 2 mouths sucking at my nipples, i pushed there heads into my breasts and they sucked harder. I looked down and realised they were a boy and girl of about 13, they both looked at me and smiled the girl gave me a kiss on my lips and said her name was kerry and this was her brother simon and the woman between my legs was her aunt caroline. I looked around at the people watching us some were just watching some touching themselves or others, i felt caroline shift position and a man got in behind her and started to fuck her hard and fast, kerry shifted position as an older man got his cock inside her, then simons turn he had obviously had been fucked before as the man only took a couple of strokes to get inside him.

Caroline let out a loud moan as the man behind her shot his load into her, she stood up to the side and was replaced by a middle aged man who without asking lifted my legs up to his shoulders and shoved his cock into me, a shadow went over me as i saw another man straddle my face offering his cock which i grabbed and wanked into my mouth. The man between my legs soon pumped his seed into me and just as i was lowering my legs another person took his position the cock wasnt big but was made up for in stamina, the guy in my mouth started to jerk himself faster and faster keeping his cockhead right on my lips untill he came with 5-6 heavy spurts.

As he got of me i looked at the young lad between my legs being urged on by the mom son share a bed mandy flora until he came with a sudden jerking and stiffening of his whole body. He got of and a couple of other men came forward but i said no, most backed of but one still tried i raised my voice and he was quickly pulled back by one of the older men who told him to look at my necklace. He went a few shades of white and muttered an apology and quickly went.

I stood on shakey legs and went to the shower which instantly cooled me down, as i let the water go over my body a voice from behind asked if she could wash me down.

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I turned and there stood caroline, i giggled and reminded her that it was her fault that i was in this state in the first place, she fell to her knees and almost in tears asked me to forgive her as she just wanted to make me happy as i was a dom and she a pathetic sub toy.

I didnt realy understand what she was on about so we went back to my corner and she explained how she had been brought up as the only sister in a house of 12 men all family but after a house fire a year ago she and her brother were the only ones left so she went to live with him and his family, but he had his wife who wanted to be his alone.

As we talked kerry and simon came over and i asked how they were and i asked how simons bum was, kerry butted in and said how simon loved getting fucked in the arse espesially with dildos. i smiled and told him i would love to see that. i carried on talking to caroline as the kids ran off and asked what she would do for me if i was her mistress. She straight away said that horny momma fucked hard and got a cumshot was nothing she would not do for me as she had fallen for me as soon as she had seen i was a dom.

I thought about it for a few seconds then agreed she could be my totally subbmissive servant i didnt like the word slave, until it was time for her to go, but if she was good i would talk to grandad about her staying.